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The ItiiKim-NK OlHce of The Times clone* in
8 v. m. After tlmt hour mi.v bnitllieMi cuu be
transuded on Ilm third Soor of The Times
When the Post referred to the De Lome
affair h.s "a closed incident," it evidently
will not take into account the joke mak?
ers and topical song writers.
The Savannah News is lesponsible for
this: John Datum, a West Virginian,
was married at a distance from home
and received this telegram from the old
folks: "Accept congratulations from the
whole Damm family "
There may he sucu a tliinu as overdo
I ing the lionizing act. Nansen, the ex
I plorer, coir plains to his European friends
I that he was bored by the social attentions
S showered upon him while in this cottn
!try. If he will return, the Americans
i will promise to sin no mot e in this dircc
1 tion.
j Mr. Sherman is reported as being too
? indisposed from the effects of a cold to
(be able to attend to any business. Just
I at this juncture of affairs it would seem to
;be highly nrifortuuuto that the country
: should be deprived of the advice of its
Peoretary of Stale, for if there ever was a
time whan a clear head and a sound jutlg
went were demanded it is now. There
are many, however, who will see in this
reported Indisposition only an attempt
of the Secretarv of Statu to avoid the re?
sponsibilities which the late' Spanish
jcomplications have forced upon him.
("Up to this time "Judge Day," an assist
;ant in the department, has been vt rv
pinch in evidence, to ttie almost total ig
poring of Mr. Mierman. A well known
[paper claims this as the natural ~i i]uence
f Mr. McKiuly's having appointed as
ead of the State Department a man no
longer capable of filling this most impor?
tant position, or ing to ago and physical
infirmity. It such is the true reason for
Jttfr. Sherman's occupying the back
'ground at such a.time, it only increases
the turpitude of the act that gave his va?
cated seat in the Senate to Mr. Hanna,
making him eligible for his present, place.
Congressman Foote, of New York, has
been most prompt in placing before Con?
gress a bill providing for the construction
pf a new battleship to be named the
Maine. After the tragic fate of that ves?
sel and the death of so many of her crew
ft Is mete that some steps be taken to pre?
sent the memory of her name from per
ghing In the United States. From thu
afest dispatches, however, there is a
ttrong probability that the shattered
vreck may* be rtised ami a large parr, of
he original hulk be lit li/.ed in rebuilding
mother vessel. Can this bu done, even
hough the cost of construction be ?<|ual
o that of a new ves-el, sentiment would
lemand that it be done. Nor is the seii
ioic-nt that would prompt such a course
? foolish one. A new Muine, rising I'uoe
dx-like from out the ruins of the old one,
Vould be an ireperi-hab o monument, in
Sttr navy to the memoi y of those who
erished iu the awful trnge'y in Havana
arbor, and a far more sacred tribute
ban any new vessel that could be con
A moat 111 considered and unwarranted
arangue wa?* that of Senator Masor's
let week in the Senate. Nothing that
as occurred fo. yenrs in that "uodv* has
erged so closely upon incendiarism, but
le promptness with which it was , pi t
:,wn speaks well for the decorum and
Mf respect of other members. The elo
i'.-tit and im passioned Impromptu reply
Sat it elicited from Senator YVoleott, iu
bich he did not fail in scathing terms
. rebuke the Senator Irom Illinois for
ie indecency of his slurs upon the navy,
.??: enf th it will meet the hearty en
areement of every true citizen. Such a
cob as that of Senatoi Mason's was
well nigh worth the humiliation it ctus
etl, in view of thu replies of ?terllug
sound trnselt evoked from his colleagues.
Another effect of the preuepitancy of Sen?
ator Masou will bo fouul tn the uuaui*
inous ptissago by the House of tbe appro?
priation to cover the expense of Investi?
gation the cause of the Maine disaster.
These things will go far to offset the hot?
headed words,and inftamm rtorv speech of
Senator Mason's, the llrst that has so
far transgressed the bounds of propriety
in cither branch of Congress during the
luteuse excitement of the past week.
T'ie petition of son.eof tioanoke coun?
ty's teachers to their Senator, that a bill be
Introduced raising the age of admission
Into the public schools from live to six
years, is one based on practical lines. In
fact we believe could many of the school
iiaestious that came before the legisla?
ture be left to school people for decision
the results would be more likely to meet
the wants in the case. About such
things our legislators often mean well
euouuh, but the trouble is they don't
know, nor does any one who has not had
a practical t ut of them in the school?
room. Five years of age is too young for
any child to enter the schoolroom.
