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Whole lAmUe 8cbeiae to G f t Dime and
Dollars Out of Tourist
t Special Correspondence of TILE STAB
fe PULGSTAKF AT Jan 1 Nothing
Interests the traveler on thc railroad
oIt Journey through New Mexico and Ari
zona mire than the Indians who
I lounge about the stations The sight
of a pulling locomotive a unlIt of cars
fi and a crowd of eager tourists seems to
fascinate these strange and lazy chil
dren of the plains Dressed like Jo
seph In his coat of many colors they
appear picturesque and Interesting
i The first Indian we saw looked very
ancient He was of medium height
and his long gray hair hung over his
shoulders A pipeful of tobacco ap
peared to be the height of his ambi
r tion This old man seemed uncon
scious of the presence of any one else
In the world but himself Soon a
crowd of at least 50 persons were be
fore him and surveying with curious
eye the contented Indian One ven
turesome youth poked him with an
umbrella but thE sly old fox never
i moved and a brakeman afterward
said the same performance took place
every day in the year The old fellow
seemed to enjoy admiration
Most people bring cameras with
them and the desire to secure pictures
of the Indians helps the red race I
Imagine n stop of say three minutes at
some unimportant station or watering
tank As soon as the train comes to a
standstill a Hock of tourists alight
upon the platform But a dusky queen
with several princes and princesses IE
on the alert and at the sight of n line
of cameras she springs up like u young
lioness The mother tiles Into a rage
and presses her babe close to her
breast Other children in the same
family gather around and all look de
flaut This is the first act
The chances are that the mother will
scream and then a self appointed
spokesman among the camera ilemls
will beg foiSfn chance to take her pic
ture At first the mother will not
t think ote it but utter much coaxing
J she names 2 as a price This is a
1 staggering blow Then seine individual
offers a quarter butt the mother looks
Insultedalthough unknown te the cam
era filnds site Is nil the while eylu
t the conductor When the train Is about
to start she surrenders Itlil then of
ten too late as the fiends mad have
been disgusted so the frantic oman
i mea
a y
i In hor disappointment und desperntloi
Will often nceept t iriils for the prlvl
1 logo of having her likeness preserved
So It goes uU dally and the sle of her
> demands and her truths of action are
determined by the appearance of the
crowd A little way off is her hus
band taking a imp apparently but he
Is quite wide awake tutu Is only wait
Ing for the cash which his family has
One young man chaseda young
dian woman up the side of a high hill
and when they got to the summit she
suddenly stopped and picking up a
I big MonV hurled It at her pursuer He
turned and UVd till 1 she follmved
When they lirared the station she
caught hold of him ami tried to rob his
pocket If friends had not Interfered
I the young man would have fared
The old men in this part of the coun
try have no use for the crafty race
John Duke one of the wealthiest mill
ing men in Arhton Is a pioneer lie
said to the writer recently 1 remem
ber In the sixties a young lieutenant
and ten regulars were seit out Into
is the Interior to accomplish a
I purpose A few days later the scalped
heads of the party were discovered
Later I started out with the same
number of men only we were ordi
nary citizens and knew enough of the
country not to fall Into such a trap as
did the young otllcer
t 1r stinted out on horseback and
pretty soon saw In the distance an In
dian 1 ordmci our horses shot and
we formed them Into a barricade and
with our bands dug up the sand We
were just In time for suddenly a band
