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Wonderful ProgTMS.
Tom?Der auter Longsbnnks, the ac?
tor, is making wonderful strides in bis
Dick?Yes, his friends say ho can
cover six ties at a stride.?Up to Dote.
Two of a Kind.
A man will tako his rod and lino nnd sock tho
flshhig haunts,
"ottlo flUed with liquid bolt etowod bock
aft In his pahnU,
And on the bank ot purling stream he'll eit
from morn till night,
And, barring tho mosqultoos, be w411 novar got
a bite.
Thon sadly ho'll rool in hie ltao. vWth words
? wo'll not repeat,
Anil homeward o'er tho rood will rool on qulto
unsteady foot,
vi usli ho caught nnd didn't entch heil blow
for many a day
And wem to think it not n sin to
A man will mount Iiis Ucyvlo and knvu tho
town behind
And podnl through thosuburbs with tho swift.
nctw of the wind,
?ut at tho first roadhouao boll stop and tocklo
foaming l>oer
Avid questionable lunch until tho evening
shades appear,
Then rub some dust .on hands and fnco nnd on
his cycle, too,
And Into town ho'll sail ns swift ns cuglo over
And tnlk about tho century or moro ho mndo
that day
And Boom to think it not a sin to
WANTED.?A place iu some family as
governess Tor small children. Terms: rea?
sonable. For further information ad?
dress A. D. R., treneral delivery. 8 4 lw
WANTED.?High grade man of good
Church standing willing to learn our bus?
iness then to act as manager and corres?
pondent here: salary if 1)00. Enclose self
addressed stamped envelope to A. T.
ELDER, General Manager, care Daily
Times. 8 1 2w.
ESTRAY?A red cow has taken up
with my cow at 1013 Norfolk avenue s. e.
Owner can get samo by proving property
and paying for this advertisement.
7 28 tf
$100,000 to publish. Contains nearly '200
full-page engravings of oar Saviour, by
the great masters. Every picture is re?
produced from some famous painting.
Agents are taking from three to twenty
orders per day. The book is so beautiful
that when people, see it they want It.
says one. "Cleared $150 first week's
work with the book," says another.
"Some high grade man orwoman'of good
church standing should secure the
agency here at once," says every editor,
"as $500 can soon be made taking orders
for it." Also a man or woman of good
social position cau secure position of
manager of this territory to devote nil
their time to employing nnd drilling
agents and corresponding with them.
Address for full particulars A. P. T.
ELDER, Publisher, 278 Michigan ave?
nue, Chicago; 111. 8 1 2w
FOR RENT.?Four rooms up stairs in
a most eligible locality.at No. 1421 Rorer
avenue s. w. Apply at the Times ofllce
or at tho house. 8 U tf
REAL ESTATE of all sizes and prices
for sale. Wr'te for descriptive price lists
to N. J. PHILLIPS, Blountville, Ten?
nessee. 7-25-1 m.
WANTED.?High grade woman of
good church standing willing to learn our
business, then to act as manager and cor?
respondent here; salary $1)00. Enclose
?elf addressed stamped envelope to A. T.
ELDER, General Manager, care Daily
Times. 8 1 2w
WANTED.?Salesman for Roanoke and
on tiie road to sell our fine line of house?
hold goods on monthly payments.
South JefTerson street, building formerly
occupied by postoflice.
If you wish sanitary work of any kind
done promptly give the new firm of Watts
& Golden a trial. Satisfaction guaran?
teed or no pay. Ofllce, 30? Campbell
avenue. WATTS & GOLDEN. Roanoke,
Va. 'Phone 131). P. O. Box 2f>R
7 20 lm
(Successors to Evans Broj.)
Keep a Full and Complete Line, of
Evory Article Known to ihe
Hardware Trade We Itiviie
an f nspect.oti 6f Our Stock and
? Prices.
22 Campbell Avenue.
Courses for Degrees, with Electives:
high standard. Also Commercial" and
Preparatory Courses. Library 20.000
volumes. Working Laboratory. Good
morals and discipline. Six churches?
HO bnr-rooms. Healthful mountain
climate: Very moderate expenses: may
ihn reduced below $150 for nine months
(Tees, board, &c.) 45th year begins Sept.
15th. Catalogue free". Address
0 27 2m President.
cures it.
The Ronulne Cottolono Is sold everywherelnoneto ten
pound Hut, with our trade marks?"(Miolene," and
?teer1? head in cotlonylant wreath?on every tin.
Not guaranteed If sold In any other way.
