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The Best Tool-bag
the one that carries a little
can or bottle of Pearline.
Then you're ready for anything
in the shape of mud, dust,
grease, or dirt. Nothing will so
quickly and thoroughly take
away all wheeling-grime and stains, from hands or
clothes or anywhere. There's no weight or bulk to speak
How many times you have needed Pearline when far
Unequalled as a lubricant for Bicycle chains.
from home !
Your Grocer
Will Give You
with every targe
size cake of
20 yards of the best sew?
ing silk with every small size
cake White Cloud Floating
Soap. The cost of this spoon
and spool of silk comes out of
our pocket entirely?it's one of our ways of advertis?
ing. We want you to get acquainted with the whitest
floating soap on the market. If your grocer can not
t-upply you, send us his address. *
Wo Have demonstrated, experts admit, and every one is
convinced that Genuine White Topaz cannot be detected from
real diamonds. White Topaz itt tho stone you Iiavo read so
much about. Thoone that has fooled the pawnbrokers. 1'lace
them side by side witli Itenulne diamonds and no one can tell
the difference. We have sold thousands of these stones ut
from olio to ten dollars, but in order to introduce them quick?
ly as well as to lind out the advertising medium best suited
to our business, we make this
Wo will send you a beautiful, brflllaut,
genuine White! opaz,which can he mount?
ed In a ring.scarf omeeUtlopin, stud,cull
buttons, locket or pair earrings, like any
article in this border on receipt of.
These stones are exactly the same as
those wo have advertised ut one dollar.
This Offer for a Few Days Only
Cut out this advertisement and send it
to us together with lie. In coin or stamps and wo will send you a
White Topaz by return mail: a stone that you can be justly proud of
and one tnatLnosltlvely cannot 1?; detected from a real diamond. In
ordering, he sure and state whether small, medium or largo stone Is
bears no relation to other so-called Imitation diamonds no matter
under what name they are advertised. They a re the hardest of semi?
precious stones, impossible to detect from real diamonds and war
runted to retain their brilliancy. All others pale to Insignificance
when Compared with While Topaz.
We warrant each and every
Topaz t" retain its brilliancy ami
Hie mniintiiiK* to tfive perfect
Wo will iriveynuOnoThoiiinild
Oollur* if you ran show that wo
have ever refuged to replac
White Topaz that was returned
as unsatisfactory.
Royalty and the four hundred
who own celebrated and costly
diamonds set in necklaces, tlarnti,
brooches, bracelets and girdles,
keep them In burglar proof vaults,
while they wear in public the exact
ilirates in Wli"
one ever detects
IttXBSBZl Don't Miss St.
Send us Twenty-five Cents in coin or stamps and you will
be delimited with the White Topaz that you receive.
A'liytliK Niece of William IV Was Called
to the Throne.
Several newspapers, in explaining to
their readers how Qneeu Victoria oamo
lo succeed William IV, say it was be?
cause she was his niece. That is tho
truth, but only half the truth, for Will?
iam IV had nephews and other nieces,
tieorgo Ill's lirst, second, third and
fourth sons were respectively tho Prince
of Wales, afterward tieorgo IV, who
died childless in I Kill); Frederick, duke
of York, who died in 1827, also with?
out children; William, duko of Clar?
ence, who died William IV, Juno 20,
1837, without lawful issue, and Ed?
ward, duke of Kent and Strathearn
nnd earl of Dublin, who died Jan. 211,
1820, aged ?li, leaving as the. solo, issue
of his marriage with Princess Victoria
of Leiningen a baby daughter, now
Queen Victoria. The queen succeeded
William IV not because sho was simply
his niece, but, because she was tho only
child of the brother next to hin? in the
order of succession.
Had Queen Victoria had a brother
Bba would in nil probability not have
been a personage of historical celebrity,
savo ill the contingency of succeeding
him. Her rights were those that de?
volved on h< r from h< r father. At the
tinio she succeeded to the throne bor
um !: -?tho Dukes of Cumberland, of
Sussex and Cambridge?wire living,
younger brothers of her father and jun?
ior to him iu the lino of .succession m
tho ordi r mimed. Tho Duke of Cumber
laud, who became king of Hanover on
the deatli of William, IV, was a man of
sucii despotic temper and principle!
that nil England cherished the Prin?
cess Victoria as standing between it
anil his succession to tho throne. Ho
had lawful issue, as hud the Duke of
The Duko of Sussex, h most estimable
man, marrii d twice, but these unions
being repugnant to the provisions of tho
royal marriage act, his children wore
barred from tho line of succession.
