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Nl /Uk^Westerti
wiw um . um Schedule in Effect
Deo. 5, 1897.
? ashington and Chattanooga
ir Bristol, Intermediate sta
the South and West. Pull
? Ts to New Orleans and Mem
meets at Rad ford for Blue
he Chicago Express for Rad
lofleld, Pocahoutas, Keuova,
.1. Indianapolis, St. Louis,
ity, Columbus and Chicago.
Buffet Sleeper Roanoke to
Also for Pulaski, Wythe
stol, Knoxville, Cbattauooga
uediate poiuty.
oik 5:30 a. m.; 4:05 p. m.
.erstown 5:30 a. m.; 4:00 p. m.
ston 1:20 p. m.
stol and the West 1:40 p. m.
":40 a
4:15 p
From 1
1:55 p
or Petersburg, Richmond and
1:50 p . for Washington, Hagerstown,
Philn t-iphia and New York.
11:33 ii u for Richmond and Norfolk.
Pnllm >ii sleepers Roanoke to Norfolk
and Lyuuhburg to Richmond.
11 -.30 p .i (Washington and Chattanooga
limited) for Washington, Hagerstown,
Philadelphia and New York. Pullman |
sleepers to Washington via. Shenan
doah I unction and Baltimore and Ohio
Dnrhaii, Division?Leave Lynchburg
, (Union station) daily, except Sunday,
4:00 p in. for South Boston and Dur?
ham ind intermediate stations.
Winston Salem Division?Liave Roanoke
(Uuiou station) 4:25 p. m. and 7:30 a. m.
daily, except Sunday for Rocky Mount,
Martinsville, Winston-Salem and intei
mediate stations.
' For all additional information npply
at ticket office or to W. B. Bevill, General
Passenger Agent, Roanoke, Va.
M- F. Bragg, Traveling Passenger
IN BFFflCT OCTOBER 25, 1807.
Sp'ngs via
B.M I>?rk
r.4 i
7 an
8 4!)
10 01
11 ao
la oo
Jf M
13 40
l ao
?i tti
? le
3 JO
4 00
4 4)
fi 40
7 2<)
8 00
8 40
9 ao
10 00
j i
7 I 0
?J 3)
H 00
9 41
to ?
11 Ifl
11 xo
t Oi
1 4 I
3 2J
a no
3 4)
4 aj
ft 0(1
5 SO
(i Ml
7 tin
7 to
S i0
it 0<l
ft 40
0 90
ii o:?
0 Hprluft
vl.? Wal't
st& m at *
7 00
7 40
;l 00
a 4o
10 3'.)
11 (0
n 40
i no
1 40
2 10
a 4u
4 ao
D Od
5 40
G -20
: 0)
7 40
!l i ii
ii 40
10 21
7 a),
8 m ;
e 40
0 ao!
to Oil;
11 4J
11 ao j
ia 00
la 40
1 so
a 'to,
9 4'I
3 ao
4 oo!
4 40
5 SO
ft 00
0 40
7 ao
h ao i
n: M
10 ?!?)
Sri ?
7 00
T 40
8 ao
.1 00
0 40
vi 20
11 01)
11 40
u ao
1 00
t 40
2 ao
h to
3 40
4 SO
*> 00
9 40
ii ao
7 oo
7 40
8 au
H Of)
0 10
10 9C
V?. Col'RO
A M !
7 301
8 001
8 40
9 ao
10 IK)
10 40!
11 301
13 i 0
i' M
13 40
1 30
3 C0l
9 :o,
a it
4 00
1 40
?> Si
biK :
8 ||
7 SO1
8 0t|
8 40
I) 30
1(1 Of
10 4< !
i- -:
a c
A M i A M
8 4111 !t 00
0 20 ?40
10 10 11 00
13 00. 13 30
ia 4'i l oo
1 201 1 40
a co a sii
2 401
3 30!
4 00;
4 40
6 30
15 40
3 00
3 40
4 30
5 00
r. 40
7 oo
ft 00
'000! ?090
?2 i ?a
A 711
(! Ckl
0 ?I
7 10
9 40
0 20
10 00
If: 40
A it
a ir.
ft 4S
7 40
s 9u
9 t?
B 40
10 90
11 0C
11 30 11 40
P M l" it'
U 00 i 13 20
12 40 1 1 oo;
3 2C
8 0C
8 4(
4 ?
