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What's the Use of Waiting?
"They " flay "all things como to him wno waits," but wo have no
been waiting, and we don't propose to whit. "We KNOW our prices
are right, our work A-l, and if you don't
bring us work v/o will como alter it, in ono
way or another, either by bringing to your
notice our prices, facilities and quality o2
execution, or poreonal interviews. We are
not grumbling; far from it. We've had our
ahare; we are still getting our share. But we
have placed at your disposal a modern, and
almost ideal, printing establishment, with
wen facilities as to. command admiration from ail ith "whom we
have business intercourse. We aro not waiting; havon't timo to wait
An Up-to-Date Printing Office.
One of the vows the writer made whon he was "devil" in a
country printing office was, in effect, that if ho over owned or man
aged a printing establishment, it would be kept clean, at least by .
comparison. At that time he hardly felt the force of the vow, for he
has learned aftor years of experience that it is necessary immediately
after one "going over" to start at the beginning and go over it all
again, ft never ends?just like a housokoepor'8 duties?but not like
tho boy who sees no ubo hi washing his face becauso it will got
Boiled again. But, a clean printing establishment is just as necessary
for tho proper execution of work in our line as light and heat and
power. And the vow has been kopt. Come and see.
We Do Not Believe
There is another city n tho State which sonds such a 3mall proper
tion of its orders for printing and blank books away to our Northern
frionds as Roanoko. All honor to our bankers and business men;
that is?most all of it. Wo must reserve a littlo, as this is our
"own country."
We Print Anything
That can bo desired or do vised irom movable type, paper and ink?
and brains. Brains aro just as important in our work as paper or ink
or typo. It is tho combination that tells. Wo do not mean to be
egotisticnl at all; but combining thoso things to bring forth a harmo?
nious result has been our study?and wo do claim to know our
ousiuess right thoroughly.
All "logether
One of tho things which has contributed largely to the success of
our establishment is tho systematic working "together ' of all our
forces in all departments. Thi3 has reduced
to a minimum tho "lost motion" which is
usually to bo found in large industries. If
a minute can be saved h?re, another there,
it is done?an hour ia gained?thus we take
care of tho fleeting moments. Five minutes
wasted daily by each of our employes would mean tho interest on
$10,000 a year. In thoso days of close margins each moment of
timo must bo productive.
Quite Recently, Too
Tho times aro hard, money tight, everything handled econom?
ically?but it cannot possibly stay that way. So wo are pushing
("not shoving") ahead, just as though good timeg wero upon us.
We cannot afford to lag behind or worry; but in times of peaco we
aro preparing for war. And whoc it comes we will havo an es tab
t'.snuicnt mat can uiko euro 01 anytning mat comua?uui things that
do not como now. Recently wo placed an order for one of tho
largest Ibis of now typo ever given at ono timo in Virginia.
On the Second Floor
A long row of small presses, used for cards, envelopes, statements,
note heads, tickets and small work. Here, also, is probably the most
wondorful piece of mechanism in our establishment?the Railroad
Ticket Printing Machine. Think of it tho next tjrne you purchase
your ticket. Secured behind iron bars and double locks, it at onco
suggests government bonds, with all these safeguards.
Further Along
On this floor is tho type-setting department, where expert minds and
fingers think and act rapidly and correctly, interpreting at times hand?
writing that would mako Horace Greeley turn groon with envy.
Large, extra large fonts of typo permit tho handling of very large
orders in a most satisfactory and expeditious manner. Our forco in
I this department can set up about as many pages in a day as a man
car read. A plentiful supply of Algebraical, Astronomical, Geometri?
cal signs and characters, accente letters, and "odd sorts" enable us
tc handle difficult and intricate work in spcciul lines.
On the Top Floor
Is our Blank Book Manufactory, ruling rnacheins, including on
which is probably tho legest south of Philadelphia ; our various wire
stitchers, which will tako wire from a spool, cut it tho proper length,
shape it, and drive through a book three-fourths of inch thick, or
ono not so thick, 1"0 a minute; then our paging and numbering
machines, board and paper cuttere, book presses, which exert a
pressure of twenty tons or moro, perforating, punching and eyeleting
machines, and tho engraving department?which latter ia an innova?
tion for this eection.
