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DBuT 101 Hood yv 5aarsa pari a
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Grand ltJ JLIIW i thun de of Niagara is tHe universal song oi thIe tleurod
I I that fHood sj SarsapjariIIa is il U I IF h liUI i I J l i i I
ip IvvS purifies and J enriches r tf e blool tas Inothing else can
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How the Boers Treated the Englishmen
They Captured
Special correspondence of The Florida Star
CArE TOWN May 12Although the
Boers hold more than 4000 British
prisoners In the famous race track in
closure at Pretoria and elsewhere little
uneasiness is felt for them by their
countrymen The reports from all
sources are unanimous that the treat
ment which they are receiving could
not be Improved upon The rations
supplied to the prisoners are similar tc
those issued to the wives and fami
lies of the Boers and their medical
men tight as hard and long for the Ufo
of a wounded prisoner as for that of
their own men The captured men
give to the Boors full credit for lui
mane treatment nut a single exception
to the contrary having been found
The Boers however consider their
British prisoners as divided into twu I
classes British regulars home volun
teers and colonial troops in the one
class anti apt Colony and Natal vol I
unteers in the other
The reason for this is clear for the I
Boer leaders say that they and their I
men have no qua ml with the soldier
who are opposing them in the field
They know that with them it is a mat
ter of duty but they are vehement in
denouncing those whom they rail a
band of eapltalistic adventurers who I
they say have hoodwinked the Brit 1
Ish public and dragged them into an j
unjust and cruel struggle The Orange
Free Staters are especially wrought up
about the war for thus fu it is their
territory that has been invaded and
captured 1rcsident Steyn is quoted
as saying Ve do not hate your na
tion wt do not hate your soldiers
though they tight against us but we j
do hate and despite the men who have
brought I cruel war upon us for their
own evil ends
Most of the news that has come out
of ladv < mitli and Kimbcrlcy and
MatVUing has been received from na
tive sources The Katlirs have a won
derful system of telegraphing news
from OUt village to another and very
often tht tidings so HCIU han been
verified by later reports heir it is
done has often been eolljeetuied but
never accurately discovered One of
t Mtggerlions is that the news is sent
by means of drum taps from hill to
hill thus Ipllit ill the savauo with a
veritable systeu of teletrrapliy and
othertee that the news is shouted
from hUh p to hilltop or that lire sig
nals are used However it be done the
fact remains that nioM important news
is frequently rcceSxcd through tin im
tive The first report of laden1ow
Us successful sortie came throiitrli in
this way Much of the itrws from the
besieged towns has been bronchi out
by native runners and the ways they
take to conceal dispatches are 11llazillt
to iHhold When they are captured by
till Itiiers IS sometimes hapitcns they
feiirn ignorance alit protest their
friendliness to the republican cause
while at the same time they have Brit
ish ilipatc ics rolled up in quills in
their nostrils or hidden in various oth
er ingenious ways
Some specimens of the money and
Stumps used in Mnfeking during the
siege have been received here The
money is in paper form and bears the
following n Mice This voucher or
notei is uooii fill the sum of li shillings
or other detominationi and will IK ex
changed for coin at the Mafeking
