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We have gathered here a
collection of all that is good in
dry goods. Our modern mer?
chandising way Isn't satisfied
with waiting for trade, but cre?
ates it. We have secured many
special values in desirable
goods that we can afford to
price extra low to stimulate
early selling. Not an unworthy
specimen in thelot. The quan?
tities are limited By coming
early you will have the choice
The following are sti iking ex?
amples :
Ladies' Capes
? AND?
A fine Black Beaver double
:cape, with three rows satia
piping, with full sweep, worth
X>j. Our price $5.
A better quality Black and
Blue Beaver double cape,
edtred with far, sold elsewhere
at $7 50. We will close them
out at $5.
An extra quality Black
iBeaver cape, with satin facing
[and three rows satin piping
jai'oimd. Price them anywhere
[and you'll be told $8.50. Our
rprice $6.
A fine quality Plush Cape,
ftwilled silk: lining, collar
[trimmed with Thibet fur. j
[Would be cheap for $8. Our
jprice $6.50.
A finer quality Piush Cape,
a little larger than the above,
trimmed with braid and jet,
well worth $12 50 You cau
buy them from ur for fio.
Black Beaver Jacket?, ripple
back, elegant fit, from $3.50 up.
You'll save 25 per cent, by
calling before making a pur
chase elsewhere.
500 pieces to select from at
prices yay below the market
value. Overstock compels us
to unload, and the ladies who
have not gotten their new fall
dress will profit by buying now.
?at the?
Scarce an hour of the busi?
ness day passes but that some
one is buying these good
blankets. A price list that
covers every purse, and not an
unworthy Blanket in the lo .
All wool, part wool and cotton,
although the last two are in
the minority. If we tell you
that a certain Blanket is all
wool you can rely on it being
so. It isn't always so every?
Millinery Depariment
Notwithstanding our prices
for Txlinined and Uniii turned
Hats have been cheaper than
any ether establishment in the
cily, we will still make a
deeper cut on all our Hats.
They must go, and the cheap?
ness of the price is b}uud to
make them move. Call and
Inspect our stock before mak?
ing y oar selection.
26 Salem Ave.
Highest of all in Leavening Power,?Latest U. S. Gov't Report
News of People
and Events.
Happenings Briefly and Reliably
Put Before You.
Marriage License Grnnteil.
A rnarriagn ltcnse wa* grantod ycs
t"rday by iho clerk ot the courts to L).
K Fay man and Mary Ellwanger, botb
of this city. _
Football To-morrow.
Th9 Y. M. C. A. foo?ball team will
play Roanoko College? at the R. A. C.
Park to-morrow afternoon. A good
gamo is expected.
I.ullinriin Charcb Kntertnltiiuoiit.
A Thanksgiving entertainment, con?
sisting of recitations, dialogues, otc ,
will be glv<m by tho young poo?lo of tho
Lutheran Church on tho evening of tho
28th instant. _
To Attend a Wedding.
Miss Llattle Dupriost left yesterday
for Apoomatt"x Cjurt House to attend
tho woddlng of Rev. (ieorso Willatro, of
Rlchm ind, to Miss Stella C. Cheatham.
Sho will remain and visit friondo tor
several days._
Lee Street Oyster Festival.
Tno oyster festival of tho Leo Street
M. E. Church in Webb's shoo building,
at 100 Sa'em avenue, will continue to
night 1-, is being held under tbe aus?
pices of tbo Ladles Aid Society of tho
In the Court*.
There was no business of special im?
portance transacted in the hustini/s
court yesterday. The circuit court was
occupied with tho caso of E. A. Mo
Goeheo vs. the Roanoko Gas and Water
Company. The plaintiiT entered a non?
suit in tbo case. ,
I'ollee Court.
In the police court yesterday morning
Ed. Wimbish und Horace Gravely, both
cok.red, was fined S3 f>() each for being
drunk. Arthur Rally for being dis?
orderly. S3. JesBle Ahem was aesf-ssed
12 fcr allowing his hog? to run at largo,
and Jordan Walker for permitting his
prizo billy-goat to roam also bandt d
over a 6ilver dollar
Tu tbe loaane Asylum,
Station-keeper W 15. Helm will take
to the asylum at Marlon Una morning a
white woman named Mary L. Dowell,
who has been lu tho almsbcuso on and
oil all summer. Sue was recently ad?
judged inBane by Justices .T. W. Cam?
per, J. A. Swe.vely and Vin Tall.tfnrro,
sitting art a commlstl n, with Dr. Voglo
as physician._
Married at tbe I'lirsomiEc.