Our Establishment
Is just oppokito and overlooking the lawn of Hotel Roanoke, (ono of
tho finest hotels in the State,) which gives us a magniflcont, bright,
refreshing view at all times. Our business office and press-room are
on the ground floor (along with our prices). Each floor and depart?
ment is connected with tho office by Electric Bells, Speaking Tubes,
and Elevators; and all departments aro bountifully supplied with all
kinds of Labor and Time Saving Appliances.
In Our Press-Room'
Can bo seen the rapid, diminutive and monster cylinder presses
including the famous "Promise Keeper," turning out thousands upon
thousands of sheets every day. Our largest and best paper cutting
machino, the automatic cu'.ting knife sharp?
ener, and tableting appurtenances aro on
this floor. Tho wonderful and poworfw!
electric motor, which propels the machines
on all three floors, is also on this floor. Over
in ono corner, hardly noticeable, is kept in
readiness, as a supplementary power, an
improved Gas Engine, to be attached at
momentary notice, in enso of accident to the
electric motor, or for other causes, i This precludes tho possibility of
a "hole" on the power question.
And Our Stock-Room!
If some of our friends who usually buy a quire or so of paper at a
timo, could look in upon this department, thoy would not ceaso won?
dering for days. Wo do not exaggerate a particlo when wo say yoit
You say: "Whut, ten tons of ono kind of paper in a town like
Roanoko?" That's what we said. Como and see. And, besides,
hundreds of other kinds of plain, fancy and uniquo; there are stacks
j of card-board, of a kind, as high as a man, and ho need not bo a
Lilliputian, either.
What Can We Not Do
With such facilities? A card, a circular, note head, envelope, pain
phlet, price list, catalogue, book, railroai rate eheet or time table, a
ruled blank or a 1000-page ledger, on any or all, we assure our
friends we are AT HOME, from January 1st to December 31st.
The Stone Printing and Mannfactoring Co,,
Printers, Engravers and k Book Manufacture?,
Uppoilt* Motel rtoanoka.
K. I? 8TUMK, f>r??jd?M . ROANOKE, VA
Roanok?, V?._189
Termi-? GROCF.RS
Received of
Attorneys at Law,
P. O. Box 26. Roanoko, Va.
Corsages Closed at tho Sido?Some Trim
mod Sklrt?.
It would bo Impossible to sot down a de
scrlptlvo list of nil tho vnriutlons seen In
bodices, for tho pluy of fnnoy is unlimited.
Among tho most conspicuous novelties,
however, uro bodices half of lnco and half
of other material, of whioh one part crosses
over the other, the tipper ono being fas?
tened by ribbons and shoulder knots. Many
corsagesuro closed at tbo sido in a diversity
of ways. Another novolty is tho oulrass
of laco, whioh rises In a point and forms n
corselet, likewise descending in a point on
tho skirt, like a little tubllcr or end of a
flohu. Theso two parts of tbo cuirass ore
noLErto CAFE,
separated by a belt of ribbon with n bow.
Tho sleeves of the bodico are of hioe.
Although plain skirts aro still worn,
there Is a growing tendency toward trim?
ming, especially for thin goods. All the
lawns, dimities, cambrics and organdies
aro more or less adorned, Huffy decorations
being prcforrcd, as is tho case also with
thin silks of all kinds. Ruffles orphtitings
of gnu/o or tufTctn are much used, nnd ac?
cordion plaited skirts, especially of tho
"sun" vnrlety, nro having a decided vogue.
They'arc sometimes plain, sometimes em?
broidered, sometimes adorned with Hot
bunds of ribbon, velvet or guipure.
Ordinary skirts for walking ore round,
touching the ground evenly nil around or
escaping it by an equal distance. The
back must be no longer than the front ex?
cept in the case of a train, but trains aro
reserved for elegant ceremonious costumes,
und aro never now soon on the street.