5 CK
r 4c
8 21
7 Of
7 St
8 3i
9 IX
9 40
lfi J(
11 00
l ao
y oo i
3 40
3 30 i
i m
40 1
20 j
r, oo i
<i 40
7 3D
s oo i
e -jo
5* 90 I
10 00
10 40
A 51
6 -I'l D
7 30
0 00 f.
ii to
9 20
10 10
11 3D
13 00 n
12 40
1 30
3 00 n
2 40
a an
4 00 n
4 40
C 00 u
0 40
7 33
3 (Ml a
8 40
ft 30
10 00 n
10 40
' oil O
7 40
a so a
'.i 00
10 30 n
11 00
11 40
19 20 n
1 00
I 40
20 ti
:i 00
3 40
4 30 n
5 CO
15 40
ti 20 n
7 1(1
7 40
8 30 u
;i oo
II 40
t i ao n
11 00
8 80 !
D 10
U 50
10 30
11 10
n bo
)' M
W 80
1 10
l r.o
3 30
i 111
3 50
4 so
5 Hi
5 50 '
0 80 I
7 10 I
7 50 j
'- S">
ft 10 I
ft 50 i
S 41?
ft 20
10 ih)
10 4')
11 30
12 00
}? M
13 40
1 20
?2 (10
2 40
3 30
4 IK!
4 10
5 20
0 40
7 an
8 (10
3 4.1
51 Oil
10 00
Franklin Koiul.
, o ' ~ a - - i
a to
h 50
0 30
10 50
11 30
12 10
12 60
1 30
3 10
H 90
9 00
a 40
to an
ti no
11 40
t* n
?) *?
1 00
1 40
i a.)
3 U)
3 30
4 10
4 50
s at)
a in
8 5-1
7 30
5 11)
9 60
ft SO
18 10
? M
5 -10
t -.o
6 401
i M
7 00
r i'i
S 311
ft DO
ft f
10 11
A M r\ M
7 no j
I 90
0 40
1 'J 20
ii 911
t i\>
ft 00
10 30
11 40
1 00
P M ' P M
1 40
tl 00
4 30
6 40
1 00
8 30
\? 40
2 9 i
a 40
5 i (i
ii 9 i
7 4 1
0 0
10 .o
t^cm car rnn? between Terry building ni.rt
Haicir.. Piretcar Handaysnt 8:20a.m. Ttckeis '
between lioanoke and tvi'.e?i cm he piirchMcd
In Koanoiic ui Vsughai'i ri'_"-.r stsod, Terry
bonding, end st DtlUrd .t i'?:.-<iiis;?r'- Salem.
Viuton car r:ui* tx>'*.vern Terry bnllntng and
Vlnton. and ooenecti wltli Nor? Ich and (Jrjetal
Hprtn h carp. Plrtt cir .SonrtAy? 6.0i) a. in.
Norwich car n::;s between union Depot nud
Norwich and connects with Vlnton ur.-.l Crtfllnl
Sprlrici? ciiii*. Tripn aiarUod "n" will gothrouch
toJNorwIcb; aP other trips will fio;iai Wood
rums. Piret car Sundays 8:00 a m.
College car runs between Union Depot B?:d
Vtrpluia Oolleire. Vl* Baseball Park, and con
necis irith Norwich and V'tn'on car.!.
* Crystal Spring car rn??? aetwoen Union Depot
anu Oryctal ?pxtng?. K-isi civr Unndbya b: (fa.
Weat Knd car ran? between Union Dt-pr.t nd
"B" trtrrr.i Klrnt rir baoduye i. in.
Krar.U'tn Unart car rnt;s tieiwcen Union Djpot
vrd Tfiith nr^iine ?. w.
But Ilosnofce car rnin tictwt-cn Union Ucpoi
?nd Lyncli'.'iirj; uvcr.ac a. c.
s. w. JAMISON, Oon'l M?r.
Offltc. gooni* I'* and 100 Terry Building.
The Veiled Countess of the
Dreyfus Scandal.
Bow a Millionaire Win Marooned and
Feared to Tell tho Story ? Muster of
Men, tint Slnve to Alluring Vice?From
Convent to I'risun.
