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Core Grained Crwrt rM Wk > > era
Work aC Art
Special Correspondence of The Florida Star
ASIIINGTONJune5WhUe all places
famed In history story and song Buffer
more or less from acts of vandalism
undoubtedly Washington more than
any other place In this country Is a vic
tim of the coarseness and hoggish dis
position of a certain class of relic hunt
ers This may In a measure be due to
the fact that every fellow who comes
here looks upon himself as a
part own I
er of the nations capital city and all
that therein Is Such sentiment If
erly controlled and directed Is laudable
but when It finds an abiding place In
the breast of one who has no apprecia
tion of the beautiful Jar reverence for
things sacred It makes of him a prig or
a fleml Many acts of vandalism
havent even the saving grace of a gen
uine desire to possess some relic or to I
ken because of I
Its associations as an
Inspiration As a matter of fact In a
majority of cases monuments tablets
buildings tombs and other places of
historical Interest are defaced out of a
spirit of ruthlessness
To all such as to those of less repre
hensible motives this city with Its
monuments and other memorials pre
sents many temptations and that thou
sands have fallen under the temptation
Is evidenced by the marred condition
of some of the most notable and rever
ed Institutions In the cltyIn the coun
But to get back to the vandals who
deface objects of beauty and value
Probably there Is evidence nowhere of
more flagrant vandalism than can be
seen in and around the Washington
monument Custodian John Hawkins
Is authority for the statement that of
the ITT memorial tablets in this monu
ment only seven have escaped the van
dals These tablets are on the Inside
of the monument distributed through
out the many landings of the long and
winding stairway which leads from
the base to the summit Colonel A T
BIngham superintendent of public
grounds and buildings has In his an
nual report recently Issued called de
tailed attention to the condition of the
tablets Under orders from Colonel
Bingham Custodian Hawkins made a
careful examination and his report is
a record that It Is sorrowful to con
template Colonel Bingham says
Some magnificent stones finely
carved and with intricate oruamenta
tion have been smashed and mutilated
to suth an extent that they are eye
sot hs and objects of laughter to visit
or who inspect the monument Mvery
month there are one or two cases of
vandalism of this kind ivi rtid but
those are only the exceptional in
stances when The offender has been
caught The great extent of territory
to be protected makes it ditlicult prop
erly to police the big marble shaft
wilh its l so steps of winding staircase
There is need of strong legislation to
protect the few stones which have been
left untouched in the monument and
1 shall recommend that a severe pen
alty be IntiHised on sn e1 cases in the
The must notable case of the work of
the vandal is Hint of the elaborately
carved stone representing a locomotive
and bearing the Inscription IVesent
ed by the Employees of It Norris A
Slilt Ilk ohttotj1 e Works Philadelphia
Feb LL isrii This stone showed the
must minute features of a locomotive
yet successive vandals have broken out
Spokes from the wheels parts of the
engine cab sections of the boiler ami
the wheels while the smokestack has
entirely disappeared The carved en
gine was approximately two feet long
It was one of the most beautiful and
costly stones placed in the monument
and its present condition is pitiful A
single stone bearing the word Neva
da lii large letters of silver indented
In the stone has been almost complete
ly destroyed The vandals have taken
outby smashing the stone live of the
sir letters each weighing about eight
tinces The only remaining letter the
V was dug out by the order of Colo
nel Bingham who now has It In his