Today's illustration shows a summer
wrap having short bolero fronts of red
grosgrain silk, covered nil over by an em?
broidery of soutache and stool beads. Theso
fronts aro arranged over a full nccordlon
plaiting of black moussclino do sole. The
ctipoliko sloeves nro also of accordion plait?
ed moussclino do sole, us is the rnfllo form?
ing the back, which has a lnrge^ plait, in
tho middle fastened by u knot of black
satin. The plaited modicl collar in lined
with white guipure, which also forms a
jabot In front. JUDIC Chollkt.
Abont This Year's Shirt WalsU?Belts of
Many Kinds.
Hats for young girls aro always round
and are worn toward the front of tho
bead. .The trimming Is comparatively
simple. The coifTuro for both young girls
and young women is waved nil over. The
coll of hair is arranged higher than it ha3
been this winter, and is placet! ulmost on
tho top of the head.
Shire waists aro mado of cambrics, dimi?
ties and ginghams having n muoh more
mixed design than was popular last year.
Several colors aro often combined, find tho
effeot has not tho freshness and cleanness
of tho stripes and other opon patterns
favored last year. Tho newest sleeves nro
?mite closo, except at tho top, wlicro a sud?
den bouffancy is evident. They liavo a
turn back oulf at tho wrist. Silk shirt
waists aro among tho novelties of tho sea?
son, and are worn with linen collnrs aud
men's ties, just llko tho cotton ones.
As long as shirt waists arc worn belts
will, of courso, likewise bo worn. This
year they aro comparatively narrow, of
leather or kid of various tints, of taffeta,
velvet, satin, silk or spangles. Many moro
elaborate bodleos are made to be worn
with a bolt, and in that case tho latter Is
joweled or covered with lnco. It may bo
closed by a buckle, clasp or bow of ribbon.
Sometimes it fastens at the back with long
onds like a child's sash. This stylo is very
pretty for pluitcd gowns of taffeta or mus?
Although fluffy, much adorned cos?
tumes are tho tasto of tho moment, a con?
trast is afforded by the olassof tailor mado
gowns which art; perfectly cut, but very
sinirdo and plain. Of covert cloth, scrgo
or light cloth, they tire onilncntly fnshion
nble looking and yet serviceable.
An illustration is given of a traveling
wrap of changeable silk. It is closed in
front by tabs fastened by born buttons.
Tho fronts of tho wrap form largo rovors
extending from tho neck to the foot. Tbo
pelerine, lined with white satin, joins the
revits at t ho to]i. The turned down collar,
like the rest of tho mantle, is ornamented
with stitching. Tho cuffs nnd pockot flups
nro adorned with small horn buttons. The
hat of whito straw is covered with puffed
gauzo and trimmed with pink lloweri.
State* Local and ZF'oreig-rx.
IFvLll ?Xeleg-raplfo.ic
Seivice from
IPaxts cf t-b-o
?eea<4. arsis TIMES
arLd. Zlsep "CTp
3D3,1137" 50c a, Zs^Lontl^.,
$5.00 a Teai.
Bemit to
Koanolse, Va
The sweetest
and the most
_ word in the
English language- and the one about
which the most tender and holy recol?
lections cluster is that of Mother?she
who watched our tender years; yet the
life of every Expectant Mother is beset
?.Jother's Friend
so assists Nature in the change taking
friace that the Mother is enabled to
ook forward without dread or gloomy
forebodings to the hour when she ex?
periences the the joy of Motherhood.
Its use insures safety to the lives of
both Mother and Child, and she is left
stronger after than before confinement.
Sent by Mall, on receipt of price, $1.00 per bot?
tle. Book to " Kxpectant Mother* " win be mail?
ed free on request, to any lady, containing val?
uable information and voluntary testimonials.
The BradHcld Regulator Co., Atlant?, Ga.
The honest, reliable,
are the best wheels
to buy, and you snvo
Lap bra it u d
joints, flsb-moutb
r a I n f ore em e u ts,
" disbud " sprockets
and t!. & J. tires
make tbis the most
desi rnble wheel
made. Investigate
its many advantages
and satisfy yourself.
Catalogue free.
Roanoke Cycle Co., Agents, Roanoke,Va.
F. M. BUTT. C. 15. PRICE.
(Succeef ore to Evans Bros.)