branch of the Standard bank on the re
sumption of civil law The ti note
contains a very artistic design said to
be by laden Iowdl himself
Amid all the carnage of South Afri
can warfare the carrion birds have en
joyed a rare feast The prncipal of
these is the vtilt tire called by the Boers
the aaaogel Their numbers have
decreased greatly in recent years ow
ing to the lessened slaughter of big
game and the settling of the country
but now they are again seen In vast
flocks quick to gather wherever lies a
fallen horse or other dead animal
They are large disgusting birds and
their presence arouses a natural feel
lug of repulsion but they perform a
useful work and lessen the danger of
The latest man to be signaled out
from the many brave men In the Brit
ish army for the Victoria cross Is Ma
jor Baptle a medical otiicer The serv
ice for which the coveted honor has
been awarded to him was rendered at
the battle of Coleuso where lie with
utter disregard of his own personal
safety attended to some wounded who
had been left on the Held since the pre
jlous day While engaged In this peril
ous task which was doue under a hot
rifle lire his horse received three
wounds The gallant major not con
tent with thus distinguishing himself
nlso brought In the wounded sou of
Lorfl Roberts who afterward died and
to whose mother the queen has given
the Victoria cross Intended for her son
Ivy poisoning poion wounds and all
other accidental injuries may be quickly
cured bv using DeWitts Witch Hael
Salve It is also a certain emu for piles
and skin diseases Take no other B It
Wilson tl Son
A Great Cycle Meet
The cycle racing that will be givenat
the national meet of tilt League of
American Wheelmen at Milwaukee this
summer will include several of the Na
tional Cycling association champion
ship events This addition has almost
doubled the number of races on the
programme a I has made it one of the
most attractive programmes that have
been issued thus far The list of events
Is as follows
I Two mile national championship
professional 11 mile match race pro
fessional 1 I amateur mile cham
pionship onetlird mile handicap ama
teur one t lilc circuit championship
professional onethird mile handicap
professional L C I amateur two mile
championship two mile handicap am
ateur one hour match race profession
al onethird mile national champion
I ship professional 1 C Iuutltur
I onethird mile one mile handicap am
i ateur onethird mile open profession
i al one mill handicap professional one
mile open amateur
The nanu of Ccrhard Aussem the vet
I eran race meet manager has been add
ed to the list of members of the execu
tive committee lathe his management
several additional OHU and handicap
events will be added to the programme
11sr both amateur and professional r l
i et 5 There will alsobe a series of spe
cial races for motor cycles
i Tetter ecenui niul skin diensca yield
quickly to the marvel MI beiili equalities
I I Manner Salve huts ii rulIl a prccnp
i ion uf a skin sjHrialist of t + tlrld lllitlt
fmie LK P I WiUtih iV Son
Ve run tin Clinlrj
nUt wing chairs are hull this sum
mer fur the veninla in mixed reeds
that are tJS efiVclive Itetl anti green
i and Line anI green are oit ncsi seen
The difference in coolness between Up
liolsterini and rattan or willow ware is
Gut yet suthcicittlv appreciated and in
t 00 many homes heavily upholstered
furniture is allowed to do service
through till summer mouths It cer
tain pieces in this sort must stand in
1 the living muii see dint n limn cover
is provided whleU will afford some re
fuiurrh aiiinit IK fused
with liHal aiM li itMms n tlity iMuuot nuU
