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t I J i T it SdL ° j1 r + TfS r r IILr a > T r W 7 9 YJ j T
I f y f
< i
f i I S R
Entered at the postoffice at Titusville as
4 secondclass mail matter
XUIII K Wager Editor and Publisher
Advertising Rates Furnished on
Communications on live topics especially
of local interest are solicited But the editor
reserves the right to condense them to suit
F Brief items of neighborhood news always
It must be clearly understood that neither
THE STAR nor its editor is responsible for
t opinions expressed by correspondents I
f e Subscribers will confer a favor on THE
I STAR if they will notify us of any failure to
receive their paper
4 Misrepresenting Mr Bryan
In Washington last Saturday
Mr Bryan complained that there
seemed to be a deliberate deferm jn
ation on the part of some of the i
newspapers unfriendly to him to
misrepresent his position in respect
to the Philippines In order that
f there might be no ground for such
misrepresentation he stated his po
sition on that subject in writing
Notwithstanding thia effort to set
himself right some of the corres
pondents of leading Republican
f papers stated in their dispatches
the substance of what he wrote in a
way Chat was calculated to create a
wrong impression
For instance the correspondent
of the TimesHerald of Chicago
who has the reputation of being
one of the ablest newspaper men in
Vashington stated in a dispatch
to his paper that Mr Bryan was
for expansion but was against
imperialism and that he explain
ed what he meant by saying that
4he favored giving the Filipinos in
dependence and protecting them
against outside interference He
alsp made the statement that Mr
Bryan did not explain how Fili
ti pino independence could be recon
piled with an mericall protec
As a matter of fact Mr Bryan
did make such an explanation
He said that the kind of protector
1 ate the American government
V should exercise over the Philip
pig us was the same as that which
tit exercises over the republics of
Central and South America sim
ply to prevent European nations
from interfering in the affairs of
those republics or endeavoring to
dominate them
For this country to exercise such
authority might not be a good
i thing for the Filipinos and it might
I be more costly than profitable for
this country Still Mr Bryan fa
vors such a protectorate for the isl
ands and it is but fair that his po
sition be correctly stated in both
Republican and Democratic papers
The Financial 4 Pull
The iensacola News strikes it
about right when it says that the
politician with a pull gets there I
The criminal with plenty of in I
fluential friends has good chances
of getting oileasy If his friends
or his family have plenty of cash
he is almost sure of exemption
from the consequences of his crime
Former Captain Oherlin Car
ter convicted by a courtmartial of
his brother oilicers of high crimes
against the people of the United
States is able or his friends are for
him to pay large sums to the most
skillful and renowned lawyers to
fight his cal even after his convic
a tion and sentence have been ap
k1 proved by the president The bold
announcement is made by his coun
sel that if they art unsuccessful in
1 prolonging the preliminary steps
t trial of Car
I tl now in progress for the
th ters coconspirators until the legal
p 2P period of limitation expires next
USU a + 1 tllelel1 Ill eVtntlllg the dis
tOft I le Aires of evidence which would
Mrtui fiiV Yrsxrters guilt they intend
1n tcrar is 111
into the supreme
home Fllkln6lFruit iJimatter
for some guSr cntlemei ll lArrrfrtates and as
entertain fors to see what hal the congrcs
nie E yf a commis
day Irs DiBol lef the legality fj
spent of the stnis a
he 0 nd and fro a Span ture
ay ndo SilverY the
the w red i
with a millionor less cannot be
punished at the hands of the law
no matter what crime he may have
committed Are the people of the
United States ready to accept this
I as a fundamental truth Are the
lawful and regular proceedings of a
court of competent jurisdiction to
be set aside by legislation when I
they can no longer be successfully
attacked in the courts Is the
regular and lawful course of legal
