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fill i TT 1T + Tom
lfcmr r tftlnst
t whom mlt for 50
I 000 dABMiee has
bn brought by W
f G Bmlth ez speak
er of the Colorado
house of representa
tire t has gained
I worldwide fame as
r the founder of our
juvenile courts and
his methods have
I 7 t beef the means or
t1 r reforming thousands
ofttb JH tv b i would doubtless have
Y grown up and become dangerous crim
t 10ftc In hlH magazine articles now
being published the Inside history of
Dpi vorI pullTlcs is alleged to be given
ri mil the Milt Is the result of one of
tluwq nrtlolis Mr Smith alleging defa
mnrjnn of character Judge Lindsey
also gives imuh of his wirlv life In
these nrlj os and tells Interestingly
of hiM struggle with poverty and de
9 found my first employment In a
la w office copying letters running er
rands carrying books to and from the
courtroom rending Inw In the Inter
vals and nt night scrubbing the floors
Milwaukees famous kid mayor
Sherburn M Becker Is in the limelight
again because of his purchase of a seat
on the New York Stock Exchange and
he is planning to
i make his home in
i Gotham hereafter
Some good stories
are told of the time
when Mr Backer
1 n was conducting his
campaign for may
or Although the
t fight was mad e
x along liberal lines
t and a considerable
sum spent it was
i his money or that
l of hs family or im OH = w
f mediate friends vHe QIIERDIE BECKER
+ wpuld take no < g n
tributlons from corporations nor did
lie appeal forMiwindul assistance IIi
declared himself against the politician
for revenue and lie announced that he
would not stand for a shakedown
During the tight a professional touch
er visited him at his headquarters i
Ive got 300rmen In line for you Slier I
bier he uriuounced Good answer
ed the candidate handing him a cigar
But Ill aped a little money to keep
them in line he added with a smile
as he lighted his smoker You go and
tell your 300 to break ranks was
Bherbies reply
A divorce case that bas attracted
much attention because of the wealth
and prominence of the principals is
that of the W Gould Brokaws who
have been airing their marital woes in
the courts recently
Mm Brokaw is not
yet twent the and
her husband Is for
tytwo and this was
his second marriage
he having wedded
Cora He C Coudert
who divorced him
five years later Mr
Brokaw used to bo
a great motorboat
n enthusiast but had
so many sad experi
ences because of his
MRS w GOULD carelessness that be
BROKAW seldom uses one now
Once he was doing some cruising In
a ninety horsepower motorboat when
his gasoline gave out near Camden
He drifted along at the winds mercy
and finally u lobster fisherman came to
his rescue The lobster fisherman bud
never seen u motorboat before Ho
was naturally very critical and scorn
ful of the disabled one Where did
you come Crow in that thing he said
All the way from New York was
the reply
The fisherman sneered incredulously
When dyou leave Now York b
June 27 said Mr Brokaw
The fisherman gave n loud laugh
What year be asked
Fighting Bob Evans Is now the
man behind the pen and will hereafter
direct the verbal broadsides tired
monthly from the typographical guns
The busiest and mightiest little thing that
over was rondo is Chamberlains Ktomach
and Liver Tablets They do the work when
ever you require their aid These tablet
change weakness into strength listlessness
into energy gloominess into joyousness
Their action is so gentle one don realize
they have taken a purgative Sold by all
MMiU4 irr v
In the Lime i6ht
SUri S < rks of People
R Jain 1 Talked About
+ + + + ar + + +
of ttfe feluejacket in defense of the in
terests of the enlisted men of the navy
The admiral has
become president
of the Bluejacket
company whose
publication has
long been popular
with navy men the
world over Every
number will here
after have a con
tribution from the
admiral who has
always been a per 1
sonal favorite as
well as n most ADMILAL EVANS
stanch supporter of all the enlisted
men Bluejacket was established in
1001 by Chief Yeoman J Fred Bueuzle
of the Newport training station He
Is the man who brought suit against
the Newport Amusement association
for discriminating against the uniform
of the United States navy Since then
he has been Instrumental In having
laws passed in Rhode Island and other
states prohibiting such discrimination
NE of the most
ONE fig
ures in the
Nicaraguan affair
Is General Juan J
Estrada and be has
bad a stormy and
busy career He Is
not yet forty years
of age and has tak
en part in nearly
ever war in which
his country bas en
gaged going to the
front In these affairs since he was old
enough to bear arms He was a colo