the MHI sit the IM M t atari It k a blsi 4 Itr
4iiii > titiiti < > nd < liM and in urItr to purr it
you miit tjUc int risul r < nlrtlie Hal 1
tiitarrit Tun is taken internally iul art iii
ivrtly mi tin biI ami IIHKU M rf
Malls Mtarrh Cure ia mn a quark in ilh hie
It It a pn nilHilliy nie of the IHM Ih hi
run in IKK i oiinti loryraix sad ia rrx
lar trtarlldlun It io illirld f tin IwI
t IIJ4 > kuoVVM foml > illld with till IKTI IHHI
> iirili tr a < tiiidiuftly tin the nnm filer
fai i Tin jrti itrt i i inl > iiiittii ii ua tin hu in
urtilients i what itinln hI HI Irfl
nidts in itriii rantrrh Sr ri11 lor Mijium
itch flfl
P 1 CIIIVK v Co Prut Tlw n
sold liv ilrtmuits prifi TH
Hair Family PiiUatv th 11111
1IOV Ttl TAKi con > I IX liK III
Nearly frryi iu kiHiw that wla n ilny an
thin thrif i s IH nimtly in tin uill iiial tu
rsssl liver oil tti make them il > hv Vet tinre
b nUtins aaant > t iiiih tiny rs iM iiMn
pintiiptly Tinre wen a rai many WM y II
ivrnminetnlttl fur iimkitm IM Uvr sit lkiti
ant AIIHUII tluse we v niM rneutini plarin
a pinch Illl dl in tin iiu ulh Infoii alai after
td in the dit uf ml syrup nt lottt r timntic
l > rel was du tecuinini inletl Hut nol all
this is uiniftevsjiry S < ieiMe 1ms f mn l a wiry
making red liver nil IIItI only pitlyiut ill
take hut easy to lijest Mi > srs Sei > Ct v
Hnvviie havt lirniiKht thU M bare intu perfff
tiuii in their Srutls Kniiilsioti whieh IS ttnl
liver oil free fnni lisHsreeHl le wlor anti
taste and already utrtly dlgeytrd
Expert Trap Shooting
W R Crosby the expert trap shoot
er who did such great work at the
Sportsmen association tournament at
Madison Square Garden this year
when the tournament was held on the
roof has again showed what he can do
with the shotgun At the recent tour
nament at Lincoln Neb on tbo first
day he broke S4 targets out of S5 shot
at on the second day he broke 212
out of 21i and also made the only
straight score In the sweepstake at 25
live birds per man In this event Cros
by stood at oli yards null beat out 30
competitors Summing up his work at
targets Crosby accounted for 200 out
of iJOO shot at a record that still fur
ther stamps him 0 about the best man
at the traps at he present time
Unles fond is digested quickly it will
ferment ami irritate the stomach After
ciicli meal take a tejispoonful of Kodol
iy l > eppia Cure It digests what yon eat
I and will allow yon to eat all you need of
what you like It never fails tn cure the
worst ciiMf of dyspepsia It is pleiiunt
to take B It Wilson Son
A S trim i i Co I n et lie lice
Elgin years ago the baseball season
opened In Flirt Smith Ark with a
game between lull Smith and Krebs
I T Pink llawley pitched for rort
Smith ami McCinnity for Krebs Haw
1 lee struck out 21 batsmen and did not
1 allow a base hit There were seven
I scattering hits off McCinnityyet Krebs
won the game by a score of 1 to 0 The
game was lust because Fort Smiths
catcher IM could nut hold Ilawleys
swift pitching Little did those two
pitchers or any one else think that the
same men would open the season in
Brooklyn In UMHI as opposing twirlers
I but foriine plays queer pranks with
I afl
I I I aflDO
I Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable
I Almost everybody who reads the news
I papers is sure to know of the wonderful
I II cures made by Dr
J Kilmers SwampRoot
Q t the great kidney liver
and bladder remedy
t IF It is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
t j r teenth century dis
I jlll covered after years of
t L 4 scientific research by
1 B Dr Kilmer the emi
1 t nent kidney and blad
