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The Bet er the Grade,
The -iggertue Trade
Olauss Shears and Razors
hav?> a world wide reputation.
^ole Agents,
JUefferson street, Roanoke, Va,
Thanksgiving Turkey,
Thauksgiviug-Day is drawing near,
and nothing]ndds more to the pleasure of
6erviut; a due turkey than a nice
which can be had in great variety and at
bottom prices bv calling ou
22 Campbell Avenue.
It Tones up the Nerves, Improves the An- ?>
B-tite, Enriches the Bloud, and gives Life, v!/
eallh and Strength.
It is the
f?DCC I A lH>?le Of ?? Monthly " Regulating \?>
rilLL ? Pills with each bottle For sale by \!>
SP all dealers or sent direct upon receipt of price by \tf
X New Spencer Med. Co.. Chattanooga, Tenn. ^
5K cases requiring special treatment, address,
JSj Rivlnp; symptoms. Ladles' Jlcdical De
Jjj partmcrit. Advice and book on Female
JK Diseases, with testimonials tree.
For Safe and Recommended by
Massie's Pharmacy, Roanoke, Va.
Don't turn |
your back
on proof. Send for our illustrated booklet S
which tells how others have becu cured by <~
Sarsaparilla I
* For Scrofula, Kldnev Troubles, Itheuma
"E tlsm, Nervous Exhaustion, and the hun
|? dreds of oUier diseases that are caused by
1? bad blood. This wonderful and well-known
t? blood purifier has no equal.
? Price, $i a Quart Bottle.
Williams, Davis, Brooks & Co..
ff Detroit, Mich.
Druggists, Roanoke, Va.
% mm f?mi*
coi?Yro?iHr 109?'
Thanksgiving Dinner Desserts
Should include gliee fruits and choice
chocolate, ricli hon hons, &c. We will
have them fresh, delicious nud tempting,
and fit to grace the table of a King, If
you are invited out to dine a lox of our
exquisite chocolates will be an acceptable
and pleasing yift toyottl hostess and the
child rut:.
Apply Into ihr noHiriu. It Is onlckly absorbed. iw>
" The Woman's Foreign Missionary Soci?
ety and tho Woman's Parsonage and
Home Missionary Society of tho Metho?
dist Church, beginning to-morrow even?
ing at 3 o'closk in tho chapel,will joiutly
observe a week of prayer and thanksgiv?
A large number of Salem Baptists at?
tended ou yesterday the meeting of the
Association in Roauoke city.
Andrew McEadden was on yestorday
eveniue tried before Ccmmissioner
Frantz on a warrant charging h'm with
selling liquor without a license. After
hearing the evideuce tho commissioner
put him under a $200 bond to appear be?
fore Judge Paul at the March term of the
United States court in tho city of Lynch
I burg.
Section five of the Phi Gamma Delta
Fraternity will hold its annual conven?
tion at Salem, Va., under the nospices
of tho Eeta Deuteron Chapter of Roauoko
College, November 23, 24 and 25. The
order of business meetings and pleasure
events will be as follows: Morning and
afternoon of the 23d, business meetings;
at night an evening smoker at Fraternity
Hall iu Dillard & Persinger building;
morning and afternoon of the 24th, bus?
iness meetings: at night a german at. Ho
tel Roanoke, in Roanoke city, to bo led
by J. D. Rowle, Jr., of Stauuton. On
the morning of the 25th the last business
meeting and taking picture of convention
on college campus. In the afternoon a
special car will he taken by the crowd to
Roanoke city to see football game be
t ween V. P. 1. aud University of Ten?
nessee. At night a banquet will be g'vou
at Hotel Roauoke. All business meet
lugs will be held at Hotel Dnval.
The Klondike social given Thursday
night by the C. E. Society,of the Presby?
terian Church was a charming affair.
"Pay dirt"' was represented on the coun?
ters and checked off into Bquares to rep?
resent claims in the almost fabulous re?
gion cf the'Klondike, lying in mecold re?
gion of Alaska just beneath the Arctic
circle. In the equares were prizes which
were secured by the fcrtuuato miners.
Sherbet, ice cream, cake and candy were
served and about ?20 cashed in over the
counters. Through tho kindness of Jerry
Shortzer a magnificent lot of Rowers were
also in evidence, for which the Endcavore
tlesires to thank the Salem llorist.
