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I ?? ?-_
g A One-Sided Conversation:
TAKE n look through our establishment? Certainly, in a few moment*."
" Yes, wo oceupy the wholo building?threo stories, fifty-two and a h*lf
by ninety feet. Nearly flfteon thousand square feet of (lo?ir space. All ??<
A our largest and finest presses ate on this floor. This (no is the 1 le-t uddlti i?,
omits u iheot 20x42 at a maximum speed of 2,400 impressions an lu<ur, running
V w 1 perceptible jar or vibration, with a 'click' that does one good to listen t"
t Wo doubt if its equal, for its class of work, is in the State."
"Tins is tho press wo uso fur our finest Illustrated Catalogue, School Animal,
ind other Book Work; prints a sheet 31x50. It is driven by a direct, individu 1
metric motor?no belts or pulleys."
"These two uro for Ibiilroud and Commercial Work, tho largest one being used
for copying-ink work almost exclusively. All of our presses have automatic cumin- ?
, machines which register tho sheets as thoy aro printed, leaving no cbnnee On error? i i
count. A great many blanks aro put up in pads of llfty or one hundred; i?n
attendant watches the indicator, and when the llgures show llfty or u multiple, :<
: board is laid between the sheet*."
"No, tho oporutor does nothing but cut paper nil t^o time. See. he must >? t
a lot of it; wo have a machine solely to sharpen his knives. It's automatic, i
sharpens a knife forty-eight inches long. It used to cost a dollar when we sent a k i ?
out to lie sharpened; we have a knifo to sharpen about every live hours. (.Juitc a
little saving, don't you think?"
l "Over there is tho largo electric motor, and beyond is the gas engine, which wo
keep as u 1 reserve force.' "
Suppose wo take tho elevator, now, to tho top floor."
" No, the large motor runs the elevator, too."
"How many employees? About sixty, all told."
" Very tew people liavo an idea its to tho extent of our establishment until they
go through it; then they invariably express astonishment."
" Yes, it takes lots of printing to keep them busy constantly. Sometimes we
wonder ourselves whore it all conies from."
"No. no I The people realize that the newspaper is not the only method df
advertising. For certain purposes, the circular is incomparably superior."
"The two mediums are necessary each to tho other. They do not conflict.
"Wo print a great many Circulars, Price-Lists, and tho like. They have tobe
gotten out very quickly sometimes."
" Letter Circular? Ten thousand in two hours, if necessary."
"Oh, of course. A reasonable amount of reading-matter."
"That is a Slumping .Machine: for stamping in gold or silver on Wie covers of
Hooks, stamping Ribbon Badges, etc."
"Yes, wo have hud it several years."
i " Pure gold."
"Ruling Machines. This one is the kind in ordinary use. We brag on tho
other one: it takes a sheet llfty inches wide. We can rule a job on it that wo hud
b> send to Boston mice; couldn't get it ruled in Philadelphia."
" .1 itst finished n Pny-Roll Sheet 10x48. Think of a sheet 4S inches wide."
" Yes, it Imd a printed heading. A large machine in one department calls for
largo machines in other departments. In this instance, the largo press would have
been of no use without the large ruling machine."
"This is n Round-Cornering Machine; this u Sewing Machino that will stitch
through half an inch of paper, and make a stitch three-quarters of an inch. long, if
we wi-h it so; this u Punching Machine, und this an Eyclotting Machine, for eyelets
like you see in Calendars, Curd Price-Lists, ote."
"Folding Machino?folds eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty-four, or thirty-two
pages; almost any size pngo."
"Then, here's a Wire Stitching .Machine, a double-header?stitches or, two
different kinds of work at the sumo-time. Ono may be an night-page pamphlet and
the other may ho us thick us tho Century or Harper's Mayazine. You've noticed the
wire staples that bind them together. Same kind of machine: takes the steel win
from a ?|hm>), cuts it to an adjustable length, forms it int? a -tuple, drives it through
the book, and clinches it?120 *lii| le< on each side a minute : luster than an Operator
ciui handle the work. Then tho covers are pasted or glued on after ward."
"Oh, yes, we bind all kinds of magazines."
