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We have gathered here a
collection of all that is good in
dry goods. Our modern mer?
chandising way isn't satisfied
with waiting for trade, but cre?
ates it. We have secured many
special values in desirable
goods that we can afford to
price extra low to stimulate
early selling. Not an unworthy
s pecimen in the lot. The quan?
tities are limited. By coming
early you will have the choice
The following are sinking ex?
amples :
Ladies' Capes
? AND?
A fine Black Beaver double
cape, with three rows satin
piping, with full sweep, \rorth
$y. Our price $5. /
A better quality Black*'and
Blue Beaver double /cape,
edeed with fur, sold elsewhere
at $7 50. We will close them
out at $5. \
An extra quality Black
Beaver cape, wiih satin facing
and three rows satin piping
around. Price them anywhere
and you:ll be told $8.50. Our
price $6.
A fine quality Plush Cape,
twilled silk lining, collar
trimmed with Thibet fur.
Would be cheap for $8. Our
price $6.50.
A finer quality Plush Cape,
a little larger than the above,
trimmed with braid and jet,
well worth $12.50 You can
buy them from us for $10.
Black Beaver Jackets, ripple
back, elegant fit, from $3.50 up.
You'll save 25 per cent, by
calling before making a pur?
chase elsewhere.
500 pieces to select frorri at
prices way below the market
value. Overstock compels us
to unload, and the ladies who
have not gotten their new fall
dress will profit by buying now.
?AT THE? \
Scarce an hour of the busi?
ness day passes but that some
one is buying these good
blankets. A price list that
covers every purse, and not an
unworthy Blanket in the lot.
All wool, part wool and cotton,
although the last two are in
the minority. If we tell you
that a certain Blanket is all
wool you can rely on it. being
so. It isn't always so every?
Millinery Deiarlie:
Notwithstanding our prices
for Trimmed and Untrimmefd
Hats have been cheaper than
any other establishment in trie
city, we will still make a
deeper cut on all our Hats.
They must go, and the cheap?
ness of the price is b.mnd t? j
make them move. Call and
inspect our stock before mak?
ing yonr selection
26 Salem Ave,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.?Latest U. S. GcVt Report
Local Bits,
News of People
and Events
Happenings Briefly and Reliably
Put Before You.
Death of Mm. Hamilton's Mother.
Col. J. H. Featherstono received a
letter yestordav announcing the death
of Mrs. V. V. Doyle, of Bristol, which
occurred at that place Friday. Mrs.
Doyle w?b tho mother of Mrs. YY. VY.
Hamilton, of Vinton.
Revival at Rockvllle, Kid.
Evangelist C. It. Strouso passed
through the city yesterday on his way
to Rcckvlllo, Md , wbero ho common es
a union revival to-day. Ho wan accom?
panied by Mrs. Sirouso and Mits Bloom
Held Gambiil, of this oity.
Returned From tho West. ^
John E. Parker, a former retident of
this city, roturned home yesterday
from a prolonged visit to the wild and
wooly West. John is improved in
health and good looks. lie will prob?
ably accept a lucrative position that has ,
been offered him hem.
Kn Route to Richmond.
John YV. Williams, of Giles county,
journal clerk in the house, of delegates
at the last session of the Virginia legis?
lature, pats*d through the city ye"er,
day on his way to Richmond. Mr. Wil?
liams is an applicant for tho sami
tlon at the onsulntr Rassion.
Hoc Cholera Rukiiik.
Cholora has assumed the dimensions
of almost an epidemic among the hogs
in the country around about Roanoke*
One farmer has lost forty fine porkern
from the disease and several have died
in the ciy limits Our people should
be very careful about the quality and
kind of meat they purchase.
Police Court News.
Charles Bailey was assessed thi usual
tariff of $2 no for being drunk ai.d"
down. Will Waugh was fined S3 for
disorderly conduct and sent on to tho
grand jury on tho charge of assaulting
R. B. Jones. T. H. Bovier was sent
on to the grand j-iry on the charge of
forgery. _
Run Over and Killed.
Friday afternoon at Bonnacka, the lit?
tle four-year-old son of Harry Cropp,
who lives near the depot, jumped upon
the caboose of a freight train which was
jiiBt starting east. Tho little fellow
slipped and fell under the wheels,which
passed over his body, nearly cutting It
in two, from tbo eifeca of which hu dled
In twenty minutes. The funeral will
tike place to-day.
