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S pee iatcorTeapqDde ce of The Florida Star
1 I PAn S Slay 28A pathetic interest
everywhere Invests the efforts of the
American negro to emancipate himself
from his Ignorance and stand up a
man among men The white American
who examines the exhibit the colored
citizens of his country have prepared
for this exposition cannot help being
touched and softened by it or ever aft
er feeling kindly disposed toward the
Crowded into au angle of one room
in the palace of congresses and social
economy Is the practical argument of
the United States negro to prove not
only that he is capable of civilization
but that he is here and now civilized
and enlightened The display comes
chiefly from the government school at
Hampton Va and from Booker T
Washingtons training school at Tuske
gee Ala There are some neat tailor
made garments There is considerable
iron and wood work the Ironwork in
cluding anvil and forgo made articles
as well as castings The display Is
about equally divided between shop
work and farm work A line variety of
grains and vegetables raised by the ne
Krocs on the model farms is shown
and it Is inly truth and justice to
say that the one colored man who has
charge of part of the show appertain
ing to his nice got his agricultural ex
hibit ready and III place before the
great Inlted States government had as
yet unpacked Its tin cans I
The best part of this exhibit Is the
charts educational cud otherwise
showing the advancement of the col
oriMl people In the past generation Ve
Hnd from om of the charts that there
are now 7 iMi0 persons of color In
the rnited States One chart shows
the progress they have made out of the
darkness of llliteraryInotbrr their
stwtdy gain in the ownership of farms
and property always a test of success
and aspiration Must impressive of all
howexer l > the diagram with great
ingenuity arranged to compare the
present Illiteracy of the American ne
gro xvlth that actually prevailing In
other countries We iind from this
that today in proportion to the num
ber of them American negroes are
much Us ignorant than the inhabit
ants of the ralkan states of Kurope
which have had their chance at hoius
clvllled for a thousand years More
over this chart reveals that the col
ored people of the Tinted Slates a
race enslaved and forbidden by laxv to
learn reading and xvrlting until t
years ago are today only the merest
shade more illiterate than the popula
tion of Hungary a great nation reckon
ed the most powerful and rapahlc tart
of the Austrian empire Certainly the
colored rc In America little as it
sometimes appears to have done since
enianelpiitinn has every reason to
thank find and take courage and go
ahead Strangely enough some of the
more thoughtful of the race believe
that the discipline acquired throuuh
riMiturirs of shivery bred In the black
nice In America the patience and per
t lIHh neecrsary t U enable them to
go on and accomplish 111 iII lIll1l1
Well if there i < anything III discipline
they have had it certainly
In the same room v all tin colored
peoples exhibit Is clHlMicd the whole
Tnlied Stats oOh rIhuhhIal lu SlId11
and economic science in the shape of
photographs charts and diagrams Not
one person in o will so nuch as see
them yet here they are witness and
evidence of the luljihty forces never
visible to the surtarc observer that
move the human race Iroin tin great
orange ami olive orehirds of Califor
nia the pineries of WM uI1SII the cot
ton HiIds of the south the tobacco
llelds of all ocr ire photographs
playing the exlmustless IVMUUVIH of
our mighty country You 111111 page
after pige with ever growing xvondcr
and atltnhttiullInd you leave them
xvith the Impression stroii4 within you
that the citixens of so highly favored n
country ought to be very good people