These are but two of the more than
100 cases that are cited by Colonel
Bingham and while as stated they
are probably the worst there are many
others almost as bad
Cured When Other Failed
S A Ingalld Crown Point N Y
writes My wife suffered from kidney
rouble for years She consulted several
hysician9 and tried a number of kidney
cures without getting relief She was ins
lucetl to try Foleys Kidney Cure and in
less than a week after she began using it
she was greatly improved and three bot
ties cured her B R Wilson Son
Cochein Back Development
H P Gochems the former Wiscon
sin athlete now a student of the Har
vard Law school who broke the Har
vard record for strength as measured i
by the Intercollegiate standards In the I
testing room of the Harvard gymnasi
um Is a wonder
Cochems took the test without any
untoward show of exertion as a pre
z f 1 1
llminary to an attempt to make 2000
points which it is his ambition to do
before he leaves the university Ills
total was lSOi points an increase of IJO
over his former record His leg pull
alone was alit points a point being
equal to lij pounds dead weight which
makes the total by pull more than a
ton This is a large Increase over any
thing ever before registered at Har
Cochems did not train for the test
and as he has done only light work so
far this spring It seems likely that he
will easily reach 2000 points if he will
train for It
The Chinese ask how is our livei
instead of how do you do for when the
the liver is active the health is good
DeWitla Little Early Insets are
famous little pills for the liver and bowels
B U Wilson Son
Sump DasketM
If I had my way there would be a
scrap basket in every room of the
house said a man the other day lie
was not far from being right in the
matter A higuly decorated scrap bas
ket used to look very foolish standing
in a parlor but now that every recep
tion room must have its fully equipped
writing desk a scrap basket will of
course be required there Certainly
one scrap basket is worth a dozen
small ree itaeles am a room provided
with one only needs in addition a glass
or tin lined box or cup for burned
Fur l e lrooni sewing rooms and
playrooms a homemade scrap basket is
caHy provided Take a clean half
bushel fruit basket If yon have none
any grocer 11 ill provide one for > cents
ami cover it inside and outside with
i hint or reton to match the room you
desire to use it in It will prove de
lightfully steady and capacious The
chintz may be arranged to remove for
an occasional washing
All who suffer from piles will lie glad to
learn that Pt itS Witch Hael Salve
will give them instant and permanent re
lief It will ctre ecema and all skin > Ii
ae = Ieware of counterfeits I U Vil
iii A Son
The Odor of Mutton
To remove the mlor tlf mutton this
reHjH is an original ami l ted ite
from an old conk vlio made use of it
for her own peronal hemtit This pe
ciliar HIa which jMrmeates the flesh
of lambs and sheep the latter especial
ly is very ouVnsive to Iris people and
many who would otherwise enjoy the
meat cannot cat it on account of this
unpleasant attribute Now the reme
dy is simple and Inexpensive for all
that is iieeessary is to take the juice of
one lemon ami beat with it sutUcient
butter to make a gravy and pour this
over the meat when broiling or when
putting it Into bake It applies to fry
ing al < o
Another method which she gave and
which may possibly be known to others
Is in pour the gravy of the meat when
it i < done over some freshly gathered
mint leaves allowing it to remain long
enough for the mint to thoroughly ila
vor it then pour it back over the meat
This is known as mint gravy
Any 0111 Sore
Cut bruise or sprain quickly kcal td
with tanner Salve the greatest Jiealins
remedy in the world It U Wilson A
L LA S x2rSc k
110 ifi1 16U Hats AI
Bears the Always Baagtt
Signature Y lor
ot meals and T
x cool cooks