procedure which is supposed to
apply to rich and poor alike to
have no effect upon one lawfully
convicted of crime simply because
he is richfrom the proceeds of
public moneys criminally taken
from the treasury of the people
These appear to be questions I
raised by the counsel for Carter
How asks the News will the
courts the congress and the people
answer them
Dissatisfaction With Mr Bryan
A Washington despatch in the
Baltimore Sun says information
has been received in that city that
Mr Bryan has received letters from
at least a dozen Democratic leaders
in the south asking him to retire
as a candidate for the Democratic
nomination for president In many
papers statements are appearing
that among Democrats in Vashing
ton there is considerable dissatis
faction with Mr Bryan Demo
cratic senators are represented as
being satisfied that he cannot come
as near being elected as he did in
the last presidential contest and
that his views on several impor
tant questions are not acceptable
to very large numbers of Demo
cratic voters There is talk also
that when he reaches New York a
determined effort is to be made to
induce him to abandon the 16 to 11
All of this sort of political gossip
is interesting but it does not prove
anything No weight is to be at
tached to it as long as no one of
the Democratic leaders is willing to
come out into the open and state
that he is opposed to Mr Bryan
and will use his influence to pre
vent him from being nominated
It would be very remarkable if Mr
Bryan did not have some opposi
tion He does not expect that he
will be nominated by acclamation
All the indications are however
that he will have such an over
whelming majority in the nomi
nating convention that the opposi
tion will hardly he worth consi er
in gI
It is probable that those who are
doing the most of the talking
against him were against him in
lSUG That explains probably why
they will not permit their names
to be given in the interviews in
which they express antiBryan
Mr Bryan is not going to change
his views on the money question
the expansion question or allY
other question lie could not very
well fiord to change them If he
were to do so he would cease to he
popular with those who are now
his staunchest friends
Clydes iciiiTul OIHiMs Moved
Kffwtivo Inn iMtli woo till emral
otliivs of tin Clydf Stcnmiit runt a ny
vre ivnuivid from Xu5 Howlhsglliven
New York to CIIllIlongh building ID
Salt stivit IIIMIMU linttiTy Park Tin
new olluvsof till ClyiK line will bi tit
led up very line ami in keeping with the
elegant ships anti service run by the I
Bicycle Collision
Mr L I Deiker of Vet 1iilni ISeach
wa thrown from her bicycle the lint part
of last week while riding down the rub
ber trail at Palm Beach by a collision
with u wheel coming in the opposite di
rection Her ankle wii caught bet tt len
t ht pedal crank and the frame III her
wheel and she was held in thi Plli ition
until relea > ed by her soninlaw Mr M
I K timber who with his wife was with
I her It will probably bt some days if
i nut weeks before Mrs Decker will re
cover the full use of her ankle main
f time ntI
11 Sharpe received ilaaNranht Tlme l01l
lie from the McFarlaml Fm
Flfci kitchen and
t with which told storehouse
Q n ca3ul of a fro eight acres
I CtCYaiusi acres cleared
n stti viil be sold
of ita etLu fc f ue If tle
e J range
l I
Only One Republican Signed the Report of
the Majority
The reports of the committee on privi
leges and elections in the case of Senator
Quay who claims a seat in the senate on
the strength of the appointment from the
governor Pennsylvania were presented
Tuesday The majority report opposing
seating him was signed by Senators Caff
ery Pettus Turley Harris and Burrows
the last named the only Republican sign
ing it The minority report bears the
signatures of Senators Hoar Chandler
Pritchard and McCpmas all Republicans
and advocates giving the seat to Mr
The majority report says the senate has
never recognized the right of a state ex
executive to make a temporar appoint
ment where the vacancy occurred during
a legislative session and that the para
mount intent to have the legislature
choose the senators is to prevail The