At tbo Lutr. ofbn parsonage, 852
Church Btroet, last evanlng at 7 o'clock,
Rev. L. G. M Miller united In tho holy
bonds of marriage D K Faym^n, an
employe of the Roanoko Machiuu Works,
and Miss Mary Ellwanger, of Dale
avenue s. e. Tho young people will
reBido in this city.
Gilt Carnival Ended.
Tbo gift carnival at tho Academy of
Music onded last night. The perform?
ance was a repetition of that of tbe
night before. There was a fair audience
presont. The prizes given were valua?
ble and useful. E T*. Robertson drew
tho gold watch which was given as a
premium. Presents were distributed to
everybody proscnt.
The Tacky Party.
The tacky party given at tho resi?
dence of Mrs. James Carmicbael, at 318
Fourth avenue n. w , for tho benefit of
Bethany Church was well attended aud
proved quito a success. A great many
of tboHo in attendance worn dresic-d in
tacky costumes. A priz:> was awarded
Miss Fannie Ludwig for being tho tack
io?t girl present. Tho prlsss wrq a largo
At tbo Association.
Tno Gospel meeting for men will be
held at the Y. M. C. A. hall next Sun?
day. Twelve members of tbo assocl
ation met at tho home of Secrotary
Meacham, on Cimpbell uvonuo, laut
evening for the purpooe of organizing a
workerh' Uiblo training elaas. Tho ob?
ject of tbo class is to secure and apply a
practlcbl knowledge of the liible. Tho
clr. will meet at tbo association on
Tnuisday cf each week at (>::io o'clock.
Y. M. C. A. Oyater Supper.
The lauies' committee of the Railroad
Department. Y. M. 0. A. will hold an
oyster Bupper at the WestErd building
Monday, Tut aday and Wednesday
night? of next week, for tho benefit of
tho association debt A musical and
literary programme will bo Interspersed.
Everybody la invited to go out and bave
a good time. An important meeting of
tbo indie.-,' committee will bo bold at the
association room on Saturday at 3 p. in.
a Worthy Entert ininen?-.
The Dorcas Society of Calvary Rap
tiRt Church will hold a uonation party
on Friday evening, Novemb: r 22, at thu
chinch at 7:31). Tho object of the sc ciety
I is "Charity " Tbo entertainment will
consist of music, etc., and will bo very
enjoyable. All are invited to attend
anu bring a contribution,either of money
or anything that can bo used in caring
for tho poor. This is ? worthy object
and it Is hoped many friends will come
out and r-nccurigo these young ladieaiti
their noble work.
Railroad V ru. c. a.
Tno regular services o! Frldiy night
and Sunday af icnoon ai, tie department
building. Wes". End, will bo evangelistic
In character. I: Is hoped to make- to*
night's servlco a very interesting ono.
TnoBe converted during speoial meet?
ings just concluded are specially invited
to bo present to-night at 7:30 The
noonday shop meeting to-day at BaBt
End rooms will be addressed by Mr. H.
A. Meacbam'. Tbe oyster supper to be
givon next week by the ladles' commit?
tee is designed to pay tbe association's
Indebtedness. Ii ought to be liberally
patronixed by the public.
O. R. C. Festival and Entertainment.
Tho ladies' auxiliary of tbe Order ot
Railroad Conductors are holding a festi?
val in tho vacant store room on Salem
avenue, formerly ocoumed by Lander
kin & Michael. It was fairly well at?
tended last night, and will be contin?
ued to-night arid to-morrow n'ght. The
handsome* silver pitcher now on exhibi?
tion at E. S. Green's, tho jeweler, will
be given to tho person nolding the
lucky number eithor to-night or Satur?
day night. Excellent music and reolta
lions will be ono of tbo features of the
evening, and no extra charge will bo
made. Ail aro cordially invited to c- me
out and aid tbu lbdiet in taclr enter?
prise. _
Dr. Scott'? (Joint ll Ion.
Rev. Wm. N. Scott, D. D , of (ialves
ton, Tex., wao in the city ye?tordny and
reported his fstber's. Rev. Dr. John E.
Scott's, condition as being no bettor.