In tho disninl prison of St. Lnzaro, the
symbol of feminine disgrace in Franco, is
tho Viscountess Jouffrny d'Abbaus, known
as tho mysterious veiled lady of tho Ester
hazy-Dreyfus scandal. I lor career hns been
of an extraordinary character. Daughter
of the bcndlo or Suisso of the grcnt
cathedral at Lyons, she ran nway from
home at Hi with a decorator, and a year
later figured in tho very vanguard of tho
Parisian domimondaines under the nanio
of Olympe do lioaurognrd, it boing a mat?
ter of common report that her superb
jewels, her perfect equipages and her beau?
tifully appointed mansion in the Avenue
Fricdbind were due to the munificence and
generosity of the late King Alfonso of
Spain, who, hnving succumbed to her
charms, made frequent incognito stays at
Paris for the purpose of boing with bor.
After the deaih of King Alfonso her nest
victim was tho celebrated Parisian cap?
italist Baron lieber, who figures in "The
Nabob," the well known novel of the late
Alphonso Daudet, under the transparent
pseudonym of Baron iloiucrlinglio. She
persuaded him to present her with n mag?
nificent steam yacht, which for several
successive years constituted one of the
most striking, though scarcely reputable,
features of the summer sensons of Trou
villc, Doauville, Dieppe and other equally
fashionable seaside resorts.
The most extraordinary sei ncs took
plnco on this yacht, where the dean of
Parisian .journalists, Aurelian Scholl, act?
ed us master of the revels, and when the
fut baron, becoming tired of lavishing his
shekels upon the entertainmont of other.-,
showed a disposition to close up his purse
strings, violet, oyetl and blond haired
"Olympo do Bonuregnrd" invited him to
n supper on board. She got him hopeless?
ly intoxicated and then marooned him by
landing him on n rocky and uninhabited
islet in the bay of Morlalx, where ho re?
mained two days without food or drink be?
fore being rescued by some fishermen who
perceived his signalsof distress. Owing io
the fact of his boing married to an ex
trenn ly jealous woman, ho never ventured
to prosecute t he porpct rntor of t his extraor?
dinary freak, which almost cost him his
It was shortly after this thai -he sudden?
ly disappeared from her accustomed
haunts, and when next heard of she had
become the wife of the Viscount Guy de
Jouffrny d'Abbaus, a lieutenant of the
navy, with a distinguished norvieo record,
iind a mom lie r of one of tho most ancient
mid proudest houses of tho Kreuch nubil?
.She appeared lo ha henrthroknn when
her husband was suddenly ordered off to
Tong-King, whence ho was Invalided
home, dying from the combined olTci t- i ;'
wounds and fever >ix months afterward.
lie breathed his hisl while passing
through the Sue/ c anal on route to .Mar?
seilles, and intrusted to the Sittel of Mercy
who eared for him in his dying moments
a letter addressed to his wife, in which, for
the sake of their deep mid profound mu?
tual love, ho entreated her in break with
the world, to retire to a convent and to be?
come a nun.
His wishes wore fulfilled, and the widow
entered tho Onrmelitu convent at Lyons.
Fur the first fow months everything went
well, and her piety and grief extorted the
sympathy of even the most ascetic of the
sisters. Bui. by degrees her former char?
acter begun to rcasseri itself. The rules
of iho institution grow irksome to her, as
widl as the existence to which she had
doomed herself, and In :? conduct finally
became such thai .-he v, as expel led, where;
upon she returned to Purls and entered
upon tho career of ndvcr.turu and black?
mail which ended In her sentence to St.
Ixr/.nre in coma et ion with the ? use of Oi !?>?
nel Esterhu/.y.
".] Illll|)lll[; Sr.-mil nie a."
A confession of murder recently made
by one Thomas N'ulty to n Gunudinn do
tective who arrested bini was not allowed
to go to the jury as evidence because \ulty
was shown io be what is known us n
"jumper,or" jump4:ig l-'rcnchiimn," and
the circumstances pointed to the conclu?
sion that the admissions were mado while
laboring under this aflliction. ".fuinpiug
Fronchmuii" are fnmllinr objects in the
lumber woods of Canada mid Maine. They
sulTer from a peculiar aflliction, presum?
ably of (he nerves, which renders them
amenable to niiy command, no matter how
foolish, when spoken to suddenly. They
will strike any one within reach when
sharply commanded; "drop it." even if it.
were a ?das.- of whisky, or leap overboard
from a raft. These unfortunates are the
butt of thoir follows, but sometimes they
even things up by distributing black eyes
among their tormentor*. Nulty was tell?
ing t he story of bis movements on ihn day
?if the murder to the reporters in a hotel
al Joliutte mid when he reached a certain
stage Detective McOnskill took him into
another mom and, accusing him of tho
murder, received a confession. McOnskill
on the stand, said he believed that the I'l l
oner was a "jumper," and after a lengthy
urgumenl tho judge decided that this con?
fession should net go t<> this jury.