"You can see the progress of n Ledger, Journal, or Cash Book being mad, tu
order hen-, firs! ruled, then the heading printed, then the sheets inspected, folded,
tewed, und now the Leather Minding being put on. Lots of people think we buy
the cover- already made, but Wu do it all nui^elvej."
" Didn't know wo hud an Kngraving Department? "
?'Any and every kind, from the design for a Catalogue Cover, or a Letter
Heading, to cutting a wood type."
" Not much to be seen in that room. The "collating " or "gathering " of the
"form-" or "signatures" of :i pamphlet or book is deno there. The forms are
arranged in sequence on the tables anil giils walk around the tables und gather one of
euch form until the complete book is gathered. Then it is ready for the stitcher.
Sometimes a dozen girls arc walking around lite tables, collating, al one lime."
" A Paging Machine, nn old-style Perforating Machine?but 1 forgot to show
von a modern Perforator, one with live times the capacity of this one ; we'll see that
before wo go down stairs. Surplus stock of envelopes, material for biudi.ig, etc."
"On this floor we do all tho typo-sotting und proof-reading?we pay particular
attention to our proof-reading, und you have no idea of the care that a painstaking
proof-reader exercises. We recently had u University man to w rite us that our proof?
reading was equal or better than they had been gntiing in Philadelphia."
"Doesn't mutter?we sometimes havo German, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.
English, " as slio is spoke." or rather written, makes it interesting to a degree. (M
course, wo have all tho Dictionaries at our IItigers' ends: Webstor, the Standard,
Century, Worcester."
" Yes. customers use different standards. We have just finished a Catalogue for
n School that uses Worcester, und, of course, we hud to conform to Worcester in our
spelling throughout the Cataloguo."
" Other reference books liko tho Encyclopedia Britannien, Appleton's, National,
various Atlases, Dictionaries of Foreign Languages, Algebraical Works, the Poote,
Novelists, Philosophers, etc., iniist be al hand, also. You would bu surprised at the
familiar quotations that are misquoted. We verily nnd compnro whenever there is
doubt. This is the duty of the proof-reader and his assistant."
"Hero aro hundreds of pages of standing typo?price-lists, railroad tariffs, and
items that are changed slightly and printed frequently."
" Yes, enough capital in standing typo to equip a good-sized prii ? g office."
"These cabinets contain 'sorts,' or extra quantities of various let'.rs, llgures, or
signs that may bo needed any moment. Probably a ton that bus neve: been used."
" For instance, a Price-List may be ordered, and it will be full of unusual
measurements (128 T ..y,, X 1!? i.';). ?igns (10? 36' 47"), reference marks I* t % 1j $ ||),
or may require a very large quantity of some particular ligure. An ordinary font of
type contains only a limited number of such charactor*, so we prepare for these prob?
able domanda as our judgment suggests. Wo printed a job a few days ago thut
required nearly three thousand (.i.uiH)) parenthesis ( ) marks. Tho number that
usually accompanies the quantity cd' type neccsssrv to set up such a job as a whole,
would bo about twenty-live; this shows the necessity for 'sorts.'"
"Wo have in these cabinets nearly ton thousand engravings ? ?11 kinds, nil
catalogued, numbered, and in their proper places. We can usnall) find any one
desired in live minutes."
" Tho Stereotyping and Rubber Stamp Departments?it's rathor warm in there.
Well, you can take a look at that another time."
" About 100?."
t "Taking too much of my time? No, this is my business. If you arc interested,
you will bo telling soino of your friends, and that's just what wo want."
} " Down to tho stock-room, next."
" Keeps one man busy all the time getting out stock for the presses, etc."
"Wait a moment, here's tho Railroad Ticket Printing Machine. Prints nnd
numbers them at one operation. Operators aro held responsible for correct count, etc.
, Of course, every ticket is checked, double checked, before it conies out of the 'cage. '
"Don't average one error a year."
"There's another machino?for printing long runs on envelopes?Hint's as fast as
the Ticket Machine."
''' Ncurly ten thousand an hour."
" Automatically, of course." J
" Here's the stock-room."
" A great many of our papers aro made to order: our Stone Bond, and Crystal
Spring Brands?you've noticed the water-murks? "
"Five or ten tons at one time is not an unusual ordor for this kind?to your loft."
