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< 7r A l > tIOR THE < FLQRJDA STAR w l
s Tri it a lhrew1f DI4114N a y e41
r i AttttU p r I r
It0z7 told in tie ienaoriea of
an Old Collector makes clear the
tricks in trade
to which
an unscru
3 l9u 1 dealer in antiquities will re
sort In order to get a large gum for
ha wares The two
parties were
J llewllndro > CMtelltai the clever
1 r and Baron Adolph Roth
A of Paris
1 Castellani had mans god to get
hold of a superb enameled ewer to
ether with the dish o n which it
stood He knew that Baron Adolph
had a fancy for objects of this kind
but he also knew that Rothschild
was never so carried away by his
fancy as to pay more than
t was rea
sonable for anything that pleased
him Castellani devised a bit of
The baron on arriving in Rome
visited Castellanis shop and was
shown the best things the dealer
had except the enameled dish and
ewer When everything else had
been inspected Castellani drew from
a hidden cupboarjl the dish but not
the ewer The baron was so pleased
with the dish that he agreed to buy
1w the lot of which it was a part for
one of the customs of the shop was
not to sell a rare specimen apart
from the group of which it formed
the principal object The baron paid
heavily for the whole lamenting
that there was no ewer to stand on
the dish and departed for Florence
There he was visited by an agent
who told him of an old lady who
wished Jo sell several beautiful ma
jolica pieces He visited her house
in the country and was disappointed
As the majolica lady seemingly cha
grined left the room to order re
freshments the baron saw through
the open door of a bedroom a ewer
covered by a glass shade on which
rested a wreath of immortelles
When the lady returned the baron
asked permission to examine the
ewer It was brought out and the
baron saw that the enamel was of
the same work as that of the dish
he had bought but he wished to be
certain that the foot of the ewer
a would fit into the hollow of the
f dish He inquired the price of the
I ewer and was told by the lady that
it was not for sale as it was the
only souvenir she possessed of her
The baron went back to his
rooms had the dish unpacked and
found that the foot of the ewer fit
ted it perfectly The next day the
baron sent the agent to offer the
old lady a princely sum for the
ewer He brought back a refusal to
sell But at last the widows scru
ples were overcome
Castellani with his Italian tun
a ning had planned the whole affair
The agent who called and the old
lady who was sentimental were his
aids in making the baron pay a
much larger sum than he would
have given had ewer and dish been
sold together The Italian shop
mans scheme had taken in one of
the most astute of business men
j Actifo and Overacting
It is u much simpler thing to
overact than to act declares a writ
er in the Yorkshire Post on The
Amateur on the Stage In this
connection he adds there is a good
1 to story told of Sir W8 Gilberts re
hearsal of The Yeomen of the
x Guard at the Savoy A gentleman
of the chorus who had a very minor
part made his entrance in a most
exaggerated manner much to the
authors disgust
Please dont enter like that J7
said Gilbert We dont want any
comic man business here
Z beg your pardon replied the
I abashed chorus gentleman I
thought you meant the part to be
funnvics so I do but I dont want
you to tell the audience youre the
4 find it out if
> funny man Theyll
1 you are quickly enough
A Mysterious Visitor
New Servant Please mum
theres a strange lady downstairs
and she didnt have no card She
took off her things as if she intend
Ito stay and she looked around the
room with her nose In the air as if
4 k things wasnt good enough for her
and she rubbed the winder to see if
t t it was clean and she peeped in the
f dark corners and then looked at the
I dust on her fingers and sniffed
+ MistressI cant imagine who
+ J the creature can be My s
t mother and sisters are away Ex
r change
A ant Parish Clerk With Little
JR yard Forth Dead
Unforiunately a very young cler
gyman came to the parish and then