i e der specialist and is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
t lame back kidney bladder uric acid trou
I bles and Brights Disease which is the worst
1 form of kidney trouble
I Dr Kilmers SwampRoot is not rec
t ommended fur everything but if you have kid
ney liver or bladder trouble it will be jund
t just the remedy you need It h3 been tested
in so many ways in hospital work in private
I practice among the heplecs too poor to pur
I chase relief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrang meat has
1 been made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried it may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail also a book
i telling more about SwampRoot and how to
find out if y jU have kidney or blazer tro be
When writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper and f V
send your address to 2
Dr Kilmer
CoLmg CJii
hamton N Y The OJ L MW Ft j
regular fifty cent and Ilos scot s Ruc
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists
< iMiimi i < imr HIM aIq1t1i 1tN > 1 <
I IndiT at h y limns all sent < r i
MHll Ity tilt IlH It Itiu lel < tilllil H L
< > i Huvtid fiMiuty FJI silt tin Mi 1
u I May V U 1 tiN a st I j 1 < i
lit in in fniiit u tin tdsrt i t I I
tillf Flotilla dining tin i < i IP if of
tint Monday in July A Is I 1 tin I
JHM ul pay jug IM 114 > I > > llfll >
tlt d i IM d I ih lii ln t
lir s Ill all tin follHltj I + ii I
tin f tid > MitIidiu 11 < it i 1
milt lying ill lrt v ts4 oillt t 1 ie t tt
Coiuiui nr ni4 at a j et < t IM > < r i
Nnrih Knit tafn din ii HS i < U j I
diaii river thiss < run PI 1 u Jr
imrall nith the tu < li > M t 11 I
INrth214 tit I tht Un 11 I t1
tin aUVf imnti iM < l lit < d t Ii itn
IlHiHu aluiitf aiil rsler i t It iv
lion tu tlu plan of U xiiniiii I t I
tuWtltsllij St Mrtttll n Ui t tit i HI tilt
uttr mnil with all rips i in > I
F 1 11 i
3 t Ilf I I 1 U I
At St1iurur + irat tLi I
Jukb tin
llttlt 1111 i i
AlI1rnlti ratMI ttk < u tis llut l in i i
aftirtlxtt I will m liiiiiiMiiti > r > > t IL
helm ot It + > vil A Uandail Itt iM lii
county liri It1 t u > 1 st > I 0 MUI iu rn i
aiimuit as a4iflt liiiiiiihtiitir to I lat > r
aisle 1 > I iraiildfit rtlstt pulji < I
itHiiity and prey fl1 Ins intl 1 huj r
S4tdl adiniiii tmti
I I JttBWt P Ifltou N
HhfrillRml Its t ufli i4a < aiiiti < tnii < > r I
This DvcvMtlwr 15iii A U IhMt
Joe p si4ent J M IHxsa tieaaaren J
G Bwt Muetary Meeta second Wednes
day night in each month at their rooms
F k A SL Indian liver lodge No 90 holds
its meetings the second and fourth Friday
evenings of each mouth at the court house
A A Stewart W M F A Morgan Secy
Rector Services second and fourth Sundays
In each month at 11 a m and 730 p m
Sunday school every Sunday at 000 a m
Hughes pastor Sunday school 10 a m
Preaching 11 a m and 730 p m Prayer
meeting Wednesday 730 p ui You are
I invited to come
I e 0
BAPTIST UnCHPreaching at Titusville
second Sunday iu each mouth morning and
evening Prayer meetings every Wednts
day eveui gut 700 oclock Sunday school
every Sunday at 045 a m Indianola on
the forth Sunday LaGrange on the first
Sunday E N BULL Pastor
Iu l11UUl ST CiiUKCH liev J Mickler
Pastor Services first and third Sundays in
each mouth 11 a m and 700 p m Sun
day school each Sunday at 10 a m Ep
worth league every Sunday at 330 p m
Prayer meeting every Thursday at 730 p
m Ladies Aid society meets each Wednes
day at 300 p m Everybody welcome
u n
IXiWN OFFICERS D Penney mayor
M S Jones Jr marshal and tax collector
C S Schuyler clerk and treasurer John
Henry assessor D L Gaulden F A Los
ley J SL Dixou W K Knox Juo It Wal
ker euiiucilmen The council meets first
