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Reliable Advertisers of Facts,
Store News
This Week,
Lot 1.
Js located in the Domestic
Department and consists of
about 8,000 yards of Apron
Checked Ginghams at 5c.
Lot 2.
Contains 10 dozen 45-inch
ready-macle Pillow Slips, to be
sold at L2?c.
Lot 3.
Is sub-divided into two lots,
and consists of Shirt Waists.
All our 05c. and 35e. Shirt
Waists to sold at 15c. eAll
our $1.50 and $1.75 Waists
arc to be sold at 7.r)c.
Lot 4.
(lontains 1.00 dozen Ladies'
Ribbed Vests, which we will
sell at fx-.. Sc. and 10c
Lot 5.
Consists of *jo pieces of Im?
ported Serge, in black and col?
ors, all wool, at 25c.
Lot 6.
Contains l() pieces of Black
Figured Mohairs. 40 in. wide,
and only 50c.
Lot 7.
Consists of 5 pieces of All
Wool Black Imported Serge,
very fine twill and 50 in. wide,
only 50c.
Lot 8.
Is situated in our Silk De?
partment and consists of beau?
tiful Plaids, just the thing for
the coming fall ; worth ?1.50 ;
we only a>k $ 1.
Lot 9
Is situated in our Linen De?
partment and contains 5 pieces
of Turkey Red Damask at 20c.
Lot 10.
Is a corner lot and contains
100 Gloria Silk Umbrellas,
steel rods, natural handles, and
will be sold at $1.
Lot 11,
Through tin* center of our
store you'll lind a big lot of
Remnants at one-half their ac?
tual worth.
Lot 12
Consists of a lot of Corsets,
such as the R. G., Thompson's
Glove-Fitting and Warner's
Leaders in Low Prices and
Reliable Goods.
26 Salem Ave
School of Shorthand,
1 ; WITH :?^
Public School Studies arc
Taught to the Preparatory Stu?
dents. Special Attention is
(iive.n Them.
We have secured the agency for
Oakland Mineral Water, which is
well known in the city. It has
been known to cure the worst
cases of indigestion, stomach
and kidney trouble, as is shown
by the numerous testimonials
from persons in this city. It will
be delivered fresh daily for 10
cents per eallon, and will be on
draught at our store. Sandy P.
FiesMt & Co.
At cut rates. Save money l>y seeing S.
II. l'uci' ft Co, Ticket Brokers, Members
A. T. B. A., 10 Jeflersou street.
Good old NohIi Webster says that
Acne means the top, or bigliest point,
the Culmination. TllO Acme remedies
made by II. O. Barnes, the druggist, are
rightly named. Their aim is at the'neme
of perfection.
Scholarship in National Business Col?
lege at Rouuoku. Apply at The Times
HOPCKOFT will play you 28 pieces on
bis phonograph at your home for $1.1)0.
Taken from the Norfolk and Western
offices between It and !i:\U) p. in. on Mon?
day, September (i. a "Twentieth Cen?
tury" Bicycle. "Triumph" sudd.e, down
curve handle-bar; the two pedals do not
match. Toe above reward will be paid
for such information as shall lead to the
recovery of bicycle and conviction of the
offender. Apply to the janitor, N. A: W,
We hare been reliably informell that
the famous Back ('reek pippin apples are
now being sold for SI per bushel. The
red apple is also bringing fifty and sixty
cents per bushel. As long at the Back
Creek pippin grows to perfection, like it
now does, our friends in that neighbor
In od need not iro to tbe cold and desolate
Klondike for their fortune. They have a
Klondike at home.?Salem Sentinel.
Public School and College Text Books
at Caldwcll Sites Co. 18 Salem Ave.
"Gambling in Roanoke" wIP bo the
subject of discourse at the Fourth Ave?
nue Christian Church on next Euntlay
night. The imstor, Rev Ira W. Kim?
me!, will tell the people of Roanoke
something ol the "crime breeder'' of our
city, and an interesting incident in the
way of gnmbling that occurred in out
city during the late convention. Fathers
of families are especially invited to bo
present at this service.
