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AVo imvo tlcmonstrntotl, cxric
convinced tliat?enu?ne White!
real diamonds. White Topaz If
much about. Thooiio thut husfo
them side by ?We with Komilnc
the ?Mttiernnco. Wo have sold t
from one to ton dollars, but in 01
ly us well ns to Ibid out the ndvt
to our business* we make this
I kt.
Wo will send you a beautiful, brl
genuine White Topaz,whlch can ben
ed in a rinn, scarf or necktie pin, stu
buttons, locket or pair earrings, Uli
article in tilts border on receipt of..
These stones are exactly tho sa
those we have advertised at one do
This Offer for a Few Days f
Cut out tills advertisement and s
- os together with ir)C. In coin or si
Wiii.. Topaz by return mail; a stop
and one .?-.?t positively cannot be d
ordering, b -ire and state whethe,
desired. HQ Ui,. '?? FILLEO UNLESS ACC
5 ?kt:
bears no relation to other so-v. '"Hi
under what name they are advert,. ??
pre ions stones, impossible to detei
ranted to retain their brilliancy. A
when compared with White Topaz.
\Vo warrant each anil every
' Topaz to retain its .brilliancy anil
I tho mquntlngs to give jwrfect
i satisfaction.
>*e ? in Kireyen One Thousand
i Dollars If you can ahow that r
, have over refused to replace
White Topos that was returned
as unsatisfactory.
Send us Twenty-five cents in i
be delighted with tho Wlilto
UEfcUlii. uND AtTliU UalNU
Tho Brent remcilj
t h e ko no r? 11 v e or
l in: or I.. "-! Mitnli
Meiuiil Worry,ei
piimptlon oml In:
antee to cure i>r r
For sale by OHAS. D. J
Mouho und lMcycle.
A wheelman of Corunna, Mich., has
to thank a mouse for the addition of 98
miles to his cyclometer record. Ho hung
his bicycle from his cellar ceiling tho'
other evening, not far from a swinging
shelf where food was kept. A mouso
bent on supper reached the shelf, and
when it had sampled the viands leap?
ed to the tiro of tho front wheel. That
immediately began to revolve, and tho
mouse naturally ran to tho highest part
of it. It couldn't stay on tho top of tho
tiro and it couldn't get enough foothold
to jump to tho wall. So it ran round
and round the revolving wheel, and tho
next morning was found, almost ex?
hausted, but still running, with P8
miles to its credit.
Animals Without Fear.
In contrast with tho animals that
show great fear of man and that dis?
trust, all unfamiliar sights and sounds
we find other's that seem not to know
what it is i;> I)'; afraid. You have prob?
ably noticed that some animals will
mako friends fearlessly tho moment
tin y meet you, jiisc as some children
are in vi r shy. because they take it for
granted that every ono is their friend.
J-'here is a difference) however, between
fearlessness and courage. Let us give
you an oxnmplo of what we mean.
in walking across a held you flush
a partridge and : lie pretends to be lame,
fluttering at your feet, doing all sho
can to attract your attention, it is not
because she feels no fear. On tho con?
trary, slit; is in an agony of terror. Her
nest is close by, her children cannot
save themselves, and she is offering you
her lifo for theirs. That is not fearless
;.ess; it is courage, and courage of the
highest kind. The bravo mother bird
that is ready to dio for her little ones
fears more for them than you can un?
True fearlessness, on tho other hand,
is perfectly ignorant, and touches our
hearts in a different way. A naturalist
Whom wu know tells a pretty story of
meeting a little mouse one day in tho
middle of a mountain lake The tiny
creature was swimming vigorously for
tho shore, but when the man in the boat
(drctched out. a friendly oar to moot
him the little mouse ran up it at ouco
and into tho palm of tho stranger's
hand, where "ho sat for some timo and
arranged his fur and warmed himself.