Chicago, KU Louis, New York,
Waverley worth for 1897 is better than ever. Yet, by
using the same machinery as last year, which saves
' the expense of new, and with the increased skill of
our workman, improved Waverleys sell in 1S97 for
$60. All the advantage is yours. We have ever led
in popularizing the bicycle.
For very fastidious people, wo also mako a bicycle with now
and expensive features?u marvelous example of mechanical
skill?the only bicycle with absolutely true bearings. Its
price must be" SI00. It cannot be made and sold ior less.
Catalogue Free.
Indianapolis, Ind.
New Wrinkles In Canning- Ve*rotaijJeG.
BHimifratiiig With Camphor -How
to Make Raspberry Jam.
Tlio manner of preserving vogetnbrefl
foi winter oso in now bo slmplo that
ouo prof?irs to prepare her own and havo
them in glass jars, these being hotter
thun tho vegetables to 1? purchased in
tin cans and loss e.xtxuisivo, for tho jnrn
may ixi uwd n mmilxirof years with tho
addition of only now rubber bonds. An
important item is to mako sure that tho
jars and covers aro perfectly fitting,
thus being air tight. When filled, they
slHiuld Iki kept in a dark, oool place.
Green potis claim attention, as the
early pickings seem tho sweetest and
best for cunning. Wash tho pens and
reject ?11 imperfect ones. Fill the jar
with lxms, slinking them down closely
and filling it to tin) brim. Pour over the
peas cold water, letting evory littlo
spaco between the vegetable 1? filled.
When no more bubbles como on the wa?
ter and tlio jar overflows, lit the covers
on securely. Stand the filled jars in a
boiler of water, placing them upon a
wooden ruck or something to prevent
their coming directly into coutuct with
tho bottom of tho boiler. Place tho
boiler over the fire mid let the water
boil over the jars for three hours. If
tho water in tl>c jars evaporates so tlx)
jars are not full, upon no aocount re
movn tho covers to fill tlinm up. Tlio
vegetable will be Gest left us it is. If
tlio cover is looeenod during tho process
of boiling, it must bo screwed ou as
tightly us possiblowben taken from tho
String bennfl may be treated in tho
same manner, except that less boiling
is required for this Vegetable, Cot tho
stem and tail from the beans and string
them, then cut the beans into strips
lengthwise and then in halves, or, if
preferred, cut them into pieces about
ono inch long. Put the cut beans in tho
jura, filling them very full and pressing
tho vegctablo down closely bofore pour?
ing in too cold water; then proceed as
with the peas, boiling tho jars contain?
ing the bcaus a shorter time. Two hours
will bo sufficient.
Ripe tomatoes may be canned whole
and kept perfectly without tho usual
cooking. Drop the fruit into hot water
to loosen the skin. When tho peel has
boon removed, toko out tho stem end so
no green remains. Paok ns many of tho
peeled tomntops in tho jnr as can be
put in, having them wholo if possible,
though any too largo may bo cnt into
halves. Prc?s the tomatoes as closely to?
gether as possible without breaking
them. Turn over tho packed fruit boil?
ing water, pouring it i:i slowly so tho
liquid will run into all the littlo crev?
ices, and allow the jar to overflow be
foro screwing on the fitted cover. As
each jar is filled with (he boiling water
and covered stand it in u tub, boiler cr
sonic largo vessel that bits been filled
with boiling water, having tho water
deep enough to completely cover tlio
jars. When all the jars pro1 in the wa?
ter, cover tlie vessel holding them with
a rng cf blanket and le t it remain until
tho water becomes cold. As tho jars are
token from the'water tighten tho cov?
ers if they havo loosened, but ujxin no
necennt lift them oil. When the jars
nre opened to uso tho tomatoes, tho sur?
plus water with the frnit may be drain?
ed out und not used.
This manner of preserving tomatoes
wnoio has been well test-en and without
the loss of u single jar, tho fruit coin?
ing out fr?her and nicer than when
cooked as in tho former modo of can?
ning, nays a contribntor to tho New
York Sun and authority for tho forogo
i"g. _
Fumigating With Oamphoor.
Elaek ants and little red nuts are
diffioult to drive away. Thrco or four
good camphor Finokings, however, will
ho found quite effective, uocording to
Mrs. Roror, who tolls in Tho Ladies'
Home Journal how to proceed: Put into
thu closet ti tin or granite pan contain?
ing a few live coals, sprinkle over about
two tublespoonfnls of powdered gum
camphor, close the door und allow tho
.fuiuoM of the camphor to thoroughly-sat?
urate the closet. These fumigations will
also drive away the lit tit* silverfish that
are, perhaps, the most destructive of all
the. Kummer pests, t:s they not only at?
tack books and papers, but will eat silk
and cotton and such articles as aro used
during the sutnuier. Camphor fumiga?
tion will drive mosquitoes from sleep?
ing rooms.
