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1JI JlJ oli2 1 n t J I i t r J I I THE FLORIDA STAR 1 JK11AltT 151000
M1 WM Be Like Japan Says Otto
s 4 man ltesident In Portland Me
i1hhara Qerp Ceuri Naturalized Cltt
1 L ua Tell Hew Yeung Turks In All
Partf tIM World Worked to Lift
t 4x ° J Ticks wily like Japan You will
ted that from this time out she will
e JaKe wonderful strides forward and
vpward She will become the wealth
c VJett the happiest and the best country
M of the world Her people are bright
fcer young men are ambitious and with
iMk the good government she is now to
P 4 bare we cam expect much from her
4 F This is what B hara George Courl a
j diamond merchant known all over New
et England a resident of Portland Me
c bo te gay says the Boston Herald of
rM1 r the recent government reforms In Tur
Mr Courl Is well educated and ener
getic baa been in this country about
twenty years and has been very suc
1 ceMful He Is a naturalized citizen
and is educating his children In the
Portland schools
Mrs Cowl a handsome woman and
S finely educated Is a graduate of the
11 x American school In Tripoli Syria She
aid t baa been In the United States for about
ten years
For the women the reforms will
r mean much more even than they do to I
+ t e men said Mrs Court The wo
i men at home now are appearing on the
i streets without veils They will soon
b treated and regarded as are Ameri
> s can women and the change will mean
Mo much to them and their children
r The Turkish women of all religious
t beliefs are fine women in every way
Titey are ambitious s and they are jinx
foes to be freed from many of the cus
toms which have prevailed for centu
I + vi x ries No one knows what all of these
ll changes mean to these women bat
< within a few years the world will rec
ognize the fact that there has been a
great change and one which will be
greatly to their advantage
> Mr Court has had an interesting
career For years he has been one of
tie Young Turks associates a band
ti of ambitious and patriotic young men
i who have labored at all times for the
1 freedom of theircountry
Until now I have never spoken of
IV wild Mr Courl uI didnt dare to
say much about It because of the feel
ing against the Young Turks at home
But today we rejoice We have freed
f our country I tell you that there
never was any country like America
I It Is a paradise the real home of free
dom a place where a man is a man
and a woman a woman where human
I Y kindness prevails where all religious
t beliefs are tolerated where those of
l i I every faith work together > for the com
< t mon good I dont believe you know r
i 4y r p
1 0 you people who were born here what
t i t It is to be an American citizen I am
rl l t proud of this country and I love it as
t I do my children and my wife
But my own home my own Turk
r ish country Is my first love It Is a
I grand country with great possibilities
For centuries have been g
i ir tiF we laboring
4 to cast off the yoke which held us
xz l s < down Today It has been cast aside
f We are no longer a country of slaves
d but a country of freemen Ten years
from today you will not know Turkey
or Its people Japan has been the won
i der of the world I believe that you
will recognize that Turkey Is the most
d < <
t wonderfully progressive nation the
ti world has known In that time She
t > will duplicate what Japan has done
7e The Young Turks of the best fam
llles In Paris Berlin Vienna New
York everywhere were working all
i the time to make the people free No
people on earth ever fought as brave
ly or suffered as much for freedom as
tf t have the Turks When the whole
e story as many of us know It is writ
t o ten it will make all of the other strug
4 gles for liberty pnle Into Insignificance
I beside It Eighty thousand men and
good men too bright men brave men
noble men sacrificed their lives lor
their country
At home everything handicapped
the man who tried to succeed Over
here It Is different and It will be dif
ferent now In Turkey Today they
write me that business men are al
r ready beginning to branch out and In
cress their business There are coal
mines gold and silver and copper In
y Syria and other ports of Turkey
7 r These mines will now be opened up
r and the people at home will make
a money The Young Turks want a
4 large navy a big army and a good
4 system of education
The sultan Abdul Hamld means
° a right He is all right now I think I
i l l i like him now that he has granted to
fi 7 r our people their liberties
L 4J You people over here know little of
Ili r the work if has been to bring about all
of these things
r j I remember when my brother came
t > 1I i t rl > ack Prom America where he had he
r Ji1ri AfJ
corn A Mitvraliaed citia a He stood
oa the streets at kpme and said Yon
people want to be free like the Amer
CaaHush dont talk so loud men
would say to him the soldiers will
kill you or drag you away to prison
II They dont dare to said my broth
er I am free I am an American
citizen and I can say what I please
anywhere I like That is what fro
dom means You can talk with t
hiding behind the door or runnin
when you see a soldier J
The soldiers heard my brother r
