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south winds.
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Tho Kmperor's ?"peecli.
Yokohama, Deo. 2S ?Tha Japanese
parliament was <p?ned to-day with the
imperial speech. His m\psty said bo
was rejoiced at tbe end of the war with
China; that ord?r has boen established
in tho island of Formosa, and that rela?
tions between Japan and foreign powers
were moro iniim .to than formerly.
Continuing, bis maj-sty said that the
Japanese empire bad already achieved
striking progress in civilization; but, he
added, that it had a long and arduous
task before it. Mefttu^es would bo in?
troduced, he said. In conoluslon, to in?
crease tbe defenses of the country.
A North Carolin? Postmaster.
Wamhngtoy, lif e 28 ?William Con
way has hocn appoiot^d postmaster at
Ocean, N. C , vico J. W. Sandorfl, re*
Bond Bill Passed by the House
VFttn Practically Mo Excitemont. Bat Not
Until i? Nwmbor of Repoblleaos, se
Won as Democrats, Had Spoken
Against 16?The Bill Provides for the
Issue of Threo Per Cent. Coin Bonds.
Washington, Deo. 28.?The House
to-day ptBsed the hond bill by a vote of
10 to 130, and thus, having discharged
the task (or which It has been Bitting
during the holiday reoeas, effected an
agreement by which the Douse should
adjourn next week three days, at a time
in order to give members an opportunity
to Bpend Now Year's Day at their
homes. The closing hours ot the debate
to-day were lacking in spirit, and thore
was praotlcally no ezoitement until the
vote was taken.
The margin of thirty-three by which
tho first Beo lon ot tho bill, against
which the Republican opoonents of the
measure massed their opposition, was
passed, showed that the friends of the
measure had marshalled every available
vote In ita favor, as forty-soven Repub?
licans rofused to act with the majority
of their party. The Populists and Dem?
ocrats, with ihe exception of Mr. Hutch?
ison, of Texas, who vot^d for tho bill,
presented an unbroken front against the
The bill, as passed, amends the re?
sumption aot bo as to pormlt the issue
of 3 per cent- coin bonds, redeemable
after five years at the pleasure of the
Governmentand payable in fiftoen yearB
with tho specific proviso that nothing in
the bill shall be construed to repeal the
act ot 1878 for the re-issue of green?
backs and that the bonds shall first be
offered for subscription at the sub
treasuries and depositories of the United
States. Tne second section of the bill
provides for the issue of three yoar
three per cent, debt coins of denomina?
tions of $30 and multiples thereof, in
amounts not exceeding 850,000.000 to
meet temporary deficiencies.
Mr. Broalua (Rep., Pa.) opened the
debate in favor of the bill. "This was
the only country on the globe," he Bald,
' where gold redemption bad neither
qualification nor limitation, and where
the Treasury was without the power to
resist the incursions of foreign gold
grabbers or domestic speculators. The
revenue deficit was the chief sinner in
the comedy of errors which bad pro?
duced tho present troubles. The people
of tbla country should have the first
opportunity to help the Treasury out of
tho trough of the financial sea. The
President had appealed for succor for a
distressed Treasury, and It was our duty
to put aside party expediency."
Mr. McLaurin (Dem., S. C.) opposed
the bill because It would Incroaso tho
burden of an already overtaxed people
and would have a tendency to logallze a
aeries of usurpation of power by the
Secretary of the Treasury. If the Sec?
retary would uso bis dlcrotlon and re?
deem notes in silver tho gold raids
would ceaBo and new hope would be in?
fused into the Democratic party now
crushed in tbe financial policy of the
Mr. Lawnry, (Dem.,{Minn ) a member
of tho ways anu means committee, in
support of tho bill, called attention u
Pn-sldent'a urgent appeal to Congress.
Mr. Burton (Rep , Mo ) and Mr. Con?
nelly (Hop., 111.) who had been counted
on aB apponents of tho bill, gavo their
suopor'. to it in brief sneeoheB.
Mr. Hopkins (Rep., III.) in support of
tho bill argued that thero was no ne?
cessity for tbe issue of gold b nd-..
Time and tho Treasury's experience
with tbe laBt bond issue had demon?
strated this. The bonds sold abroad
had returned to this country. Thore
was ample gold here to supply the needs
of the Treasury.
