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Impreyeettta Maass IifsK he Xaua
Ktver MaetlYreerie
During the past year there has been an
activity in the cultivation of orange groves
over the entire length of the East Coast
of Florida unknown since the great
freeze of 9495 On the upper portion of
the East Coast thegroves suffered to some
extent but much less than in the interior
of the state The freeze of 9495 cut back
the old groves and in some instances
killed young trees But there is and
always has been an immunity from kill
ing frosts on the east const unknown in
any other section of the state While the
trees were damaged more or less in the
more northern section In the lower east
coast say from Sebastian south orange
trees have never been damaged by freeze
The most northern grove along the east
coast is the fifty acre grove belonging to
the Wetumpka Fruit company at Hast
ings In this grove although young at
the time of the great freeze scarcely a
tree was killed to the ground The trees
have made a most astonishing growth
during the past summer came through
the winter without any damage and many
of the trees are now loaded with fruit
The trees have not been protected either
by shed or tent Mr George W Leonard
the manager of this companys interests
said to the writer We are greatly en
couraged with the condition of our grove
It is one of the most beautiful sights I
over saw the trees have mud a wonder
ful growth the foliage is dark and the
trees are in perfect health
While there have been but few young
trees planted in that section during the
past year the growers are much encour
aged which is resulting in greater care of
the trees At Han Mateo there will be a
considerable shipment of fruit this season
The old groves are in splendid condition
while the young trees are coming on in a
way which surprises the owners The
lands in and about San Mateo adjacent
to the historic SL Johns river are especi
ally adapted to growing orange trees and
the growers are confidently looking for
ward to the time when the oldtime ship
ments will be made from that point
Coining south we found the growers as a
rule carefully looking after their trees
At New Smyrna Mr Washington Con
ner of New York city is clearing a forty
acre tract of hammock land which he
will plant in the most approved varieties
of oranges next spring Mr Conner al
ready has quite an acreage of old grove
The rapid growth of these trees and their
great recuperative powers has so encour
aged Mr Conner that he will extend his
grove as above stated Others in this
fertile section are planting smaller areas
The lands both hammork and pine
west and along the river bank at Now
Smyrna are adapted to growing citrus
fruits of the beat finality and the present
indications are thai during the coming
year there will be a much larger acreage
planted New Smyrna and vicinity was
the first or among the lira settlements in
Florida believed by many to be prior to
the settlement Si Augi tine There
is one tiling sure the groves in the Turn
bull hammock have long bee noted for
the superior quality of fruit and quantity
grown At lluulcs Park a few miles
south of New Smyrna Mr W S Hart
has a grow of a few acres covered with
half shade which has made a surprisin
r nvth ami will o1i IK in lull bearing
The trees in that vicinity which are not
covered have made a > ul are making a
splendid growth ami there is every pros
pect of a ivviva It l the nraiiui industry
There is perhaps 1111 Mction of the Indian
river country where s1 much confidence
is shown in the matim industry as at
Tituaville and vacinity Ijist year there
were a few hundred boxes of fruit shipped
from this section This year there will
be many thousands Mr K L Brady a
conservative and careful crane planter
estimates the hipments at > IMH boxes
Others who are more sanguine estimate
7KM There is probably no section
where the trees have made such a rapid
development as through the Indian river
section from Titn vile to e
At litu iUl the groves both on the
hammock amt pine lands are last as
suming their old timt appearance and
the growers are weeding out all the
diseased b trees and implanting them with
healthful lnuU III the vicinity of Mims
on the pine lands the proves are lining
exceptionally wel and this year the
willhe for their patience
rowers will hi repaid
sending forward
and slicktoativeness by
ward many boxes of golden fruit Mr
K L Brady said to the writer You cannot
of the
not form any adequate opinion
roves in our vicinity unles you visit
Them Although 1 live at Titusville and
1 had no idea of
have a splendid grove
the number and extent of the really fine
11IIlin their
grows which are rapidly assuming
oldtime appearance and are this year
well loaded with fruit until 1 spent a day
driving through them Of course then
were many which 1 did not have time lo
visit but since 1 have made careful inquiry
have but one report and
and 1
that is that the orange trees throughout
this entire section have made growth
during the last year that has never been
equaled even in modern times If an
iiut haul told me that in all probability
would be shipped from the Thus
there t I
ville district at lean r 0i0 boxes of fruit
this season I should have been inclined
to think they were mistaken or drawing