Ho did not," tho naturalist tells us,
"show tho slightest fear." It waa prob
rts admit, and every one is
^opaz cannot bodetooted from
i the stone you ivavi read so
oledtbc pawnbroUers. Place
diamonds ami no one can toll
housiiuds of those stones at
rdor to introduce) them quiek?
rtisluy; medium best suited
end It
tainiis and we will semi you a
le that you can bo Justly pr?ud of
et^eted from a real diamond. In
r smali, medium or la rue stonols
imitation diamonds no matter
d. They are the hardest of seml
*rom real diamonds and war
.U bers pale to Insignificance
! Royalty and the four hunrtre<l I
[who own celebrated and costly I
'diamonds pet in necklaces, tiaras
\brooches, bracelets and irirdles
? keep them In I unrlar proof vaults
kwhile they wear in nublictheexoct ,
on'f Miss It.
coin or stamps and you will
Topaz that you receive.
r for nervous prostration and nil nervous dlHenses of
?inis of either sex. such oh Nervous Prostration. Full
nod. impotercr. Nightly Emissions, Youthful Error*.
CceMlVO u*o Of Tohnoco or Opium, which lend to Con
anil y. With every *>i? order we Rive a r/mton iiuur
Ofiind the inonev. Sold nt t$ 1.00 per box. O boxes
.. MOWN cnlLMlCAI.CO., Cle.veluntl.Oblo.
?405 OOHMK'l"K"TBEKf
ODly t?? first tlmo ho hiul shaken hands
with a human being, nud ho liked it.
"He was what wo call a meadow mouse,
but bo'had doubtless lived nil his lifo
in tho woods nud was strangely unso?
phisticated. How bis little round eyes
did shiuo, und bow bo sniffed mo to
find out if 1 were nioro dangerous tbau
I appeared to bis sight."?Our Animal
A Young Lieutenant.
Tho western governors uro fond of in?
troducing novelties into their adminis?
trations. Their staffs contain women,
colonels every now and then. Children
also run a chance of serving in tho "ua
??ouiil guard" with distinction. Ciov
emor Tanner of Illinois lias just ap?
pointed Clifford M. Blycr, ngod N, as
lir t lieutenant artillery, A I) C of
governor's stuff, Illinois. Ho is tho son
of Colonel 0. 10. Blyi r, also of Governor
Tanner's staff, nud is extremely proud
of being attached to the porsounl fol?
lowing of tho governor.
What Was Left.
Two little brothers, aged respectively
4 and (>, fell in with a stray kitten,
which, suffering by the bands of some
cruel person, had of its tail scarcely half
an inch remaining.
"Poor little kitten, " said the younger
one. "Who has out off its tail? I won?
der if it will grow again?"
To which tho older gravely remark?
ed : "Of course it will. Don't you see
the root is still there?"?Philadelphia
A Sensation In Court.
"Judge!" said tho rural witness, who
i bad lain on the stand for six hours
testifying as fast as bo could talk.
" Judgol"
Every eye was centered on him, while
the judge thundered a deep "Well, sir?"
"Judge, I'm about to toll tho truth
The judge stared at him for full ilvo
seconds, then ho culled to tho sheriff:
"Mr. Sheriff, call everybody iuto
court. Tho witness has decided to toll
the truth."
Thon the sheriff leaned far out of tho
window and yelled:
"Oh, yea! Oh, yes! Everybody como
into court! John Spinks?biggest liar in
tho county?'bout to toll the truth. "?
"Vlstdj-owuii With Stock Collars?Whito
Sern? l.-.iw u Tennis Costume
Is thorv ntiy woman who llkoa to hnvo
her nook tied up light lit night? If su. for
h?r iliero uro ohnrinlngly attractive night?
gowns, bofrlllcd and Inccd nud tucked,
with high stock collars and bows of ribbon
complete. As there is sometimes a rulllo
nround the foot of these garments as well,
they look more like wrappers than night
gowns. Thoro uro women, however, who
welcome night ;is nature's sweet restorer,
who are glad to doll stilt clothing and
hampering impediments of nil sorts. To
such persons tho low necked nightgown is
a real boon. Formerly, when close neck?
bands wore tho unexceptionable rule, the
two top buttons of the nightdress were
permitted to remain unfastened to nllow of
her breathing, and tho feeling and look
werountidy. Now there are no top buttons,
or, if there are, they are so low down as to
be unworthy of consideration. Wo allow
great freedom for evening dress, so why
hesitate at permitting half this freedom
for the nightdress, which is OOluplotcly
private!1 The empire nightgown, leaving
tho usually imprisoned threat free, is a
most beneficial invention, and no woman
who has once accustomed herself to it will
ever put up with a choking collnr again
for her hours of slumber.