to be worthy of It Fastened to the
wall is a small but quite natural look
Ing model of the Iron skeleton frame ur
one of those 10 story builtlngs more
or less now In process of soaring the
heavens In our largest cities The man
of other lands looks at it and shakes
his head when he finds out what It is
bat he baa not In his own country any
tfelag half so well adapted to its pur
pc as a public office building
Here are charts showing the relative
distribution of manufacturing indus
tries and national and other banks
throughout the land and hewho runs
may read where the free sliver and
plenty of currency agitation Is likely
to be By far the greater number of
banks in the land are concentrated in a
few large cities Other maps give sta
tistics of the great land and building
association scheme that favorite form
of Investment for poor people maps
reminding me that the first hundred
dollars I ever saved was slowly accu
mulated in the secure charge of a re
liable building association It Is in the
great middle western belt of the nation I
that laud and building associations do
most abound Hero too actually In
Paris greats the eye that brave old
diagram familiar as the family Bible
displaying how in one year the state of
Texas alone can raise one and a half
times as much cotton as the whole
earth can consume In the same period i
What would happen If for just one i
year the state of Texas would try her
self and produce all she could not only
of cotton but of everything else that
grows within her borders
The awful iekers1 Iuxlm guns draw
a steady stream of visitors so many
that policemen arc required COUSItu I I
to keep the crowd from becoming tan
gled up The company has U building
all to Itself where Its various manu
factures are displayed In grim roainoss
It is hard to say which is more terrible
the great fort cannon r 0 feet long and
requiring several carloads of stool for
its manufacture or the machine needle
gun that tires 000 shots a minute Look
ing at them it Is hard to believe that
life saving inventions have advanced
as rapidly und as near to perfection as
life destroying ones An American
however will view with profound In
terest the stuffed olligles of the big
mules that stand hero heels outward
laden with the packed munitions of
mountain artillery quite of the type of
those famous mules on which the llrlt
ish laid the blame of their defeat at
Spiou kop On my ward I xvould not
have believed that even an American
mule skin could have been padded to
look so entirely lifelike as the ones in
thoVickesMaxim exhibit hero in Tar
Is The very cnssedness of the eye
has been reproduced Actually before
I bethought myself for the moment
where I xvas I found myself shying
array from around the heels of those
mule etllgles Fact
In the Street of Nations so called
where the headquarters buildings of
each country exhibiting have been
erected the handsomest and most ii
I is that of Italy It is a beautiful
structure so fair and sightly that it is
a pity it will be destroyed after the
season Is over
Sugnotlvo and Interesting beyond
most cxliihits is that automobile ve
hicles They are of all sixes from the
greatest truck half as large as a rail
way car to the little autocycle for one
From France alone there must be as
many as in ditTercni pallet us many of
them with kerosene drilihlin from un
seen tanks somewhere III their insides
upon the lloor of the hail If horses
Iow anything at 111 they must rejoice
ft lite steadily iiiriviMux number of
auloiarria cs in France for nowhere
on tin ririh ircpt niuoirj the Tnualus
of the Philippines have I grin hordes so
hard driven as here in Paris Py the
xvay the French authorities are much
exeril > ed ill their minds as to xvhelher
an automobile is a he or a she The
municipal eoumil of Paris say it is a
