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" SIX MONTHS. $.00
driimvu. I Iliulneia Olllce. . 143
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tame locations.
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Why doesn't some frieud of Cuba pres?
ent General Weyler with a folding bed?
Mr. Harrity left the Democratic party
last year and now the Pennsylvania
Democrats have called him oft his perch
in the national executive committee.
Col. John Lame Irby, of Bouth Car?
olina, is now in a position to present his
compliments to Col. J. Hampton H?ge, of
Virginia, and suggests that it is a lung
\ime. between jollification meetings.
Kentucky has four Etate tickets in the
field this year and some of the voters re?
fuse, to support any of them. Kentucky
mast have a job lot of politicians on each
ticket, if with so mauy a man can't bo
The cigarette girls of New York who
are on a strike against East side manu?
facturers of Turkish and Russian ciga?
rettes for living wages have settled their
troubles and will eo to work next week
for themselves in a co-opeiative factory.
This is winning a strike oa the right
.Another foul crime has been .added to
the long list of Spanish atrocities in
Cuba which are constantly horrifying
the civilized world. This time it was two
young men of Havana wdio were secretly
aud foully assassinated by Weyler's
agents. It seems to have been a cold?
blooded affair aud makes one 'as t again,
"Why don't the United Slates Govern?
ment intercede for Cuba and [put* a stop
to this horrible butchering:'
The Rounuke Times says "you can't be
a Roanoke ^Democrat unless you get a
certificate from (he Terry building, coun?
tersigned at the courthouse." At this
distance it looks like The Times is mad
because the Roanoke; Democrats refuse to
apply to it for certificates of their De?
mocracy. ?Salem Times-Register.
Not mad, brother, The Times never
gets mad. The little diatribes of the
bantam journalistic quidnuncs anil the
antics [of ciose corporation Democrats
who believe that" Democracy means "you
scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"
only serve to amuse The Times.
The naval armor-plate board has made
an inspection of the Illinois Steel Com?
pany's plant at^Chicago, and hopes are
entertained in that .city that the site for
the Government armor plate shop may
fall to their bow and spear. They are des?
tined to disappointment. If that armor
plate plum gets away from Cleveland,
Ohio, while Hamm is king and McKinley
is his prophet, people will have paresis
and paralysis for very astonishment.
There is promise of cheaper lighting.
Hiram Maxim, the American inventor of
the Maxim gun.has just invented in Lon?
don, it is said, the finest, cheapest and
strongest electric light ever discovered,
with nearly three times the candle power
of the oidinary incandescent light. It
lasts more than twice; as long and re?
quires less than half the energy. Unlike
the lights now in use, the film is made of
mineral instead [of vegetable substance,
the nature of which is a secret. The re?
sult is a light of intense brilliancy with
.out red rays. The bulb is the ordinary
size. The vegetable films now used lire
very costly. Mr. Maxim says he 'an
make 1,000 of his new films for $1.
Report s lioin Georgia show that tho
Republican party in that State is in a
badly disrupted condition, much of
Which, if not nil, is due to the interfer?
ence of Senntor Hanna. The whites and
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64 Niagara St.,
the black* are fighting each other, be?
cause the latter are getting all the federal
patronage, and the few white people who
belong to the Republican party are fust
being driven out. This is one of the
schemes of Hanna, for, if he can
once drive out the white members of
the party, he believes he will the more
easily be able to control the delegates
from that State to the next national con?
It is repor;ed that Beuor De Lome,
the Spanish minister in Washington,
having learned that a large supply of war
material intended for Cuban revolution?
ists was about to be 'shipped southward
from Chicago, has sent n nctice to the
officials of railroads leading out of that
city warning them not to carry material
contraband of war or any material that
may he subsequently used for or by the
Cuban Insurgents, at the same time nott
fying'them them that they would-be held
responsible by the Spanish government
under the rules of international law. It
looks like a hoax perpetrated on the
Spanish minister, as it seems impossi?
ble that he should be guilty of such gross
impropriety as this story seems to indi?
ente. He is familiar with the uses of
diplomatic usage and is too intelligent
n"ot to realize thnt such au order from
him to the officers of au American rail?
way would be net only a violation of his
privileges, but an open insult to the gov?
ernment nt Washington. The Spanish
legation in this country can exercise no
authority over the operation of American
I raihoadc.
The adulteration of [wheat Hour with
c.rn meal is a method of cheapening the
cost of bread that seems to be growing in
favor. The Chicago Tribune says: ''The
enforced economy made necessary during
the last few years has undoubtedly en?
couraged "an important substitution of
corn foi wheat as a breadstuff. Even
when the disparity between the prices of
corn and wheat was less marked than at
the present time,the substitution of corn,
particularly in the adulteration of wheat
flour, began to attract general attention
in milling processes the proportion of
corn flour which wheat floyr will carry
without much danger of detection has
been greatly increased during the last few
years. There is an apparent desire on the
part of millers to withhold data ou this
subject. Notwithstanding the whole
someness of products of the great Amer?
ican cereal, it must be admitted that the
great part of the corn which has been
put into consumption bus masqueraded
under guise of wheat flour.