Keep a Full nud Complete Line of
Every Article Known to the
Hardware Trade. We Invite
an Inspeci.ou of Our Stock and
22 Campbell Avenue.
The Family Friend.
Tho Conulno never falls.
It can always bo relied cn.
Used Infernally and Externally.
Far superior to any imitation or substitute.
It costs more to make, it cost.: ma c to buy?
but is cheaper because strenger,, better
ami purer than anything e.'^e.
GS^Note our Name on Labei and Wrapper.
Pond's extract (.'..., New York ar>;! London.
Nature's Nervine and
Rapid Restorative.
An unfailing cure for Diseases of the
Digestive, Nervous and Generative
Systems. A Tonic of rare efficacy for
the old arid young and of marked ser?
vice for Students, Teachers, and all
Who are engaged in Brain work or
close occupations.
Depression, Tirsd Feelings,
Nervousness, Muscular Weakness,
Loss of Appetite, Palpitation of Heart,
Restlessness, Hysteria,
Nerve Weakness, General Discomfort,
Excesses, Alcholism,
and that almost innumerable series of
diseases and complications resulting
from any derangement of the Nervous
system. Invaluable for weak women
and nervous children.
Steady Nerves, ? Er. Cos's
Braced System, ?ED Cocelin
Sound Itest, DS1NQ Nervo
Good Work, ? Tonic.
contains no OPIATES or danccrou& crugs
to MAKC a habit.
50 Cents per Bottle;
If three bottles bo ordered at onetin-.c n copy of
Oriole Cook Rook will be included tree.
at druggists and ocalcrs
on direct or us on rtccEipT or price
SO cents.
; Winkelmann & Brown Drug Co,
g?ll proprietors,
L.KGA I. NOTIO?8.^__
in tho chancery cause of J. R. Hockaday,
trustee, vs. II. B. Trout, trustee, et. al.,
on the-day of Februnry,1895, as snp
pleuiente<l and amended by decree of ?
day of May, 1897j of tho hustings court
for the city of Roanoke, Va., ;the under?
signed commissioner will, on SATUR?
at 2 o'clock M., of said day, in front of
the courthouse of Roanoke clty,Ya., offer1
for sale to the highest bidder, the follow?
ing lot or parcel ot land, lying and being
in the city of Roanoke, Va., at d bounded
and described as follows:
Beginning at the southwest corner of
Peach Tree street and the Old Salem and
Lynchburg road, thence north 75 degrees
42 minutes west 121 2-3 feet along said
road to a point, thence continuing along
said road north 01 degrees west 301 7-12
feet to a point, thence south 6 degrees 2
minutes west 208 3-4 feet to Ebony street,
thence along Ebony street south 83 de?
grees, 7 minutes east 110.2 fcetjto appoint,
then continuing al eng said street south
40 decrees east 100.4 feot to; a point,
thence south 30 degrees 15 minutes enst
35 feetj*o a point on.said Ebony street,
continuing with the same south 40 de?
grees east 105 feet to the ncithwest cor?
ner of Ebouy and Peach Tree streets, thence
with the latter north 2 degrees 8 minutes
west 811 2 feet to a point on Peach Tree
street, thence north with the same 13 de- *
grees 34 minutes east 101 feet to the place
of beginning.
TERMS OF SALE: Cash sufficient to
pay costs of this suit and sale and to pay
! off and discharge the amount due cn the
said note, ascertained 'by this decree* to
be the sum of $000, with interest from
the 12th of Mnrcb, 1891, subject to a
credit of $300 as of the 0th day of March,
1808; balance in one and two years from
day of sate. Purchaser to execute his
bonds for the deferred payments aud t!tle
to property to be retained until the same
aro paid.
Above boundary of land hns been sub?
divided into 35 lots and by the terms of
the decree tho said lots will he offered
separately.'and if they fail toMiring the
amount due cn note aforesaid, then the
above described boundary will be ottered
as a whole, starting the same at the sum
of the sale of the lots separately.
Special Commissioner.
In',the clerk's office of the hustings court
of the city or Roanoke. J. R. Hockaday,
trustee, plaintiff, vs. II. S. Trout, trustee,
et. als., defendants.
