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< i J 1 r i 2 I
t J I j f
L 1 J t S i i
J I t C II
ii J It
7 I C
Mr Andrew Xale m Farther fltatet
Regarding Chart and li aace t
Editor of The Florida Star
P The receipt of nvjmeroua letters from all
f portions of the county commending and
approving my action in the school board
t matter and asking for information cans
k cerning the same is my excuse for again
asking for space in your columns
My former colleagues on the school
board state that they decided to take
the charts books ami maps in a lot at
01753 believing that it was as reasona
ble a purchase as vo could make The
schools need these supplies even if we
have to carry the warrants over The
present need of the supplies warrant the
expenditures etc
This is just the point at issue My
judgment was that the purchase was not
t a reasonable one at all and furthermore
that there was no need whatever that
warranted any such expenditure
In support of this contention I will
state that if the encyclopedias were need
ed for the schoolswhich fuel cannot be
satisfactorily demonstratedthey could
have been purchased paper bound for
25 cents each cloth bound for 50 cents
each I hub a copy of Chambersency
elopedw paper bound for which I paid
the sum of 25 cents and also a copy of
the American Standard cloth bound for
which I paid the sum of 50 cents The
school board could certainly have bought
them by thu quantity as cheaply as I
bought singly
If the schools of the county needed
maps they could have been bought of
Rand McNally Co of Chicago from
whom the board purchased geographies
for the schools I have a wall map re
versible 4 by 6 feet size mounted on
muslin backing with roller for which I
paid the sum of 150 It is a Rand Mc
Nally Co map has that firms name
printed thereon in large type and is listed
at 500 The school board could certain
ly have bought these maps in quantity at
the price I bought a single one
As to the chart I must say that the
leading educators of not only Florida but
of the United States have discarded I
them They are valueless Good upto
date teachers regard them in the main
as affording no real advantage A prom
inent winter resident of this county who
is a heavy taxpayer here and who is not
interested in the manufacture or sale of
school charts in any manner and who
can make a fair and disinterested State
ment concerning them says that in the
state of Michigan his home state which
has one of the best and most complete
school systems after having given school
charts u fair and thorough trial they
have been disrudetl as obsolete and
worthless for educational purposes and
that they can now he bought by the
carload for a sons t1
So much for what those at u distance
think of the value of school charts lion
1v N Sheats state superintendent of
public instruction whose permission 1
have to use the following extracts in ac
knowledging the receipt of my resigna
tion described this purchase of school
charts as a reckless use of school funds tt
He wrote further
Mv portion in regard to such expen
diturci is well known to all who have
kept up with my utterances on such mat
turd for tin4 past few years II
In a Inter Idler he writes
Omv or twin in tin School Journal
alai pivvtuifly in tin Kxponent my
views wtiv puhlihfil on the subject of
county timiwv 1 < tl lilt purcbasu
churls md mlirr hj iMiable school de
vices t KfiMlly WIWIIII county boa tls
were emwrasod for funds to run their
schools upon a ta t l ni
Our rtutt ii tMiilrinUMt bud investi
gated the clmrt business thoroughly bad
puhlifhiHl > virus and puc iliull M as to
give JNIIllicity and uarninu tit all con
cerned and was ready to advise county
board nil tilt very pitnts involved in this I
ease Hut for some inscrutable ivaon
only the n rnt of the churl company was
Mv former colleagues were either not
posted ar to tin oithlesws ot charts
were not aware of tin portion of the
state superintendent of public intruetion
on thiM mat UTS and did nut know that
the purchase otlhcsv harts was a reck
less use of till s hool funds or else they
were duped by the oily tongued agent of
the chart miblisliiiii company
Tin county superintendent stunts that
he was bitterly opinxcd to tin purchase
of the arithmetical charts What dis
armed his opposition to the purchase of
these HIM lit cull down the odhl ol
debt with so many prolmblys
there is a vivid strain of uncertainty run
ning through it 1 tun of the opinion
that tin uncantvlled undelroyed war
ranis constitute the debt of tint cbool
board but the superintrndiiit runs lib
optimistic pen along through Sir of tbc
warrants npreMnting till Titu > vill
school buildim and says gluey will unit
be paid low docs be know llaf
these warrants been I dctrovd
they ever btu in ptl scsi ii of tin luurd
authority has payment been
Uy whose
The superintendent states that Ilse ix
iMiwlittir j forall pnrnosta will not exivtil
iiSOO If teachers salaries amount to
of the
SDOOO and books and the pay
board arc + 1000 more what will be done
with the other J800 The superintend
ent has so befogged the figures t
probably that it U exceedin
I I > ft
cult to keep tally on his results
The superintendent states that the
board owed in 189798 5 57j paid dur
ing 189309 1243
I admit that there were 1243 of war
