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What's the Use of Waiting ?
"They " say "nil things como to him \vr ?, .. ?
, . r , ? ? ~.nlis," Mil \'/(> Duvo no
boon wailing, and wo don't propone to ?ftIt, ^ KK<m oup pricu?
J*J "SUi? 0IU' worl. A4, and if you don't
bring us work we wiil attor itf in 0110
way or another, ?ithor by bringing to your
notice OUT P',CvSi facilities; and quality 01
execution, ? jr persomd Interviews. "Wo are
not grumt,ttng . fHr from it Wo.vo nad our
aharo; * YO aro stilj getting our share. But wo
huvo pjw_.ed a^ y0Ur disposnl a modern, and
To BALL d A:?Y, Dr.
Temi-_ grocers
a'rJ08t idoul, printing establishment, with
-Aich facilities as to corjmRnd admiralion from uU ith wb?m wa
have business intorcou>?< m Rr0 not wailjng. httVOn,t t,mo to WttH
An Up-to-Date Printing Office.
One of tho vow*, tha writor rnndo when ho was " dovil " in a
country printing c ^ jn oflect, that if bo over owned or man?
aged a printing establishment, it would bo kept clean, at least by
comparison, a t that timq h(j mirdly folt tno forc(j <)f thw yowj for he
hits learned r ^r y^rs of experience that it is necessary immediately
alter ono 11 going ovor " to start at tho beginning and go over it all
again. ^ never onds?just lileo a housekeeper's duties?but not like
tho h ,y Wno gecs no uso m washing his fneo because it will get
seil' ,d again. Hut, a clean printing establishment is just as necessary
? *r tho propor execution of work in our lino as light and heat and
power. And tho vow has been kept. Como and seo.
We l)o Not Believe
Thero is another city in tho State which sends 6uch a small propor?
tion of its orders for printing and blank books away to our Northern
friends as Koanoko. All honor to our bankers and business men;
that is?most all of it. "Wo must rcsnrvo a little, as tins is cur
" own country."
We Print Anything
That can bo desired or devised from movablo typo, paper and ink?
and brains. Brains aro just as important in our work as paper or ink
or typo. It is tho combination that tells. "Wo do not mean to bo
egotistical at all; but combining these things to bring forth a harmo?
nious result has besn our study-~und wo do claim to know our
ousineas ng'nt thoroughly.
All logether
One o( the things which hag contributed largely li) tho success cf
our establishment is tho systematic working " together" ot all our
forces in all departments. Thi3 has reduced
to a minimum tho "lost motion" 'which is
usually to bo found in largo industries. II
a minute can bo saved here, another thcro,
it is done?an hour is gained?thus wo tako
caro of tho fleeting moments. Five minutos
Wo/OiOKC, Va.
ritaeiveo or
( ?
Attomoys it Law,
P. O. Box 26. Ro.moUo, Va.
wasted daily by each of our employes would mean tho interest on
$1<VM0 a yoar. In thoso days of close margins each moment of
tfc\nj must bo productive.
Quite Recently, Too
Tho times aro hard, money tight, everything handled econom?
ically?but it cannot possibly slay that way. So wo are pushing
("not shoving") ahead, just as though good times were upon us.
"Wo cannot aflord to hig behind or worry ; but in times of pcaco wo
aro preparing for war. And when it conies wo will have an cstnb
tssnmunt mat can tano euro 01 anytntng mat comes?nnd thinga Chcl
do not como now. Recently wo placed an orucr ior ono of tho
largest lots oi now typo ever given at ono timo in Virginia.
Our Establishment
Is just opposite and overlooking tho lawn of Hotel ltoanoke, (ono ol
tho finest hotels in tho State,) which gives us a magnificent, bright,
refreshing view st all times. Our business offico and press-room aro
on the ground floor (along with our price-s). Each floor and depart?
ment is connected with tho offico by Klectric Hells, Speaking Tubes,
and Elevators ; and all departments aro bountifully supplied with all
kinds of Labor and Timo Saving Appliances.
In Our Press-Room
Can bo seen tho rapid, diminutive and monster cylinder presses
including tho famous "Promise Keeper," turning out thousands upon
thousands of sheets ovory day. Our largest and best paper cutting
machine, tho automatic cutting knifo sharp
oner, and tahleting appurtenances aro on
this floor. Tho wonderful and poworfvl
electric motor, which propels tho machines
oil all three floors, is also on this floor. Ovor
in ono corner, hardly noticeable, is kept in
readiness, as a supplementary power, an
improved Gas Engine, to be attached nt
momentary notice, in case of accident to the
electric, motor, or lor other causes. This precludes tho possibility of
a "holo" on tho power question.