" Why, the presses in the adjoining room alono will use up two or threo tons in
' a day, sometimes."
" No, wo make no effort to 'job' paper. Just for our own needs."
" Here's where we keep our record of each order?if you instruct us to duplicate
your last order for Letter Heads or a Blank Book, we get tho dato from our Ledger,
then tho number of the job. This number indicates an envelope containing vour
original copy of the job, the proof, the " O. K." sheet, and a completed copy. The
record will also show who received the order, whether by letter, 'phoiid, or personally
the ditto stock was gotten out, tho quantity, then the names of the various oper?
ators in tho several departments who put ' time' on the job, the machines on which
it was run, the date it went to the delivery or shipping clerk, the amount of the
charge, the cost, und finally, the receipt from the customer showing that it was
received in good order."
"Detail? yes, infinite j but each job has its peculiarities that make it different
from its companion that is being handled nt the same time, requiring the exercise of
different degrees of knowledge, experience, or expertness?so there is no danger of
" No. no! we have orders from all over Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina.
Tennessee, etc., and at this moment wo nro filling an order for ten thousand Cata?
logues for n customer in Washington, and another order for about ten thousand
Circulars for a customer in Now York. Botli orders received undcrcumpetitive bids."
" Klectric Bells, Speaking Tubes, and Dummy Elevators to each department,
And Individual Telephone to tho Foroman, save many a step and a greut deal of
time, and each moment counts on a ' rush ' job."
"Yes, its interesting tons, as often as we go through, and a double pleasure
when our friends enjoy it."
"That's all right?will bo glad to show them through at any time."
? , "Won't you como into tho Counting-Boom? "
" Oood-morning."
The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co.,
3DW. L, STONE, President. Roanoke, Vn
When I was born, something happen?
ed. It sounds frivolous, but is not
meant so to bo iu tho least, because,
while the thiug could have happened
without my having beeu born, still I
never could have como into oxistenco
unless what took place at tho identical
moment of my birtli did take place.
I am now uo more. I have disappear?
ed from being.
Sounds complicated, doesn't it? But
it isn't.
As soon as I was bom I r^ame into
possession of one man. I had no other
parent, and tho man was all the timo
fearful lest he should be obliged to
share me with another. So ho kept mo
religiously to himself.
In the course of timo ho died, and ou
his deathbed ho bequeathed mo to his
most intimate friend, who was very
much surprised to get me and not a lit?
tle disturbed withal, but he had me,
and the conveyance had been made, and
that was all there was about it. So ho
in turn kept mo many weary years, nev?
er letting me go, all for the sake of his
old friend, my former owner, w ho had
died. But the friend did not like mo, it
was clear.
One night, after an especially indi?
gestible supper, he commenced talking
in bis sleep, and bis wife listened.
At that identical moment I gave up
tho ghost
For, while there aro but few men
who could havo retained mo, it is quite
impossible for any woman whatsoever
to have done so.
I was n secret.?New York Journal.
Kofloctions of a Bachelor.
A girl always looks so foolish when
she lifts up her bicycle skirt on a mud?
dy crossing.
It wouldn't bo so bad to havo the poor
always with US if the poor didn't al?
ways have us with them.
Some day a girl that loves n lot of
foolishness at her wedding will get kill?
ed by being hit on the head with an old
Times aro getting l>ettor. For every
woman in bloomers you see three ad?
vertisements off tiring to trade a ladies'
bicycle for a secondhand baby carriage.
In a novel written by a married man
no woman ever disobeyed her husband
without getting into terrible trouble
and then crying and asking him to for?
give her.?New York Press.
Ono Follower Was Enouph.
A little Atlanta girl had been told by
her mother tliatGodwas always watch?
ing her?that he followed her wherever
she went. This made a deep impression
on her, and ono day, when she wan
walking on tho street, and a large dog
had followed her some distance, she
stopped, and, stamping her foot, said an?
grily :
"Go away, sir I It's enough to have
God following me!"?Atlanta Constitu?
Fixing: Up Terms.