Mr. Payne (Rep., New York) called
attention to the fact that tbe adminis?
tration was already preparing to issue
8100,000,010 of thirty-year 4 per cent,
bonds. This was the emergency that
this bill met by a reduction of tho in?
"The President's message," inter
runted Mr. Llnney (Rep., North Caro?
lina) "oays that $155,000,000 of silver
certificates issued against tho bullion
purchased under the act of 1890 con?
stituted gold obligations. Why did not
the ways and means committee provide
for the coinage of that bullion and the
redemption of these notes in silver?"
(Democratic applause )
"The Secretary now has authority to
coin and redeem the Sherman notes,"
replied Mr. Payno. "But one thing at
a time. This bill proposes to give tbe
Government the power to redeem its
gold obligations in gold." (Republioan
Mr. Crisp closed tho debate for bis
side. He said he would endeavor to
bring tbe House back to the real Issue.
The President had po nted out to Con?
gress that the gold reserve was dimin?
ishing and bad appealed to Congress not
to adjourn until some relief was afforded.
That was a plain business proposition.
"You gentlemen," said he addressing
the Republican side, "should either aot
upon it or decline to aot upon it. You
should not play politics and claim you
are acting in response to the President's
message. The President says there is
no deficiency. Tbe official statement
shows 8175,000 000 in tho Treasury, but
the President asks you to retire the
greenbacks and to enablo tbe Treasury
to sell gold bonds "
"Is the gentleman from Georgia in
favor of it?"a8ked Boutelle.
"I am not," replied Mr. Crisp, amid a
roar ot laugh er on tbe Republican Bide
"Tho.se on tbis sido who favor tbe slnglo
Diseases of ihe Eye, Bar, Nose, Tbroat.
Eyes Examined and Glasses Fitted.
Office corner Salem svenne snd Jefferson street,
Over the Car lit! SB-Barbes Drug Store
gold standard because It affords no re?
lief to the Treasury; these concur with
me in the belief that these bonds are
payable in coin at the option of the rov
ernment because they think there is no
necessity for it Gentlemen on that side
believe that the obligations of the gov?
ernment should be paid in gold. If you
believe you owe it to your country, you
owe it to your Treasury and to the tax*
burdened people of the country to vote
to obtain it. It I believed as you do I
should have felt myself unworty to
longer be a representative of the Amer?
ican peoplo it I failed to support a prop?
osition that would save the people rail
He called attention to the fact that
Speaker Reed, Mr. Dingley, Mr. Paine
and others last year voted with a large
number of Democrats to Issue "gold"
bonds. He'eald the object of tbe other
aide was simply to seem to do something
in response to the demand of the execu?
tive, when they know they are abso?
lutely doing nothing, unless it was to
injure and embarrass the Treasury.
''Is my trlend from Georgia arguing,"
asked Mr. Boutelle, "that we ought to
follow the advice of the President and
issue gold bonds?"
"My argument is," replied Mr. Crisp,
"that if you believed, as you claim,that
the obligations of the Government were
payable in gold, you should have had
the courage to vote to insert the word
Mr. Boutelle?"But does the gontle
man from Georgia think he is going to
bolp the credit of the country to any ex
tent by proclaiming to the world his be?
lief, that ho does not think tho bonds
are payablo in gold?"
Mr. OrlBp?"I am not parading my
views. 1 wjs only arguing as to tbe
want of consistency of the gentlemen on
the other side."
"I owe it to myself to say," concluded
Mr. Crisp, "that I do not bolleve in the
retirement of the greenbacks, that I do
not believe in tho single standard, that
I do not believe in contracting the cur?
rency of this country as it would be
contracted by the retirement of green?
backs. Nor do I believe in oppressing
the debtors of this country and of the
world a9 they would be oppressed by
fixing tho Btanderd of value wholly
upon one metal " (Applause.)
Mr. Da'zell (Rep., Pa.) closed the de?
bate for the maj irlty.
The vote was then takon on tho first
section of the bill amid a good deal of
suspense and nervousneBB. Several
friends of the measure, notably Mr.
Dingley, kept individual tallies. When
the announcement of the passage of the
bill was made, 169 to 136, there was a
burst of applause. Tho second section
was agreed to without division.