John the parish clerk did just and
only just i what he liked A leading
dissenter had died and his wife had
named a day to the vicar for the
funeral One fine day in July the
funeral procession duly arrived and
the vicar advanced in full canon
icals to meet the corpse at the
churchyard gate To his amazement 1
the widow advanced toward him in
a perfect fury shaking her fist in
his face and shouting Do you call
this religion Wheres the gravier
Tis shameful to a poor lone widow
Wheres his gravie grave I tell
youThe vicar then for the first time
perceived that John the clerk was
missing and that no grave had been
prepared Upon inquiry he was told
that John was haymaking in the
park A messenger was dispatched
to bring him and shortly John ap
peared limping along with a prong
in his hand his shirt sleeves rolled
up to the elbow his coat upon his
arm and a large straw hat upon his
head He advanced with perfect
composure and when the vicar be
gan to say This is very disgraceful
John he replied
oubide a bit I sees what it be
You let me talk to she She knows
me and I knows she Then ad
dressing the widow he proceeded
Now I tell ye what it be You
listen to reason Now weve had
rain rain rain and now were got a
fine day we must make our hay
Now your corpsey he wont hurt
Comes a wet day taint no odds to
you You bring your umbrellas but
our hay d spile Now you take he
Home and listen to reason Your
old man hed a listened to reason
Hays a thing as can only be made
when tis fine Taint no odds to
corpseys whether tis wet or dry
So completely was the woman con
vinced by the irresistible logic of
Johns argument that she was com
pletely subdued and if the vicar had
not insisted upon some of the hay
makers being called in to dig the
grate the funeral would have turned
home againCornhill Magazine
Milk and Milking
Many people believe that milk is
ready made and stored in the udder
of the cow simply awaiting the
milker This impression is correct
ed by the statement of the well
known scientist John Burroughs
who says Most persons think that
giving down or holding up the milk
by the cow is a voluntary act In
fact they fancy that the udder is a
vessel filled with milk and that the
cow releases or withholds it just as
she chooses But the udder is a
manufactory It is filled with blood
from which the milk is manufac
tured while you milk This process
is controlled by the cows nefvous
system When she is excited or in
any way disturbed as by a ttranger
or by taking away her calf or an
other cause the process is arrested
and the milk will not flow The
nervous energy goes elsewhere The
whole process is as involuntary as is
digestion in man and is disturbed or
arrested in about the same way
Indiana Farmer
Hoarseness in a child subject to croup is a
sure indication of the approach of the disease
If Chamberlains Cough Remedy is given at
once or even after the cough has appeared it
will prevent the attack Contains no poison
Sold by all dealers
Predisposition to Disease
Children are seldom born diseased
They may be born with a tendency
to disease because one or both par
ents are suffering from it As wo
know certain conditions favor the I
development of certain diseases
Place a child in conditions that have
produced disease in the parents and
the tendency will be to produce the
same disease in the child So we
sometimes find whole families die
of consumption or diphtheria or
something else not because the dis
ease was inherited or caught but
because the same conditions produce
the same result in all the cases
Words to Freeze the Soul
Your son bas consumption His case is
hopeless These appalling words were spok
en to Geo E Blevens a leading merchant of
Springfield N C by two expert doctors
one a lung specialist Then was shown the
wonderful power of Dr Kings New Discov
ery After three weeks use writes Mr
Blevens he was as well as ever I would
Mot take all the money in the world for what
it did for my boy Infallible for coughs and I
colds its the safest surest cure of desperate
long diseases on earth 50c and 100 Guar
antee satisfaction Trial bottle free Banner
