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H lJ > THK KLOiaiM bTAK l Kiili X DEWSSlBEtt 28 HJUO Ii
ac r r
y rv W
Ill ii K it
1tQQI > > IiT0
Jath r r1iL Dix vunnrnr J
S Glnrt Mcntary Hls geMyi Wedef
itej mkt im Mck mwitk at tWr H8ptr
F A AJC IMUM Jtiwr jallr111 lrgldlt
htM < 4iapi Ute Mea aad fo rtkFriday
ftvaaiBC of Meh 3M tk at tlM cmut house
A A IFi cart W M F A Morgan Serfy
TOWN OFFICERS D Penney mayor
M S JeM Jr jwursfcal and tax collector
08 Schayler clerk aad treasurer John
HftaryvMMMwr D L Gulden F A Los
ley J M Dixoa W X Knox Jno B Wal
ker CKIneilTke council meet first
Tuesday JH Melt > awttltk
yille county judge M Goldsmith Titus
Tille proeecutisg attorney A A Stewart
Tituav lie clerk circuit court J F Woot
e B Cocoa tax assessor E W Hall Sharpes
tax collector John Henry Titusville
treasurer J H Sasm Courtenay superin
tendent public instruction J O Fries Ti
tnsville county surveyor J P Brown Ti
tusyille sheriff T J Cockshutt LaGrange
registration officer
Titusville chairman W H Sharpe Sharpes
JOB Mendel LaGrange Jno Houston Eau
Gallie J N Waller Aukomv Regular ses
sions are held first fuesdayin each month
Titusville S F Gibbs Melbourne B E
Minis Bouavcnture
c so sc oncppoMo so s 0 okox
JJ h IN ortinu WAYS = 31
G 0
7 vk0it0y10 t0 0 tG c0 rt 0 tG iC00
EARTY expressions of good
H wlfihes for a happy aad pros
perous New Year are the greet
Ing for this season But if we
may credit our English forbears we
may for ourselves forecast the general
aspect of the next 12 months says the
Detroit NewsTribune It Is pleasant
to be foolish sometimes and a few
minutes with the folklore and ancient
customs of our ancestors cannot be
time 111 spent
From a valuable manuscript In the
library of Trinity college Cambridge
we learn that If the New Year com
mences on a Sunday
The winter shall be good I say
But great winds aloft hall be v
The summer shall be fine and dry
By kind skill and without loss
Through all lands there shall be peace
Good time for all things to be done
nut he that atealeth shall be found soon
What child that day born may be
A great lord he shall live to be
nd again with regard to the weath
er note carefully the atmospheric
conditions of the first 12 days of the
year They will give you an unfailing
indication of what weather to expect
during the coming 12 mouths
You are strongly advised never to
lend anything on New Years day or
youa sure to be unlucky the whole
year through Dont pay anything
either for It Is said
Pay away money on New Years day
And all the year through youll have money to
pay I
But by far the most general super
stition is that of the first foot It
being everywhere acknowledged thnt
the fortune of a house entirely depends
on the appearance and the sex of the
first person crossing the threshold aft
er the midnight hour has passed It Is
hard to see what Judas Iscariot has to
do with Christmas but tradition as
serts that Hulas In addition to his
sins was possessed of a monstrous
crop of hair Therefore no redheaded
person or even one of fair complexion
must place llrst foot In a house on
this momentous morning The ques
tion of complexion however Is not al
together a settled one In ninny places
It is a fair and not a dark man who
should place tirst foot
This harbinger of fortune must eat
and drink when in tin house and
should to make the charm most com
plete enter by the front door visit
every room carrying a piece of holly
In his hand and make his exit by the
Jf the question of complexion Is un
settled that of sex is decidedly not
No female under any circumstances
must be the first to enter a house on
New Years morning
The Tables Turned
We air here tonight said the dea
con to make good resolutions Per the
new year which has fell foul of us In
the twlukliu of a eye Now 1 want to
start the ball arolliu You all know
that Ive got a high temper an Ive did
considerable tight in in the year thats
past an gone like a man that owes you
10 What I want to do is to swear off
from flghtln In the new year which
as I have said before has fell foul of
us But I cant stop till I lick Brother
Jones cos its In me to lick him an 1
wants to ease my conscience Et hell
Jest step outside with me fer five min
utes Ill lick him an then swear off for
good tJ
They retired to the outer darkness
but In less than five minutes the deacon
e returned much the worse for wear
I cant swear off this time brother
In he said He licked melAtlanta
The mO effective little liver pills made
are DeWitts Little Early Risers they
never gripe Wilson Son
U t I eke Jrew Y
AINrd welcecM baby year v
TIM IrJt et tM t ttCYSCYT