On the Second Floor
A long row of small presses, used for cards, envelopes, statements,
noto heads, tickets and small work. Horo, also, is probably tho most
wonderful picco of mechanism in our establishment?tho Railroad
Ticket Printing Machine. Think of it tho next timo you purchase
your ticket. Secured behind iron bars and douhlo locks, it at once
suggests government bonds, with all theso safeguards.
Further Along
On this floor is tho type-setting department, ".hero expert minds and
lingers think nnd act rapidly and correctly, interpreting at times hand?
writing that would make Iloraco Greeley turn green with envy.
Largo, extra largo fonts of type permit tho handling of very largo
orders in a most satisfactory and expeditious manner. Our forco in
this department can set up about as many pages in a day as a man
car read. A plentiful supply of Algebraical, Astronomical, Geometri?
cal signs and characters, acconte letters, and "odd sorts" onahlo us
tc handle difficult and intricate work in special lines.
On the Top Floor
Is our Blank Book Manufactory, ruling raachions, including on
which is probably the largest south of Philadelphia; our various wiro
stitchers, which will tako wire from a spool, cut it tho proper length,
shape it, and drivo through n book three-fourths of inch thick, or
ono not so thick, V20 a minute; thon our paging and numbering
machines, board and paper cutters, book presses, which exert a
pressure of twenty tons or more, perforating, punching and eyeleting
machines, and tho engraving department?which latter is an innova?
tion for this section.
And Our Stock-Room!
If some of our friends who usually buy a quiro or so of paper at a
time, could look in upon this department, they would not ceu-o won?
dering for days. Wo do not exaggerate a particle when wo say you
You say: "What, ten tons of ono kind of paper in a town liko
Koanoke?" That's what wo said. Como and see. And, besides,
hundreds of other kinds of plain, fancy and unique; there are stacks
of card-board, of a kind, as high as a mar., and ho need not bo a
Lilliputian, either.
What Can We Not Do
With such facilities? A card, a circular, noto bead, envelopo, pair,
phlet, price list, catalogue, book, railroad rate sheet or timo table, a
ruled blank or a 1000-page ledger, on any or all, WO assuro our
friends wo aro AT HOME, from .January 1st to December Hist.
The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co,,
Printers, Engravers and k Book Manufacturers,
,., am tJLm JC^Lb^^ sbJotNJ ^^<C^\/\7" am ?
State, Local ara.cl ^czeigrrj..
riF'-uill ^eleg-rapl^ic
Service to
Bead TKB ^rXS^^SS
Daily 50c a Ifc^orrtli,
$5.00 a Tear.
Bemit to
ISoanolse, "^7"a.
A Schoolmate of tlie President Tells of
ills Early Life.
Mr. George H. Ycuowino contributes
:i pupcr on "ThoBirthplucoof Lincoln"
to St. Nicholas. Air. Ycuowino quotes
tho following from nil old man named
Austin Golluhcr, who went to school
with tho emancipator: "Lincoln was un
onusnally bright boy, und he made good
progress in his books?better than ut?
most any one else in school?und he
studied very hard, although he was
young. Ho would get spice wood bushes
und hack them up on u log and put u
few of them in the fire ut n time to
make a light for him to read his books
by. It did not make :i very good light,
but it was all ho had ut night. Young
Lincoln was never good looking. Ho
was angular and awkward. His mother
was a rather slim woman of medium
height. Tom Lincoln, his father, was
toll. Ahe w::s not very much like him,
for Tom Lincoln hud n fuller faco and
was of n heavier build. "
In answer to a question ns to Lin?
coln's brothers or sisters, the old man
brightened up und said: "Oh, yes, he
hud u sister. Her namo was Sully, und
sho was about my age. That was one
reason why I thought so much of Abe.
But when the Lincolns moved to In?
diana I did not say goodby to cither of
"I next heard of Lincoln several
years afterward. It was said that ho
would make rails during tho summer
und thus earn money to go to school.
Then I heard no more of Lincoln until
he was nominated for president, I told
the boys that no matter what happened
I was going to vote for Abo. I said I
was going to vote for him if it wius tho
last act of my life, because I had played
with him when u hoy, and I was glad
ho had gone up in the world, nnd I did
vote for him!" said the old man.
Not Fall Vet.
The world is by no means full up yet.
