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VOL. XIX, NO. 11
J the Mammoth CLEVELAND
See him TO-DAY
Like Success
Sold Three Fine Pianos Monday.
A genta can't touch our prices
and terms on same quality.
Kxamiue for yourself. No
in>ics to sinn.
C. T. JENNINGS, Manager,
22 Salem Avenue.
We Have
Only a Few
Wood Heaters
Left. If You
Want One
] Order Early.
Engleby ? Bro, Co,
Have You Seen
He Passes Away .Alfter an Illness of
Many Weeks.
New York, Feb. 22.?Amos E. Eno,
? I.id at his home, No. 32 Fifth avenue,
iIiis morning. He hud been uiling for
-ome time.
Mr. Eno was horn at Simsbury, Conn.,
. November 1, 1810. in he came to
this city, in company with his ecus:n, J. j
, J. Phelps, to start in business. Both j
were poor young men, but, by strict ecou- I
omy, liiey succeeded within a few years j
J in saving ?ufliolent money to start out
for themselves in the dry goods business. '
Theii business prospered, and the two |
partners tinally separated to found sep- !
srate houses. In 1800 Mr. Eno retired
from business with $01)0,000 to his credit. |
He then began a series of real es?ato ;
speculations, which culminated in the
purchase of the site and the erection of
the Fifth Avenue Hotel, in 1850. Mr.
Eno built the hotel at a cost of $1,000,
0C0 in 1635 he married Miss Lucy
Phelps, his second cousin. They had
six childien, four sous and two daugh?
one of Mr. Eno's sons is Amos F, Eno.
He was a or em her of a dry goods which
was forceil to suspend in 1861, and in j
last November earned the respect of the
entire dry goods district by sending to j
the old firm's creditors or their Hucces
sols in business checks for ?he full j
amount of his ^hare in the. liabilities.
Visiting cards engraved at Oaldwell- I
.?sites Cc.
fie Will Succeed the Late Col. Ash by at
Washington, Feb. 22.?The President i
yesterday sent to the Senate me name of j
William W. Cob'o, of Plttsylvan'a conn- |
tj-. \'a , to be consul at Colon, Colombia. I
There will be no objection to the confir?
mation of Mr. Cobb.
lie will succeed the late Colonel Ashby,
who met. such a tragic death at Colon
about a month ago. At the time of his
death Col. Ashby was sailing across bay ?
to Colon.
Mr. Cobb it a lending 7 n ember of the
dominant Republican faction of Virginia.
His appointment was recommended by
.indue Edmund Waddlll, Jr., of Bich
innnd, who is a close personal friend of
jft. McKinley.
Columbia, S. C, Feb. 22.?Henry Blz
;,ftrd, of Rlilgeway, thirty miles oorth of i
hen', reports thai in forest fires in that
section, besides destroying much property
seven women were burned to death two
,,f them elderly married women, 'the
others girls Whi'.e fighting the fires
about their homes they were cantrht by
the Harnes, in this county seventy homes
were destiored, so iar as reported. in
several other counties the dammre has
a as gret. Public appeals for aid
rider. Weighs 492 pounds,
on the streets or at
? 108 Salem Avenue S. W.
Over 1,400 Bills Have Been Intro?
duced at Richmond.
Rich mood, Feb. 22.?The senate after
a brief session to-day adjourned in honor
of Washington's birthday after passing a
number of local hills.
Owing to the largo number ol bills on
i the house calendar, exceeding two hun?
dred, that body held morning and even?
ing sessions and passed a largo number
Of bills.
The governor has signed the chnrter of
the Joseph II. Sands Division of Grand
International Brotherhood of Locomotive
So far ?.'iT bills have beer, introduced
in the sennte and S17 in the house.
Auld Lang Syne by Max M?ller. Cald
well-Sites Co.
Significant Haste at Norfolk in Getting
Her Ready for Action.
Norfolk. Feb. ?2.?The work on the
monitor Terror, was completed hi 5
o'clock to day. She in now ready to sail
in the morning. The chief engineer
worked all last n'ght in the shops assist?
ing the men.
j Kepairs to the torpedo boats Foot.o an
I Wlnslow were rushed even more than
! those on the Terror.and they will be taken
I from the diy dock in the morning. They
j are expected to receive orders to sail
; within the next twenty-four hours. Six
: of the seven boiiers of the Puritan have
been repaired and work on the seventh
! is being rushed to night. Eighteeu of
! her twenty-one furnaces have been cut
i In. An addition is being made to her
; smokestack. Ordinarily .the remaining
iepairs would consume ten days, but
it. is expected to no completed |by Satur
! day, when she probably will leave for
I New York.