Tho notion of rufiles around tho foot of
tho nightgown is not altogether satisfac
tory, for they nro more or less heavy nnd
clumsy, while ut night we should be free
of all impediment, since, through ull one's
waking hours one Is compelled to carry so
great a weight of clothing. Few of us
realize how great a demand our wardrobe
makes upon our physical strength, but in
weight, constraint and compression the
demand is considerable.
Tho illustration given today shows it
lawn tennis costume of white serge. Mo?
tifs of black mohair braid adorn the skirt
on each side of the tabller from tho waist
down half Its length, forming a V shaped
decoration. The blouse bodice closes at
tho left side and is trimmed with black
mohair braid, tho right sido forming a
largo rovers bordered with a narrow plait?
ing of whito surah. The scant sleeves
tiro trimmed near tho waist with V's of
black braid. Tho sailer hat is of mixed
black and white straw trimmed with black
quills und n black band.
Tale Gray and Ivory Cashmere Trimmed
With Embroidery aud Galloon.
Cashmere is to bo worn ngnin In tho
autumn, and few materials are more serv?
iceable for gehcrol wear. Already aro soon
some charming costumes of pearl nnd sil?
ver gray cashmere, with white or gray
embroideries, or with gray soutache, or
galloon enriched with spangles, gold or
steel. Very narrow velvet ribbon will nlso
ho much employed on cashmere, which, of
course, will be worn in other colors besides
gray, mauve nnd blue promising to be tho
favorites. The skirt encircled with five,
seven or nine bands of narrow velvet seems
to be n well liked model.
A certain number of costumes com
ploti ly of plaid appear every season and
lire sinnet hues very effective; but, as a
rule, they are not particularly desirable.
At present plaid trimmings aro much
used, anil plaids uro liked better in that
form than for whole toilets.
Hlne and green in combination aro still
enjoying an uudiminlshod vogue, both for
gowns and millinery. Blue canvas ovor a
green silk lining is ofen seen, blue flowers
on a green hat, green trimmings on a
bine gown, lilue and green chnngenblo
silk in various degrees of dullness nnd
brilliancy makes some of the neatest silk
shirt waists of the season. Mauve und
blue form tho newest combination, which
will probably he in evldonco everywhere
in tho fall.
All illustration Is given of an odd nnd
pretty costume for a little pirl 8 or 10
years old. It is of white embroidered
muslin nud is mounted under n tucked
yoke of muslin, which forms a sort of bo?
lero. The gown is fitted to tho figure by
small plaits at tho waist and by a wide
belt of whito satin ribbon which passes
under tho plaits or tucks nnd Is tied nt
the buck. Tho tight sleeves aro tUCkod
lengthwise from the wrist marly to the
i boulder, where there is a small puff.
Narrow lace edges tho bolero and the
tvrlsts. Tho hat of white straw in trimmed
with a Ikiw of embroidered muslin nnd a
?daited aigret of tho samo material;
The smallest
ff am of aniline
will color a ton
of wine. A
grain of per?
manganate of
potash will red
den seven thou?
sand times its
weight of water.
The most tri?
fling disorder
will disarrange
every organ of
the body and
cause eventual
disease and
death. It ia the
little ailments
neglected that
make the big
diseases. Most
serious diseases
have their in?
ception in a disordered digestion and faulty
nutrition. This is true of that most deadly
t of diseases?consumption. It is also true
of nervous prostration and exhaustion and
also of all forms of wasting disease. Ail?
ments of this description may not only he
prevented but cured by a resort to the right
An unfailing cure for all diseases that
have their origin in disorders of the diges?
tion and faulty nutrition is found in Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It
cures digestive disorders, restores the appe?
tite, invigorates the liver, purifies and en?
riches the blood, builds healthy flesh and
muscle and drives out disease - genus. It
cures oS per cent, of all cases of consump?
tion. Thousands have testified to these
facts. Druggists who suggest substitutes
are dishonest.