Apart from the question of confinement
at so tender an age, :.t is waste of time in
that nothing is gained by It. Ttie child
of Ave, and the one of six and six and a
half who have entered school together,
all else heim.' equal, will he found at the
age ot ten side by side in their nrogress,
with everyth'ng in favor or' the older
The teacher whose duties lie in tl e pri?
mary department knows from experience
that with children under six years of age
she stands r.o 'hem in about tau relation
of an upper nurse. TLo most she can
hope to do is to amuse and keep them
quiet. To raise the required age for en?
trance, wnuld be a practical way too,
to decrease to some extent the expenses
of the State, inasmuch as it would di?
mmish the number of pupils, thereby de?
creasing tbe number of teachers. Of
course, however, this would be applica?
ble! only to it.t; towns and cities in which
there are graded schools. But even in
our district schools, by removing a class
of little ones that de nands much of tue
teacher's tioe and attention, and for
which as we have just said there is no
adequate compensation in results attain?
ed, it- would give the teacher more time
to devote to those who are of an age to
profit by the work. As to the question
of health, we will not even go into that
further than to say that we believe that
the present law admitting children at
the age of five should be abolished ou
the ?round oi' cruelty and positive detri?
ment to health. The petit ion is a level
headed one, and it acted upon could not
fail to be beneficial to our schools and to
the children themselves.
In this morning's issue ot The Times
will be found the complete text of the
delinquent laud hill, a bill enacted for
the purpose of preventing wholesale steal?
ing of delinquent lands under n law that
gave the real owner no opportunity to
protect his interest. The bill is one that
was offered In the senate by Mr. Clay tor,
and was passed ty the senate the third
day fif its session, but was hung up in
the house. A careful reading of the bill
will show that, r.hile it gives taxpayers
relief, and places obstacles in the way of
sei/.ure by land grabbers, yet delinquent
bind owners will as certainly lose their
property under this act as under the old
one unless they pay their luxes. The
bill was never designed to shut the State
out of ira just claims, but was framed
for the purpose of g'vine relief to those
wit , through no fault, of their own were;
?ibout to lose their property under one of
the most. injquitious laws ever placed
upon the .statine books of any State.
Parties then who are delinquent should
with as litt led delay as possible hasten to
squire their accounts with the State.
This bill is oue whose fate has been look?
ed forward to by the people of Roanoke
with more interest perhaps than any
otter measure that has been before the
legislature, and now that it has been ap?
proved find is in force from its passage,
wo congratulate the peopte of Virginia
upon their riddance of the unjust oppres?
sion of the old bill which it replaces.
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Passed by the Legislature and
Signed by the Governor,
'The following is a true copy of the >'e
llnquent laud law, which has passed the
legislature and has been signed by the
governor, in .kiu? it the law of the State:
An act to amend ami re-enact section filiti
of the Code of Virginia, as ameuded
and re-enacted by an act "approved
March ?'), 18U4, in r< lation to delinquent
lands purchased in the name of the au?
ditor, and as ameuded and re-enacted
by an act approved January ?O, 18i'0,
entitled a-u act to amend and re enact
section liiiti cf the Code i.f Virginia, as
amended end re-enacted by an act ap?
proved March ?, 1801. in relation to de?
linquent lauds purchased in thuuatueof
tin- auditor. Appioved Februarv 11,
L. lie It enacted by the general assem?
bly of Virginia. That seel ion titiii of the
Code of Virginia, as amended and re
enacted by an net approved March 5,
1894, in relation to delinquent lands pur?
chased in (he name of the auditor, and
as amended and re enacted by an act ap?
proved January 2D, ls'.ifi, entitled an act
to amend and re-enact section (hid ol the.
Code of Virginia, as amended end re
enacted by nn act approved M irch 5,
1804, in relation tc delinquent l<tnds pur?
chased in the name of the auditor, be
amended and re-enacted softs to read as
Sec. (it)!). When and how lands purchas?
ed In the uame of the auditor. Mid unre?
deemed to be sohl- -When real eslat - so
purchased in tie name of the auditni is
not redeemed by me previous owner, his
heirs or assigns, or some person having
the right to charge 1 he same with a debt,
within two years from the dtlu of such
purchase, any person desiring t o purchase
it shall die an application with the clerk
of the count y or corporation court when ?
in such real estate i-, situated, for the
purchase of stub real estate for the
amount for which the sale to the com?
