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f r f J < r 0 1
118 > r t > Y r i F t
r lNI I8IYElllllfUlTURE
Pere al Xxp rlescIa Ballard to HJKk
Arlington in Tllnes Union and Citizen
We in Florida know really nothing as
to intensive horticulture compared to
some gardens around the great cities of
the north who have to make their profits
in six or eight months while we have
twelve They practice
gardening at a
truly high pressure
High cultuie is threesided it consists
of good tillage abundant fertilizing and
judicious planning as to the succession of
cropa Good tillage is not keeping down
weeds it is stirring the soil deeply at
first shallow later on and often for the
direct benefit of the crop There is no
fallacy so unfounded as that which uses
the hoe only when weeds become
spicuous Good tillage kills the weeds
while they are still under the surface I
never knew a true market gardener who
knew or cared much about
weed In a
certain garden of 100 acres I never saw
a weed unless it grew along a path or
about a compost heap I often think of
weeds as a divine blessing to the shift
less farmer to goad him to cultivate the
but to the wide
crop awake market gar
dener weed is almost
is a meaningless ex
Next to the care of the soil itself the
manure is the most important considera
tion to the trucker He Ices not consider
a good dressing of manure once in two
or three years to he suflieient that in not
high culture Every year regard
less of cost every acre must be heavily
manured For ordinary lands the gar
deners about IJoston use annually about
ten cords of horse manure to the acre and
J its cost is seldom less than 7 or SS per
cord The gardener usually has little
faith in the value of manure the second
year after it is applied lie applies it to
his land in a thoroughly con
dition and expects to reap his reward at
once For certain crops he even applies
it twice a year Even after several years
of this excessive manuring should a year
be skipped the crops vill almost invaria
bly fail to yield a profit
Tuter Hundcreon relates an apt illus
tration of this sort it is not new to older
renders but may be to younger ones A
market gardener of twenty years ex
perience and whose premises had always
been a perfect model of productiveness
promised to run a street through his
grounds Thinking this hind sullidently
rich to carry a crop of cabbage without
manure he gave it none On either side
of the street he applied guano at the ute
of 1JOO pounds per acre Ijjon the un
furtiliiiod part of the contiguous areas he
phnted early cnblmges From the fer
tilised ground his cabbages brought him
11QO per acre from the unfcrtilicd part
HiH per tCICU loss of 1000 an acre
Much has been MI id and bitten about
the ultimate exhaustion of soils and the
inevitable failure of agriculture The fa
mous market garden lands of Arlington
near Huston were arid wastes when the
British soldiers marched un Lexington
as poor as a Florida sandhill and even
llfly yttirs uuo they went called in do
lieJon Poverty Plains Today they art
htuniit the richest lands I ever saw
Tin Huesiv cropping the double
cropping uf lnnd > an tin dictiiictivo features
tures of intensive horiicultutv The
iiiiiltttm in pu v i the fvn IHTHUUI
cropping of rvry J M > I uf ruullci in vvry
jivniinUK Miis OII is th only method of
ivitluiit a I 10 lit fr m hi hprkvd laud
A < NI story Ir lul oj u fhrexvd yardfiicr
who Kirid a pif f t hind at a nominal
pviei allow lit OAIHT tin priviNgf of
entifii t f upon tIlt la id xt any time by
pnvint him he xl u Itf the irop UIMHI Ho
Tin owner V MHI sn ill inciva > in r value
of his hull Itt alter uitcliiiii it for sev
ewl yiars he uuhlll1 liud a time when
the cr > p UJHIM tin jjiound were not
y1tttl1 nioiv than the ground itself awl
