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Much Hard Work Has Bren Done
By the Ladies W'ho. Regard ess of
Denomination. Are Trying to Help
Out In a Worthy Cause.
It was at first thought that, be
cause of some expf*< ted goods had
not arrived, it would be necessary to
postpone the St Joseph’s hospital
fair until Thursday. Friday and Sat
urday. hut i» was derided yesterday
to adhere to the original plan and
hold it on Wednesday. Thursday and
Friday The directors of the fair
arc of the opinion that all the good
will he on hand in lots of time to
permit of Miis arrangement and so
the idea of postjHinement has been
On Friday excursion rates will
lie granted liy the railroad company,
the tickets good to return M the
<recks on Saturday This is so that
all can tome in lor the hig .-hir'waist
hall to be held on Friday night
F.vcry day the fair is open a bus
iness men’s lunch will he served be
tween the* hours of 11 and 2. This,
and the dance supper on Friday night
will he in (barge of Mrs Charles
Tay lor
In tlie 1 Mitch kitchen every afternoon
from 2 to and later in the t-yen
ing a hot lunch will tie served On
Thursday and Friday a musical pro
gram will he rendered.
The apron booth will lie in charge
of Mr.- Donovan. Mrs Charles John
son. an Mis- Celia Stroup. Mrs Cam
bridge. and everything in the way of
an apron will he procurable there.
Pillows will he dispen-ed at the
bomb presided over by Mrs. Over
field. who will he a-sisted by Mrs.
Siehe. Mrs Kcllum and Mr- Suth
I'he candy bomb will he in charge
of Mrs Henry Kay. Mrs Horton and
Mrs Dignan. The candic.- will he
all home made and tire warranted de
Mrs. Ih-raud. Mr- Claude Kel
ly. and Mrs F c. Adams,
will have charge ot a booth where
small articles for gentlemen's use
will he sold, and the soft drink coun
ter will he looked after by Mrs. .1.
Thornton. Mrs. Herrington. Mrs. Fred
Martin. Miss Watson and Miss O'Con
1 hose who will preside in the
Dutch kit "lien are Peter Vaehon.
Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Joe McAuley, Mrs.
A! Johnson. Mrs. Arthur Lovejoy.
Mrs. Jack Robarts. Miss Grice!. Miss
Mero and Miss leaser.
The fishpond will be in charge of
Mrs. 1{. (’. Wood. Mrs Romeo Hoyt.
Mrs. Jack Reagb. and Mrs. Truxton.
A boot It where babies' apparel will
be for sale will be conducted by
Mrs. Greeny. Mrs Sweeney and Miss
Mrs Blanchfield. Miss Kthel Russell.
Miss Peterson and Miss O'Leary will
conduct a shooting gallery and there
will lie a fortune telling booth where
fortunes will be told with the usual
amount of accuracy.
It has taken many weeks to com
plete the arrangements tor the fair
and a great amount of trouble has
been taken by the ladies who are
participating in the charitable work.
A little more than three tons of
the ore shipped to the local test
mill by K. \V. Herschberger was run
through the mill last week anti the
cleanup was made on Saturday. While
it has not been assayed as yet it is
expected, judging from the amalgam,
that the ore will run about $100 to
the ton. Out of three tons there
were about 200 pounds of concen
trates saved, but as none of these
have yet been assayed, it is impossi
ble to guess at their worth The
ore was sent in from the Friedrichs
lode claim near Ridgetop.
The mill is now busy with a ship
ment of ore sent in by Charles An
derson. from his lay on Birch hill.
He Would Need It.
A professor of chemistry in a
medical college was examining his
• laf - and ask< d th< qnea on S ip
pose you were called to attend a
pat.eii! who had >uallowed a heavy
fins*- of oxalic acid, what would you
There wa< silence in the room
I ;\>r some seconds, for none of the
i pupils knci' the answer
Pinal!« the youngest of th«' stu
dents murmured as a sort of sug
gestion rather than a solution,
s uritual consolation "
Everything for all kinds of out
sfaction guaranteed. WILE'S. Second
You cannot lead love
Peoples for Hot 1? ::ist t ol«\-*' Stn\v>.
The i a.-e uf the I’nifeil Status vs.
1 (lahrielle Michel, which was posi
| potted from Friday until last Mon
lay at 1" o'clock was af that tinn
I dismissed a- tin prosecuting wit
i ness could no! lie found. It is gen
erally unders’ood that he left over
he Valdez trail for the Outside
• ncouragi d to such a move by in
■ dun-merits offered l.y friends ot the
j defendant. The woman, who is a
i resident of the Row was i harged
j with selling liquor without a li
Kancv groceries at Peoples.
Their Salaries Will in Future Be
Paid A; the End of Month.
A' the < it > council meeting on
Frida} night it was decided that in
future the salary bills of the school
board will ho segregated from the
retteral expense lulls reported from
the same source. These salary (.ills
will be paid front the salary fund,
us is done in the case of the city
officials' salaries and the leathers
will not have to wad for their pay
is was he case last year.
The following is the list of the
bills pn settled to the council and
allowed, the clerk being instructed
0 draw warrants on the several
muds in which the> are classed for
ilnir paiments:
Salary Fund.