From tho revolution of I?SS roso tho
Jacobite party, mado up of those who
supported the cause of James II, his
sons and descendants. Tho piotnresquo
modern Jacobites do not recognize
Queen Victoria, despite the fact that
her succession is duo to her Stuart
blood, for she is a direct descendant of
Elizabeth, daughter of James I,, to
whoso heirs tho tit lo to tho throne de?
volved by tho act of settlement on tho
j death of Anne.?Boston Trauscript
Not Ilia Fault.
"Prisoner, have yon anything to say
before 1 pass sentence?"
" Yes, judge. 1 hope you will make
allowances for the imbecility of my
In .'Modem Parlance.
"So he has burned the bridges behind
him, has he?"
"Well, practically Ho has sprinkled
tacks along tho road."?Truth.
His "nvorlt?.
Zim?H:i never brags.
Jam?No; that's Ins fondest bow c ?
STew York .Journal.
White Costume* ltoign In France? DroM
of Moutmolluo do I.nlnc.
Tnilor mode costumes, whloh hold thoir
own in fashionable favor year uftor your,
because they uro so neat, fiervlocnblo nnd
becoming, nevertheless change soinowhnt
from season to Reason, nnd nro now no
longer tho rigid nnd sevoro nppurel that
they wore when they first oamo about. Tho
bolero, oponlng ?t will over blouses of
gnuze. crape, luce or moussolino do soli',
form a froquont font uro of this olnss of
{?owns, nnd short, uloso bodious, with a
slight bnsque, trimmed with galloon or
military braid, nro also much liked.
Whlta inoiro forms a highly accoptable
trlmmiug for cloth gowns, capes and
wraps. Although it is not at nil durable,
it has tho force of novelty nnd fashion to
hack it, and is greatly worn. Long travel?
ing wraps of cloth and oloth capos bavo
rovors and collars of cream or white
moire, and medlci collars of cloth nro
lined with tho inoiro, which also forms
tho lining of capes themselves. A light
silk lining is indispensable for oloth capos,
which aro considered to 'look elogauco
without it.
White costumes nro enjoying n grcnt
vogue in France, and the vogue Is u con
stnntly Increasing one. In woolen goods,
lawn and silk, etamincs, grenadine, linen
and piquo then; aro charming gowns, suit?
able for bouse and country or seaside wear.
The illustration shows a summer cos?
tume having a skirt of cream mousseline
de laine, shirred around tho hips by three
rows of gathering. Tho hlousu bodice of
pink surah is close fitting at tho back,
while in front it has a plaited plastron,
with a pointed yoke of guipure. Tho plas?
tron is framed by double rufllos of white
surah. Tho (dose sh oves havo slight bouf?
fants at tho top, and tho belt of emerald
green satin is closed by u paste buckle.
A hat of white straw is worn, trimmed
with white lace and pink (lowers.
Straw Color For Brunettes?Light Shades
For I'ule People.
Narrow bands of black vclvot on straw
colored gnuze or silk aro very fashionable
and straw gowns or bodices tints trimmed
are charming in effect, both for brunettes
and red iiaired women. It used to be said
that the samo color as that of tho hair was
to bo chosen for daylight wear and the
same color as that of the eyes for ovening.
This is a rulo which insures one against
mistakes ami unbecoming tints, but it is
inoro rigid than is necessary. If It wcro
implicitly followed, black eyed brunettes
woidd he entirely confined to black cloth?
ing, which is becoming to them, but n"t
to bo adopted without change. The chief
thing to be considered in choosing colors
is the complexion, except in tho caso of red
hair, which is so much tho most obvious
note of personal color that it has to bo al?
lowed tin- principal weight in the matter.
Putting, therefore, red haired personsaside
as a special class to bo separately consid?
ered, the tone of the skin is tho best guide
to the selection of tints for tho wardrobe.
Some dark haired people aro charming in
blues and lavenders, some light, haired ones
in reds and yellows. Very polo shades of
nny color roqulra :\ fidr, smooth skin.
Light green, light v; dot and light yellow
havo tho effect of gi\ log a pale skin n rosy
tinge. Whon tho complexion is rough,
strong colors are preferable, especially reds.
. The illustration given today shows a
house costume of pink mousscllno do sole.
Tho material is accordion plaited and falls
from head to tout, in a long, loose mantle,
having a dalmatic collar of white guipure
whloh extends to tho foot in front. He?
lten th this loose robe Is a blouse costume
Of pink satin having a collarette and
plaltid jabot of while mousseline de BOlo.