Drag Store
c c
A lit ef Mind Rudini by the Fa
Mew Htrrmahn v
The late Alexander Herrmann al
ways went fixed for an impromptu
exhibition sai4 a man who was
once associated with the famous
magician and in the early part of
his career he would go to extraor
dinary pains to lay his fences long
in advance for startling effects In
that way ho was frequently able to
do things that seemed next door to
supernatural and the result was no
end of valuable advertising In later
years when he became celebrated
and systematic booming was no
longer necessary the old man as
we used to call him would often re
fer to these explojts and laugh heart
ily over the mystification they had
On one occasion to give you an
illustration of his patience and fore
thought he was in a popular resort
in a big city and chanced to notice
a bank book lying on a desk behind
the cigar counter The cover bore
a printed number which was in
plain sight and when he got out
side Herrmann made a memorandum
of it in his notebook together with
the address of the place There waF
not more than one chance in a hun
dred that the information would
ever be of any service to him and
he simply filed it away so to speak
for possible future reference
VeIl fully six months after
ward when he was playing a return
date in the city he piloted a party
of friends one day into this identi
cal resort and the proprietor who
was present was called up and in
troduced All hands sat down at a
table and as usual Herrmann was
urged to give an example of his
skill He performed several neat
tricks and remarking that he
would wind up with a little exhibi
tion of mind reading asked the
proprietor to think of some number
that could afterward be verified
Take the number of your bank
book he suggested if you remem
ber whatit is 1 dont recall it off
hand but I can easily find out said
the proprietor and going over to
his safe he unlocked an inside com
partment and privately inspected
the book All right he said when
he returned to the table 1 am
thinking of the number now
Herrmann took him by the
hand looked him in the eyes in hip
peculiarly impressive fashion and
said The number is 129063
Thais right gasped the safe pro
prietor in an awestruck voice He
was absolutely stupefied with amaze
ment and so for that matter were
the others in the party The fact
that the book had been locked in
the safe and the apparent impossi
bility of Herrmann knowing any
thing about it in advance made the
feat seem almost miraculous Ex
Host women are troubled with kidney com
plaint and you know very many serious and
even fatal diseases result from these neglected
kidney troubles If you will take Do Witts
Kidney and Bladder Pills as directed you
may be confident of good results Try them
and see how really good they are Beware of
imitations pills that are intended to deceive
you Sold by Banner Drug Store
Teacher and Tommy
TeacherTommy can you tell
me what shape the world is Tom
my It is round TeacherHow do
you know it is round Tommy
Because you told me yourself Teach
er Yes but my telling you the
world is round doesnt make it
round How do I know its round
TommyI suppose somebody told
you Munseys Magazine
His Lame Excuse
Gregory said Mrs Squallop I
have just received a letter from
Aunt Abigail She says that as we
dont seem to want her to come to
visit us this year she will postpone
it indefinitely What does she mean
by that I told you to write and
tell her to come at her own conven
ience Was that what you wrote to
substantially answered Mr
Squallop I couldnt remember how
that word convenience is spelled
and so I made it risk Chicago
It is in time of sudden mishap or accident
that Chamberlains Liniment can be relied
upon to take the place of the family doctor
who cannot always be found at the moment
Then it is that Chamberlains Liniment is
never found wanting In cases of sprains
cuts wounds and bruises Chamberlains Lin
iment takes out the sareness and drives away
the pain Sold be all dealers
Feel languid weak run down Headache
Stomach oftJusta plain case of lazy liver
