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v I > I
t Niaj 1 rJ df JP THE 4 FLORIDA STAR L 4 3
I i
I 1 Snapshots hF The New Plays
t Stegelaod and Players
U ° w that jk
NOW o 1M
10 to well mm
I dtr way it Is pot
tMe to write of
sere of the stew I
playa as tar prodiic
ti with more or feM
certaiDty that they
will continue for a
r tlBw at least So
far this year there
baTt been an nn >
t JAMES T POWERS utUal large crop Of
in HAA V A
comedies imgedles and musical pro
a it ductlons having failed to find approval
t with the 11111111 It seems to be a sea
son fur sMciiir gripping dramas and
such that are good have played to
crotfHwl IcMiwK Some of the new at
tractions IIUI mi in tin east show strik
ing varleu ranging from tragedy and
oIIr lurjic of serious dm ma to music I
JCu tIc ftiice and sltiion pure melo
drnma rd in addition several that
won wide popularity last year have
been put on ngnln to continue their
t One of ru successes Is The White
lister S iula Allens new drama in I
four acts by F Marion Crawford and
6p Walter Hacketl Thin IK the third
drama with the scenes laid in Italy
in which the actress bus appeared
within sis years the two previous ef
forts being In the Palace of the
King and The Eternal City writ
ten by F Marion Crawford and Hall
Caine respectively In each of these
Miss Allen found more than the ordi
n nary quota of success and by those
who are entitled to express an opinion
The White Sister is full of possibil
ities for the actress that neither of the
two held
Shortly before his death Mr Craw
ford declared that the play was taken
from real life It deals with a girl
who while engaged to be married
feels It bin duty when her fiance is
ordered to the front as an officer In the
Italian army to let him go without
protest When she discovers his name
4 Ina list of the killed she enters a con
r vent only to find that the report wa
If erroneous
The lover returns There Is a strong
effort on his part to Induce the nun to
come back to him but she puts her
N vows before her earthly love The
lover arranges to abduct her brlnglnc
h her to his room where be Insists that
t she shall sign a petition to the pope
Y rt asking for her release from her volun
tary obligations When she refuses he
threatens to kill himself and at the
sight of his revolver she relents There
upon brought to his senses hr her
t heroic self sacrifice he teals up the
> paper By his time a Jealous woman
has arrived on the scene to hint at the
nuns presence In the soldiers room
and to promise revelations that will
be exceedingly unpleasant And the
captain shoots himself to save the
womans honor
The Girl and the Wizard Sam Ber
nards now attraction has been an
other one of the succesres If viewed as
a play however It Is a slight nfTalr but
If It is viewed as n musical comedy It
takes high rank for It is that strange
thing a musical cowed with n plot
and a serious one The wizard Is u
l rich Jeweler In the Austrian Tyrol a
noble hearted old fellow who has lav
t ished his affections and his money on
I his nephew When the boy reaches
the age of 1 vt ntyotie the jeweler pro
poses to take him Into partnership
but there is a quarrel when the young
i ster announces his Intention of get
ting married
Before the Jeweler has thought t
I ask the girls name the boy rushes on
to enlist in Hu army and nothing more
f is beard of him for six months Mean
while the nude has been Induced to
t believe that the girl be himself secret
W t r x
ly tored for years but has never dared
to dream of marrying lovers him
Her oW rake of a father make the
pretense for the purpose of getting
money out of the wizard and the mar
riage is about to take place when the
boy returns and the uncle learns the
tratktbat the girl really loved his
nephew and was being sacrificed by
bar father He surrenders her to the
boy and the play ends
One of the most gratifying revela
tions of the season has been the dis
covery of Miss Elsie Fergusons tal
ents Miss Ferguson must win a dis
tinguished position Her performance
In Such a Little Queen is one of the
few thoroughly refreshing things on
the stage in New York at the present
Billy the new farcical comedy by
George Cameron recently presented in
