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Coming and Going.
Mr. .J. W. Stibbina, proprietor of tho
Ideal Steam Laundry," returned yesterday
from the North, where he purchased ad?
ditional improved machinery lor his
Witu. Groves, of Kl Paso.Te.v, who has
been visiting his sister in Philadelphia, is
in the city visitlug his brother, J. C.
Graves, on Fourth street n. e.
Miss Frances McFall is'visiting Iriends
near Lynchburg.
John H. Kessler, of 420 Seventh avenue
n. e, who has been confined to the house
for some six weeks, is now vety, much
better and improving daily. Ho hopes
soon to be able to be out again.
Palmer St. Clalr went to Nottoway
Court House last night to spend Sucdav.
Hon. E W. Saunders, of Rocky Mount,
was is the city last night
K. A. James, Democratic roniinee for
the State senate fiom the Pittsylvania
district, was in the city yesterday.
F. G. Webber, of the Salem Times
Register, was in tho city yesterday.
Edgar S. Brooke has gone to Wood
buri; Forest to attend school this ses?
Dr. Oscar W. Woods is suffering from
blood poison, superinduced by a slight
wound received while ntak'ng a post?
mortem examination.
Mrs.John Kahler, of Glady's, Campbell
county, is "visiting friends on John
street S. w.
C. R. Towson, a for-ier secretary of
the V. M. C. A., now ?f Norfolk,is in the
Hon. A. J. Montaeue, Democratic
nominee Cor nctorncy-general, will ad?
dress toe voters of Henry county at Mar
tlnsville to-morrow (court .day) on the
issues of :he campaign.
A line Llndeman Upright Piuuo, faiicy
case, slightly used, but'*good as new, at
a Baerl rice, on easy payments, without
interest. It you want a real bargain, call
at Hobble Piano Co. at once, for it will
not be on hand many days tit the ptice at
which it is offered.
It' you wish in buy tut iutercsi In or tin
whole of till cslubllHhrd pu> inu liuslm-ss in
ItiiiiiioUe, address ut once Iii SINHSS ('..
cure this ollU-e.
The regular weekly meeting of the
Democratic executive committee [will be
held in the office of A. Rbur Antrim on
Monday evening at 8 p. in All members
of the committee are urged to be present,
as business of an Important character de?
mands attention. A. BLAIR ANTRIM,
The Elks Baseball leant composed of ?.
K. Bitterniau, E. C. Welch,Jack Strader,
Henry Scholz, Will Carr. Ferg, Mnlone,
Phil. Meade, Chaa. Mitchell and Frank
Dulaney, left yesterday morning on the
S o'clock train for Bluefleld, where they
were Scheduled for :i game in the after?
noon with a picked nine from the blue
field lodge. The boys expected a rouslnc
time and they left with the intention of
having it. The Bluefleld lodge bad sold
1,500 tickets for the game. The proceeds
are to ho used to purchase supplies for
the Elks' Christinas tree at Christinas.
Many Lives Lost in a Railroad Col?
lision in Colorado.
New Castle, Col., Sept. 11.?Tho worst
wreck in the history of Colonulo occurred
at 12:25 this morning ou tho Deuyer and
Rio Grande and tie* Colorado Midland
railways, one and a half miles west of
here. After twelve hours' work it is Im?
possible to more than estimate the loss of
lif, and not even those known to be
dead have bee" identified. Many of the
unfortunates will never be kuown, and it
I is possible that the number kille'1 will
always be in doubt. From the best in?
formation fully thirty personsnrebelieved
to have perished, while lf?5 were taken
out of the wreck suffering from serious
The wreck was caused by a head en 1
collision . bet ween a Denver and Rio
Grande passenger tiain, running at the
rate of forty miles an hour, and a special
Colorado Midland stock train, running
at thirty miles. So terrific was the con?
cussion that both engines, baggage and
express cars, smoker and day coaches
and two stock cars were totally demol?
ished and the track torn up for rods in
both directions. To adtl to the horror of
the scene the wreck caught fire from an
explosion of a Plntsch gas tank on the
passenger train, "and burned so rapidly
that many passengers piunetl beneath
the debris were burned to death before
help could reach them.