Burdock Blood Bittrrs tones up the stomach
promotes digestion purifies the blood
M UtpanJtsstntuspmMw twutNrtaw + atwwM + 1
11 a gar Imfjtnti aud CMldr + cu S
L = y The Kind You Have n
la 6IePreparationfo1rAs Always Bought
5IilaLl tlToe latldRe uia
Bears the
Promotes stlonCheerful
ness andlfestContalns neither r
ppnimMorptiine nor Mineral vi
Wsrr QnJetv
sj i 1 n
j w i
fJenr a Use
APerfectBemedYforConsl Pa
tion Sour StomachDiarrhoea
Worms onvulsionsFeverish For Over
oes5 and LOSS OF SlEEE 0 r V e r
TAG Simile Signature of
NEW = YORK Thirty Years
Alb mouth aid
r l
g e eg p mj Bj gej ej Bji be i H a yev Al fl m m t fc p A
i Sporting Goods
Is what you need Mr Florida Merch
ant to make your investment in this
t stock asuccess
g The Best Qnality The Best Known The f Best Profits
r We are agents for the State
We sell at factory Prices
We save you freight
LOCAL TIME CARD No 79 Corrected to Sept 1 1909
No 85 No 29 No 78 No 82
4 OOptu 9 30 am LvJacksonvllle tr 780 pm HjU am
5 25 pm I 10 b5 Im IV tAII2ustine Ar 6 05 pm 7 06 am
6 Z1 pm 11 66 am Lv East alatka Lv 506 pm 6 08 am
b 01 pm I 1 32 pmtLv Ormond Lv 3 6 pm I8 am
s 14 pm n U putiLvDaytona Lv 3 11 pm 4 15 am Pullman Buffet Parlor car
H 5j pm 2 30 pm iLv New Smyrna Iv 210 pm n 40 am Operaf on traSns 9 and 78 bey
1000 pm 3 36 pm ILy Titusvtllelfv 11 25 pm 2 27 am tween JacluoDvllle and Miami
10 43 pm 119 JIm Cocoa Iv 124 5 pm 148 am
10 47 pm I I 2t 11m LvRock1edlte Lv 1212 pm 1 41 am
tt220 Jim 4 57 pm1vEau JallleLv 1 10 pm 1 12 am Inllmae Buffet Sleeper be
11 30 pm 5 07 pm Lv Melbourne Lv12 02 Im 103 am tween New York and Knights
128 am 7 ro lml 101 Pierce LvI10 2fi am 11 W pm Key over the Atlantic Coast Line
348 lID P Ii pm Lv W 1lm Beach Lv Ii CI am 8 40 Jim north or JacJuonvlll Is bandied
630 am 11 s0 pm Ar Miami Lr 5O am 600 pm un train s5 and 82
7 00 am i Lv Miami Ar 630 pm
8 20 am Iv Ilmetead Lr f 10 pm
1044 am lr IlIm Key 1 v 1 46 am
11 M am Ar Knight Ktv Lv 100 am
6 u0 pm H Key 1Vet tv 7 Dam
6o am 1r Ilavanalt 1t00 pm
Sundays Tuesdays and Thursday arrival > at Key West
iTuesdayi Thurdav und aturdHv departures from Key West
Mondavs We1ne day and Friday arrivals and departure ut Havana
Leave Each E1T IAL1TKA ro 1rNre Leave IALATK A TO EAT ArrlreEat
PalatLa I PlLA IKA Palatka I talatka lAlATKA I talatta
15 tun No IIM Daily i an + 111111I Nita 11 Iativ t 1 CfJ Rut
Ii tr am i Hr I + a1iy tiO KII1 ti II am N HTS Iatl y K AUfUM
9 o lun 1 0 I + n Ihilly t tO Kill II 1fI ate o ails Uatly 11 45 aNt
12 U5 pm I II 11101 IlItlir 12 2 pili 2 35 Im N Wi Dally 3 16 pm
4 10un I n lOt IIIIII ID 11111 Jl pm No rtr liallr 4 b5 ItI +
Ft I5 11m 1 No lit Dally t5 JIm i rtI Im No 111 Dally G I pie
fi t pin I Nn II IHI 6 t5 11m i Ou pm d Nu 1JJ lIallY 7 2U psi
Leave East EAST tALATKA 10 Arrive gat rttt San SAN MATE O TO EAsr Arr1 Josr
IallitLa t SAN y1AIEO ylateu llIteo I lA1ATKA Pdltk
830 am I N II UtI Dally ti MJ Itm I 9 00 am t 11 Uttlly I 9O 11m
a 20 pm NO 10j Daily 3 to Im 3 46 pm No 108 Iltll 40 plt1
No M os 0 iii 00 4it 61
Sunday I MA
Dally Only IJllllr lJaHy Only Dally
6 10 PIlI 2 00 PM I 15 All L JckaHlle 4r j 30 rll 1 00 PM 5 o N
650 PIlI Y 40 PIlI 10 2i All Ar pa t areh i 6 40 AM 12 19 PW t fO PM
G 67 PM 2 47 PIlI 1032 All fetch L G 43 iM 12 13 PM s H PW
7 10 PIlI t IU PIlI 10 c Alii
3O lY 12 OONn 4 JO jV
otOSUII ot9ltaUt Orane City Branch iNot07Uu1 5t0UIIJ1 Yo oS I
ai ynoar r oaIth ranf raae rI unla1 i r1Sntla I Snford Branch
a 30 i au sm Lr rImrra Ar 1 15 Pm 7 45 Jim 630amLvTJtuS1I1euAr JJPi
4 15 pm 11 30 am LvLate HIfIoL 1 01 plD 6 15 pmI 930 am J 00 pm
4 25 pm 111 ro am L truCf city Lv12 lJJ Im 5 30 pm I an
4 30 m 12 00 m ArOrUIf Ity JuL112 45 m 520 pm 05at 20UJall UHp Maid
Connection mad et Knight Ker with P A O S S Co for Key Wett end Herene Cab
1Thea TIME TABLES show the dma at which train may be expected arrive el end depart from thr
tMYeaiustloaatbut their errlv l or departure el the tide toed le not Kuerenlecd nor ie thlt Convptnt
lrtNh M tyoailblc for any delay or say coc < < < iu iice erUIng therefrom
1 i A L

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