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Washington Post: Ex-Cougressman
Phillips, of Pennsylvania, "a man of
weaith;and an employer of labor, who
has for. a long while sought to solve labor
problems through the medium >f arbitra?
tion, .was seen at the Shoreham yester?
day. "y?
"I hope," said Mr. Phillips, "that this
Congress will not fail to pass a bill pro?
viding for a national labor commission.
In the.Fifty-fourth Congress '.this meas?
ure ^wns 'Introduced and passed both
houses, but did not become a law ow ing
to the failure of the President to sign it.
There is need fur such a bod:*. Its cost
would be moderate, far less indeed than
t?>e loss'.of a sing!? strike. If the matter
is fonn into scientifically, as would be
dono through a commission, I am posi
tive that'a plan could be evolve,! that
would settle, all disputes that may here
after'arise in a way that would be just
aud.fair.both to capital and labor, and
that would put an cud to strikes and
"I do not think that society as at pres?
ent constituted, hardly appreciates the
true valuo o( the laboring man. When
we think that our civilization, splendid
and luxurious as it is,could not exist but
for tho horny-handed sons of toll, it is
only right and proper to conserve the in?
terests of those wnose bone and sinew
constitute the renl strength of the na?
Lonisvillo Courier Journal: A new fea?
ture of "society journalism" in Kansas
is the pnblicatioi ,lalong with a list of
wedding presents, of a list of [tho Jyoung
men who have been refused by the bride.
This is probably done ou Jthe theory that
iu such affairs a list of the '.saved as well
as of the fatalities is legitimate news.
Look at our 25 cont books.
Fair, 9 Salem avenue.
Lurifcat package?greatest economy.
Chicago. St. LouIr, Now York. Huston,
rull-ulclplila. .
I October 5,1897.
Loans and discounts.$341,215.49
Overchecks. 4S
United States bonds (to secure circulation) and premium.. 25.197.50
Real estate, furniture, fixtures, *c. 111,919.28
Redemption fund with United States Treasurer. 1.125.00
Cash and exchange (gold coin $20,000). 138,235.78
Capital, sui pins and profits.$122,101.00
National bank notes outstanding. 22,500,00
Deposits'Individual, $363,284.38; banks. $10,804.14). 375,088.52
S $519,093.48 ?
Santa Glaus Providing
a Yuletide Feast.
for hi" friends will find lots of good
things on our shelves to make merry with
for the holiday season. We will have
Heinz high giade mince meat for your
pies, tho bliest quality plum pudding,
just like home made, newLeghorncitron,
fancy Smvrna dates,cocoanucmacaroons,
Java coffee, highest grade table butter,
Queen olives, and everything in staple
goods. We beg to call attention to our
chocolates, plain candies and Tenney's
goods in bulk'und boxes.
When you buy COAL, jusl
as you do when you purchase
a pound of tea or sugar.
FULL WEIGHT when you
buy <>i'
- The Belle/1 Team Coal Healers.
?jr-ii-'.'.-r, jCj'
Well, that's all right. We will give it
to them with a desirable bouse built ou
top of it at prices mentioned below.
A great, sacritice. Now think of it, a
splendid 7-rooni residence, Rorer avetiue,
heavy stone foundation, well built, once
sold for $2,300. We now ofTer for the
small sum ot $850; $100 cash, balance $10
per month. If the above terms are not
what you want., tell us aud wo can ar?
range them to suit.
How does this strike you for an oppor?
tunity to get a good piece 'of real estate,
for almost nothing!' We will sell yo:i two
buildings,residence No. 934 T.r/.ewell ave?
nue; G-room storo house on corner. No.
920 Ta/.iwell. Property rents for $12 50
per month. We will sell both properties
for $900;$50 cash; balance $10 per month.
8- rootu residence Eighth avenue o. w ,
beautiful shade, large stible: lot 50\150
feet; $1,000; *175 cash; $12.50 per month.
Beautiful G-room house Eleventh ave?
nue s. w., all modern conveniences,
$1,500; $500 cash, balance monthly.
Very detlrable lot Campbell avenue,
near Calvary Baptist Church,at a bargain.
