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A Chip or Two
Here and There.
gati1kkk)> ny tiik "thamk-."
Tho resolution providing for an in?
creased tax upon insurance companies
aud thoir agents doing business in Roan?
oke, as spoken of by The Times a few
days ago, was signed by Mayor Andrews
yesterday and is now a law.
Upon learning this I called upon sev?
eral insurance agents here and found
that it was not generally known that
Mayor Andrews had attached his signa?
ture to the act. It was supposed by
many of them that he would not or could
not endorse such an action on the part of
the Council.
Virginia's tax upon insurance is amoug
the heaviest of all the States, the city of
Norfolk leading.
Xiynchburg's city council some years
ago took the step with regard to insur?
ance companies in that city that our
council has just done. The result was
that during the llrst year that tho law
was in effect the insurance companies,
by an increased rate of insurance, ob?
tained from Lynchburg's property-hold?
ers over twenty-five hundred dollars above
what the city gained from them. This
led to the petition to the council by the
board of trade for a reduction of the tax,
which has been done.
Our city, unlike many others in the
State, has no large tobacco and storage
warehouses. In fact the gross receipts
of insurance upon manufacturing nnd
large buildings does not compare with
others at a'l. It is almost invariably the
custom of the insurance companies to in?
crease their rates in proportion to tho in?
creased rat.9 of cost aud they always get
the best of tho bargain.
An insurance company to do business
in Roanoke pays the State at the rate of
over two per cent., aud the city more
than two aud one-half per cent., making
a total of over five per cent. Resides this,
a flat tax of about $200 is paid the State.
This is not counted in the percent, above,
quoted. Adding to these figures the in?
crease just sanctioned by the mayor, the
cost of any one company for doing busi?
ness here amounts to over ten per cent.
per year.
I talked with a prominent traveling In?
surance man yesterday aud was told by
him that such a cost would he considered
exorbitant auywhere, and even more so
than in Norfolk, where, by reason of the
size an? character of its buildings, a
higher license would be more ju-t.
The protection of property against lire
is a very important matter and the act
of Council iu rushing through a measure
bearing so directly upon it, with so little
consideration, is hardly commendable.
There are fifty-lour firo insurance com?
panies doing business in Roanoke. They
are represented by eight agents. They
nave paid heretofore $25 each (the $25 as?
sessed agents having been contested), or
an annual sum of $1,1350 per year. Uu
-der the present law at $50 for each com?
pany, $25 for each agent and $1 extra
from each agent for ench company more
than one he may represent, the city will
receive $2,940, an increase of $1,506, or
more than double its present revenue.
If, as it is claimed, this amount- will be
overcome by an increased rate of insur?
ance, which wi'l necessarily come out of
tho packet? ot small property owners,
ther* "will soon ho trouble. Tho agents
hero wl'l probably act together aud pe
titfou for a reconsideration of tlie resolu?
Mr. "Win. [(J. McDowell, treasurer of
the Norfolk and Western railway, Is iu
tho city. Ho is stopping with Mr. Wal?
ter McDowell, on South .TelTersoa street.
R. W. Davis, of Bluefiold, formerly of
T. E. Davis, Jr., & Co., o' Roanoke, was
here yesterday euroute fcr Petersburg to
spend Easter.
r> Lanier Gray has returned from Rich?
Officer Mack Morris is awaiting the ar?
rival of his bicycle suit l>efore trying his
luck on tho wheel. It would be a pity
for him not to appear in the correct
dress, as it would set a bad example to
the rest of the "scorchers." Tho other
members of the force report line progress,
but say they are a little sti ff.
Breakfast 25 cents; dinner, 25 conts;
supper, 25 ceuts. Meal tickets. $4. I
am using Armour's Chicago meats,
which are the best. J. J. Catognl's res?
There was a'meeting held in the hust?
ings court room last night to elect three
executive committee mea for , tho First
ward. All the wards in the city with
tne exception of the First, elected their
executive committee last spring to serve
fr>r two years, the First ward electing
for only one. The term of Palmer St.
Clair, E. L. Burks and C. B. Moomaw,
the former committee, expired last night.
