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The style in our hats is what
makes them superior to all
others. Of course the quality
fris there?out1 name (ells you
that. What we want to im?
press on you is that our hats
will top you off with the great?
est possible amount of style.
We have them in all prices,
from si ti? ?.r>.
Blaiicr ?n?l Furnisher,
112 Jefferson street.
Norristowu, Pa, Sept. 20.?Burglars
after .Miser Isaac Alderfer's money,
crushed his bead with a brick, burned
hin? with a poker ami left him bound and
gagged in bis country home near here
last night. He was found almost dead
this morning by Henry Rigser, a College
ville b iker, who stopped to serve bread.
The robbers got only a few only 'coins,
but stole Alderfer's horse aud buggy.
Madrid, Sept. 20.?Six persons were ar?
rested here last night on the suspicion of
the police that they were anarchists.
One of them made a confession and saitl
that many of their number were outraged
at Murillo tie Galleuo in the manufacture
of bombs.
proved Roanoke property, a lino; farm of
240 acres at Montvnle, Bedford'/ County,
or wi'l sell cheap. For full particulars
Breakfast, 25 cents: dinner, 25 cents
supper 25 ceuts. Meal tickets, $4. J.
J. Catogni's restaurant.
FRESH TAFFY, all Kinds at CA
Coming and Going.
R. L. Coeburn bus gone to Pennsylva?
nia on n business trip.
Col. R. II. Woodruin left yesterday ou
the noou train for Lynchburg.
A. P. Watkins, of the Ronnoke Street
Railway Company, is spending h,s vaca?
tion in Alleghany county.
B. T. Gregory, wlio has been on n visit
to Ids brother, Dr. W. S. Gregory, left
yesterdav for Louisville to complete bis
ministerial course in the Louisville Theo?
logical Seminary.
Mrs. (i. B. Gee and little Ron left yes
terday o" a visit to friends in Richmond.
K. W. Luck returned to his home in
Bedford yesterday after a "pleasant visit
to his brother, Dr. Geo. S. Luck.
Miss D.llgte lebault, of New Orleans,
is visiting at the residence of 1). S.
Miss Shuying and Miss Patout, of
Iberia, La,, who have been summering
at Montgomery White Sulphur, arrived
In Boanoke yesterday and wlP remain
some timo visiting friends.
Garrett Van Waggoner, .Tr , and Ber?
nard Traynham left last night, for New
York, where they will reside in the fu
t tire.
Warren Weifotd, secretary and treas?
urer of tho Hobhie Piano Co., will leave
this morning for Rad ford and other
poiuts west on business.
S. H. Thoeburn and wife, of Memphis,
Tenn.. are visiting the latter's sister,
Mrs. J. J. Cox, at the !->t. James.
R. L. Monroe, who has been at the bed?
side of his brother, Goo. O. Monroe, re?
turned to Iiis home in Alexandria last
Geo. O. Monroe, was wad recently
tiken very ill, is reported to bo improv?
ing rapidly.
C. F. Gray, ot The Times composing
room force, left.last night for H?gers
town, Mtl., to be absent two weeks. He
was accompanied by his daughter.
Said He Shot Her Because Shu Was Un?
true to Him.
New York. Sept. 29.-Edward Wil?
liams, a negro bellboy, shot and killed
his mulatto wife, Virginia, to-night on
the sidewalk ou West Forty-eighth street.
They "vere married six months and came
from Atlanta, Ga.
Williams continually accused his wife
of receiving the attention of a white man,
said to be a hottJ clerk. Finally they sep?
arated. Then Williams threatened to
kill her.
To-night he lay in wait and saw her
across the street, lie sneaked up behind
her and placing his band ou her shoulder
"Now, I've got you."
she turned to lace him, and drawing a
revolver from bis pocket he fired two
shots, both taking ettect in the head.
Williams was arrested by a policeman.
He was coni( letely unnerved and began
to cry.
"I shot her because she was untrue to
me,'' he said. "1 would have died for
he I. Now 1 guess I will."
The New York Journal of Commrece
says: Norfolk and Western--Thitd week
of September, 8KJ29.002, increase $118,501;
from July 1, $3,690,911, Increase$261,220.
110-112-114 N. Jefferson
DEAR SIRS: Please a
Calendar. It is exquisite in
very conveniently arrangec
%. East Radford, Va,, Jar
b I
Lawrence Si Davis.
