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—Mr. Wm. Hulst presented us with a flue
watermelon, weighing nearly fifty pounds.
—Last Monday Mr. J. W. Cook presented
us with as hne an apple as we have ever
seen in the North. The apple was grown
n his father’s place a few miles west of
DeLaud. The tree had heeu set hut two
y ears. Mr. Cook has three trees, two of
which are in bearing.
—A vote of thanks is hereby extended to
the following named geutleman, by the
finance committee, for their liberal dona
tions towards defraying the expences of
celebrating thel'ourth of July at this place.
11. A. DeLaud, Fairport, N. Y.: (.'apt,
Ooxetter, Steamer Hattie; Capt. Shaw,
S learner Geo. M. Bird; Capt. Joe. Smith.
Steamer Carrie.
Also to John Sauls, of Enterprise, for use
of cannon.
Steamers Carrie and Bird.
The Steamer Carrie. Capt. Joe. Smith,
will make two trips a w eek in the future,
leaving Jacksonville every monday and
Thursday, returning leave Lake Monroe
every Wednesday ami Saturday, taking
the place of the Geo. M. Bird.
On the Wednesday morning trip from
Lake Monroe the Carrie will arrive at Jack
sonville Thursday morning in time to trans
fer freight and passengers to train leaving
at 8 o'clock for Fernandina, which will
make close connection with Steamships
for New York.
Passenger and freight at the usual rates.
Steamer City of Dallas.
We the undersigned, passengers on the
City of Dallas, of the New York and Fer
nandina Steamship Line, plying between
Florida and New York, take pleasure in
bearing testimony to the uninterupted
pleasure of our passage. The ship is de
cidedly well arranged for comfort, and is
kept in a state of unusual cleanliness; and
the bill of fare for the table could not well
be surpassed.
The officers and other employes have
taken unwearied pains to make their ship
our home, and though many of us have
been long aecustomed to sea travel, wo
shall always remem her this among our most
delightful experiences.
Sigued by M. S. Lv.kt, and 24 others.
Geographical Divisions of Florida.
The Florida Immigrant divides the State
into four divisions, for the purpose of con
venience in locating counties aud describ
ing different sections. These divisons have
•haw generally adopted, and are as follows:
Eastkkn Florida —ls composed of the'
counties of Suwannee, Columbia. Alachua,
fxvy. Baker, Nassau, Duval. Bradford,
Olay, St. Johns, Putnam and Manou.
Wkst Florid a—ls composed of the coun
tieeof Escambia. Santa Rosa, Washington,
Walton, Holmes, Jackson and Calhoun.
Middlk Florida—ls composed of the
counties of Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin,
Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor,
Lafayette and Hamilton.
Sooth Florida—ls composed of the
counties of Hernando. Snmter, Orange,
Volusia, Brevard, Polk, Hillsborough, Man
atee, Monroe and Dade.
—They are making great prepa
rations in Tallahassee for a granJ
Central Florida Fair.
—Finley of the Lake City Reporter
will soon out-rival Col. Pratt of Pa
latfea in his alligator stories.
—II. W. Johnston Esq., has pur
chased the Florida .State Journal of
Cedar Key and is now the Editor.
—Alonzo Fowler Esq., proprietor
and Editor of the Florida Immigrant,
has sold the paper to Mr. Charles A.
Choate of Tallahassee.
—Several of our citizens have
oranges of last winter's maturing
upon their trees. They make a
beautiful scene surrounded by half
grown green oranges.— Reporter.
—Banana trees are vigorous in
their growth this year and we may
expect an abundance of fruit this fall.
Columbia county bananas are noted
tor their size and delicious flavor.—
— The Florida Agriculturist, pub
lished at DeLand, and edited by
Brother Codrington, is quite a ven
ture. Do you take it ? Two dollars
a year is too cheap for it. Send and
get it. — Orange County Reporter.
