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The Evening Leader is the om>T
paper in its field having Associ
ated Press reports of the world
news best and most reliable
Commercial Telegraphers Say May Be
Nation Wide Strike. Western
Union Says Businss Continues.
Ten Southern States Involved. Union
Men in the Majority. Began Sym
pathetic Strike In Atlanta
Atlanta, June 6.—Both sides today
expressed confidence in the outcome of
the strike which has been called by
the Commercial Telegraphers’ union
against the Western Union Telegraph
company in ten Southeastern states.
Western Union officials declared that
business would continue as usual, as
the union men are in the minority.
Union officials predicted victory for
the telegraphers and declared that a
nation-wide strike would be called if
necessary to win. The strike was call
ed late yesterday in support of the
local strike against the Western Un
ion, which began Tuesday when the
union men went out in sympathy with
the telephone employes here, who
, German-Austrian j
Chancellor Wil
Arrive St. Ger
main Tomorrow
St. Germain, June 6. —Dr. Karl Ren
ner, chancellor 0 f German Austria and
head of that country’s peace dejegja
, tion, who, j with, five colleagues, ! has
been at FyldkirW for a 'conference
with Dr. OKp Bauer, the German Aus
trian foreign minister, is expected to
arrive here tomorrow.
... - i
Rises, 6:33; sets, 8:24.
Rises, 2:32 p.m.; sets, 1:58 a.m.
High, 8:32 a.m.; 8:49 p.m.
Low, 1:50 a.m.; 2:37 p.m.
Pursuant to a proclamation by the president of the United
States, Hon. W. G. McAdoo and other eminent gentlemen forming
the Citizens National Committee, working in co-operation with
the National Council of Boy Scouts of America, have formed a pro
gram for a Boy Scout week from June Bth to Flag Day, June 14th-
During this time the work of the Boy Scout movement will be
presented to the American people more fully than ever before.
The service rendered by the organization during the war will be
shown as will also the possibilities it holds of turning out each
year thousands of boys with higher ideals of life and citizenship.
Associate membership in the Boy Scouts will be offered to
the fathers and mothers of American boys and alsoto other
adult Americans, thus providing an auxiliary organization which,
although it will not have the power to vote, yet will be a help and
encouragement, and also a financial aid. Funds will be needed
to carry on the enlarged work of the organization.
Following is a copy of the applications for membership which
will more fully explain the movement:
Boy Scouts of America Nation Wide Campaign
For 1,000,000 Members
BOY SCOUT WEEK, JUNE Bth to 14th, 1919
W. G. McAdoo, Chairman, Citizens’ National Committee
I desire to be enrolled as an Associate Member of the National
Council of the Boy Scouts of America (chartered by Congress)’
and agree to pay $ as dues for one year.
—Make check payable to George D. Pratt, Treasurer, National
Council, Boy Scouts of America.
3—Certificate of membership will be sent upon receipt of mon
ey and application blank at the National Office of Boy Scouts of
. America, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City.
* Persons paying $2.50 or more for National Council Member
ship may receive for one year BOYS’ LIFE, the Boy Scouts’
Magazine, an inspiring monthly for boys, by checking this space.
The magazine may be sent to a boy at a separate address, if plain
ly indicated on the back of this blank.
struck Monday, alleging discrimina
tion against union members.
Carleton Warns Men Against Union.
New York, June 6.—Employes of the
Western Union who joined the Teleg
raphers’ union on the assurance of
Postmaster General Burleson that
there would be no discrimination in
regard to employes joining unions,
will not be taken back if they strike,
Newcomb Carleton, president of the
company, announced today. He point
ed out that the postmaster general
had now turned the Western Union
over to the company “to operate as
we think best for the interests of the
| Antwerp Police
And American
Soldiers Clash
Brussels, June 6.—American sol
diers and the police at Antwefp clash
ed Wednesday night. Three police
men and two civiliaft were wounded
by snots whiqh fired during the
art-led. Threq/A’nariea'
of whom was wounded, were arrested.
To Repeal The
Daylight Law
Washington, June 6.—A favorable
report on the bill to repeal the day
light-saving law on the last Sunday in
October was voted today by the house
i interstate commerce committee.
tarpon springs, Florida, Friday, june &, 1919.