and scowled upon him The old S
trembled for his safety but he wuf
afraid Other Young Turks did the
same thing Men got together and
talked it all over and read the papers
which were sent them and dreamed of
freedom The Young Turks abroad
kept up the work Like yeast it soon
began to leaven the whole country or
the most Intelligent part of it Thou
sands of dollars were sent to help this
cause along I wouldnt dare now to
say how much or who sent It but it
was sent Thousands yes millions of
dollars as much as was needed and
finally this magnificent MlazI Bey de
livered his ultimatum and It had its
effect and what seemed to be the im
possible was brought about without
You people dont appreciate what it
meant to thousands of homeless wan
derers when the sultan opened parlia
ment the other day It means life to
Turkey an awakening of a plant that
has been sleeping Mark what I tell
you ten years from today Turkey will
be making more rapid strides than
any nation in the old world
Too Much Face
You feel rs if you bad one face too many
when you have neuralgia dont yon Save
the face you may need it but get rid of the
neuralgia by applying Ballards Snow Lini
ment Finest thing in tbo world rheuma
tism neuralgia burns cuts scalds lame back
and all pains Sold by Titusvillo Pharmacy
and Banner Drug Store
Eggshell Gas Mantles Now
Eggshells as gas mantles is an idea
from Germany The contents are
drawn or blown out the ends are neat
ly cut off and the body of the feU Is
fixed In position like the regular arti
cle The light thus obtained Is very
good while the new form of mantle is
Trio of World Powers Predicted
It will not be many years until Chi
na controls Asia Germany domineers
over Europe and the United States my
beloved country dominates the two
Americas Returning to this country
after an absence of nine years during
which he has become one of the most
prominent figures in the musical cir
cles of Europe Louis Lombard made
the above prediction at the Waldorf
Astoria hotel New York
Stomach Trouble Cured
If you have any trouble with your stomach
you should take Chamberlains Stomach and
Liver Tablets Mr J P Kioto of Edina
Mo says III have used a great many differ
ent medicines for stomach trouble but find
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver Tablets
more beneficial than any other remedy I over
used For sale b > Titusvillo Pharmacy
Doubtless the Reason
Professor Searchem vaj engrossed
ed in the study of all things that
crawled To him a pin had but one
purposeto impale insects tin cans
but one useto house worms
Professor complained his young
wife one evening how the prices
of vegetables are soaring Just
think of it 1 Two dollars for this
bushel of apples and half have
worms in them I
Perhaps darling commented
the professor as he strove to part
the few remaining hairs on his shin
ing head they are of a very rare
species Harpers Weekly
The Floral Decorations
The housekeeping bride was par
ticular to keep a flower or two in a
vase on the dining room table One
afternoon she came in late and
started to arrange some roses when
her colored maid exclaimed
Oh you got some did you 1
was afraid youd forget seeing it
was so late and I knowed we had to
have something green so I just now
fixed it
The bride went into the dining
room In the center of the mahog
any table stood one of her hand
somest vases full of romaine salad
leaves New York Press
The melancholy visitor peered
about the grocery store
You keep the only commercial
emporium in the place do you
not Y he asked of the proprietor
I do What can I do for yeh r
Sell me all the stale eggs you
Haw haw Must be going to
the show tonight
r I urn billed to play Hamlet in
this benighted village this evening
replied the caller with dignity
wvv > > > fc f
Philadelphia Ledger
Crude Way In Which the Old Timers
Moved a Giant Statue
Not long ago there was a lecture
delivered in St Louis op the lost
arts before a small select gather
ing says a local scholar in the
bourse of which the lecturer strove
very hard to show how many arts
and sciences totally unknown to us
were possessed by the ancients
I was particularly impressed by
one statement concerning the im
mense size of some of the blocks of
stone used in the temples of Baal
bec and the pyramids of Egypt and
the enormous weight of the great
granite blocks from which were
hewn the giant statues of the kings
and gods Some of these blocks are
computed to weigh seventyfive or
eighty tons and the lecturer inti
mated that the ancients must have
possessed engineering machinery
superior to our own to be able to
lift and transport stones of such
immense size and weight
As a fact the great cranes em
ployed in our gunnery and armor
plate works would pick up such
blocks and carry them off as easily
and quickly as though they were of
There is no mystery at all about
the way in which thdse blocks were
moved In several histories of
Egypt there are reproduced pictures
found ron the wall of an Egyptian
tomb which represents the moving
of one of the giant statues Scores
of ropes are attached to it and hun
dreds of men stand ready waiting
for the signal to pull The statue
is on a plank road and rests on roll