The most generally accepted theory as
to the cause of the wreck seems to be
that Conductor Burbank, of the Mid?
land special, anticipating the time of
the passenger, endet took to ''steal a sta?
tion'' and ^beat the passenger into New
Castle. Burbank escaped uninjured, and
upon orders frost Coroner Clark, Las
been placed undei arrest ey the sheriff.
Midland Engineer Ostrnnder Is mi?sing
and a thorough search about his engine
,fails to reveal any vestige of his remains.
It is thought that when ho saw the
threatened danger he jumped.
Charred fragments of limbs ami bodies
have been taken out of the ruins, but it
is not likely that any more bodies will be
positively identified, and it seems certain
that the mi in bor killed will remain in
As soon as the news of the wreck
reached .Glenwood a rede! train was
sent from that place and this afternoon
the more seriously wounded were re
nrwed to the Denver and Rio Grande
Comuany's hospital at Sallda.
Ten bodies were found in the ruins of
one car and four In another. Tho
charred remains of two men wt re found.
Their heads and lower li nil is were
burned off. In the dress bosom of each
was found a .adles' ucold watch, upon one
of which was inscribed "From Mother to
Telegrams from all parts of the couu
try Inquiring for relntivt'sjand friends are
pouring in const ant ly.
/t-'llin l.llliin unit Ollkllllld Mineral Water*
delivered lo you ul lOe I lie pull. ST.
Ill,A lit IlltOS.
"Will cure headache, malaria and all dis?
eases arising from a disordered condition
of the liver. For sale by Sam Stone,the
Salem avenue druggist.
Rubber S
a printer's tas1
Rubber Stamp ?
don't you think
The Stone Printing
Eow. L. Stone. President.
London Chronicle's Statement Entirely
ut Variance With Facts in tho Case.
Baltimore, Md , Sept. 11.?Superin?
tendent Hurd, of the Johns Hopkins
Hospital, entered to-day a strong denial
of the letter published this morning in
the London Chronicle, alleging that
eight iusnue patients were dosed with
thyroid extract until one of them died.
Dr. Hurd s.tid that patients at Bay
View were treated, but that the treat
j utent was not so much iu the nature of
an experiment as claimed by the Chron
I icle's informant, as ir was the adminis
j nation of a well-knoTrn remedy which
I had recognized Bttndingin the medical
wotld. He continued:
"Dr. Henry .I. Berkley, associate iu
< neuro-pathology at the Johns Hopkins
I University, gave the treatment. I know
j the London Chronicle thinks the .Johns
j Hopklns'Hospltal has been \doing some
; thing very bad, but I do not think it was
I so bid. The patient that died did not
die of the efJVcts of thyroid extract at
I all, but of tuberculosis. The extract
! was given for eleven days and then
; stopped. After that the woman lived
! seveu weeks, and it is "ele.tr the medi
cine given did not. cause her death.".,
Wheeling. W. Va., Sept. 11 Ex
Champion .lames.I. Corbett, who played
first base with the Wheeling baseball
team this afternoon, has just received a
telegram from Chicago informing him
that the Northern Julane Club, Jot New
Orleans, offers $'20,000 for a contest be
tween Corbett and Fit/simmons. Imme?
diately on receipt of the telegram Corbett
I authorized the Associated Press to say
j that be accepts the cll'er and will await
I Pitzsimtnong' decision iu the matter.
Thu Rest Salve In the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil?
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re?
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfactionor money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sale at Alassie's Phar?
macy, 109 .Jefferson street. Boanoke.
Public Library Benefit, Friday,
September I 7. Frances Carter,
reader and i t personator. Y. M.
>5. i. Admission 50c.
e and Judgment in a
Something Unusual,
? Send us Your
j and Mfg. Co.
LA.WKRMOB S. DAVIS, r"iie, Lttfl and Acci?
dent Ii eurauc?, Nu. ft UampDull avenue \V.,
uoanoko, V?.
North llrltl?h and Mercnntllo. ot London.
Philadelphia UudorwrltoriC, ot thlladelphla.
1'nosutx.' r London.
Scou I'rdon ami National, ot Bdlnbargh.