Mr. Hltt (Hep , III.) chairman of the
foreign affairs committee, reported baok
with a favorable report the resolutions
oalllng on the State Department for all
Information regarding the trial and ar?
rest of John L. Waller; also calling for
a report on the alleged firing on tho
Henry L. Crosby by the Santo Domingo
troops December 10, 1893, and calling
fur all correspondence between the
State Department and Spain relating to
tbe war In progress In Cuba. They
wero all agreed to without objection.
Tho resolution reported back by the
committee In lieu of the Barrett reso?
lution for an inquiry into tho advisabil?
ity of impeaching Thomas F Bayard,
ambassador to Great Britain, for report?
ed spneohes made at Boston, England,
and Edinburgh, Scotland, was substan?
tially the McCall resolution requesting
the President to Inform tho House
whether any steps had been taken to
ascertain the correctness of the reported
spoecboj, and if true what f o'.lon if any
had been ta*en thereon.
Mr. Hltt explained that everything
offensive had baen eliminated from tho
resolution, malting it simply one of in?
quiry It also was agreed to, although
Mr McCresry (Dem , Kentucky) gave
notice that he would debate the ques?
tion whon the reply was laid before the
Mr. Cummings (Dam., New York)
presented a favorable roport from the
committee on naval affairs on tho joint
resolution for tho acceptance of the ram
At 4:25 p m. tho House adjourned
until next Tuesday.
Tho Souate Oommttteea
Washington, Deo. 28 ?The Demo?
cratic steering committee of tho Senate
to-day completed the assignment of tho
minority membership of committees and
handed tbe list to Senator Mitchell,
ohairman of the Republican o&uous
oommitteo. This list will bo Incorpo?
rated with Republican assignees, and
the entlro list submitted to the Senate
by Mr. Mitchell. On Monday Mr Gor?
man becomes chairman of the Demo?
cratic conference and takes the room
now occupied by Mr. Sherman as chair?
man of tbe Ropubllcan conference.
An Ill-fated Ship.
Port Townsknd, Wash., Deo. 98.?
Misfortune seems determined to follow
the steamship Strathnevis to tbe last.
She was ordered to proceed to Tacoma
to land her passengers and cargo pre?
paratory to going into dry dock for
repairs. A terrific gale was blowing
from tho southwest, and had nottbo tug
Sea Lion rushed to the rescue, it is
quite probablo she would have drifted
asboro. Just as tho Strathnevis was
leaving Port Townsond a United States
marshal arrived from Seattle and
libelled tbe vessel tor $150.000. Tho
Canadian Pass Company also wants a
slice of the salvage, ani will ask for the
modest sum of 8250,0u0, one-third of the
value of the vessel and osrgo.
Orover to Take a Hunt.
Norfolk, Va., Dpo. 28?A roport 1*
current here, based on apparently good
authority, that President Cleveland will
visit tho Ragged Island Gunning Club,
near Virginia Reach, during the coming
week with a duck hunting party. The
oUlcers of the club have informed their
assoclatos hero of tho proposed trip.
Gold Iteaerve at SG.1,GDl,uU7.
Washington Dec 28 ?The Treasury
to-day lost 8357 000 in gold by redemp?
tions and gained 8206 000, which leaves
the trne amount of tho gold reservo 863,
In Regard to the Outcome of
the Venezuelan Question.
They Are Not Blind to the Faot That
8er!ous Trouble Hay Vot Arise, and
Are Making Preparations for Defense
In British Guinea?The Police In That
Country Will Be Strengthened.
London, Dco. 28.?In aplte of tho fact
that tbe financial aide of the Venezue?
lan question la attraotlng more attention
here than Ita political aapeot, It must
not be Imagined that everybody has
been lulled Into asonse of false security,
or that the authorities are utterly blind
to the faot that aerious trouble may yet
arlne in oonneotlon with the boundaty
dispute. The stook exchange was very
quiet to-day. Americana closed weak
at [email protected] lower. Ilome securities were
firm and foreign stocks wera very ir?
The St. Jamea Gaz tte thla afternoon
glvea prominence to an article dwelling
on the rv all news just received from
British Guiana, and in which it is an?
nounced that at a meeting of Influ?
ential residents reoently bold at George?
town, capital of British Galana, a pro?
visional ' board of directors was ap?
pointed for the company known as tho
British Guiana Chartered Company, or?
ganized for the purpose of developing
the interior of British Galana. This
board includes among its members some
of the leading commercial men of tho
oolony, and Borne of them are men who
have hitherto been identified with the
sugar industry of British Guiana.