Mrs. Ursula Dunham, of Ristcrsville. Tyler Co.,
W. Va., writes: " I should have been dead had it
not been for your medicine. I was nearlv dead
when I began taking Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi?
cal Discovery. I had a pain in my side alt the
time, had but little appetite, and RTCW very thin.
The'Golden Medical Discovery' promptly cured
the pain, restored my appetite, aud increased
my weight."
Dr. Pierce's wonderful free book, "The
People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,"
will he sent paper-bound, for twenty-one
cents in one-cent stamps to pay the cost
of mailing only. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
buffalo, N. V. Por handsome, durable
cloth covers, beautifully stamped, scud ten
cents more (thirty-one cents in all), to pay
extra co^t for this style of binding.
Cbocolzvt^ Bonbons.
A Climatic
Nothing hot a local
remedy or chance of
climate will cure it.
(Jfct a well lni'iwn
pharmaceutical rem
Blj's Cream Balm
It Is qiictclv Ab?
sorbed. Gives Relief
at once. Opens sad
clem.sea the Nasal Pas
Allays Ii. ilammatlon
Meinhrnic. ''cBtores
Smell. Full Size 5Jc;
or by mall.
llesls and Protects tho
the Senses of Tis'c and
Trial Size Uc at l>rugyista
Warren Street. New York.
Magical Pain
and all kinds of
Pains and Aches.
For nearly three-score years and ten
this fatuous old household friend has
been curing pains and aches, and has
never disappointed the user. It is
clean, pure, efficacious, agreeably
smelling and quickly acting.
it is a
rich. spicy compound and
iNvaluable for
Cuts, Scalds, Sores, burns,
Ulcers, Wounds, Erysipelas,
Skin Troubles, etc.. etc.
Price 25 Cents,
or sent in ipianlity of t or more packages to any
address on receipt of money, by
Winkclrrjanti Cz Brown Drug Co.
baltimore, md., u. s. a.
Kills li.ii. hen. I'lr.iK, Moths and nsilbuga. Nnn
Iwlsouoiis; uoii't stulu. l..r,;.. Uutllua. at oruK
Slit, aud b'rocurj, ui ?.out?.
j, VI I VK I N \- KST "iIICNT.
ikhms KASY.
10-room dwelling, 118 Bighth avenue
9. \v., bath room, ho*'-and cold water at
taehment, lot ??xl?O feet. Originally
worth $7.500; present price $4,000.
Comfortable dwelling No. 718 Camp
belt avenue s.w.; lot 1)1x275 leet. to hu
alley, 10 rooms, bath rocin nud stable.
Originally sold for $10,1)1)0; present price
Very desirable dwelling No. 310 John
street s. w., 10 rooms, good stable, neces?
sary outside buildings, lot 50x150; $3,000.
Nice li-room cottage No. 3 Trout ave?
nue s. w., lot 50x150, $1,500.
Dwelling No. 3li0 Eighth avenue a. w.,
lot 50x150, $1,500.
Three story brick building on Shenan
doah avenue, near freight depot, now
used, llrst lloor as a bottling works, and
second and third as shop and dwelling,
0-room dwelling. No. 517 Fourth street
u. e., very clieap and convenient to Kon
noko Machine Works, $700.
8-rooin dwelling, u. s. Uelmont avenue
s. e., lot 1)3x130 feel; beautiful location,
8-room dwelling, 11 1-2 Lee street n.e.,
lot 50x200 fee', $1,500.
8 room dwelling, 50!) Luck avenue, lot
34x00 feet, very cheap, $3,000. ,
U-room dwelling, :>27 Sbenandoab ave?
nue u. w., lot 25x130, $800.
0-room dwelling, 427 Klmwood streets,
e., lot -10x130, a bargain, $050.
8-room dwellings, 034, 030 and 033
Center steet, lota 35x130, all three desir?
able located and very cheap, $1,100.
Groom dwelling, 711 Gilmer street n.
w., lot 40x180, nice location; a bargain.