Tea Toper*.
The ton drinking habit lias beeoinoso
tmivci.-al and persistent in India and
Tibet that the people will sell a? Ihej
have, including their children, to gel mon?
ey to buy tea \. i;k.
In the early days
of the settlement ol
the Dakotas, the
n c \v s p a p e r s fre?
quently contained
stories of the hard
ships and sufferings
and sometimes the
death of the new
settlers who were
lost in the blizzards.
The man or woman
who is frozen to
^^kj^ death in a winter's
storm undergoes
trreat sufferings, but they are mild com?
pared with those daily borne by thousands
of victims of that dread disease ? con?
Ppr centuries this relentless disease was
considered incurable. It is now known to
be distinctly curable. Dr. Pierce's Gbldcn
Medical Discovery cures <>S per cent, of all
cases of consumption, bronchitis, asthma,
laryngitis and diseases of the air-passages.
It has stood the test for thirty years. It
acts directly on the blood, nourishing it
with the life-giving qualities of the food.
It tears down old, half-dead tissues and
builds up new ones iu all parts of the body.
Through the blood it acts directly on the
lungs, driving out all impurities and dis?
ease germs. It soothes the cough, but
facilitates expectoration. It deepens the
breathing, supplying the system with lifc
givinir oxygen. It stimulates the appetite,
facilitates" the flow of digestive juices, in?
vigorates the liver and- tones and builds up
the nerves. It is the great blood-maker
and flesh-builder. It does not make dabby
flesh like cod liver oil, but firm, muscular,
healthy tissues.
" I bad been troubled with bronchitis for
several venrs." writes Mrs. Orthl O'Hnrn, 1'ox
in. Fergus Falls. Ottcrtail Co., Minn, "in the
iir.-t place I had sore throat. 1 doctored with
different doctors and took various medicines,
but got no relief T raised from my throat a
Sticky substance like the white of an Cffg. Could
not sleep, anil had made up my luilld thai I
would not live through tie-winter. I took Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and 'Favor?
ite Prescription ' alternately, and in a few days
began to sec that I was better. I took eight bot?
tles. I have not felt as well in years."
The quick constipation - cure ? Doctor
Tierce's Pleasant Pellets. Never glipe.
Accept no substitutes or imitations.
Tlovr ttie Federation of Women's Musical
Clubs Elected n President,
The election of Mrs. Kdwin b\ Ulli as
permanent prustdent of the newly organ?
ized National Federation of Women's Mu?
sical Clubs, put a temporary end to the
lively controversy which had been going
on for some weeks between Mrs. Theodor?
Sutra of New Yorl: ami Mrs. Theodor?
Thomas of Chicago. It also means that
the latter has triumphed, fur Mrs. Sutro.
who was one of tlio primo movers in form
ing tho lederntioti, was a candidate for the
presidency, while Mrs. Thomas, who did
not enter the race, supnorlcd her intimate
friend, Mrs. Uhl.
Tho picsidcnl of tho new organization
which is to figure so prominently in mu?
sical circles is the wifo of Edwin I'. I'hl.
umbassador to Germany under Presi
-?-7 tv\
., - x- . ?
' v>:-;
mm* m
mm* mi
Sn;.? m ? V
Mi:::. KDWIN r. til!.,
dent Cleveland She was hot present al
tho convention, being still in Germany,
\\ here she is superintending \ he cd oca! Ion
of her children, but was represented by a
Mrs. l id is ,:!i accomplished musician
und possesses one of tho line : musical li
brnrics oxtaiii During the World's fair
she was htjercsted inuproposcd fetleratlon
and an organization was partially com?
pleted, but the onrcrpriso fell through. It
was revived, however, and after Mrs. Chi
went in Rerliu with her husband shu con
tiuucil her ell'orts toward the formation of
a federation ami conducted a largo corre?
spondence with this end in \ lew.