Husband (at 11:86 p. m.)?What's
all that racket at the back door, Maria:
Wife?My gracious, John, I forgot
and locked the girl out) What shall we
Husband?Do? What can we do but
offer her a raise of fit) cents a week and
make it $1 if she insists? Another break
of this kind and we aro lost.?Cleve?
land Leader.
A Lesson to Him.
First Old Woman?Lsn't it a great
peety about Mrs. (lien's wee. laddie?
Second Old Woman?Whit is wrang
wi' him?
First Old Woman?Ho fell over the
pier and was drooned.
Second Old Woman?Aye, it is a
great peety, but it will be a lesson tao
him as lang as he lives. ? Scottish
Her Choice.
"Slowboy says be would rather run a
lawn mower than lio in a hammock."
"How absurd!"
"No; ho says his wifo can't put the
baby in his lap when ho is running the
lawn mower."?Detroit Free Press.
First of Its Kind.
Bnzzfuzz?Eden must havo been a
summer resort.
Tomtot?What gave you that idea?
Bnzzfuzz?Well, tboBiblo says Adam
and Eve staid there until tho fall.?
New York Journal.
Buried It.
Jollydog?Captain Kidd must havo
been a mighty poor financier.
Pollywog?I don't see how you make
that out.
Jollydog?Well, ho sunk about every?
thing ho had.
Of Courso You Know Where Thio Was.
' * George, George, we've been robbed!''
"What! Is tho barrel of nuggets
" Worse than that. It'sa loaf of bn ad
and two onions.'"?Cleveland Plain
Two Views.
First Man (a bibulous party)?There's
a lot of body in this wine.
Second Man?Yes, and I'm beginning
to think there's ti lot of wine in this
When You Will Think of Dad.
When you are fnr nwny, iny boy, wny up
lunong the hills,
A-drinkin in the odor that tho forest crniul
Of course you will not think of mo n-toilin
here in town
An wonderin how I best can keep our big ex?
penses down.
When you are cliinbln up the mount or sailiti
on the lake,
To write ole dad a lino or two the time you will
not take.
When you are dnncin in the hall with Indies
young an fair.
To think of dnd, down hero in town, of course
you will not care.
When you nro startin for n ride behind a four
An ovorythln thnt yon desiro Dame Fortune
well hns planned,
know you will not think of mo, but I will bet
my neck
rhut you will think of your ole dad when next
you want a check)
?Thomas K Portor in lioston tilobe.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Victorious.
Physical and Mental Exhaustion Gives
Way to Vigorous Activity.
REV. W. T. DOUCK, ti.e talented pas?
tor of Grace U. B. cuur?h, Carlisle.
Penn., writes Septombct- 23, IMG: " I
always enjoyed good health until In is92, at
which time niy duties as a clergyman wero
of a peculiarly trying nature, subjecting
mo to several severe nervous shoclcs which
together with overwork aad anxiety, im?
paired my general health and nervous sys?
tem. Indeed I was iu such a condition that
tho mere sliiht of a largo congregation so
I weaned nie
Dr. ^
Miles' M
Nervine |3
RestoreG jg|
that it
(would require a day
or more for me to ro
ICover from the ex?
haustion. It ulT'irds
I mo treat pleasure to
I say that Dr. Miles'
I Restorative Nervine
and Kestoratlve Tonto
have dono mo untold good. I preached
three times yesterday and I feel as fresh
and vigorous this Monday morning as I
ever felt in my life, thanks to your remedies.
Dr. Miles* Remedies are sold by all drug?
gists under a positive guarantee, iirst bottle
benefits or money refunded. Hook on
Ueart and Nerves sent free to all applicants.
DH. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, lad.
and all kinds of
Pains and Aches.
For nearly three-score years and ten
this famous old household friend has
been curing pains and aches, and has
never disappointed the user. It is
clean, pure, efficacious, agreeably
smelling and quickly acting.
it is a
rich. spicy compound and
invaluable for
Cuts, Scalds, Sores, Burns,
Ulcers, Wounds, Erysipelas.
Skin Troubles, Etc.. etc.
Price 25 Cents,
or scat in quantity of 3 or more packages to any
address on receipt of money, by
Winkelmann & Brown Drug Co.
baltimore, md., u. s. a.