Easy terms.
9- room residence, Church avenue, near
Park street, lot 50x100 feet, corner lot,
all modern conveniences; $3,500, $100 or
$50C cash, balance $300 per year. Will
rent for $300 per year. A very desirable
Lots any location West End almost any
One of the flnost. and most desirable
houses on Campbell avenue, very large
grounds, lot 75x300 feet, splendid 9-room
house, beautiful cabinet mantles, $4,500,
$700 cash, balance easy.
One of the best residences on Terry
Hill, H room?, corner lot. beautiful
shade, sever.i, handsome cabinet mantles,
lovely view, ouce sold for $11,000. Wo
now offer at $3,900, $350 cash, $25 or $30
per mouth. Don't fail to see it.
Large pressed brick residence. Church
nveniie, 11 rooms, stiictly modern; $4,
1150. Cos: $5,000 to build, to Bay nothing
of the lot. 'i.'Z
8-room house, Tazewell avenue s. e.,
$900, $75 cish, $12 per month.
4-room cottage, Rorer avenue, large
lot, shade, ?ad only $525. $50 cash. $10
per month. J-^MSCl ' P^G
Oesiniule lots, well located,. llehnotit,
only $1011 each, $ > per month.
Montana Man Gambled Away a
Fortune to His Wife.
A Smart Woman Whose Uu?bnnd Wiu? a
Confirmed Gambler Induced II im to
(ilvo Her a Chance to Win His Bill
Then? is a business man In Butte, Mon.,
who has the reputation of being n million?
aire, but hasn't got a cent of his own, ac?
cording to George Witherby, an admiring
fellow townsman, and this is tho way ho
accounts for it:
The man was n confirmed gambler, but
not a lucky one. One night when he
reached home after heavy losses his young
wifo said to him, "You've been at tho
bank, haven't, you, Tom?"
Tom owned up.
'"And yon look as if you were hit pretty
hard. I suppose you were?"
"Middling bard," says Tom.
"Well, now," Mrs. Tom went on, "1 be?
lieve that you just naturally love to gam?
ble; that you wero born that way; that
you have a passion for venturing your
money just for the excitomoiit, the mental
stimulus of lt. Am 1 right?"
Tom flicked the r.shes from his cigar in
a way that said "Yes," but ho kept still.
"Well, " said she after a pause. "I've got
a scheme. (Jambio with me!"
Tom thought, his wife was delirious
with nnxicty, but the plan was so novel
and was so insinuatingly put that ho
couldn't reject it. So he said, "Well,
Tlmmy, I'll have to go you."
Well, this couplo started their two hand?
ed game of draw on tho very next night,
and Tom said that from the very go oil* he
never had so much fun playing cards in
bis life. Not that his wife didn't know
the game. He had taught her the game of
poker soon after they were married, and
on his evenings at home they had often
played a quarter limit game for the fun of
the. thing. Hut it. was so queer to be play?
ing with his wifo for really immense
stakes, as they did in all earnestness piny
when the game was well under way, that
tins Butte man relished the piny enor?
mously. He quit tho faro banks altogether
and devoted all of his spare time to the at?
tempt to beat his wife.
The little woman was not loser a dollar
from tho very first night they started play.
At. the end of n month, as Tom said him?
self, it seemed to be no longer a question
as to which of the two would come on*
ahead on a night's play, but simply a
question as to how much ho would lose.
At, tho end of six months his wife had
j 9200,000 worth of his securities in her
! compartment of their safe deposit vault.
"Lose:'" said Tom about this time.
"Holy smoke, she doesn't know how to
lose! She'll bavo mo a pauper before 1
know where I nm. And bluff! Say, sho
bllifts me out of my own jack pots on eight
or ten high when there are thousands of
dollars in the pot. Then when I conclude
to put a stop to this Mulling and raise her
up to the ceiling by betting whole slathers
Of money on really good hands I happen
to hold sho holds fours or a straight Hush.
There's no way I know of to get a line on
the way a woman plays poker, but. she's
got me so deep in the hole now that I've
got. to see tlie game through."