There baa been no material change
either way In him for the past Uvouays
However they entertain but little hepes
for his recovery. He is at the homo of
his daughter near Fincastle. His seven
children, with one exception, aro at his
bedsido. Miss Annie Shlcke>, of Third
avenue n w , a competent and careful
nurse, wont out yesterday to take care
of him.
Little Dora 11 nil' ?? Funeral
Little Dora, tho five-year old daughter
of Let'er Carrier Cbas. E. and Minnie
Huff, who was so frightfully burned at
their homo on Fay?tto street day before
yes.erdBy, died at'.) o'clock in the even?
ing of tbo same day. The funeral 6urv
lccs vorn conducted at the family resi?
dence yesterday afto'neon at 4 o'clcck
by Rev. Dr. Carson of Greeno-Memorial,
after which the remains were interred
in the Cir.7 Cemetery. The pall bearers
were J. E Way land, Chas J Richard?
son, Jacob Nabo and Geo. S Jack, all of
tho carriers' department of the city
poatotllco. _
Another Terrllilo CttKuiiWy.
Little Edith, tho Hix-yoar-oid daugh?
ter of Mrs. Foster and granddaughter of
OS Ellington, of liallahach, waB fright?
fully burned at the residence of Mr
Edington yesterday. A largo tiro had
been bind led for tho purpose of killing
hojs and tbe little girl wont too noar
tho Urn and her closhes bocamo ignited
from tho flames. No ono was about tho
fire at tho tim** and sho ran to tbe house.
Tbe swift broc ze blowing only served to
aggravate tae llames. Upon reaching
tho bousrj blanko s wero thrown on tho
burning cbild ar,d the fire extinguished
Tbo right sldo. thigh, shoulder, arm and
hand were frightfully burnod. The loft
hand was also badly burned. A physician
was summoned from vhia city who did
all in his power to alloviate the suffer?
ings of tho child, bui for a while her
life was drf-u.iin c of. At last accounts
the child wa'i stili alivo and some hopau
were entertained of its rec-iy? rr. Mr.
Foster, tbo father of the c In Is in
Florida, but was telegraphed for
Another Intrrestii Sermon LuHt N it;lil by
Or. Uhwi'H.
Dr Uawcs last night, at tbo Firs';
Presbyterian Church took his text from
Mark 1:15: "Repent yo and helievo the
Gospel." Ho said in part: It Is Gcd's
plan of salvation. Jesus camo to do two
things. To work out God's plan and to
tell God's will. God says just two
things. These two things aro repent?
ance toward God and faith In Jesus
Christ. Repentance Is a charge of
mind. It may be attended with feeling,
tears and cries, and may be unattended
with any of thcao things People look
for experiences. There may bo nun >
Every one does not have the same ex?
perience. One may have very large ex?
periences. Another may have very fow.
Ono is just as genuinely saved aa tho
"A river is large at its roou'h and
small at its source. A child steps across
It at Its source and follows down it?
further bank. A m m goes down its
nearer side, and then, with much
trouble, crosses ovor. His experience
in very different from tbo cbiid'd, and
yet tbo child is jus- as much a or as j
tho river as ho io Ii would be absurd
to tell the chiid that ho ii not anro.-s
the rivor brcauso bo lias not had all
of his varlid cxporienc< s. So in re?
pentance. This will manifest itself in
a changed life nnrl In right living.
"Thon tho sinner in to believe tho
Gospel. Tho crowning sin is not tbo
breach of tho sixth or tho seventh or
the eighth commandments. The crown
ing sir. in roen'j* lives is unbelief of tho
Gospel. What are men to do".' They
aro to put away sin. They aro to be?
lieve tbo Goipel. They aro to come to
Christ God premises all help. Then
lay bold on elornal life."
A large congregation was present and
the sermon was listened to with tho
clofest attention. Tho pastor an?
nounced that he would be glad 10see
any persons who might wish to talk
with him or Dr. Eiawes, to morrow after
2 o'clock at the mui&e 1*'0 aching ws.s
announced for 3:30 and 7:45 p m Tho
pastor also annoui.ced that a service lor
young people would bo held at 4 o'clock
on Sunday aftornoon, and at that timo
ho would attend to the baptism of little
children. Or. Hawes will make an ad
Tint best grato coal In tho city is tho
semt-bliumlnous Red Ash coal, sold
only by W. K. ANDREWS & Co , 219
Salem avonue. You may know thuir
teams by tho belle;
Whkn you are trying V) think of a
suitable present fcr birthdays or wed?
dings, or Christmas, just remember tho
Pocket Kodak. lt';i out of tbo ordinary
line?it will be apprec'nted. Roanoko
Cycle Company, solo agont?, 108 Salem
avenuo s. w.
