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VUt,. XVII.?No. <i J
I'lilOE TUUKK Cit>> T8,
Forecast for Virginia: Uonerally
' 1'iilr; v'lglitly colder Baturduy night;
?lorthwentcrly winds.
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Colon, Colombia, Dec. is.?The Colom?
bian Lino steamship Finance, Captain
Daily, fluni New York on December 10,
has arrived here, bringing the body of
Moncure Robinson, of Philadelphia, a
passenger on board that'vessel, who died
suddenly when ,the vessel was two days
Philadelphia,Dec. 18.?Moncure Robin?
son, who died suddenly while en route to
Colon, was well-known in this city,
where he hud been actively identified
with railway? und steamship lines for a
number of years. He was director of the
Seabourd Air Line, nud also of the Rich?
mond, Krederioksburg and ^Potomac rail?
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Senate Committee on Foreign Rela?
tions Adopts Resolutions Which
Will be Reported Monday-It is
Thought the President Will Veto
the Measure, but There Will be
Votes Enough to Override His
Washington, Doc. 18.?The meeting of
the Semite committcoon foreign relations
to day was important in t.wo respects. It
resulted in an agreement to report tin:
Cameron resolution for the recognition of
Cuban independence and it devolved
through the statement of Secretary Olucy
the administration's policy in regard to
the insurrection in Cuba.
The Secretary occupied the greater part,
of the time of meeting in answering ques?
tions anil suggestions made by members
of the committee. He and Eenator Mor?
gan engaged in geuerel spirited collo?
quies. Mr. Olucy made two po'nts
against i hi-Cameron resolution:
1. That the Cuban insurgents have es?
tablished no government.
2. That- tIn- right, to recognize a new
state rests with the President, indepen?
dent of Congressional action.
II-.- contendeu in elaboration of the first
point thai the pretended government of
the Islam) was without habitation.
"Suppose yon recognize the indepen?
dence of the island," In- said, "what are
you tioin^ to do with It?"
??I for one," replied Senator Moroaa,
??while advocating this recognition want.
It understood that 1 am opposed to an?
nexe! Ion."
"How then, would you maintain iis in?
dependence:" ashed the Secretary^ him?
self becoming interlocutor. "1 low would
you, for instance, prevent i*. punish dom?
ination over the island)"'
??I would." replied the Alabama Sena?
tor, "establish, if need be, a protectorate.
I would follow much the same policy that
we arc pursuing with rcgurd to Hawaii
and I would send .-in army of occupation to
the island, if necessary, as we did in the
case of Mexico."
The Secretary made the impression
upon some of the members of the commit?
tee by the way be pursued this line ol in?
quiry that while he was disposed to bold
out strongly for the President's preroga?
tive, he was not nearly so strongly op?
posed to Cuban independence*as be had
been a year ago. lbs did not dissent
strongly from :i point made that his own
report showed a sufficient cause for action
and he admitted that a stale of affairs
which permits the killing of American
citizens and the destruction of American
property was deplorable.
"They are, however." be added, "the
incidents of war."
?'Not. of war properly conducted,but of
anarchy," was the response of Senator
The Secretary set, at rest the story
which has been very 'industriously circu?
lated that Consul (leueralM.ee had provi?
ded the State Department with an elabo?
rate report on the condition of altairs in
"It is not true," he said. "General
Leo has made no [general written .report
at all. He has made reports on several
special cases, but not. on the situation as
?a whole."
[t also developed daring the examina?
tion that the Government had made no
demand in the'enseof the Competitor nnd
in other cases of a similar character be?
yond requests for information.
The agreement to report, t he Cameron
resolution was reached immediately after
Mr. Olney left the committee room, a
quarter past 12 o'clock, and 'was arrived
at without division or expressed differ?
ence of opinicn. The only division was
as to the time the resolut ion should be
reported to the Senate. Senator Cameron
moved its report on Monday next. Sen?
ator Sherman SU?gestcd"that the report
should not be put in until after the holi?
days. When the question was put to the
committee the Cameron motion prevailed
by unanimous vote. 'The resolution was
slightly amended first, however, and now
"Joint resolution acknowledging the
independence of the republic >l Cuba.
"Resolved by tin- Semite and House of
Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, That the
independence of the republic of Cuba be
and the same, is hereby acknowledged by
the United States of America.
Section 2. That the United States will
use its friendly offices with the govern
ment of Spain to brin? to a close the war
between Spain and Cuba."