Tuesday in each month
ville county judge M Goldsmith Titus
ville prosecuting attorney A A Stewart
Titusville clerk circuit court J F Woot
en Cocoa tux assessor E W Hall Sharped
tax collector John Henry Titusville
treasurer J H Sams Courtenay superin
tendent public instruction JO Fries Ti
tuaville county surveyor J P Brown Ti
tusville shcrin T J Cockshutt LaGrange
registration ollicer
Titusville chairman W H Sharpe Sbarpes
Jos Meudel LaGrange Jno Houston Eau
Gallic J N Waller Ankoiia Regular ses
sions are held first Tuesday in each month
Titusville S FGihbs Melbourne
CClJhal I 011111511 ill
IlHxcclhd MTVHT tVuin Florida
to all paints
North East and West
Two trains daily lutwecn TAMPA
COlAMKlA carrying Inllniaii Drawing
ItiMMii Sinpins Caix ramifilins at CO
11MltIA with Uti > urs for
and XKW YoiCK
IIifith TI XlI XXATI sItti1trsin
Dixie Flyer t TJmmsk Hniiu si
lstke t ity Man m Atlauta
tliattaiKMi and Naithviilf II
Making oHiiHfti nis for KANSAS IT
t lIlt 1 ill awl all i int in
tkv Mtirtkwttat
flltI11 Is liug r cryi t ix twrt Juck
i i11r anl Nrw tJlltltJtS vix Riser lime i
tiun and INanIt j i
Full iniirlsistit H 8tli ati4 > H t any auint I
til till roinj anti
1 n M trlh NH i I l IIMMVN
II n I tt I l t tl
Bears the lu Kind ti fa > e AAfS Bought
Bignaturv of =
Experts Baffled
Real Diamonds are no better
fir all purposes than the
I Gen tne 00
I Barrios
I DironondS
1 We are the sole agents In the United
States for these marvellous semiprecious
tttonea which are the nearest approach to
Genuine Diamonds ever discovered For the
purpose or Introducing them quickly to the
public we will forward either
to fi
IJ 1s 1 71If
Screws or Drops at
rliosu HtoinM are
I guaranteed to ro
0 0 taut their Intoitre
1 L forever Utta mouse
r pugs are heavy
rolled pluto and
EACH are warranted for
live yearn
Earrings Are 2 Per Pair
Po not confound fifiniiiw Ilnrrkia I > > m
liioudb With so called KhlinHcMH WiU
1t1M1z or ollir iiuittiioi stun i regarvlkyP ut
whit tint iiaiik may IK ititiitiw JlKrlus
DnniMHidrt have IMJ arlilt < ui Ixuki KNI
t1ut1 to real diatutJIl a + + t4i hH k > asset wear
and will cut tla > i Thin oUVr will liit t ably a
spurt title lon tr and IIi Mitijuct Iv with
Uniwal without notku
A Ifrautlrul liriillant ietiuliM Itarrhw
DiiiiK nl iiM > itnH l in a lHavy rink llltt or
stud will IKJ wilt to anv xtklrsw stet re 1 tlL
ol OIK ln spar In i rikniii give full diruc
ti Hin and Mate whether hiaall medium ur
lurijt toiK is dtrlrid
r 111111 fatI1ta tIH lium IlfNtWL
Of UK Waller l > anin Mh HMn l writs
lt < trn < > M lMHiit Ki4l ur > Jurruu eiiel full lit
firs 1tte ar nse tiitlr ut 11IIIIUh fur
gJtub iIIIt4JUd fur Htf Ittrt 1
MltltlH < iiY of < iti rgv l Klwanl tf lit
Town CtHiiMiiy wnit
Whil liviiu on UK road I fustiest Hrrt
DiniiKXidb ol j iu uf great beauty first ur fut
Money promptly refunded if goods lire
nt us rci rc > cnted
J Beware of Imitatorswi
Addrti Mall Orders w
The Pomona Mfg Co
111 B rond u ay
1 E + iI 1 UltK
gems payl11ry crap berauo hey re
Qt fit 11 u1 Inu lia bent 1ur
tolilt lCt1Shrc 1 sslSesilt JTl
ij tiitrtt tu Iirry Surd and Iru > jKr
BIIII M id Annual free Vrito fur u
U M FERRY CO Detroit Mich I
ife 9 =
To PATENT Good Ideas
ma bt xcured by
oar aJ AI lrtb
Baltimore Md
r I 13 is 1i ih rlutw
i r 4
e Lt ALL Itif GOLD
o I
f t < b
t I
t J n I 01
J i I
r t I J r If
1 oJ L > 1
l iii I l s l at
i P i
1 I 4 I
I 11 I J
1 t 1
T IkH r I 1
1 I o t r 1 1 p ii
1 I t 1 tor Ult brit R2Mblcrs CU built
b1 I
1 J ir I 1 t
j re 1 I j I u
t f I I t L
r ci
E B WAGER Agent Tituaville Fla

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