In hrraiic it is a vehjle The gram
marians on the contrary solemnly at
lirm tlat it Is a she luiause it is a car
riage xvhich Is a she In a language
unfortunate cnuu h to IH > without a
neuter gender the sajm ditlicnliy Is lia
ble to occur xvith every new xxord intro
1 must nvord my conviction that
then are fi it elsewhere such graceful
hauiK nn > anil well built < airit is as
we manufacture in America III the ex
p iiiuii an a uuinluT of the alt IIIlt
carriages of France hundud + of years
1It1 put tliire in part to how how
much lljrhtrr and lit tlir the corre
sponding VtllhIe tit tinlaX is There is
really no xiry rral Improxcmrnt The
beautiful and perfert Fivuh coach
horses of todax ilrsit about after them
clumsy and heavy lookin4 ctrriiiie +
not half so handsiim as they them
selves are The French have improved
their horse more than their vehicle
A few misiutis upon that queer ami
umanny im al lc platform railxvax and
we are landed at the door of the Palace
of I ersitied Industries dlversllieil
meaning in this case mostly pottery
and glassware wall paper watches and
jewelry rubber goods and carpets and
rugs You would not guess what is the
most gorgeous and striking feature of
the French exhibits of rubber goods
In brief It is elastics for ladles stock
Ings French art has just laid itself out
on these Other nations are content
with showing gutta percha boats hose
pipes shoes and coats the French
mans eye for decoration pounces like
a hawk on the possibilities for high art
lying latent In stocking elastics How
he borlbbous and belaces and bejewels
them till the collection looks like a
flower bed
I have been away from home so long
that I do not know whether in our own
country pottery manufacturers have
taken up the making of the wonderful
ly beautiful iridescent enameling for
their Jugs and vases It is called me
tallic enameling here and the French
have brought it to such perfection that
ther wares are covered with a sheen
like a sun gilded opal
Starvation never yet cured dyspepsia
Persons with indigestion are already half
starved The need plenty wholesome
fond Kodol Dyspepsia dire digeM what
you eat so the bole can he nourished
while the worn ont organs arc being re
constrnoted It is the only preparation
kiown that will instantly relieve und
completely euro all stomach troubles
Try it if yon are sullen nt from indiges
tion It will certainly do von good B
It Wilson c Son
The Story of u Poem
The man who used to xvrite iu u garret
and burn the midnight taper though he
received but little for his toil still had
the respect of puhli > hcrs who held his
genius in high esteem Hoxv different
the fate of the writer today One 0e
them sent au Easter poem on which he
prilled hintMlf to a h eat editor The
great editor replied
Ve regret that your Master poem
which is a good uses arrived after xve
had made up the forms tor our luster
number taut y nil work it over to tit
the Fourth of July next iutrmlucc a few
American Hags and a hug of lircerarkersV
Or you might switch it around into < i
hristmas poem 1111ti wing in a couutrv
dunce or something lively If youll tin
either jl t Miui it on and check will It
for wan le l
When the author got that letter he
lost hi temper and his leligion Atlanta
Neglect is the short step M > many take
from a conth or cold to consnmpion
rill eat ly ue of One Minute Cough due
prcvciits coiKsnmption It in the only
harmless remedy that give iiime < liat >
results It eaves all throat and lung trou
bles Children all like it and mother
endorse it B It Wilson tl Son
A Rood Nil til red Reformer
If I was irtilliii lilt vxcatlur > MI lit
IM IxUatf in a way the situ i 1 n nii vet
Id tear up tin ut1p ami rJ KITH IH awl lircak
All the in > lruiiifiiis UM > d wliiii iluin vvcutltcr
IIoJrlh wail
OlMTatitMia Id jut prinlict tiUIIkill and huvv