Palmer St. Clair and C. B. Moomaw were
re-elected and Elias Mnhoney was elected
to succeed Mr. Burks. The meeting was
presided over by C. B. Moomaw and Ser?
geant T. R. Tillett was elected secretary.
Washington, April 16.?W. H. Michael,
of Nebraska, one of the sailors on the fa?
mous cruiser Kearsage, a Western jour?
nalist aud a Grand Army leader, was to?
day appointed chief clerK of the Depart?
ment of State. His appointment was se?
cured by Senator Thurston, of Nebraska,
who has long been.under obligations to
Mr. Michael for valuable political sup?
Our price are always special, and we
can at any time meet competitors both in
prices and grade of goods. We do
straight, legitimate business and give
good values. J. E. ROGERS & CO.
WHEN your horses need shoeing try J.
S. Shaner, :l(>7 West Salom avenue. He
understands his business thoroughly.
On the 1st of May next, we propose
making some radical changes in our bus?
iness; that. we may be iu a position to do
so, we will, during the present month,
offer some rare bargains to our merchants.
Come in person and examine our stock.
This is a chance which should not be
missed. Xo April fool about this.
Skillmun's N. F. removes corns, wnrts
and bunions and soreness from the feet
and ingrowing toe nails. Manufactured
by Sklllman Medicine Company. P. O.
Box 88, Roanoke, Ya. For sale by drug?
ViTANTED.?Furnished rooms centrally
located. Apply to BONNER'S RESTAU?
The Pocahontas Coal Company Has a
Dangerous Rival.
Tho Pocahontas Coal Company, one of
the largest, as well as most powerful, of
Southern monopolies?has been reaping
a rich harvest through its ability to con?
trol the entire output of the great Flat
Top coal Held, having thirty-four exten?
sive operators.
About three years ago tho company
sold out to Messrs. Castner & Curran. of
Philadelphia, who have, until recently,
possessed nil of the power in the Held
that their predecessors had, when by some
disagreement they lost the control of the
Indian Ridge Coal Company, of McDowell
county, W. Va., and the output of the
Browning mines of Pocahontas.
The management of the output of these
two large operators went from them to
\V. II. CofTman, a successful and pushing
coal factor, whose office is in Bluefield.
The Indian Ridge and Browning people
found their change to CofTman very nd
vhiitngeous, as ho disposed of their coals
promptly?not only at home but in the
largest Southern and Northwestern cities.
CofFman's success speedily made him a
dangerous rival of tho Castuer & Curran
interests, and they sought to interfere
with his business by having the words
Pocahontas Coal copyriehted and giving
notice to Coffman's patrons that they
must discontinue their offers to sell Poca?
hontas coal under penalty of punishment
for violating the copyright laws. Seeing
Coirman and his people going the even
tenor of their way and heeding not their
threats, they went before .lodge Jackson,
of the Federal district court of West Vir?
ginia, about the first of this month, and
asked for an injunction restraining Coff?
man from infringement on their copy
riuht. The prayer of the injunction was
granted and CofTman summoned before
the <:ourt to answer the injunction pro?
The plaintiffs could not maintain their
side of the issue and the issue was dis?
solved. Now Coffman seeks redress from
Castner o> Curran for damages doue him
by that firm in interfering generally with
his business and will bi lug suit against
them, laying his damages at ft very large
sum. The suit will lie brought In the
Federal court. Capt. F. S. lilair has
been retained by Coffcnan to prosecute
the suit. The people of this section will
watch the progress of this suit with in?
terest, and in the meantime congratulate
themselves upon Coffman's success in
breaking the combine, as ic will make
Pocahontas coal cheaper to the consum?
ers.?Wythoville Enterprise.
"Washington. April 1(5.?Conures?man
W. S. Holmnn, of Indiana, the "watch
dog of the Treasury," is seriously ill at
his residence on R street, from injuries
received by falling from a street car a
week niro.
Editor Morrison, of Worthington, Ind.,
"Sun," writes: You have a valuable
prescription in Electric Hitters, and I
can cheerfully recommend it for Consti?
pation and sick headache, and as a gen?
eral system tonic it has no equal." Mrs.