Knoolt ltrotlierH, Dealers In Dry Uoods,
Klo., .Vitt he An AHSlgument.
A deed uf assignmontdrawn by Enock
Bros., doiiiht a general dry goods and
millinery business at 31 Salem avonuo
a. w., In favor of S. Nyburg as trustee,
was admitted to record at a lato bour
Tbe du d covers all of tho stock of
goods, wares ana morcbandiBo of tbe
tirtn. tbe store fixtures, Iron safe and all
otber appliances, all bills of accounts,
notes, bonds and other evidences of in?
debtedness due said Knock Bros. Also
one lot and an interest in five other
lots, situated In tbe olty of Boanoke,
and all of ooo-half of section four of the
Bogers. Fairfax and Houston addition.
The trustee 1b to dispose of all the
above enumerated property to the best
advantage. The goods can be sold in
bulk or the business can be conducted
as usual for one year, when all remain?
ing goods are to be sold at public auc?
The creditors are divided into three
classes. Tho first and second are pre?
First class?First National Bank of
this city. 83,900; Fidelity Loan and
Trust Company, sum); Chemie vi National
Bank of New York. 8100; E Druoker,
New York, 94,930; Mrs. C. Marks, Now
York, 82,001); S. L. Lippmann, Now
York, 8553.75; Evorett Perkins, 835;
clerks and salesmen, 8100; all newspa?
per advertising accounts, amount not
Second class?I. Friedlander, New
York. 8100.20; 11. B. Cltflin & Co.,
New York, 83,275.40; Philadelphia Suit
and Cloak Company, Philadelphia,
8073.50; Miller Bros., New York.
$348 55; S Rothschilds & Bro.. Now
York, 8388 50; Daniel Miller & Co .
Baltimoro, 8837.78; Armstrorg, Cator
?s Co .Baltimore, 8657 13; L^o, Tweedy
,t Co., Now York, 81,017 21; Tells,
Weiler & Co., New York. 8538 63;
Dunham, Buckley it Co., Now York,
8585 59; Blum Bros , Philadelphia,
8270 25; J. E Burst & Co., Baltimore,
Tbe total amounts duo first and
second-class preferred creditors is S21,
052 10.
The third class includes all other
creditors, whoso names du not appear
in the above list.
They Hake Arrancemonta For the Sp
proachluK Convention.
An enthusiastic meeting of tho local
ChtiBtlan Endeavor Union was hold in
the Lutheran Church last night. Mat
tors pertaining to the approaching con?
vention were din: used and much in?
terest manifested. H. A. Gllhs is
chairman of tho entertainment commit
I tee, having in charge the securing of
homes for the visitors, and reported the
need of moro assistance in this linn. Is
is his desire that any of tho Christian
people of thi city who can conveniently
entertain one or more of tho delegates
advise him of tbo fact at oocs.
Many of tho minor dotails of the con?
vention meetings wero considered, hut
especial emphasis was laid on the plac?
ing of the delegates. Most of these
young people will arrivo on tho after?
noon of Friday, November 29, and ro
main until Monday. Programmes of
the convention meetings can be ob?
tained from Mr. C. M. Speeco or Mr. J.
R. Collingwood. All of tbo speakers aro
from a distance and many Interesting
topics will be dwelt upon R'jv. John
T. B?ckloy, D D , a noted cilvlna of
New York city, will bo present, also
Rev. Peter Ainsloy, of Baltimore; R?v
A. E. Wariiold, of Lynchburp, Rev.
William Cummin?, of Siaumon; Rav.
tra Landrith and Rsv. I). C. Rankin, of
Nashville, Teno , and Rev. C Armand
Miller, of Salem.
It Is feared that tho attendance up;n
some of those meetings may no', ho as
larao as they would bn if no other meet"
ings wero being held in the city, but tho
Endeavorers of Koanoko can a*surn
their friends that all of tho convention
services will bo interesting and instruct
( ive and hopo their timo will bo so ar?
ranged that advantage may bo taken of
them. _
Turkty Shooting Match.