—The growing of arrow root here
to perfection is no longer a question,
but a fact. The only point is how
to prepare it in the most marketable
form and that which will give to the
grower the best returns. —DeLand
—Messrs. Guy Townsend and J.
M. McConnell called Saturday last.
They represent the Lake Irma settle
ment in a growing condition. Dr.
W. S. Townsend has 1,600 trees in
grove form, and about 10,000 seed
lings. There are nearly 6,000 trees
in grove, within a radius of three
miles of the Lake Irma post-office.—
Orange County lieportrr.
—There are in partial view from
the Reporter office as many as a dozen
orauge groves, of various ages; the
age of the trees ranging from three to
twenty years, and in every instance
the groves are doing well, where they
are properly cultivated and cared for.
Xo fruit trees need moi'e attention
than the orange, and none are more
profitable.— Orange ('ounty Reporter.
—The Banana groves are growing
off luxuriantly and grandly, and
promise a very large yield this Fall.
Mr. James J. Patrick, who lives near
this village, lias the largest and iinest
grove we ever saw. The luxuriance
of the Banana is wonderful, and the
gracefulness of its long waving leaves
are not surpassed by any growth in
this country. — Orange County Re
—Horse Power Railroad. —We
are Informed that dirt has actually
been broken on this road, and that
the work will be pushed through to
completion with all possible dispatch.
The enterprise is in the hands of men
possessed of great energy and public
spirit, who are fully awake to the im
mense importance of the undertaking;
and knowing on what their hopes are
based, they are already in sight of the
We desire to be among the first to
visit that wonder of nature, the Great
Apopka, on this new raiload—the first
to be built in Orange County. Its
friends should bestir themselves in
downright earnest, aud that at once.
The present growing crop should pass
over this road to market.— Tribune.
—Two disastrous fires have recent
ly taken place in Jacksonville, on Bay
street. On the 27tli ult., the brick
building belonging to Messrs. Rivers
& Koopman and Root were burnt
down entailing a loss of over SBO,OOO.
The former building was better known
as Lyman’s saloon. On the 2d inst,
another fire burnt down the store of
Alvord Kellogg & Cos., H. B. Hol
brook, Wm. Cohen & Cos., G. 11.
Burton besides seriously damaging
several others, loss $40,000.
—We have been shown an orange
by James P. Sanchez, which is some
thing- of a curiosity. While riding
through the woods, Mr. S. saw some
oranges, and being tired and thirsty
alighted to pluck them. He was
surprised to find them growing on a
branch, protruding from a large water
oak, about four feet from the ground.
The oranges were small and thin
skinned, and bore a close resemblance
to the sweet orange. Can anyone give
an explanation of this?— St. Augus
tine Press.
—The Florida Agriculturist.
—We are glad to see this old
familiar visitor again upon our table.
We have read it and worked for it
through all the long years of its ex
istence, until it suspended last year
under circumstances beyond human
control. Its editor has always been
an earnest, efficient worker for the
interest of Florida. His journal mer
ited a better fate than that to which
it was consigned. It is now, however,
resurrected, and although it may not
bo the same body as the original, and
may he clothed in a different garb,
the spirit of the old quickeus the new;
and a life-like portrait of our friend
Codrington may be found in every
column of the “new series.” Long
may it live.— lmmigrant.
—Ye Vegetable. “ Fifteen
handlings. Only fifteen times were
those devoted bean crates lifted
and banged from car to truck
from truck to platform. “Out of the
way white folks,” and merrily the
frail boxes crash on the floor. Xo
matter if slats came off or sides were
smashed. “On with the sauce,” no
time to waste in handling with care,
and the door was shut, looked, and
300 orates of early beans began their
perilous trip over the two streaks of
rust to the far away North.
“ Shake ’em again, again, again, ”
rattled the wheels in chorus, as they
bounced over the loose joints of the
rusty rails, and the sun down
upon the brown tin roof, soon made
that car a traveling purgatory for the
wretched beaus—l2o degrees at the
roof, 100 at the floor—ami for ten
long hours the shriveling, wilting
drying and shaking went on. Dives
had a better chance for water than
the beans for cool air in that travel
ing furnace.
