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l'util'.utiers and Proprietors,
TBKMS US MAIL (Postage Prepaid),
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three months.
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unday Edition, one year .... 1.00
Thb Timbs la a memoer ot the Associated
Press?the greatest nows-collectlng association In
the world?and recolvoe over a special wire the
tall telegraphic news service ot the Associated
Pross?tno samo news from all over the United
States and the world that la simultaneously re?
ceived by the great dsllloa of New Yor?, Philadel?
phia and Baltimore.
g M T W T F S
18 3 4 5 0 7
8 O 10 11 18 13 14
15 16 17 18 10 SO SI
88 83 84 85 SO 87 28
?9 30 31 .
There is much conjacturo in Wash?
ington as to the nataro of the reply of
Lord .Salisbury, the British premier, to
Secretary Olnoy's note on tho Venezue?
lan boundary question, and which, it la
Bald, will ba presented to-day. Whllo It
is balievod that England will ba willing
to aroitr?ta her dispute with Venezuela,
it Is thought she will adhero to tho
Sohomburg lino, which will practically
amount to no arbitration at all, as that
is tho main question in dlssuts, Voue
zuoia claiming that between this line
and British Guiana proper there is a
largo portion of nor territory.
The roply will, It is thought, ba
couched in very amicable language,
anl will leave tho question opan to
further corro3poodenco, as Groat
Britain at no time desire? a rupturo
with the United States, and cirtainly
does not now with so many other im?
portant questions demandini hor atten
tsntion. What this government will do
should a reply such as is expected bo
received remains to ba seen. Congress
is evidently in no mood for trifling, ai d
should tho President refer the matter to
that body, as he no doubt will, we may
expect sensational prccaedln gs at a
very early date.
On the whole, thero is no disguising
tho fact that the situation is a serious
one, unless England recedes from her
pcBltion, which is not very probable. Iler
trade relations with this country are im
mertso and of a vory complicated char?
acter. The United States 1b one of her
best customers, and she will bo very
unwilling to break off the friendly
relations now existing between the two
countries. In the interest of humanity
generally and of tho Anglo Saxon race
particularly, it is earnestly hoped the
excitement will blow over, and that an
adjustment will be reached honorable I
alike t,o both nations.
B. G. Dun & Co. 'b review of trade says:
"BuBineia is still slugurish, as if
gorged by excessive indulgence of the
appetite for buying when prices were
advancing. In nearly every branch
stocks not yet distributed to consumers
stand in the way of new orders, and
competition as a producing force largely
exceeding tho present demand puts down
prices, that decline retarding purchases
yet more. After tho holidays men look
for a larger demand. For the present
the springs of new business are now
running low, but enough is doing in old
orders to keep most of tho works em?
ployed in part and a good p*rt fully.
Financial tnfluancas hava not hlndored
and rarely hai tho opening of a session
of Congress affected busiuess so little.
"Wheat has advanced about a C9nt for
tho week, though Western receipts have
been 7,011 911 bushels, against 3,727.783
last year and Atlantic exports, flour in?
cluded, asrain exceed l&n year's 2,:tJti.
093 agalast 1,883.737 buahels. Corn
moves from farms less freely than a
year ago, tho price hindering, but ex?
ports wore 1,21)3,731 bushels, agaln?t
173,813 last yoar. Cotton has boon weak
tgiin, declining a quarter for the wo k
and tho January option 27 points.
"Iron and i s products aro lower. Tao
averago of all quotations is 8% cants
belqw the highest p:int in September,
but sc'.ual sales are frequently more
below quotations. There ia moro pres?
sure to soli Southern p!g iron, and 8' mo
large transactions have boen mado by
concessions, while tho small demand
has broken the barbed wlro combina?
tion. Rails have not ohanged while
Ueiaem. r pig naB declined $3 and
billets 83 per ton, and t. purchase of
10,000 tons for San Francieco from
E gland is noticed, with imports of
wire naile a' Boston. Copper is weaker
at 14 cants for Lake, with narrow
demands. Anthracite coal is weaker,
and sold at S3 80 here against SI 15 ac?
cording to circular. Failures In she
United States for tho week have bnon
334 tgii-ii. 38J last year and 52 in
?Ctnad * against 40 last year."
Tnts notorious anti-semltlo affltAtcr,
Ahlw.trdt, has arrived in New York to
begin a campaign against the H brn >?,
but be will discover very soon that this
Is not a goo?. climate for tho propaga?
tion of faia doctriaoa. America is too
great anl :oo free for such narrow
minded views as he proteases to fled a
loigisent on her soil.