Tho licit of pink satin tics in front with
long i lids, and there are choux of pink
satin at each side near tho sleeves, which
are titfht and covered with gulpuro. Tho
shoulder putTn of pink mousseline do Role
are 11 til shed by deep accordion plaiting.
.It i>i< CilOLLET.
Many a. bulsness man
who is envied by Iiis as?
sociates and acquaint?
ances as a "lucky fel?
low" stands but a step I
from the grave. He has
purchased success at the
cost of health. Vor every
step forward in wealth be has taken two
backward in health. Now that he has al?
most achieved his ambition as a money-get?
ter, he is standing on the verge of his grave.
Just one more big business strain?just one
more step backward in health?and he will
step into his grave. No man has the right
to gain money at the expense of health. He
owes something to wife and children?some?
thing to himself. He may have health easily.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
makes men and women strong nnd well. It
wards off disease. It makes pure blood,
solid Qesh, and strong nerves. When the
arteries are filled with rich, pure blood, a
man doesn't easily break down or get sick.
He can stand almost any amount of work ot
strain. The "Golden Medical Discovery"
corrects the all-embracing disorders that
cause all manner of disease. It corrects dis?
orders of the digestion, irregularities of the
bowels, and impure blood. Druggists sell it.
"I wns nfilicted with pimples ami tx>ils, and
rouuiug sores on face and neck," writes Robert S.
Wert, of No. 615 Galloway Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
? Nothing did me any good. I took Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery and'Pleasant Pellets;'
before I had taken four bottles I was cured."
Every family should have Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Medical Adviser. The
book was cheap at Si.jo?its regular price.
Now, for a limited time, it may be had
for nothing. 21 one-cent stamps, to pay
the cost of mailing ontvt will procure yon
the book in strong paper covers, post-paid.
Or you can have the book in elegant
cloth binding, for 10 cents extra; 31 cents in
all. World's Dispensary Medical Associa?
tion, HutTalo, N. Y.
safe, sure and quick cure
Teething, Cholera Infantum, Summer
Diseases, Cramps, Diarrhoea,
Cholera Morbus, Pains in Bowels,
Cholera and Cholera Symptoms,
and for all irregularity of the diges?
tive system, whether acute or chronic.
Winkelmann's Diarrhoea nnd Cholera
Remedy is a perfect means of treat?
ment for children's summer diseases,
and should be in every family. Its
timely use may save life.
It is safe under all conditions and
circumstances, nnd is recognized as
one of the very best remedies ever
The ingredients arc jttst what
your doctor prescrittes almost
daily. Valuable information -juith
every bottle.
If druggist should not have it, will bo sent on
receipt of 25 cents to any address by
Winkclmann & Brown Drug Co.
cioquenily proclaims the fact
that to-day " i>i year old"
5 80C-C?n?^/.8 ?bT PRICE 1800-'
"Are the Standard
of the U.S.A."
the highest priced, high-grade
wheels on the market.
Rambler buyers who saved
$30 arc now smiling 1
1897 catalogues free.
Agents at all important points.
Gormully & JefTery Mfg. Co.,
A ! O'' A L
A Climatic
Nothing but, a loci'
remedy or change ot
climate will enre it
(let a well Im >wn
pharmucuuticiil rem
Ely's Cresra Balm
it is qnlcklv a^
torbrri blves Reitet
at ones. Dann* ???m
cleatmea the N iaal Pa'
Aii.n^ It !l ininnulna
Mein*<rai o < core*
Smell. Full Size 6 c;
or bv mall,
Kl.Y HliOTlIKRS. 68 Warren Street. New York
Heule ai d Pr >l?'t? the
the Ker.tr* of Ti h o and
Trial Bisa He at Drngglete
Breakfast 2fi cents; dinner, 25 cents;
supper, 25 cents. Meal tickets, $-1. J.
J. Ca'.ognl's reutnurnuL
Desirable lor Homes or Specu?
lative Investment.?Terms
Easy. _
10-room dwelling, 118 Eighth avenue
?j. w., bath room, ho* und cold water at?
tachment, lot 50x100 feet. Originally
worth $7.500; present price $4,000.
Comfortable dwelling No. 713 Camp?
bell avenue 8. w.; lot 01x275 feet to an
alloy, 10 rooms, bath rocm and stable.
Originally sold for $10,000; present price
Very desirable dwelling No. 310 Johu
street s. w., 10 rooms, good stable, neces?
sary outsido buildiugs, lot 50x150; #1,000
Nice 0-room cottage No. 3 Trout ave?
nue s. w., lot 50x150, $1,500.
Dwelling No. 300 Eighth avenue s. w.,
lot 50x150, $1,500.
