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The ChiaeiA location Is Very Popalar
In VaiMnKton Society
Special Correspondence of THE STAR
WASHINGTON Jan Thepresldenta
New Year reception sets the social ball
rolling in the national capital and form
ally opens what promises to be the
m st brilliant season in recent years
In the gay capital in this Its gayest
season there Is perhaps no place where
entertainments will be more elaborate
than at the Chinese legation which
r under Minister Wu Ting Fang has al
U al
r 1
a a
e c
o ready acquired fame for its generous
hospitality In these days when wt
are talking so much about the open
door to China there Is a peculiar In
terest attached to things oriental and
the establishment of Chinas diplomat
ic representative here apart from the
engaging personality of the minister
himself is one of the most attractive
ami Interesting places In Washington
It may be fairly said that China
could not have a more enlightened
courteous and etllclent envoy than she
has in the person of Wu Ting Fang
lie Is not only an amiable man but
a thoroughly accomplished diplomat
with an excellent command of the English
lish language acquired in Hongkong
and perfected in England whither he
went to study law being admitted to
the bar at Lincolns Inn
At the conclusion of his studies In
4nlJJl Nu returned to China and
C prnlhl of law lint he be
came known to LI Hung Chang and
was soon ult tQ ttl to his staff as legal
setretarvlshng iuemly he was ap
lul + tOn in J ant superintendent of
rat nut iilli holding this oiiicu
suporvlsud the construction of the first
raljroad ever built in the Celestial em
pire a circumstance of which he Is
very proud He is a progressive man
and Keeps abreast of the times 11 r
Wu took a prominent part in the peace
negotiations between China and Japan
P acting as llrst secretary of the peace
mission and plenipotentiary to ex
change ratltictttlons for the treaty Lat
er he was named chief director of the
Tientsln university
Socially the Chinese minister has
Hcored a great success during his resi
dence here and the preeni season will
unquestionably add to his prestige in
this rei iHct lie lias all the attributes
that go to make a man titir tIlt In so
ciety and dressed in the picturesque
cotmnc of his country is In constant
evidence at social functions He en
tertains too assiduously and lavishly
and no cards of Invitation arc more
highly prixetl and eagerly accepted
than tittle which eome from the Chi
nese leg t n
It s Wu the ministers wife Is a
bright faced dainty and attractive vo
tr 4
1t i
J I4 r
1 r
f I y
Ir I lI
i T
> k
man with the tiniest of ui and the
gentlot of Mlmll tutees Sue did not
speak much English v mn she arrived
in this country but has added to her
orahulary until she now gets along
a very well with visitors She shares
her husbands progressive ideas full
takes a lively Interest In Americans
their customs and tin Ir doin s She is
of equal rank with her husband a fact
lnated by various ornament that
r adorn her costume and is entitled to
enter ami leave the room at the side
rather than behind him Her gowns
of rich brocade heavy with embroid
cry are beautiful and no woman In
Washington society wears more mag
I cent jewels or a greater profusion
of them
There are about 50 people connected
with the Chinese legation all living
under the same roof with the minister
and his family and the house occupied
IB one of the largest and most elabo
rately furnished in Washington Most
of the attaches are socially inclined
and are seen much at the theaters and
private and ottlclal entertainments
Several of them are extremely popular
and are frequently seen escorting
daughters of congressmen and other
young women about the city In such
circumstances they are most consid
erate of small details and always pro
vide the finest flowers that can be had
and Iu other ways look after the com
fort and pleasure of their companions
They are a generous people anti the
personal friends of the members of the
legation fare well at their hands In the
matter of tea that costs 20 a pound
if you could buy It at all rolls of soft
shimmering silk and other gifts of the
products of the orient
At the social functions at the Chinese