monwealth was made, together with
Sllch a'hlitiot.el sums as Would have ac?
crued from iH.\es iiiid levies and Interest
if such real estate had not been so pur
chsi-ed bv the commonwealth, '\ith Intel
hsI on the amount i->r Which .-aid sain
whs made at the i stu of 0 per cent um per
annum from the day ol sale and on the
Kilditicmd sums from the 15th day of
December in the year in which the same
would have accrued, in which appllcaton
shall beset out the name of the person
in whose name the real estate stood at
the date of the sale thereof to" the com
monwenltb, and the person in whose
name such real estate stands at the date
of sa id application on the commissioner's
books of such county or corpora'iou in
the event that it has been transferred
contrary to the provisions oi section 4t>!>
of the Code, or if any of said persons be
dead, then the name of his personal rep?
resentative, and the names of the trus?
tees, mortgagees and beneficiaries as
shown by the record iu any deed ol trust
or mortgage on said real estate or their
personal representative: provided, the
names of any persons may De omitted
which do not appear fif record in the
clerk's office of the county or corporation
in which the land is sltuatid, and if it bo
situated in the city of Richmond which
do not appear of record in clerk's office or
the chancery court of said city; and pro?
vided further, that the mimes of any
trustee, mortgagee oi beneficiary in any
deed ot trust or mortgage which has been
recorded more than ten years prior to
date oi application, may be [likewise
omitted. Amt Die clerk shall, upon the
onUr of the applicant, Iiis attorney or
agent, make out as man) copies of said
application as there are persons named
therein, with one additional copy or more
if necessary, and unless otherwise direct
ed by the applicant, his attorney o?"
agent, deliver them to the sheriff or ser?
geant cf the county or corporation in
which the land is situated, but may,
upon direction of the applicant, his agent,
or attori ey, deliver them to any other
party. And the same may bo served on
the panic- therein named, In the same
manner and by the same parties thir, a
summons to commence a suit mny be
served, and similar return made thereon
by the olVcer or party serving the same.
Said return shall be made within sixty
days after the issuing of the copy of the
applicat ion A lid if the same bo returned
net executed on any party therein named,
other copies may ha made out and served
as hereinbefore provided. On affidavit
that one of the parties is a nor resident
of the State, or that diligence has been
used by er on behalf of the applicant, to
ascertain in what county ot corpora'iou
he is without effect, or that a cony of the
application has been twice delivered to
the officer of the county or corporation
in wl Ich he resides, or is more than ten
days before the return day, anil bus been
returned without being executed, an
order of publication .may be eutered
against such party b". the clerk.
The order of publication shall- contaiu
a copy of the application ?tut require the
parties therein natueti to appeal wlthiu
four nion'l d rfter ilue publication tbert
of, and do what is necessary to prutct
their interest, lt'sball be published once
a week for four successive weeks iu such
aewspaper as the clerk niny direct, aud
shall be posted by the clerk at the frout
door of the courthouse of the county or
corporation wherein the court is held on
the tirst day of the next county or cor
poratiuu court after it. ts eutered. It no
person who has a riwtlit to redeem at th'3
time of the service of the copies, or of thtf
completion of the order* of publication4
as aforestad, appear within four months
after the completion of too order of pub?
lication, when there is a publication, and
redeem ssid real estate by paying to the
cb-rk of the county or corporation court
all of the tixes, nenalties, and costs
therewith couuected, as well as all fees
and cu.li attending the preceding under
t'-ts section. Including a penalty of five
dollars which shall he paid to the appli?
cant theu the person who made the ap?
plication shall have a right to purchase
the real estate within five days from the
expiration of the four mouths as afore?
said, by paying to the clerk all taxes pen?
alties, fees and costs. A nil ihn saiil pur
chater shall then, in order to coin pie to
his purchase at his expeufe,havejja report
made to the county or corporation court
of the county or corp ration in which
said rt al es I ate is sit Hated by the slirvc-\ or
of such conn y or the engineer ol such
city: or where there is no 6?reh surveyor
or city engineer, by some competent sur?
veyor to oe appointed by such court tor
that purpose, specifying the metes and
bounds 01 the said teal estate, the nair.es
of the c.wners of the ad|oiulog tracts or
lots, nnd giving such .further description
of said ieal estate us will identity the
same, hnl in the discretion of the court
there need not bean additional survey
if a sufficient description of said land can
be obtained from the records, and the
county <>r corporation court, unless it has
some objection to stub report, . shall er
der the same lr\be recorded.