! "Go to the Ponce de Leon Flotei and
havi a talk with Mr. L. Netland, presi
! dent of the Elkhorn-Alaska Cold Mining
? and Development Company, who has
[ something of interest to tell you. Set
their advertisement on page I of this pa
j PeT-"_
TO COSl' $2,500 A COPJ .
j A ? Hook of Wealth" in Pres? at Chicago.
Chicago Feb. 22?"TheU Book of
Wealth" is being published here. It
I to deal with nil that is worth knowing
concerning wealth, fron: the dawn of his?
tory to doe Leiter's wheat deal.
The two editions of the book will ^ost
$250,000, and only 40U copies will be
printed. The first, orcynga noir edition, j
will consist of 150 copies, and will be sold
at $2,500 a copy. The second edition of
250 will cost. $1,(100 each.
The covers are ITx'i'J, and are of heavy
golden silk, lined with brocade, and the
book will be embellished with original i
water colors and beautiful entrravings. ?
II. FL Bancroft, of San Francisco, is the '
- I
Officials Will Give Out Nothing Until
the Board Returns.
Washington, Feb. ?The Navy De?
partment this afternoon issued a bulletin
to the effect that no information concern- j
ing the result.of the court, of inquiry into j
the cause of the Maine disaster, now In j
session on boatd tue Mangrove in Havana j
harbor, will be given out until the mem- i
hers ot the court are safe on the United
Etates soil, for feai that the turbulent j
element in Havana will rise en masse and
annihilate the fen- Americans within'
their power. This report is not expected
before the end cf the week.
See cut-rate price list of Ideal Steam
Laundry on page -l.
Chicago, Feb. 22.?Ex President Har
! risen spokc.ut the Auditorium to day on
obligations of wealth before the meiiiuers
? of the Union League Club. In speaking
of the Maine disaster he said:
?It will he money well spent if the fuli
! value of the Maine is expended to deter?
mine whether or not the warship was
sunk by accident or design. I an: in
hearty accord with the actions of the
President, Congress and the court of in
New books just in. Caldwell-Sitei Co.
Chambersbunr, Pa., Fa'*. 22.?The !o
oal O. A. R. veterans recently invited
General Turner Asbury Camp of Confed?
erate Veterans, of Winchester, Vn., to
participate tin a) Washington birthday
camp fire. A few days ago the Virgin?
ians notified the post, here that the, Con
fedi rate Hag "which was brought from
Appotnattox" would be carried iu the
parade. HOUSUIU I'o* t. replied that the
c. A. R. Etood by their invitation, but
all must march under obi glorv here or
not at all. The Virginians thereupon re?
called then acceptance.
Binghamton, N. Y.. Feb. 22.?Rev.
.lohn H. Rice teuedered 1 .s resignation
as pastor of the Centenary Methodist
Episcopal Church last evening, aud will
accept the chanei'1'orship of the South
Denounces Democrats and Poses
as a Great Philanthropist,
Washington, Feb. 22 ?WasKnaton'3
birthday was not ill-spent In the House,
the session to-day bel?g one of the most
interesting of the present Congiess.
Mr. Uailey tried to secure au adjourn?
ment out of respect to memory ot Wash?
ington bat it was defeated by a ^voto of
04 to 104 A few Republican joined
with the Democrats and Populists lu
voting for adjournment, but not enough
to enable Mr. Bailey to carry his point
Mr. Cannon, chairman of committee
on appropriations, called up sundry civil
appropriationjbill, and it was the nominal
topic of discussion iu tbe committee of
the whole. The paragraph relating to
the appointment of nine honorary com?
missioners to the Paris exposition met
opposition on the score of failure to pro
vid" for their expenses.
Mr. Simpson, of Kan?as, asked Mr.