Queensland has still an urea of 480,000,
OOU acres to a population of about 4C0,
(itio people. Its government has lately
bi en offering more tempting conditions
to settlers, who may now hold ordinary
laud for 20 years at u rental of threepence
per acre, while '"scrub land" may bo se?
lected in areas up to 10,000 acres nnd held
for o<? years ;it an average rental per
acre of very much less than a penny.
This ought to be good news for many
struggling fora Intro living in the moth?
er country. Of course the climatic con?
ditions in many portions of tho colony
uro trying, but so they ore in western
Australia, which at the present time is
adding 750 per week to its population,
and tho revenue of which bus been in?
creasing at n rate far outstripping tho
calculations of its treasurer. But this
may bo only t< mporary, und it may bo
that Queensland will bo the homo of
millions of our follow countrymen after
the golden ago in tho west of the colo?
nial continent has passed away.?West?
minster Gor.etto.
a certain deed dated November "JO. IS'.i'j,
recorded in deed book page "Jilt), J. J.
Murdoch conveyed a certain lot therein
mentioned to K. 1*'.. Cole, trustee, to se?
cure a certain debt to M. J. Andrews for
deferred purchase money on the said lot
or pan el of land.default having been made
in a portion of said debt.and said E. E. (Jole
having removed from the State of Vir
gin in and having resigned said trust, and
thc'uuderslctned having been substituted
and ^appointed trustee in his stead by an
order of the hustings court of the city of
ltoanokc, on Man h <i. Is'.i7, and being
requested so to do by the beneficiary un?
der the said deed, Twill, on WEDNES?
DAY, APRIL 7,1 S'.IT. at noon, in front ol
the courthouse in ihe city of Roanoke,
Yd., sell at public auction to the highest
bidder all'of the following described lot
or parcel of land with its appurtenances
lying in the city of Roanoke, Vn., nnd
bounded and described as follows:
lleginnitig at a point on the north side
of Dale avenue 40 feet east of Rimmons
street, thence in a northerly direction
parallel with Simmons street 130 feet to
an alley, thence in an easterly direction
with said alley -10 feet to a point, thence
in a southerly direction 180 feet to Dale
avenue, thence in a westerly iliiectioil
with Dale avenue 40 feel to the place of
beginning and known as lot Xo. Hi in
section G of llelmont addition to Roan?
oke, Vn., being the same property de?
scribed in the first above mentioned deed.
? TERMS: Cash sufllcient to pay the
costs of executing this trust, including a
trustee's commission of legal per cent.,
to pay all past due taxes and to pay of!
tin past, due notes secured by said deed
amounting to $575.70 with accrued inter?
est amounting to $20.00. a credit as to
the amount of if'JUO, payable $30 per
month the first note being due ami pay?
able April 33, 1807,for $25, and one note
of iJS? on the 23d of each succeeding
month until the said $200 i- paid; bal?
ance, if any, payable in twelve months.
A deposit of NsV) will be required from the
BUCUUSSfu) bidder.
Substitute Trustee.
tate in the city of Roanoke, Ya. In pur
suauco of an ardor of the hoard of direct?
ors of the Lyitchhurg Perpetual llnilding
and Loan Company, mnde on the 2SM day
of February, ls!)7, the undersigned trus?
tees in a deed of trust I vecuted by A. E.
Chcnnult and fl. W. Chennult, her hus?
band, dated December 7. 1802, t.? secure
to the said company, will on TUESD \Y,
MARCH 10, 1897, at 1'? o'clock a. in.,
on the premises, proceed to sell by way
of public auction the following real estate
ami improvements thereon: That or
parcel of laud situated in the city of
Koiiuokc, Ya., bounded as follow.-, to
lleglnning ut.the northwest corner of
Oiltnerand Brooke street-, thence with
Gilmer street north 87 degrees45 minutes
west 33 1-8 feet to a point, thence north
2 degrees 15 minutes Clisl ?"1 feet t'\
a po'nt, thence south *7 degrees 10 min?
utes cast ;i:S 1-8 feet to Brooke street,
thence with Brook street south 3 degrees
15 minutes West lOO.fCOt to the place of
TERMS: Cash as'to $13.04: dues and
lines hi arrears, and a stun Kufllclcitt to
execute this deed of tru-t and nuy taxcf
duo and unpaid; as to the balance cine
the Lynchburc Perpetual Building and
Loan Companv, tho puichnser, is to as
Buuie the Obligation '?f A. E. Chciiault
aridG.W. Clicnnultto theLyuchbnrg l\ r
petual Building ami Loan Company, to pay
the sum of $0.11 on tho second Monday
in April, 18^7, and the sum of $0.11 for
tin1 next succeeding 43 months on the
second Monday in each month, subject to
all the conditions and stipulations con?
tained in the loud and deed of trust exe?
cuted by A. K. Chenuult and G. VY. Che
nault on December 7, 18SI2, to the trus?
tees of saitl company, and if there be nny
residue it shall upon stich terms as A. K.
