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Clausa Shears and Razors
kave a world-wide reputation.
Sole Agents,
9 Jefferson street, Roanoke, Va.
Thanksgiving Turkey,
Thanksglvlug-Day is drawing near,
and nothing adds more to the pleasure of
serving a fine turkey than a uicc
which can he had in groat variety and at
hottoin prices by calling on
22 Campbell Avenue.
|gj Regulator |
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SJf II Tones up the Nerves, Improves the Ap- \V
' petite, Enriches the Blood, and gives Life. \!/
Health and Strength. It Is the
makes the complexion clear.
PDCC 1 A bottle of '? Monthly " Regulating Vj/
rllCC ? Pills with each bottle. For sale by W
jg all dealers or sent direct upon receipt ot price by <!/
X New Spencer Med. Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. V*
cases requiring special treatment, address.
Klvinfr symptoms. Ladles' rtedical IK- j
Eartmcnt. Advice and book on Female
ilseases, with testimonials free. Vf,
/"of Sa/e a/7?f Recommended by
Massie's Pharmacy, Roanoke, Va.
Don't turn
your back
on proof. Send for our illustrated booklet
which tells how others have been cured by
For Scrofula, Ktdnev Troubles, Rheuma*
tlt>m, Nervous Exhaustion, and the hun?
dreds of other diseases that are caused by
bad blood. This wonderful and well-known
blood purifier has no etjual.
Price, $i a Quart Bottle.
Williams, Davis, Brooks & Co.,
Detroit. Mich.
Druggists, Roanoke, Va.
Thanksgiving Dinner Desserts
Should include, glace fruits and choice
chocolates, rich boa bons, &c. We will
have them fresh, delicious and tempting,
and fit to grace the table of a Kinir. If
you ore invited out to dine a I ox of our
exquisite chocolates will be an acceptable
and pleasing gift to youi hostess and the
A Climatic
Nothing but p. local
remedy or change ct
climate will enre It.
Get a well Icn iwii
pharmaceutical rem
Ely's Cream Balm
It Is quickly Ab?
sorbed Gives Relief
it oner Opens nad
cleariBta tee Nient I'ae
Allayt Ii.flirr.tiislloi
Mtrtohrarc. ?'? stores
Bmoll. Pull SIeo r> c;
or by inntl.
???/V BHO J.'UKK3, S3 Warren Street Ni? 'ork
llcaU and PrM?fM the
i!ie ? ei e-B or 11 ? o Hiirt
Trial hize li e nt Drilgg l-ir
Mimy StorUn That Wore Not Truo Have
Been Printed -Vomit Him and in Soiiik
Quarters Be Was Given u Itrputiitlun
Which Did Him Great Injustice.
Just before dawn the train stopped nt
Salida to change engines and get a helper ,
for the hill. It was snowing oven there in ,
the valley, and was sure to be n rough day
on Poncbn pass. Tho train had been weil I
tilled on leaving Denver. At Colorado
Springs it had been packed. At Pueblo
we picked up another sleeper, and un ad?
ditional day coach at Salida Wo hit tho
heavy grude in two sections, and when tho
conductor came through ono of tho passenr
gers, who know him, asked, "Where in
thunder is all tho people goin, Troop?"
"Goin toCrcede," replied tho ticket tak?
er without looking.
"Well, cf that's all, they necden go,"
said tho passenger playfully, "furCrecdo's
right here. He's in tho Binokln rum."
Now, thoro were many upon this train
who had never seen the founder of tho fa?
mous silver camp, and some men followed
the conductor to tho smoking room of the
sleeper. The door was closed and tho con?
ductor pushed against it. It yielded heav?
ily, and ho pushed again and crowded in.
A man was lying on tho floor against tho
door, and when he bad been placed upon
tho sofa and revived wo saw a modestly
dressed man of middle age, medium size,
with bluo eyes looking out of a sad face.
Ho had fainted, bo guessed, and then tho
conductor asked his name. "Croede," said
tho man, and that was our first meeting.
My interest in tho man began when I
met. an old comrade, of his who had served
with him in the Sioux wars in tho sixties.
