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Not roe Onsel es aio ± ic Bqf fo tlc Good of Otles JSLLso
Brief Mention of What Is Coins On IB
and About Titusville
Vineland Grape Juice with soda B II
Wilson Son
Send your watches for repairs to W M
Woodward Titusville Work guaranteed
Indian River hand has heen enpiged
for Miamis Fourth of July celebration at
100 and expenses
Mr E L Brady has been quite ill for
the past week with an attack of gastritis
We are pleased to state he is much better
Mrs D L Guulden and family return
ed from DeLand lust Friday afternoon
having been away ever since the first of
Supt J II Sams was called home
Wednesday by the serious illncsH of his
wife V care pleased to state ahe is now
Mr George W Soobie has moved his
whole fishing outfit from this place to
Grant where he is at present operating
his boats at and shipping from
Miss Dolly Kiehardson of Cocoanut
Grove after a visit of a week or so here
with her sister Mrs W II Harris re
turned home Saturday afternoon
The Bund lumber scow well loaded
down with building material of all kinds
is delivering the estate at points on Mer
ruts Island this week as far south as
Attorneys A StClair Abrams of Jack
sonville J D Htggs Orlando and 1
11 Guinea of Iee burg argued an im
portant land case before Judge Jones in
chambers last night
Miss Ijena Mendel of this plans left
the first of the week for New Yllrk city I
where she expects to visit her aunt Mrs I
M Schwab fur some time She went via
the Clyde line from Jacksonville
Capt 11 H Shaw of Ormond super
intendent of Seventh life saving district
inspected the Chester Shoals house of
refuge Saturday We acknowledge re
ceipt of a pleasant call from the captain
Judge J D lieggti of Orlando who I
stands the best show by fur for receiving
the nomination of governor of ibis stuU
just ten days from now is spending a day
or so in town on legal business befon
Judge Jones
A beautiful cray quilt the handwork
of led Mattie Hrmldock of Sebatian
was rallied last Saturday night at the
looms of the Titusville board of trade It
was won by Mr W It Knox The quilt
brought about p 0
Mr ieo N Hatch and Dr 1V L
Hnghlett of Hockltll t anti Cocoa inter
viewed the school board Monday and
1uu day relative to a combination of the
public schools of those places into one
with the building centrally located
Tin tipttnlll 111111ii1L locomotive the
FE C railway went south Sunday after
noon pulling train ii in charge of ICngi
nuur Louis Yuillaume The change from
wood to coal was neccsitatcd on account
of the scarcity of wood along the route
fur fuel
Messrs lyman and iladwin are build
ing a skipjack tish boat for J T Price
> 0 feet over all beam about ft Ii inches
This is a much beamier boat than the
fishermen here have Ecru lining ami L
4juite an experiment with them as to
whether it will he a > suitable for mullet
asiiieh I nut have proved for bottom fish
Ifs Mesjrf Lyman anti iladwin have
promise of oiders for aevenil more
Titusville cull the Fourth
Titnsvillcs patriotic celebrations have
always IHCII memorable event anil we
projM > e to celebrate the KiHirth thia year
in truly lul tustyle It is ptopoed tu
liavt new attiactions oratory naloiv a
line ilisplny of tinworks etc all of tv bids
with many other ittrtelim > will he an
nounced + tIt ltiit the next fta das
He u re to > peml the Fourth in Titus
lint and have a big time
lltmrhu on Habeas Corpus
Sheriff Puvatt of Inhl county
brought John FlU I i lime before Indue
Jonos yesleiday on a writ III habeas rise
Dire Furl is charged with entering the
room of the wife of one > S Ji hn4 n at
an unieasonabu hiMir Judge Jones
mmlean involution and referred the
case Mick in the county judge of oceola
iiMtnty It set i1 that the defendant lias