Premier Orlando
Absent From
Meeting Today
Paris, June 6.—When thy' council of
four met this morning Hremier Or
lando was absent. This l|d to the be
lief that the Adriatic question was
again under consideration. It is un
derstood that no further Iprogre'ss has
been made by the elements
working on the solutiqli of this profit
Bols Recapture
Important Town
London, June 6.—The bolsheviki
have recaptured Sarapul, southeast of
Perm, which was one of the important
towns taken by Admiral Kolchack's
forces in the spring advance, a bolshe
vik wireless message claims. The
dispatch asserts that the bolsheviki
are continuing their advance in this
i region.
Wilson Stands
By 14 Points
■ ■ ■ 1 —* .
Paris, June 6.—“1 am convinced that
our treaty project violates none of my
principles,” President Wilson is quot
! ed by the Matin as having said when !
he was‘ acquainted with’ the German i
counter proposals <to the peace treaty.
“If I held a contrary opyiipn,” the Pl
president said, “I not
to \v*j»lA wUHteavo, a fj
correct’the’ l for. Th<3 treaty as <tr jy \y
up, however, entirely conforms i
my fourteen points.” 1 /'-•WfT’S
; ’*jth I \
German Propo- '
ganda in U. S.
Paris, June 6.—lt is understood here
that the Berlin government is sending
photographically reproduced copies of
| the peace terms to every United
| States senator and representative.
| Rome, June 6.—The Italian who has
dived long in America is helping to
[Americanize Italy more potently than
(other factors could. He has introduc
(ed American ideas and American ways
j of doing things at every possible turn
(when it is practical and more efficient
[ than the Italian.
The Italo-American has brought
1 back from America an idea of better
j housing conditions and if he decides to
j settle again in Italy he builds a home
patterned along American lines with
plenty of space around it and with
its division of rooms. Most Italian
! families of the farming sections are
! accustomed to live in one large room
[while large numbers live in thatched
huts which dot the sides of mountains
hidden among the trees and brush,
j Several families live in what would
(seem an ordinary American family’s
i habitat.
j The Pinellas County Sunday School
| convention convenes in Dunedin, Fla.,
[at the Presbyterian church, on Thurs
da yevening at 8:30 o’clock, June 12;
also morning and evening of June 13.
It is earnestly requested that every
Sunday school in the county send dele
gates. Everybody is invited. Dinner
will be served by Dunedin people, Fri
! day noon, June 13. Delegates wishing
to spend Thursday night in the city,
please write to the president at otice.
President Convention.
As noted before in these columns,
j Messrs. Harry Jukes and C. S. Regis
: ter purchased the Wharton grocery
1 several days ago. The Jukes-Register
; Co. is the name of the new firm. Both
!of these young men are hustlers and
1 are making a lively bid for your busi
! ness.
Will Press The
Enactment Os
- <»„
Telegraph And
Telephone Bill
Washington, June ->6.—lndications
that the bill to repeal the law author
izing federal control of telephone, tel
egraph and cable companies would be
pressed, despite Postmaster General
Burleson’s order restoring private op
eration of the wires, were given today
jy, the senate interstate commerce
CoriTmittee, which has opened hearings
on repeal measures. Senator Kellogg,
author of the repeal bill, told the com
mittee that the postmaster general’s
order only restored private operation
and did not end government control.
Germany Helps
Stockholm, June 6.—German forces
on the Esthonian front are aiding at
Esthonian headquarters.
$10,000,000 More
Loan To Italy
Washington, June 6.—A credit of
ten .million dollars in favor of Italy
veak announced today by the treasury,
f Iking more than one and a half bil
v /Jiis advanced to that country, and
ylTpging the total loaned to all the
t Np to morA-than nine oillions.
>la ' v * - A *| \ •
I The Baptist congregation is making
some very much needed improvements
to their church building, in order to
accommodate their growing congre
gations, by building a platform in
front of the main entrance extending
from the front.on the south around to
the west side of the entrance. Pastor
Gammage has been there with Iris coat
off and' his sleeves roiled up, doing
what he could to assist. We don’t
know just how much assistance he
was, but we do know that he was
working hard nevertheless.