Wtdl, at tho end of a year this nervy lit?
tle woman had not only captured all that,
portion of her husband's income that had
formerly helped to enrich tho green cloth
men of Butte, but she had gathered in
about, nn even half of his capital, ft was
all his to manipulate and do business with,
but it. was in her name. It took her an?
other year to brenk him, but sho made a
mighty slick job of it at the end. It was
almost exactly two years to a day after
they had started the. game when tho inevi?
table night came on which t Iiis Butte man
had to sail tho sponge and acknowledge
that he was all up. Each of them had on
11 corner of the table a list of securities,
slocks, bonds and other properties, with
the money values noted, that they indi?
vidually owned, and they bad devised ?1
system of checking this list olf with a
pencil as tho securities wero wagered in
the progress of tho play. Then at the end
of each week they would base a settling
On the night that she broke him Hat she
had been bluffing so persistently that he
concluded he would call a hnlt. to that sort
of thing as soon as ho got a good hand.
His opportunity arrived when ho gave
himself three jacks and then another jack
on tho draw. Ills list of securities beside
him was pretty well checked off by this
time, but ho thought he had a good enough
hand to do a double or quits turn, and BO,
when he saw that his wifo was inclined to
raise him in the betting, ho just tired tho
whole list in tho middle of the table.
"If 1 haven't got you ben ten this time,
Tlmmy," he said, "I might as well go
"Well, that won't break you, you
know," sho replied sweetly. "You've got
your diamonds yet, haven't you:-"
"Oh, I'm too strong this timoto lot you
bluff me out that way, Timniy," said he
"I will put into the pot everything 1 own
in the world except my duds."
"And tho value of what you've got
left:-" she Inquired, cool ns a encumber.
"Well." said Tom, "I guess my rings
und pins nre worth $10,000."
The little woman calmly took the pencil
and checked off $10,000 worth of securities
tin her list,
" 1 call you." said she.
Tom smiled as he spread out his hand.
"Too bad, Timniy," ho said. "Four
"Too bad, Tommy,"said sho, spreading
out her hand. "Four queens."
Tlio Famous Inventor Has .1 Dangerous
Rival in His Young Son.
New York, Dec. 7.?Thomas A. Edison
has a rival anil it is not Tesla. '.His aou
and namesake, Thomas A. E'Mson, Jr., is
the man who will make him loot .to his
laurels. He is something *of a wi/zard
himself, although only 21 years of age.
The youth lias been working with his
Kther since he whs <> years old, but one
bright morning 'last 'August bis father
called the young 11 :>n and spake thus:
"Thomas, my son, you know almost as
much as your father,.but what you kuow
will never bo of use to you until you
know men. 'jet out, Thomas, and stutly
men. Brush up against the worlel for a
srhile, am' let us see what you are made
of. You havei good ideas. Work them.
Good morning."
So the young man starteel out, four
months ago, rVith a head full of ideas,and
a lusty desire to make himself heard in
tho world's noisy trnlllc. JTo-dar he has
an ollice in a big Broadway building,
and the big electrical manufacturing
companies with the long titles and the
capital of many militutis are studying
this young man with great care.
Y'oung Edison has invented a device
which, he says,is only the first of a series
of improved appliances in various lines of
electiical work. It Is Jin incandescent
lamp, sinvlar to the one uow in use to
the inexperienced eye, but possessing, it
may be said, many adrnutaKes. He calls
it the "Edison, Junior," with conscious
pride, and claims for it superiority over
all others in the important details of
vacuum and filament.
To achieve these results the young man
designed his cwn pump, and says that
with it he can exhaust ten lamps to a
high degree of perfectiou, in less time
than is required by the ordinary vacuum
pumps generally used to exhaust one
lamp. The filament is his own invention
also- -a chemical combination carbonized
at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making it as
near absolutely pure carbon as it is pos?
sible to obtaiu*-Curiously enough, neither
tho pump nor tho Qlament hah been pat?
"My father's .experience has taught
me to steer clear of the patent ollice. Ho
ha? takeu out scores of patents, but he
has spent as much money and time light?
ing to uphold them, I guess, as they are
worth. 1 am going to keep my ideas to
myself. Secrecy Is a better safeguard
than a patent any time."