The alarm of fire yesterday about 1
o'clock was occasioned by the explosion
of a gasoline stovo in a bouse near the In?
tersection of Campbell and Patterson
avenue. The lire was extinguished be?
fore the arrival of the fire companies by
the laily ot the house throwinu a blanket
over the blaze and turning on the water
from the hydrant.
Pure Palm Oil Soap 45 cents a dozen
at Massie's Pharmacy.
At n regain- meeting of Division Xo. 1
of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, held
Wednesday evening last, it whs decided
to give a grand ball on the nicht before
Thanksgiving day next. A commit tee
consisting of T. Kelly. W. J. Cunimings
and Patrick Liliis were appointed to
make all necessary nirnngements foi the
A gift with i very package of School
Books ut Caldwell Sites Co., IS Salem
One man was mulcted in the sum of
$2.?0 yesterday on the charge of drunken?
ness. No other cases were heard in the
police court.
There was r.o business transacted yes?
terday in the hustings court. Judge
Woods was busy examining the books of
the Trust Company, of which S.W. Jam?
ison was treasurer.
IX ORDER to close business by Octo?
ber 1, will sell my stock as u wholesale
at a big baruain. L. OTT, 210 Com?
merce street _
is EQUAL to 05 PKlt (text.
'ALCOHOL rott ALL external
and nunXlXO. POKPOSES asm
mi < i! ( iieapku: Sold at
MASSIE Piiakm.vcv.
SitKO the announcement In the fc'euti
nel of the namewof the teHchers fit the
next session in the high school ono
change has occurred, very unexpectedly
to tho board und to the young lndy cho?
sen. It seems that Miss Jones had made
a conditional promise to teach in tho
same place she occupied last jear, from
which Promise, however, she l\nd the
best reasons to consider herself released;
hut the board, to which she had given
tne promise, insisted upon it so strenu?
ously, and such unpleasnut com plica
tions seemed likelv to arise, that the Sa?
lem board decided lo fill Miss Jones'
place with another. It should bo added,
however, that the Salem board exotor
ates Miss Jones from blame under the
circumstances and sympathizes with her
in her disappointment in not being able
to come to Salem. Ali of the above has j
happened withiu tho last week or so. and
the board, owing to the shortness of time,
has been placed in an embarrassing posl
tion. They have found a worthy substi?
tute for Miss Jones, however, in the per?
son of Miss Lila London, of Hoanoke, and
tho board is under obligations to the
school boaid of Hoanoke city foi giving
up Miss London, who was a valuable
member of the excellent corps of teachers
of our sister city. Miss London'comes
very highly recommended and has passed
a most creditable examination under Su
peiintendent Stearnes.?Salcm*Sentlnel.
feee the new Anti-Nicotine Pipes at Mus
sie's Pharmacy.
J. G. Miller, business 'manag ?r of
"Hfl2" Company, left yesterday after?
noon for Knosv'lle. Tenn., to arrange
for the appearance of his cxcel'ent corps
of artists in the near future. Mr. Miller
stated to a representative ol The Times
that they always buy sorenty-eight rail?
road tickets to wherever they go,which
signifies that there are that number of
people in the company. It Is said to lie
a show with n great aggregation of tal?
ent. One of the central figures of the
show is Stuart, the great, female imper?
sonator, who plays the part ot Isabella
"lid is said to bo one of the best known
to the profession.
SCHOOL BOOKS, school books, at D.
VV. LINO'S, HI Salem avenue.
Perhaps the largest excursion that
ever left Hoanoke was the one. that
passed through yesterday enrolli0 to Nor?
folk from Keystone, W. Va. The excur?
sion was nearly two hours late when it
reached Hoanoke, due to jhe heavy load
and largo numhar of cars attached. There
were thirteen in all and they were well
filled, Owing to the large number that
went from here three moti coaches were
attached, and shortly after 1 o'clock with
?wo engines attached the long train pull
ed out ol Hoanoke. The train was run
under the auspices of the True Reform?
ers, a colored organization, although
there were nearly as many ivhite people
as colored on the excursion.