J. W. F. Allenioug stated yesterday to
your reporter that the Salem machine
works bad recently received orders for
three large forty barrel capacity mills;
one in the Shenandoah Valley, oue iu
Blackslr-rg, Va., ami another in the State
of North Carcltna. Ho stated, however,
that competition was very sharp and con?
sequently prices were close. .Several ex?
tra meu will be put on the torce already
at work in the shops. It seems th?t
under tho management of Mr. Allenioug
the Salem machine works can do work as
cheaply aud as well as any similar con?
cern in the South, as there were many
'?ids to contend with in tho recent con?
tracts awarded his company.
Geo. M. Dobyns has returned from a
visit to his old home in the land of
"honey and buckwheat."
Robert Jackson, colored, who it will be
remembered was some timo .ago shot in
the back by Jno. P. Howies on the lot of
the old caiiniug company's property, on
Roanoke river, was on yesterday tried
before Justice Camper and was by him
sent on to the grand jttiy. The prisoner
was represented by M. G. McCluug and
Wm. Simpson, and prosecuted by Col.
Robert H. Eogun.
J. P. Saul has returned from a South?
western trip and is attending the meet?
ing of the Baptist Association in Roan
W. B. Hurt, (he famous dissector ol
pork ami bovines, has accepted a position
with L. w. Overstreet.
Ed. Shaver, colored, was before his
worship, Jno. H. Camper, yesterday
charged with cursing and using profane
j language on the public highway against
j S. M. Grissom. He was tiuetl $2.50 with
I r-osts and in default of payment was seut
to the county jail.
Salem people will have an opportunity
of seeing "The Lees," the hypnotists, at
the Roauoko Academy of Music all next
week, commencing Monday, November
22. This company of hypnotists come
highly recommended,having had crowded
houses for a w hole week at Richmond.
Don't fail to see them; A solid week of
fun. The car will return after each
night 's performance.
One-half interest in what is known as
the McClanahan brick row was on yester?
day sold in (rout of tho court house and
was purchased by M. G. McCluug for the
sum of $1,605. The first, time that this
property was sold it was bought by Mr.
McCluug for *l,20i). An upset bid was
put in by C. 1). Denit at an advance of
about $1H>. It was resold yesterday with
the result stated above.
Mr. Strickland, who lives on Broad
street, tvas presumably robbed yesterday
morning of a purse containing $0. He
suspected n colored woman by the name
of Mary Coin of the theft ami under a
search warrant her house was searched.
No trace of the money was found
Miss Lottie Orillin, of Bedford City,
who has been visiting hor cousin, Miss
Satlie Cavett, at the home of Councilman
W. B. Bowles, left yesterday for her
Miss Bert.? Marlin is visiting friends
in the Hill City.
At the Baptist?It Is probable that the
pulpit w ill be occur ietl the morning hour
by a visiting clergy maa from the Associ?
ation now iu session at Roanoke city. At
night the Tyree Missionary Society will
hold its regular mouthy treating. An
elaborate musical p ogramtne has been
prepared and the society will be addressed
by a visiting divine.
At the Presbyterian- Regular services
morning and night by tho pastor, Rev.
H. C. v. Campbe'l.
At the Episcopal -Regular services
morning and night by the pastor, Rev.
E. W. 11 n bard.
At iho Lutheran -Morning sermon by
Dr. Luther Fox. Night sermon by Dr.
At the Methodist?it is n.oro than
probnbln that the pulpit will be occupied
morning and night by visiting preachers
from the Roanoke Association. Incase
this prngrnmnie is not carried out regular
services will he held by Dr. James E.
DERS are just what a horse needs when
in bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge, j They ate not food but
medicine and the best In use to put a
horse In primecVudltinn. Price 25 cents
per package. /For sale by H. C. Barnes.
Vain Efforts to Extort Money From
an Aged Gentleman.
Hinton, W. V?., Nov. 20.?One of the
most horrible* attempts at robbery evet
perpetrated ia this county was that of
three men last night, when they attempt?
ed to obtain money from Eli Balliuger,
who livts in the suburbs of this city.
Between .r> and (i o'clock yesterday even?
ing they came to his door and knocked
aud asked him for a drink of water. He
started toward tho kitchen, which is
some distance from the main bouse, to
get the water, and Mist as he entere'1 the
door tho three men jumped upon him
ami knocked him down. Then they
bound bis hands anil feet and gagged him
by sttiding a handkerchief in his mouth.