tad winds willi eurowt < a for lunxtH > r Mi > lluwcr
Ui ItrtllM tltrlill IH sttirilU Hiiuh UW JUil lIt
UIHlllI tlbl
Hut IM > iint > b cheviittl UIH WJM far the l > v > t
If I war lilt aluuime IIKIH I vo M try
1u Itali i IH utitMtttt tit Ibf yrurr a > > ikfy dy
Imr jlli UH ailll ut our lilUI t > a
Alti lolittlM tl ko < ir uiilll tern < lutg fhljl 1
IM nIrltlJtir t i rtMtuar liuiU Ituc litwr a > ur
Alul too Suiuiu > i a vvtfk uH tUc leutki Hvjull al
I a 1 Mat lint tV ivM MH H IK tin tll < lrMk to IKI
Hut IM iltaH e tilings a lHa + if tJuxM u Ih Ia
my wat 1
The XV hlli MititS roriliii
is usually iiiiligestinii whirl mean > IItI
appetite sit pic 111s irrituUility weaii
iie i lImtlv and Brain Ir IMXJI KirtlV
Ihrpeplirule iu niw HIII HTUit flirt
Itauil111tt climi tn eatilt ifjtjlUi tin
tiiiiiiuli It U VItti11 t OlfI
11 r1htstt hI l
lt kiHJl tu iticktl istt ills ill the
bMllifuulit lit lht llttV duty IH rilldui
with n itMstc tnnilf from lilting lIul
liinl 1II11 shim tl 1t lIlt n filth nlcuhul III
MiiiliiiMtla luiniuiun dills not Iud
lly tarnish ami is easily kept luiulit
with ulitiiu ur loll any lIt the tine
pastes U etl fur sHxi r A duiliestif sti
iMiri liaeher silg exts ill this rollliee
tion thai iu clusint the house for the
summer It Is a IMH plan to cover iron
and atoll 111 kit > that xvill Uut In usid
for the sejismi with a thin layer of
ItCK ClIFshnild mvcr 1H mglt
1 It tiifUit ki tiuy ttisiiitler which it
allowed to till IIHI IlIu nll ivMih tu
HrihlOO ill ai llilhNLi s ur tlatr t Cie
tiiii liin tat it c injlunt > KoUxs Ki1
1o v Cure is i u tran teinl till khtney ill
iiider It U Wilon on
AlKns KtM tK ii a IMrt1 < It1 It cmi
pauitiil martini Htlli ttt t and ingr tt
ill g nails and intantly takis liie tmg mi
IIi lurlt ami bunions Its tin givite 1
comfort discovery or the age Alltn
lMMiilli re makis tight r nc 11 > hut > kd
t31y It i a certain cure f r sweating
calioiis anil hI tircil acliiug ftnt Tn it
today Sohl by nil tlruggii and JHH
stonV Ity mail lor > in siaiuj Tnil
l aikaiic free A l Itts Allen S Dlmifd
le Bail N Y
For Over Ilfty Veuri
MUS XVlVSloXVs xioriMNO SVKCI > tlus brru
ti oii rill tvr italy tear tiy iiitllU > ii > < fr 11I1111
for tliolr cltlMnii wltlt troth a lK vvlclt Icorrtl
4ICf + 11tst14r lie t tlll l nOlltrlt tin Ulll
iitlaV ill l > Irr111111 ioll slut 1 the 10 >
rfUHily fur Dltrt UIMU II will relitvt Ise luHr
tilt lr itinVrrr liiiiiifitlilfty Auld lit lirujf st
tu very 1111 or tin worlil Twrutvrtve atile
K hull 1t lie err ittl ti tar ilr Wins
lows Soothluu Syr ip uiil t tkr no other ktutt
Reasons for Ills Marvelous Success
His New Free Book
Dr nathaxvays method
of treatment is no experi
ment It is the result of
twenty years of experi
ence In the most exten
t Biro practice of any
specialist In his line in
tho world lie was grad
uated from one of tho
best medical colleges In
tho country and perfect
ed his medical and surrl
cal education by exten
sire hospital practice
Early In his professional career lie made discov
eries which placed him at the head of his profes
sion as a specialist In treating what are generally
known as private diseases of men and women
This system of treatment ho has more and moro
perfected each year until today his cures are so
Invariable as to be the marvel of the medical
Enjoy Inv tho largest practice of any specialist
In the world ho still maintains a system of nomi
nal fees which makes It possible for all to obtain
his services
Dr Ilathavay treats and cures Loss of Vitality
Varlcocele Stricture Blood Poisoning In its dif
ferent stages Hliemiutlsm Weak Hack Xerv
jtisuess all manner of Urinary Complaints
ricers Sores and Skin Diseases Hrifihts DUeost
md all forms of Kidney Troubles Ills treatment
or undertone men restores lost vitality and
takes the patient a strong xvell vigorous man