Chennult and G. \V. Chenuult may direct,
and in the absence of such directions it
shall be upon one anil two years.
11 ? til Trustees.
from C. It. Wertz to the undersigned
trustee, dated the 12th day of June, fSttl,
and recorded in the clerk's otliee ol the
city of Ronnoke, in deetl book li?, page 02,
default hnving been made in the term?
of the same, nnd having been directed by
the beueflciary secured in Bald deed, I
will, on the 24TH DAY OF MARCH,
lS'.tT, in front of the courthouse, in the
city of Ronnoke, at 12 O'CLOCK NOON,
offer for sale at public auction the follow?
ing described parcel of land with its im?
provements, situated in the .city of lb ti
Bcgiuninu at a point on the east shie
of Commerce street 188 feet south of
Tnzewell street, thence with the line of
B. A. Jones' lot north 82 degrees 80 inln
iitcs east ST feet to a point, thence north
8(5 degrees 80 minutes east till feet to a
point, thence south I degrees west II feet
to a point, thence with the line of prop
srty formerly owned by II. S. Trout south
84 degrees west 148 feet to Commerce
street, thence with hitter north.'' de
?ees west 44 feet to the beginning.
TERMS OF SALE?Cash ns to the
costs Minnie and past tine taxes upon said
property, as well as the sum of $1,070.00,
being the amount due tinder saitl deed of
trust, anil as to the residue upon a credit
of one and two years from date of sale.
0 24-tds_ Trustee.
trust executed the 14th day of March,
1801, ami recorded in the clerk's office of
the county of Ronnoke, V?., in deed book
4, page 502, S. W. Jamison conveyed to
H. S. Trout the hereinafter described
parcel of land, in trust to secure the
Crystal Spring Land Company ami as?
signs the payment of the sum of $8,833.32,
evidenced by two negotiable interest
hearing notes of $1,000,00 each, payable
in one and two years from March 14,
1891; and default hnving been made in
the payment ot a portion of said indebted?
ness and bel?g requested so to do by the
holder of said debt. 1 shall on the ?TH
DAY OF APRIL, 1SU7, ut 12 o'clock M..
in front, ol the courthouse in the city of
Roanoke, Va., proceed to sell that parcel
of land 1 yin" in the county of Ronnoke,
Va., bounded partially by Virginia ave?
nue, Jefferson street and McClnunhan
Place, and containing about three acres
more or less, for a full dosc.vipilion of
which reference is hereby made to said
deed of trust but there is excluded from
this sale about one acre of the land there?
in described, same hnving been hereto?
fore rele ised from the operation of the
deed above referred to.
TERMS: Cash.
11. S. TROUT,
5 til Trustee.
dated the 81st day of Almost, 1802, and
recorded in the clerk's ofllce of the hust?
ings court ol the city of Ronnoke, Va., in
deed book so, page 172, in which It. 11.
Woodrum and Anna T. Woodrum, his
wife, conveyed to the undersigned the
property hereinafter described, and de?
fault having been made in the payment
of the note secured in Bald deetl,and being
required so to do by the h?hlet thereof, 1
shall on FRIDAY, APRIL -', 1807, ut 12
M., at the front door of the courthouse in
Ronnoke, Va., sell by public auction the
lot und appurtenances conveyed by
Bald deed, described as follows:
Beginning at a point on the east side of
Wood street and the south side of a ten
foot alley, said point being 00 feet south
of Gilmer street, thence with south line
of said nlley south 88 degrees east 140 feet
to a point on a ten foot alley on the west
line of sann , thence with the latter south
?J degrees west 47.80 lectton point on the
north side of n 12 foot alley, thence with
same south 7-1 degrees -In' minutes sec?
onds west 140.50 feet to a point on the
east side of Wood street, thence with
'vVood street north V' degrees east 01.27
feet to the beginning.
TERMS: fash suflicient to pay the
costs of executing'this trust, including
a trustee's commission of two per cent.,
and all past due taxes and the past due
note of .$2,000 with interest thereon from
October'JO, 1808, the residue, if any, pay?
able in twelve mouths from date of sale,
deferred payment to be secured by deetl
of trust on the property.