Three story brick building on Shenan
doah avenue, near freight depot, now
used, first lloor as a bottling works, and
second and third as shop and dwelling,
C-room dwelling. No. 517 Fourth street
n. e., very cheap and convenient to Eoa
noke Machine Works, $700.
8-room dwelling, n. s. Ilelmont avenue
s. e., lot 03x130 feet; beautiful location,
8-room dwelling, 14 1-2 Lee street n.e.,
lot 50x200 fee', $1,500.
8-room dwelling, 50!) Luck avenue, lot
34x00 feet, very cheap, $3,000.
0-room dwelling, 027 Shenaudoah'ave?
nue u. w., lot 25x130, $800.
G room dwelling, 427 Ehnwood streets,
e., lot 40x130, a bargain, $050.
8-room dwellings, 024, 030 and 032
Center steet, lot;? 25x130, all three desir?
able located and very cheap, $1,100.
0 room dwelling, 711 Gllmer street n.
w., lot 40x130, nice location; a bargain,
Vacant let on Jefferson street, 25x170
feet, near'marble yard, formally worth
$0,000; price $2,500.
Peck Hotel, on foileni avenue, near
Academy of Music, 24 rooms, a bargain,
price $3,500.
Two story frame building, 8 rooms, 450
feet east of F street, fronting on Camp?
bell avenue s. w., lot 50x283 feet. This
Is a very ch?iap and desirable property,
price $3,000.
A very desirable 8-room dwelling, 801
Roan ok e street s. w., good outside build?
ing, hot and cold water, bath, etc., lot
50x150, a bargain, $3,600.
House and lot, 8 rooms, north side Mel
rose avenue n. w., lot 70x210 feet, u most
desirable home, price $1,800.
Tiro-story frame building, (512 Sixth
avenue n, w., very nicely located, 0-room
house, price $1,200.
2 two-story 0-room houses, Nos. 525
and 527 Eighth avenue s. w. This prop-,
ertv would be cheap at $1,400; price,each,
10 room dwelling, 315 Randolph street,
near Roanoke and Southern depot, for?
merly sold for $2,000, price $1,150.
Croom cottage, No. 420 Ninth avenue
s. w., $1,300.
10-room two-story dwelling, No. 375
Eleventh avenue s. w., an elegant prop?
erty, none better, lot 50x130, $3.500.
12-room two story dwelling, 370 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., new house worth $4,
500, lot 50x130, price, $3,500.
10-room two story dwelling, 377 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., one of the cheapest
houses in the city, lot 50x130, $3,000.
Two-story frame building on Washing?
ton street, east of G, a beauty, all mod?
ern improvements, 7 rooms, very cheap,
Two-story frame dwelling, 11 lit South
Jefferson street, worth $3,500, price $2,
Two nice and commodious dwellings,
511 and 513 Luck street,$l,800 and$2,000.
Two cottages on Shenaudoah avenue,
Nos. 1021 and 1023, (i rooms, each $80.).
18-room dwelling, 31 Seventh avenue s.
w., worth $7.000, price $5,500.
15-room dwelling. No. 304 Campbell
avenue s. w. The cheapest property now
ou the market; just elegant, $5,500.
For the National Mutual Building and
Loan Association of New York, Masonic
Temple, Room No. 2.
Q Still Offered
Sewing Machine
That Cannot be Put in
Good Order at the New
Home Office,
309 Henry Street, Roanoke, Va,
j Where can he found the fineDhop
Cabinet, admired by so many peo?
ple for beauty and convenience;
also a variety of different ma?
chines made by this company,
which, if examined by those who
I wish to buy, bide by side with the
other mar ks of machines, can read?
ily sice they deserve ail the
praise they have merited in finish,
durability. light-running and per?
fect work.
Please call and inspect machine
and investigate the low prices be?
fore voii buy.
1 remain, respectfully,
309 Henry St., Roanokb, Va.
Kills RoAcheft, FltM. MotliH and Hodbuga. Non
polionous; won't at?1d. Largu bottles, at drug
Ututs and grocers, ii cents.
\Vi' still have ji few houses
to rent, notwithstanding the
Tact that we have rented many
that were on our list last week.
9-room house, with conve?
niences, Eighth avenue, $15.00.
Nice 6-room house on Taze- \
well avenues, e.; cheap.
9-room house on Henry street
(near in), on Sept. 1st; all con?
veniences; $17.00.
Two large store-rooms on
Salem avenue; good stands.
One small store-room Salem
avenue; $12.50.
One store-room Market
Two 6-room dwellings Shen
andoah avenue, near round?
house?one, $9.25; the other
Also one 6-room house near?
er in on same street, $7.75.