lie was ilimlly obliged to wll to the tenant
at a very low tijiuiv
The MHivt of tin success of these north
ern gardeners lies in the piompinesi and
tmro rlg111tw wilh which every operation
is eowltietcd Cardeit 1 I rtta1ll s rarely
britu what the general farmer would mil
a high price ltieyaraltirlsufttiver
sill consumption and H cheap Ihuty1ry
familv in city and country can atlonl
them Mot of them can Itt alilv rown
by any farmer on land ten times cheaper
than The valuable acre in th vicinity of
hiif t cities How then does the mar
ket ynrdcner make his nionev His secret
IiIJi1U these two facts lie grotto mono
vegetables to the acie than the general
fnriiicr ami lit markets them in better
Htrtison and in more altmctive condition
The average farmer with land w uih
only O an acre and maniiie iiKlin a
trille iimkra a Une margin frtMiinibUij i
but theexi crt anlener on land WiirHj
1000 an acre 211111 with an outlay of 7 >
or 100 + manure lvalues a haiidome
A Uowl ullah 11lIlu
It speaks well for Chamberlains 4llgh
Itomedy when drtii ilii use it in tluir
own families in preference to any other
1 have sold Chamberlains Cm r h Kern
ed v for the pn t live years with tomplete
Sttficfueliuii to myself and customers
ash Druggist 1 liolilMiiith Van htten
X Y 1 18tvttlways used it in my own
both for ordinary coughs and
colds J and for the cough following la
grippe and find it very elHeacious For
ale by H K Wilson tl Sm
Now Freight Classification
The sew aoatfecra frahi ttMMcation
went into effect June 1st superseding
thexriaaeification made last winter and
which went JRto effect Februarv lit The
latter classification was made in uniform
ity with those made by the roads in the
trunk line and western territory and by
which a Urge number of goods were
raised from a lower to a higher grade
thus increasing freight rates considerably
over what they had been before
At that time protests were entered
against these changes on the ground that
they widened the difference in rates al
ready existing in favor of the large ship
pers as against smaller ones As a result
the trunk lines issued an amended classi
fication which remedied to some extent
the causes of complaint The southern
classification committee held a meeting
to consider these protests but the result
was not acceptable to the shippers as
there were no general modifications made
the classification of February 1st remain
ing in effect without any material
changes The new classification which
is now in effect is still less satisfactory to
the shippers than the former one
Mr W S Whedon cashier of the First
National Bank of Winterset Iowa in a
recent letter gives some experience with
a carpenter in his employ that will be of
value to other mechanics He says I
had a carpenter working for me who was
obliged to stop work for several days on
account of being troubled with diarrhoea
I mentioned to him that I had been sim
ilarly troubled and that Chamberlains
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
had cured me Ho bought a bottle of it
from the druggist here and informed me
that one dose cured him and he is again
at his work For sale by B U Wilson t
Mr Flaglors New Residence
Since Mr Flagler has become a citizen I
of the state of Florida he has given some j
attention to plans for a pleasant winter
home at Palm Bench The plans for his
new Palm Beach residence are now being
completed and to use the words of Mr
MacDonald who will build it It will
eclipse anything south of Washington
Shortly after Mr Fla let8 return from
Havana last winter Mr MacDonald fol
lowed the chiefs footsteps He did not
go to Cuba to lOOK over a site for a new
hotel but to study the construction of a I
certain Spanish residence that Mr Flag o I
lei had seen and admired As an outcome