New York has scored u laughing suc
I cess The adventures of the hero
who having lost four front teeth In a
football game finds himself unable to
pronounce the name of his sweetheart
Beatrice who Is also besieged by his
I rival Sam Eustace form a lively and
I laughable narrative as Interpreted by
a company of expert comedians Sid
ney Drew plays the title role of Billy i
and other important parts are allotted
to Mrs Stuart Robson Jane Marbury
Caroline Harris Marian Chapman
Franklin Jones George LeSolr and
Mme Neuendorf
John Drews sixteenth season as a
Charles Frohraan star began by his
appearance at the Empire theater
New York In Inconstant George a
new comedy in three acts from the
French by R de Flors and G de Call
lavet As in My Wifetbe earlier
comedy by the authors of Inconstant
George which was his vehicle two
seasons agoMr Drew again has a
role that gives admirable scope to his
versatile powers In genteel comedy
and that perfectly fits his personality
as well
Societys pet a congenital flirt with
no other ambition in life than some
day to make up his mind on some
thing abundant in wit and with a
delicious vein ot unconscious humor
George Bullln is one of those con
tinuously humorous characters that
always mean well but have u perfect
genius for getting themselves inex
plicably misunderstood Every fair
face he meets becomes Georges in
stantaneous target for flowery speech
es mere words to him but serious
vows of undying constancy to his
hearers Mr Drew snugly fits the
part rather than the part titling him
Among the high class musical come
dies that hove token well are The
Love Cure The Dollar Princess and
The Chocolate Soldier The latter
especially is set to haunting captivat
ing inspiring imi ic tilled with waltze
and marches that refuse to lie forgot
The Willows Might is the niplo
dramatic attraction in which Lillian
Russpll as young as ever and if toy
thing more beautiful will tour the
country this season Tin + omedy ol
The Widows Might is ha ed entire
ly on the mental distress which the
widow sutlers in her attempts to evade
the proposajs of marriage made to hei
by the friends of her late liiH 1t1I1c1
During three acts she manages to es
cape the declarations hut in the fourth
act each love sick swain has his say
There is a villainous uncle who tries
to squander the widows fortune hut
her brave admirers fly to the rescue
a musicale a stag dinner a minor love
episode and an exciting scone in a
Wall street oflico with tickers ticking
and messengers hustling In this seem I
the falling price of Tidewater in
which everybody has Invested money
causes men to tear their hair and
stamp with rage Later the capricious
ti y
ticker clicks rtJa better newsTHt
I water roes vp acid wp and up and tM
I curtain falls on general rejoicing with
the widow engaged to the right liDO I
aid receiving the congratnlatSoM of
tile disappointed lovers
Another of the snccewe is Arsene
Lapli ODe of the most fascinating
detectivethief plays ever seeR upon
the modern stage since Sherlock
Holmes and Baffles tt One of the
fortunate actresses this year is Hen
rietta Croiman who does not have to
look for a new play because she will
appear the entire
season in Sham
a play that was so
successful in New
York last year
Throughout the
country there seems
to be a great de
mand for Miss Cros
man in this success
and It may be that
HENRIETTA CROS she will appear in
MAN Sham for the
next two seasons The tour opened in
Chicago and all tile cities of the east
will he given a chance to sea Sham
The far west and south will not be
visited until the season following
launs T Powers Is continuing the
successful run of Havana the tune
ful ciftule opera Imported from London
He will be seen in this vehicle through
out I he entire season Edmund Breeze
who has been so successful in The
Third Degree is to play thp stellar
role this season iu The Earth the
sensation of the London hoards
Two Great American Pugilists and
Their Work
No pugilistic encounter In some time
has attracted as much attention as the
KetchelJohnson bout and every tight
fan here and abroad has been keenly
interested In the outcome for many
weeks Johnson is the only colored
man in the history of the prize ring
