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The Senate is inclined to resent Speaker
Heed's I-have-niy-eyo-on-you attitude.
Speaker Reed is still impressing him?
self as a man with a decided talent, for
having his own way.
Mr. P/ingley can rest on the assumption
that if the tariff bill does not turn out
all right it will be largely the Senate's
fault. ,
With rolerence to the concert or the
powers, Turkey does not assume to ?-e
anything more than a slightly bored au?
This is to be a conservatl re administra?
tion, and in many [ca-es an office-seeker
can best command himself to the Presi?
dent's favor by showing that he loves his
Spain is determined tbat when Cuba
does gain an opportunity to begin its na?
tional career, it shall have very few re?
sources beyond a trocha anil a military
There might be some encouragement to
the Government to assume the ownership
of the Pacific railroads in the thought
that, it could not run them much worse
than the previous management.
It must be confessed that the remarks
of the trusts invariably show far more
solicitude for the comfort of the laboring
men than those of the average laboring
man show for the comfort of the trusts.
It is difficult to see how Mr. Bailey can
expect to in,ike such a radical departure
from tradition as to leave the formal ban?
quet out of consideration as a means o*
shaping policies and promulgating doc?
liudynrd Kipling as a war correspond?
ent at $"i,000 a month ought to be able to
give the London Times some luminous
and dramatic stories of events iu Greece
and Crete. He is a greater feature than
the American Ingntls as a reporter of
prize fights.
More than 2,000 applications for consu?
lar appointments have been filed in ?Wash?
ington since the new administrltion came
into power. It is amazing that, so many
able-bodied American patriots should
yearn to leave their native, land merely to
serve their government in foreign parts.
Phoebe Couzins, after devoting the
greater part of her life to advocating the
cause of woman suffrage, now advises all
young women to marry and become house?
keepers, and declares that "women in
public life will never prove satisfactory.''
Tliis does not prove much more than that
a woman may work for woman suffrage
for years without losing the essentially
feminine aptitude for changing her min*1.
The Hon. Joseph Bailey, Democratic
leader of the House of Representatives,
declined to attend a White House dinner
because he never has worn and never will
wear a dress suit. Texas will no doubt
lie pained to learn that the juvenile Con?
gressman has permitted dress suits to
.scare him away from a good dinner. He
.should have stuck his pants in Iiis hoots
and waded in.
Standing in the hall of judgment, be
for the mighty ruler, Pilate, in whos'1
hands was the determining of life or
death, Christ said: "To shis end w.i-> I
born, and for this cause came I into the
world, that I should bear witness unto
tlie truth."'
Pilate said unto him, "What is truth:-'"
This is a grave question, and it is one
that people are asking each other every
It is one that goes far beyond the
boundaries of life, and it w ill not down at
the bidding of anything born of man.
From the beginning ol time it has eon
fronted the world and, .solemn and pro?
phetic, full of tremendous meaning, it
still engrosses the attention of the world.
Men have climbed to the loftiest moun?
tain tops of thought in the effort to un?
ravel its mystery, and others have de?
scended into the lowest depths of fanati?
cism and superstition iu an endeavor to
find this pearl of great price.
Science*has delved into the earth with
all the tools available, and has erected
many a huge hypothesis, only to see it
crumble and fade away when some
* brighter light shoae
Science has counted the sands upon the
ocean's shores ami measured .its water-,
uy theory and deduction in an effort to
establish the truth, and has also assorted
and labeled the stars, and st,i!l the skies
tun lie at science, and hold their secret
well from eves that can see only material
things, anu have not as yet been touched
by Divine hands.
What is truth? Speculation runs mad
in an endeavor todefiueit, and philosophy
goes to the grave in vague Tear that all
its conclusions may have been In vain.
And yet Christ ?ives the answer so
plain and simple that a little child is able
to understand what strong men doubt.
"Every one that is of the truth hearoth
my voice."
Here is the truth, in Christ and in Him
alooe. It abides in the son of God, the
Jesus, whose lifo was rich with the eter?
nal sunshine and fragrant with the eter?
nal flowers.
To hear is one thing and to understand
is quite another. Not until the soul
comes into its birthright and has assum?
ed the stature designed for ft by Its
maker can it intelligently hear [the voice
of Christ nud understand the truth.
When given freely and unreservedly
into the hands of the God to whom it
must return, after this dream which men
call life, the soul becomes omnipotent
and the hereafter is no louger a sealed
volume into which it may not look.
