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A. H. Mngee, who has been working on
the new courthouse now iu course of
construction at the county seat of Wise,
is on a visit to his fnmily. Me brought
yv'th hiui a pair of separable iron shoes
used in the Southwest for shoeing of
oxen. They ate quite a curiosity to peo?
ple of this section, many of whom never
Haw an iron-hoofed bovine.
Hanson Johnston, son of Mr. and Airs
W. R. Johnston, who recently went to
seok his fortune in tho "Bleeding State"
of the wild nnd wooly West, has returned,
lie has been ill with fever, but is now
better. He says, "there is no place like
old Virginia." So say wo all who have
?wandered away from too sacred pre
cmcts of dear old Salom, only to leturn,
singing the song of-the'mule who got lost
in the snow storm, "There's no Place
lake Home.1'
A :olored man by tho namo of John
Mitchell had his a-m badly mashed
Wednesday evening while coupling cars
at the freight depot. Dr. J. P. Killian
rendered the necessary surgical attention.
Daniel Proston, the "ice king," tins
gone on a visit to friends in Bedford
D. T. Martin, the "coal baron," has re?
turned from the Pulaski fair.
Bev. J. W. Hypes has returned from
Mt. Olivet. Bedford county, where he bus
been conducting a revival service.
.Mrs. F. H. Chalmers left last evening
for an extended visit to friends in the
Buckeye State.
Mrs. Craiahill, of Lynchburg, is tho
guest of Mrs. Col. Hnnsbrongh and son,
at their beautiful home on Union stteet.
Miss Fannie M. Hardy has gone to
Hopeside, Northumberland county,
where she will tench this winter.
Mrs. Foley and daughter, Miss Gussit,
of New Orleans, who have been summer?
ing at the Rcanoso Red, are stopping at
Hotel Duval. They will remain some
time yet in Virginia on ncconnt of tho
yellow fever now raging in the Sdttth.
Mrs. C. C. Campbell, of Jackson? Miss.,
a refugee from the fever-infected district
of that, State, has joined her husband
here and is stopping at Hotel Duval.
Mrs. Saunders, of ?Ltyebuiy, W, Va.,
is visitiuc her daughter, Mrs. A. S. Dod
son, in West Salem.
Caleb Hatcher, of Bedford county, is
visiting his grand-daughter, Mrs. Frr.nk
Whitescnrver, at her home.
Rev. Bovert Holland and wife, after a
plensaut visit to relatives here, have re?
turned to Charleston, S. C.
Mrs. Geo. Holland, who has been visit?
ing Mrs. Robert Holland, at her home on
Broail street, hns returned to her home
at Newberry, S. C
Robert C. Colhoun and wife, of Allo
ghany Springs, passed through Salem
yesterday morning en route to Hoauuke
L. W. Wise and wife, of New York,
who hive been stopping for several days
at Hotel Salem, left yesterday to visit
Richmond, the old home of Mrs. Wise.
R. L. Campbell, cashier of the Salem
Loan nnd Trust Company, left yesterday
evening for a month's vacation, which
time-he will spend In Wheeling, W. Va.
! Mrs. Rice, nee Strouse, nnd little boy,
who have been summering here, loft
yesterdaj for their homo in Orlando, Fin.
W. W. Chapman, ot the Roanoke Red,
left yesterday evening for Algoma,
where ho has accepted a position in tho
commissary department cf the Algoma
Coal and Coke Company.'
Late Wednesday evening J.Harrj Chap?
man, of the Boanoke Bed Sulphur
Springs, not onto a "snap." He'phoned
the Den ton Grocery Company, of Roan?
oke, for a box of Schnapps (tobacco) and
the grocery company sent him a box of
ginger snaps. Who is the joke on, Harry
or the com pan 7?
To tho Ed? tor of tho Timea: The ques
tiou of a Republican State convention
seems to bo settled in the affirmative.
MnuyRepubllcaus were not anxious to
push the convention 'agelast the wishes
of tho State committee. I am not aware
that I know personally a single member
of the State committee, consequently I
owo them no gtudge. 1 have no Rtudee
against the ndministrtaion and will do
all in my power to make this aduitnist ra?
tion a success, and furthermore I do not
believe Mr. 1 lamia understands fully tho
condition of matters In Virginia, and the
<mly grudge 1 bear hi in is that he Bbouhl
disappoint my estimation of him as a
politician by draggiug national affairs
into State politics.