rants paid by the treasurer and destroyed
by the board but what amount of war
rants was issued to take the place of those
I ask the superintendent to tell the tax
payers of the county when was there ever
a dollar in the treasury to the credit of
the school fund over and above outstand
ing warrants
I would like for the superintendent to
tell the taxpayers when the debt of the
school boardthe aggregate of all unpaid
warrantswas less than 5000
The method now in vogue is to issue
warrants on the treasurer for the amount
of money stated There being no money
or not enoughin the treasury the re
cipient of the warrant say a teacher
gets it cashed by a merchant and the hat
ter deposits it in one of the banks of the
county There is an arrangement with
the banks that the school board will pay
them ten per cent interest on all war
rants they may hold Quarterly or semi
annually the banks make a list of war
rants held by them figure the interest on
each one add all the interest items to
gether and then make out a bill against
the school board for the amount of inter
est due The board then issues a war
rant to each bank for the amount claimed
as interest on indebtedness which
warrant is at once listed with the other
warrants ayd in due course of time comes I
in as part of the amount drawing interest
at ten per cent By this method inter
est on indebtedness becomes interest
bearing in other words this method in
volves compounding interest on the school I
debt As far as I know this compound
ing of interest is believed to be pernicious
and contrary to the spirit and letter of
our constitution and laws making the
school fund hopelessly in debt and yet
our county superintendent states it is i
nothing new or startling but approved
by all business men and also that the I
county is not hopelessly or harmfully
in debt But I shall leave this matter
to be settled between the school board
and superintendent on the one baud and
the people on the other I
In conclusion allow me to say to the I
large number of citizens who have writ i
ten to me on the subject that I am not i
in politics I am not an aspirant for office I
or for political preferment Under the 1
present system and with the present
methods in operation I would positively
dlclill to accept thc county stiperintuu
doncy or any position or office connected
with school attairs K X AXDHKWS I
Cocoa Flu Jim 22 1900
Senator Taliaferro of Florida has been II
addled to the census committee of the I
senate This was accomplished Tuesday i
be 16th by a resolution passed through
the senate on motion of Senator Cockrell
3333 3339 333 3333 3333a I
Lilts aSV 4 w a W 1
n iL
p t 0 Tak L ww 0w
m Thin pale anamic girls ill g
m need a fatty food to enrich J
m their blood give color to v
their cheeks and restore their t
1 health and strength It is t
3 safe to say that they nearly i
all reject fat with their food
r5coj II1SI0H I
SCO EMu sj9J I
rn t
S is exactly what they requiret
< S it not only gives them the inv
m portant element codliver oil JJ
m in a palatable and easily di t
m gested formbut also the hypo a
i phosphites which are so valua J
m ble in nervous disorders that
to i > usually accompany anrcmia rei
X fatty food that is more easily i
digested than any other form J
of fat A certain amount of it
S flesh is necessary for health a
S m You can get it in this way J
tri We have known per = u
m sons to gain a pound a v
m day while taking it g
m 5oc snir w druggists vt >
rti SCOTT BOWNE Cheimts New York J
The Least Hair
Casts a Shadow
A single drop of poison
blood will unless checked in
time make the whole impure
Hoods Sarsaparilla is the
great leader in blood purifiers
It casts no shadow but brings sun
shine and health Into every household
Dyspepsia Suffered everything but
death for years with dyspepsia Nothing
relieved me until I took Hoods Sarsapa
rilla and It made and kept me well Can
eat anything I wish MRS EUGENE
MURPHY Hulls Mill Danbury Conn
Consumptive CoughFive years
ago I had a consumptive cough which re
duced me to a skeleton Was advised to
take Hoods Sarsaparilla which I did and
recovered normal health I have been well
Pearl and Chestnut Sts Jeffersonvllle Ind
JfoodJ sqz
Hoods pm cure liter lili the non irritating aud
i cathartic to tke with bloods SartapartiJiu
How Florida Soil Differ From That of
Other States
Prof P 11 Rolfs late 01 the Florida
Agricultural college has held some radi
cal and heterodox views and the Florida
Farmer and Fruit Grower says that it
believes the following from his pen in
the Rural New Yorker will not fail to
elicit contradiction
Our experience both scientific and
practical forces the conclusion upon us
that Florida soil is very different from
any other in the eastern United States
The amount of moisture actually needed
in the soil to produce a good crop of fruit
is less than onefifth of that required in
New York and the amount necessary to
soak it is also very much less During
extremely dry weather the soil rarely be
comes so depleted of moisture that one
I will not find moist sand in the field by
digging down from three to six inches
I When humus is added to the soil it acts
like a sponge taking the water up and
causes the soil to appear actually dry
when really it contains the same amount
of moisture that it did before the humus