Annie Stehle, ^(i'2? Cottage Grove Ave.,
Chicago, was all run down, could not. eat
nor digest food, had a backacl i which
never left her and felt tired ami weary,
but six bottles of Electric Hitters restored
her health and renewed her strength.
Prices 00 cents and $1. Get a bottle at
Massie's Pharmacy.
Greatest Clothing Factory to Close!
We were fortunate enough in secur?
ing from Kohn, Rosenheim & Co., Mar?
ket St, Philadelphia, $3O,000 worth of
their fine clothing at less than manu?
facturers' cost. This sa e will be hailed
with delight by money-saving people
of Roanoke.
Men's Plaid, Caseimere and Mixed Cheviot Suits, trimmed with double-warp :d
Serge and tailored to perfection. This Spring's very latest 1897 patterns,
wholesaled by Kohn. Rosenheim & l o. at ?6, regular retail price $7 50; Qft
offered by us at. t^?i?U
Men's Worsted Sack and Frock Spring Suits, elegantly made and trimmed,
latest patterns,
offered by us at
Id at X $tj; ^Jjj QQ
Youths' Elegant Suits in latest plaids and cheviots, strictly all wool, good tfJC ftft
value for $8 50; we make the price. $vaUU
We're also prepared for the Boys, ages 3 to 16, all-wool Plaids and mixer! Cassimeres,
Suits that retailed the world over at $3.50, here they are at $ 1 .75. Elegant
Plains at $2.00 to $4.00
wear has ju?*t been received. All desirable shapes ate here
?; 25c and 50c.
Men's Nobby Spring suits made of strictly all-wool materials, brown and
bronze overlaid plaids and checks. These garments are made in the latest
Oo.'s wholesale price was
$10 oo, regular retail price $12 50; sold by us at.
400 RAI RS TROUSERS, with prices ranging from S1.00 TO
$3.50, all desirable shades and patterns, including the handsome pin stripe
Worsteds. Our Trousers bear the stamp of artistic tailoring; they set perfectly;
are the regulation cut and fashionab'e width, and made to stand wear.
Pbilalelolia One-Price Clothing House.
Constant crowds throng our counters, and buying is moving along with beautiful regularity.
The great lines of choice Dry Goods displayed in our house is well nigh irresistible. Quantities ot
new things have arrived for this week's sales.
French Printed
When wo say French Chnllie we mean
just that. The cloth was made in France
and the printing, as only the French
Can do, was done in France, therefore they
are high class dross goods. These are
all of the newest designs. It is the nicest
fabric ever made for
A dozen or more styles of them, bean
tlfnl designs. Regular value, ?de to 69c
the yard; ;now on sale at only I."?'. See
the assortment.
White Goods.
Another Big lot of Mill Ends in
India Linon at the Very Low
Prices Now, Ready.
N : values in India Linons at 5e.
10c values in India Linons at OV. ?.
12 l-3c values In India Linons at 8c.
15c values in India Linons at 10c
20c values in India Linons at 18c.
20 pieces of fine Checked Nainsooks,
made to sell at 8c the yard, on sale to?
morrow at 5e.
206 Commerce Street.
Silks! Silks!
We propose to make this Silk Week at
our store and will offei some great values.
Tuesday morning we will open a big
line of new things in Black Silks, in
Peau de Soie, Black Satin Duchess?, Ar
mure Weaves and Figured Silks, and will
oiler some exceptional values. If you
want a silk this week will be your op?
At 50c the yard, 5 pieces more of the
20-incll Changeable Taffeta Silks in all
the new dark colors, worth (MIc every?
where. These silks are the scarcest thing
in the market and are not to be hait
ii gain.
At 08c, 20 inch wide Black Moire Vcl
om Silk, so popular for skirts.
At $1.15, neat line ol colored Moire
Velour Silks for skirts and suits. Very
At 10c the yaril. 5 pieces pretty Pin
Striped Changeable Toffetn Silks, worth
At 1)7 l-2c the yard, 22-inch wide real
Japanese Silks in all the leading shades
and black. Very handsome quality.
At 75c the yard, instead of SSc., 5 pieces
of a new number in Plain Black Peau de
Soie Silk. The best value ever thrown
on the counter at the price.
At 88c, very heavy wide Plain Black
Satin Duchess, worth everywhere $1.