Norwich Union, ct Kuglaud.
tommjroul Uuiou, ot London
Now York Underwriter*', ot New York.
Lion Fir^ ot London.
Mutual Ufu Insurance Co.. or Now York.
Standard Acc.dent, ot Mlchtgau.
Senleci bids marked "Proposals for fur?
nishing sewer pipe" nud addressed to NY.
K. Thomas, clerk of the City Council of
the city of Roauoke, will tie received
until noon, September 21), 1*117, for fur?
nishing und delivering f. o. b. cars at
Roanoke 1.050 linear feet of 24 inch drain
pipe,and 200 lim-ur feet of 15 inch stand
art! terra, cotta sewer pipe.
The right to reject any and all bids is
reserved. .1. II. WING ATE,
City Engiucei.
THURSDAY, Sept, 16.
The Event of the Season I
The Big Operatic Extravaganza!
Absolutely the .Most Expensive
Organization of Iis Kind
In America.
?O People mi the Stage 60
Grand Orchestra of Ten Cele
brated Soloists.
Conference of Lenders' Hold In Lynch
burg Over Campaign Matters.
Lynchburg, Va., Sept. 11.?At an in?
formal conference held here this oveulng
between Major .T. H?ge Tyler, Edward
Kchols, A. J. Montague, Senators John
\V. Daniel and John S. Martin, J. Tay?
lor Ellyson and Joseph '.Button, relative
to the campaign to bo conducted by the
Democratic party this fall, it was de?
cided unanimously that tho campaign
should be active and vigorous, and that
the three candidates should make their
first speeches in Richmond on Se>ptem
ber 8.
Senator Martin will make a number of
speeches in the next six or seven weeks,
and will open the campaign at Front
Royal. Mr. Ellyson stated that be
would not have the details of the cam?
paign ready for publication until after
Ids return from Richmond. Senator
Daniel will take the stump, but it is not
known where no will make his first
One thousand bushels of oats, fifteen
tons of mlddlingd und one cat of lino tim?
othy hay. The quality is right, the prices
are right. Call on J. A. HOOVER, the
Feed Man. :Pho"c2H. 214 Salem avenue.
So are my shoes, as the price on them
is so lew that it makes them nearly free.
Shoes for big feet and shoes for little
feet?all kinds of shoes in my two stores
?Salem avenue and Jefferson street.
ytfE are nearly always as busy
* as we can be.
Somehow we seem io stay thai
We are working on the plan that
people buy where they get lhe
We find the plan works well;
probably because it's well
Hardware Dealers.
207 Second street s. w., Boanoke, Va.
and bri.ig it to my store on Jeffer?
son street and it will be accepted
as FIVE I'ER CENT, payment on
any bill jou may make.
Richmond Council Will Pat's an Ordi?
nance to Utilize Vngrunts.
Richmond, Va , Sept. 11?^'he city
council committee ou ordinances to?
night took steps leading to the pnssnge
of a law providing for utilizing .the ser?
vices of all tramps or vagrants found in
the city. A measure of . this character
has long been considered 'hy the council,
hut it was regarded ns dangerous trom
political reasons. It:has been decided,
however, that the ordinance governing
tramps and vagrants shall bo con?
structed SO as to prevent their coming
into conllict with. any of the'regulur
forces of the city.
The city of Manchester some tlmo ago
adopted a law of this character, which
has resulted in kecplug tramps and
worthless characters away from there.
i7 Breakfast, 25 cents; dinner, 25 cent*;
supper 25 cents. Meal tickets, $4. J.
J. Cutogni's restaurant.
The Pioneer Agents.
Represent the largest foreign and
American companies.
Twenty years' experience as agents and
adjusters; also Issue surety bonds.
Commercial National Bank Building,
(iround Floor.
J. W. Boswell,
Real Estate and Rental Agent,
1KB Jefferson St., Ronnoke, Va.
Foi the Lynohburg Perpetua
Building and Bonn Co.
Black and Colored Dress Goods, Black and Colored Silks, Table Linens?the
durable sort, School Supplies, Toilet Articles, New Dress Trimming!
This department is fairlv on a boom.
Our ?penhiK sales are attracting nmiiy
buyers. Early buying insures getting
the choicest styles.
