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The Pentacostal nvectlng'still continues
with powerful sermons, sweet nusic ami
ntnuy conversions and snnctilications.
On Wednesday night Rev. ;j. H. Smith
preached the grandest serrmou of the
aeries* from the te>t, Psalms 51-7:
?'Purge me with hysop and I shall be
clean. Wash me and I shall be whiter
than suow. 1 He also preached again
yesterday morning from the text, First
Cor., 14-1: "Follow after charity and de?
sire spiritual gifts, but rather, that ye
may prophesr." In the afternoon Rev.
Perry R. Nugent, of Richmond, preached
n beautiful sermon on "The LGift of the
Holy Ghost." Very large crowds attend
the night meetings, probably'ns many as
1,000 each night. Mr. Smith seems to
grow in popularity,as ho seems to have a
laudable character, with ueyer a word to
hurt tne feelings of the most sensitive,
nor a rough word to rutile the feelings of
the most aesthetic.
Irvin Moon, of Richmond,* is visiting
his father and brother at their home ton
Pennsylvania avenue.
Yesterday the Methodist Sunday-school
enjoyed a picnic in Logan's woods east
of Salem.
Yesterday was one of the hottest days
of the yeat in Salem. The meicury at il
o'clock in the nfternoou on Dillard &
Persinger's corner registered 02 negroes,
and at Col. I). C. Shank's in West Salem,
95 degrees. The roads are becoming tear?
fully ?'usty and .vegetation is beginning
to parch andNburn. From present indi?
cations it would seem that a severe
drouth is upon the land and irom the
sun's glaring disc and the clear autumal
skies there is no hope of immediate re?
While there is but one case of typhoid
fever of -vhicb we have learned in Salem,
that of a child of Mr. and Mrs. Shenkj in
the western portion of the town.it might
be well for people to be careful and look
to the sanitary renditions of their prem?
ises, being careful not to throw slops anil
refuse where it can contaminate the wa?
tet which they drink, especially those
who use well water. It. would also be
?well to lime low, damp place.? around
premises, so as to keep down foul odors,
as bad odors and contaminated water are
prolific causes of fever.
Cliff Hess, the musician, who has for
some time past been traveling with the
Robinson & .Franklin circus, is at home
on a visit.
The Rev. D. G. Armstrong and wife, of
Atlanta, who have been summering in
Salem, left Wednesday evening for the
above city, where Mr. Armstrong has a
pastoral charge.
Miss Lila Hallard left "yesterday for a
visit to friends and relatives in Lynch
Mrs. Wolfendeo and Mrs. George Ra
gan left yesterday on the excursion train
bound tor Richmond and Norfolk. Be?
fore returning they will.visit friends in
the former city.
Robert Logan, Geo. W. Logan and Phil
Burwell left yesterday to ^attend ^tbe
Wytheville fair.
Mrs. Walter Raskerville and family
left yesterdav to visit friends**iu Pulaski
Leon Palmer, formerly of 'Salem, now
connected with the- Guggenheimer
"Woolen Company, of Lynehburg, is in
the city attending to the removal of bis
household.furniture t'j the Hi 1 City.
Miss i.omicn, of Roanoke, and Miss
Berkeley, of Farmville,will arrive this af?
ternoon to take charge of their respective
departments in the Salem graded school,
which opens on Monday.
Mrs. T. I). Martin on Tuesday enter?
tained at her beautiful home across the
river the Rev. .1. R. Bridges "and wife,
the Misses Armstrong and other friends.
W. Griflin.captain, and R. H. Thomas,
llrst sergeant, of the .leff Davis Rifles,
have ordered a business ^meeting of thu
company to take place at the armory on
Saturday evening nt 7 o'clock.
Prof. II. T. Hildreth and mother. Who
have been RUtnmering iu tho WnVo
Mountains, New Hampshire, returned to
Salem ycs'eiday.
Mrs. Hubert Lynch and Miss Shuffte
liarger, of Hell Springs, Va., a-e the
guests ot Mrs. Wm. .Lyuch, ou Market
Mis. W. Dillard and children have
returned from a pleasant on tint; iu Craig
J. Y. Shay, of Botetourt county, is vis?
iting his nephew, C. W. Frier, in West
The Salem reporter'is indebted to O.