In camp fumigation is the only man?
ner of gaiuiiifj relief from tho persist?
ence of flies and mosquitoes. Procure
for tho purpose an ordinary iron spider,
using either charcoal or live coals.
Twice n day?once in the morning for
flies and ouoo at night for mosquitoes?
fumigate thoroughly. Lavender may bo
mixed with the camphor or a little
dried pcnnyroyr.l. Tho best mixture for
fumigation is equal parts of camphor,
(hied pennyroyal, lavender and incenso.
All of these are. perfectly harmless. Tho
rooms should be t ightly closed during
tho fumigating process.
_!v housekeeper guards against incom?
petently on tho part of the maid with
tho morning coffee- by having it steam?
ed?a process advised by somo cooks. It
is made it: a double boilor, tho usual
proportions being followed. After the
boiling water is added tho vessel is set
in its hot water kettle and steamed for
30 minutes. Thero is no risk that ooffeo
made in this way will bo spoiled from
standing or overcooking, according to
tho Boston Oooking .School Mugazine.
Uoil the fruit lirsst will) a very small
quantity of water, then mid sugar,
throe-fourths of a pound to a pound of
fruit, and boil three-quarters of an hour.
While boiling tho fruit must bo well
stirred. A nice way to put up this jam
is in small jnrs or glnsse?, liko jelly,
covering them with rounds of paper wet
with brandy, nnd then with n second
paper ve? with white of egg or with a
tin cover.
In 1802, when I served my country as a
private in Company A, 107th Pennsylva?
nia Volunteers, 1 contracted chronic
diarrhoea. It has given me a great deal
of trouble ever since. 1 have tried a
do/en different medicines und several
prominent doctors without any perma?
nent relief. Nor. long ago a friend Bent
me a sample bottle of Chamberlniu's
Collc.Cholerannd Diarrhoea Remedy, and
after that I bought ami took a SO cent
bottle; and now I can say that I am en?
tirely cured. I Cannot be thankful
enough to you for this great remedy, nnd
recommend it to all suffering veterans.
If in doubt write me Yours gratefully,
Pa. Sold by H. C. Barnes, "He .'puts up
prescriptions "
He Says Church People Should
Have Less Jawbone.
The annual camp of Maryland Prohibi?
tionists at Glvndon Park began with two
lively addresses by Rev. Sam Jones, the
rvell known Southern Methodist evange?
Thanks for his hearty welcome was
given by Mr. Joues in a fe?v opening sen?
tences. "I see before me many laces
most familiar," be said. "I think one'.of
the greatest of pleasures is the renewal
of pleasant acquaintances and the pleas?
ure of looking once again into the faces
we have learned to love and honor.
"When I last st^od before the thousands
gathered at Kinory Grrove I was In the
deep waters. But the gooduess of God
has removed those clouds, brethren, and
the sunshine is now bright before me."
This reference was to three events,
which caused tho unexpected and sad
termination of his sermons last summer
?the serious illness of his wife, the sud?
den death of his mother in-law "sind the
performance of a daneerous operation at
the'Johns Hopkins Hospital upon his
married daughter, Mrs. Mays.
"God is Love" was the text taken by
Mr. Jones for both sermons, the after?
noon one being a further development of
thoughts suggested in the morning.
In speakiug ot the love of husband and
wife Mr. Jones dwelt at some length
upon the question of divorce.
"Nothiug is so undermining the great
citizenship of this country," said ho,
"than the multiplied reasons and mul?
tiplied tacts of our divorce laws A mau
who runs after one girl whom he thinks
the finest in this world nets married,
and then in a few weeks goes to a judge
and says that he cannot longer live with
her because of wbac he calls incompata
blllty of tamper. That man ought to be
shot. That's what he ought. Erery ap?
plication for divorce ought to bo a capital
offeuse.I do believe. You needn't laugh.
If you'll make it a capital otlonse and ex?
ecute everybody who breaks your law,
I'll promise you that iu twelve mouths
there will be more married happiness
thnn the world over knew before.
"They tell me that out in South Dakota
they are issuing marriage licenses with
divorce coupons attached, so that a man
who gets one if he don't like his wife can
just tear ofT a coupon and try again.
"I tell you, brethren, this question of
oivoicc is cutting away tho very fouuda
ticns and disrupting the society of this
country. The most inconceivable, un?
thinkable thing in the world to mo Is
that my wife or me should ever dream for
a moment of snch a thing as a separation.