After such report shs 11 have* i-een re?
corded, the purchaser shall obtain from
the clerk of ihe county or corporation
court, ol ibe county or corporation in
which said tea! estate is situated, a deed
conveying the same, in which shall be set
forth all the circmstances appearing in
the clerk's effice iu relation to the sale,
and reference shall be made in said deed
to paid report. In no case shall the com?
monwealth be liable for any costs incurred
j under .Aiiy of the provisions of this act.
I h'or making off a copy of an application
j nndei tins section the clerk ?hall be en
! titled to a fee of 25 tents for every or
dei of publication and posiiug. ?1; for
every deed executed, $1, and far every
copy i>: an aoplicatioti served under this
section by a sheriff or other officer he
shall receive IJO cents. All of the forego?
ing fees may be required by the clerk or
either officer to be paid in ad v trice, except
the fee f.ir a deed, which nay be paid
upon delivery of the deed.
If ilie clerk refu^ir to execute meti deed
the court may compel him to do ?o ^'i| oo
tlie pet it on of th" purcii.iser
Every sncli deed shall lie with cove?
nant - of special warranty. If no such
deeil he made ur.de i tin- chapter within
one year after the date of the application
for t he purchase of i lie sa il real estate
hy the party entitled to the deed, the
persot. entitled to redeem the same as
hereinbefore mentioned, his heirs or as
sign- mav, after such year and hefote
such ilenl is made, redeem the "saiil real
estate by paving to the purchaser the
amount paid therefoi by him including
the cost, with -uch taxes and levies as he
n ay have nairl thereon since stich pur
chase, with interest at. ll) per centum
upon such payments from the date they
were respectively made. The provisions
of sect ion tifll if the Cede of Virginia
shall apply to deeds made under author
ity of this section, and the provisions of
section 0.*?2 snail apply to real estate sold
under authority of this section. in all
cases v. here a ppllcal loos have been hereto?
fore made to purchase real estate under
section 606, as amended and re-enaeted by
the act approved January 20, 18110, and
in \vh oh the applications have not been
perfected and the purchase made com?
plete by tbe execution of a deed hy the
clerk us herein provided, the clerk of the
sain court to which such application was
made fhall at once make copies of such
application, and del it er them 10 the
sberiO m serge.?nt,or to such other party
as tin- application may direct to be served,
iu the h?mo manner ami upon the same
persons as herein directed, and t hereupon
the same proceeding shall he hud. and
the same time shall tie given persons en
titled to redeem such real estate, and in
the same manner as is hereinbefore pro?
vided, except it shall aot he necessary to
make another survey of the tract or lot
where one has been previously u ade un?
der the provisions of said section 606, as
amended by the said act of January 20,
is'.ili, but. in all cases where "the applica?
tions have been so made and not so per?
fected prior to the passage of this act.
persons hiving the right to redeem shall
lie allowed by the .-aid clerk to redeem
the said real estate in the manner herein
provided, within four months after such
last mentioned copies of application have
been served upon all persons as required
ly this section or order of publication as
to them completed; and in no case 'shall
It ue lawful for the said jlerk to make a
deed to the said real estate until the ex?
piration of said four monthai provided,
that no application shall be "made under
this act to purchase any real estate if at
the time of such application suit is pend?
ing in the courts of the county or corpor?
ation wherein such real estate is situated
for the sale of the same, either to satisfy
debts due creditors or for partition
nmono the parties interested, until after
the laud has been sold in said suit and
the court lias failed to cause the'.taxes to
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vided, also, that, nothing herein contained
shall be construed as in any way alVect
itj'-i the duties of the eomniissioucr of the
revenue as prescribed by section 400. If
one application uas beeu made anil copies
thereot issued, no seiend application
shall be considered for the same piece cf
land until the rights of the first appli?
cant under his app'ication baa expired.
2 This act shall be iu force from its
A Copy:
Clerk of :he House of Delegates and
Keeper of the Holls of Vlrirlnia.
Under the above caption the Richmond
Times says:
In our i ress dispatches yesterday, it
was reported that a delegatlcu of South?
ern cotton mill men had appeared before
the judiciary committee of the house to
oj nose the passage of the joint resolution
proposed by William L?veling, member
fro**i Massachusetts, to amend the Con
si tuition ot the [Jutted .-'tales so as tc
authorize Congress to regulate the hours
of labor In I he different States.
