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The Extra Session of Congress
Making a Record.
Washington, March 20.?The first week
of the extraordinary session of the Fifty
fifth Concress closed with to day's ses?
sion of the House of Representatives.
Tho lecord made *vas extraordinary.
The tariff bill has been reported, and an
order regulating its discussion adopted.
Four appropriation bills, which fniled to
become laws in the Fifty fourth Congress,
necessary for the prosecution of Impor?
tant parts of the public service, carrying
a total of over seventy two million dol
? lars, have heen pnssed, with thejexeeption
of one paragraph, as .they were finally
agreed noon by the last House. 'IVO of
these, the agricultural and '-Indian, were
considered and disposed yu' to-day. The
former, appropriating/' $8,182,950, was
passed, as had been.tfhe sundry civil and
general deficiency Tails yesterday, with?
out change. 'The time allowed for debate
on this-Id 11 permitted Mr. Champ Clark
to rr_jke a characteristic speech upon .the
fjUbject of the rules. He withdrew all
** previous criticisms of the Senate and
thanked God that it still remained a de
llberative assembly. The action of the
House yesterday and to-day he termed
the most amazing and astounding per?
formance ever witnessed on the continent.
One feature of the Indian bill provoked
much oppsitiou and was Anally strickeu
out, by unanimous consent, before the
bill passed. This was the paragraph
opening tho gilsonlte or asphalt lands in
the Uncompahgre reservation, Utah, to
entry under the irfineral laws, which the
Senate had added to the bill.
Several resolutions were offered and
agreed to, making appropriations for
mileage, stationery, and pay of session
employes immediately available.
At 8:55 o'clock, the House adjourned
until Monday at 10 a. in., when the de?
bate on the tariff bill will begin.
Cumberland, Md., March 20?Frank
B Thompson, the wealthy lumberman
of Davis, W. Va., who was shot in a pis?
tol duel with Col. Robert Easthnm, also
of Davis, in a passenger coach at Parsons,
W. Va., Thursday night, died at 1 :80
o'clock this morning.
" Did you know that Bachrech is selling
the best calf shoes for $8.50, regular price
ifx)? See them, corner Jefferson street and
Salem avenue. Then he has another
stDre at 118 West Salem avenue. They
are there. 1
Will the United States Object to
the Blockade?
(Cable Copyright.)
London, March 20.?Why should not
the Government of the United States va
fuse to recognize the blockade of Crete?
The terms of the ofllelal notice or tho
blockado which was issued by the British
government in London to-day are a di?
rect violation of the law of nations. The
notice directs:
"The ships of the six powers of neutral
powers may enter into the ports occupied
by the powers and land their merchan?
dise, but only if it is not for the Greek
troops on the island. These shins may
be visited by other ships of the interna?
tional fleets."
If any ship or oflicer of tho blocking
fleet undertakes to enforce theso regula?
tions against a vessel carryicg the Amer?
ican flag it will be an act of war against
the United Stttes. There can he little
doubt ahout the correctness of this view.
Sir Walter Philllmore, who is a strong
authority upon international law, thus
puts the case of rights even of British
citizens: [*? I
"One should know whether the govern?
ment has consulted its legal advisers as
to certain eventualities, which are not
unlikely to follow upon this so-called
.blockade of Crete. Supposing that a
British ship seeing a chanceof/loing good
trade in provisions sails for a port in
Crete. She will he perfectly in her legal
rights aud it will he illegal to. stop her.
We are not at war with Greece or Crete,
so It will not be a case of trading with
an enemy and nothing short of an act of
parliament can take away the right; of
any British subject to tro to our trade
with Crete. Suppose this ship was stop?
ped and turned hack. There will be an
irresi-table claim for damages at the suit
of the Sufferers against the captain of the
British man-of-war. Suppose her frigate
had sunk her. The damages will be
greater. Suppose one of her crew is
drowned. I can see no defense to an in?
dictment for murdei.