This marks a deolded obange in tho
attitude of those prominent in the
planting interests of tho oolony, and
the Idea seems to be to start a chartered
company in the colony and Invite home
capitalists to enter Into the undertak?
ing. This new development is mainly
due to the dlapatoh of the secretary ot
state for the colonies, Joseph Chamber?
lain, in 8eptomber laat, asking If the
local capitalists of British Guiana were
prepared to take up a large oonoesalon
in the northwest portion of that colony
and develop the mineral ani other
resources of the territory. At the same
time the hint was alearly conveyed to
the people of British Guiana that if
their oapltallsts were not in a position
to take up the matter there were people
in Great Britain who wore able and
ready to do so.
It now remains to bo seen whether
tho government will grant a charter to
this company, In view of the fact that
H.hQs as competitors the home syndic
cate, which has already mado proposals
to the local government, which propo?
sitions, however, have not beon ac?
cepted. The St. James (Vizntto adds
that there Is "no roason why Mr. Cham?
berlain should delay his decision in the
matter, and it Is a fair inferonco that
bis dispatch of Soptomber was a counter
move to the Venezuelan concession
mado to Americans in February, and it
may be fraught with larger conse?
quences than appear at first sight."
In another paragraph ot thin article
tho St. James Go/. )tte sayB: "Hitherto
the inspectors of tho British Guiana po
llco have boen unlformod civilians; but,
now they will be ntrengthoncd by tho
addition of Captain Johnstono and
Lieutenant Cobb, of the British army,
an sub-inspectors. Their appointments
were announced to-day and aro signifi?
cant of the raold transition ot tho Brit?
ish Oulana pollen into a military force.
Captain Johnstono, wo apprehond, will
instruct tho nogro polico In tho working
of Maxim guns "
New York Stock Market.
New Yohk, Dec. 23 ?Trading upon
the Slock Exchange to-day was re*
Btricted, owing to an indisposition to
make ventures pending tho receipt of
definite news from Washington regard?
ing tho expectod bond issue and. the
vote of the House on the bill beforo it
providing for financial relief. In the
early dealings prlcos receded on lower
quotations for American securities
oabled from London and on setting forth
at account in this market. The de?
clines were important in only one or
two instances, and a firmer tone soon
developed on buying for both accounts,
causing sharp improvements, especially
lnleatbor preferred and sugar and Man?
hattan. Tbe closing was strong.
"Currency Sizes" Due February 1.
Washington, Dec 28?TheSterotary
of the Treasury gavo publio notice to?
day that the United States bondB of tho
face value of 31,320,000, issued under
tbe acta of July 1, 1862. and July 2.
1864, to the Union Pacific Railroad Com?
pany, and commonly known as "cur
renoy sixes," bicome due and will bo
paid, with Interest, at the Treasury de?
partment on February 1, 1896, and that
interest on the bonds will csaso on that
Open Bvery Night.
Wabehooms of Hobble Music Company
are open at night for convenience of
those who oannot call during tho day.
oliday Goods
Suit the Masses
Gall For tie New Game
Revised 1.1st of tba Uead?Sad Scenes at
tbe Morgue.
Baltimore, Deo. 88.?The horror at
the Front Street Theatre last night is
increased, rather than abated, by to
day's developments. The Hat of identi?
fied dead has grown to twenty-seven,
and two or three more among the injured
lying in tho city hospital sra so dospor?
ately hurt that their names may serve
to swell it ere the nigh* has pissed.
The morgue, however, is olear, and all
tho ghastly array of disfigured human
forms whioh lay there last night have
been recognized by loving friends or
agonlzad relatives.
The list ol dead, as revised, is a* fol?
lows: Louis Amolsky, Gabriel Bern?
stein, son of Leopold Bernstein; Loe
Cohen, Ida Friedman, Jennie Heno^ol,
Louis Levensteln, Lena Lewis, Morris
Margolles, Sarah Rosen, Jacob Rosen
thai, Moses Salzburg, Joseph Wotner, I
Lena Franol, Samuel Kremer, Rebecca I
Kremor, Isaac Gere, Katie Salzburg,
Louis Bernstein,-Grewsky, a boy;
-Grewsky, a girl; Sarah Polack,
Simon Polack, Joseph Loverwltz, Vera
Naravlnski, Anna Naravlnski, Wolf
Tbe scenes at the morgue were heart?
rending. A weeping throng of over 500
surrounded the building and gavo evi?
dence of their grlof in piteous waillngs.