No. 5 Campbell avenue s \v
prompt payment of losses.
Michigan's Executive Located In a Sleep?
ing Car Going West from Detroit.
Chicago, Sept. 20.?Gov. Pingree, of
Michigan, has be"n found. (According
to W. H. F. Holmes, a lawyer of this city,
who arrived here from Detroit, this morn?
ing, the governor hoarded the train at a
station nor far west of Detroit and took
il Bleenlng cat for Chicago. The gover?
nor, said Mr. Holmes, was very tociuble,
and introduced himself to the gentlemen
in the buffet as the governor of Michigan.
The evening was passed very pleasantly,
Mr. Holmes says. The governor said he
Would cull on various Chicago aldermen
concerning; garbage matters ate' other
questions of public interest.
ST. CLAlK BROS, sell Barley Cryst il
tor breaktast, tea am1 dessert. C F.
BLOUNT, Manager, 111 Jefferson street.
'Phone 111.
Washington, Sent '.".).?Word has been
received at the White House that the
President will arrive in Washington to?
morrow meriting at ID o'clock.
Chattanooga, Tenn.,Sept. 29,?A num?
ber of property owners made application
to-day for a receiver for the town of Look?
out. Mountain. Sensational charges of
fraud and mismanagement are made in
the application.
OLD PAPERS for sale at The Times
oflice. Good for putting under carpets.
ccept my thanks for 1897
design and execution, and jg
y *ruiy. ' I
mary 2d, 1897. <?
Tho lleueh Give n Fity.simnions un<l Cor
bett Performance.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 25).?Judges
.lohn Ii. Stone ivml .1. R. Marsh, of the
county court here, quarreled while the
court wns in session yesterday, and with
clenched lists sprang at each other and
struck blows that were warded off by
the ollicers of the court.
The board of equalization recently
raised the personal tax assessment of
marly every merchant in Kansas City.
When tho merchants appeared before
Judges Stone. Marsh and Christian and
County Assessor Rower entered vig?
orous protests. Judge Stone charged
.fudge Ma^sh and Mr. Bower with being
responsible for the enhanced taxation.
.lodge Marsh indignantly denied tho
charge, retorting:
"You're making a grand-stand play."
At this the two judges with clenched
lists sotting at each other. Before the
other court ollicers coul?' interfere they
had exchanged "ritrhts" and "lefts."
Neither landed, and further show of llst
cuffs was stopped by the court attaches.
I take pleasure in announcing that I
continue to carry the largest and most
complete line of feed In the city. You
are Invited :o inspect my goods and get
prices. J. A. HOOVER,
"The Feed Man." 'Rhone 314.
OYSTERS by the measure at J. J. Ca
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Winter Clothes cleaned and
dyed to perfection. Good
work iruarauteed.
1 10 Campbell avenue.
J. DEVON. Proprietor.
Booneville, Cnl., Stage-Robbed oa a Heav?
ily Wocded Road.
Uklnh, Cab, Sept. 29.?Two masked
highwaymen held cp the Booneville Htiige
this afternoon, and .1. R. Burnett, a pas?
senger, was shot and instantly killed by
one of tho robbers. As the stage was
passing through a heavily wooded part
of tho road, seven miles from here, the
bandits suddenly appeared and ordered
the driver to stop. Burnett, who was
seated on the rear of tho stage, board tho
order and plunged his Im ml into his
pocket The highwayman thought that
Burnett was about to draw his pistol,
and iired, the charge striking Barnett in
the neck, killing him instantly. The
bandits then secured three express boxes
and disappeared.
Bat nett was a pioneer resident of the
city and a prominent citizen. The sher?
iff is now trailing tho outlaws with blood
hound. Suspicion has fallen on two
residents of this vicinity who bear a bud
reputation. If the highwaymen are dis?
covered tl'ev will undoubtedly be lynched.
Call on ST. CLMR BROS, for Flaked
Rice. Makes elegant fritters. C. F.
BLOUNT, Manager, 111 Jefferson street.
'Phone 111.
A dress washed with ''Crystal Spring"
was shown us the other nay?a delicate
fahre splashed with tiny (lowers. Tho
flowers looked as if grown afresh?forget
mo-nots, too.
wkes, 'insurance.
ACCIDENT i agents,
104 South Jefferson street.
throw your good money away on assess?
ment life insurance. Get a good article.