I shall not qucstiou the motives of
either the State committee or Mr.
Lamb Jin Jthis matter ot convention, as
1 do not know them; but I believe if com?
parison he made Mr. Lamb's actions are
calculated to best subserve the interests
of the Republican party in Virginia. My
belief is founded upon the following
facts, which are important, not only for
the Republican party in this State, but
for all parties in every State, for should
my premises be correct, and this usurpa?
tion of authority have been passed over,
the people of this country would have n
precedent established which says they ara
not free and independent citizens, but in
the power of the national committee
who will dictate to the State committee
when anil how they shall vote and hold
Fact I. The Stato committee bad nc
authority granted them to say there
should not be a Stato convention. They
bad the power to call one, but refused
to do so, and because they thought it ex?
pedient not to nominntu. a State ticket
they disfranchised, as far as they pos?
sibly could, the Republican voters of
Virginia. Hail there been a convention
aud the sense of the convention been ad?
verse to the State ticket there could be
no question of legality, tbo delegates rep?
resenting the people.
The past intimidation of the negro
was not equal to this, for they could vcte
if they desired to run the risk; but here
our right of suffrage was completely
wiped away by the say-so of a* handful
of m?n.
Fact II. Tho net was illegal and un?
constitutional, even had the plan of or
Lrani/.ation given the State committee the
power It usurped.
Article 4, Section 2, first clause,
United. States constitution: "The citi?
zens of each State shall be entitled to all
the privileges and immunities o* citizens
of the several States." Section 4. "The
United States shall guarantee to every
State in this union a republican form of
government," etc., etc., and this cer?
tainly does not mean government by
State committees. They" also infringed
upon the fourteenth aud fifteenth amend?
Fact III. Not only then did this com
miteee assume power which it did uot
possess, but it actually assumed more
power than the Stato itself could assume.
Its action can therefore be unhesitat?
ingly stated as the greatest piece of po?
litical usurpation and cheek ever per?
petrated in this country.
Charlottesville, Va., Sept. 110.?Mr?.
Rello llartsook, wife of J. A. Hartsock,
died last night after an illness of many
weeks. She leaves a husband and a large
family of small children. Her funeral
will take place at 11 o'clock to-day.
Those who believe chronic diarrhea to
be incurable should read what Mr. P. E.
Grisham, of Caars Mills, La., has to say
on the subject, viz: "I have been a suffer?
er from c.ironic diarrhoea ever since the
war and have tried all kinds of medicines
for it. At last I found a remedy that
affected a cure and that was Chamber?
lains Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme?
dy." This medicine can always be de?
pended upon for colic, cholera morbus,
dysentery and diarrhoea. It is pleasant to
take and never fails to elTect a cure. 2f
and 50 cent sizes for sale by II. I'. Barnes,
??lie puts up prescript'ons."
lMymonth, Sept. 30.?The torpedo
boat ^destroyers Lyn7. und Thrasher
grounded to day during a fog on Dod
niants Point. Tiio ThrHsher broke in
two, ami it is expected the Lynx will do
the same. Three stokers were killed and
two stokers were injured by the bursting
of ? steam pipe ou board tbo Thrasher
shortly after she groundtd.
Bo sure to attend the races.
M. N. Shufllebarger was brought be?
fore Judge W. S. Stuart yesterday after?
noon ou a writ of habeas corpus, issued
at the tnstigntiou of Robt. Grubb. who
seeks to get possession of his llttlo daugh?
ter, the corpus delicti.
It appears tuat Bobort and bis wife
have agreed to disagree and ave living
apart and in separate localities Now
tae question arises, who is going to get
the "klil-"?the fruit of their wedded
life. Bobert wants the baby and his ex
wife Won't let him have it, and so Mr.
Grubb has appealed to the hustings court
to act as arbitrator.
Testimony was taken in the cnso yes?
terday afternoon as to which of the two
parties had the "sweetest" disposition
and which onejwould be bettered withjthe
delicti in their possession.
Judge Stuart deferred his decision un?
til to-day. When the court.convened this
afternoon the child was 'given into the
custody of. its father for the present.
Husband and wife have kissed and made
up and will live together in harmony. ?
Bristol News.