Cannon if there wus not danger that the
appointments would go to millionaires,
who wanted to uo over and get in the so?
cial swim, and get acquainted with some
lords and ilnkes upon whom they can
work off their daughters. According to
Mr. Simpson, Mr. Walker, of Massachu?
setts, had declared In .substance that mil?
lionaires should alone be permitted to
represent tue country abroad and had
protested against any legislation or crit?
icism against millionaires. With great
earnestness Mr. Walker replied, saying:
"1 want to say to the country that there
I has uot been a dollar made on the aver
ago out of the working people in this
j country in any industry that serves the
j masses of the people for more than
thirty years. TftKe any live years?take
most of the producing goods that five
years?and tbe masses of the people have
bought at retail goods that hrve been
j produced of every name and nature at
less than they tc.st manufacturers at the
j beginning. Every dollar ot profit has
j come out. of nature.
i "Inventions have been so rapid, prices
j reduced so fast, that the people have got
i goods at what would have been the nor
t mal cost to manufacturers 'That is the
result of the inventions of these very
manufacturers who are damned from
morning until nigtit on the other Bide of
this house. Now loe^K at the attitude of
a man on other side of the house who is
evidently ready to denounce me. Why?
Because 1 have contributed something to
the development, of my couutry. I have
given away to educate your people down
South, In your educational institutions,
in ore than yon Democrats ever gave to
them." Applause.
"Yon may iiuuro up, every man of
! you. what you have contributed to edu?
cational institutions in the South, and 1
will shew for every dollaryou have given
I 1 have given two. Now, I am tired of
thia thine. 1 have a right to stand on
j this noor without being insulted by the
gentleman from Kansas or any other
' gentleman from anywhere else."
Wcods Holl, Mass , Feb. 22 ?The dis
covery of the dead hod tea oi a sailor and
a child on it Hunting spar to-day aud the
m:is< of floating wreckage off Nantucket
island Indicates that the ship Asia
bound from Phillipinea to Boston, with
cargo of hen p, was totally wrecked dur?
ing the recent stor.ii and that all aboard,
mabout twenty souls, perished. Her cap?
tain was George N. Dakin. All the
south shore ol Cape Cod Is littered with
, debris. A portion ot the ship's long
. boat, 'Mscovered on the sands by life sav
i ing patrol, bears tiu name "Asia." The
1 vessel's wheel, similarly inscribed, was
picked up by a coaster. This morning
the crew ol the tug McCaulley sighted a
larger spur on which were lashed the
bodies of a man and child. The man
held the little one tight!) in his anus.
Her hands were clasped so closely about
his neck that [the it en on the tug were
scarcely able to undo tbe embrace. The
limly of the man showed him to be of
middle age. His chess betokened that
of an oilicer. A second mate's certificate
was found in his pocket, which had the
name of .lohn Cook on it. The child was
evidently his daughter. Both had been
dead nia'iy hours. 'I ho tug urtil?ed
about in the vicinity several hours and
found many more Indications of a wreck
but no more bodies.
Toledo, ()., Feb. 22.?General Cordon,
the distinguished ex-Confederate, was
billed to lecture to night. Eveiy seat in
Valentina theatre bad been sold in a>'
vance Late this afternoon a teleginm
whs received annonncina that General
Cordon had been taken suddenly very ill
at Port Hut on, Mich , and wan unable
to'travel any further. Private advices
are to the effect that Gen. Gordon was, a
very sick man.
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?'<u.-, ,...t for Vlrglii!?: fair, westerly
to nortwent rlyuliuls.
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line of
Evaporated Frails
ever shown in Lloanoke:
White Nectarines,
Red Nectarines,
Pitted Plums,
Hart lett. Pears,
Moor park Apricots,
Peeled and
Un peeled Peaches,
Country Dried Peaches,
Silver Primes,
Ruby Prunes,
Black Prunes of four si/.r-?.
Hunter & Co.,
Divers Bring Up Powder Case For
a Ten-Inch Gun.
Havana, Feb. 22.--An important dis?
covery was made in the Maiue to-day.
The divers brought up a powder case for
a 10-inch gnu, which they took from the
pa**t of the battleship destroyed by lue
explosion, and in which the main gnu
powder magazine is situated. Tho kiiu
powder discovered was in a hair, und the
bag was contained iu a copper case. The
case was entirely closed, but had an ex?
terior mnrk as if some hard onject had
struck it on the outside, lint within the
gunpowder is absolutely intact. As the
case was in the forward magazine this
discovery is conclusive proof t hat whether
or not tiie magazine exploded, and It is
the general belief it did not explode, at
least the most Important part cf it re?
mains Intact.