But Savannah reached, and then,
“ Only an hour, boys; hurry tip.” A
few more tossings, a mile’s jolting
over a rough street, in the hot
in a rickety dray, and three more
bouncings from rough deck hands,
and our produce has* a rest until the
lauding at New York. Four more
tender handlings of the tortured
beans, and in a few days—
" Report of sales for Blank, by
Graball & Cos., I,oo<> Blank st.: 800
crates beans, at 40 cents, less broker
age, wharfage, drayage and—l almost
said stealage. Check too small to
send—placed to your credit. Beans
nearly rotten—damaged. Hope the
account is satisfactory Good beans
$8 per bushel.”
Alas tor the rainy
Of human eliaritv—
Nobody to blame.
More anon.
Pro Bono Publico.
— l'lorida N~ei.cs.
At Picolata, St. Johns River. A farm
containing 80 acres, good House, Barn, Cis
tern, Well and Wind Mill. Orange Grove,
Lemons. Peaches, Guavas, Grapes and
Plums. For further iiiforinatiou apply to
Picolata, Fla.
Imported Drugs, &c.,
Cor. Bay & Laura sts.
Harsha & Moon,
Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Fine Toilet Soaps,
Fancy Hair and Tooth Brushes,
Perfumery, Toilet Articles.
Also, a choice lot of
IF Physicians’ prescriptions carefully
compounded. DeLand, Florida. 1-52
The Savannah Weekly News,
In the issue of July 5, 1878, will he com
menced anew serial by the popular
.Georgia authoress,
The Weekly News is not only
The Largest but The Best Weekly
Published in the Southern States,
It is well edited, and contains an im
mense amount of reading matter, audits
typographical execution is unsurpassed.
Printed on new type, with a clear, clean
impression, it is a pleasure to read the
Weekly News.
It i9 a newspaper a every tense of the
word, and contains the atest Telegraphic
and State News. Markets, etc., a Literary,
an Agricultural and a Mllitary Department
and is suited to the taste of all who desire
to keep ill) with what is going on in the
busy world at home or abroad. Its nows is
always fresh and entertaining.
Subscription, one year, Two 1 Jollars : six
ninths. One Dollar; specimen copies, five.
Address J. H. ESTILL,
7 Savannah. Ga.
IF The silverware delivered by the Na
tional Silver Plating Cos., No. 704 t hestuut
street, Philadelphia, is giving entire satis
faction. All orders are promptly tilled
aud no one need hesitate about sending
them money.—Lutheran Observer.
Cottage Residence for Sale.
,\T SPRING! I ELD, a Suburb oi
The cottage of eight rooms is situated a
low yards from the city limits, saving in
eitv taxes, and ten minutes’ walk from the
postoffice, on an elvation overlooking the
city. Ihe lot. ldoxlOSfeet, is planted with
a variety of downing shrubs and other
plants, and over 4u varieties of fruit. The
place has recently been put in order, and
is one of the prettiest.around Jacksom ille.
Apply to W. W. DEWHURST.
Real Estate Agent,
wy&tt Jaokjjouviile, h'lu.
VOR SALE—Cotton Press Screw,
J*[“*™*' *-|nch tlireads, weighs 1787
pounds. Cheap lor easli.
. Address, W. S. WARNER,
Manatee, Fla.
•... yoi l r ST°°ds, when you can net them
just as cheap at. home. (Jo examine .lor
uan s prices ami lie convinced.
QTRONG Plants 7para Gr 77
. per 100: $15,00 per 1,000.
Arlington Nurseries, > A. 1. BIDWELL.
Jacksonville. Fla. S 0-0
Pam Cuttings; packed
A aid UltlNS ; n sall( |°all grown,
make strong plants in few days. 35 cents
a hundred lor 400, and over. 7-9
E. If. Hart, Federal Point. Fla.
K T}| V SITTM <>ne Year Free
1-JiJJ iJ Uit for two three cent
stamps. Yon should subscribe at once.