I, S. S. Brooke,/-lerk'of.tlie'saidYourts,
do certify that the bond required of tbo
special commissioners by the decrees
rendered in said cause on the-day of
February, 18W5, and of May?,1897, has
been duly given.
Given under my hand'as clerk of tho
said court, this 5th day of June, 1897.
(i 0 td , S. S. BROOKE, Clerk.
trust from J. G. Kuykendall aud wife to
tho undersigned, dated the 15th day of
September, 1892, and recorded in the
clerk's oflico of the city of Roanoke, iu
deed book 78. page 307, for the purpose
of securing certain payments to become
due'to the Old Dominion Building and
Loan Association of Richmond, Va., de?
fault having been made in tho payment
of said deed, and having been required
so to do by tne beneficiary thereuuder,
the undersigned will offer tor sale at pub?
lic auction on the premises on the 25TH
DAY OF JUNE, 1897, at 12 o'clock m.,
the following described property situated
in the city of Roanoke, Va:
Beginning at a point on tho west side
of Roanoke street 200 feet south of
Spruce street, thence with Roanoke
street south 7 degrees 80 minutes west
50 feet to a point, thence north 78 degrees
30 minutes west 150 feet, thence with an
alley north 7 degrees 30 minutes east 50
feet to a pobit, thence south 78 degrees
30 minutes east 100 feet to the begin?
ning. -~ in
TERMS OF SALE:?Cash. The amount
due under said deed of trust is $1,151.30.
J. W. Bill ELDS, JR.,
5 23-td. . ~ Trustees.
of a certain ilecd of trust, dated April
20th, lttfll), and of record in the clerk's
office of the hustings court of the city of
Roanoke. Va., deed hook 39, page 1S1,
and default having been inade In the pay?
ment of a portion of said debt therein se?
cured, and being required so to do by tho
owner of tho defaulted note, I will sell at
public auctiou in front of the courthouse
in Roanoko, Va., on THE 24TH DAY
OK JUNE, 1897, at 11 o'clock a. in., to
, the hiebest bidder, all that certain lot or
parcel of land lying in tho city of Roan?
oke, Va., described as follows:
Said paicel of land ia situated on the
northeast corner of Commerce street and
Salem avenue and fronts sixty feet on
Commerce street and extends back be?
tween parallel lilies along Salem avenue
one hundred nod nixteeu feet, more cr
less, except as to the eastern portion of
lot, fronting Qfty feet on Salem avenue
and extending In a northly direction be?
tween parallel Mnes sixty feet, which
has been released from the lieu ?l the
deed above mentioned.
5-23-td. Trustee.
of a deed of trust executed March 25,
1801, by Mrs. May M. Simmons and hus?
band, recorded in deed book 01. page 15.
of the Roanoke corporation court clerk's
office, default having been made in the
payment of a portion of the debt men?
tioned therein and being required so to
t)ohy Juni us 15. b'lahburue, the benefi?
ciary, I shall on the 22N1) DAY OF
JUNE, 1897, at 12 o'clock M..at the front
door ot the courthouse in the city of Roa?
noke, Va., proceed to sell at public auc?
tion to the highest bidder the property
conveyed in said deed, described i s fol?
Beginning at a point on 'the south side
of Campbell street 81 26-100ths feet east
of Fishburne street, thence south 0 de?
grees 49 minutes west 275.1 feet to au al?
ley, thence with same south 83 de?
grees 30 minutes east 74.25 feet to a
point, thence north 0 degrees 49 minutes
east 83.7N feet to a point, thence south
88 degrees 14 minutes east 17.3 to a point,,
thence north 0 degrees 49 minutes east
202.8 feet to Campbell street, thence with
same south 87 degrees 1 minute west 01.5
feet to the beginning.
It being the property embraced in said
deed of trust, and to which special refer?
ence is hereby made.
TERMS: Cash sufficient to pay the cost
of executing this trust, and the balance
due on the debt secured in said deed, to
wit, the sum of.$8,290,78,which embraces
interest to day ot sale, and the residue iu
j two equal animal instalments from date
of sale, with 0 per cent, interest, to be
secured by deed of trust on property.
JN?, w. WOODS,
5 18 til Trustee.

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