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At 2 o clock yesterday morniug the
?oul of J. 0. Deyerle crossed beyond the
rivr of d?nth. lie died at his Mniu street
home surrounded by friends The
funeral will be conducted t-his 'afternoon
at 3 o'clock at the Episcopal TChurch by
the rector, E. W. Hnbburd, after which
the remains will be interred in East Hill
Mrs. H. T. Allenjuid two daughters,
and Mrs. Warner, of Petersburg, are
stopping at trie home of Mr. and Mrs. .T.
P. Saui on the Boulevard.
The initial service of the great pente
costal meetlmi, unuer the auspices of the
of the Virginia Association for the Pro?
motion of Bible Holiness was hold Thurs?
day night in the Alabama street Taber?
nacle, with a good audience in attend?
The large building will comfortably
seat about 1,200 people an 1 it had been
put in order, and is scrupulously clenn
and uen*. the wnlls being adorned with
Hible mottoes, and brilliantly lighted for
the night services.
The chmr is composed of some of Su
lem's best talent and is under the man?
agement of the sweet singer, XV. H. Bur?
nett, of ltonncke city.
The opening sermon was preached by
Rev. Joseph H. Smith, of Philadelphia.
Mr. Smith is a man of splendid} physical
development, with a broad white brow,
and speaks with the power and earnest?
ness of a Cataline before a listening sen?
ate. He took for his text the latter part
of the 12th chapter of Acts, "What
Meanetli This:-" The speaker said:
"What does pentecost mean:- In the vis?
ion the cloven tongues were not seen by
the multitude for this was only witnessed
by the 120 "
Pentecost, he said, was the most his?
toric epoch in the Bible aud registered
the advent of the Holy Ghos*. the third
person in the Trinity. He said that God
would show before the meeting closed
what Peulecost meant to the community
at large, to the church and to tLe indi?
vidual Christian. The witness *of the
Holy Ghost wns not promised to any but,
Christians, but that God would come to
outsiders through the Christians in the
different churches aud that the wicked
would be drawn to see their sins through
the magnet of the Holy Ghost. We long
for a revival of the old-time conviction;
we want to see men sin-sick. When God
pours out His spirit on His people the
sinners' hearts tremble as they did in the
olden time. There are many, the speaker
said, who had never passed the convic?
tion Mne. The holiness people are work?
ing for the conversion nt men. Head
vised united prayer for a great revival,
as M-ell as Banctiflcatious. The text was
exhaustively treated under the three
heads?What\.- Pentecost means to the
community at large,to the church, to the
individua ^Christian.
Mr. Smith Is earnest and able and a
great meeting is expected.
There will be four services a day during
the meeting. A song service with testi?
monials at 0:o{l a. m. Preaching at 10:30
a. m. Preaching at '\ in the afternoon
and preachiug at 8.15 at night.
The follow'ng prominent preachers are
in attendance at this time: Her. E. L.
Kregloe, Rev. M. N. Davennort, Rev. E.
V. Goodwin, Rev. H. A. Wilson,'Rev. .f.
W. Parsley aud "Mr. .1. T. Grubb, secre?
tary of the Y. M. C. A., of Shenandosh,
Va, Others 'are expected and the meet?
ings will continue for ten days.
Raleigh, N. C.Sept. 0.?"Doc" Kelley,
alias Burton, colored, aged 23 years,
was publlcli executed to-day at Kiuston
in the presence of five thousand people
for assault on a white ?vornan. He con?
fessed. His victim was within a few feet
of the gallows to witness the execution.
Bonner, the well known restaurant
man, has opane?1 a private dining room
for ladies, which is fitted up in the mo^t
approved style.
A Lawyer Charged With Misappropria?
ting a Client's Money.
Chnriottesville, Sept. ?Mr. Fit/hugh
Fry, a member of the Chnriottesville bar,
was arrested to-day by Uflieer Stratton on
a ?varrAnt charging him with the misap?
propriation of money. The warraut was
sworn out by A G. Diehl, secretary and
treasurer of the Kdgowood Distilling
Company, of Cincinnati, O.