nel in tbe war of 189G and two years
later was appointed governor of the
province of Cape Grucius a DIos In
the war of 1S99 be was seriously
wounded and visited New York for
surgical treatment Following the op
eration his recovery was rapid
When be returned to his native coun
try he was made chief of customs of
Nicaragua This position he held for
two years when be was appointed
governor of Bluetlclds a place he held
until the war with Honduras At the
close of hostilities he was admitted to
the cabinet as minister of war
Marjorie Gould who is so much In
the public eye these days on account
of her brill in nt social success and re
ported engagement to n duke will in
herit an immense fortune but if left
penniless she could earn un excellent
living being a most accomplished girl
She is a fine musician a splendid lin
guist gifted as a vocalist far above the
average possesses great talent In the
art of decorating Is
an adept needlewo
man and in all so
ciety no girl has
been brought up to
have a more prac
tical knowledge of
housekeeping than
Miss Gould can
order a dinner and
superintend the ma
chinery of a big
house as well as the
family chef and housekeeper She
knows how to do all these things any
of which well done would make for
any dowerlcss girl a good living an
excellent salary and independence
And It will because Mrs Gould who
as Edith Iln don made her own way
In the world believes that women are
happier when they are busy
Judge Horace H Lurton who has
been so much in the public eye since
his selection by President Taft for the
supreme court was born in Kentucky
sixtyflvp years ago and graduated as
a lawyer from Cumberland university
In laG after u brief academic career
in Douglas univer
sity later the Uni
versity of Chicago
which was cut short
by his service
through the civil
war Ills first pub
lic office was that
of chancellor of the
Sixth district of
Tennessee in which
he served throe
years He was nev
JUDGE LUUTON er active In politics
though a lifelong Democrat
In 18SU be was appointed a justice
of the supreme court of Tennessee and
held the office until 1893 For u time be
was chief Justice of that bench Pres
ident Cleveland made him a judge of
the Sixth Judicial circuit of the United
States in that year though President
Harrison bad named Benjamin Han
cMtt of Michigan during the last days
of blla mlnl ration Time was lack
Ing however for senate action on the
Hanchett nomination Judge Lurton
bas served in this post ever since He
was a colleague of President Taft in
that circuit before the latter became
governor of the Philippines The two
men are close friends
Guglielmo Marconi who has been
awarded the Nobel prize for physics
unlike many of the worlds Inventive
geniuses was born to comfortable cir
cumstances and could afford to work
and wait His father was a wealthy
Italian with a large
estate at Griffore
near Bologna and
the question of
funds was never
really a question at
all otherwise In
deed wireless teleg
raphy might still be
A thing of the fu
ture 1
For had I been
Door Marconi once
confessed I dont GUGLIELMO
believe I should MAKCOXI
have Invented or If I Invented Im
sot at all sun I should hart stuck to
it In any case I should never have
starved for wireless telegraphy I
save too good a digestion
In outward appearance Marconi
might be a broker or an average club
man He is of slight build and medi
um height and there Is nothing what
ever In his complexion to suggest the
foreigner Indoors however with his
hat off one notices at once the peculiar
domelike shape of his head high above
the ears and eyebrows so suggestive
of the inventor and one realizes too
that there Is a world of force behind
nis deep blue eyes
Worldwide Controversy Over Bust
Bought For Berlin Museum
The controversy started among sculp
tors and painters over the authenticity
of the wax bust purchased by Dr Wil
liam Bode director and curator of the
Berlin museum continues to grow and
the discussion has been taken up by
e perts on works of art the world
over Dr Bode paid 40000 in Eng
land for the bust under the firm be
2 z
lief that it was the work of Leonardo
da Vinci but no sooner was it pieced
on exhibition than the world of art
was startled by a certain C F Cook
soy of Southampton England who
claimed that the wax bust was the
work of a now octogenarian sculptor
Richard Cockle Lucas about the mid
dle of the nineteenth century The
work Mr Cooksey declared had been
exposed for a long time in a garden
This gave it the appearance of age he
said and it also accounted for the
damaged lower part of the work
An examination was thereupon had
of the bust and It was claimed that in