legation there is a quaint blending of I
oriental splendor anti American sim
plicity which Is to be found nowhere
else iu Washington for Minister and
Mrs Wu entertain in a manner pecul
iar to themselves No better dinners
are given In the city than those over
which Mrs Wu presides and her after
noon teas are very popular There Is
at all events a general rush to the Chi
nese legation on Its reception days If
the host and hostess are ever bored
they give no sign of it but smile and
ny pleasant words as the long proces
sion of men and women mainly the
latter Ille by with curious eager eyes
It was your correspondents goal
tjirtune to attend a recent reception nt
the Chinese legation
rptui entering the big square hall
with Its heavily paneled oak ceiling
tuff wainscoting its polished floor eov
red with softest rugs and window
urtnlus and portieres of unique Chi
ese design one Is immediately con
clots of an air of oriental splendor
tlul notes the scout of > ne rare per
rums of the far east At the tn t of
1 beautifully curved staircase sat the
ulnisicrs little son dressed in a sotti
tinging robe with cap and pigtail
iiinplcte lie was taking the cards
front the usher and passing them to
tilt ministers nephew also in rot t
ap full cue who carefully mimhcr
od them for future reference After
giving tij their cards the guests were
passed on to the next usher who upon
nterlng the reception room announc
ed their names vith tremendous so
einnlty and appeared to say Itehohl
till lord mayor of Timbuktu and the
itch mayoress while in truth presum
ably he gave only the motleM names
of the visitors l > tl 4thV impressive
l wl
xrstIpVrIP AIM
I LL 3
Mils 111 WlhK of 111FF MIMTKK
innounrem iit Mr Nn IUlkl up with
her lii4 brown eyes and until + ul ex
temhd her hand a < > did llsH the minis
lef The Pert iUII colll Hot liixe IHHU
ti > > re cordial atnl lthnle hptrtrl The
> mile of the little lady from the orient
> lMikc olllllleS of Welcome as did IIIl
racious and simple w rds of her dis
injiuis d husband
Mrs Wu was seated in a hish chair
her tiny feet ii aril in minted gultl
sliplHrs jjeepiii4 1111 from beneath a
pltt iII of wonderful texture The
Driciual ir gall gas of soft hflintr iH
lalu niuly eiubroidereti with pearl
ami on her luiul was t doe littin
JIhk c p in which were fastoiud jew
ls of tut brillhiucy and value The
Htle iTt id sUpjiers Were scureelV hlfsif
enough for an ant riratt child ai year
At her side xttR d the minister U
Tiiu 1aim dre i < ed in truly royal style
with iHow br nzf tIt utrs or rather
lHtti t ais t jacket of a darker shade
pf the sanu color richly embroidered
anal a close liitinc black cap with a
biu iltamoiid < ct in its banal lie wore
the regular rhiiiee shoes and was
surrounded by a dir1 or more pretty
I 5kN tiom high otUVial life who were
assitinir in the reception
I 1a in through the long parlors
whit la are mainly divoratcd with
I American furnishings the great hull
roos is renched Uer in uit corner
waS a square table on wUKh glistened
the V1I t a elvire jfresMed over
bv tIll t11tt4 wife of an arm v alr
She wt aolslld 111 erttug by > t t gal
t 1VIIttd4s of the liatiuti whit
tilt tl lIht Idrl lttucuts Were
taken to and from the room for re
plenishing by a big black mammy
assisted by two little Chinese girls In
native costume
Most interesting of all in connection
with the Chinese legation Is the ori
ental room which Is unquestionably
the finest and most elaborate apart
tnent of its kind In this country The
oft light from the great Chinese chan
Jeller brings out In all their beauty the
details of its sumptuous eastern fur
nishings There are great rugs and
iivans with huge pillows chairs cov
ered with loose scurfs of richest em
broidery crystal lumps with curious
native oinanieuts unique musical In
itrumcnts and strange weapons of
warfare rare china and briea brae
und among them all great vases of
roses It Is a most entrancing glimpse
> f the far east and a faithful copy
r oriental splendor
That Throbbing llemlucliu
Would quickly leave von if you ascd
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sufferers have proved their mutchlev mer
it for sick and nervous headaches They
make pure blood and strong nerves and