Thk election of Rev. Dr, Satlorloo, of
New York, \i hlfhop of tho diocese of
Wathing on merits an epoch in the
Episcopal Church in tho United States.
Tho time is not far distant when this
church will have at the National Cap?
ital a magnificent university and the
8ee ot Washington will undoubtedly rank
as tho headquarters ot the church in
Amerloa. It has been generally sup?
posed that an outsider would be elected,
but of course fondly hoped by many
Washington Episcopalians that one of
tho local clergy would bo choaen.
Mb. j a.\ii:s A. Puoa, a well-known
journalist, formorly oonneoted with the
proas of tbis city, and who was for somo
months editor of the Norfolk Pilot, has
severed his connection with that paper
to take the editorship of the Norfolk
Evening News. Mr. Pugh is an ex?
perienced journalist and a fluent and
versatile writer. The Pilot, in parting
with him, pays a high compliment to
hlrr as a writer and a man.
Tho Judgeshlp Qneatlon.
Editor of Tub Times:?The Roanoko
judgoship question is croatlng some ln?
terest here and presents somo interest?
ing aspects. Mr. Hardaway states that
his name will be presented to tho Dem?
ocratic caucus by Mr. Herkoloy and that
Berieley will Btand on his rights and
demand the election of Iiardaway.
Hsrdavay expresses himself as confi?
dent of election and Btitoa that If Seu
atjr Claytor should join tho Democratic
CM.CU3 he would noi be ablo to prevent
tbo election of Iiardaway as there is an
unwritten law that the judgeship is tho
exclusive property of too delegate and
be ein bestow it upon whomsoever he
may. According to Mr. Ilardaway's ln-i
torpretation of caucus rule ho would be
certain of sesuring the j >b ho is after
oven if all tho bar and aU the people of
Roanoko opposed him; tbat so long as
tbo delegate stands by him no power can
defeat him. It seems that all Berkeley
has to do io to go into caucus, wave his
wand and evil ou tho members to take
tho medicino ho oilers.
Mayor Jones, of Roanoke, is here,
and it is understood ho is putting in his
best licks for Iiardaway. W. A. (ilaa
gow, S. UamlUon Graves and R. Ran?
dolph Hicks are hore working for Woods
or anybody lodof ;at Iiardaway. These
gentlomen are understood to place their
opposition to Iiardaway on aoveral
grounds, but principally on the ground
that Hardaway's election would be a
sovere stab at the Democratic party in
There is somo discussion of tho case
of Senator Claytor among the members
and in tho newspapers as to what will
be done shouid he apply for member?
ship of the Democratic caucus. Mr.
Claytor has not yoo applied for member?
ship and so far as known has not ex?
pressed a desire to do so. More Anon\
Richmond, Va., Dec 0.
Kol.mW Heed as "Die Polltic'.an."
Roland Reed has sailed triumphantly
lato the affections of tho thea.ro-goers
with his new play, "The Politician,"
which he will present a', the Academy of
Music on Saturday evening, Decamb.r
21, for the banafi; of tho Elks'charity
fund. Laughter reigns supreme. Tee
play is an exceedingly clovor Batire
upon the modern politician and his
methods, and tho different noanesdepict
with life-like reality tho many phrases
of machine politics. Apart from tho
political Idea 'h^ro are many Itc'dentB
of an Interesting nature to aarva to keep
up tho interest ot the audlonco. Tho
caaracters are novel and well drawn.
Tgo role ot General Joslah Limber, in
tho hands of Mr. Reed, is a creation tbat
Is destined to become a national charac?
ter. The comedian has rare opportuni?
ties as a scheming political wire puller
who runs conventions, juggles with
p'atforms and emptios Parrels. An?
other character that not enly interests
tho men, but tho womon also of tho
audience, is Cloopatra S'.urgon, a
"twentieth century woman" protrayed
by Miss Isadora Hush. She la realy an
up-to-date woman, and probably a little
boyond. Tho nine Buits sbo wears in
tho different acts are extremely fetch?
ing and have cauif-d aonsiderable dis
cueion. Tho "Politician" will ?ndoubt
edly have a most prosperlous time hero
in the city. Tho Elks' will make this
the most successful event of tho season.
Tickets will b3 pit on sale Monday
morning at Johnson & Johnson's.
Fire in a Bonded Warehouse.