Any positive declaration about the mat
tcr at this time is prematuie. Yet tln
conper case with its powdei bag intact j
speaks foi itself.
The case was taken horn the Maine .to j
the Fern.
The diwrs failed to-day to place elec?
tric light appraratua inside the Maine as
the wire obtainable In Havana is worth?
less foi that purpose. Thewoik of the
divers is progressing vcrv slowly on ac?
count of the paucity of materials.
Wrecking tug Neptune Is eagerly expected
from Key West. She will bring all ucc
essary apparatus to raise, the nig guns
and specially clear away many huge ob?
jects and iron pieces which are hampering
dners Among the objects brought up
to-day is the Hne'silverware of the battle- I
ship which was pteseuted by the State of
Maine, and also a loving cup presented '
during the last visit of the Maiue to
New Orleans. All the American ships
in port have their lings in full oisplay in
honor of Washington. The Spanish
ships are also Hunting American Mags.
Cuehbler died this morning in San
Ambroslo Hospital. After a frightful
agony, in which tho poor sailor w \s de?
lirious for several hours he fell into a
swoor. ami passed peacefully away.
Holtzer is still in very despeiate condi?
tion and may die any time.
A sensational editorial is printed this ]
afternoon in La Lucba against Sigsbee. i
It says Siusbee is ui.lawfully forming a !
part of the couit of Inquiry. La Lucba
adds that ihe captain is a judge in his
own ease, and that therefore all conclu?
sions of the court of Inquiry will * be in
ndniiasuble to verv principal of justice.
The conn ol inquiry, accompanied by |
General Lee, calico on Blanco this morn?
ing and Inter on Admiral Manterola,
New York, Feb ; 22 ?Commodore
Bunce and General Merrlttceremoniously
returned Eulate's calls to-day. Each re
j mtdned a quarter of an hour aboard the
Vl/.cnya, whose baud played "titai span?
gled Bauner" when each pa.ty departed.
The Vlxcayn has conti acted for B. and ().
coal which was transferred by the Span
lards from baiges to the bunkers In bags
all day Spanish ollicer carefully in- !
Bpected so no bomb or other diabolical i
substance could he included. The coal- '
log is likely to occupy t he greater part of \
to* morrow also. The vessel leaves Th?rs- I
day for the South. It was gaily bedecked !
in honor of the holiday. Some miscreant
started the rumor to-night that linlate's \
barge upset ami the cantain drowned. |
Absolutely unfounded. Captain did not
leave the ship all day.
Actress Accused of Taking a Ploy and;
Staging It I'nder Another Name.
IhirrishnrLT, Pa. Feb. 22.? Attorneys
Edward I''. Wellington, ?>f Hochester, ami ?
John B. Fox, of Harrisbdrg, have brought I
suit ngalnst Hortense Lovat,whose stage !
name is Mine. Rhen.
She is sued for a large sum of money j
for taking the play of "Josephine," the ;
j work of Mr. Hoi;.ml. of Rochester, ami \
I giving it the name of "Napoleon," rvhich
I was presented at the Opera House iu this 1
city on Saturday nig!'.. Mine. Rhen an
! cepted service and the case will be tried
I in New York.
"If you are looking for a chance to;
J make a good investment, you cannot do j
better than to put your money Into the I
Elkhorn-Alaska Gold Mining and Devel- '
? opmcnt Company. Mr. L. Netland, their j
; president, is at the Ponce de Leon Hotel, 1
? and will be triad to see von. (live him a
Former Postmaster Stewait Elected Sen
ator After a Hot Fight.
Wilmlngion. Del., Feb. 22?An elec?
tion was held* thioughotit New Castle
county to-day for a state Senator to suc?
ceed Kobrrt .1. Hanby, who died] recently
of apoplexy. There was a bo:, triuognlnr
light lor the office. The Democrats have
the lower.house of the general assembly
and a majoiity in the senate. Had they
succeeded in electing H-tnby's successor,
the? would have bad a two-thirds major?
ity in the senate also This would have
euabled them to have passed the new
municipal charter for Wilmington cit y,
a measure that cannot be .adopted with?
out one Republican vote.
The Republicans were muted on ex
Postmaster Daniel E. Stewart, while the
goid anil silver factions of the Demo
cratic party were divided Thfc]gold :neu
nominalen Thomas Wehlen, of Brandy
wine Hundred, while the silver Den o
crats nominated Patrick Hanghey.