Dr Hathaways success in the treatment of
Varlcocele and Stricture without tho aid of kiilfv
jr cautery Is phenomenal The jMitient hi treated
by this method at his own home without pain or
loss of time from business This is i o ithvly tin
only treatment which euros without uu operation
Dr Hathaway calls tho particular attention ci
sufferers from Varlcocelo and Stricture to pago
7282 30 and 31 of his new book entitled
Mauliuus Vigor Hoalth a copy of which will
be sent free on application
Writu today for free hook and symptom blank
mentioning your complaint
nl llathuway Co
25 Iruu Sir I avnnnali Hu
A Matter of IlLsret
Its n great pity U still the man who
has tiki n a dfcji interest in the plans to
UIIIJlO < s iIugs
Whats a pity
That we eant jo further than the
more prevention of hydrophobia Just
tiiilhiii nitifli ehterier tHis life would
lie it nature had only made the grip germ
bah emuyh to muzzle Washiugiou
> KK TIIK TKACK UleailS great disaster wlllll
applied to a tint expres train It is just a
haul vvhiii it relies to diMirdervd lilond or tl1
niimiil stomach Hoods Sm > niirilla puts the
wheels biuk on the tntck by ruriii the trou
lndi etion naustii are rand by Hooii
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat
11 an iliriully diK sts the food and aids
i Nature in MrcnntboiiiiiC and recon
structing the oxbaitsted digestive or
I gans Inst lo hit esL1islOVeleIcligtst
ant and totiic No oilier iiroparaliou
can approach it in clllciency It in
stantly ivliovesand peniiaiiontly
Dyspepsia liidigcstimi 1Iearl 1m Ill
liatnlciuc Sour Stomach Nausea
Sick Ileadatlic Jasiral iaCramps and
all ot htrres11ltS01 i 111 per fllt digest inn
TriceMVanil I liix iroreilal1stinges
011I1 II olt HiHLalhilKiiiLtly piiMliiiiialUilfreu
Picpuicdby E C DeWITT e CO Chicago
11 I1 It LL t1 I V II it Still
f base used Hlpftn Tubule with to much tli
f cttuo tint I cult cbrtirfuily icvuuni nd IIIH
Ud btn troubled for niHiiit tltitt turf wllh
went I cuU < d blltna ttttavktuxmliiv on ttXrrly
once a Wtik XVu3 told t > y ilil < ifiil J > > UHU
that It was < ausrd l > y IMI ttlli of ulh I i l
ovoral I had tho ineili rxtrutte l > ui UH ul
lltfkk fOllttllUlui I haul Hfll luh nlIIIII if I
HIS > > iin Tultulin tit nil tar ijxsrs t ut Ia tt < > fJili
III tlrm hut ilKiit MX Nreta klivv Ji frunl Iu
Uuctnl inw 0 lr > tiifiu Ha 1 tUfit two i > f Iltff
lllltll Scout UiXiH nf tier 1ai > nlis uiil hn > fliail
nortHurrrtifn > < f the Attnctt have uetrrglvriiu
te tim ml for mijtilt l fre lit the t rAt i
ainiMiui of KOM wlitilt 1 IxUrt bit l > ei IOMP mo
t > V ItHillll Iftttlllfl lltilllfli air h old IHtHf lit tllO
many tfxlliniiiilaU you ii > ut > lle a hint In yi > ur
PUHlun IIUW A T De1t ITt
I Y to Inferm ynn
n 4 t
in worJ II of blluot I 1
WO hundred bushels
of Potatoes remove
eighty pounds of actual Pot
ash from the soil One thou
sand pounds of a fertilizer con
taining 8 U actual Potash
will supply just the amount
needed If there is a de
ficiency of Potash there will be
a fallingoff in the crop
We have some valuable
books telling about composi
tion use and value of fertilizers
for various crops They are
sent free
93 Nassau St New York
flume hours 10 to 12 a in and 2 to 4 p m
I Will practice in all courts state und federal
j Special facilities fur examining and perfect
i ing land titles
I n j
Couuty judge of Brevurd county Will pnic
tiee in all the courts of the 7th judicial cir
cuit of Florida
Proaeciitiii attorney for Urevard county
Notary public Will practice in all courts of
the state
Will pnutice in the courts of the 7th judicial
dicial Ii nu i t
Main titliee and address Tihhals Florida
OHlce at Kurt Iieree Flit upon the 2111 and
It h Fridays of each mouth
Notary Public State at Large
I Will pnu tit e in the courts of the 7th ju
dicial cm ° u it
I 1