Itoiiinn. Irritated, scaly, crusted Scalpo. dry, thin,
and fallltur. I lair, cleansed, puriOcd, sad bcnutl
fled l>y warm shampoos with CtrriCUKA Soap,
ami occasional dressings of Cutigosa, purtst of
emollients, the greatest skin cures.
Treatment will produce a clean, healthy scalp
wllli luxuriant, lustrous hair, when all else falls.
Sohl thrmiehmit the world. POTTBR Dm u and ClISH.
Coar., Snls Props., Itoston.
or" Uow to produce Luxuriant Hair," mailr.1 fror.
H?r SI?FF!
Call up 'phone Mil and 100, both new
and old,
Where they keep the best WOOD and
A little of our COAL
Makes lets of heat,
Their COAL is hot
It can't be beat.
It boi'.s'your pot
It fries your tuen?,
It heats your room
It helps you sleep
for uulance. 101 Jefferson^a'reet,* Ex?
change Building.
Felt KENT.
i ROOMS FOR RENT. ?3511 Church
street. MRS. LAMKIN. 12 8 3t
VALUABL E Roanoko county hind for
sale. Ninety a<TfS on the west side of
Franklin road between Leslie's Store and
Hsck Creek,".four miles south of Roanoko
city. Sixty acres in original heavy tim?
ber. A rare chance to secure a farm.
Terms liberal. Applv to H. IT. and C.
L. CARTER, Blackatone, Va 12 8 lm
Electric. Light and Power L'ompany
against the Interstate Collection Auencv. I
Account !f!>..->0. Address, SAM HARIH I
SON, Knoxville. Tenn. 12 8 l\v
WANTED.?A few more boarders; my
new residence, 1141 South Jefferson
street (Stewart building); accommauation
lirst elass, heated by steam throughout,
hot and cold baths. Elegant stable for
rent cheap MRS. IL C. HOPKINS.
12 4 lm
Mrs. M. A. Moscley, ''.JO Franklin Head
s. w. 11-1-tf
HOARDERS wanted at 1285 Chapman
avenue s. w. 10 22 If
WANTED Snlesineu for every town be?
tween Ronnoke and Bristol to handle our
fine all wool blankets and other house
hold goods, sold on easy monthly pay
Contagious Blood Poison is cutting"
down human beings by the thousand.
It is aa awful affliction. Doctors
have all sorts of theories about it
that they learned at college, but they
fail miserably when they try to cure
it. Every sufferer should know, be?
fore he seeks professional help, that
he will be given mercury and other
poisons, which never
did, never will and
never can effect a
(S. S. S.) is
purely veg?
etable and
is his only hope. It will go to the root
of the trouble and purify the blood?
make it rich, red and healthy?stop
the eating sores forever?stop the
hair from falling out?drive the ter?
rible disease completely away.
Free books on the
disease ami its treat?
ment can be had by '
writing to the Swift
Specific Co., Atlanta, Go,
Walter Reynolds and J. U. P. John?
ston, of Craig county, were in town yes?
terday visiting some of their friends.
The executive committee of the Luthe?
ran Orphanage held their regular monthly
meeting Monday afternoon at the homo
neat the boulevard. Everyone expressed
bis high approval of the new superintend
eut. Rev. 11. F. Crouk, who took charge
of the Orphanage week before last.
I). 11. St rouse is reported by his physi
cian, Dr. Minor Wiley, as much im?
proved. Mr. 'Strouse expects to have
for Florida one day this week
The Young Ladies Lunch Club, organ
ized nor; lung since here, has had three
meetiuas. Their last meeting was held
on Saturday last at Mrs. Ballard's. The
following are members of the club:
Misses Mollie, Elsie and^Sadie Logan,
Hannah and Agnes Armstrong, Kate
Evans and Kate Hurks.
Last night Mrs. (Jeo. W. Logan gave
at her handsome residence in West Salem
h dancing party. The following were
present: Misses Mollie, Elsie and Sadie
Logan, Annie Langborne, Agnes Arm?
strong, Kate Evans, Kachel Henderson
ami Mabel How man. Messrs. J. 1).