constitution framers never intended to
give the executive of a state the power to
fill an entire term by original appoint
ment unless possibly in a case where
the legislature had chosen and the per
son elected had refused to accept or died
before qualification
Every contingency is provided for by
the constitution except the sole one that
the legislature fails to perform its sworn
duty and against that the constitution
framers did not intend to provide
The fundamental principle thus es
tablished it that if the legislature either
before or after the happening of a vacan
cy has had an opportunity to fill it then
there is no power in the state executive
to appoint The result is fatal to the
claims of Mr Quay and the senate for
its own honor and dignity should stand
by its previous solemn and deliberate de
The minority report says the governors
failure to call the legislature together to
elect a senator does not act to deprive the
governor of the power of appointment
uWe think says the report that the
intent of the constitution was to provide
as far as possible that every state should
have two senators We think that a de
cision which must inevitably deprive
states in the Union for long periods of time
of their rightful representation under the
constitution will not be permitted long
to stand and that no settlement of the
question in derogation of the rights of
the states and as we conceive in viola
tion of the intent of the framers of the
constitution should be acquiesced in
Republican Convention
The Republican state convention met
in the opera house at St Augustine last
Friday at noon after an all night caucus
held to settle the deleuitioii to the Phila
delphia convention The fight was be
tween United States Marshal Horr mill
II S Chubb who finally gave way for
position as alternate
Collector MstcFarlanc of Tampn made
a strong light against K U Gunny his
grievance being that he was omitted
from the Tampa delegation
Judtlolul i Long was in full control
of the conventiu11ull was elected chair
man by acclamation
Messrs < i L mg J K Lee II S
Chubb and Mark White were nominated
delegates to the national convention
MeKinleys administration received
hearty indorsement but the delegates
were rot instructed for any candidate
The leaders in the convention all agreed
that the vice presidential candidate
would come from New York Lieutenant
Jovernor Woodruff being the favorite
though Secretary Ihs had many sup
porters The Florida delegation will it
H conceded follow the lead of the New
York delegation
J want to let the jeople who mUI f1II
rheumatism and sciatica know that Cham
berlains Pain hallo relieved me after a
number of other medicines and a doctor
had failed It is the best liniment I have
ever known ofJ A KMgen Alphaivt
tn lit Thousands have lieen cured of
rheninalism by this remedy Chit appli
cation relieves the pain For sale by H I
It Wilson Son I
Fur Over Fifty Ytwri
Mils w SLOWS xMiTiiiNn svitri hn >
+ Ibll for over any veer by iiiUllonsof moktlr
fur iiiolr clill lrru A lull iffUilnic with jwrfuii
ucc It4Mt III ihi luM oOlttoh thi mii >
illiiYnall pain curt WJlltl r 11 < xn l too the l + ta
r for DlarrUon It nlll riHeve the poor
little utTerer tinme litfly > 0 M by Urn J It
In every iwrt of the world TwvntyJlve ieni
a bottle I5 sure Knl Htfc for Mr Wins
low Som hint Syrup alit take no oilier tInt
ruder ami 11 y virtue uf H liiml drrree of
flJrldlJurc rendered l y tin 1I1It Minor S
lone judge of the finnit rustic ill and fur
Bicvard muuty Florida n tin Mill day of
lanuary A I > 1HW ill a certain iiuu in
IhaiHery therein p inline in sli1 court
wherein Halliel P Siitith b ioiiiphiiiixiit stud
F M Tyler a > a hiiiintiiti i f tin otali of
Julius Tyler et al anIffiiMlaitts I will as
special inaMrr in lhLltnry cII fr ali t itln
hitilifst ami ht bidder on the first 11Ill lay
in March 1IKH th nu Ixinu the th day of
still nth stud a L tl iU day Intwi fii
the legal lniui itt u in frut il the itHirt
luniv door in Titu i Ie Ilnvanl itrtiuty
Florida all tin lull u iiu dt < rilM1 land iyiii
and Ueint in Hrevard f uutv Florida tu wit
Lot 1 section lo i iw u > liii > t5 itih > f ntn e
lOwtet exeijuint then fnmi lot I and i and