What is truth? Why, it is Christ. Its
eternal dwelling is in the man of sorrows,
who gave to the world his own glory; the
teacher of the Mount of Olives, who ut?
tered words that would make life nothing
but sweet and wholesome were they heed?
ed by the world; the Na/.arene who cured
the ills of both soul and body: the 'Christ
who died upon the cross of Calvary that
the truth might make the people free.
BUTCII kr W ky ler.
There is no more atrocious perversion
of human nature than cruelty. By this
word is meant the love of inflicting need?
less suffering upon others. It Is this
wanton and fiendish gloating in torture
that has been most characteristic of the
people and of the government of the Ibe?
rian Peninsula ever since its first inva?
sion by Hannibal. Whether this trait of
deviltry is to 1? ascribed to the conquest
by Rome, to the generationa of warfare
with the Saracen,to the persistent survival
of feudalism and a false counterfeit of
chivalry or to the desperate contest be?
tween science and religion lonir lingering
in seats of learning, may not easily be
said. But in this day and at this hour it
is pertinent to note that the logical out?
come of cruelty is corruption. A nation
cannot, more than individual, abandon
itself to inhuman vice without paying
the price of its indulgence in dishonesty.
It need, therefore, be uo surprise to learn
that Butcher Weyler has been forced to
arrest some of his subordinates who have
robbed the ill and dying in the Spanish
hospitals in Cuba. If Weyler would only
investigate himself, as well as his uuder
llngs, the revelations might be astound?
Here is a diamond, here a piece of char?
coal. Both carbon, yet between them
stands the mightiest of magicians?Na?
ture. TJie food on your table, and your
own body, elementally the same; yet be?
tween the twi stands the digestion, the
arbiter of growth or decline, life or death.
We cannot make, a diamond; we cannot
make flesh, blood and bone. No. But
by means of Shaker Digestive Cordial we
can enab'e the stomach to digest food
which would otherwise ferment and poi?
son the system. In all forms ol dyspeptic
and incipient consumption, with weak?
ness, loss of flesh, thin blood, nervous
prostration the Cordial is the successful
remedy. Taken with food it relieves at
once. It nourishes, and assists nature to
nourish. A trial bottle?enough co show
Its merits?H> cents.
LANoL i* the liest medicine for chil?
dren. Doctors recommend it in place of
Castor Oil.
state Clitics
"As a nntter of party policy the Dem?
ocratic party ol Virginia cannot afford to
lose a man. With a divided party its
gubernatorial candidate would hardly fare
I as well evep as Mr. Bryan, who carried
! the State by only 20,000 with the assist?
ance of the solid I'opulist.vote. The Ke
I publicans of the State are getting ready
j for an aggressive campaign. The Popu?
lists, who have ?nany grievances which
were temporarily forgotten in the na?
tional election, have already arranged for
a State convention. They might possibly
support Judge Maker P. Lee, as lie is
especially popular with them on account
of his being RD original silver man, but
we strongly doubt that they~wlil support
any man whom the Stat- Democratic
I party will nominate."'--Newport News
i Commercial.
True as all this is. it. is not. expected
: that, the leaders of the Democratic party
in Virginia will look upon it. as a warn?
ing, or, for that matter, pay the slightest
attention to it. Proscrlptive measures
will be set to work and the Chicago plat
form will lie made the Democratic touch
stone, with results astonishing and dis?
astrous, we think. How, indeed, can
there he. other outcome! At the present
time tin- party.in this .State is critic.illy
ill. Divided against itself: successful
at tin- last election only by Hie temporal y
aid of such undctpociatic elements as
Populism and free silver Republicanism:
j responsible for long continued ami wide
spread extravagance in Stute odmiiiistru
t ion: placed ill an antagonistic, attitude
to'the proposed constitutional conven?
tion, and forced to father a system of
election laws, the putridity of which has
by this time become an intolerable stench
in the nostrils of thousands ol life long
Democrats. ? Portsmouth Star.
The Best. Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil?
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re?
quired. It. is guaranteed to give perfect
sutisfuctionor money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sah at Massie's Phar?
macy, lud Jefferson street, Roanoke.
ItEBEK a11 san ita k i'M.
A Private Hospital for the Sick and for
Surgery, 121 Eighth Ave. s. \v.
Trained nurses and hospital advan?
tages. Accommodations for both male
and female patients. Consultation hours
for patients and visitors from 12 to 2
o'clock p. m.