ers Men with jars of oil are greas
ing the rollers taking them out be
hind and placing them in position
in front The superintendent of the
work stands on the pedestal with a
trumpeter by his side In the next
picture he gives the signal the
trumpeter sounds and everybody
pulls for dear life while overseers
run up and down the line with
whips in their hands making sure
the pulling is well done
This is one of the lost arts and
no one need regret that it is lost
We accomplish by ingenuity and
skill what the old timers did by
brute force It is not probable that
anything of value has ever been
lost and what is more to the pur
pose we know a hundred perhaps a
thousand useful things of which the
ancients had no conceptionSt
Louis GlobeDemocrat
A Warning
Last summer the congregation of
a little kirk in the highlands of
Scotland was greatly disturbed and
mystified by the appearance in its
midst of an old English lady who
made use of an ear trumpet during
the sermon such an instrument be
ing entirely unknown in those sim
ple parts
There was much discussion of the
matter and it was finally decided
that one of the elders who had
great local reputation as a man of
partsshould be deputed to settle
the question
On the nest Sabbath the uncon
scious offender again made her ap
pearance and again produced the
trumpet whereupon the chosen I
elder rose from his scat and march I
ed down the aisle to where the old
lady sat and entreating her with an
upraised finger said sternly
The first toot ycre oot
Syrup 0 ffgs
a Oixirsfoenna
Cleanses the System Effect
ua Dispels Colds anarleaQ
aches aac to ConstipaTion
Acts naturally acts Truly as
a Laxative
orMen T and Children
Best rMenAN omen ana Lnua
renYounganJ Old
LQ gel i ts i3en iris 1 Effects
lw Luvtne genuine vliica
Always b1lY t e w uc 1
has he fuLl name oftne om
by > vhom it is manufactured printed on the
front of every packnge
one size only regular price 50tp r bottle
t tjj
Better Not Get
Dyspepsia j
If you can help it Kodol prevents Dyspepsia by
effectually helping Nature to Relieve Indigestion I
But dont trifle with Indigestion j
A great many people who have
trifled with indigestion have been
lorry for it when nervous or
chronic dyspepsia resulted and
they have not been able to cure it
Use Kodol and prevent having
Everyone is subject to indiges
tion Stomach derangement follows
stomach abuse just as naturally
and just as surely as a sound and
healthy stomach results upon the
taking of Kodol
When you experience sourness
of stomach belching of gas and
nauseating fluid bloated sensation I
gnawing pain in the pit of the
stomach heart burn so called
diarrhoea headaches dullness or
chronic tired feelingyou need Ko
dol And then the quicker you take
Kodolthe better Eat what you
want let Kodol digest it
Ordinary pepsin dyspepsia tab
lets physics etc are not likely
to be of much benefit to you in
digestive ailments Pepsin is only
a partial digester and physics art
not digesters at all
Kodol is a perfect digester If
you could see Kodol digesting every
particle of food of all kinds in the
glass testtubes in our laboratories
you would know this just as well i
as we do
Nature and Kodol will always
cure a sick stomach but In order
to be cured the stomach must rest
That is what Kodol doesrests the
stomach while the stomach gets I
well Just as simple as A B 0
Our Guarantee
Go to TOUT druggist today and get a dol
lar bottle Then after you hare used them
entire contents of the bottle If you can
honestly gay that it boa not done you any
good return the bottle to the druggist and
he will refund your money without ques
tion or delay We will then pay the drug
lIst for the bottle Dont hesitate all
druggists know that oar guarantee la good r
This offer applies to the large bottle only
and to but one In a family The large bot
tle contains 2ft times as much as the fifty
cent bottle
Kodol is prepared at the labora I
tories of E C DeWitt Co Chicago t
Sold by Banner Drug to
s 5
M tCS I voterS v
t r iC
+ n
t oC ta
c r
d eW
At po o a 8 III S itIt
If 0 oe
u CII Po e PI
o 0a 0 te1 I AM 1 C c I n i ry r
en it o fA b a n a
j 4gr 4rr C xga 1c
L Fill Q ta Oi M
nv b t1J
t G f2 o i1I2
> Z
Pic 8 tt
b fn 2 n f E i EE ° z i rep
p oF ga r 1 0 rK t1 Me
to s 1 E O d C fi
KpA rn H C aM E
o c r tt ttJ
= = g J
0 n rA r i I
Oo u c g r HX ° g g
V ftti JoI Qrae 9 i C i 6j
1 ar I C r
Co y = po > a
2 a a w
tag M gR5 >
g suJ rJ A a a I
v tr n ° 1 0 n g Q l O Qoa b goFA i I
fr s > D go g t3 x V
rn og O EC
r ff o r a n r 0 A rft
0 tj
x + w g
o 1 n It C 0 A r G x
Q og Q A
M A o a I
0 rt r 5 a J K g a a 2
a ilf n p
= iI 01 tt i J
+ 7 A A 2
= F a oiiif2
p cop h 3 a +
Look ouU for your Children
Health while hey are young
Is a great medicine for children It keeps their liver active
in a mild gentle manner you will see a healthy color appear
on their cheeks and illness for them will be a thing of the past
A Positive Cure
J Mrs J Hopkins Man
chester Kan writes hI
have used Herbine
K years know no bettt
s 5 chills and four heada
I biliousness dc Mycl
ren are never sick I
use it always
I i c
Ballard Snow Linimeir I r
500502 North Second
I ii
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