NEW York, Dao. 6.?A ttre broko out
in the United Si.neu bonded warehouse
at South Water and Johnson stroets to?
day. Too damage to the building and
ill contents is intimated at $250 000
East Inila t;u jIs to be valued atSi.000,
000 aru stored In the bui ding, all tbo
six floors being packod to their full
capacity. Only tho throe upper iljors
were burned; tho others suffered only
water damage and all i>j covered by in?
Shot in a Church.
DevnRR Col , Doc. (i.?Win, Ryrd son
of Ruv- S W. Ryrd, pa*'or of tho African
Methodist Eplncopal Church, wat shot
and fatally wounded by Charlos Kelten
at a Christian Endoavor Society meeting
in tbo church last night. Roth men are
negroes. The shooting was the result
of u quarrel about a sandwicu which
Kelton ato but refused to pay for.
The Balein Teachers.
Tho delegation of school teachers
from Salem, who arrived la tho city on
Wednesday, for tho purpose of Inspect?
ing tho Lynobburg public schools, will
return home this afternoon. They con?
fined their observations yesterday to
the Floyd and Monroe aohool buildings,
and will visit the Riggers building to
d*y. They attended the "Listrics
School" at tho Y. M. C. A. last night,
and after tho performance were enter
tained by a commiteo appointed from
tho school teachers of Lynchburg ?
Lynchbuig News.
Did You Kver
Try ElPctrlc Ritters as a rpmedy for
your troubles? if not, get a bottle now
und got n-llef. This medicino bas been
been peculiarly adapted to tho rollof and
cure of all Fem vie Complaints, ? xer lng
?i wonderful direct infltn nee in giving
strength and tonoto the organs. If you
nave Loss of Appetite, Canstipatlon,
HeaiKChr, Fainting Spells, or are
N"rv us, Sie. pit-SB, Exci'ab'o, M -lan
rolvor troubled with Dizzy Spoil*,
Olentrin Hut' rs is the medicine yon
i.i d. Meal h and S'rength arn gunran
ed by Itw ut.f F.tt.j cnts and SI 00
it Maftslo'a Pb&rnacy, 1*0 Jefferson
FancifuS Furnishings ffr
Fastidious Folks \
Are the kinds that weW]. We don't
believe there's anything \orth having in
Men's Genteel Wearables that we can't
show you. Think up southing and then
come in and ask for it; ma^e you'll catch
ns napping.
g-ilk^isoist & ch;ld,
Eravcs the Sliamn of a Patrol Wagon Ride
to I'lcaso a Littlo liny.
She was not only herself a member
of that society which considers itsolf
entitled to a capital letter, but her fam?
ily had been members thereof iu good
nml regular standing for at least three
generations. She was shopping on Stato
street one bright midsummer morning
when a crowd at Washington street at?
tracted her attention. Doing enrions,
Bho investigated that crowd. She found
in the center thereof a small boy sob?
bing bitterly under tho guardianship
of two Li;; policemen. To her borrcr,
she recogui/.od in the small boy her cous?
in'?i little son.
The littla fellow had slipped and
i rohon or sprained his ankle. Ho knew
where ho Lived, but he could not got
there. Tho policemen had sent for the
; :;::?. ! wngou, the only vehicle at their
command, for the little sufferer.
Tho child was in perfect agony at tho
prospect of lieing carried off iu n patrol
WngOU by two policemen. The society
girl interfered. She told the policemen
this was her nephew. Sho told them
Where ho lived. The address corre?
sponded to that which tho little fellow
had himself given them.
"I'll get a cab and take him home,"
said the society girl, a reasonable sug?
gestion enough, surely, but tho police?
men would hot hear to that. They had
sent for the patrol wagon, and some ono
must have a ride in it. It was not to to
ordered out for nothing. They could nut
let tho child go homo in a cab. "We'll
tako him where yon say ho lives, lady,
but he must go with us."
Tho patrol wagon came. Tho child
was almost convulsed with terror. Ho
implored the society girl not to let tho
policemen take him. Tho policemen
were obdurate. Finally tho society girl
gave up. "Well," sho said, "if ho must
go home in a patrol wagon, I'll go
homo in it too." So they lifted the
small hoy in, and tho society girl climb?
ed iu after him, and the policemen
mounted guard on each side.
And thus it happened tho few society
people who wore by chance shopping oa
that midsummer moruiug instead of en?
joying tho country breezes of the sum?
mer cottages wore horrified at seeing a
daughter of ono of their first families
rolling swiftly by in a patrol wagon
under the charge of two stalwart polico
men. And others who wore not society
pooplo wondered what "that uice, re?
spectable looking girl" could have dono
that tho police were taking her away.