Pee the new Anti-N'icotinc Pipes at
Mnssie's Pharmacy.
Yesterday a tramp of the deaf and
dumb order applied at the resilience of H.
Lacy H?ge for assistance. While Mrs.
H?ge was in the kitchen the hobo stole a
pocketbook which happened to be. in
reach. A number of visi.ors who were
in the parlor happened to witness the oc?
currence and Dr. Broughtoo,being one of
them, confronted him with the theft. He
at once handed over the pocketbook and
left without limiting for his lunch.
The Mew Hat.
Drop is ami skk the New
Hat which stvi.k.iias decreed.
1 have them in ai.i. shades
and prices.
Successor to Gimckson it, Taylor,
Earnest Tic Fablet in the city at Cald
well-Sllea Co. IS Salem Ave.
A square deal for a round dollarjis what
E. Wile, the Jefferson street clothier,
oliers to the Hoanoke public, and Mr.
Wile can be depended upon to curry out
every promise ho makes in his advertise?
ments. Head his announcement on this
l>age. _
Head the announcement of the Fish
urno Company on the first page Zoi The
Times this morning. Their new scheme
is taking well with the school children.
Charlie Arthur has been arrested on
the charge of stealintr chairs fro:.i front
porches at night. It seimis that he has
been conducting this 'nefarious busiui ss
for some time past, lie was caugv,t with
three chairs on Iiis shoulders and they
have been reclaimed by the proper own?
ers. Several chairs which "he evidently
stole have been r< covered by the po'ice
and now await Identification by the
proper owners.
On yesterday a tramp went into the
residence of Oeortre Gravatt on Henry
street and stole a chicken from the back
yard. He must have been hungr>.
Another one of the tribe went *o resi?
dence of Policem?u Eunes in the North?
west anil demanded something to eat.
Mrs. Eanes refused to comply with his
request and reminded him of the fact
that, she had a gun which she would'turn
loose on him if lie did not go oti his way.
He also threatened to snoot and became
more persistent. Mrs. Bans dispatched
a boy to headquarters and the tramp was
soon under arrest.
"Frances Carter is a rare artist and her
audience, showed their appreciation by
close attention and unstinted applause.
No newspaper comment could convey any
adequate idea of her dramRtic power.
Her humorous readings were simply in
i mi table."?Boston Herald.
The best is always the cheap?
est. Buy your coal from C M
urmes, Mi Jefferson street, and
get the best_
All goods left with me on or before July
1, 1807, and not having been attended to,
will be sold in my next auction sale of
such poods at Flncastle, Va . court day,
September 18, 1807. S. NYBUHG.
No. ! .Idler.-on Street
The Whitlow Sig i Co., third floor over
No. ill Salem avenue.
Tho Deacons After a Thorough Examina?
tion Pass Upon Mr Houe's Examination.
At the last regular monthly session of
Calvary Baptist Chutcb the deacons rec?
ommended a license tc D. Lncy H?ge
Esq., of this city, to preach. The report
of the deacons dealt at some length with
the question of doctrine as held by the
church and upon which in open session
of the deacons Mr. liege had been e>um
iued. Mauy had supposed that Mr. H?ge
was not exactly orthodox in Iiis views ou
sumo DOints of doctrine as held by his
church, viz., baptism and snnctiilcation.
Upon these points, however, the dea?
cons found him to buhl views strictly in
accord with his church, that baptism
should confoun as near as possible to n
'burial as taught in Romans r.:tt-6. r
As to sancttflcation, be declared. "It
means to cleanse and set apart ^to Clod's
service. Man is cleansed by the blood of
Ctrist from all sin and upon a comp'ete
consecration is baptized with 'he holy
spirit and set apart to the sei vice of
The deacons of the church also dealt
with certain rurcors concerning Mr.