G. E. 15KYSON, Publisher.
9-11 llawkinsville, Orange Cos., Fla.
*. riiHE FLORIDA GEM, ’ twelve
A cents a year. One doz. visiting cards
to every subscriber.
near Hawkinsvilie, Orange, Cos. Fla.
REACHES delivered for 5‘2.00 per
bushel, on the tree $1.75. Orders left
at Capt. Jordan's will receive prompt at
tention. .1. 1.. ('HANDLER.
9-11 lie Land, Fla.
To sell the Improved Excelsior Letter Copy
ing Book. No Press. Brush or water used,
copies instantly. Agents outfit $3.50.
Agents make from #IO.OO to #15,00 per day.
Address Excelsior Manufacturing Cos., 47
LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. Incorporated
Fell. 16th 1877. Capital #IOO,OOO. Exclu
sive Territory given.
PI 1 Mil Beautiful Concert Grand Pianos,
1 IlliiUcoßt Si xteen 11undred Dollars only
Four Hundred and Twenty-live Dollars.
Superb Grand Square Pianos, cost, Eleven
Hundred Dollars only Two Hundred and
Twenty-five Dollars. Elegant Upright,
Pianos, cost Eight, Hundred Dollars only
One Hundred and Fifty-live Dollars. New
Style Upright Pious. One Hundred and
Twelve Dollars and Fifty cents.
Organs, Thirty-five Dollars.—llP 111 M
Organs, 13 stops, Seventy -Two”llUilitl
Dollars aud Fifty cents. Church Organs,
16 stops, cost Three Hundred and Ninety
Dollars, only One Hundred and Fifteen
Dollars. Elegant Three Hundred and Sev
enty-five Dollar Mirror top Organs, only
One Hundred and Five Dollars.
Tremendous sacrifice to close ont present
stock. Immense new steam factory soon
to be erected. Newspaper with much in
formation about cost of Pianos and Organs
sent ree. Please address DANIEL F.
BEAITY, Washington, N. J. 7-10
All kinds of wagons, buck boards, carts,
plows, cultivators, &e.. made to order on
short notice.
S^l laving located permanently at Or
ange City and completed a large and con
venient shop, 1 am prepared to do all kinds
of work in the best manner and at reason
able rates. J. D. ROSS.
May 39, 1878. 3-55
Capitalists who wish to invest in Real
Estate i a a
and one that will bring in large returns,
should make immediate application to
4-13 ( HAS. E. JACKSON, Daytona, F|a
(Successors to J. K. Warner A (Vi.)
Druggists § Chemists,
('or. }>:iy & Hogan Sts.,
.Jacksonville, Kin.
Goods to Dealers and Physicians at low
est rates. inv.ll-ly
Some choice city lots, and farm lots, in
sizes to suit purchasers, at Daytona, on
the Halifax River.
Rich Lands' for Vegetable*,
Sugar Cane , de,
Steamers running weekly to Jackson
ville to connect with the northern lines.
Some improved places also for sale. Apply
Daytona, Fla.
Atlantic and Gulf Railroad.
General .Superintendent’s Oflice, )
Atlantic & Gulf Railroad, (
Savannaxr, May sth, isrw.
J st, b,Paßßenger Trains on this toad wilt
run as follows:
Leave Savannah daily at 4 30 p in
Arrive at desup daily at 7 30 p in
Arrive at, rhoinasvillo daily at 5 30 a ui
Arrive at Bainbridgc daily at 8 10 a m
Arrive at Albany daily at, 9 50 a m
Arrive at Live Oak daily at 3 30 iu
Arrive at 1 allahasseedaily at 5 30 u ui
Arrive at Jacksonville daily at .9 35 aut
Leave I allaliasseo dailv at 9 50 a in
Leave Jacksonville daily at ;j 45 p m
If tlv v ui Ve ' )a H *!“% at 940 p in
Lcav e Albany daily at 3 30 p in
Leave Baiuluulge daily at 3 15 p m
Leave llioutasville daily at ... 100i> m
Leave Jesup daily at r, 45 f, ut
Arrive at Savannah daily at 8 40 a ui
iSocliangeol ears bet ween Savannah aud
Jacksonville and Savannali and Albany.