After they had securely bound the old
gentlemen, they proceeded to search the
house for money, hut only succeeded In
finding (id cents. Becoming enraged,and
believing that a Inrgeanionnt was hidden
somewhere on the premises, they toid the
old man they would burn him alive un?
less he revealed tho aiding place of his
tieasure. Ho tcld them that (10 cents was
positively all the money in the house,but
they did not believe him. They removed
his shoes and applied lire to his feet in
their efforts to force him to tell. After
calmly watching him writhe iu agony for
a few minutes, still protesting that he
had no more mouey, they placed the gag
back in his mouth, and unlocking the
tloor left him. He succeeded after seve?
ral hours in loosening his bands, and lit
then gave the alarm.
Mr. Ballitiger is over SO years of age,
and has lived alone for the past twenty
years. He is k critical condition, aud it
is feared he cannot survive tho shock.
He cannot give any description of the
robber:, except that they were white
men apd all young. The county court to?
day offered a reward of $1.*>() for the [[cap?
ture and conviction of the iobbers.
For PINE or OAK wood?by the CORD
or by the LOAD?prepared for COOKING
& CO., 219 i alem avenue. Their belled
teams are always ready to deliver It.
When a young couple runs away to get
married half tue world says: "How
Romantic!" the other Half says: " How
silly!" But yon can't tell cither way
until the " honey-moon " is over. When
this young couple get settled down to the
regular hum-drum of life, they'll manage
ali right and find solid happiness in any
case, if they have good hearts and sound
health. All depends on that.
It's wonderful bow much health has to
do with married happiness. Sickness af?
fects the temper. You can't be happy
nor make others happy if you're ailing.
When you lind yourself irritable, easily
worried, beginning to "run-down" it'9
because your blood is getting poor. You
need richer blood and more of it. Your
blood-making organs need to be vitalized
by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov?
ery. It imparts new power to produce
an abundance of the healthy, red corpus?
cles, and gives you a fresh supply of
pure, rich blood. It's a blood-creator;
it is for everyone whose blood is impure
or in a poor, " run-down " condition. It
prevents the germs of disease from get?
ting a hold on your system. Even after
disease is settled on you, it is driven out
by the blood-creating properties of the
"Discovery." It is a perfect cure for
general and nervous debility, catarrh,
malaria, eczema, erysipelas, scrofula and
every form of blood - disease. It is'nt
called a consumption-cure but even con?
sumption, ? winch has its roots in the
blood?is driven out by the "Golden
Medical Discovery" if taken in time.
The "Discovery" is the prescription
of one of the most eminent physicians
and medical writers in thi? country.
Com im dicing DIOXDAY,
Great company of HYP?
NOTISTS. The largest or?
ganization of its kind in ex?
istence. Nothing like it. e ver
seen lief ore. Prices: 15, 25,
.'{5, and 50 cents. Seats now on
sale iii Johnson Sz Johnson's
drug store.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Winter Clothes cleaned and
dyed to p0]i'e< tion. (tood
work guaranteed.
1 1 O Campbell avenue.
I lin n* ir
Buy a Home!
5-room dwelling northwest. Rents for
$70. Price ?100.
7-room dwelling, southeast. Great bar?
gain at !?0.r>0. Terms that will please jou.
y-room dwelling, shade in the yard,
near churches nud schools. Price $1,1.10.
?1-room cottage southwest. Largo lot,
$1,000; cash $10, monthly $10.
\i-room dwelling southeast, with bath,
hot an'1 cold water, marble mant les and
all modern improvements. This is snap
for a man that, wants a.bargain, $1,100.
Easy payments.
7-room dwelling northwest, lot. 50x165.
Good stable and shade. Price $1,000.
Payments O. K.
4-room cottageRorer avenue s.w.,$525.
Easy payments.
?-rc-?m cottage with cellar, southwest.
Good stable on the lot. Rig drive, $1,250;
cash $300; balance $12.50 per month.
G-room dwelling northeast, $800; $8
cash; ?8 per month.
500 acre farm 12 miles from Roannke,
on Norfolk nud Western railroad, 10-roooi
brick dwelling, large burn, 2 orchards,
75 acres in clover and grapes. Price
$5,000; $1,500 cash; balance ouo and two
Real Estato and Rental Agents,
in Jefferson St.