Cruwle, Marvin Altl/.er, Edgar Deyerle,
Harry Slurdevaut. John Lloyd, .John
Logan, Ceo. P. Mayo, Wm. Evans, Holl
ing Hubard, Willis' Campbell, Frank
Wiley, Ersktne Wnite, Ceo. Logan and
Robert Logan.
Mrs. H. F. Cronk,matron of the Luthe?
ran Orphanage.is quite sick at the home.
Dr. D. IG. Barnitz reports thn* his
brother, Wm. Barnitz, who underwent a
surgical operation *a few days ago at Mt.
Sinai Hospital, Now York, Is much im
On December G'and 7,respect i rely,mar?
riage licensesweieissued from the clerk's
ol'iee to S. "R. Heckrann, of Franklin
county, and Miss Mollie Yates, of Roan
oke county, and to .lames .i. A Rice, ot
Ftao<liiC county, and Miss Jennie P.
Thompson, ot Roanoke county.
James II. McGeheo, representiug the
National Mutual Building and Loan As?
sociation, of New York, was In tho city
yesterday and had sold by M. F. Huff,
auctioneer, two lots in Vinton, both of
which ho bid ill. Tho Stover property,
which was to have been sob', will]not bo
sc hi till January C, at which time also
some more Vim on property will bo put
Judge Brand, of Roanoke, was in the
city yesterday.
(Jeo. 11 u IT, from near Roanoke, passed
through the city yesterday with a birgt;
drove ot cattte. Mr. Hull' ships large
numbers of cattle to Europe evtry year.
A ?out twenty-live pupils of the Salem
graded and high schools are now practlc
ing for a play entitled "Caught Nap?
ping," to'be given iu the Town Hall De?
cember ',':!.
Under a.i execution in favor of the
First National Hank, of Marietta, Pa.,
Sheriff Zirkle will sell to day net r Cave
Spring a large amount of fixtures and
appliances belonging to the uld Castle
Rock Miniug Company.
The Junior Auxiliary to St. Paul's
Episcopal Church will give their annual
bazaar in t he Wolf enden building on De?
cember 10.
The annual celebration of the Cicero
nlan Liteiary Societyjwill be held Febru?
ary 22. Tho following men will represent
the society on that occasion; President T.
H. Yeakey, Va.; first orator, H. P. Stem
pie, W. Va.; debaters, Redford BnnM.
Ind. Ter., and T. C. Darst, W. Va. Final
orator, W. li. Shackelford, Va.?Senti?
Miss Mattie Shelor h.is'returncd from
On yesterday mistaking Roanoko Col?
lege for tho courthouse two gentlemen
(evidently from rural districts) knocked
j Aak for SB. SIO'XT'S PEN:
1Send for circular. Pi
For sale v OHAS. D. /
at tho door of one of the professors*
rooms and enquired for Mr. ? w hom they
thought* was loaflug around there. On
being informed by the professor that they
were at Roanoke College and not ac the
courthouse, and that he (the professor)
was not acquainted with the gentleman
named, they reluctantly decended the
steps?followed, it is needless to say, by
tho lusty cheers of the class assembled on
the inside.
O. R. Moore.representing the .Standard
Installment Company, .was In town yes?
The trainer lor tho Reformation enter?
tainment i-? expected here soon. Then
practicing will begin at ouce.
Yesterday was one of those character?
istic dry days iu Salem. People stood
on the street corners with their hands in
their pockets wonderiug why other peo?
ple were iloing as little as they. The oDly
thing that seemed to break the solemn
stillness was the arrival of the electric
car from Roauoke.with its clatter,or the
low rumbling of Dullard's 'bus going to
ami from tho trains. .Now and then,too,
a party of Roanoke College students
would come along tryiug loudly to ex?
plain why their football team tvas defeat?
ed so often this hist season and counting
up the victories for next spring's base?
ball team, and then by-standers would
wonder why they never beard a student
talk of anythlug except football and base?
ball. Tho centre of att.action in Salem
invariably moves with the sun--first on
the street corner, then in the postoflice.