She is greatly interested in tho move?
ment and is well equip]icd for the duties
that will be required < i her, as she was for
several years preside | of I he St. Cecilia
society of Grand Rn ids. That musical
organization prospore i so well under her
management that it erected n > 10,000 club?
Mrs. Chi Is a tall, matronly looking wo?
man with gray hair, but afresh and youth?
ful complexion. She is n native of Ypsi
lanti, Mich., where she met and married
Mr. l lil. Hit innideii naiuo was Alice
Follott. She has a family of four ellil
drcii, the eldest i.i whom. Miss Lucy Uhl.
is a grown up young woman.
An English paper says that Florence
Nightingale "reef Ived her Christian name
from tho town in which sho wns born?
Florence, Italy. Her name is not Night?
ingale, hut Shorn, her father being a Not?
tingham banker who inherited the estates
of 1'eier Nightingale on condition thai ho
assume tho name."
A chain bridge over the Merrimnc river
\i Amesbury, Mass.. is said to be tho old?
est suspension bridge in tho United States,
?.t was built in 17'.?:.'.
Wonders Never Cease.
N'n our need stiller Ilm tortures of
rlicuiunlisin, because Hint modern lini?
ment, Salvation Oil. positively cures it.
"I was :i great Mtiieror from sciatic
rheumatism, ami (ho lies I of doctors
attended me without relief. I coin
tucuccd using Salvation Oil. ami two
hollies helped me wonderfully^ II
certainly litis worked w?udcrs w ith inc.
Mrs. 10. .f. Pholps, 15.>x 28, En Held,
< 'onn." Salvation Oil is lot- sale by all
dealers for 25 els. Tnkcnosubslittilo.
Mr. V. C. lielblg, a prominent drug
gist o! Lyucllburg, Ya., --ays: "One of
our citizens was cured of rheumatism of
two yearn stand inu by one hottlo of
Chamberlain's Pnin Halm " Thislinmneni
is famous fi r iis cures ?>f rhi-iimntism:
thoU'Suds hnve been delijihted with the
prompt, relief which it affords. For side
hv II O. Barnc.% "He puts up prescrip?
These Are Bargains.
Call and fee For Yourself.
"i room cottage in southwest, all
modern Improvements, heated by fur?
nace, hot ami cold water baths, etc.. one
of the nioHt desirable residences iu tho
city. Price $3,000; ?J??O cash, balance
B room house in soathwest, in the very
best location in the city, heated by fur
mice, all modern improvements, newly
painted, paps ted and repaired, large lot
and beautiful shade, only $2,800, $~>W
cash, balance easy.
An elegant brick house in West Knd,
all modern Improvements, elegantly fur?
nished, somethlug nice, $:3,ri00.
Houses in Northwest, Northeast,
Southwest and Southeast, on easy terms,
and almost at your own price. We can
suit you beyond a doubt.
If you have a'bargain for sale, list it
with us. We have twenty-live cus?
tomers now for properties in different
sections of the c'ty. We want your prop?
erty both lor sale or rent and will treat
you right.
"* Our list ot farms are full of choice bar?
gains, and as to vacant lots we have them
at :rny price you wish. Givo us a trial,
aud we will convince you that "we are
the people." Vehicle always at tbo door
and it gives us pleasure to show prop
I crty. _
The PeUigo-BaSler Real Esiate Co
J. F. Wingfield,
li t Campbell avenue.
Good dwelling, eight rooms, conve?
nient to shops; cost Si,200 to build.
Price $500.
Elegant 0-room residence in southwest,
lot, 100x170. A. M. I. Price, $3,000.
Very convenient dwelling in Lewis ad?
dition, six rooms, newly papered, all in
nice or.ler, $1,-I?0.
Dwelling. 8 rooms. Camnbell avenue,
Fine residence on Church street at very
low price.
Best corner let on Terry Hill, $500.
Desirable corner lot on Franklin road.
50x200 feet Salem avenue, SI0O.
Bargain in business property paying
10 pel cent. net.
Faim of eighty a:res, plenty of water,
timber, orchard, good buildings, three
miles from Bedford City. Price, $1,000.
D-room dwelling southwest, large lot,
50xl<35. Price $1,-100. Terms easy.
10-rorim dwelling two squares from
posioflicc, $1,150. Cash SlOO; mouthly
8-room dwelling Taz.ewell avenui s. e.,
good -table on lot. Price $000; cash 10U;
balance on easy monthly payments.