Vacant lot on Jefferson street, 20x170
feet, near'marble yard, formally worth
$0,000; price $2,500.
Peck Hotel, on Bid em avenue, near
Academy of Music, 2-1 rooms, a bargain,
price $3,500.
Two story frame building, 8 rooms, 450
feet east of F street, fronting on Camp?
bell avenue s. w., lot 60x233 feet. This
is a very chtnp and desirable property,
price $11,000.
A very desirable 8-room dwelling, 801
Roanoke street s w., good outside build?
ing, hot and cold water, bath, etc., lot
50x150, a bargain. $2,500.
House and lot, 8 rooms, north side Mel
rose avenue n. w., lot 75x210 feet, a most
desirable home, price $1,800.
Tho story frame building, 012 Sixth
avenue n. w., very nicely located, Groom
house, price $1,200.
2 two-story 6-room houses, Nos. 525
nnd 527 Eighth avenue s. w. This prop?
erty would be cheap at $1,400; price,each,
10-room dwelling, 315 Randolph street,
near Roanoke and Southern depot, for?
merly sold for $2,000, price $1,150.
0-room cottage, No. 420 Ninth avenue
1 s. w., $1,800.
10 room two-story dwelling, No. 1175
Eleventh avenue s. w., an elegant prop?
erty, none better, lot 00x130, $11.500.
12-room two story dwelling. 370 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., new house worth $4,
500, lot 50x130, price. $11,500.
10 room two story dwelling, 377 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., one of the cheapest
houses in the city, lot 50x130, $3,000.
Two-story frame building on Washing?
ton street, east of C, a beauty, all mod?
ern Improvements, 7 rooms, very cheap,
Two-story frame dwelling, 111C youth
Jefferson street, worth $3,500, price $2,
Two nice and commodious dwellings,
511 and 513 Luck stieet,$1,800 and$2,000.
Two cottages on Sbenandoab avenue,
Nos. 1021 and 1023, (i rooms, each $803.
18-room dwelling, 31 Seventh avenue s.
w., worth $7.000. price $5,500.
15-room dwelling. No. 304 Campbell
avenue s. w. The cheapest property now
on the market; just elegant, $5,500,
For the National Mutual Building and
Loon Association of New York, Masonic
Temple, Room No. 2.
?By.: :. .lTW^-yx.rxmcamvu*MMMmmmijm.\iinwii ? iii pi
That Cannot be Put in
Good Order at the New
Home Office,
309 Henry Street, Roanol:e Va.,
Where can re found the fine Drop
Cabinet, admired by so many peo?
ple foij beauty and convenience;
ai.so a variety of different ma?
chines made by this company,
which, If examined by those wm -
wish to buy, side.by bide WITH the
other mak esof machines, can read?
ily see they de8erve all tub
prai8ethev have merited in finish,
durability, light- runnino and per?
fect work.
Please c vll and inspect machine
and investigate the low prices
before you buy.
I remain, respectfully,
3.i9 Henry St., Ro\n< ke, Va.
When you are suffering from catarrh
oi cold iti the head you want relief right
away. Only 10 cents is required to test
it. Ask your druggist for the trial size
of Ely's Cream Balm, or buy the 50c.
sl?e. We mail it.
ELY BROS.. 50 Warren St., N. Y. City.
I was afflicted wltfl catarrh last
autumn. During tho month of October
I could neither taste nor smell and could
hear but little. Ely's Cream Balm cured
lt. - MarcusGeorgeShautz.Rahway, N. J.
PEACH ICE CREAM, made from tho
fresh fruit, at CATOGNl'B.
Fine 14-room residence,
splendidly furnished. Reason?
able to the right party (no
Good 6-room residence near
round-house. Price $8.
6-room dwelling in Belmont,
One large store Salem ave?
nue, $25.
One large store Salem ave?
nue, $45.
One fruit stand Salem ave?
nue, ?12.
One news stand' Salem ave?
nue, $10.
One large store Market
i Square, ?1T).
Also one business property
for sale on Campbell avenue.
Fine location. Price ?7,000.
T.E.B. Hartsook & Co,,
*Viirkct square.
for UK NT AND for HALE.
