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The Sparkman Bill.
Mr. Sparkman, Member of Congress
from this State, has introduced a till
to which the editor of the California
Fruit Grower objects quite strongiy.
One of his reasons is valid —that is,
provision should be made for the use
of half and quarter boxes. As for the
others, we do not see the force of them.
Boxes made of straw board could as
easily conform to the standard size as
those made wholly from wood.
We do not see that it would inter
fere with the shipment of oranges in
baskets as has been done this winter,
from California. Nor do we think
that it would prevent the use of the new
round strawboard carrier which has
been tested to some extent in this
Neither receptacle is called a box,
the basket holds more than a box and
the carrier less.
What do the orange growers, among
our readers, think of the proposed law?
which is is follows, omitting the enact
ing clause:
That hereafter the legal and standard
box or crate for the shipment of or
anges and grapefruit from one state or
territory into another state or territory
or into the District of Columbia, or
from the District of Columbia into any
other state or territory, shall measure
eleven and one-half inches in depth,
eleven and one-half inches in width,
and twenty-three inches in length, in
side measurement, or 26 inches in
length, outside measurement, in case
such box or crate shall contain a middle
partition. No person or corporation
shall pack, ship, or deliver for ship
ment, or ship or transport from one
state or territory or the District of
Columbia into any other state or terri
tory, or from any state or territory into
the District of Columbia, any oranges
or grapefruit not packed in such stand
ard box.
Section 2. That any person or cor
poration or officer, agent, or em
ployee of any corporation violating the
provisions of this Act shall be guilty
of misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof shall be punished by a fine not
exceeding one thousand dollars.
The dimensions named are exactly
the same .as the standard California
orange box. We deem it wise to op
pose this bill, our opposition being for
several reasons. Prices of shook are
extremely high; new packages are be
ing evolved which are not the same
size and shape as the standard orange
box, and we might wish at some time
to use an altogether different kind of a
package. We very often ship half and
quarter boxes as well, for either very
large or very small fruit. It is beyond
our powers to comprehend how our
shippers can be compelled to pack only
in one size box —some may want a
different shape entirely for advertising
particular brands —or conditions might
be such (and if this law is just on or
anges same would be so on everything
else), as to warrant a different package.
A man should be allowed to pack in
anything so long as he does not mis
represent the quantity of the contents
by inference or otherwise. Altogether,
it does not look to us as if the Spark
man Bill is the best thing for Califor
nia interests, and we believe every in
terest possible should be brought to
bear upon our senators and congress
men to insure the defeat of this bill.
What a Dollar
Will Do
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When personal checks are remitted exchange must be added.
RATES--Twenty words, name and address,
one week, 25c.; three weeks, 50c.
FOR SALE — Several hundred very fine (rape
fruit buds, two years old. Address, Box
i 217, Orlando, Fla.
! *
FOR SALE—Rough Lemons. WILSON it
FLYE, Miami, Fla.
CUT-AWAY HARROWS and repairs, E.
I Hubbard, Agent, Federal Point, Fla.
1 WANTED—Back copies of Horticultural Re*
I port. I would like to hear from parties who
I have copies they wish to dispose of. E. O.
j PAINTER, Secretary, Florida State Horti
cultural Society, Jacksonville, Fla.
derstand raising vegetables and fruits, in
rapidly developing section. Rare chance.
NOVELTY CO., Box 64 Miami. tf.
NOW READY—Catalog of the Gainesville Nur
suries; “Fruits and Flowers for the Southland,
Pecans and their Culture a specialty. H. S.
GRAVES, Gainesvil e, Fla. 2-27-07
BROTHER, I have found a root that will surely
cure that tobacco habit and indigestion, let me
write you about it. C. H. STOKES, Mohawk,
: WANTED—Japanese Cane ferseed. Parties hav
ing same for sale please quote prices to, N. 0.
PENNY, Vero, Fla.
GRAFTED PECAN TREES “As good as the best
—as cheap as the cheapest” our motto. Try us.
Bear s Pecan Nurseries. Palatka, Fla. 3 27 07.
WANTED—Address of a raiser of pure-bred
Brown Leghorns. Also Sweet Violet plants.
G. M. Wakelin, Tavares, Fla. tf
cuke, egg, lettuce, melon, pepper, tomato, etc.
for truckers. Francis Brill, grower, Hemp
stead, N. Y. 1-23-07
MANN’S SALT-SICK CURE-Salt-sick cured
for $1 or money refunded. Edward Mann, In
terlachen, Fla. tf
WANTED—To buy small truck farm in good
location. Must be convenient to transportation
and cheap. Postoffice Box 73, Jacksonville, Fla.
Fungi infected nursery trees for sale as follows.
Brown fungus on sour seedlings only, 2 years old,
12 to 24 inches, branched, 2U c. each, SiS.UU for 100;
24 to 36 inches, branched, 25 c each. $20.00 for 100.
Sweet, sour and lemon seedlings same sizes and
prices infected with red pink fungus only. Bud
ded trees, orange, grapefruit and tangerine: One
year buds partly branched, 25 c. each, $20.00 for
100; two year buds well branched, 35 c. each,
$30.00 for 100; three year buds heavily branched,
50 c. each, SIO.OO for 100; 4 to 6 feet sweet, sour
and lemon seedlings heavily branched are worth
35 c. each or $30.00 for 100. All f. o. b. Orlando,
Fla. C. A. BOONE. tf
N. L. Wiilet Seed Col,
Augusta, Qa.
offer to Florida truckers as a
special leader; Hopkins Valen
tine Beans i $3.00, and Buist
Lightning Valentine Beans $2.85
and First and Best peas at $2.50
per bushel. Two bushel sacks
18c each extra. Get prices on
other things. State amount
wanted. Get their 1907 seed
catalogue. They want to make
contracts to buy in large amounts
Velvet Beans, and unhulled Beg
gar Weed.
W have stood the test for over 50 years,
■ and are still in the lead. Their absolute ■
■ certainty of growth, their uncommonly I
I large yields of delicious vegetables and I
ft beautiful flowers, make them the most ■
B reliable and the most popular every-
where. Sold by all dealers. 1907
Seed Annual free on request.
Detroit, Mich.

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