You have your Thanksgiving dinner
fixed, but how about a lioaie? Now is a
good time to get it.
A 12-room residence within three
blocks of the passenger depot, price $1,
Dwelling wifh 7 rooms on large lot,
with stable, in northw?st part of the
town, price $1,200.
A very neat 5-room cottage in the
southwest part of the town, price $1,200.
The best ti-room dwelling in the city
that can ba bought for $2,100. ^
Dwelling, H rooms, on Church street,
large lot, price ?3,500.
Splendid farm, 157 acres, for $2,000: 105
acres well improved; three miles from
Bedford City; price $1.800.
Send for new list of town and country
property for sale.
Special bargain in a It,-room hou^e on
irenry street, near Tenth avenue, all con?
veniences; will take other properly it pnrt
Boat Kstate Agent,
?110 Ter.y Building.
Oniec Southern RxnrcHM t'nm|inny,
UoRiiokc, Va.? October 27, I89T.
All shipments on hand six
months or more will be sold
for charges at No. 207 Jeffer?
son street, Roanoke, Va., on
SATURDAY, November 27,1897,
at 10 o'clock a. m. See posters.
W. S. Greenway, Auction
llO.I.'.e, 11,27
{?Ulis. * in in t? ii il ion.
Nporiiii? <?oo<Is.
Wo ha.-e all the latest wrinkles. Wo
have sold more guns this \e.-ir than avor
before. l*'e hav? i<-.d to reorder twice,
alter Inlying what, we thought would do
the first time. It may pay you from a
Standpoint of satisfaction as well as from
one of economy to dicker with us a little.
Good 8 room house, nil modern im?
provements, No. 7151 Henry screet s w.
Another good 8-room house on Eighth
avenue, near Commerce street, s w. All
modern improvements I have just re?
paired it.
Good 8-room houso on Eighth avenue
a w. No. 541. Price only sflO. Good
8-room house No. 1007 Fifth avenue n
w; in good condition. Only $8.
Two good (i-room housesou Bullitt ave?
nue s e; only !?0 each.
Two (5-room houses on Gilmer avenue
u e. Duly ?(j each. All In good repair.
A large four-story brick warehouse on
Holllday street, with lurge elevator and
platform scales, or will reut floors for
Several bargains in the sale of houses
nud vacant lots. Call; nsk for what you
want. I will get it for you.
List your property for sale or rent
with me.
Ileitl Estate Ageiid,
Schedule in Effect
July 4, 1807.
6-AO i: hi. (Washington and Chattanooga
limited) for Bristol, intermediate sta?
tions and the South and West. Pull?
man sleepers to New Orleans and Mem?
phis. Connects at Radford for Blue
tield and Pocahoutas.
?1:20 p. m., the ChieagW Express for Rad?
ford, Bluefield, Pocahontas, Kenovn,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis,
Kansas City, Columbus and Chicago.
Pullman Buffet Sleeper Roanoke to
Columbus. Also for Pulaski, Wythe
ville, Bristol, Knoxville, Chattanoogo
and intermediate points.
From Norfolk 7:50 a. m.; 4:10 p. m.
From Hagcrstown 7:50 a. m.; 4:05 p. in.
From "Winston 1:15 p. m.
From Bristol and the West 1:35 p. m."
10:30 p. m.
1:60 p m. for Petersburg, Richmond and
1:45 p. m. for Washington, Hagcrstown,
Philadelphia and New York.
10:45 p. m. for Richmond and Norfolk.
Pullman sleepers Roanoke to Norfolk
and Lynchburg to Richmond.
10:45 p. m. (Washington and Chattanooga
limited) for Washington, Hagcrstown,
Philadelphia and New York. Pullman
sleepers to Washington via. Shenau
doah Junction and Baltimore and Ohio
railroi 1.
Durham Division?Leave Lynchburg
(Union Btatlon)*dally, except Sunday,
4:00 p. m. for South Boston and Dur?
ham and intermediate stations.
Winstou-Salem Division?L?ave Roanoke
(Union station) 4:30 p. m. and
7:30 a. m. daily, except Sunday (Camp?
bell street station), for Rocky Mount,
Martinsvllle, Winston-Salem andintei
mediate .stations.
For all additional information apply
at ticket office or to W. B. Bevill, General
Passeng?r Agent, Roauoke, Va.