Yet for the ali we dreira tear t
Een le we arc o > i > el log sox
Memory dear of tKe4 doldyeiP
Who left iw a fHeadofclp or two
Our hopes are with thee young one
Such hopes as have weathered the blast
Of fame thin year or fortune won
Withheld from us waiting the last
Some great task done last year begun
Or planned in our dreams of the past
Fair child theres one at least who prays
That thou mayst bring lets sorrow
Bring fewer long and weary days
And more like the blessed tomorrow
With longing gate at sunset fa
So sweet from the future to borrow
i Buffalo Express
When you need a soothing and healing
antiseptic application for any purpose
use the original DeWitts Witch Hazel
Salve a wellknown cure for piles and
skin diseases it heals sore without
leaving a scar Beware of counterfeits
Wilson Son
Xew Years RcaolntlonH
For three or four days after the new
year has dawned there Is a sound of
crashing and smashing in the atmos
phere It Is the world breaking Its
good resolutions All the little domes
tic ones fall one by one Nellie was
never to resent the little hourly cor
rections Willie was to stop teasing
mother was to stop worrying All these
have been disregarded Nellie Is as
touchy as ever Willie Is a worse tease
than ever mothers brow looks like a
cornfield the old heathen ways are
working again Chicago TliuesHeir
Other remedies only alleviate the symp
toms of dyspepsia and indigestion Dr
Loyal Fords Dyspepticide cures by at
tacking the root of the disease and thus
makes a healthy stomach that will per
form all its functions perfectly Wilson
l Son
Missed the Spread Parson Primrose
How was it you didnt have a turkey
dinner this year Wreary Wrangles
Cause dis vux de furst Chrismns I didnt
spend on de island Leslies Weekly
The person who disturbed the congre
gation last Sunday by coughing is re
quested to call on Wilson Son and get
a Ijottle of Foleys Honey and Tar which
always gives relief
A Phenomenal clssCahillVus
the sthrike a success Cassidy It was
Afther being ont six weeks we succaded
in gittin back our johsPuek
Do not use any of the counterfeits of
DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve most of
them are worthless and liable to cause
injury The original DeWitts Witch
Hazel Salve is a certain cure for pihe
eczema cutsscalds burns sores and skin
diseases Wilson Son
Little Johnny Mrc Talkemdown paid
a high compliment to me today Mother
Did she really Well theres no de
nying that woman has sense What did
she say Little JohnnyShe said she
didnt tee how yon came to have such a
nice little boy as I am TitBits
Wilson < fc Son guarantee every bottle of
Chamberlains Cough Remedy awl will
refund the money to anyone who is not
satisfied after using two thirds of the con
tents This is the best remedy in the
world for la grippe coughs colds croup
and whooping cough and is pleasant and
safe to take It prevents any tendency of
a cold to result in pneumonia
lucIa to L turn In the New Year
All beginnings are important and
significant but the true eras are not in
the calendar but in the heart The
new years beginning the real new year
of grace and obedience with their re
sulting gift of peace is not an arbi
trary period but the hour of inward
choice when the will of man gives up
the helm into the hand of Christ In
that new year there must be much to
learn and suffer but there shall be
more to win and to enjoy
It Hits the Spot
When suffering from a severe cold and
your throat and lungs feel sore take a
do of Folevs Honey and Tar when the
soreness will be at once relieved a warm
grateful feeling and healing of the parts
affected will be experienced and you will
say uIt feels so good It hits the
spot Guaranteed Wilson Son
o A T C > E I X A
Bear the The Kind You Hara Always Bought
of if 14
lIr11 If
wart se the OIit Wan
There are dlers manners r of forming
resolutions for the new rear that are
always put Into practice and all have
their devotees even If the turning over
of a brand new leaf only lasts a week
There Is one system of starting the
new year however that has lost at
least one devotee for all time in New
Orleans v About 2 oclo k last New
Years morning after the usual usher
Ing In of the new year and as the fam
ily was about to retire the head of the
house told of an old custom that was
In vogue when he was a boy He ex
plained that In his boyhood everybody
would open the Bible at random on the
first of the year and the first text his
eye should rest on would be a guide
for his conduct during the coming year
The custom found ready acceptance
and one young hopeful produced a
Bible and letting it fall open his Lin