The Salvation Army drive which
was inaugurated a week or more ago
finds this city short in its quota, onlj
$350 of the SSOO required has been
subscribed. In view of the fact that
this city has always been so prompt
in complying with every request that
has been made upon it in the past, we
are somewhat surprised as well as dis
appointed in the present situation, and
we trust that the people will rally
round the flag and finish what has
been begun.
In all matters pertaining to relig
ious, charitable or humanitarian work,
no other organization has been found
as prompt and active as the Salvation
Army. They have never hesitated to
go into the very worst places and un
der the most embarrassing circum
stances. Os all the work that has been
done for the boys across the seas as
well as one this side the S&lvatty*
Army has been the first to get into
action. Their work bes always been
purely a work of love. While some
aspersions have' been made as to the
motives and conduct of certain other
societies, either justly or otherwise, no
one has ever thought to raise a word
cf criticism against the Salvation Ar
ray. No one would think of doing so.
Boys coming back from over there
cheer the Salvation Army and the Red
Cross, while they have frequently
hissed another organization that has
been accused of crooked dealing.
Palmolive Specials—3 bars, 25c: 12
bars, file. Loomis Basket Stoi’e, “The
Profit-Sharing Store”—That’s all.
Thunder showers tonight; cloudy to
Dr. Lacy Addresses
2,000 Greeks in N.Y.
Ne«r York, Sunday, June I.—Web
ster Hall, on E. 11th street, was the
scene of a remarkable gathering this
afternoon when 2,000 Greeks assem
bled to give expression to a demand
that Constantinople be restored to
Greece. Hon. Frank W. Jackson, for
mer U. S. consul at Patras, presided,
and the speakers were Bishop Alexan
der Rodostolou, Prof. Brown of the
City college, and Rev. Dr. Thomas J.
Lacey of the Redeemer church, Brook
lyn. Dr. Lacey spoke in English as
“Mr. Chairman: I always feel at
home among the Hellenic people. I
happen to be an honorary member of
the Greek Community of Tarpon
Springs, Florida. And therefore with
some right I think I may call myself
a Greek-American. I greet you, then,
jas my fellow Gi eek-Americans and I
j come here this afternoon as an Amer
{ican, to give voice to an American
j principle. I stand for that American
I justice whose noble exponent is Hon.
Woodrow Wilson. (Prolonged ap- j
plause.) I ask the application of Am- j
erican justice to the settlement of the [
fate of Constantinople and on the lines 1
of American principles as laid down !
[ by our president, there can be only
[ one position, and that the one that is [
in all our hearts this afternoon— [
namely, Constantinople must be re- >
turned to its original owners. You ■
are the sons of those who laid its 1
foundations in earliest times. It was
Greek in its earliest foundation.
Greeks went forth from little Negara
and founder. Byzantum—a Greek colo
ny. Such was its beginnings. It has
remained Greek in its history and its
traditions ever since/ We ask, then,
.. ?•»*Patter o'? siir.Bje American jus
tW. that yon-beautfeul flag of Bella ;
shall float upon the bulwarks of the
capital city of the old Byzantine Greek
j empire. A.nd we ask thjs the more
i boldly’ ii> the interest of world peace.
* The hall game yesterday afternoon
; betv/een the married men and single
1 men resulted in a victory for the sin
! gles in a score of 7 to 6. The lone
some and love-sick lads got a lead
[ early in the game and held it, increas
| ing their margin gradually until the
j beginning of the ninth, when the score
stood 7 to 3. Then the married men
suddenly' remembered instructions
they had received from the heads of
their respective households, and be
gan a desperate attempt to save their
hides. But they started too late. Try
[as they would, they couldn’t overcome
j the lead piled up by their care-free
[and irresponsible opponents. That
(they' were in earnest, however, is evi
jdenced by the fact that they brought
; three men across the plate, and died
; hard, with the bases full.
Manny Hi'l pitched for the single
! men and was very effective until the
1 ninth inning, when he was hit hard
| and often. His support went bad at
; the same time, and the married men
| started in to make up for lost time.
| Harry Cause pitched fire the bened-cts
[and considering that he isn’t
j a pitcher by trade, but a catcher. He
J was relieved in the ninth by Oscar
| Hill,,who allowed no hits or rans in ■
i this inning.
It was a good game and much enjoy
| ed by all who were present, but the at
j tendance was disappointingly small.