to win the heavyweight championship
of the world securing the title by de
feating Burns in Australia
Standing six feet one and three
quarter Inches In height weh hinzoi
pounds and being exceptionally fast
and clever in the rim he is a glove
artist with many knockouts to his
credit The lite IIpru is thirty years
of age and a native of Texas
When it comes to knockouts how 1
ever the record of Stanley Keteliel
well nicknamed the MIchixi Assa
Sin shows tlitt lie is a past master I
in liandin out the sleep producing I
punch over forty of his opponents
having kern defeated in that manner
Just passed the age of twentyone
tin feet nine Indies tall and weighing
KM pounds lie ranks unions the great
est pugilists of the day
The Midiiiran slugger is a native of
Grand Rapids and hen his rip ca
reer in inni
Slightly Colder With Snow
When you see that kind of weather forecast
you know that rheumatism weather isat hand
Get ready for it now by potting a bottls of
Bollards Snow Liniment Finest thing made
for rheumatism chilblains frost bite sore
and stiff joints slid muscles all aches and
pains 23c 50c and 100 Sold by all drug
hI suffered habitually from constipation
Deans Regulets relieved and strengthened
the bowels so that they have been regular
ever since A E Davis grocer Sulphur
Springs Tex
f Joseph Cannon i
H Versus
I Herbert Parsons
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + iHHH +
> HILE It Will
gretted by
many If lames 1
I Jeffries and LIP
Artba Johnson fall
to settle the heavy
weight champion
ship con t rovers y
this winter there is another contest on
that promises to make up for any dis
appointment In that direction This
Is the CannonParsons bout and if
such affairs were fought out in the
squared circle instead of the political
arena the announcer would step to the
middle of the ring elevate his chin I
Fcowl deeply and then probably intro
duce the men as follows
Gents an odders dis bout is at a
hundred an fiftyeIght pounds Queens
berry rules See De guy in dat cor
ner is Herb Parsons of New York De
odder guy Is Joe Cannon of Illinois
Shake hands youse an de foist bloke
I wot bits in de clinches gits his slats
pushed in See
All Joking aside however the amaz
ing charge Hprbprt Parsons congress
man from New York and chairman of
the New York Republican county com
mittee has made against Speaker Can
non and his own party bus cuused a
great sensation throughout the coun
try and the affair promises to develop
into one of the bitterest fights in the
history of politics Mr Parsons
charges that Tammany Hall entered
Into a deal with up state Republicans
to defeat the efforts of New York city
Republicans to perfect thp signature
law during the last legislative session
in Albany and a part of the deal was
that Tammany should support Speaker
Cannon and the rules of the house of
representatives HP also claims that
the Republican representatives of New
York city were not informed of the
deal either from Albany or Washing
This charge followed the declaration
of the county chairman that Tammany
was planning wholesale frauds in the
coming election and that most compre
benslve preparations would be made
by the Republican forces to circum
vent them
So much for Mr Parsons side of it
I When Mr Cannon was informed or
I the charge he was just lighting his
fourteenth after dinner cigar
Humph be growled only he used
another mill sonic might think 1 more
expressive word If thai chap Par
sons Is looking for trouble lie has come
In the Iiht place A < kcil as to his
attitude in the matter the peiker
smiled irrmily ami dryly rnnrimird
I dnni make a liuliliiini hunt
such iliin unlit Im hurt When I
tir > u cil I n m + hurling as a I + ti alga
the 11 alta < h I > av one kind of an ani
mal that I never had seen helure and
kicked allI I WIO weeks in recovering
I was weeks in recovering added I
the speaker sentiMitiou Iv aid since
that time I never have kicked at that
kind of nil animal in private life or
in politics i
Almost every one Is familiar with
the career of Uncle Ins Cannon Mr I
Parsons too Is a man of much proiui
nerve politically He was horn in
ev York city just forty years ago
and took up hiw after graduatini from
A Banquet
1 Spread Itpforo you would do you no good if