Fluni Game of Tennis.
The final gamn of tonniH was played
on tho (/rounds on Elovonth avenue s.
w., ycB'erday afternoon. Messrs.
Davant and Thomas played singles,
Divant winning first prize. Missos
DcgnRtt and Co well! played ladioB'sin-/
gles, MiSB Doggott winning first prize, a'
tennis racket. The second prize, which
w.\n won by Miss Cowell, was a three
pound box of Huyler's candy.
Changes at the Machine Works.
Owing to tho promotion of Mr. Pauter
to the position of master mechanic of
the eastern division of tbo Norfolk and
Western, F. P. Hlckey has been pro?
moted from the foremanahlp of the ma?
chine shop to full obarge of tho ere cling
shoos. He. in turn, Is succeeded by G.
F. Lemon, first assistant of the machine
shops, and John A. Pfeiffer, Jr., of the
drawing office, was promoted to fill the
vacancy thus created.
The ravin;; of Taxes.
Yesterday being the last day for tbe
payment of taxes, without having the
5 ter cent, collection fee added, Treas?
urer Thomas aud his assistants were
kept busy exchanging tickets for tbe
roady cash. Altogether, tbe advance
collection was quite satisfactory and en?
couraging. A very largo increase over
last year was tbe result, as not only tho
business men and corporations, but
many of the laboring classes and shop
men have paid. The Norfolk and West?
ern railroad paid tho snug little fortune
of 818,000 in taxes in tho city alone.
rA Pleasant Affair.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Greider, who, to
the regret of their many frlendB, pro?
pose, in the near future, making Now
York city their place of residence, en?
tertained the Whist Club, of which
they are members, and several friends,
at their residence on Eighth avenue, on
Friday evening last. The evening was
devoted to progressive whist and the
consumption of a delightful collation,
which was gracefully presided over and
dispensed by the charming hostess and
her genial husband. The lady's prize
at whist was won by Mrs. Reginald
Koebler, and the gentleman's prize by
Prof. Leary. Those present were: Mr.
and Mrs Dupuy Ferguson, Mr. ,and
Mrs. F. Ludwig, Mr. and Mrs. Walton
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Lflary, Mr. and Mrs
A. B. Hammond, Mr. and Mm..
Koehler. Mrs. D. U. MatBon. Mrs.
Payne Thompson, the Misses Nanj&lo
and Jeannette Hilleary, Sleight, PhAl
ner and Packard. Mrs. Haw and BT ?\
Roberts, E. C. WattB O. S. MaiSton,
Wm. Stevenson and Captain McHngh.
Pocket Kodaks are wonderful little
cameras. Roanoko Cycle Company,
agents, 10S Salem avamie s. w.
For seasoned oak or pino wood by the
cord, or cut and Bpllt for the stove, call
on W. K". Andrews ?fe Co., S10 Salem
avenue. Their belled teams will de?
liver it.
Services at tbo Yarloos Places of Worship
At Christ Church there will be the
regular servioea, morning and evening.
Bev. B. W. Patton, the rector, will fill
the pulpit.
"Civilized Bull Fighting" will be the
oaptlop of Dr. Broughton'a sermon to?
night at the Calvary Baptist Oburoh to
the football oranka. At the 11 o'olook
service he will disouas "Our Oburoh
Covenant." After preaohtng to night
he will go to Richmond to hold revival
aorvioes in the Grove Avenue Baptist
At the First Baptist Churob this morn?
ing tbe pastor, Bev. Edward B. Pollard,
will preach. All are cordially invited
to attend. At the evening aorvlce at
7:30 o'clock H. C. Garrison will proaob.
Id order to givo tbe young people an
opportunity to attend tbe Christian Ea
deavorConvention, the Baptist Sunday
School Union, which was to have been
held at the Kirnt, Baptist Church, will
he poatponod until tho first Sunday in
Rev. S. L. Rice, tho pastor of tho
United Brethren Church, will preach
boto morning and night, and on Mon?
day will return to Staunton, whero he
Is conducting revival services.
Bev B. F Ball, presiding elder, will
preach at Trinity at 11 o'clock, and
Mr. Jones, tho pastor, will preach at
Bev. J. W. Norris, of Alexandria,
will preach at Grace in the morning.