was added Humus acts further as a
porous medium separating the particles
of sand and increasing the evaporation of
moisture Besides this land rich in
humus required twice or three times as
great a per cent of moisture ius soil rather
deficient in humus Thn during the dry
season humus in the soil would cause it
I to become thirsty and increase the radi
I ation During the rainy season the
humus becomes filled with moisture but
I fail to let it filter through as the sand
does thus tending to cut off the supply
of air and to drown the plants It has
been definitely ascertained by reliable
j methods that the percentage of water
i present in sandy soils during the rainy
season is only slightly above the per cent
I during the dry season but in the soils
rich in humus we find them to be what
iri locally known as watersobbed dur
j ing the rainy season and during the dry
eason they are excessively dry Peach
I orchards in Florida planted on muck lands
or on clay lands do fairly well for a short
I time but are liable to IK shortlived and
I a very irregular bland
Both experience and seieniitir teach
I ing lead us to believe that pine strawerab
rite oak leaves and other vegetable
matter should not be plowed muter as is
frequently done in thestill clay hinds of
the north If the e < iiib innivs are used
they rhould never IK ti > el in anv other
arty than mulching or applied after Imv
ing been c > mpu > te iI The question r to
i whether the using of tills organic maitte r
I as a mulching is profitable will have to be
decided by till imlmdual cae Like the
hauling of muck on to fruit and vegetable
I lands which nt one lime was quite pOp
liar in Florida tilt hauling of organic mat
ter on lo orchards and grove mtist he
1 classed lsa harmless nmusemenl Thai
I there is not some advantage from luith of
i these pleasures cannot be denied but the
whole matter of fruit growing is nut mine
of sentiment but whether u will brim
the returns in dollaoand cents Putting it
on this busts we must put it in tht doubt
ful class to be decided by the individual
location and condition From what has
been said above it should not inferred
I that the pure white soils of the sand
dunes itrttbe ideal ones for peach grow
inir but rather those that have beensutli
iriently Mibdued by vegetation to grow a
tit st chlS crop of long leaf pine and at
the same time well drained are in almut
the right condition for men to transform
ml a peach orchard
A pure whiskey agrees with any food
in fact aid > digestion It tunas the
Moiuaeh imivae the How of the gastric
jilin null > u pioinoles Mrenulh rntl
tusli A pure whiskey like llAKPKU
hifkev Auld by Lo > ley A Iut low
lttttsviiie Fla
f A If TT O B A
p For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the A
Signature of
Jas Pritchard Son
Tinware Crockery 4ati
Boat Goods Paints and Oils 11
and t
Write for prices t
Box 212
Bond Lurn ber CoOn
On hand and Constantly Arriving
Dressed and Undressed
Shingles Moulding Scroll Work Balusters Newel Posts j
Bean Orange Cabbage and Tomato Crates 4
Brick Lime Cement Etc
Estimates made on all building material Our large boat Sunny South will deliver e
anywhere on the river Call ou us or send in your bill We will servo you right p s
E3C > r1d Lonl ber 0 < >
P1t L vide Flo3rid
are as use
ful ut our w
as dollars on or n J1
dinary occasions I 1 I J
The opportunity of those I
who waited for
is here Ve have re 1
marked prices on every
article of
in the store regardless of f f i
the fact that all are
and would easily bring f
full price at any time G L
ust square accounts for year that v
0 ii the only reason for quick selling
JOHN R WALKER Titusville Fla
Take Your FIRE INSURANCE with 9 So Sc lluyile rt j
Agent fur tlw Hartford > Etna Liverpool and London and Globe 4
Home Continental Providence Washington Fire
mans Fund and Sun Mutual <
For further information rates etc address or call tin CS SCIIUYLER TITUSVILLK Fm
uanuraeturen the s1N1IVX UIYEU ICE 3IAXUFACTOKY T TPr DE e oo I
Special attention paid to packing for family use and shipped to any station on the East Coast
railroad or hy stauuhoat on Indian river
Carroll Goldsmith
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mjllcrfriii0 > Florida
Tin Glass and Crockery Ware
Lc > s1ey lic > t1C > wt
Foreign and domrstii brands of Hints randirs burns fins and
Vhiskiis 1 i ttlfd Pcirs Airs and Stout
PHinilv Hii l hotel trile i > Mtheiteil ln inj t anal ntnful attention given to mail ordet
l aah mist a4iiui ny ynirTler LdSIlIY A MoTIOW TITUSVIIIK FIt
SIHcinl atttiUJoH givfii III mail onUrs OiOA i lolifit
llihdK KVKKVTlllNd
Appertaining to tin t
1 A D W N RE r
Also niiv lint of Fu Ill it 11Jt Crntl ry Lamp Vindv Sliadi y
Mattiniis tu etc rndtrtakii Supplies ColHn and Caske
Write iii vvlnti in need IIf anything in our line uiul Wt will t I
lrulIIttl 1Ihh yon lowest market price S a be
r tits h ter
Saw your adv in the STIR 11 lU le t t
t f 0 fl r 1 II K OS DSO t Jt r
JIIIIII I 0 u TT pd for i mr Gallic VI p II
GEtuuuaCl t to lt1te t1QH till ti te Ju
vA a1 uh ks a ectora
PrhbredioI I F r i 1 ming dO litre now open n I riep
b 1111 I I truh I an dv Sunda ex dotl
Jrmol ti of all rititte Irlllll any mil liuttrout ft to i a I
aJo > o
romlt a
f 1 I i a

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