been imprisoned over a week without a
preliminary hearing hence the ianllc of
the nit JudieJ W Price of Deharnl
lalttued as counsel for Farli Judge
Mershon of ivissimmee for complainant
The counsel on both sides have a ived to
hohj preliminary examiimtion next Tues
day Hi Ki illlmCl
Notice to Owners of Stock
All persons owning cattle horses and
other stock are hereby notified that after
Monday June 11th all such loose stock
running at large in the town of Titus
ville will be impounded at the expense of
the owners
Pro Bono Publico
Last week we called the attention of the
public to purchasing their supplies so that
the stores could close early Many have
spoken to us during the week asking if
some effort could not be made so that all
the stores would close at 7 oclock except
on Saturday nights especially during Ju
ly August and September
Have you tried Desipota P Get it
Teachers Examination
The June examination of teachers was
held this week at the court house under
the supervision of School Superintendent
J II Sams The followingnamed per
sons undcrwentexaminatiou Miss Helen
M Miller Miss Jennie C Miller Miss
Gertrude D Mendel Miss Carrie E Men
del Miss Elizabeth Hopkins Miss Ger
trude M Hardesty Miss lathe Martin
MIFH Lena Argo Miss Clam Otxvell Miss
Susie Summers Mhs Claudia McMillan
Miss Jessie McMillan Miss Sadie Snell
Mr C IT Garrett Miss Alma Franrcn
Miss Ida Dodson Miss Fannie Gray
Miss Mary Hurtus examining committee
Four colored candidates also stood ex
W J CRAYFORD Groceries and
Provisions cor Main and Washing
ton Titusville
The Kmiuteratorii For Itravaril ami the
Otienllniitt to He Propounded
There are three persons taking the cen
sus of Hrevurd county who are busily en
gaged with their duties this week Mr S
IX Holmes Sharpen has the northern
portion of the county Mr Cha W
Holton the central portion curl Mr V
II Tancre the southern portion These
are amoni Hrevards he > t citiens and our
most modest toople need feel no hesitancy
in answering the question the enumer
ators all of which information is kept secret
ent by Incle Sam ami are of vital im
portance in making up statistical infor
mation in connection with the censiia re
The questions that an being asked by
he cmnncratori are sis follow
What is your name
What is your relationship to the head
of the family
What is the date of your birth month
and year
What was your ae at your last birth
Are yon single married widowed or
How many ye irs have you been nmr
Von are the mother or father of how
many children
How many of your children arc living
Where was the place of your birth
When was the place of birth of your
Where was the place of birth uf your
What wa tit year of your immigra
tion to the InitiHl Suiiuf
Have you been nattmilixcd
What is your occupation tnt + le or pro
How many months haw you been un
I Hiiwlon tliti you attend a Bout t inI
month I
I Can ynti iisitl
Can yon write
Can you speak Mnglish
1u you own your hHie uF tlai you
i rent
I lu gull own your honn rut or is it
I 1111 HI giiig1 1 tt
The jHnalty for rt fIt Ilt In gist ihu in
formation is lt1l
Hnlau Iunl
The weihlin at the A M E clumh
Wediuvilay ninht when Mi > s nueCtihlfc
iHiulMr F Daily Heir nnitid in nat
i riajrf by Kev W it lie U wif tin
l > ttell event or flat year aiming tl ccuiorr l
people nUll was very largely atlritiie l y
the white folks Their nil hut eyt II
i staiuling room in the church The brhlai
ciKiple ueiv preCinKiI its the altar aUmt
i it ocliHk by the rikHuut awl grulilil
ami Ina pacts the latter eiuin lightest
cuitlles in thk uf > ilvei The bride
I wule a costume t l white tIti trininu < l
I with ribbon ami rutlrs anal bridal veil
After Jill wedding cerenmuy an elalxjrau
I spread was served t the friends of tin