\ There will bo no mooting at the Y.
M. C. A. this evoning, owing to tbe
"brlstlan Endeavor convention.
Bev. Ira Landrotb, of Nashville, will
fill the pulpit at St. Mark's in the morn
tit 11 o'clcck,_
levcral Hundred Employes of tho Shopi,
It?? f,<l< . 1 by tho Uand, Turn Out.
A Sauter, foreman of the erecting
Ibopa of the Roanoke M&chinn Works,
tas beon promo.cd to tho position of
it atter mechanic of tho eaatirn division,
witu headquarters at Larab-ort'} Point.
Mr. Sauior has boon identified with
tbe shopB for the past thirteen yoars,
and, as an evidence of the high esteem
in which ho is hold by the many em
ployos of that iratltution, about 200 of
tbem, beaded by the Roanoke Machlno
Works Band, proceeded to bis resi?
dence last night at 8 o'clock, loaded
down with tokens of their esteem and .
friendship in tho way of sevtral baskets .
ful of silverware and other substantial |
The affair was kept very quiet and
"was qultu a surprise to Mr. Sauter when
tbo band Btruck ud a serenade at his
door, and upon coming out on tbe porch
found tbe large concourbO which had
gathered to pay him their respects.
The gift9 wero from tho 250 employes
directly under his supervision.
Mr. Sauter made a short speech
thanking tho men for their high appre?
ciation of himself and expressed bis re?
grets at leaving He spoke in tho high?
est terms of the management of tbe
worka from Mr. Sands down to Mr. G??
lls and aaked tbe men to be faithful to
them, as they always htd their pcrsontl
welfare at heart as much as anytuing
else, lie afterwards invited ovorytody
into his bouto where an elegant supper
was spread.
5Mr. Sauter leaves to-morrow to take
Jarge of his work in bis n>j v fl dd <.f
bor. Ills departure will be regretted
' his many friends hero. Ho is a con
itont member of St. Andrew's Catholic
wiiiirch and a largo prcporty owner in
this city. His family will probably join
him later.
a serious uhakgk.
A Floyd County Mau Arrested For Steal
Ins Two Horse*.
0hlef of Pollco H N Dyer received a
te^fegtam yesterday from Sheriff
Slnsher, of Floyd county, saying to
look out for two stolen gray horaea.
/In the meantime N. S. Underwood
had arrived in the city with tbo horeoa
/and went to Sanderson's livery stable
and made tbe statement that be was on
his way to Botetourt with some cattle.
He asked Mr. Sanderson to loan him
?50 until he could return and be would
leave bis boraes as a pledge for the re?
turn of the money.
Mr. Sanderson was unable to accom?
modate bim, but soon found a man who
would loan bim tho amount aaked for
and take a lien on his horses for the
Later in tho day Officer Smith suc?
ceeded in spotting tbo mau and put bim
under arreBt, but not until he had spent
a portion of the 950 He was locked up
and tho horses have been identified as
those stolen in Floyd by two citizens
and a constable of that county, who aro
in the city.
Tbe young man who loaned Under?
wood the 850 sucpeeded in getting an
order from him to Chief Dyer for 838
and a gold filled watcb, worth probably
8l0 or 812. Underwood always put on a
great deal of stylo, stopping at one of
the finest hotels in tho city.
I The Discovery Saved His Life.
Mit. G. Caii.louette, Druggist, Bea
versville, 111., says: "To Dr. King's
Now Discovery I owe my lifo. Was
taken with La Grippo and tried all the
physicians for miles about, but of no
avail, and was given up and told I could
not live. Having Dr. King's Now Dia?
oovery in my store, 1 sent for a bottle
and began its use, and from the first
/Boso began to get hotter, and after uBing
?throe bottlos was up and about again.
It is worth its weight in gold. Wo won't
keep store or bouse without it." Get a
free trial at MaBBle's Pharmacy, 109
Jefferson street.
W. K. Andrews & Co., 219 Salem
avenuo, are strictly coal and wood
dealers. They keep everything you
need in that line, and will dollver it
Bomptly. Look out for the belled
Aa,i. of W. K. Andrews it Co.'s toams
arot)olled. If you want tho host coal
andlvood in tbo city and want it de?
livered promptly buy of them.
