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k f1 1 i L E fif f j > < iit
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CougreMmftn Day Glv w M III Jlea > onA
No Change Opinion
Congressman Robert W Davis was re
cently invited to a joint debate with Hon
Frank Clark on the political issues of the
day and to present his claims for a re
nomination to the office which he now
holds Hia reply declining the sugges
tion has been prepared and is presented
0 House of Representatives Washing
j ton March 24 1900 Judge Milton Br
an Secretary Bryan Club DeLand Fla
My Dear SirI am in receipt of your
courteous favor of the 21st informing
me of the invitation extended me to dis
cuss jointly with Hon Frank Clark be
fore said club the political issues of the
day and our relative and respective claims
t for the Democratic nomination for con
t greas from the Second district of Florida
While assuring you of my high ap
h predation of the honor you do me I am
F constrained to decline the invitation
jr Aside from the fact that I am kept busy
r with my public duties here there are other
reasons why I cannot accept Joint dis
cussion has come to bo understood as
t synonymous with joint debate and joint
debate means a controversy or a differ
ence of opinion There would seem to
be nothing for my friend Mr Clark and
mo to debate He stands for the nomination
ination of WilKam J Bryan and so do I
lie stands on the Chicago platform and
ft g so do I It was my privilege to be a
r member of the committee which framed
l and reported that platform to the Demo
cratic national convention that adopted
it and I not only voted in committee for
that platform but also in the convention
i I have advocated it ever since and stand
f upon it now During my congressional
j career I have lived up to my professions
i and so far as I am now aware I have
r nothing to explain or apologize for
f You further in courteous in
t vitation that the purpose of the club is
J to give Mr Clark and myself an oppor
i t tunity for discussing our respective claims
r to the nomination I pay to you very
frankly that 1 make no claim A claim
means an assertion of a right 1 have not
buun in public life long enough yet to
have come to believe myself entitled to
an office The right to the otlice is in
the people until they confer it upon tome
citizen When the term of that ollice ex I
pired it goes back to the people
And so with a party nomination When
the next congressional nominating con
i vontion meets I shall return to them the
banner they placed in my hands two years
ago If it can be said of me then as my
good friend Governor Fleming said of
me in the lust convention that I have
carried the banner faithfully and return
ed it unstained and unsullied I shall be
I content
1 t J I have tried in an humble way to do
my duty since I have been in congrest
but this is no more than I should have
t done and constitutes no claim on my
part to a cuniinuanrc in that ollice My j
friends will present my name to the next
convention ami 1 have no iloubl that
whatever amount of merit I may jMjve s
r or whatever my wricomingd may he I
trill then 1m duly weighed and thu con
tention will exercise its right to renomi
Irate me or retire me 1 hull be glad to
sorvu them again but I sluill nut com
plain if the convention villa otherwise
Mr Mark 1ms already addressed your
club nt length HIH wan present I believe
whim you voted to extend an invitation
to him a nsI me for a joint diactiscion He
bus tluMetore alretly uiven you his
vimvs on puilic topud I truM my views
are generally known throughout the dis
trict 1 have mmle tVi very thorough
cainiMii us and have never hucitatetl to
give my views on public qiiiistions I be
lieve no one ehaiyus me with having
changed my mind or my iM iiion alKiiit
u 1 r sin tlmnkinf the llrynn club for its
kindnuee and wishing you much succites
1 am very truly yours
f llIttlUT 1V IAvist
Schooner Lost
Tim Crowell tall c Ciimpany of
rum IIn received a telrgrnm lint week
from New Urletuu sent by one of the
crew of the schooner Herrick saying the
schooner was U > tt and asking for trans
l ortntion to Tampa It scums this man
Wilt picked up by some vessel and carried
to New irlenns The Herrick left in
February for Honduras with a full cargo
and quite a number of jrtissengers ammig
whom were Capt Miles Mr taeo lioil
anti family Mr John IIHliiml anti fam
ily and others The fact that one man
has been tell gives a very faint hope
that others may have escaped but
it is more likely that the wont has come
to pass
A NlfcUt of Terror
Awful anxiety was fult for the widow
of the brave l ien Hurnliam of Mucluas
Me when the doctors said she could not
lira till morning writes Mrs S H Lin
coln who attended her that fearful night
Ul thought she mutt soon die from
pneumonia but she begeed for Dr Kings