build up your health Kasy to take Try
them Only 2o cents money back if not
cured So Id by F S Chaficc druggist 15
Cupp llreton iiml Itt Kxtraurtlluury Mul
tiplication of Identical NiiiiifH
Spec ltl Correspondence of rill STAB
SYDNEY C B Dec HO Sitting one
rainy afternoon in the otllce of a little
hotel on the shore of one of the liras
dOOr lakes 1 picked up a heavy volume i
titled McAlpInes Nova Scotia Diruct
ory and for lack of more enter
taining literature 1 began to tiiru and
stud its pages They were a curious
index to the character of the popula
tion of the New Scotland
Middle names are not In favor here
anti so plain John McDougalls and
Donald Mclntyres multiply and their
names overflow the lags of McAl
pincs hook It follows naturally that
there Is confusion You cannot en
counter two columns of Fohu McDon
alds in a directory in a search for some
one of that name without finding oiir
self at a loss to distinguish the object
of your quest unless you know all of
his distinguishing marks And If you
know them why seek the directory un
less indeed you yourself are John Mc
Donald anti yon want only the satis
faction of seeing your name on the
printed page In this case the direct
ory which was not printed to cater to I
your vanity fails to perform Its func 1
tion If you are seeking information
of the whereabouts of a John McDon
ald It fails to direct or it directs
with so many fingers that you know
nut which way to turn If you want
to llu tratc the situation look in the
directory of any large city for the name
of that greatly execrated highly re
spcctcd much multiplied John Smith
It has wcuried to me often u the
asroiiy of sriirchiitg a dimlory of New
York city that there should IK s < me
enactment Iy which all owners of very
common names should he numbered
and identified by their numbers ts
John Smith the twentyfourth labbre
iated it Mm will to John Smith 21
and William Jones the foitylifHi
In this extremity lh needs of Itxal
intercourse have ta licit the fancy into
fila y and distin uishiim titles and
nicknames have supplanted Utptismal
uanes And tlicst lilies Mr M ASpne
has found it wise tu in iiUe in his
inost interest iu vtlL > u tat ts I
sillily its i iges IIU a lying lH foro me
1 am able In learn truth rheum stmiu
tliri of the t Itarat curi li s tlf tunny
of le people 1t Iiut UUii s he liUS set
down Then are al Sk > 4 au fur in
stance ttl 1 nitit V Ift Hiiswor tu the
name of Mil M Iuuis ami all are
1 I p
I I 1 +
J 1
v b 1
5 1wb t s
I r
r 1
I tt
t a +
farmer So tir I am ii ufur l Put
t i > Iii Miles Mclitin coin is Miles
I M lnni Neils 5ii uul nut is just
Miles Mclunis Here is the way they
I siiul
Miliiiis Miles big farmer Skyu
M < luuis Miles Ns sun fanner
Skye Men
Mclnni Miles farmer Sky < llen
I Nithinc could be clearer If the Mc
lnni tlat I eek i > uut liu 1 J is trot
s sou he is plain Milts 1 < luL
And so it goes even to the second
generation For here is J McEucb
ron big As son And of the first gen
eration there are John McDonald
Gray and Don McDonald Als son
and Don McDonald widows son and
Colin McDonnell red and Archy Mc
Kinnon elder and Alex McLean heir
and Angus McLean Point and many
others some of which have evident
significance and some of which have
none About the latter I question my
landlord What 1 ask him is the
meaning of gentle printed In paren
theses after a mans name That he
explains is the name of the mans
farm Put other acquired titles have
less Intimate association For exam
ple of the many John McNeils there
Is one who works for a man named
Plant and he Is distinguished us John
McNeil Plant Another of the tribe
came to Nova Scotia with a man nam
ed Dunn and he Is known now as John
Mc Neil Dunn just as the American
slave of 10 years ago hurl the name
of hj master
One cause of the extraordinary mul
tlplcution of particular names In this
new Scotland is the stupid custom of
Juplicutlnt a name in a family John
McNeil not satisfied with naming his
tint son John after himself must
need name his second son John after
m uncle and his third son John after
intthcr member of his tribe So it
rs not uncommon 1 am told to find
three Marys and three Johns iti one
ruviil of children Then John the tirs 4
who Is tall must be known as Bij