Hoge'sjinnucial standing, and he stated
frankly that much to his regret he had in
the pnst fallen short at this point.but said
I under the blessings of God he did not
owe a cent that he was uot going to pay
just ns soon as he could.
After hearing all these points dis?
cussed, the deacons recommended unani?
mously that a license bo voted, and the
church unanimously ratified the recom?
The Winston Division of the X. and W.
Capt. Handy to Go to Norfolk.
The Twin City Sentinel says: Supt. .T.
W. Cook, of the Shenandoah division of
the Norfolk and Western roa:l, spent last
night in the city locking after the com?
pany's interests at this place. He re?
turned to Roauokc to day.
Superintendent Cook stated while here
that the Winston Palom division would
(be abolished some time this month and
merged into the Shenandoah division, of
which he is am' tvill be superintendent
Capt. II. II. S. Handy, the former su?
perintendent of this division, has been
unpointed general agent for the road at
Norfolk, Va.
These changes mean, so the Sentinel is
informed, the cutting olT of the superin?
tendent's executive force at this place?
consisting of Messrs G. C. Van '/an<'t,
Lcren/.o Nor veil and James H. Hill,
clerks, and R. 15. Stoue, chief train dis?
patcher. *
It is quite probable that in the chungp.
to take place some of the men will be i
provided for.
The officers of the Shenandoah division,
consisting ot the Winston-Snlein aril the
present Shenandoah divisions, will be
located at Koanoke.
K. .T. Vaudergrift, master carpenter,
will also be removed to Koanoke.
No One Ever Suspected That All Things
Would Xot be Made Good.
"From a member of the City Council
who has been identifying himself very
closely with the city's finances we learn
that City Treasurer Thomas is indebted
to the city for $00,000 and that he has
deposited in the First National and Na?
tional Exchange Hanks $150,000.?Yes?
terday's World.
"The above llgures are not fully under
stood. Some people are woudering how
it is that the expert accountant placed
Mr. Thomas' indebtedness at $71,000 ami
it is now $00,000. This can lie explained
by stating that the expert report was up
to duly 1, and the latter covers a period
of two months up to September 1, which
of course has given the treasurer time to
receive other money.
"On the other hand Mr. Callahan re?
ported that the Measurer had $71,000 in I
hink and was due the city ?20,000. The |
llgures yesterday were published to show I
that the city has lost nothing. The treu- ]
surer has $0,000 more moiioy than he owes
the city, the sinking fund and the school
"The same Councilman says that the
city has not lost one red cent and that
the finances arc lu'good shape. "?Evening
In the Melrose school the department
?_f Miss Camefix the primary teacher,
was completely overrun with pupils, 15:5
having already repoited. The school
board held a meeting last night and de?
cided that it would be best to eiect a new
teacher to assisr Miss Carnetlx. Other
routine business was transacted.
Drunken Xegroes Nearly Precipitate *
Riot at the Depot.
Salem, Va., Sept. 0.? (iipecjal.)?As
the 4:86 westbound train ncared Malern
this evening, Bevem' drunken negroes
who were swearinn in an offensive man?
ner were reproved by a student on his
way to fet. Albans School at Rad ford.
They then became very abusive and were
put oft at the Salem station by the con?
ductor, assisted by some of the students
on their way to Blacksburg and Rad ford.
A lively fight ensued but no one was se?
riously! hurt. As the train pulled out. a
negro threw a stone crashing through the
car windows.
I'he train was auain stopped and the
braken-.au fired u pistol ac the negroes,
who run. Arrests are likely to follow.
Cardinals Resist His Appointment as
Archbishop of New Orleans^
London, Sept. -The Daily Chronicle
publishes a dispatch from Borne saying
that several members of the Sacred Col?
lege of Cardinals, particularly Cardinal
Ledochowskl, Prefect of the Propaganda,
strongly oppose the nomination of Bishop
Keane, formerly rector of the Catholic
University of Washington, ami now Con?
stitutor to the congregations of the Pro,'
n/tganda und Studies, t) be Archbishop
of Xew Orleans.