Thbrb will bo a shooting match for
turkeys in Cart's woods to day com?
mencing at 12 o'clock.
Oovernor O'Ferralt Hns Appointed u State
Governor O'Ferral], at tho earnest so?
licitation of the representatives of tbe
Mexican Govornmant, hss appointed the
following well known and experienced
business men of tbe Stato of Virginia to
act as a Stato committee for tbo Mexi?
can International Exposition, which is
to open in tbo City of Mexico on or
about the 15th of September, 1H9G:
Moj. W. .1 Johnson, Richmond; P. H.
Trout, Stftuntor; Gel, A. S Bnford,
Richmond; Goorgo I\ Anderson, Clifton
Forge; Granville S. Valentino, Rich?
mond; M. L Watson, Woodstock; M.
Gionnan, Norfolk; P. A. Kris;1, Lynch -
burg: iJoodricn Bation, Portsmouth; F.
X. Burton, Danville; E C. Venable,
Alexandria; John B. Moon. Churlottes
ville; Kamuol ('.. Brent, Alexandria. J.
Allen Watts, Roanoki ; SI (> A. Fltss
rtush, Kri der cksburg, and William F.
Rbe.v Bristol.
The duty imposed upon theso gentle?
men will b s making propaganda for tbe
exposition among tue manufacturers, as
i'. will bo tho means of opening up an
extensive market, which has been to a
great extent overlooked by the expert
I iradn of tho United States.
The lltienii Vista Furnace
Tbe operations for tho month of
October of Buona Vista furnace, tho
ores for which aro gotten from tho
mines of the Rich Paten Iron Cjmpany,
in Alii ghany county, show ?n un?
precedented yield of iron from tho eres
smelted. Tho average for the month of
oro used per ton of iron was two and
one thirtieth toes, and tho quality of
thu iron closely graded Nos. 1, 2 a: d 3
foundry. This f..rnaco is nor; running
satisfactorily and successfully, u'td it.
entire output to January 1, 1896, hss
been sold at remunerative prices ?
Vest's Weekly.
Have you trlod the R.t.'ford Steam
Laundry, 216 Salom avenue?
AM, of W. K. Andrews .< Co.'s teams
are belled I( you want the boat coal
and wtoi In tho city and want it de?
livered promptly buy of theo:.
i Ahl. at Roanoko Cyclo Company, 108
Salem avenue s. w., and look at tbo
ptcturos taken with tbo Pocket Kodak.
Will bo glad to show them to ycu; alee
i the Kodaks, They arc worth seeing.
TUq last few days have added a. number of implant items to our
A lit? stock, which are worthy your consideration We nre
pounding Cloaks. Some profitable picking to bo\doue here now.
We Will Place on Sale Monday
Priestley's 42-inch wide "Silk Warp Endora ' at $1.25 t\e yard. The
best aud most popular mourning fabric made. '\
At 81 and $1.50, the handsomest Black Goods ever iu Hpnnoke, in
the new real Mohairs. These goods are worth 20c the yard moh thau we
paid for them right now. Mohair will he the desirable fubrics fot Spring.
A dress of these the correct thiug. \
At $1.50 the yard, G0-iuch wide Priestley's Genuine "CravaSette,"
impervious to water, will not spot, cockle uor shrink. Just the thi^S for
wiuter wear. See them. \
At 35c the yard, G0-inch wide Turkey Hed Table Damask, in Pew
designs. The 50c kind at 35c.
At 20c, best quality 10-4 Bleached fheetings, in IS to 20 yard leunln?
Worth 28c. \
At 7c the yard, one case short length Bleached Cotton. Worth oA
At 7c. 10c aud 12$c, new things in Outing Flannels, J.liunadovvtis,\!
etc., for house dresses. ?
At 25c, line quality Crocheted Zephir Socks for Infants.
At 2">e, Ludies: Zephyr Fascinators, in all (shades.
At$l, ?.'hildren's lersey Leggings. Black only.
At ?1.25, Ladies'Jersey Lentings. Black only.
At 99c, Mink lied Fur Bo?s. Worth $1.50.
At 25c, twenty-live do/.eu Outing Flannel Underskirt Patterns. .Tuet
enough to make the skirt, wi'h a few scums io complete.