After that Croede aud I becamo very good
Ho was born on a farm not far from
Fort. Wayne, Ind. Crecdo put in seven
years as a scout, nnd Indian lighter and
helped with his hands to open the over?
land route to tho Rockies. Some of his
adventures have been recorded and many
have not. been told. A most important,
event in his lifo was omitted from nil
these narratives, an event that lost to Wim
all the glory he had gained in tho Sioux
wars nnd put a shadow on Ids trail. After
the war bo went back to his old home in
Iowa, where ho had tho misfortune to fall
desperately in love with his brother's
sweetheart. The brother triumphed, and
it broke Crecde'a heart. It was his first
and last love. Like the rejected poet, ho
was mad with grief and shame. Ho cross?
ed the plains and changed his name.
So it camo about that in the spring of
1870 in tho register of tho Drovers' hotel
at Pueblo he wroto bis name "Nicholas C.
Crcedo," which till then was not his name.
In a little while Crcedo bccaixo a well
known prospector. He was patient, and
porsevcring, and upon his trail aro many
prosperous mining camps, notably Mon?
arch and Bonanza. These camps worn
called after tho first claim located, and if
the prospector hail kept that up Crcedo
would have been called "Holy Moses."
Many amusing stories have been told as
to the naming of this claim, but, unfor?
tunately, none of them is true. Tho ilrst,
Hud at Creede, as at Monarch, proved to
bo one of tho poorest, but ir, helped tho
prospector. It brought'him in touch with
Mr. Mottet of Denver and put him in tho
way to discover tho Amethyst, which
brought him fame and fortune. His share
was a one-third interest in the Amethyst
mine. One day, in his modest cottage at
Pueblo, he showed mo a small slip of pa?
per from tho First National bank of Den?
ver upon which was written. "February
I deposit, (30,000 "
"That was my rnko olT for last month,"
ho said in his quiet, modest way. At this
time Crcedo was not a strong man. Soven
years on tho plains ami 13 years in the
hills hunting lor mines are enough to wreck
even the strongest constitution. Tho ono
companion that he kept, through all these
13 years was a little old dog whoso shaggy
cont was the color of wood ashes. At
Crecdo's request I photographed him ami
I tho dog.
In Juno of that year, 1803, Crcedo said
he would go to California, nnd we ngrccd
to meet at San Francisco. From Frisco
we went to Los Angeles, and when Crcedo
saw tin- pretty house at (?01 Pearl street he
wanted it Standing in the garden he.
took olT bis hat, smiled and said, "This is
my Fkion," little dreaming that it would
be his Gethsemane as well.
Just as the successful litterateur dis?
courages young writers did this successful
miner discourage prospectors,
?"Stick to your quill," he wroto to a
friend who had asked him to buy a claim
at Cripplo .Creek, "and you havo my
friendship. Go prospecting and you lose
it." After a severe and King Illness this
same friend wrote gloomily, and Crcedo
replied: "Never give up tho ship. Cheer
up. There is much to live for."
Months ago ho wrote" to his friend, who
was then in Washington, a cheerful letter,
and it chanced to he i he last: "We, too, havo
a baby?a little girl?and do you know
that I havo never known of such pleasure
in all my life as the pleasure of caring for
ihl> littlo child? I like to dress her nnd
undress her. as Mule girls do with their
This was the little girl whom ho had
i adopted. Ii seems to inc that that letter
! alone shows that Crcedo s heart was in the
right place. What a loving father he
might have been! What a happy home ho
might have made if things had gone just
a littlo different I Vory few people know
Creede intimately. He avoided people. He
was constant ly ashamed of having changed
his name. He exaggerated this bit of fool?
ishness into a crime and brooded over it.
aud the bitter disappoint men t of his earlier
life staid in his heart, and kept it sad.
And so people who never knew Creede
disliked him. This is especially true of
those who conceive it tobe their duty or
who think it smart to hate the rich and
fortunate. Here follows a sample of the
unkind cuts that are aimed at tho unfor?
tunate dead:
"The death of N. C. Crcedo removed
from earth rather a harmonious case of
Idiot that never aspired toaiiything higher
than eating morphine and tiguring con?
spicuously in divorce suits."
Now, so far as I know, ho has never lig
ured in a divorce court, and I make no
doubt Ins first dose of morphine was taken
upon that awful afternoon when be gave
tip the ship and went, into his garden to
To nso tho expression of an old prospect?
ing part ner of his, "Crcedo was a white
man, nnd be was liked l>c?t by those who
knew him Iu-.-i "?Cy Wurman in New
Vorfc Sun.
A pproprinte.