I conplu at tho resilience of Kilt Cubb
Thebiide received a nnmlxT of pretty
I nut ttseiul I1it cuts
Oftlclal Account of Their ProceedlucB In
Sesalou This Week
The board of county commissioners met
Tuesday June oth pursuant to adjourn
ment Present J11 Walker chairman I
J Men el W H Sharpe and J N
Waller AA Stewart clerk and J P
Brown sheriff
The following business was transacted
towit I
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved
On petition of SJ Tibbals et al for
straightening of road between II Jen
nings and the property of W F Rich
ards the board appointed Win L Front
J O Fries and E1 Shattuck to mark
view and lay out the same and make
their report the tirst Tuesday in July
The tax collector made his monthly re
port of poll taxes collected in May
Agreement was entered into by the
hoard and the F E C railway to de
liver shell at different points in the coun
ty at 1t50 per car to be paid for every
On petition of M Uriflis et al for a
public road from L Clriilis landing on
the lagoon to M Grill landing on In
lint river the board appointed II Wat
ton J O Fries and J W ti rims to
mark view and lay out the same and
make their report the first Tuesday in
The bond of li X Hatch for notary
public was examined and approved
The letter of E O Morgan to have a
cattle inspector appointed at Fort Pierce
was laid over for further consideration
until the next meeting of the board
J Houston who was appointed to
furnish wire for Turkey creek ferry re
ported price being so high for wire the
plan was not feasible It A Conkling
agreeing to put said ferry in good run I
ning order for 1i the Mime is hereby I
ordered to be done i
The road report of J O Fries and J
M Orrell was received accepted and
notices ordered posted according to law
A letter was received from the execu
tive committee api > ointcd by II W
long for a convention of county com
missioners to devise a uniform and bet
h mode of proceedings The hoard ap
pointed Chairman J It Walker to meet
said committee on June IUh in Jackson
The registration books were then taken
up and the following named were stricken
off the list
X J Uailey It W Carlile
F A Chappell 11 Futch
UJ Levah CTMcCrorey
11 Thompson 11 15 Archibald
K PChancey C D Cae
liuo Took DCCaMwell
1M Davis J W Coehran
I Kanfalla Th Castle
John Erwin H Fisher
ill Fuller W M Finch
Eel inn J Ilamlin
4 in llcnmiingway John Henry
S Il J W Jont
Coats Johnon Aaron Jacobs
H Kin C K Kenyun
F W Miller 111 Norwood
W r Koper W M Smith
i Sidney Wilbur Amos Wilkes
C F Williams W 1 ntuu
John A handy Kd Kerounes
i lit o W Chancev II M Hill
KJ Henderson D K Hisler
j W > MIHJII I ilu L hutch
W iurd Win M Kriue
I II I Powell > W tiUdell
llms I ItrIu J lmt t Powell
I S U Smith J M lrown
lit = H mhul LiMii CheUV
J U Cratb Math I nlY
Theo Ihluro iitt11 Ikltly
If U Itoo W A Hull
J P Lmk L II Mitto
W A Smith i il Ktun
A P Stephens W I 1ragiti
J T Ii eland 11 I 1110
E 11 IIntdtin sir II S ThuIItU
Jel W Mam c II ls sf s
t W F lit hu Iitt J CSlmw
J I tilK arutete E W > ullivnu
t has Thei IRiur riUiltlttS
J W Italit J Fs
C W Hull P C Ilauitliu
T W WuijsiU F > Ilig iite
John J Sat 1trs t rtitrntll
M Itntitipul 1C 1sisvar r
A I 11t It A lIaulunl
L C hover M Citrlm
W M rn A N Ftt
IT H gir K 11 Uhll
1s Cthkiim
The cltlk of the r url 1rt uhlltili ft
bill for wiliu > s ttt > paid oat at ihe Ma
term of the txmntx tssnrt ouiling tl
> a in
The siHHrvis < jr uf ttuul Itublt his rt
port which wits exntninwl null aj
prove l
The Hinty trcits t1rr ntntle his itumtii
ly rejunt on tin tliiUrtut ul of ib
county which was examtneil and aj
proved J N Waller and WTm H
Sharpe were appointed a committee to
destroy the warrants as turned over by
the treasurer as per schedule The com
mittee having performed their duties