At L5c, l.ndicb' Black Jersey Imported Cashmere Gloves. The 25c
sort always heretofore.
At 25c, belter quality Ladies' Jersey Cashmere Gloves.
At .r)0c, special quality Jersey Gloves, lipped Hogers.
At 2uc the yard, new Chiflou Hand Trimming, lor eveuingdresses, 00
inches wide. All shades.
At 4'.>c each, live dozen Chenille Table ( overs, one yard square.
At 6?c, live dozen Chenille Table ('overs, (;-4 s;;:e
At 12Ac, another ca.-e. Children's Ipswich p'nsl Muck Heavy Bibbed
Seamless 11 ose. The best Stockings in the country lor tho name v. Sizes
1? to OA. See them.
Fur Trimmings of ev?ry description now ready. The latest fashions
all show quantities of Fur Kdgirgs in use. We have ihem ?n teal furs, in
Marten, Heaver, Nutria. Astrachan, Thibet. Coney, (lenot. etc. See Urem.
Handsome Hue of Embroidered Flannels tor Ladies1 Skirls, in white,
black aud grey. See them.
Two Great Counterpane Specials.
We offer to-day two specials In Counterpanes. 1hese cannot he equalled at the price ;
At WHS eneb, 7v'xsi Inch Counterpanes. The 75c sort.
At V.'r each, 78x83-lnch counterpanes. Good, heavy quality, pretty Marseilles designs.
Wortb now Si. Our price V.'c.
At $1 88, nttcen Ladles' Cheviot Double Canee, bratd-trlmmcd. (Vorth SB.
At $r,,50 and $1.50, twenty-fire Ladlet1 HIuck Buiu-ie Uapte, plain ami braided. fur col?
lars anu piiiin oollar*.
At $!">, Seal Plush Canee, mink head and tail trimming.
At to $90, Ladles' Jackets In tue newest aud most popular et;. !es. Values which can?
not be duplicated here.
At 50c tbe yard, ten pieces ot tho prettiest French Flannels yon ever eaw.i.i styles snit
able Cor the Babltlt. See tLcni. 'ite styles a-e pick :ir.d blue dots, pltk and blue sttlpee,
SSf" The Standard Paper Patterns sold by us cost just half of what
other paper patterns cost. They are heeler style, better Utting and in
every way Hie most deniable patterns in the market. Try ihem.
of Charge.
of Charge.
lOl Sailers Avenue.
Are You Willing
To save money on your Winter Garm?llts?
Certainly you're not anxious to pay nearly
twice as much as you should, simply because
you want something good and stylish. It's our"
business to save you money?its your lookout to see that you get the best
value possible for your money. If you'll compare our figures aud the prices
which others quote, side by sitle, there's no doubt that you'll judge in
favor of the values offered at the PALAIS HOY Ab,
Ah the season advances the styles In Mil
linery are more and more attractive 1 his
week we shall display a line assortment ot
the latest effects lu large Huts, llonnets and
the popular Toques ot tins season, all ur.
moderate prices. Special attention Is c lied
to a large line or ml sees' and children's
school Hats. In Tarn O'shutiter style, and
Nobby Alpines.
We are also displacing a beautiful assort?
ment, or Winter Klowere und Fancy heathers,
in nil colors. Including the Ltrst coinbina
twins In Aigrettes, Ulrds mid Plumage In all
colors nd design*.
our linger Untrtmmctl Hots is nncqualed
for variety of shapes and quality,
A handiomo French Kelt shape for use.
Cn linen s. Kelt Klais. .*?C.
Ladles' liugilsh Felt list*.S0c
All shapes ar.d Colors?worth Ii'.":.
Ladies' pur Kelt Hats.07c.
All the "Nobhv" and "Swell' shapes.
Ladles'Alpine Hats.it<\
Ladles' London Wulklnn Hats.He.
I (. ? i! v trimmed- im::h'- to sell ut .fl I ?J
"HU;-" Tan???'*.50c.
"The latest "wheel" fad- sell elscwrcrc
at w.oo.
The regiil?r25i Jet Aigrettes.WAfc
Black Cocquo Plnmet.10c.
Colored Mercury Wing).10c.
Black Parrot Tall Hires. 9Se,
Ulack or Colored i/miN .Re.
scotch ?Maid 'lam o's.'.15c.
1,'u?l trimmed -regular "Highlanders."
Bour e Tarn t?'s.80c.