of 200 Indians on horseback began to
circle our little party at a distance of
1000 yards As they drew near we
s fired and a number fell We used re
< i
pcatlng rifles which they had never
seen and aa we kept on scooting and
kliIinl they got frightened and ran
Write Murdock Cure Co Atlanta Ga en
closing 2 cent stamp for free sample of Mar
docks Catarrh Cure or Hylers Dyspepsia
Tablets They propose to cure every case ol
catarrh or dyspepsia
The worlds record for fastest clipping
of a horse is 14 minutes
Arlington 22201 has trotted in 214
on a half mile track and may be Gold
Leafs first 210 performer
Bishop Hero 221 the Pacific coast
veteran is being driven on the roads at
San Francisco by General Shafter
J Sutherland has bought 50 acres from
A II Bcrnnl at Pleusuiiton Gal and
will build a track lie will also erect u
large training barn and some 40 box
N B Wheeler Cresco la reports a
new ivcrd ur 222 for his pacer Fitz
gerald ly Fins 111314 and that he vas
timed in 21 71A in u race at Charles City
la over a poor track
The latest device to encourage high
stepping in coach horses is a glass worn
jike goggles the crystals being so formed
that the ground appears nearer than it
is It is said to work all right
A horse show will be held next year un
der the auspices of the French govern
ment in cnnncccion with the Paris expo
sition Twelve prizes worth 2300 will
be offered for American harness horses
Ardine 22Vtand Abby Kelly 2241k
are two more new ones for Pilot Medium
reported by D D Streeter of Knlamu
zoo Mich former owner of Peter the
Great c 4 207ylt the star of the family
Porter Dairy Pyntt Ills reports that
his sUtllion Santamcxo by Indicator
223 1o son of Gold Dust won the free
for all at Grayville Ills in September
in straight heats reducing his record to
F D Spntswnod of Harrodtsburg Ky
has a 3yearold trotting filly by Baron
WHkes ditto by Nutbreaker that is a
speed phenomenon Oct 1 after a very
brief preparation she trotted a three
quarter track in 221 and Oct 24 turned
the same track in 215Vi last half in
Q111or Review
Iluvlni u Great stun on CliuuiberhilnV
Cough ICemtdy
Manager Martin of the Pierson drug
store informs us tlmtfhe is having great
ran on Chamberlains Cough Remedy
lie sells live bottles of that medicine to
one of any other kind and it gives great
satisfaction In these days of la grippe
there is nothing like Chamberlains Cough
Remedy to stop the cough heal up the
sore throat and lungs and give relief th
in a very short time The sales are grow
ing and all who try it are pleased with
its prompt action South Chicago Daily
Calumet For sale by Fred Sv Chalice
The Knulirh cuvettimcnt B just an
nounced its regular flglfl efisal
pardon Mrs Maj H H us City
The KuroiTcan nations jmiy tmally conic
to blow in their frantic efforts to net
into friendly relations with the United
StatesSt Louis Republic
The shllul ill season in the Adirou
dacks has closedami the record show
that JJlmen were killed It is believed
that fully as many deer perished Wash
ington Iost
When in after years the Transvaal
bard < ets out to iniuuirtnlrc in stirring
heroic hexameter the deeds of his sires
he stands to lib distress by Pietermar
Itxhnrj St Louis Republic
A Rossville Kan woman died just
after filing a suit for divorce What a
warning this should he to other women
who are wincing beneath the chatin of
the marital sMeurer Post
Now that a French scientist lias in
vented a successful steering apparatus
for airships nil that is needed for the
solution of the airship problem is the
invention of an airship Louisville Cou
rier Inurmtl
The colossal statue of De Lesseps just
dedicated at the entrance of the Sue
canal is described by an enthusiastic ad
mirer of the disiingnishid Frenchman m