Senator Cameron's report in support of
the resolution deals at^length with the
question of precedents in the matter of
the recognition of independence and in
intervention of whatever nature by the
United States, beginning with the Greek
revolution and coming down to the pres?
ent time. Senators who beard the report
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Bity it is very thorough in this respect
ami goes over the entire ground.
While tlu> committee will report as
agreed upon Monday, it :is not expected
thnt the question wil! he pressed until
after the holidays
Members of the committee are very ret?
icent ns to what Secretary Olnoy said In
detail or what advice he gn>'c, but. it is
very certain that lie advises aguiust any
action and especially action like that con
templated, as no douht was expressed
thai such actloti would involve war with
i >ne member of the committee said:
"Of course Spain will light. Those
Spaniards do not know any better: but
there is no danger of other countries get?
ting in our way. No other European na?
tion wants to light Iis and we would wind
up a war with Spain in short order."'
The opinion was also expressed that
President Cleveland would veto the joint,
resolution when it. came to him. A mem?
ber of the committee said lie believed in
ease the President should veto the reso?
lution thnt it would pass over the veto,
as there were more than two-thirds of
both the Senate and the House in favor
of it
lb-cognition would gl*.*c the. Cuban gov?
ernment, the right lo enter the Atnericau
ports under the Cuban flag and pur.-base
munitions of war. Cuba could purchase
cruisers and war vessels, could hin.* sol?
diers and horses and in fact would be; en
til led to secure in this country any oi the
supplies for carrying on the war and that
Spain can now secure in this country.
There seems to be no doubt on this point
ami all authorities on international law
agree on t Iiis.
Tin- other point. as to whet her (longrcss
or toe executive has tin- right of recogni?
tion, seems tn be more difficult to deter?
mine, nf course, il the President should
sign the resolution there would be no fur?
ther question except as to when he would
act or take steps to recognize the Cuban
government. If the resolution should be
VOtoc 1 and then pass over the veto then a
very peculiar condition would ensue, es?
pecially if the President should declare
that recognition was a power resting with i
the executive and not with Congress. j
A Senat or discussing this matter to-dllV
instanced a case which might, arise if
there was a conflict between the executive
and Congress on this, point. A Cuban
expedition might be litten out and would
attempt to sail from a port of the United
States llndel orders of the executive the
revenue cutters would seize the vessel for
violation ol tin- iieutralltj law-. The case
would then be taken into the courts on
tlie legality of the joint 'resolution which
became a law'without the signature of
tin- President and the issue would be
whether or not Cuba bad been recognized
by tlie action of Congress alone.
All these \arious questions have lieen
discussed and it. is'believed will be unite
thoroughly gone over when the resolution
comes up in tlie Senate.
Washington, Dec IS.?SencrDupiiy de
Lome, the Spanish minister, was inform?
ed of the action of the Senate committee
? on tlie Cameron resolut ion soon after it
transpired. He said that as it was a mat- I
ter before Congress be must decline to
discuss it or comment upon it in any way.
Anticipating, however, that statements
of various sorts would be attributed to
him, by the press, he wished to forcstll
them by saying through the Associated
Press that any alleged interviews with
him which might appear would be unau?
Tlie Eminent Jurist Thought to be Dying
at His Lexington Home.
Lexington. Ya., Dee. is. ? Hon. John
Randolph Tucker, the eminent Btutcs
man, jurist, and dean of Uu* law school
of Washington and Lee University, is
critically ill at his home here. lie has
been confined to his bed for three weeks
with plucrisy, but was thought to he im?
proving. This afternoon the had a severe
attack of heart failure, and for a time his
condition was critical. There has been a
slight Improvement in his condition, hut
his family and friends fear the worst. Re
is seventy-three years of age.
Adelaide, South Australia, Dec. 18.?
The bill to rest rict tlie immigration of the
colored races has passed the executive
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The Manufacturers Will Ask Only
for Fair Protection,
, _
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 18.?The execu
tive committee of the National Associu
tioil ni Manufacturers mot tins afternoon
at. tiie Manufacturers' Club to discuss
the arrangements for the iiuumil coiivcn
t ion. which will lie held in Philadelphia
January 20, 27 and 28. The unanimously
expressed sentiment of the committee
was that the manufacturers of the
United States ought to he reasonable and
Conservative in their requests tor tariff
legislation by the next Congress, and to
dispel the impression that extravagant
tariIf rates would be demanded,.the fol?
lowing resolutions were adopted:
Resolved, That, it is the [sense of tbis
executive committee that the tariff laws
should be revised at the earliest, possible
moment in order that uncertainty may
be removed, confidence restored and bus?
iness permitted to revive.
Resolved, That rates of duties, should |
be made a* low as possibly consistent
witli the fair protection of our industries
and the labor they employ.