I.. Stearnes tor a fine water motion, raised
on his farm, near Mason's creek. If Mr.
Stearnes can't get legislative nomina?
tions be cau surely raise sweet watermel
ions. _
A Dispatch From Senator Daniel on the
Recent Rise In Wheat.
Editor New York Herald:
The high price of wheat is manifestly
duo to the increased \lemnnd of foreign
countries, due to crcp failures there. The
low pi ice of silver bullion is due to the
decreased demand, due to the progressive
dosing of the mints to 'ts coinage. If
there .were still greater failuresol cropsin
other countries wheat Would go bischer.
If the prohibition of silver coinage were
followed by the prohibition of the. use of
silver in the arts the bullion would be?
come worthless.
If gold were denied the right of free
coinage which it now has it would lall,
for the principal demand would cease.
If silver were restored to free coinage it
would instantly go up, as the principal
demand for it as money would revive.
The spasms of trade due to transitory
fluctuations of crops and markets cannot
change the operation of general princi?
ples. The denial of the right of silver
to be freely coined has given that metal
the boycott, and it will stay down as
long as it is boycotted, ami the vast dis?
turbance of the world's money and prop?
erty values, with the Increased burden of
taxes and debt, will long continue unless
silver be restored to its royal right as a
money metal, to be freely coined like
There is no exact equation between
wheat and silver, or between any two
commodities as to their prices, because
transient causes of supply aml'dcniaud
will produce constantly recurring fluctu?
ations. Hut both wheat and silver, and
all other commodities, R ill move on a
low plane of price as long as silver is de?
monetized, unless indeed, there be a vast
output of gold that lifts the plane of
all prices by largely swelling the volume
o' money.
Hut If this were to take place there
would be a movement to stop gold coin?
age led by the same classes that have
warred on silver. What they want i- dear
dollars and cheap labor and cheap com?
modities, and they will use any device to
get them. On the other hand, the -nasses
need a full and ever increasing volume of
money to keep up prices, to prevent the
increase of tax burden and debt burden,
to stimulate investment Jn property and
enterprise, and to give competition and
employment to labor.
Lynchburg, Va., Sept. 2, 1S!?7.
Park Ri'dee. N. J., Sept. 0.?The large
carbon paper factory of Mittag St Yoluer
was totally destroved by lire to day. "The
cause is a mystery. The loss is estimated
at $00,uOO. Sever?1 jhundred hands are
thrown out of employment.
Boston, Sept. !).?Jimmy "Michael, Ed
die McDuflle and Lucien Lesnaw, the
three fastest wheelmen in the world an1'
all holders of the world's records, have
been matched to ride a *hree-cornercd
race, twenty-live miles, on September 18,
for a purse of $5,000. ~ mM
OLD FAPERS.for - ale at The Tunes
oflice. (Jood for putting under carpets.
At 15..1tlmorL'?Baltimore, 8 runs, S
hits, ? errors. Louisville, 2 runs, 7 hits,
3 errors. Batteries: Holler and Chirk:
Hill and Wilson.
At New York?New York, 4 ruus, 1
bits, 1 error. Pittsburg, 5* runs, 11 hits,
5 errors. Batteries: Meektn aud Waruer;
lluwley und M-rritt.
Second game?New* York, 0 runs, 7
hits, 0 errors. Plttsbunr, 2 runs, 0 liits,
0 errors. Batteries: Seymour aud War?
ner: Hughey and Sugden.
At Boston?Bcston, 13 runs, 10 hits, 1
error St. Louis, li runs, 10 hits, 2 errors.
Uatterles^Stivotts and Bergen; Suthoft'
and Douglass.
At Brooklyn?Brooklyn, 7 runs, 8 hits,
3 errors. Cincinnati, 1 run, 3 hits, 2 er?
rors. Batteries: Kennedy and,.Grim;
Ithines and Schriver
VI At Philadelphia?Philadelphia, 5 runs,
8 hits, 1 error. Chicago, 4 runs, 11 hits,
2 errors. Batteries: Duukle and Boyle:
Thornton and Kittridge.
At Washington?Washington, 9 runs,
II hits, 2 errors. Cleveland, 8 runs, 11
hits, errors. Batteries: Mercer aud Mc
Guire; Powell and Zimmer.