Seaview, In.? Wo ha\n a splendid sale
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and
our customers.coming Ironi far and near,
speak of it in the highest terms. Many
have said that their children would have
died of croup if Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy had not been given ?Kellam &
Ourben. The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale
ny H. C. Barnes. "Re puts up prescrip?
Breakfast, 25 cents; diuner, 25 cents:
supper 25 cents. Meal tickets) f4. J.
J. Catogui's restaurant.
trust from Maurice And (!eo. P, Mnlonre
to the undersigned, dated the 15th day of
May. 1805, ar.d tecotded in the" clerk's
office of the city of Roanoke, indeed book
08, page 23, for the purpose of securing
certain payments to become due to the
Old Dominion Building and Loan Asso?
ciation of Richmond, Va., default having
been made in the payment of said deed,
and having been required so to do by the
beneficiary thereunder, the undersigned
will offer for sale at, public auction on
the premises on tlie 30TH DAY OP OC?
TOBER, 1807, at 13 o'clock m., the fol?
lowing ileacribed'property situated in the
city of Roanoke, Yn.:
Beginning at a point on the west side
of Monroe street n. e. 32 1-2 feet south of
Patton street, thence south with Monroe
street two degrees 10 minutts west 311 1-i
feet to a point, theuce norch s: degrees
54 minutes wesr. 70 feet, more or less, to
a point, thence in a northerly direction
parallel with Monroe street 32 1-2 feet to
a point, theuce south ^7 degrees ?!"> min
Utes esst 75 feet, more or less, to the place
of beginning, being part of lot 134, in
Fourth ward, as shown on the map of
the Ki auoke Land and Improvement
Hustings Cr. urt for the city of Roanske,
on the 22d day of September, IS',17.
Johnson & Co., plaintiff, against Peter
Kidd and als., defendant. In chancery.
The object of this suit Is to attach the
funds of Peter Kidd in the hands "of the
First National Rank of Roanoke, Va.,
also any other estate of said defendant In
; the city of Roanoke and to subject same
I to the payment of the plaintiffs? demand
I against, said defendant amounting to
i k;.\I. not1cks.
$170.30 with interest and cost and to ob?
tain judgment against said defeudant for
sa'd amount.
Aud an affidavit having been made and
filed that thedefendant, Peter Kldd, isuot
a resident of the State of Virginia, it is
ordered that he do appear here, witldu
fifteen days after duo publication hereof,
and do what may be necessary to protect
bis Interests in this suit. &nd it is fur?
ther ordered that a copy hereof be pub?
lished once a week for four weeks in The
Ronnoke Times and that a copy be posted
at the front door of the courthouse of this
city on the tirst day of the next term.
A copy?Teste:
S. S. BROOK K, Clerk.
I) 21 lm
the circuit court for tho city of Ronnoke
entered at its Apiil term. 1807, in the
chancery cause of J. P. Hudson vs. Na?
tional Mutual Building and Loan Asso
clat'on of New York, the undersigned as
special commissioner, appointed by saitl
decree, will oder for sale tit public auc
ttou, in front of the courthouse'of Ronn?
oke, Va., at 12 o'clock noon ON THE
11TII DAY OK OCTOBER, 1807, tho
following described parcel of land situated
in tho city of Hoanoke, together with the
iniprovmements thereon:
Beginning at a point on the north side
of Dale avenue two hundred nnd sixty
two (202> feet east of*Holliday street and
running thence north ten degrees east
one hundred and thirty (180l feft to an
alley, thence with said alley south eighty
degrees east ihirty-t igbt feet to a point
on saitl alley, thence south ten degrees
west one liuudred anil thirty loot to Dale
avenue, thence nor'.h eighty degrees west
thirty-eight feet to a point, the place of
beginning, designated on the map of the
Hark Land and Improvement Company
as lot No. (>. section !), Hoanoke. Va.
TERMS OF SALE: Cash as to a sum
sufficient to pay off the costs of the above
named Milt and sale, as well as the sum
of $1,215, with interest therein from the
18th day of May. 1800, and as to the resi?
due, upon a credit of one and two years,
with interest from day of sale.
Special Cr mtnissioner.
