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J 2 I j 4 THE FLORIDA STAR I aTom M itoa
f i I + + + + + < + + + + t > + + +
Y w Tj
> +
I t ilk a
I New
I White House
A l Offices
HEN Presl
W dent Taft re
turns to Wash
ington frgui his
great swing
around the circle I
he will find hIs of
fices In the west
wing of the White
House largely ex
tended in tact so
much space has
Hen utilized in making this change
that the famous tennis court which
applied local color to all anecdotes of
the previous administration has been
wiped out of existence Where exult
ant cries of Fifteen love Thirty I
love and Forty love were cracked I
by the teeth of the mighty bunter and
minor notes of Love fifteen Love
thirty and Love forty came pur
rlogly from his respectful antagonists
of the tennis cabinet there will here I
after be beard only the quiet tones of
PresIdent Taft dictating state papers I
and challenges to games of comforta
ble golf
The new addition which is to cost
ID the neighborhood of UUOO will I
give the president and his staff twice
the space of the original wing The
old offices which were desIgned by the
New York architects McKlm Mead
White cost about 00000 The three
forward walls of that old building are
utilized unchanged in the new design
by the Washington architect Nathan
0 Wyeth and that enables the dou
bled floor space with the remodeled in
terior to be secured at the compara
tively small cost already mentioned
There will be eleven rooms in the
new ofilces as against the bare half
dozen that served for Mr Tofts prede
t cessors and the furnishings and fix
tures while fur from luxurious in any
oriental sense will be correspondingly
The greatest change effected by the
new plans Is in the presidents room
Instead of the severe rectangular room
with Its bare walls and distressing at
tempt at an oil painting of Lincoln
that formerly constituted the presi
dents sanctum there will now be a
room In the form of an oval an oval
that on the southern exposure fits
without a broken line into a deep bay
window where the presidents desk
will stand
With all Its colonial simplicity and
such simplicity was made necessary
by the predominating note In the rest
of the While House It Is evident that
this is time room on which Mr Wyeih
has spent most time The color scheme
4I will be green and while with umhug
any furniture At the end opposite the
bay window will be a handsome lire
plane of white marble with a wide
hearth of the same material
The cabinet room will have windows
b on two sides Its tables and chairs
e will be Identical with those in ne
since March 4 as there is a custom h v
which the cabinet officer takes with
him on leaving office the chair be used
at the executive council The room ir
self will be in sold and yellow The
tradition in regard to the furniture of
the cabinet room makes Impossible
any sentimental sufwtinn suHi m
obtain In the details of Hie presidents
room Thus Mr rafts long service
In the Philippines is symbolIed in the
coverings of anthill skin
In the old building there was no
wafting room of any sort and senators
diplomats representatives and cabinet
officers were herded together in a very
4 ordinary lobby In the new building
till lobby will be retained with prac
k > Imperfect Digestion
Means less nutrition and in consequence less
i vitality When the liver fails to cretc bile
the blood becomes loaded with bilious pro
perties the digestion becomes impaired and
the bowels constipated Heroine will rectify
this it gives tone to the stomach liver and
kidneys strengthens thp appetite clears and
improves the complexion infuses new life
and vigor in the whole system r 0 cents a
r v bottle Sold by all druggists I
l + WM
tiro qr hdhUlnJfchPa irise hut in n01
tjkjnitliere will IH n jreneral waiting
t room with lip proper i equipment of
Mats nnH table while n congressional
wnhtrijr n nm will Ijpfrerapurt for iim
pressmen uc1 dignitaries of nil sorts
The White House fs a federal de
partment like the treasury or the de
partment of state and In
a business way Is con
ducted on that sort of
basis It employs n staff
of about thirty clerks
without counting messen
gers watchmen etc and
requires a good deal of
space for the accommoda
tion of Its working force
Mr Roosevelts notion of
the size of the building
required for the purpose
was an underestimate and the plans
adopted were not such as to make for
comfort or convenience hence the
changes now being made which will
convert the structure into a very hand
some affair though of only one story
and provided with every Imaginable
equipment appropriate to a modern
office building a
How Hugh Jennings Developed a Team
of Pennant Winners
That the D1tr lts were enabled to
capture a third pennant and again fig
ure In the worlds championship se
ries was due in a great measure to the
work of the teams manager Hugh
Jennings Although not a player now
himself be has shown year after yenr
that brains as well as brawn figure
largely In bringing home the pennant
The man whose aggressive personal
Ity baseball sense and Indomitable
spirit have played so important a
share In the success of the Detroits Is
thirtynine years of age u native of
Pennsylvania and in his day was one
of the famous stars of the diamond
After five managers Stallings lawyer
Barrows Lowe and Armour had tail
ed to whip together a fairly good sec
ond division team be was selected as
pilot of the Tigers When Jennings
joined his team in the training camp
in Mm mi da in the spring of 1107
tin members ul the team were lighting
and Mnanvlinir Every player was at