Diehl charges that Mr. Fry, acting for
the Edge wood Distilling Company, had
collected certain accounts due that Com?
pany, aggregating more than cue hun?
dred dollars, and had failed to remit. He
presented certain receipts which, he al?
leges, had been given by the attorney iu
attestation of the payment of those ac?
Mr. Fry was held by 'the mayor, who
required sfHOO bond, which had not been
given at a late hour this afternoon. The
examination will take place to-morrow
morning at 10 o'clock.
Committee Will Have Nothing to Do
jWith the Proponed Convention.
Lynchburg News: Mr. Park Agnew,
collector of internal re>enue for the
Western district of Virginia,and recent'y
elected chairman of the Republican State
committee, did not seem on ."yesterday to
be disturbed by the action of Colonel
Lamb in calling a convention to meet in
this city on Tuesday, October 5th. When
asked by a reporter ot the News for an
expression of opinion, be said that he
bad nothing to say in !regard to the mat'
ter. He added, however, that so far as
he could learn there was not the slight
est'defection among those cn whom the
State committee had counted for sup?
port. He said further that be could form
no idea as to what support Colonel Lamb
would have in the "rank and file of the
party. The committee, he declared,would
have nothing whatever to do with the
convention, for with them it would ho
strictly hands off. Mr Agnew concluded
by sayiug he didn't dispute the right of
anybody ,to call a convention if he wished
to dc so.
Democrats Agree to Fi?bt the Campaign
ou Local Issues.
New York, Sept. '<i ?The maungers of
the Democratic carxpnign ,in the Greater
New York have agreed on a basis of com?
promise as between tho gold and silver
wings of the party, aud have decided that
only by agreeing to it can they prevent
serious defection and possibly an inde
Deudent ticket. This basis can be stated
in two paragraphs:
First?No mention of the Chicago or
Indianapolis platforms, and an ignoring
uf national issues, the campaign to be
fought entirely on local issues. This is
??i concession to the gold Democrats. like
William C. Whltnev, Roswell P. Flower
and others, and to the conservative busi?
ness element and to the Democratic
Second?No candidate to be nominated
on the greater city ticket, unless he sup?
ported the Chicago national ticket iu the
last campaign This is a condition that
is insisted on by the workers In the Dem?
ocratic organizations in all the bor
These conditions, it was said, will be
adhered to, ami there will be an effort on
the part of a great many old men|tO show
that they were really loyal to Hryanism.
"My boy came home from school one
day with bis hand badly lacerated and
bleeding and suffering great pain," says
Mr. E. .1. Schall, with Meyer Rros.' Drug
Company, St. Louis, Mo. "I dressed the
wound, and applied Chamberlain's Pain
Halm freely. All pain ceased, and in a
remarkably short time it healed without
leaving a scar. For wounds, sprains,
9(veilings and rheumatism I know of no
medicine or prescription equal to it. I
consider it a household necessity." The
25 and 50 cent si7.es for sale by IL C.
Harnes. "He puts up prescriptions "
The Whitlow Big) Co., third floor over
No. 11-1 Salem avenue.
At Now York?New York, I run, ,!
!;i's. 3errors. Cincinnati, 11 runs, U
hits, 2 error. Batteries: Sullivan nud
Warner; Breitenstein ?ml Peltz.
Second name?Now York, 10 runs, 14
hits, 15 errors. Cincinnati. 3 runs. 1 hit,
2 errors. Batteries: Ruste and Waruer;
Rhinos aud Schrlver.
At Boston?Boston, 0 runs, 12 his, 0
errors. Chicago, 8 runs, (j hits, 2 errors..
Butteries: K lobednnz and Bergen; Thoru
tou and Kittridgo.
Second tame?Boston, 0 runs, 11 hits,
'i errors. Chicago, 1 run, 7 hits. -1 errors.
Batteries: Nichols and Ganzell; Grilllth
and Kittridgo.
At Baltimore?Baltimore, 2*3 runs, 28
hits, 2 errors. St. Louis, 1 run, 0 hits, 0
errors. Batteriea: Corhclt and Bohinson;
Donahue and Douglass.
No other league games scheduled yes?