On court day the attention of tue crowd
is quartered as it wereamoug the lawyers
on the inside of the courthouse, the poli?
ticians on the courthouse green, tho auc?
tioneers in front of the courthouse and
the jockeys. Dut this tomes only once a
month. It should be atlded, we tbinK,
that however dry Salem may appear to
be, it seems to be that atrractive sort of
place whi ih obtains a lirm hold on those
who livo here awhile or sometimes even
visit here. Everybody falls iu love with
our city. 'Tis a pity that it is not a lar?
ger city so that there would bo more
openings here for those who wish to re?
main. It was remarked recently by
a lady o( our town that a cer?
tain house on a certain street
had neen visited at. least by five
hundred students?showing even a stu?
dent's fondness for his coPege town,
somethiuL* that peoplo suopose, because
of the proverbial dispute "between tbwn
and gown," he never has.
NOTICE.?Beginning with Monday,
December (>, the first trip on Salem line
will be discontinued until further notice.
On and after that date ]first car leaves
Roanoke 7 a. m., Salen 7:40 a. m.
S. W. JAMISON, General Manager.
The ancient Greeks believed) that the
penutes were the gods who attended to
the welfare and prosperity of the family.
They were worshipped as household gods
iu every home. The household god of to?
day Is Dr. King's New Discovery. For
consumption, troughs, colds and for all
affections of throat, chest and lungs it
is invaluable. It has been tried for a
quarter of a century and is guaranteed
to cure, or money returned. No house?
hold should he without this good angel.
It's pleasant to take and a safe and sure
remedy for old and young. Eree trial
bottles at Massie's Pharmacy. Regular
size 50o and $1,
It is indeed Interesting and protitaule
to read ami study the lives of noble men
and women, and parents cannot spend
money more wisely than in supplying
their children with good biographies of
great ami good men who stand out prom?
inently in the world's history, not only
as wise leaders but humble Christians.
It is also Interesting to note how those
excellent t raits of character descend from
sire to son through many generations.
Recently we received from the Royal
Publishing Company. Richmond, Ya., a
new book entitled "Robert Edward Lee,
Soldier, Citizen and Christlau Patriot."
One great advantage in connection with
tili? book is that it gives in a brief but
charming manner the history of tho Lee
finally for several hundred years, show?
ing that Richard Henry !Lee, Robert E.
Lee and other master minds sprang from
a noble family whose history is as profit?
able as it is interesting. Resides an ex?
cellent biournphy of Gen. Lee and ac?
count of his great military campaigns, it
tells how he won the hearts of his so1
diors and will retain through all the ages
the affection of friends and foes. The
work also contains a large number of in?
teresting historical documents,glvlog the
organization of the various armies, to?
gether with brief biographical sketches
of such men as (Jen. Joseph E. Johnston,
Gon. Albert Sidney Johnston, Gen. G. T.
Benureuard, Gon. Draxtou Bragg, Gen.
John B, Hood. Lieutenant-General A. P.
Hill, Admiral Raphael Semmes, Con.
JohntB. Gordon, Gen. James l.ougstreet
and (Jen. J II Reagan. This is the only
biography of Gen. Lee ever published on
this plan, and It is having a very large
sale. The publishers 'adverti.-e through
our columns for active agents, as it is
sold only by subscription. Those who
distribute such a work as tbis will bo ex?
erting a blessed influence on the rising
generation besides reaping a rich and
profitably harvest financially.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Winter Clothes cleaned and
dyed to perfection. Good
work guaranteed.
1 1 O Campbell avenue.
J. DEVON. Proprietor.
iH wrgpgg* Tho only aal'o, a uro anc
v reliable Female FILL
ever offered to Ladies,
especially recommend*
_'B ed to marriod Ladies.
NTT ROY AT, x>u,X.gi and tako no other,
rtce $l.OO per box* 6 boxes for 95.00.
&ICAJL. CO , ? <Jlevi.-lu.nd, Ohio.
CT^"> V 808 COMMrei v STKKUr

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