Standing of the Clubs, w l pet
Baltimore.". 70 33 705
Boston_".. 81 35 ?08
New York. 75 40 *652
Cincinnati. 05 47 "580
Cleveland. 57 58 405
Washington. 52 01 400
Chicago. 52 04 "? 44.;
Brooklyn. 51 05 * 430
Philadelphia. 51 05 *439
Pittsburg. 40 05 480
Louisville. 40 07 422
St. Louis. 27 88 ,235
Lancaster. 85 41 075
Newark. 78 53 505
Hartford.72 53 570
Richmond... 08 52 507
Patersou. 02 07 4SI
Norfolk. 57 01 471
Athletics. 47 70 :17::
Reading. 30 05 275
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles? If not get a bottle now
ami get relief. This medicine has been
found to be peculiarly adapted to the re?
lief and i ure of all Female Complaints,
exerting a wonderful direct ir.flueuce in
giving strength and tone to the organs.
If you have loss of appetite,Constipation,
Headache, Fainting Spells, or are Ner?
ves, Sleepless. Excitable, Melancholy or
troubled with Dizzy smells. Electric. Bit
te_s is the medicine you need. Health
and Strength are guaranteed bv its use.
Fifty (teats and *1 at Massie's Pharmacy.
Chicago, Sept. 0.?The leading fu?
tures ranged as follows:
Wheat? Open. Close.
September. 0()? OSj
September.311 311
September . 19A 10;
October. 8.05 8.02
October. 4 77 4.75
October. 5.47 5.50
Muusey's Magazine at .Tack's.
Yon walk in my store, put on a pair of
easy shoes and pay me just a small price
for them and you are one of the best sat
islied men in town. My shoes are easj to
wear and easy to buy. Come to either
store?Salem avenue or Jefferson street.
Bonner, the wi ll known restaurant
man, has openc1 a private dining room
for ladies, which is fitted up in the most
approved style.
Fresh Pineapples in to-day, sweet and
luscious. Direct from the Florida pine
graves ,T. J.CATOGNI.
'Whether Itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
crusted, pimply,or blotchy, whether simple,
scrofulous, or hereditary, from Infancy to ago,
speedily cured by ? arm baths with CUTICUUA
Si>.\e, gentle anointings withGoneenAfolnt
mont), the great s'.;iii euro, and mild doses
Of COTIOUItA KESOLVEXT, greatest of blood
imriticrs and humor cures.
Ii?nt? throughout the world. Pottdi: Deco ?nDCmsu.
Cour., Sole Prop... I*o*ton.
Otf "How lo Cure Kvery Illooil llumor,"fr?e.
Two Note?1 Stock Concerns Went ta the
Wall Yesterday.
New York, Sept. SI.?I. 11. Willard Sr
Co., brokers, at 55 Broadway, who oper?
ated largely in railroad stocks, failed this
morning. The announcement of their
suspension was reported on the street
immediately after the opening of the
Stock Exchange.
They have a largo branch oflice at Chi?
cago, am' that firm is one of the "best
known on the board of trade. .1. R. Wil
lard, head of the linn, is one [of the fa?
miliar figures on the Chicago board. He
has chnrge of the Western office. They as
iined to ,1. L. Starbuck.
Washington, Sept. !??Georue W. Silsby
?\: Co., stock and grain brokers with
branch o?ices in Baltimore, Philadelphia,
and New York, this morning posted a
not'ee that they would have to closo on
account of temporary embarrassment. It
is expected that a settlement will he
made in a few days.
By the Cnpsizing of the Pleasure Yacht
Blanche Boat Detroit.
Detroit, Mich., Sept. !).?Detroit river
is being dragged to-day for the bodies of
fifteen persons drowned by the capsizing
of the sloop yacht Blanche B., from this
city, which last evening, with a gny party
of seventeen men and women, went over
during a strong mm! sadden gust of wind.
Two men, Thillm in and O'Brien, suc?
ceeded in climoing upon the upturned
boat and were rescued early this morn
s. The bodies of six ol the male victims
of the disaster were recovered from the
I ike to-day.
Our Tarbill Cheese is mild
and sweet. Try it. ?anjy P
Figgat & ?^o.