New Discovery saying it had more than
once Hived her life and had cured her oi i
consumption After three small doses she
slept easily all night and its further use
cminletely cured her II This marvelous
medicine is guaranteed to cure all throat
chest and lung diseases Only ark and 1
Trial bottles free at B R Wilson fc sons
1 I
drug store
National Serrlce Does Not Regard Floridas
Action With Favor
The attitude of the marine hospital I
service seems to be clearly indicated to
ward the recent action of the Florida
state board of health in the plan to re
fuse to honor its certificates of inspection
and disinfection in future by the follow
ing dispatch sent out from Washington
the first of this week
The marine hospital officials are con
fident there need be no serious trouble
growing out of the decision of the Flori
da state board or health to maintain an
independent system of inspection and
quarantine of vessels arriving from Cuba
or other ports to prevent the introduc
tion of yellow fever The states have
the right to impose such additional pre
cautions as they may deem fit and proper
to those prescribed by the national gov
ernment to prevent the introduction of
diseases and this it is presumed will be
the course adopted by the state of Florida
if the decision of the board is carried out
The disinfection and inspection of the
marine hospital service it is said is com
plete and thorough and the officials as
sort there is no basis for the allegation
that the yellow fever epidemic of last
summer was due to its negligence The
point is made her that if the Florida
board of health declines to receive cer
tificates of inspection and dsinfeelion
issued by the marine hospital service
and imposes additional restrictions of this
character the state itself will bu a suf
ferer by delays in the shipments of its
commerce and much embarrassment may
The modern and most effective cure for
constipation and all liver troubles the
famous little pills known as DeXVittp
Little Early Risers B IL WiUon A Son
Gold Medals to HARPER whiskey at
New Orleans < Worlds Fair Chicago Try
it you will endorse the Judges verdict
Titusvillu Flu
Weekly Weather Iteport
Comiwnitivo statement of temperatures
titul ruinf ill for the veok ending Tuesday I
Moh 27 HIOO
lOon 1S1HI
chl 71 tlti 7 < 5 37
i 75 ns 77 ells
4 a 711 1i1l SI Ut
U t HI ill 75 S
U 3 sa titi 75 N
at 70 till SS III
7 77 17 SI 05
Totn1 rainfall for the week 111 inches
Departure from the normal rain full for the
witok plus tt I2 includ
DoiHirturi fmui normal rainfall ainrc Jan
1st WOO plus 5 > U inch
Observer Weather liureau
Jupiter Fla Melt 27 1000
I 111 r11 Iirfellrill H
IshuibO I
i If so there must be some i
I trouble with its food Well =
I babies are plump only the 1
f sick are thin Are you sure I
i the food is all right 1 Chi 1
I dren cant help but grow I
= they must grow if their food =
I nourishes them Perhaps a j
I mistake was made in the
past and as a result the die 1
i gestion is weakened If that j
I is so dont give the baby 1
j a lot of medicine just use j
s your everyday common =
I sense and help nature a I
little and the way to do j
1 it is to add half a teaspoon 1
i ful of i
f to the babys food three or j
1 four times a day The gain
I will begin the very first day i
I you give it It seems to =
I correct the digestion and I
r gets the baby started right s
I again If the baby is nurs I
I ing but does not thrive then z j
I the mother should take the
i emulsion It will have at
i good effect both upon the Z
I mother and child Twenty I
= five years proves this fact
I j
fx and 1 s ai drupgsti
S SCOTT BOU SK i hemistv New York
L M Hi H M Ht g r mJ
J Look at your tongue
Is it coated P
Then you have a bad
taste in your mouth every
morning Your appetite
is poor and food dis
tresses you You have
frequent headaches and
are often dizzy Your
stomach is weak and
your bowels are always
Theres an old and re
liable cure
Dont take a cathartic
dose and then stop Bet
ter take a laxative dose
each night just enough to
cause one good free move
ment the day following
You feel better the
very next day Your
appetite returns your
dyspepsia is cured your
headaches pass away
your tongue clears up
your liver acts well and
your bowels no longer
give you trouble
Price 25 cents All druggists
I have taken Ayers Pills for 35
years aiil I consider them the best
nude Ono pill does Lao morn good
tlun half a box of any other kind I
havo ever tried
Mrs N E TLII + T
March SO itJ9 Arriugtou leans
1 old Assertion
A Republican member of the house of
representatives a man whoe name is
not liven but whose identity and reli
ability are vouched for It y that stanch
administration organ The Washington
Star makes the bold assertion that the
Republican ehanye of front on the Portu
Rican taritl question is due to a deal by