Julm and John the second who is
towheuded Ji White John and John
the third as John McNeil Johns son
I want to let the people wio > niicr from
rheumatism and > eintica know tliaiChiun
b ruins Pain Halm relievcd me after a
min1trufuthrrw ilieiie < and a d ct < > r
dud fiihd It b the ieL liniment I have
ret r kn < un of J A DuJjen Alpharet
ta ia Ill i imuds have been cined of
rlicimmiioiii by this remedv One appli I
cation relieves the pain For sale by F I
ANTIID Ihiust s an ur viiimn to tray
W fl f + larjje IMHIX lnry IK niimtiily
willa hI r Iu 1 ilil1
HrnmiHMil inc f tlf usldrt awl Iktirt d
cayta + tC MANACKIf ai0 faMuii IIi
Kiiev What lie I f Hern Ieiut
Tommy Mamma had a lot of things
sent home C O 1 > today What does
C P P ineanV
TIMSMIV Father C n P means
Call on dad Philadelphia Kecord
I Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
I and Dont Know it
How To Find Out
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twentyfour hours a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
unhealthy condi
I t r tion of the kid
neys if it stains
1 t your linen it is
evidence of kid
C 4 ney trouble too
t ti frequent desire to
1 pass it or pain in I
I the back is also i
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad 1
der are out of order
What to Do
i There is comfort in ti uowledge so I
often expressed that Dr Samp
Root the great kidney remedy fulfills every I
wish in curing rheumatism pain in the
back kidneys liver bladder and every part j
of the urinary passage It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pam in passing
it or bad effects following use of liquor
wine or beer and overcomes that unpleasant I
necessity of being compelled to go often i
during the day and to get up many times
during the night The mild and the extra Ii
ordinary effect of SwampRoot is soon I
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derful cures of the most distressing cases I
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wonderful discovery V
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more about it both sent t fir
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I tion readirw this generous offer in this paper
I TT Q rl Oa V n Bros
i I iL
t r < t1 t
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I JL r 1 J ± tt1 b
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I I I Y S yx r lit 1 to
P Vi ttr O21 JTi
SheU 5H Hue it IU r 4 hnUt
I A Racing Yacht
t FOR 5 0 utlii
aII i Ili
I at
t itt1
Full w kiiii < ri u j i
ilitl f ii ti 1 tht oo t
hall I a Ii r J I t
In iitfi > irij tin ti i ir f 1 uV iii t1
A > uirii THE ir si n M > f
tMuirax t N t r York JI F
0 TA S H gives color
flavor and firmness to
all fruits No good fruit
can be raised without
Fertilizers containing at least
S to I ot of Potash will give
best results on all fruits Write
for our pamphlets which ought
to be in every farmers library
They are sent free
93 Nassau St New York
National Bank of
the State of Florida
Capital 100000
Accounts of Firms Banks and
Individuals Solicited
K T Sill mUcK VicePrusideut
Titos P DKNIIAM Cuohior
JAMBS 1 > HAKKK Assistant Cashier
Cotton and Linen
> < > <
Fishing Tackle
SujHrior quality LiniMi Hill
Nett ill iiruilc from Knoxs
Scotch Thread
StuijiUs tinl itlinittts rlutrlidly fiinnahcil
ark Lead Lint etc
B 7TU n M
I CNO FDA o f1
1CATAtecu I w i1 l
1 1l
lsa t 1J
j I H i W S 9fht
3 S
t il
SUiH s L Is left
i Dinltr MI titl M mill K I MI i ii
YELL 0 r i1
i 11iU l 11 1a1 s U Dt p
1 > 1a iSr 9
1 Fruit and Veetable Crates
PmIILltt Ml I til tr e t i I ut
Cu l U Jf i it1 i at ni II J tits
rtt i t
tlf U U sH ilSOy
Ali I Jfi
I it al < tirl < IMr uti rho
I tuty jii C Miiy lint w
at snarly r < fini4i parr
I T1TOV1I1K 11o1IIt
Cnod s etti
Take no more iiKtlieiii for chili IVfe
ulll lr King Chili Pad Jf it fii110
ur ui will rifiiih your iii4in y uur
Im kung Chill Paul n i only stills IHIL
cure chill Imtmat to back our air
4t A nll i tXtie If vi ill r
hol1dH do IICot ls p thin c tjm J
1 1 pl f I lU ou
U KIt CHIIllVvhVii 4
AF i i CCtol c
MSii C 1110 HI Ii Too laor c rhv n at Tie
bite r I tv = t a J their ho tl c I ENI t ex to loth r f
n1 NT R
Putt 1
I 1

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