Wherever there's a divorce hinging you
can just gamble that there's a bad egg
there. And nine times out of ten both
eggs are bad. I have no respect for either
?be divorced woman or tho divorced man
unless I kuow the reason why. If I were
walking down a street with my wifo aud
she were to say to me that a man coming
up the street had once been her husband
I'd just take to tho woods; that's what
I'd do. I won't run with that kind.
"To me husband and wife Is a most holy
blessed relation. The old 'hardshell'
Baptist who said that a man needed a
good wife, a good home and a good cow
in order to cot to Heaven was a philos?
opher profound. Hie man who hasn't
got them has a tremendnously poor
chance of anythiug better.
"In the course of my life I havo for
twenty-seven years walked with the dear
wifo of my bosom like a crutch beneath
me. In my lameness and weakness I
havo ever leaned on her. And hear me,
brother, it's mighty hard for the devil to
get a man who's got, a good wife, and if
the devil does get ouo like that ho won't
get much.
"The only basis for mnrriaue, friends,
is love. It's no commercial matter.
Some have tried it on that line ^and
busted. Methodist preachers out-marry
any gantc in this world, but I have never
forgotten one who nad a princess iu his
humble littlo parsonaire. I tuld him what
a gem she was and he said: 'I got her
on purpose. 1 had two older brothers
who married for money aud I profited by
their experience. 1 never got a nickel
with her, but I got the grandest little
woman in the world.' Justbuntln' pure
'gal;' that's what it is, brother. The boy
who gets thatsortof 'gal' Is a millionaire
compared with tho man who has married
for morey and trot nothing else.
"Life in a cottage is blessed compared
with a dfo In a mansion whero love Is
nauitht and society demands all. A soci?
ety woman can't make anything happy.
She is the most heartless thing out of
hell. Society will eat the heart out of a
woman just as whiskey eats tho blood
out of a man's veins. To such a woman
children are a nuisance, aud a husband
is a thing to keep away from.
' Sam Joues has met society women,
and ho don't like any of them, 1 tell you.
They poke at ym a little, old, cold, stiff
hand that reminds me ot nothing inoro
than a dead fish's tail. No life; nothing
in it-. I can go down to Baltimore, pick
out the society people, dive down into
their lives for ?ho past dozen years and
show you spectacles and sigbts to make
the devil himself bide his black face un?
der Iiis win? and howl in terror. You
can all envy those people if you care to.
You can get in their lilies, but Sam
Jones won't. They are a miserable gang.
?'To me there is no better evidence of
God's approval than a handful of children,
I might stop to inquire why so many of
the wivesof this country have no children.
Bear me, brother, there is no worse class
ol criminals than tho women who would
rather say'pretty polly'to a parrot or
nurse a poodle. They are nine tenths an?
imal; that's what they Are.
"1 know I'm on very delicate ground
her*, but the other preachers won't go
Into it, and I'm 'obleged ;to.' They may
call nie a blackguard, a mountebank, a
Yahoo, but I tell you no man ever cher?
ished a sweeter, ?rander view of homo
life and pure cltlzenshit than the man
who Is talking to you today. Sam Jones
stands for a puro citizenship and a home
above tho dirt of society.
'Look at that husband who has begun
to drink. I won't protract the scene. It
is a volume of ten thousand pages. One
by one home blessings'take wings and slip
away. You may run on your gold buggery
and silver-diggery, {but God Almighty's
got t quarrel with any Christian nation
that will sell itself out to the cursed ruin
"Some of you here worked and strug
ghd to accomplish McKinley's ejection so
that the country would get a move on it.
Ain't It got a move on? I'm perfectly
candid. There ain't many poople who go
no and down this country more than
Sam Jones, and I haven't seen the move.
I done seen things myself. I don't have
to 'ax.' And I tell you when God
Almighty puts on tho brakes, there ain't
an engine can pull the train.
"I've uow no respect for either Demo?
crats or Republicans. The Republicans
say they are not a whlakey party. That's
only because for? some elections they put
in a sort of a plank to hold down you
brethren who haven't the courage to come
out for prohibition. The Republican
partv's record on temperance ispussillan
lmous from start to finish. Lots of yoa
fellows remind me of tho chap who had a
biscuit for the purpose of getting a dog
to do tricks. When the dog got through
the man put the biscuit oack in his
pocket and said it would do for.the next
timi. That's the way with you fellows.
The Republican party pulled the biscuit
out and you all just danced and per?
formed. Then the biscuit was put back.