Everybody uses soap, but few think
about the kind that would be best to
use. V7e think about soap, and put
thought into it. You do the using, and
we'll do the. thinking
d Just roceived a splendid line of
??ancy Cakjs, Crack9rs and
Cream Candier, chocolates,
etc. Sandy P. Figgat & Co
<* '
ytr cm oleum
ill To DlSlXKKCT.
t\ Sold hy
< Massik Piiakmacv.
That is our motto in every deal. It {
must be a square one. You pay the (
same price here that your friend paid, $
It's ONE PRICE to all and your money |
back if you buy and are not satisfied. 3
We are going to do business right J
through this busy prosperous fall on the 5
basis of giving good honest goods at ?
fairest prices. You will find us prepar- S
ed to please and certain to carry out our |?
promises. Below we give you an 00- 5
portunity to purchase some splendid |
bargains at low prices. These are ?
broken lots, and every one a Positive ?
Bargain, and must be closed out to C
make room for fall stock. |
men's suits. I
IK- will be a hard man to please who finds fault (3
with the prices I am offering these broken lots of ^
STOCK. This lot consists of about 100 Suits; and |
they are yours for ^
SH IRTS.?Have you seen my window display c
of SHIRTS? If not you should not put it off, as they ^
will not last long at the price. Some negligee, with ^
collars and cuffs detached: some still' bosoms, with c
cuffs to match. Not a shirt in the lot that isn't worth ^
$1.00, but they go at g
Seventy-five Cents. \
Boys' and Children's Suits. *
We are still hammering at the Boys1 and Children's |
Department, as we are compelled to have room for ^
our FALL STO'-'K. Lots of bargains awaiting you ^
from $1. IV) up._ i
WILL El one-price I
a v w B Warn sna ? Clothiet and Furnisher, {
Campbell Avoimo ami JcU'creoii Street. \
Miss Lula Cutchiu Commits Suicide at 1
Suffolk. Va., Sept. '.?. ? Willi reputation
gone, und made desperate with shame,
Miss Lula Cntchin sought refuge yester?
day in ceath. With lier own hand she
administered the deadly drug which sent
her soul to eternity at ? o'clock this
mornlog. Tlie etid came peacefully.
Around her death couch were father,
mother, two sisters, and a few intimate
friends. The funeral will take place to?
morrow from Mic Main Street Methodist
Church, of which deceased was a member
and in whose choir -he was t he leading
Aroused by lieavy breathing, Miss Mar
garet Cutchin. who slept in the s.une
apartment with her sister, discovered tier
condition, and Dr .lohn E. Phillips was
quickly summoned. A hasty diagnosis
showed at once that the case was hope?
less. Owin? to complex symptoms and
the profound lethal state Into which Miss
Cutchin had sunk, the doctor cannot
name tie drug used. The bottle had been
hidden or destroyed before the effect was
felt. An old colored servant, named
John Nieltmeyer, says he bough' the
drug and gave it tu Mis- Ctl'chin se?
To-day's tragedy had its origin in love.
A pretty chi'd was born on August ?,
but soon died. Since then the life of
the young lady has been made miserable
by gossipers. Scandal ran rife, and the
very social fabric of the town was rent
with dark rumors. Two prominent cit?
izens were mentioned in connection with
the nflair.
For many days the girl was silent, but I
u few nights before her death she exotior- |
ated one and inci iminated the other in a
statement to her lather. The man al?
leged to be guilty has been getting allida- |
vits to prove his innocence, now that the |
mouth of the chief witness Is sealed for
ever. The deceased belonged to a fair.llv i
of the highest respectability. A sail
gloom pervades the town to-night.
Baltimore, Sept. !).?The announcement !