\ The amount of the proceeds has not
I been announced.
There will be a meeting of the boy
scouts at the M. E. church. South, this
evening at 7:30.
Florida may be the first state in
the Union to ratify the woman suf
ifrage amendment to the Federal con-
I stitution. Governor Catts yesterday, |
j in a special message to the legisla- I
jture .urged that body to take favora- ,
{ble action before adjournment this !
week. Mrs. A. B. Jennings and other [
j suffrage leaded in the state are also [
j urging that the amendment he rati- ■
! fled at this session, for unless it is
jdone, Florida cannot act until 1921. ;
All the local, county, and state
new''- that is news—while it is
. hens, itmsting Tarpon Springs,
j Wide-awake, Truthful, Unafraid
jNo league of nations can enforce a
[peace not grounded in righteousness
There can be no abiding world peace
while barbarous Turks usurp Constan
tinople. England made an awful
blunder in 1877 when she intervened
to keep the Turk in Europe. She has
paid dearly, and alas the price has in
volved millions of Christian lives. Let
i not a tender regard for holders of
Turkish bonds be powerful to divert
our peace counsellor from a settle
ment of the Turkish question that
1 shall meet the demands of right and
justice. Let justice prevail tho the
sky' fall. And as I speak my mind
• goes back to that most sacred gpot in
! sacred Constantinople—Santa Sophia
—the church of Divine Wisdom. The
very name thrills our imagination. It
[carries us back to mighty Justinian.
! I am deeply moved by that impressive
passage in your Orthodox liturgy
’ where the priest elevates the book of
the holy gospels and with deep in
tonation the word rings out, “Sophia,
[ Sophia.” T> * ys a story that on
[that fateful in 1453 when Con
[ stantinoplethe Turks obliterated
'every Christian symbol in the patri
.archal church and a legend arose that
when the mosaic face of Christ should
.reappear the Moslem power will wane,
i Visitors tell us the plaster is wearing
} away and the figure of the Christ is
now dimly risible on the wall. Be this
t a parable of the whole situation. Per
haps our meeting this afternoon may
hasten its fulfillment. Constantinople
for Greece! The signal of a greater
Greece!—a mighty Greece that under
the guiding genius of the matchless
Venizelos shall u generate the whole
Levaijtine world! (Deafening applause
and cheers.)
t|e close a ’ the meeting strong
j resolution's' were caftH®*to President
[Wilson asking that the peaci -.eonfer
j ence restore Constantinople to Ajjgy
1 Greeks. 'SI
We believe that the above caption
would be a good motto for all to go
by in regulating their every day af
fairs. For 6.000 years the human
family as a whole has been made up
of individuals who, as a rule have been
trying to do each other, to use the
modern vernacular. From the time
that sin entered into the world the hu
man mind has been perverted from
the course of right and justice. At
first because of purely selfish motives
and more recently because the condi
tions in life seem to have made it ob
ligatory. Get a’l you can, skin your
fellow man, rush, jump, grab and de
vour and the devil take the one who
gets behind—that is what we gener
ally say, but in truth the devil has had
them all and is causing all the trouble,
j We may philosophize, plan and en
deavor as we will, the fact remains
[that theer is always some one ready
to knock one down and go through his
pockets on each and every opportuni
ty. It has come to be considered good
i business to beat your neighbor so long
, as you can do it and keep out of jail.
[lt will ever be so as long as selfish
-1 ness fills the hearts of men. When we
; begin to think of our fellow as having
■the same inherent rights as ourselves
i and get the right focus on justice,
then perhaps we will be different; but
as long as we measure justice by the
court decisions we will be on the de
fense and hence the aggressive as
well, ready to do any and everything
that ho'ds out a dollar without a
We must learn to live and let live.
We must remember that all were cre
ated with rights and privileges which
others were required to respect. We
should change our source of reason
ing, or rather our lack of reasoning,
and become logical in accordance with
the original meaning of the word.
Several hundred people gathered at
the sponge exchange last night to wit
i ness the blowing up- of the boat, the
[same being part of the moving pic
j ture now being made here. First the
boat was set on fire while a Greek
I sponge boat in charge of Commodore
I Horace Roberts glided by. Later fif
teen sticks of dynamite wew* set off
and the whole business was blown into
[ small particles.

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