New York, April 0.?There was u fur?
thur falling <>:T in the business at the
otock exchange to day, the sales of stocks
footing up only 123.581 shares the small?
est total for some time past. The market
was unsettled throughout and responded
quickly to manipulation. The profes?
sional element was in full control and
legitimate business, that is to say, com?
mission orders, cut but an unimportant
figure in the day's operations. As of late
the bears paid^particularattention to the
anthracite coalers and iu the absence of
support found little difficulty iu bringing
about lower prices. Jersey Central
started off well and rose to within a frac?
tion of 78. Later, under hear sales, the
stock dropped to 76 1-4, the decline being
accelerated by advices that the Pennsyl?
vania legislature would investigate the
Lehigb and Wilkesbarre Coal Company,
leased by the first named. Lackawannn,
on moderate sales, fell to 149 7-8, and
Rending declined to 20 3-8. The change
in the method of reportiug earnings of the
Reading just adopted did not meet with
the approval of the street. The com?
pany's application to list its new securi?
ties comes up before the governing com?
mittee of the stock exchange to-morrow.
Delaware and Hudson held steady, rang?
ing between 102 5-8 and 103 12. In the
industrial group, Leather preferred was
heavy on a report that the company in?
tended to shut down for sixty days. To?
bacco was weak and Sugar eiratic. Sugar
was sold by Washington and Lower Wall
s'reet houses on the belief that the Senate
will make no material change in the
Dingley bill. Iu the meantime, the con?
cern Is getting" its raw sugar into the
country as fast as possible and yesterday
its payments fcr duties on imports
amounted to nearly $200,000. In the final
dealings the market was firm for the rail?
way and miscellaneous stock .lists and
barely steady for Jersey Central. Net
changes shew advances of 1 8a5-8 per
cent. Sugar, Jersey Central, and Leather
preferred lost l-4a3-8 percent., and Lack?
awannn 1 1-8 per cent.
The bond market was quiet and weaker
in tone. The sales fooled up $1,153.,000.
BjTreasu-y balances: Coin, ?181,451,948;
currency, $09,431,809.
American Cotton Oil. 10 1-2
American Cotton Oil, prelerred.. 551-2
American Sugar Refining. 110 8-8
American Sugar Refining, pref... 101 3-4
American Tobacco. 73
American Tobacco, preferred.100
Atcblson. 10 1-4
Baltimore and Ohio. 18
Canada Pacific. 48 1-2
Chesapeake and Ohio. 10 7-8
Chicago Alton.102
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy.. 71
Chicago Gas. 78 8-4
Delaware, Lack, and Western... . 149 8-4
Distilling and Cattle Feeding.
Erie. 12 1 2
Krie preferred. 29 3-4
General Electric. 31
Illinois Central. ?11-2
Lake Erie and West. 13 1-2
Lake Erie and West, preferred.... 01
Lake Shore. ... 104
Louisville and Nashville. 45 7-8
L. N. A. & C. 1-4
Manhattan Consolidated. 83 3-4
Memphis and Charleston. 15
Michigan Central. 94
Missouri Pacific. 15 1-8
Mobile and Ohio. 19
Nashville, Chat. & St. L. 07 1-2
U. S. Cordage, preferred.
New Jersey Central. 77 1-8
New York Central. 99 7-8
New York and New England. 37
Norfolk and Western preferred... 25
Northern Pacific. 12 5-8
Northern Pacilic preferred. 30 1-8
Northwestern.104 1-4
Northwester* preferred.104
Pacific Mail. 20 1 2
Reading. 20 5-8
Rock Island. ?2 1-2
St. Paul. 72 7-8
St. Paul preferred. 132
Silver Certificates. ?1 7-8
Tennessee Coal and Iron. 25 3-8
Tennessee Coal and Iron, pref.... 80
Texas Pacific..*. 8 1-2
Union Pacific. 5 3-4
Wabash St. L. and Pacific. fi
Wabash, St, L. and Pacific pref'd. 12 5 8
Western Union. SO 3-8
Wheeling and L. E. 1
Wheeling and L. E. preferred. ... 312
Alabama, Class A.105 1-2
Alabama, Class B. 104
Alabama, Class C.100
Louisiana Stamped 4's. 95
North Carolina 4's.102
North Carolina G's. . 134
Tennessee new set 8's. 7?
Virginia 0's, deferred. 5
Virginia Trust Receipts, stamped 5
Virginia Funded Debt. ?3 1-2
United States 4's, registered. Ill
United States 4's, coupon. 112 3-8
United States 2"s. 98 1-2
Southern Railway .Ys. 80
Southern Railway common. 8 1-4
Southern Railway, preferred.... 25 3 1
South Carolina 4 1-2's. 105
U. S. (new) 4's, registered. 133 8-4
U. s. (new) 4's, coupon. 124
New York, April 0.?Money on call
easy at. i l-2al 3-1 per cent., last loan at
1 1-2 and closing 1 |.2 per cent.' Prime
mercantile paper 81-3a33-4 per cent.