that pail of luts a and 1 lying wi > t of
Florida Knst CtluI Hailniiy roi i Miiys Iiht
of way alto It 7 ae 1 lUlt the phi of > iid
land made by li 15 I5tir hriel r mnlv survey
or and on nVurd in sail r uuty ot Hrevard I
and also exceptin the riyht of wy1 tin I
said Florida 1jiit C uM Hail ay cuinNiny or
so much thereof a will xiti > fy aiiid decree
Sndal Mnter in himeery
Tituavillr Fla Jau2Utli llHHi
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
The Passenger Fare Case
In the circuit court at Jacksonville
Monday Judge Call listened to the argu
ments of attorneys in the case of the state
of Florida against the Savannah Florida
and Western and the Florida Central and
Peninsular railroads for refusing to com
ply with the order of the railroad com
mission of July 18 1898 directing them
to reduce the passenger fare from 4 to 3
cents Attorney General Lamar was di
rected by the commissioners on June 29
1809 to bring suit against the above
mentioned companies and he recom
mended that Judge U S Liddon and J
M Barrs be chosen to assist him in liti
gation A continuance of the case was
taken until today
There is more catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together
and until the last few years was supposed to
ho incurable For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disease and prescribed
local remedies and by constantly failing to
cure with local treatment pronounced it in
curable Science has proven catarrh to he a
constitutional disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment Hulls Cutarrrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney Co
Toledo Ohio is the only constitutional cure
on the market It is taken internally in doses I
from 10 drops to a teaspoonful It acts direct
ly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system They otter one hundred dollars for I
any case it fails to cure Send for circulars
and testimonials Address
F J CHENEY CO Toledo 0
Jir Sold by druggists 75c
Halls Family Pills are the best
If you have any Braying or hauling
Wingate will do it for you lie is here
in the business again
Weekly Weather Report
Comparative statement of temperatures
and rainfall for the week ending Tuesday
Jan 23 1900
1000 1800
Jau17 72 68 80 US
18 77 07 12 Ut
10 74 OS 09 is
20 71 60 65 is
21 01 51 72 56
II 22 73 54 6S 55
co 23 73 60 70 61
Total rainfall for the week 09 inch
Departure from the normal rainfall for the
week plus 21 inch
Departure from normal rainfall since Jan
I 1st 1900 plus 70 inch
Observer Weather Bureau
Jupiter Fla Jan 23 1000
D 525 CSC7 c rjye5s = 5P4 o75T7etrF
= 1
r Correspondence Invited qT L Stencils Furnished
caaa eas sagcac taaaosr eaeartSZ5252S25 a ciB2S ca ano oe
McComb Co
I u I
i CUBAN and ii
a Growers and Shippers Agents
I I I I 11
nErEIIxcrs 309 Washington St
Commercial Agiuuira
Any IMiulle House in New York NEW YORK
I saAf ift z4 z ti BiYilUifiaS25 = BIL i545 e
Hotel Indian River
tlJUIl H enl Kloctric
Light Elevator Ur
r r f rhestia Everything
Fiat Class
a = isixisTIIK FIN1
t 3 per ilny stud uxatrltt
1 t A w t Slttci1 weekly rule
I > T < EX
nlltin roo Filliug IInntin DrhH Hicvclinir
among the attractions
83l 03710ULgi
Monumental Marble Works
All kinds of Monuments all kinds of Granite
and Marble awl Vimtiry KiMiring All work
done in person in a > alifactory manner Cor
repondence solicited UrpnMntfil by
c E0 II < > < >
HIT Hanover 1 to33csoi > D 7illo F1a
T I r n IIMII Mini uit If111t h f iie4
tar i lor b i ir t 111 AITY Miul a t MK
I i MI ii 1 itiiiiiiii j v iivtii iii iti 1er
1 11 d > I l I Ikfckrl IrMtrr J tltltf
fllil tl Mil 11Ir rf tlif a1M lP HiMklbif It < rfllv
t r tilt ii t hndIe 4f M n lu culiivHll Th
riu iHifr i iiitforMi iMriff Mtui MUrttctl
i ti He iix ry Irn li l a rulM t ttK tr Htlli
3G 6 in nu n liliit Ili fruit < Int < r ll6tMH w
a I tcr thtu nuI trlftl and ia Lktfre4Mr
i iI h tt r iI r It I tetM ck dIy IUhtJIC cur
t I lutdn and U mnnrkHMy Mae f xr toniq
i hllliKrl anil Mill inter HI IHCU
j 1 Per Pkt lOco 3 pkts SOc 7 pkts 100
Kleuanilv 1 MUM rat d Sued Annual Free
with nil orders
Livingston Seed Co t on1JD8 >
I t r

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