At $1 the yard, evening ehsdes in
Moire Velour, the most beautiful silk for
evening dresses.
At 75c and $1 the yard, new things in
large figured Black Satin Duchess.; for
At 00c, 88c, !fl and $1.25 the yard, all
t he late novelties in Figured Taffeta Silks
for waists. Very newest, combination.
At 25c the yard, superior quality of
real Japanese Wash Silk., All the now
col or I ngs.
Black Dress Goods.
At.si the yard, very fine quality Pure
Silk Warp "Kudora," the nicest material
made, for a handsome black dress.
At $1.25, Prlestly's Silk Warp Crepe
Cloth, most desirable fabric on Hie mm - 1
ket for handsome mourning dress.
At 25c, 20c, 30c, 50c, 50c, 75c and 88c {
the yard, we are showing the greatest
values in French Serges ever offered cur
customers. See the great values. Can
duplicate any number in navy blue.
At 25c, 50c, ?lte, 75c, 88c, and $1, great
lines of new Figured Brilliantines. Are
having great sales on these. Have re?
turned to popularity and are now very
desirable. See them.
At 30c, 50c, 75c and 88c, all the latest.
Ktamlne Weaves in the greatest values
you ever saw. All of them popular.
Sales way beyond expectation In this line.
At 25c, great lines of Figured Dress
Fabrics in Black, full 30x40 inches wide,
worth 35c the yard.
Chiffons, Nets and
Of course you know how much in favor
all these goods are this season. We have
the biggest lines throughout over shown
Pla'n Chiffons, all shades.
Embroidered Chiffons of all >orts.
Brussels and Novelty Nets of all kinds '
Grenadines in black and colors. <co
the great, assortment.
Colored Woolens.
We are showing unbroken lines of tlie
latest novelties in colored woolens. Ji| .
Cover Cloths,
Checked Plaids
and Plain Weaves
of Ail Sorts.
Full Suit and
Skirt Materials
in Endless Variety.
Wash Goods.
At fie the yard, pretty neat Zephyr
Ginghams for children, worth lt>c.
At 5c the yard, new styles in genuine
Merrininek shirting Prints, nobby
stripes, do nor. fade.
At73-4c, 8,000 yards of Merrimaek
Printed Dimities, worth 12 1 -2c. Selling
like hot cakes.
At 12 l-2c the yard, great lines of the
new figured Wash Fabrics. All the new
large floral designs. Newest weaves in
materials, latest and prettiest color com?
binations. Everyone of them a gem.
Assortment endless.
At 15c, ISc, 25c, 30c and 30c the yard,
all Jthe newest things in Lattice Weaves,
Printed French Organdies, etc. Great
range of styles.
If you want a pretty wash dress you
will lind it nowhere so satisfactory as
A Few Special Barg ains Now
Best quality Lancaster Gingham, no
remnants, no seconds, no imitation, but
the real thing, at 5c the yard, worth 6c.
Fruit of the Loom, the real thing, 4-4,
at (11 -2c the yard.
Red Calico, last dye, pretty figures,
best quality, le the yard, worth 5c.
25,000 yards full yard wide Percales,
novel design, worth 10c. at Sc. yard.
1.(100 yards of real good, heavy Cotton
Crash for dish towels, at 3 1 -2c the yartl.
usually worth 5c.
At 14c the yard, 10-4 Unbleached sheet*
itig, good heavy quality.
At 20c the yard, 10-4 Bleached sheet?
ings, good, hearv quality.
At 50c each, !>??! ready made sheets,
liest quality sheeting.
A t 15c each, good quality, full large
size Pillow Cases, ready made.
The 50c Summer Conner at 89c.
The 100 lot of Silk Gloria Umbrellas re?
duced from $1.75 to $1.30.
The great lines of Taffeta Ribb?ns at
way down prices.
The. extra well made Bovs' Shirt Waists
at 25c.
The Ladies' Imported Black Hosiery
at 15c, instead of 20c the pair.
The extra finality Roys' double-knee,
double beel and toe stockings at 12 l-2c.
instead of 15c.
It will pay
you to visit
our house
any day and
see the
great line
of goods
on sale.

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