Stewart, Republican, Mas elected.
Richmond. January 25, ISOS.
it gives me great pleasure to say that.
1 know Mr. W. A. Gray to be a first-class
piano tuner, also in repairing pianos.
He is not only capable in this line of
hutdness, but skillful and very particu?
lar in >li his work. \ cry respectfully,
C. W. Till LOW,
2GT? E. Marshall street.
Prof. Thilow Is one of the lea ling pro
I fesstonal musicians of Richmond and
possesses a superb Concert Gtund Knabe
piano, about which he Is as careful as a
vtotltll&t is about an old violin. Leave
orders at Hobble Piano Co f< r tuning
331 1898.
Feilow's IlypoohosphItes.95
Garfleld Ten.1?
Chamberlain's Couirh Cure.18
Carter's Liver Pills.13
Cutioura hesolvoot.70
Cutlcnra Soap.1.1
Sarsaparilla, $1 sl/.e.iW)
Ayer's Hair Yigoi.(JO
Headache Powders (4 doses).10
Everything else cut in like proportion. V
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and Jeffer:
Summary Way of Disposing of a
Political Opponent.
Charleston, S. C. Feb. 2"J.?Frazer
B. Laker, the neuro uostrn later at Lake
City, WtlUatnsbnrg county, was mur?
dered by k mob at i o'clock tbif n orn
Inu. Since be was put In cbarue of the
office by Presidet McKinley in Septem?
ber diligent eflorts havo been made by
tln? white people to have hits: removed.
On one occasion he was fired at from
ambush with a load of buckshot, but he
escaped According to the best accounts
obtainable, a mob of several hundred
people, sni posed to white citizens, col?
lected ii a lonely spot on Monday nitrht
and arrauired lo kill linker. About 1
o'clock they sneaked to the postmaster's
cabin, which was nl?o used for a post
o'bce, and itted it Tin- crackling of the
llames sroused the family, which rushed
out. Immediately a volley of lead was
poured into the cabin, and linker w*s
among the first to fall dead. ?Hls wife,
who was holding a young baby to her
breast, had a rtllo ball pass through her
hand. It afterwards buried itself in the
child, killinii it instantly. Two daugh?
ters and .-i small son were shot, but they
may live. The mother is seriously
Before the shooting censed the uuild
ing Was covered with flames anil the
'?odies of Baker and his child could not
be dragged out. This morning they were
round charred almost, beyond recogni?
tion. The injured children fled for saftv,
I tit they were not interfered with after
the murder.
All the mail in the postotttce wns de?
stroyed. It was claimed that Bake; was
never a resident of the town and that,
he was lazy, ignoraut and insulting to
lady patrons at the postoftlce.
Petitions were sent, to the Postmaster
tJeneral to have tin- man removed, but
nothing was ever done'about it. The
petition was signed by 200 business men
of Lake City. The murder has been re?
ported to the authorities in Washington.
Bukcr was appointed pos tu aster three
months ago Lahe City has GOO inhabi?
tants. The negio population In that
vicinity is large. After the lir>-t assault,
three months ago, Laker moved his fam?
ily into a house on the outskirts of town,
where he eatabllshed his postoftlce. Till
man and McLnurln und Congressman
Morton bad asked the postmaster general
to remove Laker because of his color,
but the request, was refused All mail
matter was destroyed. The coroner's
jury was empanelled to night, viewed
the charred remain-, and then adjourned
till Saturday.
The Senate Passes a Bill For This
Washington, Feh ..'.?After the read?
ing of Washington's farewell address by
Senator Lodge in the Senate to day, tbe
following resolution, offered by Mr. Mor?
gan, was adopted:
The committee on naval affairs i- i u
structeil to inquire and report whether a
man-of-war, equal at least to any war?
ship in the world, to bo named George
Washington, can be built, armed and
commissioned within "twelve months by
the use of the facilities of shipyards, ma?
chine shops mines'and forests of rhe Uni?
ted Mutes, wherever the same are found."
The bill to authorize two additional
regiments of artillery was then taku up,
on motion of Mr. Haw-ley. the chairman
of the committee On military aftalrs,
The bill whs opposed by Mi. Lite, of
Tennessee, a member ot tlfii military
committee, because it proposed an un
nece .saiy increase in the army. There
are now , he said, a do/en regiments Idle
all over the country and he thought they
should be utilized for manning the torts
on t he sea coast.