Great bargain?li-rnom dwelling, (-stall
barn and stable;^ two 4-room cottages,
two acres line warden lnutl, all for $1,000;
cash $200; monthly $10. Renting now
at $10 per month.
7-room dwell'ng southeast, near Bel
mont bchoo! building, $800; cash *-~>u,
monthly $10.
0-room dwelling Center avenue n. w.
Lot 50x150. Price $1,000. Terms O. K.
Elegant Ii room dwelling Northeast;
nicely papered. Price $400.
0-room dwelling Northwest, nea- West
End Hound House, $000. Terms to suit
the purchaser
tt-roon dwellinn Third street n. e..
near the shops. Price $800; cash $100;
mouthiv $12.50.
i 4-rnom cottage southwest. Sewer con
i r eel'on. Price $500: cash $25; monthly
$0 50.
Four nice lots Mel rose addition, neat
West Knd Round House, $45 each*on~ the i
Instalment plan. ;</ -v
100 lots in Belmont addition. Prices
$40 to $100 each.
ID acre farm 1 2 mile from city. Will
sell'half or trie whole, at $00 per acre.
45 acre farm 2 1-2 miles from city.
Comfortable dwelling; good orchard.
Price $1,500; 1-3 cash, balance 1 and 2
If you have property to sell or rent
correspond witn us. We have customers
for several nice dwellings in southwest
and two business houses.
Heal Estate and Rental Agents,
10 Jefferson St.
To give you an oppcrtunity of testing
the great merit of Ely's Cream Balm, the
most reliable cure foi catarrh and cold in
the bead, a generous 10 cent trial size
e in be bad of your druggist or we mail it
for 10 cents. Full size 50 cents.
PLY nwos.. 50 Warren St., N? V. City.
It is the medicine above all others for
catarrh, and is worth its weight In geld
1 can use Kly's Cream Balm with safety
nhd it duo all that is claimed for it.?B.
W. Sperry, Hartford, Conn.
WOOD DEALR.RS in the citv, are AT
THE OLD STAND, 210 ?nlem avenue,
ready to serve you on short notice.
$2,000 buys a desirably located 10-room
residence on Terry's Hill, which cost
$0,000; can" he exchanged for cheaper
property in part payment; balance ou
lo::? I hue at 0 per ceut. Interest.
$1,50(1 will buy 8-room residence, largo
lot, near tenter of city $150 cash; $15 per
$002.50 will buy a nice 5-room cottage,
large lot ar.il stable near In, $100 cash and
$10 per month.
$1,500: $ 15 cash and $15 per mouth will
get a i ice 7-room house in southwest.
$1,450, on easy payments, will take in
a lovely new 7-rooni house in southwest,
very desirably located, with modern Im?
provements ami nice shade.
Splendid brick business property now
rentirg for over 10 per cent, after paying
taxes, insurance -ind water rent.
$800 for a 0-room house in northwest,
$100 cash und $10 per month.
Two lovely n^vv homes in southwest
with every convenience, iu oue of the best
neighborhoods iu the city, ono of 8 and
the other of 0 rooms,largo lots and beau?
tiful shade. Price, $2,200 and $:J,000;
terms easy.
500 acres farm near Roanoke on rail
road, lirst-class improvements, fine or?
chard, olenty of timber: terms easy; this
is a genuine bargain at. $10 per acre.
Magnificent James river farm, 12 miles
from Norfolk, dwelling th.tt cost $6,000
to build, beautiful location, all necessary
buildings, besides 0 tenement houses, 25
acres in fruit, largo quantity of wood
and good timber, containing TOO acres, at
the low price of $IC per acre.
110 news of Back Creek pippin apple
land, In good stato of cultivation, '.Mill
young bearing pippin apple trees, at $20
per acre. Th 8 Is a choice investment.
Two other small pippi] apple farms of
75 and 50 acres, with good orchards at
$10 and $12 per acre.
Hi:' acres of first-class hind on the Shon
andoah Valley railroad, ono mile from
depot, in high state of cultivation, about
10? miles from Hoanoke, good Improve*
meuts, fine orchard, plenty of good lim?
ber, well watered and fenced. At $:S3
oer acre. This land is erjual to land sold
iu Roanos6 at $50 and $00 per acre; can
be sold on any time from ono to seven
yenrs; can be exchanged for Hoanoke city
real i state.