the throat lit Its fellow The general
opinion was thai Jennings task was
liopcii < Hut before leaving the train
inur ramp lu had elded them together
into a Mnrinr Miarliim > that has since
won three pennants and he did it by
the fir f his own personality They
were 1 1 raw 1 1 io him looked up to him
and forgot ilieir petty disputes When
they did a aoml liete of work lie was
always ready with a slap on the hack
and a cheery favorable comment Ii
was always
Thats the way alt
Hy he time the lean readied Ma
con tiMininu < had pounded This expres
sion d wp to the one stirring shriek
E e ym Ii
Thais the way was not fxploiv4
enMitrh to suit his tight in g nature Do
watiied fiction and action quickly Any
three syllable yell was too tame for
him And the players understood the
yell just as though he had spoken Eng
Ivoyahl it stand today and will
stand It is I > < keynote of the suc
cess of n man great in his chosen pro
fession I
ctops earache in two minutes toothache or
pun of hum or scald in five minutes hoarse
ness one hour muscleache two hours sore
throat twelve hoursDr Thomas Eclectric
Oil monarch over pain
Feel languid weak run down Headache
Stomach otfJust a plain case of lazy liverl
Burdock Blood Bitters tones up the stomach t
promotes digestion parities the blood
U II >
Wilbur Wright Sensational Flights
It s t
In thsEast
Once called an American bluffer
again an Ohio faker and only recent
ly derided In some quarters bemuse
be refused to give a correct Imitation
of an aviator breaking his neck on a
windy day Wilbur Wright has as
usual come But with lying colors In
fact his recent remarkable lights in
New York were the greatest both in
spectacular interest and personal dar
ing that have ever been accomplished
in the history of aviation
As Mr Wright was about to give ti
last exhibition he hud one of the closest
calls of his career an explosion blow
ing a bole through the top of machine
and a chunk of brass narrowly missing
the inventor Mr Wright however
only smiled and shrugged his shoul
Mark Twains Daughter Wife of the
Famous Pianist
Mark Twain once remarked that
next to apple pie lie loved music anti
he is especially fortunate ii this re
spect He nut only hats a daughter
with a remarkable voice bir recently
became the fatherinlaw of mu of Iii <
greatest pianists of the day The uew
member of the Clemens family is O < sip
Gabrilowitsch the famous Russian
musician who has toured this country
and Europe
It was while he was studying music
in Vienna that he met t he daughter of
the humorist who was also sttulyiur
in that country and of that meeting
the recent wedding ceremony was for
culmination When Mr JabrilowiHcn
suffered a serious illness last spring
and lay helpless Miss Clemens attend
ed him and to her loving ministrations
and care lie attributes his recovery
Mark Twain is very proud of his tart
cot I daughter and her cnpmin per
sonality is largely due to the intlnence
of a doting father and a watchful
mother In this connection ale de
scription once oven by Twain of the
relations of his children and their
mother who has been dead several
years has a special interest
The mother of my children adores
tlHm1 there is nu milder term fur it
and they worship her they even wor
ship anything which the touch of her
hand has made sacred They know
her for the best and truest friend they
have ever had or ever shall pace they
know her for one who never did them
a wrong and cannot do them a wrontr
who never told them a lie nor the
shadow of one who never deceived
them h y even an ambiguous gesture
who never gave them an unreasonable
Your cough annoys you Keep on hacking
and tearing the delicate membranes of your
throat if you want to he annoyed But if you
want relief want to he cured take Chamber
lains Cough Remedy Sold by all dealers
jff i t
r7 c
1 Il
i1f rf F
Th UM tf the Oriental Symbol by
the English
It is related in the Book of
Judges that Gideon took from Ze
bah and Zalmunnnh kings of Mid
ian ornaments like the moon that
were on their camels necks The
Midianites were Ishmaelites and
thus ancestors of the Turks so it
is not improbable that the symbol
was derived from them and in use
long before the taking of Constan
tinople in 1453 What lends some
confirmation to this theory is the
fact that Richard Coeur de Lion
adopted this badge after he return
ed from the Crusades having as
sumed it in commemoration of the
victory which he with his galleys
gained over the great Turkish dro
mon off Beirut in the year 1191
This practically the first English
naval victory was celebrated both
in song and history by the chron
iclers of the period
The Englishmen seem to have
been greatly impressed with the
enormous size of the Turkish ship
which must have been a very Dread
nought of her day She was big
ger they say than anything ever
seen at sea gaudily painted in yel
low and green and carried no fewer
than 1500 men among whom were
seven emirs and eighty chosen
Turks for the defense of Acre and
was laden with bows arrows Greek
fire in jars and 200 most deadly
serpents prepared for the destruc
tion of Christians Possibly these
serpents were a species of fire
work or rocket
King Richards galleys attacked
her in vain for a long time as their
crews could not climb up her lofty
sides despite the encouragement
held out to them by their royal
leader who promised to crucify the
last man to board her Eventually
several galleys drew off and put
ting on full speed rammed the big
war vessel together in the same
spot with such effect that she be
gan to sink The English were now