I Youll not need to regulate your cooking
by the thermometer when you get a
Wickless Blue Flame Oil Stove On the
hottest days you can cook whatever you
i I I i I choose in whatever way you wish with
out suffering any additional discomfort
while cooking The comfort youll gain t
= is only one of the advantages of using a I
Wickless Flame Oil Stove
It is handier than a coal stove and cleaner and cheaper The Wickless Blue
Flame Oil Stove is absolutely safe it burns ordinary kerosene without wicks
and causes neither smoke smell nor soot
Made in various sizes for varioussired families sold at price to Knit any sized
pocketbookb ruver stoves are sold If the dealer does not have them write to the
The Game of Fiftynine
Fiftynine the game that for
months past has been such a boon to
the winter resorts promises to take the
place of grand this summer Fifty
nine may be played by from two to six
persons but four playing partners
make the best game The entire 511
cards arc used but only six arc dealt
at a time The value of the cards is as
follows Ace 1 king 25 jack 1 ten 1
1111109 five H tray li deuce Ithe
sum of which Is fill The player to the
right of the dealer has the first bid
and according to his hand he may
wager all the way from 1 to 5J lie
who makes the highest bid names the
trump and discarding all his cards but
trumps calls for whatever number fills
out the hand to six The other players
do the same He who makes it leads
and he must lead trumps
Trumping in is forbidden until a suit
is exhausted I a ins are counted ac
cording to the value of the cards in
each players tricks when a hand Is
played out In case of a euchre the
loser subtracts from his score whatev
er he bet the winners add to their
s ole whatever they have made Two
hundred or moiv Is the game 1nllke
most card games fiftynine does not
come from the west Its origin indeed
is wrapped in mystery rut it is a
first class garni and it is undoubtedly
in for a long lease of popularity The
oftener you play it the better yon like
it Theres more In it than greets the
criiii > IIY u it IL
Cattle Free to Sn Merer
nutS your > kin itrh and burn lUtrev
eruption < m tin skin o you leel ashamed to
lIt seen in company Do llh ami Msiles form
on the skin hair or stdl Have you eeeina
Skin sure and eraeked Hash form on t In skin
Irirkiug pain in the skin I to Ms Iimplo
Hone pHiiixf Swollen joint HalliiiK huh All i
run down Skin pale ONI Mire Katint s < ie > i
IleeiN To rule to slay en ml Inks II B H
I Hotanie Blood Halnn which makes the l lo < nl
pure ami rich It Its 15 will entire the sore I
to heal helling ofeeeina to Mop forever the i
skin to henm clear ami tin IIrcth swvet
B B II i > just the remedy you havehrrn
loot l0lir Thoroughly tested for iu years
Our millers are advised to try IS 15 B For
Mile II y dni Utsat 1 per largo little six
hire buttles full treatment 5 1C Mire tbe
buttle nads Iitauii BIHMI Bah Complete
directions with rai Mottle suticrors may
test it a trial goal uiveii away 11 rite lir
it Add Blnoj BA1M CO Atlanta C5a
Pe > eribi your trouble and fno personal mod
inil advice uiviii it B B for sale by 1 15
Srrivoii Irubt tTitUsvile J
o A lszr o R Y A
Bears the A The Kind VPJ fait Alas BogM
of A U4
A Strong Fortification
Fortify the body against disease
ii v butts Liver Pills an abso
lute cure for sick headache dys
ppsia sour stomach malaria
constipation jaundice Liliuus
mss and all kindred troubles
I The Fly Wheel cf Life
DrTutt Your Liver Pills arc
the flywheel of life I shall ever
be grateful for the accident that
brought them to mv notice I feel
as if I had a new kase of life
J Fairleigh Platte Cannon Col
Tutts Liver Pills
mt nid ant t Uutr the hair
z = 1romote a Ituurunt growth
Never Palls to Restore Gray
Hoir to Its Youthful Color
Curt cap d aH i tt hair i14 r
51 SI at Drunbtt
Florida East Coast Ry
uj NoRnNOe 107MNol f trj
4 Datly Duilyi STATIONS Daily Daily
N O l1t1 l U