The Travellers stands at the top. Will
write a man aged 30 ?1,000 life insurance
for ^IS.ll'J yearly for tea years only, poli?
cy being paid-up after that porlcd. Cut
tin !_' oil" a cigar or beer daily will buy
such a policy. Investigate freely, buy
one, and set your mind at rest.
A. J. EVANS. Y. M. UUTT. C. B. PiilCJB,
Keep a Full and Com plots Line ol
Every Article' Known to the
Hardware Trade. We Invite
an luspeci.ou of Our Stock ami
22 Campbell Avenue.
"Rome Was Not
Built in a Day"
Bin, Chicago was hur tied in n night.
Tho Liverpool and London and
Globe Insurance Company paid on
account of this "loss alone $3,239,
290. This company and other
strong companies represented by
No. 107 Terry Building.
Frank T. Glasgow,
Am mx ey-at-La w.
LEXINGTON, Va., .Tuly 27, 1800.
Mr. E. A. Quisenberry, Lexington, Va.:
My Dear Sir?I have receutly luvesti
gated the Old Line Insurance Companies,
with a view of determining what 1 would
do with regard to taking a new policy.
Tho result of my Inquiries and examina?
tion has been to convince mo that the
Northwestern Mutual is tho must eco?
nomically administered, nud can and
will give the be*t results of all of these
companies; and I have determined tu let
a policy which I h*ive in the New York
Mutual lapse, and have taken in its
plnoe a policy iu tho Northwestern Mu?
tual. I have also a policy iu the New
York Equitable, hut mv judgement, ar
ter.as careful) examination as 1 coi'l
make, is that the Northwestern is I ) i
best company, both as to solvency ; i
results, of the fcur leading compnhlbd
which now offer insurance. Yours very
W. R. McCLANAlIAN & Co.,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance,
Nu. 7 Campbell avenue.
Real Estate and Rental Agent,
110* JeffersonSt., Roanoke, Va.
-1*01 the Lyuchburg Perpotc.a,l
-Building and Loan Co.
"My boy came home from school one
day with his hand badly lacerated and
bleeding and Buffering great pain." says
Mr. K J. Schall, with Meyer Bros." Drug
Company, St. Louis, Mo. "I dressed to
wound, and op lied Chambei Iain's 1 Ii
Halm freely. All pain ceased, and In a
remarkably short time it, healed without
leaving a sear. For wounds, spin es,
swellings and rheumatism I know of no
medicine or prescription equal to U.. I
consider it a household necessity." ,.1'hn
25 and IH) cent sizes for salo by IL G;
Barnes. "He puts up* preset Ipttons."
our cloak department.
This.department will bo of intensest
inccrent to Clo^k buyers this season.
We made all our Clonk contracts lust
spring when materia's were at their low?
est, price?. We Will sell Cloaks this sea?
son at prices before unknown to this sec?
tion. Note a lew:
Ladies Fine Seal JMush ('apes, .silk
lined, fur trimmed collar, length 20
inches, only $3 80 -actually worth $5.
Vine Seal Plush Cape-", Silk Lined,
beautifully braided with Soutache, length
20 inches, only $5.
Is'jie Seal Pinsh Canes, length -0
inches, elegantly braided with Soutache
and .let. only ?5.50--worth $7.
Pine Seal Plush Capes, silk lined,
j.lain. tu- trimmed, length 27 inches,
oalv $0.50?woitIi $8.
Very Pine Seal Plush Capes, 27 inches,
plain with fur trimming?tho regular
$10 sort -only.$8
Same, be-tut'fully b:aided with Jet and
Soutache, only $8.50?cheap at SI I.
Some mtv nobby things in the new
Jackets in greens, browns und nuvys, $10,
$13.50, ?15 anil $30 See them.
New line ol ('leaks for small childr< n,
m ule of Kideidown. Lafnn's Wool, Bou?
cle and .Merino, $1.25, $3, $;s, $1,$4.50.
Ladies' & Children's Underwear BUNK?TS AND COMFORTS.
A steck of Underwear for men of such
variety .md proportions has never before
b.-en shown in this section. All the..;
goods were contracted for last season
ittld'will be sold at. and, in some cases,
biilow last, season's prices.
50 dozen Men's Fancy Fleeced Stocki?
net Shirts and Drawers, Chamois finish,
very soft?never befcrj offeree^ for less
than 50c?now only 42c each.
"id dozen White Fleeced Stoeklnel shirts
and Drawers - a bargain?Tide each.