And they moralized on tho deceptive*
uess of appearances.?Chicago Tribune.
Hard FiKlitrrs In Law.
"Clients love a hard fighter, and the
onlookers are impressed with his zeal,"
says Richard D. Doyle in an article ou
"Law and Lawyers" in Tho Southern
Magazine. "Iu my own experience I
have had cases where I advised my cli?
ents not to sue because I was sure they
had no chance, and although they fol?
lowed my advice, instead of employing
other counsel, they refused to pay u
reasonable fco and in ono case left mo
to pay the court costs. And I have sel?
dom advised a client to compromise or I
submit to arbitration that I did not dis?
please him. It requires moral courage
to advise one against his inclinations,
but it is sometimes a lawyer's sacred
duty. Whatever may bo said as to its
morality or truo wisdom, yet I must,
say I regard tltis aggressive and partisan
spirit inori! conducive to modern success
than profound jndgmont, for I have
seen lawyers succeed chiefly by reason
of it in whom tho logical faculty was
not at all conspicuous. In speaking of
success, it will be observed that I do not
mean tho omiucuce of such men as Er
skino, Wirt, Webster, William Pinckncy, i
Rnfns Choatoand Charles O'Conor, but
such success as is attained by the lead?
ing members of tho bar in every town
or city of the United States, who have
a good practice!, sometimes very lucra?
tive, though tliny are unknown to fame
and forgotten outsido their neighborhood
when they are gone."
A Typical LngllMi Inn.
Tho inn was sot closo to tho river,
and although the highroad ran a mila
farther inland tho Angel inn had tho
air of having seen moro stirring times.
Tho littlo inn sitting room was parlor
and taproom in one; its chairs openerl
friendly arms, hits of old silver gleamed
on tho mantelshelf, and low settles, cup?
boards and tables of antique make were
suggest ivo of the dead and gono figures
that had peopled the cozy room. In tho
smilo of the genial host thcro was tho
wolcomo which imagination lends to
mino host of tho coaching period.-r?"A
Cruise on tho Norfolk Broads" in Cen?
ter v.
Hchool Superintendent? Confirmed.
The senate of Viri/lnla, In ix cutive
BOSRlnn, hits confirmed tho following
appointments of ?ohonl ?no?Mn'*'ndonti?:
Isa?o R Ri'kddale, of Alhemer'e: ,T. K.
Kult'n, of Orayaon; Th<>maR W STilth
of Mecklenburg; .1 II Steonprq, of
MontgomT<-; U T L-ov. of New K^n1;
S s WMVtnq of "fl/.rthampnn, and J.
S F ?st?r, of Pa'rlck.
POR the l?rg. u* ? lock a^il lnwfHt
prices 1m (Mnrt r t< * toiletware
evil at The F, S; wart Furniture
Some Anecdotes of Hm?r\rcy Marshall,
Soldier and Congrfyman.
Edward J. McDermott, u au nrticlo
entitled "Fun on tho Stu^p" iu Tho
Century, relates tho following:
Just before tho war Humphrey Mar?
shall was a great dobater ill congress.
During tho war lio was a cWodernte
general. Ho was vory largo tu$ stout?
a veritable FnlstnfJf. At tho breaking
out of the war ho wrote to nu unccr of
tlie north and warned him not tt invade
the sacred soil of Kentucky, fo\ if lie
did lie would have to pass over t!?? dead
body of Humphrey Marshall. Tho korth- i
em officer replied: "Dear genernY we
won't pass over year dead body. Wo
profcr to tunnel through."
After the war tho general had a good
practice, hut he was extravagant jtnd
often iu need of money. Once ho was
dogged 03- a collector who had been hut
oil" dozens of times. At last the collector
Haid: 11Goneral, you have said to mo
time after time: 'I cannot pay you mis
week. Come next.1 Now, I can't afford
to bo coming here all tho time. You
must fix the day. When will you bo able
to pay mo?" "D?n it, sir," said ho
general, "do you think lam a prophet?"
When the general was running for
congress against Mr. Blank, after the
war, ho tried to draw out Mr. Blank's
exact opinions by a closo debato on tao
stump. Iu such au intellectual conflict
few mcu could competo with Humphrey
Marshall. Mr. Blank parried and fenced
as well as ho could. Finally Marsbull
said one evening in his pouderuus tones
and impressive manner:
"Fellow citizens, I havo tried to pin
Mr. Blank down and make him give 1110
u fair statement of his opiuious and
principles, hut ho Hits about so nimbly
that it is impossible tofullow him in an
argument. In dodging a debato ho re?
minds 1110 of a bobolink flitting along a
zigzag worm fenco, hopping or flying,
first on one sido of tho fence and then
ou tho other, until the mind is bewil?
dered, aud it is impossible to tell on
which sido ho is at any moment. "
jFatlicr Ducey.