were discharged The treasurer also had
a certificate attached to his report show
ing he had the balances his report called
for on deposit in the Indian River State
It was ordered that 400 be transferred
from the fine and forfeiture fund to the
prisoners fund
Bids were opened for shelling the road
between Titusville and Pritchards when
the bid of J W Cariile to haul and
spread said shell at 750 per car was ac
The following bills were audited and
ordered paid
W H Sharpe county coiur 700
J N Waller u 2340
J Walker 400
Mendel 410
1 > L CtJiulileu salary couuty judge 2500
M iuldsmith prosecuting attorney 3333
1 Wctmore ice 205
C S Sclmyler insurance on court house 3750
A A Stewart accountant 1500
J Memlel copying minutes 500
copying preciuct Hues for
census 200
I K State Hank interest on warrants 2883
Titusville Electric Light Co 000
A A Ford fish warden ton
J P Brown waiting on hoard 400
feeding do 200
jailor 3000
janitor 500
waiting on county court 800
drawing and summoning
jury county court 21180
spffial venire Co court 180
J e Jones envelopes for circuit court 530
K H Wa er printing 700
C 11 Walton 100
11E W II Drew Co hooks elksolhco 2578
M D L Dodson attendance on prwar 50
K A liohhett cleaning cesspool 300
H H Wilson A Son nidse for jail 210
med paupers 300
attending 300
K L Brady Bro rndse for jail 130
J B Beach t L Co med for paupers 225
Pauper account 12100
I D Cain ferryman 000
It A funk ling 000
IT 1 Coikiihutt registration ollicer 1111
IO Fries Supt of roads fS 15
nIt J IjiKKhe nnid work ills211100
B J Stewart am contract SI t 50 tM
X King li 3 3000
K K Minis 24 3 5000
II K C Uy freight on win 1 2M
S F Foundry wire L 72t5
S K iihhs hii lge lumber 4 1224
I U A CoikHux wire fur forty I S 00
1 C H Munch S MiiMik S lieu J
M Orrell K C YValKcr road work
I district 5 SSli
F Whitlmk H H Itakiiix IKvoe
Sinus E1 UiKiKlu F W UKmhc
II Suns hauling inarlspiiial loud 2 10500
111 Oslmu extra mud work fund 2 1000
ID ml LuiulKrCo liriiljii liniiher 5U37
I U State ItHiik snct hutiliux tiUer 27132
1Ihtvill hauling such 33211
YV Itlaiiliiu rued work 25 i
1 AI MrDoinilil rtHid woik 813
1 X Waller VfiMiiiis nhtll nuul KMMI
IJ 1 HrunII teesltixprj uItlss u sl t2
I M inlilniiiith cuiivictUm tits Cn cimn o0t
a1 P ISiuwii iritniri iironcuMiliuii is tt 70
AAStewart 10W
The Uiard all nrnltl to meet again the
I lit > t Tuesilav in July
I T haniel II II S of C x ta is iow
located temM > rarity at JeiiMMi null i > i re
pih1 to li all ileiital west k
you get them At
OAK 111 1 Ihs
Mr II IarUei wh has IJWMI quite
ill with rhcumatiiu i > much Uitir thit
i Mr anti Iro II A > umimiaU were
mvr from Kulma TUtd an t Mrs S
avant to New Smyrna tsar jt f vv chtgy
viitMr I
Mr T M Ailitiii is iKtii tin tilt i
st Iaut hM + and mien that U liuilud j
U nil Mold n i iu U4 all anMiuit Mr
hatllI utts ta ilst I
lV lut l a tin raiu TiHlay ausl vegu
tattUii l Nk = frets an l sivfii tJnin I
Itw err putting flU A lint growth anti
Ist htilis their fruit vieli
Mr Attttan Itswl whit lssii it the I
tI4tldli t U t hit isisi v il it t hi plc
IMUI Mi K 1 March niil nil tituu I
taut it IVtlv I i r iHtljatioli
Mr I W hand ii HW lutl IIttu here t
With his II fi the last hn Weeks huts
gUt tiorih stiii will sI tt1 th Miniiikr I
with relative in llas ut hit s ttst shut
t Mniiif
y Mr llss k wt + UtttIt Mr Itwi
11 a turiiiiun au I sawyer ftr the trightun
lnmiKT Co ha bcHn hick with fever
Mr Artiiiu If < ii i = acting lS ster 21
1 tin Utili liming Mi IIM k iilne
> Iron Pipe and Fittings 38 to 2 12
u inch black or gnlvfiHizwd Write for
J prices E W Amsden Ormond Fin
Slattera of Interest That Are Happening
Around Town
Our motto Cleanliness and quality
Wilson Son
Mrs C F Fischer returned last week
from her visit to Sea Breeze