The consumption of corn as food for
human beings Is greater in this country
than abroad. It Is particularly large in
the South, ami it. is safe to say that "a
great nart of the flour milled for the
Southern trade during the last two years
has carried a full quota of coro." Rut.
? why should "the Soulhern trade" pav
j Northern mills for flour adulterated with
meal- The South raises enough corn and
wheat lor its own bread, and ItOtlght to he
abla to mix its meal anil Hour, if It pre?
fers such a mixture.
If "a great part of the flour milled for
the Southern trade during the last two
years has carried a full quota* of corn"
and that, too, at pure wheat (lour prices,
; Southerners would do well to buy their
' Hour from home mills exclusively. Rut
the question arises, do the Southern mills
adulterate their Hours with meal:' Or
j have they caught on to that Yankee
' trlekr
The nomination of Mr. Hicks yesterday
at the Salem convention was 'a foregone
conclusion. The weakness of'Mr. Berke?
ley In the primary gave Mr. Hicks, as it
j would any other candidate, a strength
j that carried him safely through the nom?
inating convention. Mr. *Ilicks' honors
j have come to him through the weakness
of Mr. Berkeley. It remains to lie seen
i what strength he will i'eve'op as a candi?
date before the people. The nomination
of Mr. Caldwell as Mr. Hicks' running
m te is, from all accounts, a most unac
countable blunder. According to reliable
report Mr. Cablwcll is a bar-keeper and
boss of the Craig county courthouse ring.
The primary that selected the Craig
county delegates, recognizing his weak?
ness, refn&etl to instruct the delegates for
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ny II. C. Barnes. "He puts t p prescrip?
Bonner, the well known restaurant
man, has ofMne'1 a private dining room
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approved style.
Fresh Pineapples in to-day, sweet and
luscious. Direct Irom the Florida pine
graves j. J.OATOGNI.
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Many yours ago tho Hon. Charles T.
O'Ferrall appeared in Washington us h
contestant for a seat in the Concuss,
Ironi which time uuto this season the
Democratic patty t>as kept hlui in some
honorable or lucrative ofllce every
minute. It is the fault of certain people,
so protected aud cared for in a public
way, that they become imbued with the
idea of political propriotorshlp^thut more
or less of the party belongs 10 them, and
not they to it. In much the same manner
bank cashiers have the money of deposi?
tors so completely at their command for
a scries of years, that, at last, they can?
not help looking upon it as their own, or
in featiuu it as if it Were.
Mr. O'Ferrall soon will complete his
four years' term as governor of Virginia.
The end of his administration will be
coterminous with the end of his political
career, unless he should do the improba?
ble thins and ^oin tho Republican party,
whose name he detests, but whose prin?
ciples,policies and designs against liberty
and prosperity he most hear til r indorses
as an Ohl Dominion aunex of the small
but select Waldorf dinner party. Safe in
the assurance that what Grover Cleve
land, John G. Cailisle, Whituej, Pier
pont '..ma-gun [and[ Ickleheimer says is
right, of course, is right particularly
when re-enforced by the opinion of an
O'Ferrall,the governor'sings his political
death song to the interviewer an-' at. tho
Democracy of his State, and tells them
both that he is a Democrat, and the peo?
ple w**!o constitute the State organiza?
tion, with the utmost unanimity, are net
Once upon a time Cue distinguished
members of the Tailor family who lived
i In Tooley street addressed a remonstrance
' to the crown,anil in it styled themselves:
"We, the people!" Mr. O'Ferrall does
not live in Tooley street. The political
suburb occupied by Cleveland and the
other ghosts is without name; but the
principle is the same. When he asserts
that the platform and ticket of the Ko:i
noke convention are not Democratic, and
that he will not support '.either for that
reason, [he ^justifies the suspicion that
something is wrong wHh Iiis intellectual
The Hoannke convention was as repre?
sentative a gathering of all that is truest
and best in the political life of the com
mouwealth as ever conveted in Virginia.
It was unanimous in declaring for the
principles and platform for which in 18U0
tnor" [than six million Democrats cast
their votes. It [the great convention of
Chicago, kite mighty army that fought
for its candidate aud the one'living issue
of the campaign, and the determination
reiterated all over the United States by
Democratic, conventions, with one strad?
dle-bug exception, to stick [to that plat?
form and that issue, 'did not make the
Hoanoke convention [and its work Demo?
cratic, what could do so!- Mr. O'Ferrall
is not in a logical position to say that all
the Democratic millions, their represent?
ative men aud bodies, are not Democrats
while he and his dozen or so of Virginia
Waldorfers are the true blue variety.