Walker?Why do you call your horse
Ryder? Because ho needs so much curry
inn ?Chicago Record.
Hie Beauty
of Health ;
Features don't mat?
ter so much. Most
(P5S6?^!SKF' ??y features will do
-*S/cvt i-stf^it^ if tilc complexion is
clear, the eyes bright
and the lips rosy. Hearty, healthy whole
Gonieness is better than mere beauty of
features. A face full of the glow Of good
health?full of the kindliness and good
humor that health brings, is bound to
be an attractive face?a face that will
make friends. The face tells the s tory
of the whole body. "Murder will out"
?and so will "female weakness" and
nervousness and other disorders peculiar
to women.
If there is a drain on the system and
Strength, the record of it will show in
the face. If there is nerve nagging
" bearing-down " pains, dragging and
pulling at the nior.t sensitive organs in a
woman's body, the face will show it.
Abused nerves draw lines of care and
worry on the face. Nervous prostration
writes its warning on the face long before
it comes. Sleeplessness, nervousness and
debilitating drains make more wrinkles
than age.
.7 Nine-tenths of the sickness of women
conies from some derangement of organs
distinctly feminine. Nine-tenths of this
6ickness can be cured and avoided by the
use of Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription.
There is nothing miraculous about the
" Favorite Prescription "?nothing super?
It is the result of rational thought
and study applied to medicine.
It has been prescribed by Dr. Pierce
for over 30 years. It has made thousands
of women healthy and happy, and has
brought joy to thousands of homes.
In "female weakness" it acts directly
and strongly in healing and strengthen?
ing the phrts that are most severely tried.
It clears out impurities and promotes
regularity at all times.
Real Estate Broker.
Nice modern owelling in Lewis addi?
tion, low for cash.
Good lU-room bouse near in, only
91,150. t ??
One 01 the best lots in Lewis addition
Flue brick business blocs. \yielding 11
per cent, income.
Nice country home ~> miles from Roan
oke, -M acres, good br*ek dwelling, or?
chard, etc., for $2,000.
Fine house, (> acres of orchard aud
garden, 1 mile of corpotata limits, $3,500.
Great bargain in Church street resi?
dence. W.
Good country siore near city. Price
Very fine mill for 1-I> of original cost.
A line tract of timber near railroad.
A valuable stone quarry.
A line stock of merchandise and good
will cf an established trade.
I will swnp for anything from a bull
pup to a gold mine.
J. F.
(Ground Flcor.)
Terry ItuiltiiiiK.
- 1 I1 ??
DR. J. W.
cW??&?^??? ave-'
SecDnd (loor.
Nature's Nervine and
An unfailing cur., for Diseases of ihe
Digestive, Nervous and Generative
Systems. A Tonic of rare efficacy Tor
the old and young and of marked ser?
vice for Students, Teachers, and all
who arc* engaged in Brain work or
close occupations.
Depression, Tired Feelings,
Nervousness, Huscnlar Weakness,
Loss of Appetite, Palpitation of Heart,
restlessness, Hysteria,
Serve Weakness, General Discomfort,
Excesses, Alcliolism,
and that almost innumerable series of
diseases and complications resulting
from any derangement of the Ne rvous
System. Invaluable for weak women
and nervous children.
Steady Nerves,
Braced System,
Sound Itest,
Good Work,
Dr. Cos's
CONTAINS r:o OPIATES on nA'iccr.nus onur.s
TO MAKX A iia'jit
HO Cents per 3oU!c;
If three hHtles be ordered nt onetime, a <~'>;>v of
'Jiu.1. t, uok )'? ><>W wiii I".- included free. J
AT DRU?SI3T2 AND ?rAirfl? j
on oincci ur us on ntccipx or piiicc
Winkelmann & Brown Druj
cole pr0puictor8,
DALTIM?ne, Ml), U. G. A.
10 room brick dwelling, with all mod?
ern conveniences, stable and ciirriuge
home, largo front yard. 75 feet Irout,
rock fence?a bargain for $25 ptr month.
lOroomdwelllng.moderu conveniences,
near car lim-, ou Mountain avenue s. w.;
$12 per month.
8- room dwelling, modern conveniences,
Mountain avenue s. w., west of Park
street; $12 per month.
Groom dwelling, water in the house,
on the corner of Luck and Henry streets;
?i) per month.