Charlie Gaiter of Daytona arrived
here Sunday afternoon on a few days
visit to Mrs Dora Deisner and family
Mr C S Schuyler and family poent
Sunday with Mr E W Schuyler Mal
abar returning home Monday afternoon
Mr S 0 Fitts of West Palm Beach
called at TUB STAR oflice Wednesday af
ternoon while spending a day or so in
Mr J It Anthony of West Palm
Bench whose trip to Sanford was noted
in these columns last week returned
home Monday
Mr W 1L II Gleason of Eau Gallie
came up in his launch Monday to attend
to some business connected with the sale
of stock of the Delespine jirant
Number was the lucky numl > er to
> t the point lace tie rallied by Mrs H
Titus this week Mrs Emma Itenaker
was the lady to win it
Judge W Price of Volnsia county
paid his first visit to Titusville in many
years Monday coming over here on some
business before Circuit Judge Jones
A letter received from Mr F A Los
ley states that he has left Switzerland
and is now probably visiting his brother
in Algiers lIe states that he is having a
splendid time
A dance was given at the opera house
Wednesday night in honor of the young
ladies from different parts of the county
who were here this week attending
teachers examination
Postollicv Inspector E O Tate of Mor
ristown Penal was checking up accounts
of Postiiiaster J C Jones last Saturday
then left for points down the river stop
ping at both Cocoa and Itockledgc
County Surveyor Fries has been en
miged to take the census of the Indians
in this state the work to be done during
July and Augut Mr Arch Hendry of
South Hrevard will accompany Mr Fries
and act as interpreter
The district conference of the A M E
church for Daytona district will convene
in Titnsville at St James church June 14
UKM ltev1 L Moore P E Welcome
mldres on the part of the city by A D
Penney mayor of lit usillt 80 ocock
Thursday chain June 14th
Mr S II Wright of DeLand arrived
Tuesday Iu meet t IIH school board and
adjust the insurance for the companies in
which the Tituville public school bnild
inj was innreil to the sum of htiIIPlle
full amount of the insurance was pail
Mr Maurice WnMi took hi > leave Mon
day afternoon for New York He will
pcnd the Mimiiier and fall months at
Hotel Champlain Clinton county New
York tate where he will hold a poition
in the hotel for Manager Seavey He sold
his Carnes cliainhs to Mr A 11 Brown
of this phtce
The phi is Suit Summers of Tibbals
and Clam Otudl of Palna wno have
Uen Httendint the Kloritia A ricnltinal
cidlej at Ijike City arrived in town
Monday slopping over lure until Thur
day to take the examination of Ire
vard 4 141411 leiicbers leainir ye tenlav
nftcrnoun on Capu 111 Andrews l JOt
fur their homes
In the Jacksonville Times 1 union and
Cilien of lat Saturday appeared the fol
luwiar mratruph Walter Uayniond
Walton the twoyearold son of 11 r and
Mr Watoii did yesterday innitin at
M ocliKk nt their residence corner of
Main its t1 Third treet Spiin IieKl The
tnneinl wa tnUI fiont the Church if IIn
llitluarillMli Coliceplioll nt oXl tJ dod
ytftenlay afterntKiii The inleriiient wa >
in Saint Maryn cenarUry li v I ailur
Keniiey utiiciuliu
Frt slt I ini ti > yr JI niiule front tin
fruit each duy at Wilnui S ms
Mtn lo cut cros lies Cull or n nte
uttirnctur l l > 111 l liiii 1 t
I < ui till A ioniumoil Hint
Ir F II H > tt < lt li tt at Wel
Patina 1eilfli has intt > 1 ltl ht lily that
lu will U i Tituviiii in Lily Gnu > taw
of lvo or tlirrt stt tk prfrsri iiaily IM
f ru I itviii4 l r Uw iM rth to fjuMicl tbivi
or fur U1ttU
i T114t5 ftiio triuk nhibkuy for pleas
ure VltPKli whik studs ia4 to ex
iuiwf T tlat tt la3 drink whikey for
bejtllhV itke IlAUPMIt whikey make
lift w rih 1i + inn o1 by Losley iV Mol
luV Tiluvilif Fin

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