Go y> Donaldson'! for rafrigorators at
cost. ^
Pantlemonlnm In n Ht?v)val.
At a in-rrro revival In Blkboro, W V?.,
last Thiir-d:^, a negro man while about
log overturnod a red bot Btove near Gm
mourners' bendb. Tho live coals rolled
in every direction and net Qre to one
woman's dress who was kneeling at the
bench; she ran from the churcb, and in
her flight she set Qre to the dresses of a
number of other women'Bo'othlng. Pan?
demonium reigned for a while until the
fires wero extinguished. The woman
whose dress first caught fire is so badly
burned that Bhe cannot recover. Atom
ber of men had their bandsbadly burned
amotherlDg the burning dresses of the
women. _
The Statement Not Credited.
Vvabhington, D. 0., Nov. 30.?The
statement Is made in a Vent zuela paper
received that the British ultimatum has
been Bent to President Crespo. The
paper making the statement is opposed
to the government and it is not credited
in offlolal circles. _
Family Medicine
She Has Ever Known. Words of Praise
from a New York Lady for
?'I would like to add my testimony to
that of others who Imvo used Ayer's
Pills, and to say that I have taken them
for many years, and always derived tho
best results from their use. For stom?
ach and liver troubles, and for the euro
of headache, caused by those derange?
ments, Ayer's Pills cannot be equaled.
Ion, they will break lip a cold, prevent
/la grippe, check fever, and regulato tho
/digestive organs. They are easy to
f take, and are, indeed, the best, all-round
family medicine I have ever known."?
Mrs. May Johnson, 308 Kider Avenue,
New York City.
Highest Honors at World's Fair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla Cures all Blood Disorders.
A Very Gratifying increase With Each Succeeding Week.
The Change
Of temperature Is giving increased Impetus
to many departments, and the enormous
stocks of a few weeks ago are passing out
rapidly. With the increased cost of manu?
factured goods being thrust upon us the
days of extreme low prices for Dry Goods
are fast passing away. There cau be no
better time to buy than now.
We Ask Your Consideration of the Following:
Silks! Silks!
Now i? the time you need underwear; we
have It; nil sizes, all" qualities, u ho cheapest
quality, considered. In the city.
At Id to f lic the garment. Children's tlO?VV
Fleeced Underwear, slzce 10 and S-l In. Vests,
Pant.-* mid Drawers.
At 2.'? to 7SV, Children's Natural Wool
Underwear, sizes ic to84. Vests, Pants and
At 85 to C5e, Children's All Wool White
Underwear, sizes ill to 31, Vests, Pants and
At 85c, Intanl'a Wrappers, nice finality
wool, formerly 40c, s col 1 to ti.
At tOc, very line Lambs' Woo! Infant's
Wrapcrs, 1 t? 8.
At 75r, the Unest < jnnllty Infant's Wiappers,
sizes 1 to t>.
At 23c. ench. Kxtra (jnaltty Ladles' Veits
and I'ants, Fleeced.
At 60c. Ladles' 3.'i per cent. Wool Vests and
Punts, s'zes 3 to <;. In White and Natural
At 75c, Ladles'75 percent. Wool, Natural,
Vests and Pants, al! sizes.
At ?1 the garment, the celebrated "Oxford"
shaped Underwear, will not cut. at the arm,
lines! wool, all colors. White, Natural and
Scarlet, Vests and Pants.
At 50c each. Gentlemen's Extra Heavy
Ilealth Underwear, the peer of any 75c.
Uudcrwear In thecity. Seo It.
At $1 the garment, Qcntlemen'B Natural
Wool Shirts and Drawers, extra heavy
i)tin!itv. One soft wool.
At $1, Wrlgle.'s nealth Wool, Fleeced.
Underwear, will not shrink, very pleasant to
wear, the best thing In the Underwear brand,
Better Grades of Underwear, In any size,
for Ludlce and Gentlemen.
EWUor.r In mind that the Standard Paper
Patterns were ull reduced 50 \>cr cent, last
September und now cost Jus", one-hair the
price of other Patterns. They are besides
netter fitting, more economical, and more
stylish. Sales aru doubling ou these each
mouth. Try them.