tbe lower part there were found old
newspapers Both Dr Rod and Km
peror William believe that the lust Is
by Da Vinci but many exports oi uch
matters do nor ogre with them
Ciiamberains nnxli K tueily is not a com
mon every day ro jli mixture It is a merit
orious remedy for all the trniiiilwmiu and
dangerous complications r stilting from
cold in the head throat cheat or lungs Sold
by nil dealers
Griff ta Can Hi Scouts
Clark GriIiMi manager of time Cin
cinnati Kiti is going to can his staiY
of s outs In view of tin fact that
Sleuth Heilbronor picked up Dick
Egan Harry Ciaspar Jack Rowan I5oli
Beschor and Dick Hoblltzell for Cin
cinnati it looks like a bad move on
the part of the old fox Without that
bunch Garry Herrmanns Ked Legs
wouldnt jualify for the cellar cham
pionship And Griff got 1000 bonus
for finishing in the first divlsioa
Children Cry
Facts Ford
There is actually more Automobile j 1 x
value in the Ford Model T than in r l
any other car at several hundred tj r
dollars more money 1I i
l i
Think of the Price t
Heres the Model T Forda fourcylinder twen irJli
tyhorsepower fivepassenger comfortable durable
tical touring carcomplete with all the equipment that costs
from 15000 to 30000 additional in most other cars and
all this for not 300000 or 200000 or one and a half
thousand at any of which a man would get his moneys
worth but for 95000 f ON b Detroit complete
It isnt fuss and feathers that is needed to make the
car you buy satisfactory its just plain automobile and if
you get that for 95000 and no more of it for double why
pay the extra Any car now selling for several hundred
dollars more could if built by Ford in the Ford shops by i
Ford methods and in Ford quantities be sold at the Ford
price if the manufacturer would be satisfied with the Ford
profit per car
The Model T Ford includes a magnetothats es
sential to the satisfactory operation of a car so its built in
and made part of the engine not an added accessoryat
hundred or so more dollars It has a long comfortable
wheel base it is nota dinky runabout with a tonneau crowd t
ed on behind Its a fourcylinder car is shaft driven em
ploys unit construction and 3point suspension and is
made of Vanadium steel All in all it would be a whop
ping big value at double the price
Then look at what equipment is included Exper
ience has taught us that most buyers want a top With
other cars thats an extra they want a windshield thats
extra a speedometer is a satisfaction and thats extra they
want a stronger light and gas lamps are extra and by the
time they have bought all these things the price which is
already higher than the Ford has been jumped another
hundred or soplus the magneto There is nothing ex
tra to buy for a Ford these things are all included
The Final Test t
After all the final test of value is what it will do This
is the proof of Ford value It will go anywhere over any t
kind of road or lack of road more days for more years
than the average car at a considerably higher price It I
has good appearance speed and power as well as hill °
climbing ability and good and bad roads negotiability X
Repair bills are small and maintenance costs light It is
easily handled easily kept up and always ready Its a f
practical everyday car for the man who wants a car for all
it will accomplish
It was a Model T Ford which L C Oliver of Jack
sonville Fla made that record run from Jacksonville to y
Savannah Ga in thirteen and threequarter hours pass
ing en route a 300000 car that had started five hours
earlier on a similar errand It was a Model T Ford
that won the New YorkSeattle Race in twenty days and
fiftytwo minutes defeating all other entrants none of
which cost less than five times the Ford price or weighed
less than five times Ford weight How the Ford Won
sent on request
High Priced Quality in a Low I
Priced Car
Highpriced cars render a peculiar service for which
they must be given credit They pull a lot of money out
of safety vaults and put it into circulation Thats good I
But there are a lot of us so fixed that most of our cash
already finds plenty of channels by which it returns to cir
culation The Ford Model UT costs little to buy and
little to maintain The man on an average income can
afford the purchase price and the upkeep cost
HighPriced Quality in a lowpriced car The re
cords of the past prove the quality the prices follow f
i 1
Touring Car Fully Equipped 95000
Tourabout Fully Equipped 95000 I j
Roadster Fully Equipped 90000
F O B Detroit
Catalog and Prices Sent on Request
Indian River Music House l
Distributors for Brevard County

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