whiih the tariff people primie a large
sum of money for the KepuMuan cun
pai gn fund In the senate Monday Mr
Hanna of Ohio who U chairman of the
republican national committee rose to
a question of personal privilege He
called attention to a published alleged
interview with a Republican representa
tive Buying the forte Utcaii tariff bill
had been agreed upon u a part of a
deal by which the Republican cam
paign committee was to receive a large
campaign contribution lie said he did
not believe any Republican IIwmhel ever
raid it I hope mvnuivs trill be taken
to investigate this statement 1 brand
it as a malicious lie
State Fsmuurs Institute
I Arrangements are being made to hold
I a state farmers institute at Like City
j April 1th 5th anti filth to close the pres
1 ent inlitnte seaon The program ha =
I not been entirely completed but is in
part as follow
April 4thI Horticultural tIny First
1 vegetables and truck crop etmd slimll
fruit third citrus and live fruits
s April Zthtienernl farm day First
j tnpli crop second nine and rice third
j cassava and new crops
j Apiil Hh Live Mock day First feud
I hug second dairying third breeding
and diseases
ll is intended that in addition to the
niemlKMs of the station stall and college
facility thc prinrram shall include the
I bet and mot experienctil praetioil men
alom the lines mentioned so that the
institute will be a school aiul uivat ex
I Itt rieurc meeting taken put in by the
men who have Ixeii siifiivsfnl in their
All mihojuU in the tate will furnish
roundtrip ticks for one fare and hotels
in Lake City will greatly reduce regular
i prices
Kilitur Awful 1lltcJt
F M IIiggins eilittr Seneca I Ill > Xt ws
was aillictetl for years a ith piles that no
liKtttr or remedy gel ed until lu trial
Hucklens Arnuti Salve lie rites two
hexes holly cured him Its the surest
i pile cure on earth and the best salve in
the world Cure guaranteed Only J5c
> nld by 15 R WiLoii tl Son druggists 3
For Over Fifty Voura
u > ou for over rtfty veers liy illllonof mothers
for their chlMreii while tvethtaa with perfect
suctVM soothe the opted rotten the tUtu
allays an pain euro utnil colic and Is the beet
i remedy for Dlarrtioei It vlll relieve the poor
little autterer liumeiilutely Sold by Druggists
I in every part of the world Tweutyrtve cents
I 14 trio Be sure and asK for Mrs Wins
CllItbtD Syrup and take no other kind
Jas Pritchard Son
Tinware Crockery
or 1
Boat Goods Paints and Oils
Write for prices
Box 212
Bond Itt ber Co
On baud aud Constantly Arriving
Irlalr I o1 BEFt rrr
Dressed and Undressed
Shingles Moulding Scroll Work Balusters Newel Posts
Bean OranQe Cabbage and Tomato Crates
Brick Lime Cement Etc
Estimates made on all building material Our lirge hoot Sunny South will deliver
anywhere on the river Cull on us or send in your bill We will serve you right
Be > ncl L nl ber Ce >
Ti1 Usvi11e s 37103 1 c3l a
A riKxsrui TO lAY
for such goods as we otter Few fail y
to sec the value in our S
and all see tbe style anil artistic taste 115
and eaeb model These bats are in
plunging contract to thooc found else 1
whore at these Tbe
wwrc e prices quality I
and beauty of the material and the
way it is neveloped are material fac
tors in produfinx such beautiful re i
cults riots tll suit any pocket 5
cuuts to flu ouch at
+ 1 i
4 1 j 1 r
Take Your FIRE INSURANCE with G s Schuyler
Agent for the Hartford Etna Liverpool and London and Globe
Home Continental Providence Washington Fire
mans Fund and Sun Mutual
For further iafornmtion rntois etc address or call on C S 8CHUYLER TITUSVILLK FLA
Manufacturetdt the INDIAN ItlYfiU ICE 31ANITACTOKY T Tpr WET p MOB
Special attention pail to harking for family use nUll hliipiiol to any IMtion on the East Coast
railroad or h y hteuiubofit on Indian river
Carroll Goldsmith
Hay Grain Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Titusville Florida
Tin Glass and Crockery Ware
Ic > s1ey 1LIe > t1c > VV y
Foreign and doiue > tie bramls of Wines Rratuliis Ruins Gins and
Whiskies liottled BOer ilea and Stout
Fnmily and hotel tntUis is solit itcll PruiMpt nod tunful xttt oaten given to until orders
< saIt uiH tHcoin Kny your ulll LOSLEY t MOTloNY TITCSVILIE FUA
Send your Job Printing to The Star Office
Ye give you Upto Date Printing at lowest prices
R L MOTLOW I it h 1111
FINE WINES I BRANDIES Wff thtttxutE y ruUI111H Ills t tlldllitl Fl a wr
toe tot fiV I
Slotut1 attt uti + u given u mail onh r ti111eh tIse fm f IHUli at iallJi1 Fish
uti 3 Ullr
t1 b spur
I 10 J
1 I
GEO N HATCH J trill 11gNx1 PJori it
Or1 3
I to
tl t wi
Y1 n Titu
Dealer n et rterti rlt
General 1ITer J
i 0
j I tnllrr Tla p
rJ 1 a aide C preg
1Jn a Iy S1t I S L
usually lo kept iu el a 11 ° 0 Y ROCKLEDt toJl rilsu j now r ostln
Ntclass 1euerdl So r 1
I Titus ides

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