the grainiest monument in Egypt Whata
tie matter with the sphinx V Huston
A 1rlJl1t fill Blllluhr
Will often esttiso a horrible burn scald
cut or bruise iiekleus Arnica Salve
the bet in the world will kill the pain
anti promptly heal it Cures old M > IVS
boils felons all
fever sore ulcers corns
kin eruption 1ot pile cure on urt h
l uh I i cents a box Cure guaranteed
< 011 Uy Fred S Chalice drn dt 1 i
Michael Divitt during his days in par
linmcitt did neaily all his literary + totk
in the house writing rmm where pit n i
is enforced sitting invariably in the sam
Paul Hourget has ttnitounced his inten
tion of paying a second visit to thi
ctiimtry He will come n at spring UII
gather material for a novel dealing uitl
American social life
Theodur Moninisen at the age of S
years ha < published a ut w work Ro
man iruninnl Law as a coniMtiion t <
his great Roman Constiiutituinl Law
It is a V4iluiie of 107S chicly urinteil
large netavo pages
Rjoiiistjerne Hjornson lately saw fo
the tirst time the statue of himself set UII
before the National theater in Christi
ania lie turned red in the face and le
munds that it be removed as it is u libel
on his personal appearance
oIlL raxLa
ertb Tt Kfud u HarUlwap Bcu M
Just iI H
Cough 1
Not worth paying attention
to you say Perhaps you
have had it for weeks
Its annoying because you
have a constant desire to
cough It annoys you also
became you remember that
weak lungs is a family failing
At first it is a slight cough
At last it is a hemorrhage
At first it is easy to cure
At last extremely difficult
Jgers 1
Cherrg I
quietly conquers your little
backing cough
There is no dout about
the cure now Doubt comes
from neglect
For over half a century
Ayers Cherry Pectoral has
been curing colds and coughs
and preventing consumption
It cures Consumption also
if taken in time
Keep ore el Dr Agers cerrg
Pectoral Plasters ever soar
megs H gill cert
Shall we send you a
I book on this subject free
Our Medical Department
If you have any complaint what
ever and ilusiiti the beat medical
advice you C IIIhlhl y obtain MTito
the doctor freely You will receive
a promiit reply without cost
Address DH J C AVER
Lowell Masa
CiuiJd Clvo lie Hxiiet flute
louitg A Mlip ti A + c do yon think
that an astiolixrr liv bring told the t1a h
oC me birth could tull the when IM mis
r 11 > 11 iif III isig111
Old lrullu > rii > sililv nut but he
touli tell when your parents miifortnnes
began New York Uorld
4ttlltJ In blue
Untlio Is Mr De Jones as attentive
to yon as everV
Klhi Yes hut hes a perfect riddle
Ilattie Well if you give him up give
me a ehanee to yuess Chicago News
More Truth Than Poetry
At sixteen she wroth cxla and uiffcti > n
At eighteen iite is hungry for atToclimi
At twltt > UM the maid begins to Unit that tile
it real
And marrying her hunger then is mostly for a
Ihiluiklphia North lIkrill1D
llotisoii Ior It
How does it happen that ht dot to t
claim to kuou nil ahoit the 1hilippine
problem V
lliMjiuse he really doe know a little
about it Chieaxo lusl
If n medal were
awarded fur the
= most perfect tem
boa perance medicine
prepared for tam
undoubtedly he
given to Doctor
Pierces Ciolden
Medical Discov
ery This medi
cine which is
4 entirely nonalco
holic and non
I narcotic pro
a titlces ilctual
strength instead
0 D4 of the simulated
strength which re
sults from the use
M D1CAL I of whiskevmed
icines or nerve
numbing narco
The many and
remarkable cures
resulting from the
uSt of Golden Medical Discovery H
prove the soundness of Dr Tierces the
ory that in these days of haste and hurry
the stomach is the common breeding
place of disease These cures also prove
the soundness of Dr Tierces reasoning
that diseases which originate in the
stomach must be cured through the
stomach The Discovery is a medi