Ulack or Colored?regular price at *: 95,
Turk Caps, In He?l and Navy, at.95c.
You can Und two great advantages In bor?
ing here ><m get what lite baby onirht to
bavo, aud pay what his nintbe ought to pay
Come s?e these beautiful urcamy vrhite
Infants' Long Cashmere Coats, mad.- with
Qretchon yoke, trimmed In neat ribbon and
braid, extra value at $i .5.
At $?? 50, Cashmere deep ttmbri Iderod Cape
and embroidered bottom.
At 88.76, Cashmere, with embroidery and
ribbon t- Imml* e.
At $V.6, Crinkled KldcrdOWU, with ribbon
Children1* Colored Blderdown Coat*, mule
with sailer collar and trltume i i'< Velvet Klb>
bon.largoslesvrs all sizes, Atfl.70
Children's All-Wool White cilerdown
c. it*, with large point t ollar, trimmed in
neat braid and ribbon, large sleeve?, all sl/.cs
At $9
Children'! Colored Silk Caps. In all new
cud do*Irable s.uirs. with deeii curtain,
puffed crown, fnll Irin over the lace, edged
In beavor lur, all alr.ta $1.
BODY CONCBDB8 AN 1) that Is we are Cloak
Leaders. This Is ro egotism, but. this honor
i? based upon solid fonndatlon, and wu hare
proven ourselves full worthy of tbo dis?
tinction that for good Coats reasonable
figures go to Palais Royal. Kino All Wool
Cheviot .luckcts, larije full sleeves and full
bark. Sold ut fcr $3.08,
All Wool Beaver and Double .lachet*, i7
Inches long, ripple bark. Melon sleotcj.
Male to sell at $8, for !j> I US.
FP e tfoncle Jackets, half silk lined raised
strap team, Melon sleeves, Klpple back.
Actual value'!*, at $6 MS
lm;iortL-d Boucle Box Coals, silk lined,
lti|ii>l? hack, football slrcres. Cun't he
equaled under ?15, r.ir SS.00.
i. idles' short Polar Chinchilla Jackets, very
Btyl shard light to wear, at only.t*>> oi>
Nobby Boucle Coats, two-buttoned, .Melon
sleeves, ripple bar*, new Colnmbas lane!, a
vorv ?well garment, worth f lu.si 00
The very best I ton rot Coat!, tno latest
rough guilds, with new Huh-lirh ri'llars. Mr!an
sleeves, half eatin lloed. worth sit....98
:?:? fnr -.il inrh lilac!; Bonnie Cloth lacket?,
t ew shawl sleeves, tipple back, i 'sieil (350
Jack) :s oveiywhnre.
fcT.Mi utve? yu . isoket Boucle Jackets ele?
gantly made, ;a"pe<! seams, huge Molon
sleeves. Usvc a 11 till now tor tio
in both P!a?hand Astrakhan Cape* wo show
the correct Ideas ?we jiosstss the faculty of
always being ahead of time*, und \; ynii'ro
looking lor'the vtry latest como to Palais
The very h?rt Astrakhan Capes, with a
fu'l mllltaty sweep arid a genuine bear eiigo.
'l his week at *I310
Hlegaut Appllqiii-d Circular Plush Capes,
150 Inch sweep, iicur edge; worth ?0M, at
#11 50.
$35.00 Royal Pluih Capes, Appllquod, bear
edge, 150 loch sweep, f u ot?.
Jaunty se^i rinsh Capo*, handsomely
beaded and tur edeed?at only f n'>.
Cl.oTll CAPES?Ulack Cbovlot Cloth
Cape?, double ripple ?pe, flnlshed with three
rows of br.ild. value |">, ai |J.98.
Pine Double Clo?h Cape, made ot auperler
Keney. nnlehedwi'h three row*of strap trim?
mings t i tame cloth, S3 Inches long, value fio,
at $T
Boucle Cloth Cape, S3 Inches long, extra
fu'l ripple and *wcei> ot 13j lachss, wide
collar. |t0 value, at $7..V?
fOSlngleaod Doable Weaver Cape!; trimmed
nlcelv In row*of hraU, at f.:tus
f 5 Flue Bmbrotdered Black Beaver Capes,
With Kalolgli collar, ut fl.Os".
101 Salem (
Avenue, j
\ nt. tndoriky,
( Managor.

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