Call To See 1?h.
T.E B. Hartsook & Go.
Hiirtsook Building - - Market Square
For Kent, ami Nalc.
T. W. Goodwin, Ag't.
Oltlce: Itooiu No. -mr, Terry Building.
August 15th, 1807.
No. 1721 West-End Boulevard_$ '25.00
No. 018 First avenue u. w. ^0.00
No. 022 Third avenue n. \v. 8.00
No. Iu28 Seventh street s. e. 0.00
No. 1030 Seventh streets, e. 6.00
No. 211 Fourth street u. e. 7.00
No. 115 Eighth avenue s. w. 15.00
No. 022 First avenue u. w. ?.00
No. 5211 Seventh avenue n. e. 6.00
No. 824 Patterson avenue. 10.00
No. 705 Fourth avenue ti. W. 0.00
No. 431 Ninth avenues, w. 10.00
No. 020 Hirst, avenue n. W. 7.00
No. 833 Ninth avenue a. W. 4.00
No. 375J Salem avenue s. w. 10.00
No. 11!? Twelfth street n. w. 8.50
No. 2002 Patterson avenue s. w... 8.00
No. 2008 Patterson avenue s. w... 8.00
No. 2012 Patterson avenue s.w... 8.00
No. 2010 Patterson avenue s. w... 8.00
No. Il l First street, s. w.
No. 711 Third avenue s. w. 7.00
No. 301 Commonwealth nve. o.e.. 10.00
I also have in my charge properties in
nil sections of tin; city that can he bought
at great bargains, either for cash or on
the instalment plan.
Call ami examine my list.
T. W. diOUIf WIX, Agent.
Farming Lands.
Beautiful 75 acre farm, with improve?
ments, on Norfolk and Western railroad,
to exchange for Roanoke city property.
75 acres live miles from Roanoke, good
land, nice improvements; $2,000. Very
150 acres ten miles from Norfolk and
Western railroad, fairly good improve?
ments, an abundance of timber, well
watered, plenty of fruit, all for $750.
One of the best grain ami blue grass
farms iu Southwest Virginia, 500 acres;
125 acres in line creek bottom; 50 acres
good timber; balance iu blue grass sod;
!ine orchard of improved fruits of all
kinds; an abundance of good spring
water, with a large creek running through
the. place; large dwelling with necessary
out buildings and fencing, all in good
condition, with the very best social,
church and school advantages, three
miles from a thriving town, ? miles from
railroad. Price $20 per acre; terms easy.
300 acres, 20 miles from Roanoke, on
railroiid, 100 acres river bottom, 11)0 acrts
in timber, line water, t/ood improvements.
5,000 nice locust posts can be cut now;
the bottom land is worth $100 per acre.
Farm mus? be sold and can bought for
$7,000 in next sixty days.
1150 acres line grain land, good Improve?
ments, 3 1-2 miles from Roanoke city,
11)0 acres land, plenty of timber, splen?
did 8-room brick dwelling, $3,750.
I 1"0 acres near Holllns?a great hargain
at $1,500.
110 acres, with good improvements^
first-class land; an ubundanceof fine tim?
ber, at $40 per acre.
30 acres, a comfortable dwelling, good
barn, well fenced, good water and lruit.
Price $?50.
Roanoke City Bargains.
i 8 room house near centre of town, large
lot, beautiful grounds, $1,500; easy pay?
7- roora house, nice lot, In southwest,
5-room cottage, near centre of city,
large lot with stable, $1,000. Samll cash
payemnt, balance $10 per month.
5- room house In southwest, $800, $1001
cash and $8 per month.
6- room house, corner lot, in southeast,
$750; easy payments.
Several business houses, renting for 12
per cent, of prices nsked. Some very fine
Beautiful 10 room house, handsomely
finished, nice location, $2,500.
8- room house, corner lot, in southwest,
8 lots, First avenue"n. w., $800; easy
3 nice lots in Lewis addition, all for
2 lots in Belmont, both for $70.
8-rooin house, corner lot, in northwest, j
$1,250, $12.50 cash and $12.50 per month.!
Good 6-room house in northwest, $700,
$50 cash ami $11) per month.
6-room brick house, largo lot, nice
strode, $1,000 cash.
This Is only a partial list of the farms ?
und city property we havo for sale, any
of which we will l>e glad to show nt any
time. Ft 11 description sent by mail af
\request. Correspondence solicited.
, W. SPhNDLB & CO.
Mo. 8 Campbell Avenue 8. \Y. 1

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