A squad of pollcomen kept the weeping
orowd baok. Freight cars, shed tops
and lumber pile i nearby were thronged
with exalted Hebrews eager for the
slightest glance into the interior of
the morgue. The windows wore pushed
up 83 often by tho mob outside that
Keeper Weber had to nail them down.
Nineteen bodies wore received at the
morgue, but all had been taken away
by noon. Even after tbe last body had
been removed tho crowd of morbidly
anxious people loitered about tho city's
dead house.
Every few moments some one oiled
for Information of missing loved ones.
Among the roostpathetlo cases was that
of Leopold Barnsteln, of 0)3 East Kay
otto street, who found three of his ohll
dred lying cold In death. Bernstein
was in the theatre with his wife and
three children. His wife was badly In?
jured, and two of his children wero
crushed to death. Tney were: Jacob
Bernstein, 3 years of ago, and Teresa
Bernstein, 6 years of age. A'j-year-old
son escaped uninjured.
SAY, DID YOU bvkrthink OF TUB
Tho Spaniards Say They Observe None of
tho Rules of HonornUlo Warfare.
Washington, Doc. 28 ?Tho SpanlBh
authorities at Madrid, In a cable dis?
patch to tho Spmi-jh minister, Senor
Depuy do Lome, filed December 20, tho
day after the roports that tho Insurgents
wero Hearing Havana, give their olllclal
views on tho war in Cuba. In substance
the dispatoh says that the conflict can?
not bo tremod as a warfar?. It has
reached a stage approximating high
class brigandage Tho insurgent forces
do not cjino out of thoir hiding places
to moot in open ojnflict. Thoro are no
ougagomonts worthy the name, and such
as occur are of trifling importarc, with
few casualties. Whenever attacked tho
insurgents tly in rotreat. Thoy observe
none of the honorablo rules of warfare,
particularly tho honor of the Hag.
In this connection It Is pointed out
that ono Spanish officer was shot and
another sentenced to p?nal servitude for
falling to observe the rules of honor to
tho (lag. Tho dispatch proceeds to
statu that the Insurgent forces havo not
tauen any towns nf considerable popu?
lation, but havo confined themselves to
scatterod villages of small populations
having no defenses. They have
bean readily able to pursue their tac?
tics of applying the toroh to plantations,
sb tho cane is as infltmmable as powder
and a single match startu a blszo of wide
It Is impossible, it is said, for the"
Spaniards entlroly to prevent these de?
structive taotica over an area of thous?
ands of square miles. In conclusion
the dispatch gives to the commanding
general, Martinez de Campus, the
ful.eat credit for doing everything in
his power against such uncivilized
methods. I: adds the mostexpliclt and
unequlvooal statement that tho insur?
rection will be Dut down.
Duck Shooting Railroad Ooal.
Norfolk, Va., Deo. 28 ? W. K. Van
derbilt and Dr. W. S. Webb will arrive
here on two special coaches to-morrow
morning at 7:30 via Norfolk and West?
ern railroad. It is said that the party
are bound for a ducking expedition in
Currituck Sound, but another rumor is
current that a big railroad deal is on
hand, Involving the extension of the
Norfolk and Southern In Eastern North
Carolina and tbe genera', enlargement
of the road with Its consolidation with
ono of tho big trunk lines.
A Lunatic's Iiloody Work.
Winston, N C, Deo. 28 ?Won. Mil?
ler, one of Davlo county's wealthy citi?
zens, during a fit of insanity last night,
?hot his wlfo in tho btck with a shotgun.
Her injuries ara considered eerioua.
Miller had several times threatened to
kill bis wife and children.
North Carolina Town liurued.
Winston, N C , Deo. 28.?Liberty, a
town of 2,500 inhabitants, was noarly
wiped out by firo of unknown origin
last night, but after losses aggregating
S25.co0 the tlamos were subdued.
Marshall it Wendell Piano, ?ISO, 85 Per
Month?No Interest.
Onk Marshall & Wendell piano In
perfect ordor, with superb tone and
warranted, for 8150, on paymonts of $5
por month, without interest. llobhio
Music Company.
The Tone of the British Press
Strikingly Conciliatory
In Regard to the Dispute With tho
TJolt?d States on the Teneaaelsto
Boundary Qaestlon?They Do Not,
Ho wovor, Overlook the PostlbllltUs of
the Fatnre?Great Interest In 'Ameri?
can Military Matters.