i you couldnt eat What good can food do a
i child when as soon as it enters its stomach it
I is eatiMi by worms Thats the reason your
lIth y is ailing cross pasty faced and thin
Give it Whites Cream Vermifuge It will
expel the worms and act as a tonic for the
I child Sold by all druggists
l rt
Yale in the class of 1900 Soon after
being admitted to the bar in 1804 be
entered politics became the leader of
his district and is at present its repre
sentative to congress and chairman of
the New fork Republican county com
mittee In speaking of lib charges
against Cannon and others Mr Par
sons recently said
IOJ had no Idea of hr
precipitating a na
tional dispute or Z r
controversy when
1 made the state
ment but 1 am not
worrying My posi
tion is simply this
and I shall maintain it no matter what
may happen 1 believe that a man in t
ray position with the power that 1 +
have as chairman of the Now York
county committee can In a few years
put a stop to illegal registration and
fraudulent voting In New York 1 be
lieve It Is the duty of a man in my 4
position to do that 1 have no doubt
that in three or four years 1 will suc
ceed t
Og Gag and Magog Wre the Biggest
Men on Record
It is a matter of perplexity to
most small boys whether they shall
become giants or clowns There t
ara plenty of clowns today but
there will probably never again be
such formidable giants as Og Gog j
and Magog Og we arc told in
Deuteronomy was the last real
giant He was that king of Bashan i
whom the Israelites slew and his
bedstead was nine cubits long or
about thirteen feet This bedstead I
theory may be based upon the huge
sarcophagi which the Phoenician
kings had made in imitation of the
Egyptian custom
Gog and Magog are mentioned
several times in the Bible with
more or less indefiniteness In the
Koran they represent a barbarous
people inhabiting Central Asia and
they were probably born out of the
terror inspired by the Scythian c
hordes that overthrew the Assyrian
empire Wooden statues of Gog t r
and Magog fourteen feet high have 1 t
occupied pedestals in the London d
guild hall for centuries and were 1
formerly carried through the streets
in the lord mayors shows They
welcomed Henry V on London
bridge in 1415 According to Cax
ton Gog and Magog were the sur
vivors of a race of giants found in
Britain by Brute son of Antenor
of Troy and brought by him as
prisoners to London where they
were chained to the gates of a pal
ace on the site of the guild hall and
kept as porfers
All primitive races seem to po
seas legend = of giants us did the
Greeks Romans and Arab but
nine feet eoms to be almost the
highest authentic stature rPlnr ed
T pinnrd Finlandor exceeded this
by four inches Winkelmaier an
Austrian giant who died in 1SS7
was eight foot seven inches in oJ
height diaries Byrne the Irish
giant attained the stature of eight
feet four inches
The tallest race in the world is
I the Scotch of Galloway who aver
age five feet eleven inches in height
Xext Comp the inhabitants of the
I rest of Scotland and then the Li
I vonians Irish Xorse English Po
lynesians Sikhs Fulahs of the Su
dan Kaffirs Cheycnnes and Pata
I gonians
It is however possible to Ixfonu >
a giant with a little perseverance
There is in the brain a mv terious
organ known a < the pituitarv body
I injury to which some think pro
I duces the diseae known i < a ° ro
mealy in which th lea l hiiiul
mid feet lwon enormousv en
nut tli form of innt
enlarged > ut t giant
I ism H not cm miinel Harpers
I Woeklv
Swept Over Niagara
I This terrible calamity often htppent hc
I nuise careless boatman tenons the river
I wnnrngi growing ri 111t5 1 till fuller ciirrint
inntures warning are kind Tlmt dull
I Hiin or ache in the nick warns you tin kid
neys nerd attention if you escape fatal iimla
i inrdrop diabetes or hrisrhts dNvaw
Take Electric Hitters at once and tee buck
I ache fly and all your bent feeling return
After long suirering from weak kidneys and
lame buck one 100 bottle wholly en red me
writes 1 II Ulankei ship of Uelk Teiiu
Only 50c at Banner Druj Store
For Infants and Children
I The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
s >

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