Mr. Hawley explained briefly why the
hill should bo passed. The army, he
said, wus steadily decreasing in propi r
tton to 'the population. Congress had
appropriated within the la^i do/en years
^31,000,000 for coastw ise defences. Un?
der existing legislation 527 ?uns would
be put. up and within two years there
would be in position 150 guns and 232
new rifle steel rr ortars. The War Depart?
ment estlronted that the 1,610 men pro?
vided for in the bill wool.I be sutlicient
for the present. L was very late, he
said, to object to men taking care ot these
guns and tc learn to handle them. Each 1
ol these -uns required as much skill as a
locomotive or an ordinary river steam
boat. The bill w as the simple dictate of
common sense. Every oflicer of the army
desired its passage. The bill was passid
?Bate, Chllton, Clay and Vest alone
opposing. Ttie Senate the a went into
secret session.
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arship in the National Business
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25c. Quality A No. 1. Order quick.
Will not be liere long at this price.
C. F. BLOUNT, Manager,
111 JefTersou street. Roth 'phones.
Isaac Quigley Met Death With His
Hand Upon the Throttle.
Philadelphia, Feb. 22.?When the big
shifting engine which transfers cars
along the Delaware river tiont from the
Kensington depot to Shnckamaxou street
started up Rail street at 7 o'clock ln9t
11i1 t nIth seven heavily'loaded cars in
tow the crew hail no thought of disaster
and were happy because with the follow?
ing trip their days' work'ended. Conduc?
tor Fermnn Lewis, of 25(15 Lloyd street,
was in Charge of the train, while Engi?
neer Isaac Quigley, of Abngall street near
Amber, was at. tt.e throttle, and his llre
mau was Henry Lake, of 520 North Sixth
Just above Bench streat theie is a cross
over switch, which had been set to re?
echo the train, and, although it was only
going at a moderate speed, tue engine in
some Inexplalnablo manner jumped the
-witch and coutinued up the straight
track. The ???->?:?, instead of lollowing the
engine lock the switch points and as the
couplings held tight, their momentum
derailed tin? locomotive, hurling i: Into
the erecting shop of Cramp's ship yard
and t inning it upside down on i he other
side oi' the ciushed wall.
The crash and the noisecf the escaping
steam soon drew a big crowd, but the
hut vapor hid from view the wreck, from
tvhich, after some minutes, Fireman
Lake came crawling. He was da/.ed and
turned to go back to the engine, but was
led away by the bystanders but little
the worse. The ctowd loosed for some
sign from t he engineer, but none o?. me.
1 The steam died away and revealed him
I pinned to the earth beneath the huge ma
; chine, the wheels of'which wcio.high in
? tin; air, where thesmokstuck should have
i been. His hand was on the throttle and
his efforts as the engine overturned had
i doubtless been to stop its speed and pre
I vent an accident.
I Nothing could be done until a wreck -
I inj! engine, which had been sent for, ar
! rived ami then (Quigley was dragged
I from beneath th" heavy boiler, dead.
; Doubtless the tirst shock resulted in in
I sensibility and he never felt the scalds
I from the hot vapor which enveloped him
l foe twenty minutes before the wreckers
The wrecking crew finally succeeded,
after several hours' work, in clearing the
: tracks. It is estimated that the loss to
i tlie railroad copmany will 1? anout $4,
1 Olli). Conductor Lewis had narrow es?
cape from death. He ?vasriding between
the engine and tender when the accident
occurred, but be managed to jump cleat
of the wreck when the accident occurred.
The body of the engineer was taken to
tin1 undertaker.
Norfolk, Vh . Feb. 22 ? Oz.las Cooke,
the white man, who killed Lloyd Wil?
liams, colored, by rtriking him with a
heavy board, will not bang foi the crime.
He was placed on trial in the corporation
court court to-day aud the verdict of the
jurv rendered tills evening finds the pris?
oner guilty of involuntary manslaughter
and lixes hN nunshment at $250 line and
imprisonment for one year in the city
jail. Cook is a notorious character, hav?
ing killed an inoffensive negro man in a
tit of anger some years ago, for which
crime he narrowly escaped hanging.
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