Men's Natural Wool Shirts and Draw?
ers, fill per cent. wool, only 50c each.
Men's All-Wool Scarlet Shirts ami
Drawers, only ?lo euch.
H g value In Natural Wool 'Niublo
brensted Shirts (drawers to match), at
si each.
Original (Basten burg Health underwear,
natmal grej, silk Hnlnh, Shirts and
drawers, sizes of) to 50, only ?1 50 each.
We carry the mostcomplete line in this
depattnu nt in this section. We do xtbz
say this without knowledge, but it is a
matter of fact.
As our underwear contracts were made
for this season nearly a year ago you may
come with perfect assurance fcof getting
lowest prices.
Ladies' Jersey Kihbed Vests and Pants,
soft fleeced?great vn'uc -it 25c.
Ladies' Bibbed Fleeced Vests and
Pants?about tiie average 50c sort?big
value at I!7 1 2c.
In'ants' Fine Australian Lamb's Wool
Vests, vtry line and soft, No. 2, 40c; No.
4, 50c; No. 5, 55c; \'o. (!, 00c.
Infant's Fine Cash mere Vests, very'soft,
Nos. 2 ami :>, 25c: No. 1. 28c; No. 5, 80c;
No. 0, 83c.
Ladies' White Pure Wool Vests and
Pants, beautiful quality?the best, of the
$1 sort -hern for Wie.
Big line Children's Merino Vests. 10c
and up.
Ladies' Pine Wool and Non-Shrinking
Vests and Pants, ribbed, $1.
I. nlies' Fine All-Wool Scarlet Medien
ted Vests and Pants, 7">l\
domestic doing*.
It always pays to comc here for your
CaUcoos.Cottk.ns, Sheetings, Ginghams,
Canton Flannels and the like.
Fine 80-inch Percales in the new and
stylish Hornau stripes, only 10c yard.
Genuine American lndi;{0 Blue Calicoes
-they are the best?5c.
Best Silver Gr'y Calicoes lor second
mourning, 5c
Lancaster M'lls Gingham, only 5c.
?10 new styles Pretty Russiuu Fleece,
the finest quality of it. 10c.
Good q unlit.) (luting Cloth, at 5c.
Fine Rmp-ess Outings, only 8e?
usually 10.:.
Genuine Teazle Downs, only 10c.
Case 10-4 ^Unbleached Sheeting, good
quality, only 12 l-2c.
0-4 Bleached Sheets, standard quality,
hemmed and ready for use, only 45c each.
10 4 Bleached Sheets, hemmed and
ready for use. standard, only 50c each.
80x45 inehMlleache.il Pillow Cases, ready
for use. good quality, only 10c each.
80x45 Inch Blenched Billow Cases, war?
ranted New Vork .Mills, only 12 l-2ceach.
The greatest line of these goods ever
shown in this section now ready. The
finest of the Comforts are selling rapidly.
V.iu don't of ten get a chance at such an
eIpgnnt stock of these goods.
Comforts covered wltli finest Silkoline,
filled with white downy cotton and tacked
by hand, $1.50.
Comforts covered with finest: French
Saline, tacked by ban'' and tilled with
carded cotton, as soft'as down, $2 50.
Comforts covered with flue saline and
filled with nice white carded cotton,
fancy stitching, $1.50 and $1.75.
Comforts filled with finest, white carded
cotton, covered with llnesc French Satine,
$2,"$2 50 and $3.
Comforts filled with clean nice cotton,
at 80c, $1 and $1.25.
Good Comforts, Idled with Shoddy, nt
50c. 02 1 2c, 75c and $1.
Good 10-1 Grev Blankets, ?de pair.
Nie.- Fleeced Whim Blankets, 75c pair
Large, heavy, Ileecy Wirte Blankets,
Heavy 10 4 Grey Blanke??, s| pair.
Heavy 11-4 and 12-4 Grey Blanket*,
$1.25 pair
About 15 pairs 11 ! White Blankets,
slightly soiled, worth $2.50 to $4 a pair
regular price.?these will go very cheap,
ask for them.
Fine All Wool Blankets, $4, *5 und $7
8ig lot of rugs.
The Rug season is here. It you expect
to ouy.Rug* and want to save a dol'ai or
so. come and get vours from tho lot.
White Angora Fur Bugs, largo size,
only $2.50 ?usual van e $3.75.
Finest Moquet Bugs, in exquisite lie
signings. 8x6 feet,only $.1 50 ?others are
asking $5 for this sort.