9- room house on Henry street; ?17 pet
Theso are all good houses and well-lo
cited. Seo us at once, and get your
Thanksgiving seiectiou of a home.
T. E, B. Hartsook & Co,
Market Bqiiurc.
T. W. Goodwin, Ag't.
OfHco: Room No. 205 Terry Building.
October 1st, 1897.
No. 1003 Franklin sw. 30.00
No. 1112 Cnapman avenue s w.... 20.00
No. 2004 Patterson avenue s w... 10.00
No. 2008 Patterson avenue s w... 10.DO
No. 2012 Patterson avenue s w... 10.00
No. 2010 Patterson avenne s W... 10.00
No. C24 Tenth avenue 8 e. 8 00
No. 01-1 Stewart avenue s. e. 10.00
No. 1721 Salem avenue s w. 25.00
No. 711 Campbell avenues, w_ 8.00
No. 1720 Salem avenue s. w. 8.00
No. 1575 Earnest avenue s w. 3.00
No. Iu22 Seventh avenue s. e. ... (5.00
No. 1020 Seventh avenue s. e. 0.00
No. 1080 Seventh avenue s. e. 0.00
No. 020 First avenue u. w. 8.00
No. lit) Twelfth street n. w. 8.50
No. 018 First avenue n. w. 0.00
No. 022 First avenue u. w. 0.00
No. 029 Third avenue n. w. 8.00
No. 520 Seventh avenue n. e. G.00
No. 533 Seventh aveuue n. e. 0.00
No. 414 First street s. w.
No. 711 Third avenue s. w . 7.00
No. 304 Commonwealth ave. n. e.. 10.00
I also have in my charge properties in
all sections of the city that cau be bought
at great bargains, either for cash or on
the Instalment plan.
t. Call and examine my list.
T. W. GOODWIN, Agent
New Home
Sewing Machine
That Cannot be Put in
Good Order at the New
Home Office,
309 Henry Street, Roanoke Va.f
Where can* be found tiie fine Drop
cabinet, admired by so many peo?
ple for It kaut y and convenience;
also a variety of different ma?
chines made by 'i'll is company,
which, if examined by tiiope w1i >
wish to buy, side by side with Tilk
other maw bsof mach inks, can read?
ily see they deserve a i.i. the
praise they have merited in finish,
durability, i.ioiit-ruxnino an i) per?
fect wobk.
Please cam. and inspect machine
asm) investigate the low prk ks
before you buy.
i remain, hespe? tfully,
309 Henry St. Ro \n<ke, Va.
<;uus. Ammunition.
Sporting 4*oo?8m.
We have nil the latest wriukles. We
hu\e sold more guns ihis year than ever
before. We have had to reorder twice,
after buying what we thought would do
the first time. It may pay you from a
Standpoint of satisfaction as well as from
one of economy to dicker with us a little.
Commerce street, Roanoke, Va.
Buy a Home!
5-room, dwelling northwest. Rents for
$70. Price $400.
7- rooin dwelling, southeast. Great bar?
gain at $0.10. Vertun that will please jou.
8- room dwelling, i?bade in the yard,
near churches ami schools. Price $1,160.
4-room cottage southwest. Largo lot,
$1,000; cash $10, monthly $10.
Q-rooni dwelling southeast, with hath,
bot an?' cold water, marble mantles and
nil modern improvements. This is snap
Torn nur? tha?, wants a bargain, $1,400.
Kasy payments.
'/-room dwelling northwest, lot 50x105.
Good staldo anil sbade. Price $1,001).
Payments O. K.
4- room cottageRorer avenue s.w.,$525.
Easy payments.
5- rooni cottage with cellar, southwest.
Good stable on the lot. Rig drive, $1,250;
cash $1100; balance $12.50 per month.
ij-room dwelling northeast, $800; $8
cash; $8 per month.
501) acre farm 12 miles from Rnanoke,
on Norfolk and Western railroad, 10-room
brick dwelling, large barn, 2 orchards,
75 ncrea in clover and urapes. Price
$5,000; $1,500 cash; balance one and two
Real Estate and Rental Agents,
10 Jefferson St.
Good 8 room house, all modern Im?
provements, No. 718 Henry sr.reot s w.
Another good 8-room house on Eighth
avenue, near Coirnierce. streot, s w. All
modern improvements I have just re?
paired it.