Anvono tcmllni n fleetch and flivicriiiilon may
quickly ictTtalu our tipiitloit free wIitlluT uii
invciitii is pruhltblyutteiltable foiuiuunlra
tliiiiHsirictlycoiitliloiitinl Ilatutbookoii Iatenta
rent Crt table + t jiirctiry for Mcurm luttiMiijt
Iai its taken tlirutizh Munu S lu receive
leltil H itlc without chnruC lu tho
Scientific Jlmericait
A hand + ulltrly Illii trated weekly Tjirircst clr
dilution of any Mcicittltlc jnunutl IVrini f3 r
year fuiir in ititlis Jl Sold by till JiewmlfMlem
MUNN Co3B1Broad New York
I IJruiich onice t25 K Ht Washington tJ
k p utUHU tit iny
prAlfo of tIe lx nrtt i
< IAclf 1 hunllllu
I have d > Tlc > l trm II
KtpitUt Tubilrs laJllu RIPANS f Uliuttt > Ta > > uli 4 iruitt an
ti p uuiu of tiiliiu wan was
lirtif al iiut iiirr cud I
i I LJL > taklnt then f > ir catarrh
In tliti itr + Iuilaetkt LJLU
a I of ttw btMiinili him liuj
bruit U nlwty Iet 4rL U
< t e fimil i > ui n n ur fn m
Ktait Tubu r dual It
The modern stand tt > r a UfUU ee + l ino
ltrrnr of my lair I I
J IIIiu than anal
> lu in 104 i an
fuuinl tin Htlf ooutiilett I y
rundvm trhlftlut t t Ira 1 shill Meili r hatula endi 1b + ti
+ i llru Family 1 c < 4i > lat Uttliir Mild will
advloe of Mr ito low y
nr Ill tl V t N work i ray thj halo ooiiij > rtt >
A rJerr > Itjl t1 k Ji i cine Cures the ly eurtt my LaJ hrs
liwlur TatiuU with y 1 U A I ant tw < ntr ulit years
ua r5 I f vtmi > old You are wateotn
I crawl lairs Utcollt r WUWIIU rj common exxryday P to uw tttU tfillutotil
I Mn J l1JKOUun
lfi i ill of humanity
mother nay trflUlalo t1 I
with heartburn oust I
sltrplerlse Iutt 11 CJ tMOr r lay sern year old boy
10IIelun fur a CbUtI I I kUlfxtfvl With 1ttlti 1 K
DIRHV eu One day Z Qwfljl to hU lieud C > iUtlliHtt ea
ett t u Ieilmau of 0 r + h cud o < > n > UU > e > t of hla
In the pM cr Utunzo i 9dJ L i eIIOI U Ho cuult nol
RIIan Talul5 51st 1 II rat lUd oMIdrtn of hU
dettrtnlDo > l to tro ilium I YAflR I si n ti du and what tis
a trial MK greatly I s silt fAt did not agree
relieved by thiir us 80 wri Y 1 > < 1f ir 9 i i 1 with Lliu ndwUtb1
and now takes the ttu > t of a satTron color
TahuiN rfKularly Stir keeps a few cartons IMpani
Tabuli tu the huo und rays nhe will nut lo with
out them Thai hcartturn and tiltoiilo Ufsa haT
dUapiuarfd with this Inilr + tln ulich was
formerly so greet a buneu fur her Our whulo
family trio to Tibuli n uUrly rtti llly afrr
a hearty meal My mothtr Is fifty ywxr of B d
and U enjoying the gust ot health and aftl lt tNa
eats heart mall an liupotctty t cf to ho
look HllalU TubUlei ASToN 1l1J i u
J have torn a great lUCircr from coaktlpatlom
ftru urtl a ji II NI tag KAO 110 uuy relief
My f > < t u t I Con t u doTiicn were Llified so
I c uld Dt wca < nu > c on n j foci and ony a laci
du + 1 Mtw KIUI 11Iu atrtitvl Iu our
daij Sy r Iu I i oils > uu > l took Ut in tcidrcci
> l Mure Ihn thrlte uixMit three weiUi a il liter
li HI < t ch x I u 1 cut ron tli alt 1 tiny inure
and 1 Os1It u l t > lci < an + Tu > ufi lan thirty
I eev I ite ok1 li t > no txvuMtlon only my
luuMteuld ilutUj a 1 turilitK my fide hUh lu1
KM Iur hud hiss lr > y anti 1 am trjlag ItliotUl
Tamlfi for him lit fr < u settle tctrir brit it wlU
tttkH buusw Inv his lini l > crlt t t > c to hug Yoa
I may u einy letter 1It1 Fans c < 1 y n like
I ilr HillV UultMAM CLARK
I hate Bern jtiirtrlHK from uilaptics fit n
I duets 1 wa a lttlu slrt 1tu1l1 laicr rhh In a
curir K lutua cruwilcd
+ aa epann eR IlaCi ttl0u < trlhigft
e s
nnUnr tontet the trtin < idols lu favor of
Ita aluloi I tril tin in lau Tbulu not
only relifv i hut elua1 cure l u j youngster
the hrudac H hays tliatti > urrd b writ are In
good o Tii > n tttJ IM iBtr cinilaini of hits
ittes iii Ii > Uii Ow arc lnii > h > faced guy Till
Miutrfnl s asi V 1 ititrihuii to Itlpani Tabule
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