largely on their imagination but since I
pent n tiny in investigating I am satisfied
that the shipments will reach easily 5000
boxes The growers are greatly ncoar
aced and are replacing any tree that does
not grow rapidly with strong new
healthy bade There is every indication
of the speedy return of the old prosperous
times when thousands of oranges went
forward yearly My own grove has made
a most remarkable growth and the
amount of bearing wood put on last
summer was immense and the proepeet
is much heavier growth will be pat OPT
this year which will double the bearing
capacity of my grove next year The
grove of Mr William Brown will hold at
least 1500 boxes of fruit this season The
Titusville orange growers are strictly in
it The same conditions exist at City
Point and Faustina Mr Geo Chester a
well known and conservative orange
grower at City Point estimates the yield
this season at5000 boxes The growers
are greatly encouraged over the outlook
and are giving their trees better care than
since the cold of 9495 Unhealthy trees
are being replaced by new healthy buds
and there is every reason to believe that
returning prosperity has come and that
soon these places will be sending forward
their oldtime amount of fruit Rockledge
growers are in high glee over their pros
pects Their groves came through the
winter without damage The extremely
heavy growth of hearing wood last sum
mer makes it possible that at least 15000
boxes of fruit will he shipped this season
Hon H S Williams one of the most
conservative of men says in a letter to
the writer under date of May 6th In
my judgment the outlook is now good
for 15000 boxes of oranges in the Rock
ledge hammock Others who are more
sanguine and are making no calculations
on ill winds place the yield at 20000
boxes The heatlhful condition of the
trees and the amout of bearing wood
which will be put on this season indicates
that the yield will be double next season
What is true in this regard of the Rock
ledge hammock is true of the City Point
and Titusville districts At Rockledgu
many new trees have been planted some
of the growers planting fresh healthy
buds between each old tree in their
groves and taking out all trees that have
or are not making a satisfactory growth
Mr CJeo Chester estimates the output of
oranges from Merrills Island this season
at 5000 boxes The planting of new trees
here has kept abreast of the times and
the growers are giving their trees the best
of care which means rapid development
and a quick return to the ol itime ship I
There has heen considerable tree plant
ing on the spruce pine and hickory ridges
lying on either side of the track of the
Florida East Coast railway south of Rock
ledge We have most favorable reports
from all this section in regard to the
rowth of citrus trees and the remark
ably healthful condition of the trees At I
St 1ucit lion C T McCarty has within I
the last year planted out many hundred
orange trees on the rich hickory ridges on
the west side of the track of the Florida I
ICast Coast railway also on his lauds at I
Ankoiia In conversation with him Mr
McCarty said HI have never seen trees +
make a more rapid and satisfactory I
growth than during the past summer
Our orange trees have never been
damaged lay cold and there is no section
of the state where trees bear heavier crops
of fruit or of a better quality My young I
groves uv certainly things of beauty and
fully demonstrate what can he accomp
lished in a few short years in citrus tree
growing by earful and intelligent culture tI
There is no question but within a few
short years these hickory and spruce pine
ridges will be one solid orange grove
which will yield their owners large re
turns on their investments The Ivleu
and Jensen district whith has hitherto
heen devoted almost exclusively to the
growing of pineapples is now becoming I
nn orange growing district During the j
last year there has been many hundred r
citrus lives planted ami the good work is I
but just commenced The groves of Mrs
Curtis proprietor of the Net herby and
that of Mr Merwiti are loaded with fruit
Last year we visited these places and we I
never remember of having seen orange i
trees more heavily loaded with fruit and j
lit a better quality The trees are again j
loaded down with the fruit almost to the j
breaking point
Now Military Company i
The Lake Worth Killed is the name of
a new military company organized at j
West Palm cach last week officers as I
follows I K Chambers captain II B
Yarborough first lieutenant Mil A ira
ham second lieutenant The company i
uumlers thirtyfive The atrocities of the
Chinese Boxers may he responsible for I
t sudden uprising thou h it is possi1
hie that the suite encampment just closed
at St Augutine may have quickened
the military brit <
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cause pimples blotches kin eruptions
and a wretched complexion Klectric
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nerves bright exes > velvety
rich complexion It will make a good
looking charming woman of a rundown
invalid Only u cents at II R Wilson
v Sons drug store n i
Vbereas The legislature of 1899 under
the constitution of 1885 of the state of Flor
ida did pass four joint resolutions proposing