3 27 t?l Trustee.
TRUSTEE'S SALE. Whereas a cer
tain deetl of trust'wns executed by Susan
P. Wood and William M. Wood, her bus
band, to Georue .1. Peet, trustee,*dated
tin- 20th day of .June, 1801, ;nnd*,recordcd
in the clerk's ofllce of the "hustings court
for the city of Ronnoke, Ya., ,in deed
book lid, page 4, to secure the perform
mice of certain conditions and payments
specified in a certain bond executed by
the said Susan V. Wood of even date.
with said deed for the payment of one
thousand dollars [$1,000) t,, the National
.Mutual Building am! Loan Association of
Nee.- York, in accordance with their arti
oles of association; and whereas, the said
George .1. Pect has resigned the said
trnst,nnd the judge of the It listings court
for the city ol Ronnoke, Va., at the Fob
ruary term, ls'>7, did appoint .liinius Mc
Geheo as trustee in place and stead of
George J. Peet, after legal notice, as pro
vldetl by statute, to till the parties in in
tcrest; and whereas, default has been
Binde in t e payment and conditions
mentioned h --aid bond and deetl of trust
for more thin three month-, ir I after be
lug reqnirenno to do by tin beneficiary,
the National Mutual Building anil Loan
Association of Mew York, I shall, by vir
tue of Bald deed, und pUtSlllint to the
terms thereof, proceed to sell at public
auction to the highest bidder on MON
DAY, MARCH 20, 1807, at 3 O'CLOCK
P. M , on tin- premises, nil the property
convoyed in -aid deed, with the improve?
ments thereon, bounded and described as
follows, to w :
Beginning at a point en the north side
of Harrison street one hundred and fifty
(150) feel west of Lee street and running
thence with Harrison street north 8$ de?
grees w? st fifty (50) feet to u point,
thence north 2 degrees i ist one hundred
rind le": i I Um feet to a point, thence south
. ? icast fifty (50).foo* to point,
thence with a line of Evun Ii. Scott's
south 2 i!. threes west one hundred ami ten
(110) feet to the beginning, containing
live thousnnd live hundred (5,500) square
feet, more or less, and being the southern
half 6f lot one hundred and eighty seven
(187), ward four, as shown by the map
j of the Hcanoke Land and Improvement
TERMS?Cash sufficient to pay ail cost
of executing this trust, including n com
mission to the tritste-,and to pay oil said
bond with arrearage- duo thereon,amount?
ing to thirteen hundred and seventy dol?
lars and thirty-lour ( eats ($1,370.34), as
of February the 25th, 1807, subject to a
withdrawal value of three hundred and
ninety-seven dollars and ninety-three
cents ($81)7.03) oil the day of sale, nnd the
balance, if any, la one 'and [two equal in?
stalments, due in twelve anil twenty-f >ur
months, with interest'tbereon from date,
the purchaser executing {negotiable notes
I for the deferred payinents.and secured by
a deed of trust on the property sohl
?J 25-tds Substituted Trustee.
dated January 5th, 1802, and recorded
i in the clerk's office ot the busting- court
for the city of Roanoke, Ya.. in deed
booh No. 74, page 300, executed by C. R.
Wert/, to Clarence M. Clark, wherebj
the hereinafter described property was
conveyed in trust to secure Mrs. Lydia
S. Taylor a certain bond for $3,000.00,
and the coupons thereto Attached, and
whereas, default having been made in
the payment of -aid bond and in the pay?
ment of the coupons due July 5th, 1800,
ami [January 5th, 1S!>7, each being for
the sum of (150.00, and whereas, the'saitl
Clarence M. Clark having resigned said
trust, and the undersigned having been
regularly substituted as trustee in his
place and stead by an order of the hu-t
ints court for the city of Roanoke, Ya..
entered on February 5th, 1807, alter pro?
per notice to all parties interested in tho
execution of said trust, the undersign*
ed having been directed to so do by the
beuetlcinry in said deed, will at 12 in.,
MARCH, 1807, at the front door of the
courthouse in the city of Roanoke, Vn.,
sell by public auction to the highest bid?
der the property described ps follow-:
Beginning at a point on the east side
of Commerce street 20 feet south of the
intersection of Commerce street with
Salem avenue, thence north 82 1 0 de?
grees east 112 feet to a point, thence
south S 1-4 degrees east 25 1-2 feet to a
poiuv, thence south 82 1-2 degrees west
112 feet to Commerce street, thence
with Commerce street north 8 1-4 de?
grees nrest 25 1-2 feet to the beginning.