cine for the stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition When the
stomach is healthy the blood made in
the > nuach is healthy and suflicient in
quantity to nourish the nerves and
strengthen the system to resist or throw
off disease Nature develops life sus
tains life and preserves life by nourish
ment Vital failure comes when the
body is starved either from lack of food
or tile inability of the digestive and nu
tritive organs to extract the nourishment
from the food taken into the stomach
Golden Medical Discovery takes the
obstacles from Natures way so that she
can sustain life by her own methods
Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets assist the
action of U Golden Medical Discover U
5oqtllern + < <
and all Points East and West
The New York and Florida Express
Via 3avanBak and Charlotte N O
The New York and Florida Limited
Via Savannah aad Charlotte N G
The United States Fast Mail
Via Savannah and Charlotte N O
The Cincinnati and Florida Limited
Via Jenap
Through Vestibuled TrainsPullman DrawingRoom Sleeping Cars
Through CoachesElegant Dining Cars
Through Pullman Sleeping Cars betwoen Jacksonville and Cincin
nati 0 Via Asheville N C and Knoxville Through t
Through Trains via Southern Railway are now Operated in connection with
tho Plant System from Jaoksonville
For Euttw Schedules and Information cull on or address
212 West Bar Street Jacksonville Fla
RANDALL CLIFTON District PassenRer Agent Savannah Ga
Trallii MtumKer Gen Pass Agt Aiut Gen Pass Agt
Jthimtoa D C Washington D C Atlanta Qa
f have triad Rlpans Tabules with so mucb sails
factlon that I can cheerfully recmumend thew
nave been troubled fur about three year with
what I called blllout attacks cumlii oti regularly
once a week Was told by different physicians
that it was caused by bad teeth of which I bud
several I had the toeth extracted but the at
tacks continued I had seen odrertUt mrnta of
Ktpaus Tabule in aU the papers but had no faith
In them but about elx weeks since a friend In
duced me to try thorn Have taken but two of the
maU cent boxes of the Tabules and bare had
no recurrence of the attncti Have uerer Khan a
teitlmnnlal for anything before but the gnat
amount of good which I believe has been done me
by Rlpana Tbuea Induces me to add mine to the
many testimonials you doubtless bar In your
poueulon now A T DEVITT
carr g > tutu a crowded
I want to Inform yon
In words of bluest ogHek tk o f A S place whimit getting a
heilnctcuuw sick ut ray
of the Ixnttlt
praise Htomach xnlabout
I have derived trots 4 t
I n T Y T 3 i Slnt oiTnlnfi who was
U p takliK l lie in I ir caUuih
In this profession a clear Ir of tn sroiiiih Sbr rural
bead Is always needed 01 tJ > Lair buch ivi i f foiu
Rlpans Tabules dou It l The modern stand I their use slebdrtaed ma
After one of my casesi J I > to trUa tliin t > o and I
found myself completely stnca
< hat been doingaoatnes
rundown Acting on the LJ lard Family IIedi Ir last October and will
advice of Mr Geo Bow o fcay they have completer
or Ph O 5 S8 Newark I I cured headaches
the l r > lyrared my
JyeJerscC1tl took cine Cures
Are Jersey City withk N iQ I am twenty alas years
Ripens Tabules with I lip old You are welcome
grand results U common evcryday + to use this tritlm nlaL
> 50 Sara J DnooEJ1Y
+ ill of humanity f t
Mother was troubled 7 0 I
heartburn amid
with J
d p Sly seTtnyearold boy
sleeplessness caused T W Tlufle
a Ip uitorfd with pains la
Indigestion for a go I v
a head constlpatloa
Z j bls
One day
ninny years t1 bis
was uriil complained
she staff A
0 stomach He could not
In the
paper rat Itko children of his
III pant Tabulei She
URIC I go oke do and what be
determined them
to give
k i 11 cat did not nzrto
a trial was greatly
ir o3o9911 1 tUlc
S9 a him nowastail