Mr Flaglers new Palm Beach residence
will be purely Spanish 172 feet front and
150 feet deep two stories high with a
large and picturesque interior court it
will he located on the site known as Brels
ford Point being on the lake front direct
ly to the right on crossing the lake bridge
and entering the Itoyal Poinciana grounds
It is Mr Mae onalds purpose to spire
no trouble or expeiisit in making of this
another monument in architecture and
construction to which he may be able to
point with pride
A Moiit nvll FUh
Destroying its victim is a type of con
> tiiHition The power of this murderous
malady is felt on organs anti nerves and
mucle and brain There is no health
till itV overcome But Dr Kings New
Life Pills are a safe and certain cine
IVM in the world stomach liver kid I
nev > HUll bowel Only Lo eellt5tl It U
Wilson A Sons dnijr store I I
Floridas First Melon Shipment
apt T 11 Ju1non1f h ula shipped i
a carol melons from Oxford Thurday of i
lat week the lii t car to leave the state
The melons were very fine ranging from I
twenty to thirty > ounds ChIt and will I
demand the highest price litglt John
MJII has purchased a grrat many melons
at > > x tutu l and will ship a ear every day
and later on = exeial per day until all
are shipped He also Iw eighty acres in
melons at Oraht from which he will hip
a car not later than Monday There are
a great many truckers in the county
with ltrg e acreages in melons and must
of them will begin to ship in car lots next
A 011 ntiiii 1 AuUlo Ouiiklv Cur l
At one time 1 Milteiiil from a ievciv
sprain of the ankle says < ieo K Cary
editor of the Juide Washington 1 n
After using several well recommended
medicines without Miccess I tried Cham
berlain Puin Balm and am pleased to
MIV that reliefttluasaxill851 began it
t and a complete cure speedily followed
For Mile by B K Wilson A Son
1OUU Donation to the Diocese
Hifore he left Oilando Mr I Pell
Clarke made a donation of his splendid
residence on Main fircet to the soul hern
diocese of Florida of I he Eli I pal church
The property originally co < t about 1 >
KMI and is one of the most complete and
attractive reidence properties in the city
Illhop William Crane Jray has mived
Into the house and took occasion on re
moval to celebrate the fortieth anniver
sary of his entrance upon the minitry
It is undellotHl that the hou > e < Hvupicd
by the ishop since he lirt settled in Or
hindo will bo occupied as a school build
Truth T jf ly 1111110
Folevs Kidnev Cure is a safe sure rem
edy for all kidney and bladder disease
Utmniiitecd me It It WiUon Lt Son
HAl R9
of hair is
7 wealth I
1 indeed
1y to a
A It Every
physical attraction is
secondary to it We
have a book we will
gladly send you that
tells just how to care
for the hair
If your hair is too
t h i n
or 10 s AYCP
ing its
Growth becomes
vigorous and all dan
druff is removed
It always restores
color to gray or faded
hair Retain your
youth dont look old
before your time
S 00 a bottle Alt druggist
44 I have used your Hair Vigor
now for about 25 years and I havo
found it splendid and satisfactory
in every way I believe 1 have
recomuuudeu this Hair Vigor to
hundreds of my friends and they
nil tell the same story If any
body wants the best kind of a flair
Vigor I bhall certainly recommend
to them just as btrongly aa I
can that they get a bottle of Ayers
Hair Vicor
Nov 23 103 Norwich N Y
Writ the Doctor
If you dont obtain all the benefits
you leiiire from the use of the t Iior
write the Doctor about It Addrei
Lowell MM
Water melons and musk melons are
Mr M Jrillis ha boon on the sick list
this week
Mr IIMTV 4 Jrilli of Titusville moved
his family here Sntnnla
llrI C CJuini left 11ot lay for the
north o spend the summer
Mr lea Montpuiifry of Oak II ill
a Us Visiting frieiuls here Snnilay