? nude by the Republicans of ?bis city that
they propose to give the colored people '
representation on their legislative ticket ]
ftiay cost them many votes. Net even in
the southern Maryland counties, where
the negroes an In the majority, have the
Republicans ventured heretofore to comi
mite any of them foi an. elective office,
rhe Malster Republicans, however, in- j
sist on npmlnatnig three frrm this city I
? one from each legislative district.
Many of the independent Democrats
are natives of Virginia and are bitterly
opposed to the negro on general princi?
ples. There are about 5,000 of these Vir?
ginia born Democrats and their votes
may decide lhe election. Of late they
have voted the Republican ticket.
yv^^ Bicycle' at rock bottom
^TJk pricti for this week One ?100
[S?wheel, slightly used, for tf:>5:
*jnT one second - hand Cleveland
w racer $55, Kodaks, $5 to $15
Jl lOS Salem avenue s. w.
GOTO II. ROCK,stall No. 20, City Mar
ket, for pure pork sausage, liver pud?
ding, frankfurters, all highly seasoned.
Also (irst-cluss meats of all kinds.
Thinks the Populists Will Cordially Sup?
port the Democratic Ticket.
To the Washington cor:espondent ot
Nu- Alexandria Gazette, Mr. Swansou,
who is now in Washington, talked very
free'y the other day. The correspondent
"Ainona the visitors here to-day is
Congressman swansou, of Virginia. He
is here to revise the papers in his eon
tested elect ion ease and to have them
printed. He s-ays the Populists in his
State will support the Democratic ticket.
They regret the Democrats did nut en?
dorse Colonel Cccke tor lieutenant
governor, hut the fact thai th-'y didn't
will mt deter then from voting the
Democratic ticket, because that ticket is
tor free silver, and that is what they are
after. He -ays. that so far.'as he can
learn, the rank and tile ?f the Republican
party in bis Slate are in favor of a State
Republican convention and that its only
opponents in the. party are those who
have been appointed to office, %\ho hope
to get office or have been promised office,
lie also says that District Attorney Mon?
tague was reappointed for tho reason that
tlie President is in doubt as to which fac?
tion of the Republican party in Virg'nia
is the stronger, and is holding up ap?
pointments in that State until that doubt
shall he removed. Mr. Swansou says if
the Republicans of the State will now
tike tlie trouble to let the President
I now Ihaii their committee does not rep
resent the majority of their voters tlie
slate of the ci mm it tee will be broken and
some of those not now on that slate be
very likely to net otlice Mr. Swansou
says the Virginia Democrats are in excel?
lent condition and that there are not the
slightest grounds for the contest that is
being made for his seat. He Bays Senator
Daniel has sewed up Governor O'Kerrull
with a single stitch, and did it courte?
No Authority Given it to Select Site or
Purchase Plant.
Washington, Sept. !). ?The naval board
appointed to inquire into the question of
establishing a government factory for
manufacturing armor met at the Navy
j Department yesterday, and, with refer
I enee to the many oiler- of plants and
siie?, decided that its orders gave itnoth
:ug whatever to do with the selection of
a site or the purchase of a plant.
A member of the board Faid that if the
Carnegie Company offered its plant for
SI, it would not be within tin scope of
the board's work to considei the offer.
At the same time all tenders are being
courteously acknowledged and all infor?
mation asked on the matter is furnished.
The board wl'l confine its work strictly
to the points specified in the instructions
from Acting Secretmy Roosevelt?of as
' certaining what steps are necessary to es?
tablish a government armor factory of
sufficient capacity to meet probable re
I rjulrements, and of furnishing plans and
I specifications of the land, buildings, and
machinery uecesaftry, together with the
board's opinions on the advisability and
cost of establishing a complete plant ?
and will frame a form of advertisement
for proposals for a plant.
honner's restaurant is growing in {op
ularity, as evidenced by the laruc- number
ho feeds every day. Nice fiesh oysters
can be had, as well as everything that l"
good to eat.

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