About :)00 nerps im Norfolk and West?
ern railroad, 85 acres of line bottom land,
55 acres of which has yielded 04 1-2 of
corn to the acre, is also good for wheat
and grass; 8-room house, good young or
chard, has about 50 acres ot as line peach
tree land as can be found in the State:
can be bought for $5,500 or exchange in
part for Roanoke city property.
This is only a partial list of the prop?
erty we have for sale, any of which wo
will show at any time; correspondence
Steal Estate Itcntal and In?
surance Agents*
No. K Campbell Avenue 8. W.
Attractive Dwelling?.
Dwelling on corner lot in most desira?
ble location, bath, hot and cold water,
Baltimcte heater, good stalle. Price
A ni'je brick dwellijg with 7 rooms,
bath and cellar. !o'. 50x100 feet on cor?
ner. Price $2.500; $500 cash, balance cn
lorn: time.
A very neat, new 8-room dwelling with
bath, hot and cold water, on most desii
aide street in the city. Price $,'.251)
Dwelling 1C rcouis on corner lot with all
conveniences'. In most desirable location.
Price $3,000.
Dwelling with 1<> rooms, corner lot,
bath, hot and cold water, shncie on lot?
located on the car line. Prien $2,IOC.
A large 8-rooin dwelling in the West
End with bath, hot and cold water, cab?
inet mantles, cellar and attic, stable on
the lot. It, cost $4,50C to build the
house. Price $2,400: $400 cash, balance
on long-time.
A mo-t desirable 8-room dwelling in
the best neighborhood,with bath, hot'and
cold water, heated by steam, stable on
lot. Prke.$2,000.
A cottage with four large rooms on lot
50x155 feet, In five minutes walk of
Ponce de l.eon Hotel. Price $1,000; $100
cash, balance $12.50 per month.
A 0-room*dwelling on lor* 50x130 feet,
in southwest, renting f-n-$H> per month,
i Price $8.50; :s.|5t) c.sh.'Jtalance SlO per
75 acres on Norfolk and Western rail?
road iwc miles from Bedford City. Price
One of the best larnis in Augusta
county, 315 acres, highly improved, on
Shenauhoab Valley railroad. Price $8,
100 desirable farms for sale. Send for
price list.
200 lots iu the West End.
150 lots in Melrose.
100 lots in Belmout.
The most desirable lot in South Hoan?
Kcal Estate Agent,
No. 416 Terry Building.
A Climatic
Nothing hut a loci
remedy or change (.f
climate wlil rnro it.
Qtl a well kn two
pharmaceutical rem
Ely's Cream Balm
it I? quickly A*
Fortird. blvea Kellet
ut once. Ooena "id
cICMierittricNa*!!! l'JB
AUrvs Inflammation
Mpin*?riiPo. Restore*
smell. Full Size 60c;
or by iiu.il.
BlA UHUTIiKHS, SO Warren Htrrct. N: n \ rk
Heal* ai <i Protects th"
Um Henee? of Tn?'o mid
Trial Slice ICc at UrugR'.Ft
6-roora cottaKO, Roanoke street, near
|D, $?.00.
8-room bouse with inodcrn'conveniences
on Patterson avenue; stable,'etc., $10.0C. 1
lO-rooin'houso with modern conveni?
ences on Pattersou avenue, near Id,
8 room bouse on Shenando<ih avenue
u. w., $7.00.
Small ofllce room near Watt, Kettew &
Clays, $0.00.
Two store rooms with dwelling rooms
above,"corner Park street and Louden
avenue n. w. Wjll rent separately. Sec?
ond llonr arranged for boarding huuse
purposes. Kent moderate.
THE RENTERS, Market Square.
T. W. Goodwin, Ag't,
Office : Itooru No. 205 Terry Ilulldlng.
February 1, 1898.
No. 317 Tenth avenue. 19.00
No. 12;ltt Chapman avenues. w...$ 18.0ft
No. 522 First avenue s. w. 111.00
No. 1724 Houlovard. 10.00
No. 1002 Franklin Road. 30.00
No. 1021 Boulevard. 25 00
No. 1720 Boulevard. 10.00
No. 500 Seventh avenue. 11.00
No. 420 Spottswood avenue. 10.00
No. 835 Ninth avenue. 4.Of!