I, S. S. Brooke, clerk of the circuit
court of tlie city of Ronnoke, do certify
that bond has been given by the commis?
sioner in above styled cause, as directed
in the decree. S. S. BROOKE,
Improved Real Estate ?By virtue of a deed
of trust, dated Kith day of May. 1805, and
duly recorded in the office of the clerk of
the hustings court for the city of Roan
oke. Virginia, in deed book 5)7, page '131,
whereby Mary Rolling and her husband
conveyed the real estate hereinafter re?
ferred to, and more fully described in the
said deed (*o which reference is hereby
matte), to the undersigned trustees to
secure a certain Mtond or obligation of
Mary Dolling to The Iron Belt Building
and Loan Association of Ronnoke, Vir?
ginia, and default Itavit.g been made
therein and being directed by the said
beneficiary so to do. the undersigned
trustees will on 2ND DAY OK OCTO?
BER,'18117, at 12.10 o'clock p. m., proceed
to sell in front of the court house in Ron?
noke City, Virginia, at public auction, to
the highest bidder, a certain lot of land,
with a desirable dwelling house ami other
improvements thereon, situated on Hat
ton street, iu the city of Ronnoke, Va.,
and fronting on that street 50 feet, and
extending back of that width 114 feet to
nn alley; being known and designated as
lot No. 4, of sectlou 11, according to tho
man of the Rogers, Fairfax A: Houston
addition to the city of Roanoke,Virginia.
TERMS?Cash.?There is due on said
bond $030.68, as of Almost 31st, 1807.
C. A. McllUGH,
Real Estate.?By virtue of a ileed of
trust dated 10th of November, 1SIH), and
duly recorded iu the office of the clerk of
the hustings court of the city of Roanoke,
Va., in tleed book (17, page 430, whereby
James II. Graybill anil .1. M. Gibson
conveyed the real estate hereinafter re?
ferred to, and more fully described iu the
said deed (to which reference is hereby
made), to the undersigned trustees, to
secure a certain bond or obligation of snid
J. II. Graybill and J. M. Gibson to Tho
Iron Uelt Building and Loan Association,
of Roanoke, Va., aud default having
been made therein and being tlirectetl by
said beneficiary so to do, the under?
signed ttustees will on SATURDAY,
2ND DAY OK OCTOBER, 181)7, at
12 o'clock m., proceed to sell on
the premises iu Hoanoke, City, Va., at
public auction, to the highest bidder, a
certain lot of land with u desirable dwell
ing bouse and other impiovements there
on,beginning a: a point on tho south side
of Gilmer street, in the city of Roanoke.
Va., 300 feet west of Twelfth tor Seventh)
street, and measuring In front on said
(lilmer street 25 feet, and extending back
of that width 160 feet more or less to an
alley. Same being a part of lands con?
veyed to said Graybill and Gibsou by (1.
C. Moomaw, on June 21, 18'.I0.
TERMS?Cash. There is due on said
bond $087.44, as of AutMtst 31st. 18117.
II. S. TROUT. Trustee.
the corporation court of the city of Roan?
oke. Yn., entered nn the 1st day of .Inly,
1*07, in the chancery suit of .lostiah
Friend's administratrix nnd als. vs. A.
P. Staples, trustee, and als., the under?
signed as special commissioners appoint
ed by said de uce will offer for sale in
front of the courthouse at public auction
to the highest bidder at 12 o'clock noon
1807. the following property situated in
the city of Hoanoke, Va., to-wit:
Kirsr.. Beginning at a point on the
southwest corner of Cnmpbell ami Ran?
dolph streets, thence south 2 degrees 15
minute west. 100 feet to a point, thence
north decrees 45minutes west 100 feet
to a point, thence north 2 degrees l? mitt
utes east Idti feet to a point, thence sou III
87 degrees 45 minutes east 100 feet to the
place of beginning.
Second. Beginning at a point on the
northwest corner of Cnmpbell and Ran?
dolph streets, thence with Campbell street
north 88 degrees west 100 feet to a point, i
thence mcrth 2 degrees east 100 feet to a
point, thence south 88 degrees east I I'O
feet to Randolph street, thence with Ran?
dolph street S. 2 degrees west 100 feet to
tl e (dace of beginning ami known as lo;s
110, 111, 112 and 113 in ward ?. according
to the map of the Roanoke Laud and Im?
provement Com pan v.