TERMS?Cash sufficient to pay the
costs of executing this trust, all taxes
that may he due ami unpaid: the sum
of $5,800.00 with interest on $150.00, a
part thereof,from Julv 5th, l8fJ0,on $100,
another part thereof "from January 5th.
1807, and on $5,000, 'the residue thereof
; from January 5th, 1807, till paid; the
residue, if any. payable in two equal an?
nual installments with interest, to be
evidenced by bonds of the purchaser and
secured by a trust deed on the property.
2 21-tds Substituted Trustee.
of a deed of trust, dated November 5,
1805, and recorded in the clerk's office ol
the hustings court cf tho city of Roan?
oke, In deed book 100, page )!>, in which
c. R Wert/, conveyed to the undersigned
the property hereinafter described, de?
fault having been made in the payment
of the last three notes secured ill said
deed, and heilig required so to do by the
holder thereof I shall on MONDAY,
MAR OH 22, 18!?7,at 12 m. at the front door
of the court house in the city of Roauoke
Ya., sell by public auction the lot con?
veyed in said deed described as follows:
Beginning at a point on the east side of
Commerce street 2S0.5 feet north of Sev?
enth avenue a, w. (or Day street), thence
north 88 degrees '.".i minutes east 87.1 feet
to a point, thence north 1 degree 1 min?
ute east ?'.l.-l fett to a point, thence south
S3 degrees 50 minutes west 09.8 feet to
Commerce street, thence with same so:it!>
7 degrees east 80.0 feet to the beginning.
TERMS: Cash sufficient to pay the
costs of executing this trust, incliiditifi
trustee's commission of 5 per cent, ami
[303.04 with interest on |000 from No?
vember 5, 1808, and on $1.10 from April
1st. 1800, and on $1.24 from June 1,
ISilii, and on 81 24 from August 1.
1800, subject to a credit ol $38.57 as of
November !?. 1800.
2 18 til_ _ _ Trustee.
executed by .1. Payne Thompson and He?
len D. Thompson, hi- wife, to (ieo. C.
Sawyer, trustee for the Atlantic Saving
ami Loan Association of Syracuse, N. Y..
bearing date of April 17, 1801, to se
cure the sum of three thousand
one hundred dollars ($3,100), evi?
denced by certain monthly pay?
ments as set forth in the said deed,
and whereas default having been made foi
more than six months, and having been
required to make .-ale of property men?
tioned, the said Geo. C. Sawyer resigned
as tru-tee and C. II. Vines was by order
j of the hustings court for the city of Roa?
noke substituted III the place ami stead
of the said (ieo. I'. Sawyer, I will proceed
to sell, on the 13TH DAY OK MAKCU.
1807, on tho premises, at 1'.' o'clock M .
that certain house and lot situated in the
city of Roanoke, described as follows:
Beginning at a point on the east side of
. Roanoke street 200 feet north of Walnut.
I thence with Roanoke street ,wc-t 70 de?
grees 15 minutes east 50 feet to a point,
theme south So degrees 45 minutes east
lid feet to an alley, thence with same
south 70 degrees 10 minute- arest 50 feet
to a point, thence north SI degrees -t?
minutes west 170 feet to the place of be?
ginning. The balance one under the -aid
deed of trust is $2,438 GO, a- of Jut.uury
27. 18U7.
2 (I td. C. H. Y INKS, Tru-t< e
Notice is hereby given. That tin- stock
; hohlerfl of tin- Poctthohths Coal Company
: in general meeting of the company held
j at Roanoke Virginia, on the 28th day of
January, 1807, the said company being
out of debt, ordered a reductlou of the
capital stock of the .-aid company to $00,
OtiO, making the par value [of the shares
of the capital stock $30.00 per share in?
stead of $100.00 per share, and, In carry?
ing such reduction of the capital stock
into effect, ordered, among other things,
a dividend of $27.50 per share ??t Of the
capital stock ot the company, payable on
the 4th day of Ma>. I>!'7, at tho office of
the company ia I ha city of Roanoke, Vit
giuia, to '.in- shareholders of record on the
28th day of January, 1 st?7. on the produc?
tion liiul surrender of the certificates of
stock in ? seluinge for new certificate*
showing the amount of the reduced cap?
ital of tin comp iny.
M. c. JAMESON, Prcshleht.
Roanoke. Ya.. January C-.h, 1807.
1 2'.) I a w-3 in

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