T. W. Goodwin, Ag't,
Office-: Itobm No. 805 Terry Building.
October 1st, 1897.
for rRNT. ? I)W13LLINGB.
No. 1721 Snleni nvenuc s w. 25.00
No. 1285 Chapman avenue s w .... 20.00
No. 146 Eighth nvenue s. w. 15.00
No. 711 Campbell avenues, w.... 8.00
No. 18 Maple avenue s \v. 17 (ii)
No. 1720 Salem nvenue s. w. 8.00
No. 875 Knrnest avenue s v. 8.00
No. 431 Ninth avenue s. w . 10.00
No. Iu22 Seventh avenue s. e. ... (1.00
No. 1020 Seventh nvenue s. e. 11.00
No. 108C Seventh nvenue s. e .... (5.00
No. 020 1'irst nvenue n. w. 8.00
No. 110 Twelfth streut n. w. 8.50
No. tils First avenue n. w. 11.00
No. 022 First avenue u. w. 0.00
No. 023 Third avenue n. W. 8.00
No. 528 Sixth nvenue n. e. 0 00
No. I>20 Seventh avenue n. e. (1.00
No. 533 Seventh avenue n. e. 0.00
T! a storks.
No. 414 First, street, s. w.
No. 711 Third avenue s. w . 7.00
No. 304 Commonwealth ave. n. e.. 10.00
I also have in my charge properties in
nil sections of the city that can he bought
at great bargains, either for cash or on
the Instalment plan.
r Call and examine my list.
T. W. (iOODWIN, Atfent,
Farming Lands.
Beautiful 75 acre farm, with improve?
ments, on Norfolk and Western ruilrend,
to exchange for Roanoke city property.
75 acres live miles fro:n Roanoke, good
land, nice Improvements; $2,000. Very
ISO acres ten miles from Norfolk and
Western railroad, fairly good improve?
ments, an abundance of timber, well
watered, plenty of fruit, all for $760.
One of the best grain and blue grass
farms in Southwest Virginia, 550 acres;
125 acres In (inn creek bottom; 50 acres
good timber; balance iu blue grass sod;
line Diehard ot improved fruits of all
kinds; an abundance, of good spring
water, w ith n large creek running through
the place; large, dwelling with necessary
out buildings and fencing, all in good
condition, with the very best social,
church and school advantages, three
miles from a thriving town, (! miles from
railroad. Price $20 per acre; terms easy.
300 acres, 20 miles from Roanoke, on
railroad, I'M) acres river bottom, 11)0 acres
In timber, fine water, i?ood improvements.
5,0P0 nice locust posts can be cut now;
the bottom land is worth $100 per acre.
Farm intisi be sold and can bought for
$7,000 iu next sixty days.
11)0 acres land, plenty of timber, splen?
did 8-room brick dwelling, $11,750.
180 acres near Rollins? a great bargalu
at $1.500.
110 acres, with good improvements,
first tdass land; an abundance of fine tim?
ber, at $40 per acre.
30 nereis, a comfortable dwelling, good
barn, well fenced, good water and Irult.
Price $850.
Roanoke City Bargains.
8 room house near centre of town, large
lot, beautiful grounds, $1,500; easy pay?
7-room house, nice lot, in southwest,
5-room cottage, near centre of city,
largo lot with stable, $1,000. Sam 11 cash
payment, balance $10 per month.
5-rooni house in southwest, $800, $100
.ash and $8 per month.
(1-rootn house, corner lot, In southeast,
750; easy payments.
Several business houses, rentinor for 12
(r cent, of prices asked. Some very fine
Beautiful 10 room hou ?<?, handsomely
I riished, nice location, $2,500.
8-roOm house, corner lot, in southwest,
8 lot?, First avenue'n. w., ifSOO; easy
paj meats.
3 nice lots in Lewis addition, all for f
2 lots in Rclmont, both for $70.
8 room house, corner lot, in northwest,
$1,250, $12.50 cash and $12.50 per month.
Good 6-room bouse in northwest, $700,
$50 cash and $10 per month.
0-room brick house, large lot, nice
shade, $1,000 cash.
Mo. 8 Campbefl Avenae S. W.

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