A New York commercial aewspaper
says that New England mill owners are
re-presented as being behind the proposed
amendment, "believing as they do that
their powerful rivals in the South should
not be allowed to employ libor for longer
hours than 'n the North."
It will be recalled that Chairman Ding
ley in a speech or: the tariff a week or two
ago virtually gave his sanction to the
proposed amendment, although bej'WRS
sly enough not to commit himself ab?
We commented on Mr. Dingley's speech
at the time and directed attention to the
danger of the movement just inaugura?
ted. Well may the Southern manufac?
turers protest. Well may every freeman
protest against this proposed usurpation.
It Is protection earned to its logical end
??wtaieh is protection run mad.
New England has ever been the hotbed
of protection and its industries have
grown up under a system of exclusion
and bounty for which the people of the
whole count-y have had to pay. So long
as there was no con: pet ition in theSc'-/ .h,
New Knglnud was quite content with a
tariff that kept out foreign products in
competition. But now that, the South
has gone Into the manufacturing busi?
ness and has shown its ability to make
cotton goods cheaper than they can lie
made at the North, New England is cry?
ing for protection ag.iinst the South.
What ''o Southern protectionists think
of thisf
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nothing of the lot aud outbuilding*.
We now offer the property for $2,0u0
cash Call and let ui show yi u a home
that hasn't any objection.
7 room house (?!! First- avenue, n. w.,
just wi -I i I llth street, largest lot, $1,000;
s.'iii cash. $12,50 monthly
A- to vaiaut lot! we can please you in
location, prices, trru s, etc.
If vou expect to buy real ejdal ? of any
kind it is well to remember the desirable
bargains Do nut wait, wh hi on the
other hand there are others that yi u can
obl du any time. Call to si e us
Jeirson Street.
One Cent a Word Each Insertion..
LOST.-Pair of St. Bernard Dogs.
Color w lite and" orange. Beward, 00?
South Jefferson street. *-' 22 Iw
H(iAltl) WANTR1),
WANTED.?Coinfoi table room and
board for lady. References exchanged.
Address ' K" Tines olllce. 2 2d It
WANTED - By a gentleman, board in
j private faintly N;eely furni-hed room
with bath. Centrally located. State
j terms. Address, Box '.if, Roanoke, Va.
va < ur.N r.
FOR RENT. ? Five nieo rooms, tor
, light housekeeping, stl Patterson ave
I hue. 2 2!) 1 w
TIIREK or four unfurnished rooms
wanted. Address K., Tunes office. 2221w
stockholders uf the South Roanoke Land
Company will be held on MONDAY.
MARCH 21, 1808, at 12 m., at No. 7
Campiiell avenue, Boancke, Va. 1*. L.
TERRY, President; W. S. McClMiahan,
THE eighth annual meting of the
stockholders of Fairview Cemetery Com?
pany will be held over Bunter A> Go's,
store, corner Commerce and Salem ave?
nue, in Roanoke. Va., at noon on March
7, 1H!)S, for the election of a board of di
rectors and for such othfr business as
may legally come befoie It.
W. L ANDREWS, Secretary
stockholders of the Crystal Sprint! Land
Company will be held on MONDAY.
MARCH 81, 1898, at 11 i. m.. at Nc. 7
Campiiell avenue, Boanoke, Vit. MAL?
COLM W. BRYAN, President; W. S.
McClanahan, Sectetary.
IIKl.l- iv %nthij.
AGENTS.?Reliable persons to take
the agency in their own towns for the
best line of bist selling novelties; pay- 100
per cent.: for Ladies or Cents.
1081 and 1033 Chestnut St., Philadel?
phia, Pa. 2 111 8m
alls, Shirts and Drawers. Apply to the
"N. & W ." Home-M ule Overalls and
Shirts, 233-4 Balem avenue s. w. 1.
SACHS, Manufacturer. 3 1 Im
Desiring to open up new territory soon
we ?ill need more salesmen and collect?
ors In all sections nf Southwest Virginia.
Apply before March 1. STANDARD
INSTALLMENT CO., 212 Jefferson St.,
Roanoke, Va.
The Ideal nonriahment la the highly concen- S
trniuit, pre-dlgeated beet preparation? 5
Requires no forlherdleeatlon- paaeeeatonce 5
in;.>tin.emulation?thro*natural ?i,;.,r Ira- 5
mediately. Contelne no druge or chomleala. 5
si I ?1.\SII\ XiJBATKN 11?., l lirml.l., t'klla.lrl|ihla. S

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