Tne newest thinss in Silks, ns fast as thoy
appear In tlw markets, are shown he:e. We
are uow showing.
New Black Satin Dache?*, handsome pat?
terns, very lino heavy qnallty, at $1; worth
$1 Sr..
At fl Black Pcktn Stripped Gros Grain
Siik, very pretW. very popular. Unusual
quality at the pitcca.
At $1 the yard, Special value In Black Satin
At 7.1c. the yard,Heavy Black Satir. Dnches?.
At 79c, ihe Ueavy Dmck Faille Francalsse.
At 75, S7c, and $1 the yard, SOW things In
Black, Striped and Figured Mlks, with
eo ored woven Agares. Vtry pretty and de?
At 45c. the yard. Chauceah!c TalTettaSilks.
At tv.tc, 75c. t5c. $|, $1.83, $1 85 and $1.50 the
yard, the finest col'.ectiou of Novelty Mike In
Changeable, Striped, Figured and llrocado
effects ever shown in itoacoke.
Black Dress Goods.
At ?5c, ?'. Inch wide All WodI Black Serge.
At :l7.S|c, 10 Inch wide French Serge, very
handsome quality.
at 59c tho yard, M-'nch Diagonal Cheviot
Serge. The best valne in the city.
Al 85c. tho yard, flno quality very heavy
Diagonal Cheviot. .lust tho thing for winter.
At $1.25 the yard, Handsome t.'unllty iilack
Boucle Nov<lty, 64-Inch wide, very desirable.
At $1.75 tho yard. New Heavy Boucle
Cloaking In Illach onlv, 54-lnch wlro.
At $;i 50 the yard. New Black Astrachan,
53-Inch wide. Agoodone. See them.
f;yr"All thegreatstnpleeof 'he business arc
here in great assortments. No matter what
prices may he qnoted to yon as baits by
would-be competitors, remember that no
price cnu be named so low that It cannot be
duplicated here, and your Interests as onr
patious will be protected in every tustaucc.
==ui= ssi uzlsj es Bsi Bsns ansjgissns be
Hats Trimmed
Free of Charge.
101 Salem
ami rMW?iMBri|t [>n.
j Rats Trimmed
u } Free of Charge,
I- 01 your interest his always been our aim. To servo you bettor nutl better onch suc?
ceed og day our object. This time of yen, you Deed n new Coat As usual wo are
tight on band ,.t the proper lime with a Special Coat Sale. We don't wait until the
season is over, but tnaae a special sale for your benefit at tho beieht of nur oat sea
TV , \?W .W ,al ? *peci!l' Coat Sa,e at P,l,ais Ko.val '"cans. It menus savin
dollars on high art Cms, the kino* you nhvsy get at the t'A LAIS UOYAL
Stylish Millinery.
Our 95.00 Huts?Never snppoBcd that this
$."> line of Mats would become bo popular.
Chamiing fasUloriB for youui; women, in
Velvet. Kelt and Braid uats, eUborutoly
trimmed, to equal uaual fio Hats.
From 84 Up?A line ot Btyllsh BonuctB for
nilddlo agcd Indies'.
At SU.OO.?A Bpeeial Felt Hat for children.
beautifully trimmed. Worth $5.
At OOc.?Fine Imported Felt HatB that have
been $1, jfa.BO and f3.
At ?3c?French Felt Hats for misses and
children. Were Jl and $1.58.
At 5!>c ?Fine French Felt Hats that lure
been $1.25 and $1.50.
English Felt Hats, worth 76c., at :?7e.
Millinery Goods.
An no to-dute well-selected stock of novelties.
Feathers, Birds, Flowers, tto.
Nacre shaded and plain rose? at liu-. hunch,
worth 28c, and at 10c, worth 8i)c.
Largo OBtrich Tips, 3 In bunch, at48c., worth
IBc , and at 75c, worth $1 28.
Half Plnmei at 88c., worth 62c.
Black birds' at 6c, worth loc.
Black Coques, Jet ed or plain, at Oc.
Rhinestone and Pearl BnckleB at 15c. andSSc,
worth l!5c and 50c.
A handeomo French Felt shape. ?He.
Cniioicn'a Felt Flats. :ti>c.
Ladies' English Felt Hats, all shapes
and Colors, worth li?c. :tl>c.