. leeping ears nin through to and frout
savannah and Albany.
Passengers from Savannali for Fenian*
dma, (.•ainesvillo anil Cedar Kevs take this
Passengers leaving Macon at 7 30 a iu,
daily except, Sunday, connect ut Jesup
with this tram for Florida.
Passengers from Florida bv U;U train
eminent at Jesup with trniu' arriving ir.
Macon at 5 10 p 111. daily except Sunday.
Passengers from Savannah for Bruns
wick and Darien take this train, arriving
at Brunswick 0 45 a m.
Passengers from Brunswick arrive at
Savannah 8 40 a 111,
No change of cais between Montgomery"
atul Jacksonville.
Pullman Palace sleeping ears run
through to and from Savannali and Jack
sonville; also through sleepers between
Montgomery, Ala., anil Jacksonville, Fla.
Connect at, Albany with passenger trains
both ways on South western Railroad to
and from Macon, Eufanla Montgomery,
Mobile, New Orleans, etc.
Mail steamer leaves I Sain bridge for Apa
lachicola every Monday at, 6 00 a m.
Close connection at Jacksonville daily,
Sundays excepted, tor t treen Cove Springs.
St. Augustine, Palatkn, Enterprise, lie La mi
and all landings on the St. Johns River.
Trains on 15. and A. It. R. Leave junc
tion, going west, Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday at D 14 a in, and for Brunswick
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4:40 p ui
Leave .Savannah, Sundays excep'd, 7 05 a ut
Arrive at, Mclntosh, " " lUOOuui
Arrive at Jesup “ “ 1315 put
Arrive at, Blackshear “ •* 315 pat
Arrive at, Dupont “ •* 710 uut
Leave Dupont “ “ 3 15 uut
Leave Blackshear “ •* 9 32 u at
Leave Jesup •* •• 110 paa
Leave Mclntosh “ •* 3 08 p m
Arrive at Savannah “ “ 5 35pui
Monday. Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Dupont at 5 00 a in
Leave Valdosta at... t 30 am
Leave Qaitmau at 915 aui
Atrive at Thomasville at U 30 a ut
Arrive at Albany at 6 40 p ni
Leave Albany at 5 00 a m
Leave Thomasville at 1 00 p ut
Leave Quitman at 314 p in
Leave Valdosta at 4 43 p m
Arrive at Dupont at 7 00 p ut
•T. S. Tyson, Master of Transportatiou,
4tf IT. S. HAINEB, Geo'l Supf.
An Eye Opener!
-* the limes, 1 will sell
10 Sacks of Corn at 81.65 per sack
5 “ “ 1.70 “ “
1 “ “ 1.75 “ “
llay an.l other Feed equally as low.
Also, choice brands of Flour. Coin Meal.
Grits, Keans, Smoked atul Salt Meats, etc.,
and a complete stock of
Full line of Teas and Coffees, all and ot her
I Usually kept it a lirst class n*ct
coeds sold unifonnjy low.
Carpenters Builders.
Plans and Specifications Furnished,
Having had many years experience in
Church Architecture and Public Hnildiugs,
we are prepared to execute any plans or
specifications that may he required.
a. a. hi’kkman. (nirlttf DeLatid, Fla.
Carriage and Wagon
Pine Street, near Ashley,
t V Vll kinds ofeoaeh and carriage work
done in the most improved manner, suit at
reasonable rates.
t tTFirstolassHorse .Sheer employed aud
all work promptly attended to.
N.’ Ik—All kinds of carriages and wag*
otis for sale. nov^-tf*

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