What would constitute good Democracy
in his eyes would be a platform and dec?
larations taken from the St. Louis plat?
form of 181)6. In short,to t?e a good Dem?
ocrat,as that term is expounded by Cleve?
land and Carlisle, in effect one must be a
Republican. That is what they all are,
whether they own up to it or not. Mr.
O'Ferrall is nofan i xcep?ton.
However, it tloes not much matter.
His career Is closing. He has been county
clerk, assemblyman, Congressman and
governor. He has accepted many gooil
things at the hands of the party kln?*
enough to bestow them. In return [we
uro not advised that the inflammability
of the James river thereby has been visi?
bly increased. Hut it is nearly over. In
a short time he will be out of the gov?
ernor's chair, as well as out of the,party.
In both cases it will be departure with?
out hope of return. "De niortuis nil nisi
bonum:"---Washington Times.
It will ii( t do to disregard the action of
the laboring men who recently met in St.
Louis, and whose declaration against
government by Injunction was so strongly
and pointedly put.
Whenever a hu ge class of our citizens
are deeply moved the part of patriotism
is to discover the extent of the grievances
anil t he true remedy for their .removal.
This is a course whith will result in
building upajgnod citizenry anil in mak?
ing all classes of people satisfied with the
government under which they lire.
It is an undoubted fact, apart from
any declaration which the '.St. Louis con?
vention has made, that, ol late 'years the
resort to the injunction arm of the con its
I.as grown into a great evil, and that too
many judges have b.-en found [who were
willing to use the extraordiuaiy powers
conlerred upon the courts lor purposes
of oppression and voatiou. Whilst the
courts should not be deplived of a single
iota of power conferred?since they have
been conferred for wise purposes when
wisely administered?yet judges should
be very careful never to go to the extent
of their power as long .-is there are other
means left by which matters may be
brought to i?. conclusion. In this land of
frequent [legislative session, where the
peonle have a full and quick appeal to
their law-makers, it is much saler, much
more patriotic to allow 'ji estions politi?
cal in their character to take their appeal
to the legislative branch rather than to
shelter under the shallow of the courts.
The Democratic national convention
felt called upon to denounce the abuse of
injunction by the courts. This denunci?
ation was but tho repetition of what no
less a man than [Thomas Jefferson had
made but a century before, only that now
we find ourselves suffering under the full
force of what to Mr. [Jefferson was but a
fear for the future.
No late abiding man should be taught
to cower in fear when his judge passes
by, but rather all should he taught that
there goes a man in whom their rights
and interests are safe, and tit whose
hands .-ill may expect equal and exact jus
It will not do to sneer at the protests
which various bodies make against the
abuse of the injunction power by courts.
Our judges would be wise and :?ur leading
lawyers would be wise if they would con?
sider this matter seriously, with a view
of discovering other remedies rather
than those which can be characterized as
tyrannical, ami look forward to larger
matters than mere personal or temporary
gain. ?Atlanta Constitution.
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Many men are iei,r
Of 22,000 Miners in West Virginia, 10,000
Are Not at Work.
Wheeling, W. Vn., Sept. !t ?State La?
bor Commissioner Isaac Barton, of
Wheeling, has just, [returned after an ex?
tended trip through the coal*Hehls of the
State. Governor Atkinson wished to
know the exact situation and the com?
missioner spent eight <'ays in his investi?
gation, covering the Fairmount, New
River add Kanawha fields.
Of the 22.000 miners of the State, he
finds that 10,000 are Idle. Of these 4,0(1(1
are New River men end 4,000 Kanawha
miners. In both regions the suspension
is practically complete, fully 85 percent,
of tin-miners being on strike. "In the
New River region the oporutors'aro mak?
ing no attempt to get out coal. On Ithe
Norfolk and Western road, In the South?
ern part of the state, the commissioner
reports that little coal is being product d.
The only field in the Suite where the
strike is not becoming effective is at
Fait mount, where the daily shipments of
coal amount to 325 cars, (i.?nO ton-. In
the Kanawha Valley no* more 'ban 1,000
of the 5,000 miners are at work.
j Constantinople, Sept. II ?The trial of
two Armenians recently taken into cus
| tody in consequence of the finding of
I bombs at their homes, and their confes?
sions that they intended to commit out?
rages by the usu of these bombs at the
Russian and Uerman embassies, was be?
gun to day.
Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. It.?The de?
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Directors?Chester K Hoag, secretary
and treasurer Whttehead <.\- Hoag Com?
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nter, Smith Sb Co., Newark, N. J.: .lehn
R, Weeks, nttornev-nt law, A4 Broadway,
New York; Louis C. Frey, Alaska mana?
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Agents: J. A. McDnflle, General Eastern
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straight, legitimate business and give*
good values. J. E. ROGERS & CO.
r^S>* FOR PILES-<S^<
For Sale by All Diucgists.

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