Good 8-room house on Eighth avenue
s w. No. 541. Price only $10. Good
8-room house No. 1007 Fifth avenue n
w; in good condition. Only $8.
Two good 0-room houseson Rullitt ave?
nue s e; only $0 each.
Two b room houses on Giltnor avenue
n e. Only $G each. All in good repair.
A large four-story brick warehouse on
Ilolliday street, with large elevator and
platform scales, or will runt floors for
Several bargains in the sale of houses
and vacant lots. Call: ask for what yon
want. I will pet it for you.
List your property for sale or rent
with me.
SCcnl Kwtutc AgenJ,
Real Estate and Rental Agent,
110 J Jefferson St., Roanoke, Va.
Foi the Lynchburg Perpetual
-Building and Loan Co.
9-room dwelling, nieder:? improve?
ments, large corner lot, on Terry's Hill;
7-room bouse, modern improvements,
larue corner lot, uood location; $1,000.
7- room house in southwest, good con?
dition, $1,500, $15 cash an?1 $13 per
fi-room brick house, large lot, nice
shade: $1,000.
5-room,house, i'l southwest, lnrije lot
and st?hle, near the center of the city;
$1,000, small cash payment and $10 per
8- room house, near center of city, large
lot, beautiful grounds: $1,500, easy pay?
D-room house, $000, small cash pay?
ment and balance monthly.
0-room residence, In southwest, in
beautiful condition, nice grounds and
shade; $2,200. This is a choice piece of
property and very cheap.
Nice corner house in lielmont, ? rooms,
$750, $50 cash and !?8 per month. Come
(piick if you want this.
(??room house in" northeast, convenient
to shops: $050, $50 cash and $8 per
10-room hr use on Terry's Hill, large
lot and fine stable: $2,000, easy pay?
10-room house in northwest, in good
condition, modern improvements, with
good garden, easy payments or can bo
traded for a good farm.
0 room house in northwest, near Park
street: $825, $100 cash and $lu per
Several pieces of flist-class property'in
center of city, renting now for 12 per
cent, of prices asked. These are choice
Farms and Trucking Lamta.
We have a large number of farms for
sale in Koanoke and adjoining counties,
many of them very cheap, ranging from
10 to 500 acre*. Among them:
500 acre farm with first-class improve?
ments, tine orchard, plenty of timber, at
$10 per acre. The greatest bargain ever
offered in Ronnol e.
4 pieces of tiU< king land convenient to
the city, one of 1 '. one of 15, one cf 30
acres and one of 75 acres, at prices fv.r
below tlieir real value. Anyone desiring
a good trucking farm wl'l profit by see
in" us at once.
Magnificent James river farm of 750
acres, $0,000 dwelling, with modern im?
provements, beautiful gronndajand shade,
all necessary outbuildings, and 0 tene?
ment houses, 25 acres of full hearing
fruit trees, large quantity cf fine timber.
The owner having to leave the State
this property can bo sohl for $7,500 on
long time, 01 paid for partly in Roanoke
real estate. This is a rare bargain.
150 acre farm near Roanoke, one-half
first class river nottorn, fair improve?
ments, nstonishinu low figure for cash.
2 small farms on Hack Creek, with line
orchards, one of BO and one of 75 acies,
in the famous pi pplu apple belt: lands are
hlllv bat rich; one at $10 and the other
at $12.50 per asre. These are comforta?
ble little homes and line investments
T. W. Npimllc ?V Co.,
Nu. 8 Campbell Atouuo 8. W.
You liuve your Thanksgiving dinner
fixed, hut. how about a liame? Now is a
good tltuo to got it.
A 12-room residence within three
blocks of the pnssenger depot, price
Dwelling wiMi 7 rooms on large lot,
witii stable, in northwest part of the
town, price if1,200.
A very neat 5-room cottnge in the
southwest part of tho town, price $1,200.
The best 8-room dwelling in the city
that can be bought for $2,100.
Dwelling, 8 rooms, on Church street,
large lot, price $3,500.
Splendid farm, 457 acres, for $2,000: 105
acres well Improved; three miles from
Bedford City: price $1,800.
Send for new list of town and country
property for sale.
Special bargain in a it-room house ou
Ifenr'y street, near Tenth avenue, all con?
veniences: will take Other property It part
Heal Estate Agent,
A 10 Ter.y HuHtling.