able to get possession of her and to
throw overboard and drown the re
mainder of her crew according to
the pleasant custom of the days of
Portsmouth at this time was as
now one of the principal naval
ports and when in 1104 King Rich
ard set sail from thence at the head
of a fleet of 100 ships he as a spe
cial honor bestowed the royal cres
cent badge upon the town as its
coat of arms A crescent of gold
in a shield azure with a blazing
star of eight points or rays of sil
ver between its horns is the exact
description of the device which to
this day meets the eye everywhere
in the municipality Thencefor
ward too the crescent and star be
came the official badge of the admi
ralty and was used as such up to the
year 1545 when it was superseded
by the anchor Exchange
If Juliet Sneezed
Julia Marlowe once yielded to
the insistent demands of an ambi
tious girl admirer who had deluded
the actress with sweet notes beg
ging an interview and told her to
call at the hotel on a certain after
noon when she would be glad to
see her
t1 saw you in Romeo and Juliet
last Monday night said the young
woman and have just been insane
ly curious to ask you a question
Well what is the question
said Miss Marlowe
In the potion scene I want to
know what you are thinking about
when you lie there supposed to be
in the deep sleep from the effects of
the drug you took
Fm not thinking said the ac
tress Im hoping
Yes hoping that I wont
sneeze Chicago RecordIIeraliL
Camels In Water
Camels cannot swim They are
very buoyant but ill balanced and
their heads go under water They
can however he taught to swim I
rivers with the aid goatskins or
jars fastened under their necks
During the Bal uchistnn expedition
of 1898 the camels were lowered
into the sea from the ship and
their drivers plunging overboard
clambered on to the hacks of their
charges causing the animals head
to come up and thus assisted the
were successfully piloted ashore
London Globe
An Effective Mtthed but One Irt wd
With KmlMrrasiment Y
I met Mrs Dwight on the train
going into town this morning cts
ually remarked Fulton at the din
ner table She had forgotten her
purse so she borrowed a dollar from
me Mrs Fulton laughingly sue
gested that she was afraid it would
be some time before her husband
saw his dollar again Our neigh
bor has rather a poor memory in
some ways she added
Oh shell pay me all right You >
know I often see her on the train
Im glad youre so hopeful said
Mrs Fulton with a skeptical smile
for she had had experiences of her
own in lending Mrs Dwight bowls
of coffee and cups of butter that
had never found their way back to
her kitchen A few evenings later
she asked her husband if he had
met Mrs Dwight again
Yes twice
r Well
I think you are right about the
shortness of her memory for t
though she chatted very pleasantly
she didnt mention the dollar
I guess youll have to charge it
to profit and loss
I wont give it up quite so soon
though I may have to go into bank
ruptcy yet on account of loaning
my surplus without interest
The weeks went by and Mr and
Mrs Fulton continued to joke from
time to time about the absent dol
lar and one evening after having It
ridden all the way out from town in
the same seat with Mrs Dwight
Fulton admitted with exaggerated
mournfulness that he was begin
ning to feel very much discouraged I
about ever regaining his dollar
Does it make you feel bad pa
pa asked his little girl who al
ways listened to the conversation
with grave attention
Of course it does Hilda A dol
lar is a whole lot of money How
would you like to lose the dollar
you have in your bank
I spose it would make me most
sick she answered And her par
ents exchanging amused glances
said nothing
When Fulton sat down at the din
ner table the next night he asked
as he saw a shining silver piece at
his plate Whats this
Your dollar answered Hilda
triumphantly hI went to Mrs
Dwights house today and the door
was open so I just thought Id go in
and ask her if shed tirely forgot
your dollar but she wasnt around
anywhere But it didnt matter
for I found your dollar on the dosk
I spose she kept forgetting to bring
it home so 1 just looked it myself
for you papa I
My country exclaimed the as
tonished father ungratefully What
shall I do
What can you do but return it
and explain said Mrs Fulton 1
who was laughing almost hystoric I
ally What u thing it is to hare
a serious minded daughter
A pianist who vas preeminontlt
successful in his day was Rubin
stein who traveled nearly tho whaJv
world over delighting peoplo Hitk
his genius He was very much an
noyed by requests for complimen
tary tickets but mot of the tinu
he maintained his compo ttre at 5
though justly irritated It is toM
of him that just before one of as
recitals in London he w iI = ncccwtai
by an old lady in the entahn ice bill
and thus add recrd
Oh Mr Rubinstein I urn 10 gtai
to see you I have rind in TAUI fco
purchase a ticket Have ton a MSI
you could let me Imver
Madam said the real pate
there is but one seat lit my dis
posal and that YOU are welcotat to
Ilf you think fit to take it
0 h ye = HIM I II thou timitl thanks 1
Where H it wa tin i t tr1 replv
At the piano Mmhniy replied
Rubin teiii
This popular remedy never fails to
effectually cure
Dyspepsia Constipation Sick
Headache Biliousness
And ALL DISEASES arising from a
Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion
The natural result Is good appetite
solid flesh Dose small elegant
ly sugarcoatcd and easy to swallow
Take No Substitute

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