The Session of the House Was Devoted to
Passage of Pension Bills.
Washington, Dee. 18.?This was pri?
vate bill day in the House, but mostuf I
the session was devoted to th > passage of I
the thirty-seven pension and relief bills i
favorably acted upon by the committee of |
the \\ hole last Friday. !
The bill to pay Flora. A. Darlimr, the j
wife of a Confederate general, $5,088 fur \
Tennesssee and Louisiana hank note--,
taken from her in 18C4, while under a
ling of truce, which was attacked by Mr. i
Dal/.ell last Friday, was laid on the
table. Only live bills weie favorably
acted upon to day.
One of them, a bill to refer u claim of
Thomas 1!. Heed, a Pennsylvania soldier,
during the war, an unpaid balance of sal?
ary to the court of claims, created some
merriment, owing to the fact that bis
name was identical with that of the'
Speaker of t he House.
The other bills were to pay the Officers i
and crews of the United States gunboats
Kiues and Chocura $12,-17-1 prize money;
to pay William 15. Isaac & Co. $10,1)87,
the finding of the court of claim.-: to pay
George McAlpin, the sutler of the 118th
Pennsylvania Cavalry, $0,000, Illegally
collected from him, and to repay Mathias
Pederson, of Bpring Valley, Wis., $800
paid by him for a, substitute durlmz the
war, Pederson not at that time being a
citizen of the United States.
A night session was held for private
pension legislation.
At, the evening session of the House,
fourteen private pension bills were favor?
ably passed upon. Of these one grants a
pension of-Siuil per month to the widow
of the late lieu. John Gibbon, and
another, $50 per month to the widow of
the late Gen. VV. A. Nichols. A largo
part of the evening was devoted to an
effort to defeat the consideration of n bill
^ivint; a pensionable statue to the super?
visors of Gray's battalion of Arkansas
volunteers of the Mexican war. The bill
was opposed by Chairman Picklcr, of the
pension committee, and others on the
ground that it was a general rather than
a private bill. It was, however, voted
upon and hud aside by the committee
with it favorable recommendat ion. The
House ad journed at 11 p. in.
Washington, Dee. 18.?The House com?
mittee on public buildings voted to-day
to report and place on the House calendar
a large number of public building bills
which it had practically nureed hist ses?
sion to report. The bills orovide for
buildings in Norfolk, Va.; Charleston, s.
('.: Winston, N. ('., and thirty-one other
cities North and West.
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His Check Was Gashed and Now
He Wants to Fight Malier.
San Francisco, Dec 18.?Tom Shnrkcy,
the pugilist, is to day jingling $8,500, the
pro< ecils of the purse awarded him after
lie was knocked put by Fitzsltiimons.
Sharkey and hls'backer, Hau Lynch,went
tu the Anglo-Cn?fornln Dank to-day with
a certificate of deposit (or $10,000. He
Was informed that attachments aggre?
gating $1,51K) hnd been tiled nmiinst Ids
certificate. I
"All right," Sain Sharkey, "give me
the balance,*' which hi-received. Sharkey
says he now wants another light, prefer?
ably with Malier. The grand jury has
decided to bring no indictment-- against
Sharkey. Fitzsimmons, or their backers
for the infriniromont of the State law
against prize liuhtim,', believing no con?
victions could be obtained.
The Arbucklcs and the Trust Commence
t he Cutting of Price.
Toledo, Dec. 1*.?The first effect of the
Woolson purchase at Toledo was <jvl
deni ed io-day, when the Woolson Com?
pany sent out announcements to dealers
all over the country that they hud de?
cided to reduce the price of their coffee
half cent a pound, and this has been fol?
lowed by an announcement from the Ar?
bucklcs that the price of their coffee to
their Ohio consumers had been similarly
reduced half a cent a pound,which means
that tin- first guns have been Hrotl, and
that the light is already on lor suprem?
acy In the coffee trade.
At present the Arbucklcs control one
fifth of the roasted trade in the United
SI ites. the product of their mills aggre?
gating 1,(1(1(1.0011 bags a year. The Wool
son mills have a capacity of 100,000 bogs
a year, but it is said that their plant
will soon be added to. so that tiny can
put on the market about 500,000 bays of
roasted coffee annually.
As tin- Arbucklcs and the Woolson
Company receive their coffee direct from
South America, the 850,000 additional
hairs that w ill be contracted for by the
Woolson Company from that source will,
it is said, take just .so much business out
of the hauds of the jobbers in t he trade
hen- who sell'to the smaller concerns.