Thero arc few clergymen or priests
in this city who have tho wide acquaint?
ance and influence of Father Ducey of
St. Leo's Roman Catholic church.
Father Ducey's influence is by 110 means
limited to persons of his own faith. A
frieud recently told mo a story illus?
trating tho priest's methods. According
to my friend, Father Ducey entered
Delmonico's cafe ouo night not long
ago aud walking up to a party of
wealthy gentlemen seated at ouo of th?
tables Bald; "I have just come from a
visit to a family, ouo member of which
is at the point of death. The family is
destitute. I want $100from you gentlo
nieu." Iu a moment each member of
tho part}* had handed tho priest a bank
note, and be walked out with the $100,
which he took, although it was almost
midnight, directly to tho afflicted fam?
ily. Not one of tiio men who contrib?
uted tho money was a Catholic.?Isow
York World.
The Itcul Lai) or.
"Yes," said Mrs. Himninmne, "I
learned to cook without, any difficulty at
all. There was only ono trouble about
"What was that?"
"Educating my husband's appetite."
?Washington Star. ,
W. O. Skinner is ono of tho hc3t known
men in Wakofleld, Mass. Ho is a war
veteran and everybody's friend. He says:
"I had rheumatism and was in poor
health a long time. Indications pointed
towards tho accumulation of impurities
in tho blood and germs of disease I was
constipated and had no appetite. I evi?
dently needed n eood blood purifier and
dicided to take Hood's Sarsaparille. It
made a change nil through my system,
gave me an appetite nnd worked effec?
tively on my blood. I am now perfectly
well, my blood bus been put in good
ordor, thanks to nood's." W. G.SniXNEB.
food's Sarsap&nSia
Ss the Only
True Bflcod Purifiier
Prominently in tho Public Eye Today.
Hood's Pills
easy in effect, u c^ni?.
Let 'er Snow!
Our OVERCOATS will keep you warm and dry; they aro
made for service, stylo and comfort. Au all-wool Kersey,
blue or black, at 88.50, which i8 dressy aud equal to nuy
$8.50 overcoat sold elsewhere. Teu dollarB buys you a
hotter oue, and $15 us good us aDy in town at $20.
The wet weather sort, with comfort combined, $4 to $10.
Men's Suits, - $5 to $25.
Roy s Suits..3.50 lo 12.
Children's ?Suite, - 1.50 to 0.
Plaipiiu One Price Clotting House
Before Insimiig Your Life
Insurance Company.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance,
2STo. 7 Osu:cnp"toell ^?-^re
Opposite Thompson's Book Store.
For our Christmas fade this year we offer you some valuable presents, snch as Fine Kocker?
Bnnquet Lamps. Silver Plated Tea Seta, Kngllsh Dinner Sets, Fluo Chin* De:< rated 'J ea Set?, Art
Squares?. Ladles' Denk?, nndja tlionsim'l oth? rnrtlcieB that are really cheap. Elegant pictnrc irames,
worth $3. this week for only f I. with World's Fair view thrown In.
Don't bay trashy toys for Christmas presents when you can get tnch valuable articles as wo aro
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"W\ "W\ T77"O^Z^2s^E^-^T cSs GO'S
*** furniture
When You Build You Want to Use the Best
and Cheapest Material.
White Pine Boors, Windows anfl Blinds
First. Urcanso they are mnch lighter.
Second. Because they will cost less to haDg
and keep In repair.
Third. Because they are thoroughly dry and
will not shrink.
Fourth. Because they will not warp and getont
of shape.
Use Indian Rock Lime, the
'Phonb 2io.
boennse it is
Fifth. Uecanso thoy have a mnch smoother
surface, with no gaping Joints
Sixth, llccange they will take ar.d hold paint
much hotter.
Hovonth. Because thoy will last longer.
Klgbth. Bccaneo they are innch better in every
f&r Con fnrnlsh yon Kiln Dried Drrseed I.nnv
, h> r In ?u< quantity, surl n? Hoorlig, Slolng,
oiiiit- r??e .etc, When In nee A of arjr Ol tbete
I call i.t X$ ROAN KK ST . I (MM'KK. VA.

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