Standing) of tub Clubs. \v L PCt
Boston. 77 34 008
Baltimore.74 03 001
New York. (is 80 843
Cincinnati. (13 41 500
Cleveland. 55 52 514
Chicago. 50 50 450
Louisville. 40 02 441
Philadelphia. 40 02 441
Pittsburg. 47 00 430
Brooklyn. 48 02 430
Washington. 4'! 01 480
St. Louis.28 S3 345
btanoino op tub cluds. W L PCt
Lancaster. 80 40 007
Newark. 75 40 005
Hartford. 00 40 585
Richmond. 03 51 553
Norfolk. 54 50 4 7S
Paterson. 57 05 407
Athletics. 44 74 878
Reading. 85 80 283
Opposed by the Gnmbliutr Element?Will
be Caudidnte for Speaker.
Richmond, Sept. 3.?The Democratic
primaries in Heurlcq county to day re?
sisted in the renomination of Hon. Addi?
son Maupin over C W. Throckmorton for
the house of delegates. Mr Man pin was
the father of the Maupin anti-gambling
hill,which parsed at the last session, and
for which the sporting fraternity fought
him. Ile was also outspoken in opposi?
tion to the re-election of Superintendent
Lynn, of the penitentiary,and announced
in advance his purpose, if elected, to lead
the fight in favor of certain reform:; at
the penitentiary. Mr. Maupin will he a
candidate for speaker of the bouse.
Heurico also voted for two candidates
for senator, and Messrs. Con way R. Sands
and B. B. Mumford led W. H. Beveridno
by such luree majorities that Mr. Beve
ridge will be unable to defeat either one
of them when the primaries are held In
Kichtnond on September 10. The county
and city constitute a Senatorial district.
Mr. R. D. Greeve, merchant, of Chll
howie, Ya., certifies that, ho had con?
sumption, was given up to die,sought all
medical treatment that money could pro?
cure, tried all cough remedies that he
could hear of, but cot no relief: spent
many nights sitting up in a chair; was
induced to try Dr. King's New Discovery
and wits cured by use of two bottles.] For
the past three years has been attending
to business, and says Dr. Kind's New
Discovery is the grandest remedy ever
made, as It has done so much for
him ami also for others in his
community. Dr. King's New Discover)
Is guaranteed for Cough?, Collis ami Cort
sumption. It don't fail. Trial bottle
fre>- at Ma.s.sie's Pharmacy, 109 Jefferson
Everybody, uses soap, but few think
about the kind that would be best to
use. We think about soap, and put
thought into it. You 'do the using, and
we'll do the thinking.
Subscribe for The Times.
The Internal Revenue Bureau Apparently
Sustains It.
Washington, Sept. ?Some of the
deputies in the office of Colonel James ?.
Brady, the collector of internal levenue
for the Richmond, Va., district, have
protested to the Treasury Department
because Colonel Urady did not rehppoiut
them, and have set up the claim that in
failing to do so Colonel Urady violated
the clvll-setv'co regulations. At the in?
ternal revenue bureau it is pointed out
that by the law each collector is author?
ized to appoint, under an Instrument in
his own handwriting, as many deputies
as bo mny think proper. The deputies so
appoiuted must, if they are to continue
their tenure, be rcnppointed by each suc?
ceeding collector. Under the exceptions
made by President McKinley's recent or?
der, one deputy and "one stamp deputy
are exempted from those 'who must be
appointed under the civil service regula?
While each collector can exercise his
discretion about reappolntlltg bis prede?
cessor's deputies, i! he dees not choose to
do so, he must nuiKe his new appoint?
ments, with the exceptions noted, from
the eligible list. If there is no eligible
ltst- he may, under the law, make tempo?
rary appointments for thir*y days.
Columbia, S. C, Sept.'!!.?The official
count of votes cast, in Tuesday's primary
election for United States Senator was
declared at the several county seats to?
day ami reported to the State, shows 40,
oS'.l votes were cast. McLiriurln receiving
20,260, Evans, 10,000; Irby, 11,149. Mc
Laurln's majority was 12,411.
?la'.l? /HY sstr7<-T-""" ,sea
Breakfast, 20 cents: dinner, 2~> cents:
supper cents. Meal tickets) J4. J.
J. Catogni's restaurant.
CbocoIat<> Bonbons?
roit yAL^c itv
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Fact Bargains.
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