Into Bonner1* restaurant when you pass.
It is certainly it thing of beauty since
he made improvements. His tables are
laden with everything that one wants to
eat. Anything you order will be filled
with dispatch by bis nicoimiiodating
corps of waiters. You should see is place.
.'. .'. NEW RIVER . . .".
For further information address
Mrs. J. E. BISHOP,
IV? >prie1 ivs.s.
.1. E. Iiisiiin?, Manager.
Eggleston is our depot.
Until You See Our Solid
Fact Bargains.
We .have opened the season with a stock of goods
that beats the record for beauty and low prices. We
will close it with stock disposed of.; and tin- best
pleased lot of customers you ever saw
Be Fair With Yourself
and See Our Fall Stock.
It presents an opportunity for economical buying
that nobody can afford to miss. Our store is crowded
with the newest of new styles, selected with expe?
rienced care :is to quality, good taste as to style, and
generous prodigality as to variety. It is the right
Popular Styles, Late Novelties, Standard Grades
and newest attractions are all found in abundance in
every department of our elegant line of
hats, caps And
\i> question about these goods pleasing- - thev make
none better. No question about prices being satisfac?
tory-nolle call sell cheaper.
Depend on us for perfeel satisfaction and value for
your money.
the old reliable
Philadelphia One-Price Clothing House.
s You to
For Y1
This department is filling up daily with all
'the newest FALL FABRICS.
New Russian Fleeces, suitable t'(?i' Fall Waists and Wrap?
pers, lovely designs.Jfj?
20 pieces, beautiful styles. Fall Outings.8q
10 pieces New Fall Russian Flannels, in Neat and Nobby
Cheeks and Plaids.5 3-4*C
10 pieces Light Colored Flannelette, beautiful patterns... |Qq
30 pieces Fall Ginghams at.8C and IOC
Best Indigo Blue Prints.5C
Best Quality Black and White and Silver Grey Calico for fiQ
New Cheviots for Shirting.7C
We are receiving daily all the Latest
""Novelties and Newest Colorings in
Roman Stripes and Plaids for Belts and Sashes. Also all the
Narrow Width to match for Ties
Black GOOdS?re^r?
10 pieces All Wool French Serge, very tine twill.
5 pieces Heavy Twilled Storm Serge.
36-inch Figured Black Goods, 40c value.
All Wool Imported Serge, 'Mr value for.
On Monday we will show for the first time the newest
novelties in fancy hosiery.
' Two-thread Lisie Hose Scotch Plaids, very swell.%\ pgjr
Fancy Striped and Plaid Hose, would be cheap at 75c, we
Gents Scotch Plaid [lose, guaranteed fast and stainless color,
ex-superfine. .5?c
Children's Hose, double Knee, Heel and Toe, warranted fast
Black.|2 |-2C
Ladies1 Fast Color Tan Hose, drop stitch, real value 15c,
Children's Fast Color Tan Hose, all sizes, worth 25c,
now. |5n
A full line of Children's Black and Tan Hose in all sizes and
prices always on hand.
Our sah; of Ladies' and Gentlemen's
will continue during this week.
Lot No. 1?60 dozen Gents'AU Linen, Hemstitched Hand?
kerchiefs, laundered and unlaundered, i to 1 inch hem... 12 |-2c
Lot No. 2?L5 dozen Gents' All Linen Hemstitched Hand?
kerchiefs, i t<> 1 inch hem.|5c
Lot No. 3?20 do/en Cents' All Linen Hemstitched Hand?
kerchiefs, i to 1 inch hem.2?0
Lot No. 4?25 dozen Ladies' Fine Sheer Lawn Hemmed
Handkerchiefs, with corded borders, regular 5c quality for...3c
Lot No. 5---10 dozen Ladies' Hemstitched All Linen Hand?
kerchiefs, real value 18c, ? to 1 inch hem, now.J2 |?2C
Lot No. 6?15 dozen Ladies'' Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, ?
to 1 inch hem.|
5 dozen Ladies' Swiss Embroidered Handkerchiefs, would
be cheap at 18c, now...".J2 |-2C
Ladies' Accordeon Pleated Bow, fancy Roman stripes, en?
tirely new.: -33C*

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