Editor Morrison, of Worthington, Ind.,
"Fun," Writes: Yen have a valuable pre?
scription in Electric Bitters, and I can
cheerfully reeommeud it for Constipation
and sick headache, aim as a general sys?
tem tonic it has no equal." Mrs. Annie
Stehle. 21125 Cottage Grove Ave.,Chicago,
was all run down, could not eat nor di?
gest food, had a backache which never
left her and felt tired nnd weary, but six
bottles of Electric Bitters restored her
health and renewed her strength. Prices
50 cents and $1. (Jet a bottle at Mnssie's
Lonuer's restaurant is growing iu rop
nlarity, as evidenced by the large number
he feeds every day. Nice fiesh oysters
can bo had, as well as everything that i?
good to eat.
H, J. HAR1
Receiver for W, W
20 .Salt?in avenue . .
Chicago, Sept. 30.?The leading fu?
tures ranged us follows:
Wheat ? Open. Closs.
December. 894 00}
December.285 20|
December. 10$ lflj
October. 8.07 8.17
October. 4 49 4.50
Ribs ?
October. 4.00 4.05
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil?
blains, Corns, and all Skiu Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re?
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
sntisfnctionor money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For stile at Massie's Phar?
macy, 100 Jefferson street. Roanoke.
is at a house that makes a spe?
cialty of them. At the.
you can buy an elegant white
Angora rug, large size, only
Best Moquette, 3x6, beautiful
tints, oar price, $3.25.
Best Moquette, 27x64 inches,
beautiful tints, only $2.25.
Best Moquette, 18x36 inches,
beautiful tints, only 90 cents.
Elegant Smyrna Rugs of the
newest designs, 21x45 inches,
only $1.25.
Elegant Smyrna Rugs of the
newest designs, 27x54 inches,
only $1.80.
Furniture, Carpets, Mattings,
Rugs, Dinner Sets; Glass?
ware, &G.
Cook Stoves, Egg Stoves,
Open Franklin and tue famous
Wilson Wood Heaters, from
$3.50 to $8, the best wood
stove on the market. Give us
a call and save money. We
can lit you out from cellar to
garret with all new and first
class goods. So come along.
"We will treat you the TTest we
know how. Don't forgel the
place, \os. 20 Salem avenue
and 1*.) Campbell avenue s. w.
/. Workman & Co.,
. . io ?Juitipheil street.
We're closing out the remainder of our Negligee
Shirts in Madras and Percales at less than cost. See
our window display. 50c and 75c Shirts at 40c.
WORTH $1.00.
CUFFS, AT 75c, WORTH $1.25.
MORE HATS AND CAPS than you'll see
in any two stores in the city. Don't believe it? Well,
come and sec All this season's styles. Newest
Shape Derbies, ?1 to ?.'5. Latest in Soft Crushers
from f)0c to Caps for Men and Hoys, 10c to 75c.
Just received, two eases of
Men's Black ai Tan Seamless lose
that are the greatest value we ever oft'ered at 10c, or
three pairs for 25c. A better one at 15c, or two pairs
for 25c.
We're receiving our FALL STOCK OF MEN'S
AXI) LOYS' CLOTHING. You save from 30 to 50
per cent, buying from
Philadelphia One-Price Clothing Honse.
d cAue r "in
| '? ST C L AI RS.S TO RE fy^
" phone hi; ,
The return of prosperity is
gradually being felt in Roan
oke, and our store is now con?
stantly thronged with enger
buyers. Expressions of ap
)>roval arc heard on every
land. Our customers like our
well-selected stocks, novelties
of style, and the lower-than
ever prices we are making on
every grade of goods. We
do not exaggerate an iota when
we say we are retailing many
goods lower than they can be
bought from manufacturers.
Being awake, and getting in
ahead of the Dingley bill is
the reason. Wander this way
this week. Note a few great
values. In our
Dress Goods Department
We are showing every phase
of novelties for the season. It
takes in the whole range of
At 25c All Wool French
Serges. All the popular shades
and black, Avorth 30c whole?
sale. Our price, 25c for a
short time.
At 25c, 36 inches wide All
Wool Novelties, very pretty
and desirable.
At 39c, the New Tufted
Effects, 38 inches wide?the
usual 50c grade.
At 50c?All Wool Covert
Cloths in Changeable Effects,
very popular.