"The rights of an American ' vessel
would, of course, he stronger. Secre?
tary Sherman will receive to-day from
Mr. Pnuucefote or throngh the American
enihassy here, a formal notice of the
blockade from Lord Salisbury. Every
American in London Is anxious to know
what his answer will he. It is not only
a splendid opportunity to make use of
the tremendous influence which a decla?
ration of the American view of the east?
ern pol'cy of the great powers wi'l carry,
but it is of genuine practical importance
as well. It is the avowed purpose of the
six powers to starve out the Creek troops
in Crete. No account is made of the in?
cidental starvation of the native populn
tion. There is food enough now in the
Interior of tjie island to'lnstjsoveral weeks.
It is entirely within tl\e rights of the peo?
ple of No ft- York, for instance, to send a
cargo of supplies to the lieleagueied in?
habitants. Is the adaiinistartion at
Washington ready to enforce that right!'''
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. 25c, Sold by* Sam Stout* Roan?
oke, Ya.
How to Knlarjjo i% llodlcv?To Put Iu
Tho princess piwn 1ms a new lease of life
for ceremonious occasions. It has a train,
of course, und is in great favor for bridal
cost nines.
The botlioo of the present moment, in
spite of its apparent scnmlessncss, its shir
rings, ])ullings, plttitlngs lengthwise and
horizontal, and its blouse effects, is really
very close. It has a tight lining upon
which all the fullness is carefully arranged;
otherwise It would be baggy und shapeless.
If a bodico has become too tight, it
should not 1? enlarged by adding anything
in thcmiddlo of the front, as this displaces
the darts. It is better to cut u new under?
arm piece, making it wido enough to give
the necessary enlargement to tho bodice.
The whalebone used in boning a dress?
and real whalebone is superior to any of
the substitutes now- offered, as it adjusts
itself to tho llguro?should be neither thick
nor stitf. It ought to lio very pliable and
soft mill should be scraped at tho cuds and
edges to make it thin and avoid any evi?
dence of its existence on the outside of tho
bodico. Holes should bo pierced in it close
to the ends and also a little above and be?
low the waist. This may bo done with a
hot wire without any danger of splitting
t ho bone.
Evening bodices laced or hooked it: front
or at the hack should have a small, round
whalebone run in at the edges, as they are
otherwise sure to wrinkle.
An illustration is given of a charming
and picturesque dinner gown. It is of
white moire velours, and the skirt is trim?
med in front with four line phiitings of
white niOHSSellllU do sole. The bodice is
entirely covered with a Murin Antoinette
Hehn of moire velours embroidered with
butter colored silk and trimmed with
ruches and ruffles of iiionssclluo do sole.
The fichu Is fastened at the left side und
has long ends fulling to the foot of the
ikirt. The gown is sleeveless, but la*:,;
OUtter colored gloves tire worn.
.li on ClIOI.LET.
The popular belief that tho sap of
trees goes down into tho roots in winter
and rises again iu the spring is false.
One Man Killed and Ten Persons
Cumberland, Md., March 20.?Ten per?
sons wore injured and one killed in a
wreck on tho Baltimore and Ohio railroad
near Oakland. Md., this morning. Train
No. 2, from Cincinnati and St. Louis, was
derailed.".Three sleepers, two day coaches
and the postal car left 'the track. One
sleeper rolled down the embankin?at anil
into the Youghiogheny ri ver. The bal?
ance of the train remained on the bridge,
or doubtless the casualties would have
been much greater. There were thirty
eight persons in the car which rolled into
the river, all uf whom escaped with tri?
lling injuries, except two.
General .1. S. Kullert on, of St. Louis, a
Union veteran of Chickaiuaugu fame,was
killed. The end of the eleepei* in which
his section was located was submerged.
Fifty workmen searched the river all day,
hut were unable to liud Ihe body. The
current is so swift at the point, where the
accident occurred that it is believed the
corpse has been carried down the stream.
A reward for its recovery has been
offered by the railroad company.
The list of injured is as follows: I.
Knight Thomas, Baltimore: J. 1). Kup
ptchetmer. 1770 Madison avenue, New
York; "Mrs. Jemima Boston, Davis,
Va.: M. D. Phetps, Bane, Vt.: Mrs. M.