Finest Moquet Rugs,27x04 inches, oily
Finest Moejuet'Rtlgs, 18x30 inches,
only Si.
Best Grade Smyrna Bugs, 18x30 inches,
Best Grade Smyrna Hugs, 21x45 inches,
$1 :??
Best Grade Smyrna Bugs, 27x51 inches,
$1 It's.
ILisjnc.ks worth 75c ami 80c each
choice here fcr 80c.
FOR the table.
Your table may be loaded with choicest
viands, but there's a serious lacking if
the Linens are not in keeping.
There's something about a table daint?
ily set with snow-white Linens that gives
one real relish.
How are you fixed in the Linen line?
Some especially line Table Linens, 2
yards wide?our former $1.25 sort---big
value at $1 yard. Seethe- pretty Flour
iP LIs, Snow-drop, Lily of the Valley,
M?nchhof Pansies and Clover Leaf de?
There are some pretty ones now in. 2
yards wide, bleached Irish Linen Da
made, at. 75c.
Beal good grade All-Pure Linen Da?
mask, at. 30o.
Bargain in Cream Linen Damask, ex?
tra heavy, just the thing for everyday
use. 39c
Good heavy Cream Linen Damask, full
5(1 inches wide, at 25c.
Pine Turkey Re'' Daniiisk. made in
Scotland, warranted oil boiled and fade?
less, (Hi inches wide, only 50c.
See the pretty new things in reel and
white a:.d blue and whi'e Table Damask
in block and plaid designs, new and
choice. 87 l-2c.
Best Table Felt or '"Silence Cloth,-'
extra heavy, 51 inches wide, only 42c,
worth 50c.
Patent Knitted Table Matting is the
choices' thing you nan put under your
nice linens. It protects the linen, the
table and the china, it will wash?50
inch, 75c yard.
See the beautiful Table Linen Sits, at
?8.75, $4.50, $(J.50, $7 and 7.50.
Great array of Fine Silks, 75 styles,
lovely Novelty Silks for waists, at 75c
and $1 yard.
Boinan stripes, only 75c vaid.
Bich Plaids, at 75c and 8Dc.
Greatest value of the day in handsome
Bl ick Brocades?tho best of the $1 sort
?only 75c.
Great Big Values in Finn B'ack Dress
Silks, at 75c, 80c, $1 and $1.25.
Every new and desirable fabric is rep?
resented in our metropolitan stock. No
unreasonable prices to make an extrava?
gant sound?prices always economical.
Royal Bengal Plaids are the latest, 5
styles, 38 inch, 81)c.
Royal Scotch Plaids, rich and rate, 10
choice styles, 38 inch, 75c.
Pretty Plaid French Serges, 40 inch,
Scotch Plaids, choice styles.:iti inches ?
the regular 80c sort ?only 25c.
"Gradiette" is one of the latest mater?
ials, one side looks like Henrietta, \hi
other side Merino?all colors, 40 Inch. 75c.
Bich t.lvo-toned Cheviots. ure strictly
stylish?both diagonal and granite weaves
?Hi inch, 75-j.
The pranky Tufted weaves are great
favorites?25 pieces to pick from?-12
inch, only 50c.
Two-toned Bengal Stripes in silk and
wool are rare and up to date, 43 inch, $1.
Ladies' Cloth in the new Satin Chamois
finish, a popular leader this season, all
shades, ?2 inch, 75c.
85 pieces lovely Novelties representing
the leading Foreign Ideas?great value
here?only 117 l-2c, well worth 50c.
CHOICE buck g03ds.
No such Black Goods stock has ever
before been shown *.u this part of Vir
gfnta. A feast for buyers.
Novelties Pi Camel's Hair, woven in
foliai/e designs, is one of tho choicest of
the new things, 43 inch, $1.25.
Fancy weave Diagonal Cheviots?de?
cidedly nobby?50 inch. $1.
Cheviot Serges, durable ns well as fash?
ionable, 50 iuch, 75c.
Cheviot Serge, excellent, 42 inch, only
Priestley's Cheviot Serge, 50 inch,
only $1.
Very fine Wenriotlf?? positively worth
02c?38 inch, only 5V.
Fino Henrietta, the 87 l-2c sort, 45
iuch, a bargain at 05c.
Priestle's Fine Poplin, regular price
$1 a yard, 44 inch, here only 75c.

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