Ladies' Fnr Felt Hats, all tho "Nobby"
aud "Swell" shapes.U7c
Ladies' Alpine Huts. 47,.
Ladles' London Walking Hats, ready
trimmed, ought to sufi at $1, for only 17c.
"Blkt" Tain O'Shantcrs," the latest
??wheel" fad, soils elsewhere at $1,
'or. 50t..
The regular 45:. Jet Aigrettes.12 So.
Black Cocque l'lumec. io<..
Colored Mercury Wings. iOc\
Black Parrot Tail Birds. 35c,
Black or Colored ?Julll?. c,..
Scotch Plaid Tarn O'Shnnterg, qnlll
trimmed?regular "Highlanders"... 35c.
Bouc'cTamO'Shanters. black or colored
?regular price SI 35, onr price only so?-.
Turk Caps, in lUd aud Navy, at. 85c.
A Velvet Item.
A lot Of $1 and f 1.85 colored Silk Velvets
ia all shades (no blucks) now
marked. OUc.
Grand Coat Bargains.
; Every customer suited. Our stock one
I of the la'^ett, best selected, and
j most important of all. the lowest'
prices for the qualities th?n say
nouso In tho city.
Sco our Grand Boucle .lacket, noel
tlvelyworth $7 60, at. Mil
All wool Astrakhan Bonce JactetS,
lined throughout with Black satin,
very rich worth $13, at .dm
SO.tiO for LA DI KS' BLACK bb&VY
JACKETS, Satlu lined, widest-I
plfcd sleeves, full rlpplo backs?
regular value *iu.ik>?here. ?>?<;
85 7.". Tor LAI)IKS' FINK Hi.AUK
widest I pieced sleeves, fun ripple
hack?regular value $S.rjO?here. 85
8S DO for ladies' lump? dodc'LK
suokt jackets, eight ttylea of
weaves, all very Jaunty?value #1?,
hero .
cnavioT booclk ?h?ht
JACKET.", new slorm b-x fronts
?Silk lined, extra large I pieced
sleeves, ripple bacss-iognlar value
$13- bore."..$>j si)
811.VO for Ladles' HEAVY TCFTBJJ
Jaunty sleeves, that cannot be
found under $1??here.> i i ;>o
Ohenil? Dot and Fancy Mesh Veilings,
donblo width. Were Me a yard,now 88c.
A lot of Bewies: sllic Veilings In colors.
Were 2fic a yard, now. 5c.
>>s 00
Plush Capes.
It matters not how fastidious yonr taete may
he, we can suit you In a l'lush Cape?oar
stock ranks foremost among tho Pinch
Cape stocks i f Hoanoke?If you can't, ho
suited where you generally deal call on us,
we can suit you in style, quality and price
These are the recommendations thut are
given ut Paiais Uoyal.
Fine Aupllqned l'lush Hippie Capes.
Thibet edge, worth $14.80 08
Extra Ftnu Plain Velour Capes,Teiltet
trimmed. Uhadame lined; a very
flee capo with auextra wide sweep.
worth $1",. 88 75
Newest Double Flush Capes, extra
long. One sngora trimming, extra
line Uhadame lined, that told for
, . -l" .?>> f>o
Jet Embroidered Velour I ?utile and
Single Capes, marie with the finest
cut Jet, extra full Sweeps, worth
$*> .811 00
Astrakhan Cloth Capes, 24 inches lone,
collar and front trimmed witt real
.Marten fur. Will worth $10; our
special price.- t 8 50
Cloth Capes.
ftj CO Eoiible Beaver Capes, velvet col
SS tu F ne Circular snd alio Double
Capes, trimmed in rows of braid..84 50
$to no All Satin lined Astrakhan Capes 08
*ll IHI Superior Double Capes, tine em
broidery. I nil sweep, now ?t .8S oo
$l(i iMAIlSatln-ttned Astrakhan Capes.
Thibet edgo, V7 uud 33 Inches long, ".to no
t'-tiiO Finest Double Appllqued
Capes, extra full sweep, at the bar?
gain price.818 50
8? DO for due Imported Kongo
lloucle. Silk Astrachan Cloth, mili?
tary nt>le, doible Cape-found
nowhere less than $M.U?.
HPsulsiis TEZo-y&Jl.
} M. Indoraky,
I Manager.

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