1). Phelpft, Barre, Vt.: W. V. Teller.
Pullman conductor; C. W. Davis, United
States mail clerk; C. L. Martin, Snlina,
Kan.; Mrs. James Hnnlin, Salinn, Kas.;
I .1. II Richards, Fort Bcott. Kas.
It is thought that none of the injured,
with the possible exception of Mrs
l'helps, who was badly cut and bruised
and received internal injuries, are fatally
hurt. They were brought to Cumberland
on ? special train and received medicaljat
tention at the Western Maryland Hos?
pital. All the injured were "placed in a
special Pullman tonight and continued
the journey eastward.
St. Louis, March 20.?Fire destroyed
the H. Gauss <J> Sons planing mill at Clin?
ton and Main streets this evening. The
mill was the most extensive in the city
and with the lumber yard occupied an en?
tire block. Loss AltlO.ODO with $80,000
insurance. Cause of the lire unknown.
Hay $10 per ton this week at .1. A.
Hoover's, 21-1 Salem avenue w.
WANTED.?Furnished rooms centrally
located. Apply to BONNER'S RESTAU?
Inform Your Friends
IF in need of clothing to take advaa'.;\i'?
of our clearing stile.
Wen's Suits that sold for $6.50 now $4; $8.50
Suits now $6; $10 Suits now $7.50.
Men's Trousers broken from suits, and odd pairs
that sold from $2.50 to $5, choice now
About 200 pairs Boys' Knee Pants, the 50c kind
row 35c; 75c and $1 kind now 50c.
Children's Suits to close at cost.
Philadelphia One-Price Clothing House.
Mouldings, Brackets, Shingles, Laths, Lime, Cement, Plaster,
Hair, Bricks, Sash, Dcors, Blinds, He, Etc.
Office 1 lO Campbell St. 'Phone 174.
On American Hotel Clerk*.
L. F. Austin, ill London Sketch, sup?
poses that "tho Anioriciui hotel clerk is
still the dread of the inexperienced trav?
eler. When yon stand in his presence,
you become at once; awnro that you arc
nhardened offender ami that hero is tho
magistrate who will appoint a fitting
punishment for your crimes. Ho growls
tho number of your room as if it were
the condemned coll, and you ore a little
surprised that ho docs not assume the
black cap and invoke the divine clem?
ency on your soul. I used to think bo
suffered from owrstn?y of tho rights of
man and regarded them OS asocial pyra?
mid with himself as tho opes.
"In tho European hotel tho traveler is
accustomed to be treated with considera?
tion. He stays in the house for Iiis own
pleasure and looks upon the administra?
tors as designed for his service. Such a
theory is hateful to the oeculinr remih
licanism of the American hotel clerk.
He is something mora thiui a man and
your brother, for ho docs not recognize
equality, much less deferential civility.
The hotel is a house not of entertain?
ment, but correction, and if you do not
c are for tho discipline you can go else?
where without exciting in tho clerk tho
slightest emotion of surprise or even of
inquiry. Should America over be dis?
posed to try tho experiment <>f au oli?
garchy a junta of hotel clerks might
conduct tho business of tho country with
an impassive sovority which would havo
astonished tho council of ten."
Tho Siberian railway will measure
exactly 4,7-11 1-51 miles from Tchclia
binsk, on the eastern side of tho Urals,
tuid at the gate of Siberia, to Vladivo?
stok, tho Russian port on tho sea of
Japan. Tho total cost is estimated at
if 17 5,000,000. ?
WE ARE VERY BUSY OPENING NEW GOODS?The incoming- of new stuff last
week was very heavy?always more to follow.
Is one of the very few pla*n
shsde Dress Stuffs for whole
suits Plain materials are the
swell entlie costums materials,
you know. "Moscovleta" is
the newest of them It is a
handsome fabric. It comes in
four leading shades, Violet,
Serpent, ''French B.ue" and
"Mode "
Mascovleta, 46 inch wide, at
$1 the yard, ?ee the line cf
Woolen Poplins are again
oie of toe M.vell fabri.s for en?
tire costumes for ladles. We
ha/e the newest shadings and
uumatchable qualities at the
46-inch wide Wool Pop'ia.
all the new sha'les of Violet,
Moie, French Blue, etc., ar
88c the yard, wonh $1.