10-room dwelling, 118 Eighth avenue
s. w., bath rootn: ho* and cold water at?
tachment, lot 50x100 feet. Originally
worth $7,500; preseut price $1,000.
Comfortable dwelling No. 712 Camp?
bell avenue s.w.; lot 01x275 leet .to an
alley, 10 rooms, bath rocm and stable.
Originally sold for $10,000; preseut price
Very desirable dwelling No. 310 John
street s. w.. 10 rooms, good stable, neces?
sary outside buildings, lot50x160; $3,000.
Nice U-roont cottage No. 3 Trout ave?
nue s. w., lot 50x150, $1,500.
Dwelling No. 8(50 Eighth avenue s. w.,
lot 50x150, $1,500.
Three story brick building on Shcnau
doab avenue, near freight depot, now
used, first flour as a bottling works, and
second and third as shop aud dwelling,
(j-room dwelling, No. 517 Fourth street
u. e., very cheap and convenient to Roa
noke Machine Works, $700.
8-room dwelling, n. s. Relmont avenue
s. e., lot 03x130 feet; beautiful location,
8-room dwelling, 14 1-2 Lee street n.e.,
lot 50x200 fee', $1,500.
; 8 room dwelling, 509 Luck avenue, lot
j 84x90 feet, very cheap, $2,000.
ti-rouni dwelling, 927 Shonandoah ave?
nue n. w., lot 25x130, $800.
0-room dwelling, 427 Rlmwood streets,
e., lot 40x180, a bargain, $050.
8-room dwellings, 924, 980 and 932
, Center steet, lots 25x130, ftll three desir?
able located and very cheap, $1,100.
0 room dwelling, 711 Gilmer street n.
w., lot 40x130, nice location; a bargain,
Vacant lot on Jefferson street, 25x170
feet, near'marble yard, formally worth
$6,000; price $2,500.
Peck Hotel, on Salem avenue, near
Academy of Music, 24 rooms, a bargain,
price $8,500.
Two story frame building, 8 rooms, 450
feet east of F street, fronting ou Camp?
bell avenue s. w., lot 50x233 feet. This
is a very chnap and desirable property,
price $8,000.
A very desirable 8-room dwelling, 801
Roanoke street s w., good outside build?
ing, hot and cold water, bath, etc., lot
50x150, a*bargain, $2,500.
House aud lot, 8 rooms, north side Mel
rose avenue n. w., lot 75x210 feet, a most
desirable home, price $1,800.
Tivo-story frame building, 612 Sixth
avenuo n. w., very nicely located, 0-room
house, price $1,200.
10-room dwelling, 815 Randolph street,
near Roanoke aud Southern depot, for?
merly sold for $2,000. price $1,150.
6-room cottage, No. 420 Ninth avenue
s. w., $1,300.
10 room two-story dwelling, No. 375
Eleventh avenue s. -.v., an elcg.int prop?
erty, none better, lot 50x130, $8,500.
12-room two story dwelling, 370 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., new house worth $4,
500, lot 50x130, price. $3,500.
10-room two story dwelling, 377 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., one of the cheapest
houses in the city, lot. 50x130, $3,000.
Two story frame building on Washing?
ton street, east of G, a beauty, all mod?
ern improvements, 7 rooms, very cheap,
Two-story frame dwelling, 1116 South
Jefferson street, worth $3,500, price $2,
Two nice and commodious dwellings,
511 and 513 Luck street,$l,800 aud$2,000.
Two cottages on Shonandoah avenue,
Nos. 1021 and 1023, 6 rooms, each $80J.
18-room dwelling, 31 Seventh avenue s.
w., worth $7,000. price $5,500.
15-room dwelling. No. 364 Campbell
avenue s. w. The cheapest property now
on the market; just elegant, $5,500.
For the7Xattonal Mutual Building and
Loan Association of New York, Masonic
Temple, Ro^m No. 2.
To givo yon an opportunity of testing
the great merit of Ely's Cream Halm, the
most reliable euro foi catarrh and cold in
the head, a generous 10 cent trial size
can be had of your druggist or wo mail it
for 10 cents. Full size 50 cents.
ELY BROS., 50 Warren St., N ? Y. City.
It is the medicine above all others for
catarrh, anil Is worth Its weight In gold.
I can uso Ely's Cream Balm with safety
and it does all that is claimed for it.? B.
W. Sperry, Hartford, Conn.

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