14 r a 1 OII 11 8fal LV lauksonvillo Ar i WII to 55aa 8 tt
0 i 1Sp lU 4at Ar St At1gustiuo Lv tt5p 1148
C1 5q1d5thI l4v St Auiustiuo Ar 61511 940U
C J71 112lu HUStiIlLI Lv 54Up U05a t1 b
I = 4 It lp 1141htAr ELt Pnlutkn 515p 84t E 0
tIJ it ti1LLia 5tJI 82Ua Coed
I + SeJp1l tart Le PahltlutAr 511 J inks c + 0 m
I rIJ 0 0 IA s 3latuo Iv i Utt 0 bf t3
i ea 0 Jpl i2UpLv Sun a Ulc > Ar it5I
i 8 P CD tI2
1 W 8 6I3I 1141k1Lv East nlntklAr 5ip S J5n p ct
I i 44 Iol Ormunll Hr1 tin C 0
j O bit
0 C i511 1 lip Dnvtotta 1511 701I
fn d sup l21p Port Orange 8111 a 51a i bt
j W r + SJIlp 14F1 Xu + y 8nnrnn 1Up liatn 0 t1J
i E M 8511 2 0111 Oak Hill 1001 5Wa tf c + LA
U2 JSJI 211 lillII It JJ 51 5lUa p 1
M ON tQ 31111 City Puint 1 F5p + + >
t N HIntl Cot oi 1411
0 f
riI d N i 2J11 Hncklttl1o It 1411
0 151 Fat < inlhtt 1ap UJ JQ L
t lx4 4 ulp + J 1iIIurnt 10111 CD > r tI2
to 4Rip Hutlzulll It 12 lilp P O 0
1 4 fit 444ftl a hlitilln 4 1121 o td
1t i4 0 Sap tLucio J1 its IS
tQ P 0t1 54Jp Fort Piurou It 11Sa CD ri
0 lulu rihlllllil 4 1104H Z tl1
8 8 lioII 1 aiun 110011 CD 0
rJl d IUp irn4a lU 33n = a
z CJ 11 Stuart IU lilll
O IIWp Hula Sttn1 It 10 14a tIJ S
0 i arp ye4t ittpiur a IUvJ1 0
= 7tdp yt Puhu Huuch tt A 8 t
8 a I SUlpl Boynton OCt 2
6111 htilrav j 1iiAt
rJ of rJ S51 I Flirt Iaudrrtbllo 0 SCJlWI
t4p ltllIlIlI City 0 ilta p
riI Jahl Ar liumi Ix i lial
HuHeit Parlor Cars un Trniiis Xi and TK
Between Isew Smyrna taud Uruugo
t I Eotween Titnsvillo uad Sanford
ity Junction I
SiSp llHiiLV New Mn v run Ar ITftij 515p it Lv Titusvfffo Ar 12Ip
1111 Iak Helen Lv 71a 3Iims Lv >
4tripllMa t I < I II l45p 5o5p I12p
42ip rt < p l mye its lSSp 44l p 1 S a Ostiin 11 57iv
42a 1IH ArOnniK lv let It l iUl ojup stEL EnterpriKo a 11 BTxi
All iraiiin 1M veen r + Smyrna l and Orange i Vtuii Ar Sanford 11 uus
City JuiiiMimi daily exeept SnndMV t
ill trains between Titusvillo and Sanford
Ii icily exeept Sunday
Botuoon Jnclcvillo and Pablo Bench
Th K lime Tables show tho times nt which
I N17 N li STATiuN > tIIi h iiiiitH may IJC expected to arrive and
1tlwcrt from the > everal statnus but
jt 1 I lv Ar I iiuiH 4t it > thtir arrival or departure at the time
i ip 1UIIAr = l ul141 Jith Lv ix oKUI pi stiitwl is not uinirHntet il nor doe the Com
I All lJHW 1M t + + wtl ln < k mvile and Ial > jHiny hold ilxlf reM > imihle for any delay or
I litowlluiIY ixeeju tub y any lon > je < u < nees nrisiiit therefrom
Pr7 IpC a rMII dill etr t > M > I t Tikt gHlta air Silllilri
1 P BIlK 1TH Tnillle Maaa 1 n HAHNKH A R P A
s Auut
SIllllllll 1411
Florida East Coast Steamship Co
LIItI Miami Hiiday Tne4la > Wiliiflav mid lridiyi ll0 p m
Arrive Key We t MfMida > Veitne < da > ThtiiMlays an I > at unlays S tU p m
Le aye Key Vest ThurMlays and Sundrtys ° Cr pm
I Arnve Miami Kiiday amt 3tnIy i0a nu
Lenye Mumii Sundays iml Wednesdays 11OJ p in
Arrive IbI KUaI21citlays and Krulaya i Mti ni
Leave Havana Tuexlayr and Fri lay llWn nu
j Arrive Minim V dnelays and Saturdays 5 < da nu
I While Its the intention OR Pkri In Kit et Sttttu hu t > IHtiV to Imvo thHr hti >
1 foll w regulariUe l l 8Htvrtrrl the line reMrve the rilIr III ail times to withdrnr
i their hit r ehan u their hang days without aiiar and l < > siijute any > t < MUier W h t t
I nt t < > ijv nr VMII the ina hItIlIU rttk n ibfir any dust ia m of ita steamers r delay
in a i 4iiiiv
e 0 4 0 P S J iLrf H lx 1 1 a 1 I WJL
1 c
fc 11 i r < m i i
fT rrr
PI J i
I T 1
ft ± E s 9aT L r J >
y +
= = = = = =
7 2E
r y z l
r t Lrr r T
Patented July 21 1896 TRADE 1lAItKI Patented July 6 1807
DFR PFWT QAVIMP Requires no topi rb ottom rail and only Ii as
5U PER GENT SAVING many rs atop tvk ittaigiiid
rCri ULlI 1 OnilllUi
many posts a i I J > tvlf n llint an J makes
a better fence A full line of Field and Hog Fciiu Stt1 Picket L vn Fence
Gates Posts Rail etc Write for full particulars

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