CLecks for separate skirts for
ladles Quite the thing to
wear 'nith shirt waists
27 inch Shepherd Check?,
36-inch alt wool Checked
Fabrics, at 25c.
40-lnch a'l wool Checked
Skiit'nps, at 40c.
40 inch very swell Checked
Skirtings, at 50c
46 inch v<ry fina quality
Kntlre Costume Checks, very
pretiy colorings, at $1
We Are Doing a Great Business
in Biack Goods
It's nothing remarkable,
I however. Anybody who tec3
i our stock Is struck with the
\ magnitude and 10 nprehensive
! features of it
Just about everything in
I Black Goods that's worth
.??pjalting cf are here?cau'c
tell jou of qualities; te?. tluru
Will Sell You To-morfow
A 4C-Irtch black all wool
Canvas Weave?has been our
50c number, at 39c, same as
we gave you last Monday.
New slock open to morrow.
At 98we will give you to?
morrow our $1.25 vSiik Warp
Henrietta, 46 inch wide. Btt-t
you ever saw.
The B P/iest'y's Canvass,
or Grenndine, Weaves in the
I .stylish blacks we offer are go
i iog rapidly.
40 Inch hardsome Carvas
! Weave 1 at < i; very stylish;
bc-.t quality.
Checks For
We are showing a great col
lection of the stylish Woolen
We are now showing quite
a b'g line of Lidha' bhirt
Waists New materials, new
styles and lowest pricrs that
can be named. See the Hues.
Worth i2^c, at 7 \j c
One ca<e 2 000 yards tine
C?mltle:<, reittff. ct, very fine,
pret y c oth, the regular I2j^c
: I lere are hous? dresst? t'^r 3 oj;
I cui'c ba duplicated
Here ari a few of the names
They are all so new thc.t 5on
will have to see them to get
correct ideas of the qualities,<
and the great c Election o\
styles we are showing:
Larrlsso Leuos,
Jacoud's Ray lire Fanta ic,
Madras Lace,
Tulle Chatelaine,
L*pp?t Mulls, ' >
French Organdies,
Domestic Organdies
It will r:ay you to 111 aVe a
trip to our Siore jmt to see
lhis col;ettion.
At 1,3c, were 20c
ial Bargains in
Ladies' Hose.
ico dozen ladies' imported,
full, regular mad?, "Gordon
dyed, atsohitely Fast Black
Hcse, at 15c the paii; a few
days ago were 20c.
Open lO tnorrow Oaite a
nice line of new thing.-, m sep?
arate "Skirts for ladies. All
grades in black and colors;
from 98.1 to $7.50 e,ch
Boys' Shirt Waists,
"Mother's Friend'and Others.
At 25c, 50 dozen Boys'
Ready-to- Wear Shirt Waists,
all sizes, well made. Why
worry with sewing when jou
can't get them up fi.r 25c.
At 50c, great Hae of rew
styles in the famous "Mcther's
Friesd" Shirt Waists. All
siz'F, new patterns. The best
waist on tie marhe:.
At 6'c, fine quality White
Mother's Fiienri Shirt Waists,
pme linen collars and ccfF.<.
Collars anil Guffs,
All the newi(?eas in Ladles'
Linen Collars and Ctfifs, all
styles, all sizes.
Your pick of three leading
style collars, best grade linen,
at ioc each
B g Hue of Ladies' Cuffi, at
20c and 25c.
BeihO oi Oir Tigs to
Tell Yon About Later.
Our store and our great
stock offer to the ladles of
this section exceptional and
unsurpassed facilities for shop?
The great variety of stocks
I carried by us give ample field
for the range of taste in select
inp, aud we know our prices
r<r: not lowered anvwhere
2^<2 0"t""f*c* c ? *" trrg

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