But some of the little dogs are still
,41 won't run with the gancr. I don't
have to. Once and forever Ive settled
the question. Here's one American citi?
zen, free,white and forty-nine, wools go?
ing to look out for the peace '-f his home,
the happiness of his wife, the sobriety of
his boys.
"They tell us the Republican party is
the party of great moral ideas. But,
Brother Daniel, the Republicans wen? in
power for twenty-four years before Cleve?
land and his gang fired 'em out, and they
weut out soaked with whiskey. Old fel?
low, if you are a Republican yon had, bet?
ter tell your wife to put your summer
clothes la your coflin. You're going
where it's hot. You old red-nosed Dem?
ocrats needn't laugh, either.
"This Christian nation has got to uu
lond its conscience somewhere. And
that's no joke. It would unload nil
right if too church people hart less jaw?
bone and more backbouo All of you had
better swap off jawbone and spareribs for
backbone. Then you would net away
from the damnable, dl'ty, lousy old polit?
ical party.
"They abuse me, of course,for jumping
on them, but, Lord bless me, that don't
hurt me. It's like the skuuK telling the
'possum that his breath don't smell
good. Aud if you are afraid and won't
gang with me, and there's only one \ote
for prohibition, you can just say to your?
self, 'That old pig headed Fain Joues
down in (ieorgia voted that ballot.' And
when 1 ko to Heaven's gate aud say 1
voted that way, they will say, 'Walk in
and be seated. This whole thing is run
that way.' And there won't be a Demo?
crat or Republican there. Ain't that a
good thing?
"If I ask some of you fellows wry you
stick to the old parties you will say be?
cause one or, the other of tbem represent
principles very dear to you. Why,
what's tho matter with you, bud? What's
the dearest sentiment that ever touched
a man's heart* Ain't it the feeling of
home? And it you don't vote to cherish
it you'll be in hell a frylu.', first thing
you know. And you ought to be, too.
"When I talked in a town not long aeo
where there were twenty-two saloons I
stayed with the mayor. After my meet?
ing his wife told me that t bad made her
husband bang his head with shame for
having gone into those saloons. That
man looked up to me and said that if
other preachers had talked as 1 did there
would have beeu train loads of men who
would never have gone into a saloon.
'Can any lady'go into a saloon? If a
lady can't, can a gentleman? If I were
to go into a saloon to-morrow to get a
drink it would be telegraphed all over
the country, but yju fellows go in when?
ever you want and nobody says anything
about it. Ain't there a sight of differ?
ence between a gentleman and'a vaga?
bond? I thank God for the difference.
"It I were asked to name in a single
sentence the one thing that in this coun?
try is putting the brakes on commerce,
stoppiug the wheels of trade, causing the
shrinkage of values, I would say that it
is because the pure, genuine, independent,
spirit of manhood is dying out among us.
"I used to stand on street corners and
talk big about what the world owed me.
That was when I was three sheets in the
wind. Hut I quit that when I lea-ned
that God loved me and was willing to
help me, and ever since I have had a foot
on the moon and 'my chic over a star,'
g'.ttin1 along bully."?Baltimore Sun.
At least, we are the people's friend, for
we enable them to buy GOOD shoes
CHEAP. Come to either store?Salem
avenue or Jefferson street?and get a
square deal and a good pair of shoes.
Largest, package?greatest economy. Made only by
Chicago. St. I.onls. Now York. llostou. Philadelphia.
Lb i iinu buniUMi)
Mouldings, Brackets, Shingles, Laths, Lime, Cement, Plaster,
Hair, Bricks, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc., Etc.
Office 1 10 Campbell St. 'Phone 174.
University College of Ifledicinte, R'CHvMAOND'
All City Orders Promptly Delivered
Through any of our Dealers.
We especially call the attention of the public to our
"PILSENER" Export Bottled Beer. Highest
grade oir the market.
Our "DUBLIN" Porter as a tonic for family
use is without a superior.
Brewers and Bottlers.
'Phone 104. Roanoke, Va.
?Jjr^"EP? IS&fiTtirib* Xf ^ ^ Q,^S The only uu-fo, sure ant?
JU>M*?9 9 reliable Female PILI
ever offered to Ludiee,
especially recommend"
'9 ed to married Ladies.
? Ank for DB. MOTT'S PENJTZSOYAI. PILLS and tako no other.
rc9~Send for circular. Price ifcl.OO per box, O hoses Tor 9&.0C.
Lilt. MOTT'8 CHEMICAL CO.. - Cleveland, Ohio,
p.. u.. rAL/?C* r> C/"A \f X05 COMHKKl'K sTKKKT,
For sale by Crf^S. LJ. r~ boamokb, va.

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