amendments to the constitution of the state
of Florida and the same were agreed to by
a vote of threefifths of all the members
elected to each house that the vote on said
joint resolutions were entered upon their
respective journals with the yeas and nays
thereon and they did determine and direct
that the said joint resolutions be submitted
to the electors of the state at the general elec
tion in November 1000
Now therefore I Jno L Crawford secre
tary of state of the state of Florida do here
by give notice that a
will be held in each county in Florida on
Tuesday next succeeding the first Monday in
November A D 1000 the said Tuesday be
ing theSIXTH
for the ratification or rejection of the said
joint resolutions proposing amendments to the
constitution of the state of Florida viz
Article XV
That the following amendment to the
constitution of the state of Florida be and
the same is hereby agreed to and shall be
submitted to the electors of the state at the
general election A D 1900 for ratification or
Section 4 Article VII of the constitution
of the state of Florida is hereby amended so
its to read as follows
Section 4 Where any senatorial district
is composed of two or more counties the
counties of which such district consists shall
not be entirely separated by any county be
longing to another district Any new coun I
ty that may be created shall be entitled to
one member in the house of representatives
in excess of the limit prescribed iu section 2
of this article until the apportionment follow
ing next thereafter and shall be assigned
when created to one of the adjoining sena
torial districts as shall be determined by the
Article XVI
That the following amendment to the con
stitution of the state of Florida he and is
hereby agreed to and shall be submitted to
the electors of the state at the general elec
tion to be held on the first Tuesday after the
first Monday in November A I > 1900 for
ratification or rejection
Section 25 of Article III of said constitution
be and is hereby amended so as to read as
Section 25 The legislature shall provide
by general law for incorporating such educa
tional agricultural mechanical mining
transportation mercantile and oilier useful
companies or associations as may be deemed
necessary hut it shall not pass any special
law on any such subject and any such special
law shall be of no ellect provided however
that nothing herein shall preclude special
legislation as ton university or the public
schools or as to a ship canal across the state
Article XVII
That the following amendment to the con
stitution of the state of Florida be and the
imu is hereby agreed tJ and shall be sub
mitted to the electors of the state at the
general election in November A11900 for
ratification or rejection i
Sections of Article VIII of the con tit ition i
shall he and is hereby amended so as to read
as follows
Section Immediately upon the ratifica
tion of this amendment the county commis
Moners of the several counties of this state
shall divide their respective countus into
live commissioners districts to be numhrrcil
respectively from one to five inclusive mill
each district shall be as nearly IS p < Mv > iblf
equal in proportion to population and there
after there shall he in each of such districts
a county commissioner who hall IH elected
by the qualified electors of said county at the
time ami place of voting fur other county
olliccrh anil shall hold his olliee for two
years The powers duties and compensa
tion of such county commiv > ioni > rs hall be
prescribed by law provided that nothing
herein shall etlect the term of commission
ers holding olliee at the time of such di
vision provided further that all vanmcux
occurring by limitation of terms or from
death resignation or otherwise before the
election of 190 shall ht tilled by appoint
ment by the governor as now provided by
Article XVI11
That the following amendment to the con
stitution of the state of Florida be and the
SHill is hereby agreed to and shall he sub
mitted to the electors of the state at the gen
ital election in November A n HKK for
ratification or rejection
Section 12 of Article XVI of the constitu
tion of the state of Florida is amended lo
read as follows
Section 12 The pivs ni iitl of the tate
shall rcn xin the seal of the state uf Florida
The state lag shall he of the following pro
portions and description Depth to he three
fourths length of thy The seal of the state
of diameter onethird the fly in the center
of a white ground KVd Intrs in width one
eighth the length of sly extending from each
corner toward the center to the outer rim of
the slid
The votes caM in compliance with Mini
proposed amendments and the canvass
declarations and returns thereof shall be
subjected to the MIIIH regulation ami re
lictions as are provided bylaw for general
elections iu the state of Florida
In tt titllnlll whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and allixcd the great
I i M nl ti the state of Florida Ht
l I > I TallaharvMe the capital this the
tint day of August A nlIIHeJ
IoiiN L uttvt gulp
Secretary of State
Tu J P KKOWN Sherill Hrevard County
O A S T C > 3 = 1 X A
Bears the > The Kind Yw Harp Always Bwgbt
Signature Yh1 67
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