ger fell on the following text from
Zechariah chapter I 2 The Lord
hath been sore displeased with your
fathers It Is needless to say that no
other member of the family was coaxed
to try the old customNew Orleans
Help is needed at oncewhen a persons
life is in danger A neglected cough or
cold may soon become serious and should
be stopped at once One Minute Cough
Cure quickly cures coughs and colds and
the worst cases of croup bronchitis
grippe and other throat and lung
troubles Wilson fc Son
It Works Both VaysuThe vulgarity
of wealthy people is so much more no
ticeable than that of poorer ones
Yes And at the same time its so
much more endurable Cleveland Plain
Among the tens thousands who have
used Chamberlains Cough Remedy for
colds and la grippe during the past few
years to our Knowledge not a single case
has resulted in pneumonia Thomas
Whitfield Co 210 Wabtish avenue
Chicaiioone of the most prominent retail
druggists in that city in speaking of this
says UVe recommend Chamberlains
Cough Remedy for la grippe in many
cases as it not only gives prompt and
complete recovery but also counteracts
any tendency of la grippe to result in
pneumonia For sale by Wilson Son
Mistress severely If such a thing oc
curs again Norah 1 shall have to get
another servant NorahI wish yer
wouldtheres easily enough work fer
two of usTitBits
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of Annie
E Springer of 1125 Howard St Phila
delphia Pa when she found that Dr
Kings New Discovery for Consumption
had completely cured her of a hacking
cough that for many years had made life
a burden All other remedies and doctors
could give her no help but she says of
this royal cure It soon removed the
pain in my chest and I can now sleep
soundly something I can scarcely remem
ber doing before I feel like sounding
its praises throughout the universe tJ So
will everyone who tries Dr Kings New
Discovery for any trouble of the throat
chest or lungs Price 50c and 1 Trial
bottles free at B U Wilson l Sons drug
store Every bottle guaranteed 5
Estimating His Value They were
looking at the man who was occupying
two seats while women were forced to
stand II I should judge JI paid one that
he would bring about 1108 On
what do you base your estimate asked
the other On present price of pork
and sausage Chicago Evening Post
rho Greatest Specialist ot te Time Gives
Every Case His Icrconul Attention
rtnnf Mcwt doctors have n certain number
Doctor of stock remedies which they usu in
Hathaway all cases which teemut nil tiiullar
Tbla Is not Dr 11 tLta method
Mn ini not HatUaways
Method E try Caso with him is most carefully
diagnosed aud the exact
t K > iUon of tho leased con
dittnu determined Thud
every case U treated Kpar
utely aud medicineHare ad
ministered hicu nr
specially prepared under
I Dr Iluthaways personal
t ° Kiiivervioion fur each case
r r No two peopleare affected
j1 some manner consequent
ly no two people should be
treated in tho sumo way
even for same complaint
Dr llathawuy a special
lt In the hert sense of tho
t word ho treats special dis
eases in aFpecialmannerof
> f his own a system studied out yearn ago while in
collKO and hospital prucUce and im
every Onctn proved and enlaru + d upon constantly
Specially during tho twenty years since
r twenty years of the most extensive
Treated practice enjoyed by any specialist In
hlscountry Dr Ilathawaya great nnr uniform BUC
isn is duo to this individual system of treatment
1GXCltt51Y0 In splto of hundred of requests
xctU5cYOt yearly from doctors ul partd ofthe
r rea m n orld askimr for the privilege ot
tsingDrUathawaysmethod of troatuumthe believed
twicer to allow none beside himself tho knowledge
It IIH remedies aa he ts too well uwnro of the mls
hiuf which may be done by the tmtkiUfnl use of any
h1Un cr1Uind how
yf nevermiadhowperfeck
Blood aim Skin Dr Htthawi > A treatment for
Diseases blood diCMstti in whatever stage
cure ull torus of ulcer sore
lotche pimples etcand not only restores tho skin
mdwalp t lPlr natural condition butso purifled
the blood that tho disease permanently and com
pletely driven from tho Q yteta nnlall this without
Admiubterlng poisonous or dangerous dnlt
Ills treatment of
Varlcocele and and Stricture is a iiiethiid cxclu
Stricture I1 his ° vn and In SO per cent
of all cased results in a perfect
and permanent cure No operation la required and
no pain or inconvenience are experienced by the
patient The expense of this treatment la much leas
than that of any operation or hospital or institute
treatment and fa both safe and sure restoring the