relleTad by their use
and now takes the eat of H saffron color
Tabules regularly Bbekecpaafewcartons Upn
Tabules In the bouso cud says she will not bo WHII
out them The heartburn and aleeple t4t > s have
disappeared with tho mlltestloa which was
formerly no great a burden for her Our wliola
family take to Tabul n rciiarly lp tlHlly afier
a hearty meaL My mother la lifty year of mie
and Is enjoyln the ostof health and sptita aho
eats heart meal an iniposlbiUy 1t n tike
took lUpans Tabule ASTON II HLUKZJI
I bare been a great sufferer from constipation
foroverfle years Notiltg gar tno any relief
Jly fc < t aid KKJ and abdomen were bloated se
t could not wear shoe on my et and ouly u loose
drv s I haw Kpans Tabules advertised In our
d paper bnuuht ome and took them as direct
< t tiara taken them about thme weeks ant there
U turh achu pr I am not cog < ipated any more
and low It ml to HI pun Tabules lam thirty
seven years old bate no occupation only my
household duties and nursing my sick husband
lie has bad te dropsy and I am trying Rlpans
Tahule for him He feels some better but It will
tate some time be has been sick i > o long Tom
may use my letter and name M you Wee
I hare been euTerlnn from headaches ere
since I wart u halo glrL I could never rid In a
R vans tome P lhc h sn t a4 lu farr of
Kiixit9 Tubulorf Ilrt1 them lUll OS Tabules noi
oay nevci but BCIUH cured my youngster
the beuilc N hivu tit > a > i > < kircd b wets are In
K od ci a M 11 ui er cin lain r of his
itonili Ilel Bwartfil cnuoUi rcmlbo > Tal
vonerril chau I attribute to Klpans Tabule
I am tMftHd that they will benefit any one from
the raula to oM ctt It taken according to direction
E W Pmc
arua tithoat gla > Is now for taste
i n a rrr
contMnln iw KttS T Ittu icU s
A style packet
new p mlCA Ow
I rr
tr I r
ea 4 r P
lildM rrwl 1 r
u t
drag ton roe IIXtJ ro
some fit I t ent t lb Raul
cartn t1 latl 3s mc Ss a I Yt
the IhInt >
for ftv seats
tLa s1 Will beeat
4 r arv
Yrkr a s4Na
Vie 10 < < < StrumaW
Car 1 LCorr4NT pruce r I sad AC Mme 1quor Itorol
lUru TlatLva cuo1 nso ba hid ut uur rcN h I r1 itts r
nil hsKlrc + r11rf
nr wO
Ledbarberhoiis Thy LLuth 111n huh s r
Surf Crest C > LSe
w Soa B100Z0 FIn
33 J MIMS Lessee
HST smTii of SIA mITZl A T ME OPEN ALL Tin VKAU uorxn
Finest Surf Bathing and Fishing
TKUMS UrASuNAttlr HH imtt > all trainHt Pax toiia Ststi H
ItItI ItIt1 It11U
Hylers Dyspepsia Tablets
t ICE ION I Jon 1111
Krsui Mr InxV letter Uluw only uiu IIi ilnmaml we have UII tU in Mir uilw
Munl ek fun c Atlanta tin
tillthmult in with tlilliilcni that Wlilt ran tor I Mill not otI w li iX I I d Ju >
iianu in i rint imt 1 feel that ill thug it i > my duty t thlottl wlm Millur ami my uaitmli to
you tc w rite ytni what Hylir 1 > yJiHj iia Txltifrs salve ilotic for MM Six r > ntha re
aP all I K r ever Itdll > vst 11 nuiin Imtli ml li tills from my > lnnuli al tiic tutu a u
111111 hitilly ali la Krt my hrrallt lla l trlt1 mu r am uu > Mi1 lvstu jiirf otlifts
Iwrt iroiihic lhfS > till nttarrh of ntoiiiarii ill bt 11111 liit unlit auv n lu f 1 dont
know hors JHMIIV atlvrrtiMil nmlicims I took hut Url i n r < f A frifii 1 nlvi I HO r
Iy l il sia TaMfts Without hpl I got tinin ami lit n tikmt To i y MI i lin it
immIlilth rdiff and after ntiiif three IIixs > + l tiir lantl feel lictttr than I have
in yiiirs Ktubwd Hud 2110 for + hiih vm x4 rrailut one of them fur my slater
ami the oher while I now dont need them ttP thins in inv Faint
1l > n i m
HYLKirs DY iKrsIA TABLI 7r > are eiiireU for Iy JKpla lur
lliJt > tion Catarrh Stnmnch Constipation cm and all < li = w rising
from a Pi jrdered Stomach or Liver
HyJers Dyspepsia Tablets are put in bo Ltrez
ment Price 100 per box
on receipt of i

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