Mr Hd Ilttilluarrivnl hart Fritlay from
> teen IJriugiu with him his son Her
bert I
inductor Khotles toll Albert Null of
Titnsville were pleasant visitors at the
residence of Mr Null Sunday
A very jar e onion crop is being liar
veted There v1111t1tIIII 1000 buhels
in lilt hiloh and CMlfton iieiiiliborli
A farewell party wa triven Saturday
I nhhl at tint risidciier of Mrs Knhl in
honor of tin Misses Kuhl who left Sun
day for the north via Tituville
I The voting people uith their hooks
lines and ha > k ts went down to tin
1 Hatilover canal Saturday on a lisle fry
< luiw a nnmlur of lih were mughl and
all report a very eiijoyablf time
A tliioiitrh freight line has been etab
j lished between NVw York by the Midlory
1 line Heamers hi Key West and sflnmner
line frtun Key We > t to 1unta t furl il giv
i Jllti t weeklv scrvire
A lrlihllul lit uuotr
Will often nuie a horrible burn said
j rut or blilie ItiHkleli1 ArnifH Salve
I the best in the world wilt kill thi pain
1 and promptly hial it Cures old Sure
I fever sores ulcer Uiils felons mrns all
I I kin eruptions le > t pii nuv on earth
i Unlv J I cents a Uix Iuiv guanultt sl
n i Wilson iV Itlllllt iI 1
i WAXTKP lloiuM IIIHII ur oiiiiiii tit Clay
rl fr lur i IKHIM Milury il > uiitutlily alloll
tfliM > with iunvasr iKiiiiioii M > rinaiictit Iii
ilihlre41 111X
iii > t1 > stalllgle1111vrlupe
i Ailltski t txtlu bids t
U L 1tiUN
OlHro at n iitliui tint IltHlr mth nf the
county jail Only rtM 4LI v4rk
at rl1ttly niliHul > riii >
Satsiiiua Ilit lilM Fla
Dfaltr in and Manufai Hirers of
YELLOW PINE i iiynrn
Fruit and Vegetable Crates
i Estimates furnished for < omi htt bills of
lumber to he delivered at any point on the
East Const
Jas Pritchard < Son
Tinware Crockery
Boat Goods Paints and Oils
Write for prices
Box 212
0 0
j 1 t
e i to
e o
oo Experienced 1
Wheelmen t
choose Ramblers because they have tone
and style as well as all good points which
lo to make up a wheel of very highest
trade The latest models of
notice the extra reinforced frames
are the very best built wheels on the mar
ket today They last
t The gcxvd reputation trained by the
0 tt KatHlder buildt rs during their zi years
1 experit nre malts the Kambler a safe and
profitable inf > tinii > t for both the novice
r and well ported wiled buyer
Ail for Jutt tft t booklet
tX t vxX = e
E B WAGER Agent Titusville Via
Bond Liumber Co r
On hand and Constantly Arriving
r r r r r r
Shingles Moulding Scroll Work Balusters Newel Posts
Bean OranQe Cabbage and Tomato Crates
Brick Lime Cement Etc
Estimates made on nil hnildini material Our large bunt Sunny South will doliver
any where on the river Call on us or illhl in your hill We will servo 3oti right
B c > n d LLrr1 be C c Or
USvi11e 1m idea
It 111 iv
Fount and Bottle Soda Con
fections Fruit Cigars and yr
Or Take Your FIRE INSURANCE cs Schuyler
Agtiit fijju Hartford Etna Liverpool and London and Globe
Home Continental Providence Washington Fire
mans Fund and Sun Mutual
KI further iufurntHtitui tall > ii uddn m tit n I S rlUYlrli Ti rrvuit KIA
M ° ItItICI ur d the 1CUIIN K1VKK HK MAMFACTOKV 1 l rr 1 i o lU
ptral alltlIti l uid tll i > nkin Im liinil IIM Ilut hiini h m > Matuiii nit tin Eat C I IlSt
iiili atl ni 11 > ti iiiilinit on I lull iii ni i
Iii 0 s1ey 1 0 t1e > vv
FnrtMjjn aiul ili nu > tif raud > IIf Vincs Hraiulifs Ruins dins and
t Vhi > ki > o Hottlcil I ifi > Alts ami Stout
iullilv and ht1 bawl is hnltll 1ritnpt and IHnful Mttcntioii given to mail un1ns
4 nth iimt art ulul ituc Your 1Ikl IoMKY A M < TJOV 1lTiaViiin KIA
tipI rial 111 III hint yiviu t mail orders I ui M FLOIflDA
Dealer in General Merchandise
onsistin uf everything
Usually kept in a ROCKLEDGE FLA
fir > t Cltts sjcneml store

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