organs to a condition of perfect normal health
uDrJIathawayhaa Just prepareda
utri new
Kid u
Kidney test question blank for hoe who have
Diseases reason to suspect Kidney trouble and
this blank he wilt glads send free to
everyone who sends him his name and address
booTlte demand for Dr Hathaway new
New Book boffl
book lll1nl1neA8 Vigor Health has
FREE already oxhaD5tod the first edition
this bookwiU ffiffi WrtoaaUnmyo1e time cOJ > Y of
nUl UQ sent free to anyone who sends his
name and address to Dr Hathaway
Consultation nBDm Itftfl
Dr Hathaway makos nQ charge
FREE Jorconsultation and advice at eithe
nia office or by mall
Dr Hathaway Co
35 Bryan 0
25Btyansireet Savannah Ga
Do not think
for a tingle
1 moment that
will ever strike
you t sudden
blow It does =
not come that
It creeps its
way along
First you
think it is a
little cold
nothing but a
lit tIe hacking
cough then a little loss
in weight s then a harder
cough then the fever
and the night sweats
Better stop the disease
while it is yet creeping
Better cure your cough
You can do it with
The pressure on the
chest is lifted that feel
ing of suffocation is re
moved and you are cur
ed You can stop that
little cold with a 25 cent
bottle harder coughs
will need a 50 cent size
if its on the lungs the
one dollar size will be
most economical o1
U I confidently recommend Ayers
Cherry Pectoral to all my patrons
I am using now In my own family
Forty years ago I feenmre it saved
Jan 41898 fort Madison Iowa
Write the Doctor at any time Ad
dress DR J C AYER Lowell Mass
A Plea for Mercy31a I think Mr
Perkins is getting ready to propose
Oh daughter ont get engaged again
so near Christmas J have all the Christ
mas presents to give that I can worry
through now Indianapolis Journal
How Thin
We oiler one hundred dollars reward for
any case of catarrh that cannot be cured by
Halls Catarrh Cure
F J CHENEY Co Props Toledo O
We the undersigned have known F J
Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business trans
actions and fluancially able to carry out any
obligations made by their firm
West C Truax wholesale druggists
Toledo 0
Walding Rinnan Marvin
wholesale druggists
Toledo O
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system Price 75c per bottle
Sold by all druggists Testimonials free
Halls Family Pills are the best
Grafted and Budded
Orange Trees
Grape Fruit
Parson Brown
St Michael
Majorca Jaffa
and Du Roi Blood
on 5 and 6 year old sour
oral e stock 4 to 5 and
5 to 7 feet well branched
at 35 I 40 and 50 per 100
Order samples and be
convinced of their value
Supply of these large
trees limited us above
o d VV r OOJSrNEEt
Ooklawaha Florida
Notice is hereby given to all creditors that
six mouths from date I will
present my final
accounts d apply to the Hon D L Gaul
den county judge of Brevard county Flori
da for my discharge administrator of the
estate of Cornelia S Baaa deceased and as
guardian of Walfer J Bass
Trios C BASS
Administrator of C S Bass and
guardian of Walter J Bass
TITUSVILLE FLA November 101000
0hoiee 40 Vegetate
always bidng high prices
To raise them success
fully a fertilizer con
taining at least 8 a
Potash should be usecL
Our books furnish useful information on
all subjects relating to
t crop raising They are
cG1 sent free
93 Nassau Street
New York
irikiMLtj 50 YEARS S
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
qulclclr ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patentable Communica
tions strictly conOdentlaL Handbook on Patents
cent free Oldest agency for securing patents
Pateuta taken through Munn ts Co receive
tftciai notice without charge in the
Scientific flmericatu
handsomely illustrated weekly Largest cir
culation of any aclentlflo journal Terms 3 a
year four month SL Sold by Ml newsdealers
HUNH Co 36IBroadrar New York
Branch Office 62S F St Washington D C
r rt iy r
Awarded Gold Medal at Atlanta Exposition
Is the best and purest
Rye Whiskey sold
in the South
R R BALKE CO Proprietors
Orders mailed to our head office will be
filled from our nearest accredited distributor
II Every one knows our Oil Lantern
Our Gas Lantern surmounts
all diffi
culties heretofore common to lan
terns burning acetylene
An Innovation
X18i Wishbone Bracket
The Bridgeport Brass Co
Bridgeport Conn
Notice is hereby given that on the autli day
of April lopl or us soon thereafter as I can be
heard I will apply to the county judge of
Brevard county for a final settlement of my
accounts and my discharge as administrator
of the estate of John Hetherington
A C DATTA Administrator
A d n
Oct 20 1900

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