Bat silver 01 3-4. Sterling exchange quiet
with actual business in bankers' bills at
4.85 3-4n4.8G lor sixty days?und 74.87a
?1.S7 1 i for demand. Posted rates i'sC, 1 2
a4.8S. Commercial bills 4.81 l-2a4.85 1-4.
G Dvernmenl bonds ftriii; state bonds dull:
railroad bonds lower.
Chicago, Anril 6.?Holiday?no mar?
Remember that Bachrach sells shoes.
It's money in your pocket if you buy from
either store.
,T. S. SHAN ER'S Kentucky horseshoe?
ing shop, 3i>; West Salem [avenue, is the
place to take your horses when they need
Thousands of
women go
down to-death
every year
through their
own ignorance
and neglect.
Every woman
should know
something of
the physiology
of her woman?
ly self. Every
woman should
appreciate the importance of the health
and strength of the delicate organs
that constitute her womanhood. The
woman who neglects her health in this
respect is sure to be a continual sufferer
and is in constant danger of an early
grave. To such a woman wifehood is a
torture and motherhood a menace.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription acts di?
rectly and only on the organs that make
wifehood and motherhood possible. It in?
vigorates them and makes them healthy.
It prepares a woman for an almost pang
less maternity. It does away with
the dangers of motherhood. It insures
the health of the newcomer in the family.
Over 90,000 women have testified to its
wonderful virtures. All good druggists
sell it. There is nothing " just as good."
" If It had not been for your medicine and your
advice," writes Mrs. I. P. Thomas, of Antoine,
Pike Co., Arks., " I would no doubt be in tny
grave or in nu insane asylum. Fourteen years
ago, when my second child was bom, I came very
near losing my mind. My head would hurt so
bad I could hardly live. I could not He itown and
raise up without "great pniu. My life was a mis?
ery to me. Gad aionc knows wliat I suffered. I
had lost all hope of being cured, hut I took your
' Favorite Prescription ' accordiug to directions.
I used one bottle of the ' Pleasant Pellets,'
two of the ' Golden Medical Discovery,' and sir
of ' Favorite Prescription.' In a little over one
year after I began your medicine I gave birth to
twins. Since then I have a boy baby ten mouths
old. He weighed eleven pounds at his birth. I
have been belter in health since the birth of these
children than I had been for years before. Before
using your medicine my weight was about one
hundred and thirty-five pounds, ond now I weigh
ouc hundred and sixty-five."
Dr. Piercc's Pleasant Pellets are a safe,
sure, swift and permanent cure for consti?
pation. They never gripe. One is a gentle
laxative, and two a mild cathartic. Drug?
gists sell them.
monkv wante1>.
WANTED.?About $700 for term of
years. Good real estate security. Ad?
dress "LOAN" Times office. 1 7 lw
for s m i
KOK SALE ?A good square piano at a
sacrifice. Can be seen at 804 Campbell
street. 4-4-lw.
FOR SALE?Full unlimited scholarship
In the Knanoke National Business Col?
lege. Apply at The Times ofiice.
FOR SALE OH RENT.?The property
known as the Western Hotel at Fincas
tle, Va. The hotel adjoins the courthouse,
two story brick, twenty-seven rooms,
good garden ana stable. Address A.
M'CARTNEY, Ripley Mills,Va. 311-lm
notiok OF meeting.
NOTICE.?The regular annual meeting
of the shareholders of the Ronnoke Build?
ing Association and Investment Company
will be held at the office of the treasurer.
Masonic building, corner JelTerson and
Campbell streets, Roanoke, Va., 01. the
15th day of AprU, 1807, at 8 o'clock p.m.,
when an election for officers will be held
and such other business transacted as
mav properly come before the meeting.
President. Secretary.
ing of the stockholders of the Roanoke
Street Railway Company will be held in
the ofiice of the secretary in the Terry
building, in the city of Roanoke, V?.,
Saturday, April 10, 18'J7, at 12 o'clock
GEO. C. M'CAHAN, Secretary.
ing of the stockholders of- the Roanoke
Electric Light and Power Company will be
held in the office of the secretary in the
Terry building, in the city of Roanoke,
Va., Saturday. April 10, 18\>7, at 12:80
o'clock p. m.
GEO. C. M'CAHAN, Secretary.
agents wanted.