Copyrighted 1333 by T. A. P.
London, Doq.28 ?The sullen weather,
sleet and dampness, which has been a
feature of Christmas week, seems to
have oast a gloom over politics in gen? ?
cral, although tho Venezuelan question,
chiefly from its financial and commer?
cial standpoint, has been uppermost in
tho public mind. It takes some time to
oonvlnoe tho averago Britisher of any?
thing and thore has been no exception
in the case of impressing up.m tho minds
of those in authority that the United
States is thoroughly oonvlnoBd of the
justice of the Monroe dootrine, as a
whole, although there may b-? differ
enoss of opinion as to its applicability
to the boundary dispute between Vene?
zuela and Great Britain. In consequence
the tone of the press and tin general
public here Is now strikingly concilia?
tory and everything possible is being
done to avoid a friction which might re?
sult in further unpleasantness.
Although the attitude of people In
authority and those not in authority
hero is peaceful, the possibilities which
tho future may bring forth are not by
any moans ovorlookod. This is shown
by the stress laid by tho S*. James*
Gazette this afternoon upon tho
latest advicos fiom British Guiana
and tho commercial and military
outlook in that colony. Tho St.
James Gazette has from the first up to
tho present tlmo had tho good fortune
to bo distinctly ahead in announcing all
tho developments from this sldo of the
water In the Vonczuolan question, and
tbero is thereforo a shrowd suspicion
that It has boon inoro or less directly or
indirectly Inspired by the Secretary of
State for tho colonies, Mr. Joseph
Consequently moro than ordinary in**
tereBt la manifested In an article which
is published to-day, giving prominence
to the mall news just received from
British Guiana, in which it is an?
nounced that at a meeting of influential
residents reoontly held at Goorgetown,
capital of British Guiana, a provisional
boatd of dlrootors was appointed for tho
oompany known as the British Guiana
Chartered Company, organized tor the
purpose ot developing tho interior of
British Guiana.
A sign of the Intorosk taken here At
present In American military mattorB la
found in tho fact that tho Army and
Navy to-day print short biographical
sketches of all tho American gonerals.
The little Ashanti ' picnic" has not
boen entirely forgotten in the faoe ot
the graver complications threatened 1
tha West, and up to the present every
thing in connection with British expe?
dition being sent against King Prempsh
nopears to have gono well and smoothly.
King Prompsh has sont several tempor?
izing messages to tho British authori?
ties, but no notion hi* bron taken ot'
thorn, and It is gonorally bnlleved that
bo will tight whon tho expedition enters
hiB territory._
Death of n Veteran Actor.
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 83.?The
votor&n actor, William H. Wallis, died
u>-day at his homo In this city, in bis
70th year, after-a lingering illness. In
his tlmo ho was vssoaiatod with all
tbo leading artists of tbo American
Btage. It was ho who struck John
Wilkes Booth in the mouth at Sixth
and Arch streets whnn Lincoln's future
assassin appllod a vile epithet to the
great emancipator. Mr. Wallis was on
a tour with a New York oompany last
season whon Brlght'a disease de?
veloped. He returned to Philadelphia
In May, and has since been confined
to his houao. His wife and three sons,
survive him._
Weekly Bnnk Statement.
New York, Dec. 28.?The weekly
bank statement shows the following
changes: Reserve, decrease, $1,140,195;
loans, decrease, $11,180,100; speoio, de
croaso. $1.742.300; legal tenders, de?
crease, $4,457,200; deposits, decrease,
$10,201,500; circulation,decrease.$40,400.
The banks now bold 815,839,075 In ex?
cess ot the requirements of the 25 per
cent. rulo.
Kx-CoumW Wittier Improving.
Washington, Dto. 28 ?A letter re?
ceived to-day from ex-Consul Waller,
dated at his prison In Prance, states
that his health has improved. He also
states that thero has boen an improve?
ment in bis troatment. He expresses
gra'ltude to those who have befriended
him and bis family In this country.
Ordered Home For Kepalrs.
Washington, Doc. 2S-?Tho gunboat
Petrel, which has boen for five years in
constant service in Bering Sea and on
tbo China station, has been ordered
homo to Mare Island by cable from
Factory Prices.
Easy Payments.
No Interest.

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