Seethe tew ami beautiful lines on
sale this week at :'i7 l-2c, 50c aud 70c.
Biggest vines ever shown. Throngs of
eager buyers will ha picking from
them. Why not you. too?
Dress your school girls from the great
lines we are showing at 25c aud 51? l-2c.
l"iti piece* new Black Goods Grandest
collection and biggest values we have
ever shown.
Black Cheviots, Novelties, Henriettas,
Serges, Jacquards, etc. Come hud see.
Beautiful llr.icnded Silks lor Waists.
Rich TaflotaGlnce Silks for Waists and
Elegant Black Silks, every sort.
Exquisite Black Brocatled Silk??the
prettiest of the $1 sort?this week only
75 c,
It is always primer to buy from :t Dry
Goods Score acything jou can buy for
le>*s than other dealers charge for some
items. You'll find it so her-.
Bust Smyrna Hugs, 20x51 inches, only
$1.08, actually worth $2.50.
Best Smyrna Hugs, 21x45 'nches.
Best Hassocks, made from piece? of
finest carpets, stuffed with excelsior,
only c'Jc each, worth 75c.
Washed 'able Linen Camask.
Washed Damask was introduced first
into this country by the Moravians and
Dunkards?these honest folks know
honest goods. This.Damask is made, in
the. city of Neustadt, in Silesia, where it
has ncen suet essfully manufact nred foi*al
mist a centurv. For good wearing qual
ties it is uoeqnalled. It, is much in de?
mand in sections where it is well known,
consequently hard to obtain. v-'e are
one of the two or three houses in Vir
ginia fortunate enough to secure the
handling of it. Wo are sole dealers for
the Southwest. Thirty live nieces now
in stock.
It is made in two widths.
00-inch, 50c.
(ili-inch, 65c.
(ili inch Red Table Damask, warranted
Oil Boiled and fadeless, special at 50c,
wort h B5c.
AM pure Linen Towel Crash, 5c.
Bleached and Grey Crash for Tea
Toweling, 'i 1 2c.
money saving here,
r Second .Mourning
There's always hi
Best Silver Grey
Calico, 5c
Best Blue and Gold Calicoes, very
pret ty, Sc.
Heavy Printer.' Plush Cantons for Cur?
tains und Draperies, only "2 1 '2c.
Biff Line Russian Fleece in thchoieest
new fall styles, 10c.
Pretty Plaid Outings, 5c, worth 8o.
Lovely Kpress Outings, 20 styles to
pick from, only Sc.
"Teazle Down" and (ino English Out?
ings, 10c.
Bleach.1 Canton Flannels, 8c, Oc, 10c
and 12 l-2c
Lnncastor Mills Ginghams in the small
checks, only 5c.
Children's and Misses Waists.
Children's "Nazareth" Waist* ("Naza
retbs" need no talking tip), :i to 12
years, 17c and 25c each.
Dr. Warner's "Perfection" Waists tor
Babies, 1 to I years, 50c.
Dr. Warner's "Perfection" Waists for
Bovs and Biels, I', to 0 y?srs, 50c.
Dr. Warner's "Perfection" Waists for
\ouiig Ladies, 12 to 17 years,
Perhaps you are not accustomed to go
to a Dry Goods Store for Toilet Arti?
cles. Had you ever thougnt of it?
?very little thing you buy In this line
\ill cost you less than you have been rny
.ng? Try it.
Celebrated "Comfort" Powder for in?
fant^: price 25c, here only 21c box.
"Eilte" Berated Talcum l'owdei,
sprinkled top, only 10c box.
Perfumed Talcum Baby Powder in
pretty sprinkled-'op boxes, lull size,
only ?c.
Violet and Ko?fl Perfumed Powder,
made ?y E. Coiidray, Paris, only 10c
box. *
Dr. .1. Parker Pray's Diamond Nail
Enamel. 22c hex.
Fine Ivory Nail Polishers. 10c and 10c
Chamois Skins, only 5c.
Good Wire Hair Brushes, l()c and 15c
Great line Bristle Hair Brushes, solid
backs. 25c, 20c, 37 l-2c, 47c, 0!lc, 75c, 80c
and *1 each.