'?From all thai t learn from the re?
ports current in the trade,1' said a prom?
inent coffee broker, "it seems to be the
general opinion that the fight now on
will Ik- continued to the bitter end."
The Baltimore Sugar Refinery Cobbled
l'p by the ltiu Monopoly.
i? Baltimore, Md., Dec. '18.?rhe Balti?
more Sugar Boll aery Company passed
into the bands of the American Sugar Re?
finery Company, otherwise Known as the
"sugar trust,"' to-day as a result of a
deal made through the Mercantile Trust.
Company, of Baltimore.
By the terms of i lie "deal the local
holders of preferred stock in the Balti?
more company received cash for their
The local refinery has not been in oper?
ation for several months, ami it is under?
stood that, there is no present intention
to resume work, hut that to-day's deal
was made for tue purpose of placating
certain stockholders who objected to the
continued idleness of the plant.
Savannah. Ga., Dec is. ? in maritime
circles here the schooner Governor Hall
Is given up as lost. She left Philadel?
phia on November 23, in command of
Captain Willis, with u crew of eight.
Nothing has since been beard of her, und
it is generally conceded that her loss is
.-.t i ongly probable.
Colon, Columbia, Dec. IS.?The linn
Line steamshipEarnwell, Captain II
is ashore oil' Venta l-'rio.
Sydney, N. S.W., Dec is. The gov?
ernment statistician estimates that the
wheat yield for New South Wales is L
?lli?.OOll bushels, which is 1,250.000 bush?
els below the local wants.
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The Three Friends Lands Her Car?
go on Cuban Soil.
Jucsonville, Dec. 18.?A special
to the Citizen from Tampa says: Roberto
Solar, who spent seventeen months in the
insurgent camp of Col. Raoul Arnngo, in
the provinces of Havana and Matan/.as,
arrived on tlie steamship Olivette last
Mr. Solar brought tlie interesting in?
formation that the Three Friends bad
landed its expedition.
?'I was told before leaving Havana," ho
said, ''that the last expedition of tho
Three Friends had beta successfully
landed on Tuesday night. 1 believe tho
report to be true as official circles in Ha?
vana were greatly agitated that nbdit."
Speaking of thojcondition of affairs on
the island Mr. Solar said::
??There can no longer be any doubt thnt
Maceo is dead. I saw a lotter which
should now lie in the bands <>f the junta
a; New York from Brigadier Adolfo Cas?
tillo, who is lighting !n Havana province,
stating positively that Maceo bad been
killed by Spanish treachery. He did not
give any particulars, saying that he would
forward them in a few days, or as soon
as he was satisfied that lie had obtained
the trui- story, I also saw the accredited
llgcnl in Havana, and he told me that.
Maceo was dead, but that his death was
siirrouudcd with mystery. I cannot doubt
this proof.
??Tlie conditions in Cuba are such that
the Spaniards have doniiuititm only over
that part of the island on which they
??land; this is principally the citic*. The
entire country is in possession of the in?
surgents, even that part immediately sur?
rounding Havana. The talk of the Insur?
gents being starved out is ridiculous.
They have plenty to eat and will always
have so long as tlie soil of Cuba is pro?
ductive as it is now: and then. too. they
attack eitles and village.-, getting nearly
anything they want
j '?The world may not. believe it,hut tho
! Spanish authorities are drowning some of
; their prisoners at Blayn del Ohivo (beach
j of the Gout), near Havana. Those whom
I they drown they declare belong to a se?
cret neuro society called 'NhuigOS,' but
as a fact they class anyone as Nanigos if
they w'sh to drown them. The victims
lire taken out in boats, their hands tied
up to their necks, and a weight fastened
to them, so that when they are thrown
overboard they plunge load downward
into ihe water, which is alive with
Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 18 ?Cnrrlngton
Moshy, a member of the linn of Pierce,
Acres ,v Moshy, of Lynchburg, and a
prominent young man there, while hunt?
ing with a parly of friends neat Durham
Thursday, fell from his horse and re-?
ceived a kick, from the effects of which
he died this afternoon. His wile and Dr.
Preston wen- summoned from Lynch
burg. They will return with his remains
to-morrow morning.
Washington, Dee. 18 ?Daniel F.
Rourke, the custodian of the federal
building at Worcoatcr, Mass., and Julius
A. McMnrtln, deputy collector and entry
clerk Mu the customs service at Port
Huron, Mich., have been removed from
office for implication In political assess?
ments during t"e recent campaign. Roth
men were in the jurisdiction of the Treas?
ury Department, which has just notified
the civil service commission of its action
in dismissing them. They supported
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