WAN TED?Agents to sell the cele?
brated Rogers Bros, silverware. Also a
superior line of lace curtains, chenile
covers, clocks, rugs, wringers, bed
springs, etc.. etc. Address GATELV &
FITZGERALD, P. O. Box 464, Roanoke,
Va. I 2 lm
Talmnge's "The Earth iJirdled," or his
famous tour around the world, a thrill?
ing story of savage and barbarous lands.
Four million TnImage's books sold, and
"The Earth Girdled'" is his latest and
grandest. DEMAND ENORMOUS.Every?
body want-, this famous book; only $8.50.
gold mine for workers. CREDIT CIV
FREE. Drop all trash and sell the king
of hooks and make #;il)l) a, month. Ad?
dress for outfit and territory, The Do?
minion Company, Star Building, Chi?
cago. IJ 28 tf
WANTED.- -Salesman for Roanoke and
on the road to .sell our fine line of house?
hold goods on 11 on thi v payments.
Campbell st reel.
S I' F<' I A 1. NOT1CKH.
NOTICE.?Those having brick and
stone work or vitrified brick pavements
to he laid would do well to call on or ftd
dresNyl. T. Falls, the practical contractor
and builder. Also all kinds of carpenter
work, plastering, painting, kalsomlning
and paper hanging done on short notice.
All work guaranteed. J. T. FALLS, No.
118 Fifth avenue n. e.. Roanoke, Va.
That heritage of rich and poor, has saved
many a life. For Throat and Lung affections
it is invaluable. It never fails to cure Cough,
Cold, Croup and Whooping-Cough. DR. BULL'S
COUGH SYRUP is the best. Price 25 cents.
hew LANGE'S PLUGS, The Great Tobacco Anlldoto.tOc. Dcal*rs or mail.A.C.Mew & Co.. Btlto..Md.
For enle by JOHNSON & JO?^SJ?JS, Dtu^^'ts, Uouuokc, Y??
For Infants and Children
Til {XI
?! guttut
Two years ago H. .7. Warren, a drug?
gist nt Pleasant Brook, N. Y., bought a
small supply of Chnmbe rlniu's Cough
Remedy. He sums up the result' as fol?
lows: "At that time the goods were un?
known in this section; to day Chamber?
lain's Cough Remedy is a household
word." It is the same in hundreds ol
communities. Wherever the good quali?
ties of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy be?
come known tbo people will have noth?
ing else. For sale by H. C. Barnes, "He
puts up prescriptions."
After using a 10 cent trial size of Ely's
Cream Balm yon will be sure to buy the
50 cent size. Crem Balm has no equal in
curing catanh'and cold In the head.
Ask your druggist for it or send K? cents
to us.
ELY BROS.. 58 Warren St., X. Y. City.
I suffered from catarrh three 'years; it
got so bad I could not work; I used two
bottles of Ely's Cream Balm and am en?
tirely well; I wonlt. not be without it.?
A. C. Clark, 341 Shawmut Ave., Boston.
BST Subscribe for The Times.
Saves Dollars
The famous Waverley bicycles
of 1896 model have been greatly
improved for 1897. New machinery
was not necessary for these Im?
provements?hence the re- a a
duct ion in price to ?** v5U
For the fastidious, there is just one
bicycle ?the New 1897 Waverley.
Made with new and very expensive
machinery. The price Is oi^o
uniform to everyone m m ? ?5>IWW
Indiana Bicycle Co., Indianapolis, ind. 5
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tbo money if it fails
to cure. 25c. Sold by Sam Stone* Roan
oke, Va.
Corner Campbell Avc. ?n?l Jellersoii St.
Exclusive Novelties in Juvenile Clothing
at Much Lower Prices Than Elsewhere; Also
Hats, Gents' Furnishings and Bicycle Suits!
-All at prices so low ns to introduce ourselves"to you favor
-ably and to obtain your trade. We have the good points to
-make our business a success?experience and capital. We
-now want your attention, and will then give you bargains
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-this. Goods bought from us will be cheerfully exchanged
-or money refunded. -
see Our I>iH]>lny of Fine Neckwear.
W. C. BURNS, Manager
9 ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^r^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^B ^i^^^L^ ^^^^ft ^k^i^^^ ^^^^fr ^^^^ff ^k^^^9 fltL^^? tf^^k% ?^^^^fl^'^B C^^B ttk^^i^^
Ladies of
Roanoke and
Vicinity Cordially
Invited to Attend.
Tuesday, April (>th,
Wednesday, April 7th,
Thursday, April 8th,

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