N'ail Brushes. 10c, 15c, lOe ami 25c.
Tooth Brushes (big saving here), 5c,
10c, 12c, I5e and 25c each.
Infant's Brushes, 25c
ivory Infants? Combs, 10c.
t-ide Combs, 5c, 10c, 12c, 15c, 17c and
10c pair.
The new shapes In Hound Combs, Sc,
10c, 15c and 17c each.
See the big lino of Dressing Combs, all
kinds. .
Jarmutli'fl Celebrated Cherry Tooth
Wash, only 10c hot tie.
Cashmere Bouquet Extract. Hoc oz.
Crab Apple Blossoms, Huest grade
triple extract, 25c oz.
White Hose Extract, 25c oz.
Violet Triple Extract, 25c oz.
fnrmoth's Imported .Bay Hum, So/..
Bottles, only 10c.
Pearl Trimmings at 17c and 20c yard.
Hercules Braids, all widths.
Soutache Braids, all sizes.
Michelsen's West India Bay Hum,
double distilled, ? oz bottle, 25c; 12 or..,
"1711" Rhinelnnd Violet Soaps, 10c
cake, 5(Jc box.
Colgate's "Vieris" Soap (a new violet
perfume), 10c cake. 51 >c box.
Col Kate's "Myosotis" Soap. heart
shaped cake, 10c cake, 50c box.
Colgate's "Oatmeal" Soup, large oval
cake. inc.
Colgate's Original Glycerine Snap,
big oval cake, 10c.
Backer's Tar bbap, 10c cake. 50c box.
Ci'ticura .Soap. 17c lake, 50c box.
Pear's Soap, 12 l-''c cake.
Flmitla Waters. 10c , 20c, 42c and 50<
Traveler's Solid Nickel, Soap B ixes,
engraved, 12 1 2c and 10c each.
Every lady should have one - Gair's
Queen Skirt Supporter?on'.}- 25c; the
greatest thing out.
School children will be delighted to
find when they have bought their sup?
plies from us that thoy will have some
change left to buy other little things
they want.
Polished Hard Wood Rulers, 12
inches long, lc each.
School Crayons, 144 sticks for Sc.
Large Book Slates, leather bound, 0
pages, only 5c each.
Slate Pencils, 100 for 12 1-2c.
Polished Lead Pencils with Rubber
tips. 12 Tur Sc.
School Companion Boxes for pens and
pencils, enameled tips, 10c
Pencil Tablets, lc each.
Large Pencil Tablets, lie and 5c.
Slate Sponges, lc each.
Drawing Sets, complete, :511c.
This department is showing all the
Novelties of the season. What will bo
worn this season now ready.
Novelty Braids in big variety, (ic, 7c,
8c, 10c, 12Ac, 15c, 25c. ollc and 50c per
Steel and Jet Gimps, 1212c, 15c and
'.'Oc yard
Irridescent Trimmings, Sc, 10c,121-2c,
17c and 25c yard.
Novelty Trimming Sets, JlOc. 5Cc, 89c,
$1, $1.25, $1.5)0, $1.60, $1 75 and up.
The new Twc -Toned Braids in a'l
widths and prices.
We make a big deal in fine Comforts
last week -sixty-six cases in one pur?
These are the finest goods made. Most
ot them are covered with finest French
S itine and filled with fine white Carded
cotton. Buy them right now and save
one fourth the usual cost. You'll bo
sorry if you don't.
The ^'5 ones are the reirulav |[$-1 sort.
The $2.50 ones woubl be good value at
The :?2 ones ought to be $2.75.
The ?1.75 ones would go easily enough
at $2.50.
The $1.50 kind are surely worth $2.
There are cheaper ones at 50c, 82 1-2c,
75c and $1. There are many other.-)
filled with cotton at 89c, $1 and $1.25
Case Ladies' Seamless Fast Black
IIoso at 8c?big value.
Case Ladies' Fine Guago Fast Black
Rose at 12 l-2c.
Ladies' Kine Guago, Seamless Black
Hose?the 17c kind?only V2 l-2c.
Ladies' Very liest Heal Maco Hose in
lovely tan shades?actually worth 8:5c
a pair?this week only 25c.

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