At 50c, 50c, and 75c, great
lines of the popular Curl and
Novelty Effects in dress stuffs,
all the popular shadings.
At *1 to $1.50 the yard,
Exclusive styles in Novelties,
not to be seen elsewhere?see
the great range of styles.
At >75c, Two-toned Granite
Weave Cheviot, 50 inches wide,
very desirable, half dozen shad?
At 85c, great lines of the
New Cheviots in Blacks and
all colors, very stylish, in fash?
ion centers, the most stylish of
all materials, prices anywhere,
40e, 50c, 75c and $1.00
Broad Cloths are more pop?
ular this year than ever. Two
great leading lines, qualities
unapproachable, sliade lin?
complete. See the new shad?
ings, 53 inches wide, in any
shade or black at 7.r>c and
Covert Cloths are in it. .For
a plain tailor made dress noth?
ing prettier; all tin; grades,
combination of shades com?
plete, three grades of special
merit, 05c. 85c and $1.00.
Don't fail to see this great
big line of Dress Stuffs?Roan
oke has never seen its equal.
We simply have a superb
line |bf Black Stulls, find plenty
of them, and are sidling them
at less than they can lie im?
ported now. One hundred or
more styles of Black Dress
Goods, taking in all the pop?
ular fabrics.
Priestley's famous Black
Goods of every description.
Cheviots in a dozen varieties.
Granite Weaves in Plain
and Figured.
Poplins, Henriettas, Serges,
.Mohairs and Novelty1 Effects
of all kinds.
Description impossible in
this ad. Call and see the
My, how we are selling silks.
The extreme novelty of our
stock in Fancies and the more
than Bargain Prices we are
making on Black Silks are well
nigh irresistible.
At 37Ac tin* yard, the new
Changeable Lining Silks, a
good one that will wear.
At 00c, 10 pieces of good
heavy Satin Brocaded Gros
Grain Silks, worth 88c yard.
At 75c the yard, great line
of the new Changeable Novelty
Silks for waists and dresses,
the $1.00 quality?heretofore.
At 69c, all the shadings in
Changeable Taffetas for waists,
linings and underskirts.
At $1, the. new Roman
Striped Silks, the new large
checked Silks, and a variety of
High Class 'l^f?ties in
Plaids, Stripes and Checks,
for trimmings;.you'll be pleas?
ed with the assortment.
We have now ready a great
line of Woolen Underwear for
Ladies, Gentlemen and Chil?
dren, every item an unusual
value, the very best that can
be offered.
At 25c each 50 dozen Ladies'
Fleeced Pants and Vests, fine
Sea Island Cotton, as soft as
silk, beautiful gauge and finish,
the equal of any offered at the
At 12Ac, 25c, 35c, upwards
to 05c, Infants' fine cotton and
Lamb's wool Vests and wrap?
At 25c, Children's Jersey
Bibbed Cotton Vests, Fleeced;
all sizes.
At 25c Children's Fleeced
Union Suits, sizes up to 7.
At 50c, 75c, $1, and $1.25
all the different grades of the
celebrated "Oxford" cut Jer?
sey Ribbed Vests -and .Pants,
either whifcp;~or gray. Von
maJbave them with 50, 60, 88
and 100 pen cent, wool in
them, just as you prefer.
There is no nicer, soffefflyor
more satisfactory underwear
made for ladies than this "Ox?
ford" make.
At 48c Gentlemen's Cotton
Fleeced Health Underwear,
very desirable.
At 50c Gentlemen's Jersey
Ribbed Underwear, fleeced, all
At 75c Gentlemen's Natural
Wool Shirts and Drawers, the
?1 quality.
At $1, Gentlemen's Fine
Quality Soft Wool .Jersey Rib?
bed Underwear, would be
cheap at $1.25.
Special sale of ODD COR
SKTS to-morrow?We have a
lot of odds and ends in corsets
we propose to close out to?
morrow. Two lots of these,
mostly big sizes, from 25 to
30. If you wear a large cor?
set see these.
At 29c, 2 dozen Corsets,
regular value 50c.
At 59c, 3 dozen Corsets,,
regular value from $1 to $2.
Special mines throughout
the house. See the great lirfes
of goods for yourselves.
HiEsiiioisrinijrcrs <sc brug-h

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