L. 11. COCKE,
Special Commissi oners.
I, S. S. Brooke,cb'rk of the corporation
court of Roanoke citv.Yirutn'n, do hereby
certify that the bond required in above
case has been executed,
S. S. BROOKE, CL'rk.
Sp'nKS t1h
B.M Park
? u
8 9u
9 00
11 40
12 SO
i 00
1 40
?4 30
3 40
6 00
3 40
K 20
1 40
6 3'J
y to
\ M
7 9"
8 00
8 40
u M
10 CO
i 30
13 00
13 40
1 3J
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Franklin Knail. |
Salein car rnns bntwecn Terry building and
Salem. First car Sundays at 8:20 a. m.
Vlnton car ruts bsi-veeu Terry building lid
Vinlon. Sundays? i*'.rst car aoo n. m.
Norwich car runs between Norwich and Union
Depot ami connects with College car. Sunday*.?
FliBt car 8:0i' a m. Trips ronrhed "n" will go
throngh to Norwich; all other trips before 2:00
p. m. will (top at Woodrums. All trips after 9:00
p. in. will go through io Norwich
(. ollege car rune between College and Union
I), tot via Mill Mountain and connect* with Nor?
West Knd car rune between "II" street and
Union Depot
Crystal Sprlrg car rnre bet ween Crystal Spring
r.nd Union Depot via Mill Mountain First car
Sundays S:l n a. m ; and betwren Crystal Spring
tnd Union Depot via Baseball Park. First car
Sunday 8:80,
Franklin Hoad car rnnB between Terry bnlld
Ing and UUhland aventio s. w.
Hast Koanoke oar runs between Terry build?
ing and Lyncbburg avenue n. e.
'ilckels for ride between Koanoke and Salem
can be purchased in Koanoke at the tollowlrg
Vanghan's cigar stand, Terry building.
Man?lcV l'hnrinscy, South .lefferson street.
And at Salem from DilUid ?v. Persluger.
8. W. JAMISON. 0?u'l Mgr.
Ofllce, Koonis 1(V5 and 110 Teriy lluildiug.
Schedule in Effect
July 4, 1807.
6:10 ft. m. (Washington and Chattanooga
limited) for Bristol, intermediate sta?
tions and the South and West. Pull?
man sleepers to New Orleans and Mem?
phis. Connects .it Radford for Blue
field and Pocahontas.
4:20 p. m., the Chicago Express for Rad?
ford, Rluelleld, Pocahontas, Kenova,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis,
Kansas City. Columbus and Chicago.
Pullman Buffet Sleeper Koanoke to
Columbus. Also for Pulaski, Wythe*
ville, Bristol, Knoxville, Chattanooga
and intermediate points.
From Norfolk 7:01) a. m.; 4:10 p. m.
From Hagerstown 7:o0 a. m.; 4:05 p. tn.
From Winston 1:15 p. in.
From Bristol and the West 1:85 p. m.:
10:80 p. m.
1:50 p m. for Petersburg, Richmond and
1:45 p. m. for Washington, Hagerstown,
Philadelphia and New York.
10:45 p. m. tor Richmond and Norfolk.
Pullman sleepers Koanoke to Norfolk
anil Lynchburg to Richmond.
10:45 p. m. (Washington and Chattanooga
limited? for Washington, Hagerstown,
Philadelphia and New Y'ork. Pullman
sleepers to Washington via. Shenan
doah Junction and Baltimore and Ohio
Durham Division?Leave Lynchbnrg
(Union station ('daily, except Sunday,
4:00 p. m. for South Hosten and Dur?
ham and Intermediate stations.
Winston-Salem Divlsiou?I/mve Roanoke
(Union station) 4:30 p. m. and
7:110 a. m. daily, except Sunday (Camp?
bell street station), for Rocky Mount,
Martinsville, Winston-Salem and inter?
mediate stations.
For all additional inforniMion apply
\ at ticket ofllce or to W. B. Bevlll, General
Passenger Agent, Roanoke, Va.
M. F.
Bragg. Traveling Passenger

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