No. 520 Seventh avenue. 0.00
No. 633 Seventh avenue. (5.00
No. 128 Sixth avenue. 7.00
No. 01S First avenue. 0.00
No. 115 Twelfth street. 8.50
No. 02:1 Second avenue. 15 00
No. 022 First avenue. 0.00
ItiiMiiM'Ns Property.
No. 414 First street s. w. 15.00
No. 711 Third avenue s. w . 7.00
No. 304 Commonwealth ave. n. e.. 10.00
I also have iu my charge properties in
all sections of the city that can be bought
at great bargains, either for cash or on
the instalment plan.
Call and examine my list.
T. W. GOODWIN, Agent.
10;room dwelling, 118 Eighth avenue
s. w., bath room, ho* and cold water at?
tachment, lot 50x100 feet. Originally
worth $7,500; present price $4,000.
Comfortable dwelling No. 712 Camp?
bell avenue s.w.; lot 01x275 feet ;to an
alley, 10 rooms, bath rocm and stable.
Originally m?ld for $10,000; present price
Very desirable dwelling Nr.. 816 John
street s. w., 10 rooms, good stable, neces?
sary outside buildings, lot50x150; $3,000.
Nice 0-room cottage No. 3 Trout ave?
nue s. w., lot 50x150, $1,500.
Dwelling No. 300 Eighth avenue B. W.,
lot 50x150, $1,500.
Three story brick building on Sbenan
doah avenue, near freight depot, now
used, first floor as a bottling works, aud
Becnnd and third as shop and dwelling,
0-room dwelling, No. 517 Fourth street
u. e., very cheap and convenient to Roa?
noke Machine Works, $700.
8 room dwelling, n. S. Belmont avenue
s. e., lot 03x130 feet; beautiful location,
8-room dwelling, 14 12 Lee street n.e.,
lot 50x200 feet, $1,500.
s room dwelling, 500 Luck avenue, lot
84x00 feet, very cheap, $2,000.
0-room dwelling, 027 Shenandoah ave?
nue n. w., lot 25x130, $800.
0-room dwelling, 427 Elmwood streets,
e., lot 40x130, a bargain, $050.
8-room dwellings, 024, 030 and ?32
Center steet, lots 25x130, all three desir?
able located and very cheap, $1,100.
0 room dwelling, 711 Gilmer street'n.
w., lot 40x130, nice location; a bargain,
Vacant lot on Jeffer?on street, 25x170
feet, near marble yard, formally worth
$0,000; price $2,500.
Peck Hotel, on Salem avenue, near
I Academy of Music, 2-1 rooms, a bargain,
price $3,500.
Two story frame building, 8 rooms, 450
feet east of F street, fronting on Camp
hell avenue s.w., lot 50x233 feet. This
I is a very cheap and desirable property,
price $3,000.
A very desirable 8-room dwelling, 801
Roanoke street s w., good outside brtild
ing, hot and cold water, bath, etc., lot
50x150, a bargain, $2,500.
House and lot, 8 rooms, north side Mel
rose avenue n. w., lot 75x210 feet, a most
desirable home, price $1,800.
Two-story frame building, 612 Sixth
avenue n. W., very nicely located, 0-room
house, price $1,200.
10-room dwelling, 315 Randolph street,
near Roanoke and Southern depot, for?
merly sold for $2,000. price $1,150.
10 room two-story dwelling, No. 375
Eleventh avenue s. w., nn elegant prop?
erty, none better, lot 50x130, $3.500.
12-rooai two story dwelling, 379 Elev?
enth avenue s. w., new house worth $4,
500, lot 50x130, price. $3.500.
10-room two story dwelling, 377 Elev
i eilth avenue s. w., one of the cheapest
. houses in the city, lot 50x130, $3,000.
Two-story frame building on Washing?
ton stiver, east of G, a beauty, all mod?
ern improvements, 7 rooms, very cheap,
Two-story frame dwelling, 1110 South
Jefferson street, worth $3,500, price $2,
Two cottages on Shenandoah avenue,
Nos. 1021 and 1023, 0 rooms, each $803.
IS room dwelling, 81 Seventh avenue a.
\v., worth $7,000, price $5,500,
15-room dwelling. No. 3G4 Campbell
avenue S. W. The cheapest property now
on the market; just elegant, $5,500.
1 For tho National Mutual Building and
Loan Association of New York, Masonic
Temple, Rootn No. 2.

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