M. F. Bragg. Traveling Passenger
trade-mark registl'red.
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, EiUousncso,
Stomach Troubles, Bowel Disorders, Liver
Diseases', Irregularity, Kidney Troubles,
Headache, Feve?, Sick Stomach, Skin
and Blood Disoidcrs, Thick and Sallow
and vf.ry many other diseases
and complications due to All inactive
9tate of the bowels.
PRUNELINE is the safest and surest
cathartic and aperient one can use. It
thoroughly cleanses without griping,
purifies the blcod and removes all
waste from the .? vstem. It does away
with Castor Oil, Salts, Blue Mass and
all other nauseous purgatives. It
tones and energizes all the great or?
gans of the system. It is free from all
harshly acting drugs, and is always
safe, always ready, always reliable.
PRUNELINE ron the latter purpose.
bold oy all DEALERS,
or scut on receipt of M cents lo any address
Winkelmann & Brown Drug Co.
sole pnopntcTORg,
Octobei 29th. 1807.
?-room dwelling Seventh nvenuo n. e.
0-room dwelling Henry street s. w, $9.
0-room dwelling, Ninth avenue s w,
10-rooni dwelling Ninth avenue s w,
7-room dwelling, Luck avenue s w, $0.
7-room dwelling Luck avenue s w, $10.
0-room dwelling Pat ton avenue u e, $0
Fine news' or cigar stnud on Salem
avenue s w, $8, . - V,
Largo storeroom Campbell street,1_f30.
Also 15 acres of fine farm land two
and one-halt miles from the city, for
sale, or will exchange for city property. ^
I E,B. Mar? & 0(0
Market ."Mstiarc-.
T. W. Goodwin, Ag't,
Office: Hoom No. ?OB Terry llullulng.
October 1st, 1807.
No. 1002 Franklin sw. .'10.00
No. 1112 Chapman avenue s w_ 20.00
No. 2004 Patterson avenue s w. .. 10.00
No. 2008 Patterson avenue s w.. . 10.1)0
No. 2012 Patterson avenue s w... 10.00
No. 20115 Patterson avenue s w.. . 10.00
No. 021 Tenth avenue s e. 8 00
No. 014 Stewart avenue s. e. 10.00
No. 1721 Salem avenue s w. 25.00
No. 711 Campbell avenues, w.... 8.00
No. 1720 Salem avenue s. w. 8.00
No. 375 Earnest avenue h v. 8.00
No. Iu22 Seventh avenue s. e. ... 0.00
No. 1020 Seventh avenue s. e. (i.00
No. 1086 Seventh avenue s. e .... 6.00
No. 020 I'irst avenue n. w. 8.00
No. 11!? Twelfth street n. w. 8.50
No. Olfi First avenue n. w. 0.00
No. 622 First avenue n. w. 11.00
No. 022 Third avenue n. \v. 8.00
No. 520 Seventh avenue n. u. 0.00
No. 5351 Seventh avenue u. e. 6.00
No. 414 First street s. w.
No. 711 Third avenue, s. w . 7.00
No. 304 Commonwealth ave. n. e.. 10.00
I also have in my charge properties in
all sections of tho city that can be bought
at great bargains, either for cash or on
the instalment plan.
Call and examine my list.
T. W. UOOliWIN, Agent
Real Bs
Nice modern nwelling in Lewis addi?
tion, low for cash.
Good 10-rooin house near in, onlv
One of the best lots In Lewis addition
I $160.
Fine brick business bloc* [yielding 11
per cent, income.
Nice country home 5 miles from Roan
oke, 21 acres, good br*ck dwelling, or?
chard, etc., for $2,000.
Fine honse, 0 acres of orchard and
garden, 1 mile of corporate limits, $-.',500.
'Great bargain in Church street resi?
Good country store near city. Price
Very fine mill for 1-3 of original cost.
A flno trad of timber near railroad.
A valuable stone quarry.
A lino stock of merchandise and good
will cf an established t rade.
1 will swap for anything from a bull
pup to a gold mine.
(Ground Floor.)
Terry llu tiding.
Real Estate and Rental Agent,
110J Jefferson St., Roanoke, Va.
Honey to Loan
--Fot the Lvnchburg Perpetual
-Building and Loan Co.
DR. J. W.
132 Salem Ave.,

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