I.. P. Ct nwa} .$.50.no
I. K. Chovin . 250,n:t
Whitney W. Clark . 2nn.no
1 d. I.iioklo} . 25o.on
H ,i. G< hres . I 75.no
G. Laumeister . 135.00
I W. Horan.. 135.00
i'has. Samson . 135.00
W. I). Ricker . .•. 135.00
Albert Alzina . 135.nu
(’has. Mitt lull . 135.on
Martin A'ash . 31.50
H .1. .VeCallum . 100.00
d. W, Dignan . 125.00
Teal .$2:9150
General Fund
Anderson Bros. ,v Nerland. . $ 4.7.7
Fairbanks Transfer Co .... 2.00
Fairbanks Horseshoeing shop 10.00
Nielsen & Webb . s.OO
Pacific Cold Storage . 33.00 I
K. it Peoples . 7.7..70
Pioneer express . 13.00
Red Cross Drug Store . 3.50
Wbitelv & Karstens . 4.0ft
Vaclion A; Sterling . llti.fto
Robert Lavery ... . 375
Thornton A: Co . 72.00 !
Wiiitney w. Clarke . 2.7..70
Fairbanks Telephone Co .... 10.00
F L. Hodgson . 4 00
•I. P. Rose . 1 50
Times Publishing (io . 30.00
Independent Light. Heat &
to . 60.00
Board of School Trustees . . 1.500.00
Sandy Alexander . r,.-,0
H. J. McCallutn . 105.00
Dave Lowery . 6 00
Charles Gatd . 7.00
J- P. Zimmerman . 25.00
E T. Wolcott . 10.00
Wickersham & Roden .... 250.00 j
George McAulifTe . 3 00 |
G. S. Williams . 6.75
McIntosh & Kubon . 9.50
Independent Lumber Co .. 3.75
Northern Commercial Co .. 1,319.75 j
Cemetery Fund
S. Sumi . 28 75
Pillow Blankets and Quilts at
Waiters cooks' and French aprons.'
cook caps, at closing out prices.
WILE’S, Second avenue.
__ _
Complaint Charges That a Block of
Ground on the Wild Goose Ground
Was Secretly Worked Out By Own
ers of Adjoining Claim.
('n Friday suit was filed in the
district court hj the owners of the
Wild (loose association claim on Kn
sineer i reek against the owners of
the Owl association claim, which ad
join-the Wild (loose, alleging that the
laymen on a portion of the Owl claim
had ire-passed on the Wild (loose
claim and had extracted therefrom
auriferous gravels to the value of
ti n thousand dollars. In their com
plaint they i laim actual damages in
the sum of ten thousand dollars and
punitive damages to the same
The suit is entitled Charles I,.
Thompson. lid McArdle. <\ IV Ded
cr>. n A1 Morency. Hubert .1 (leis.
Louis Bailard. .lane Johnson. Deter
Yido\ich and Morton K. Stevens vs.
Charles Schaefer. K A Williams.
Dora Williams. H. 11. McDonald, the
First National Bank of Fairbanks
and the Washington Alaska bank
The complaint, after alleging that
the defendants. L A Williams. Dora
Williams ami H IT McDonald, are
tb • ownc t> of the Owl Association
claim on Knginccr < reek, avers that
the plaintiffs are the owners of the
Wild (lose Association claim, on
engineer, which adjoins the Owl
association on the right limit
thereot for a distance of about 8112
Ii then states that on March ti.
l'.mji. tlu owners of the Owl and
the Wild (loose in a written con
tract agreed upon a dividing line,
which line has been recognized by
the owners and laymen of the two
claims ever since.
The sixth section of the complaint
states tiiat the defendant L. A. Wil
liams lias Keen mining, as agent of
the owners of the Owl claim under
a 1< asc from h’s eo-ow i ers. a por
tion. of t l.e Owl claim lying along the
lividing line between the two • laims
for a distance of .'»ls feet more or
!c -'. and that the defendant Schaefer!
now is and lor a long time has been I
the mining foreman for Williams, and
as such has had charge of the min
ing operations and cleanups.
In the next section it is charged
the ib* defendant Schaefer, acting ,
particularly for the* benefit of the
-aid dc:« ndant T A. Williem**. and
iiim.-elf, in his mining operations. ;
within eight months last pa t, Know
tidy. unlatwuliy. maliciously ami
itli the 'litem to cheat ami defraud
tlm plain;ill's drove a tunnel across
said dividing line between the two
■laims anti into tlie Wild Goose claim I
for a distance of sixtv feet, more’
or less, and did thereafter open tip
a mine in the Wild Goose claim and
extract large quantities of gold there
from. the exact value of which is
unknown to plaintiffs, but which is
believed to be not less than $ln.ouo.
That ttie said Schaefer, acting as
foreman for defendant. Williams, car
riod all of the auriferous gravel,
of the said value of $10,000 into the
Owl association claim and hoisted
the same to the surface of the ground
together with other auriferous gravel
from tin said Owl claim, thereby
mixing 'he gravels of said claims and !
sluiced and washed the said gravels
■cud cleaned up the gold therefrom j
an! delivered the same to the defen
lant E. A. Williams and to the de
fendants Dora Williams and H. H.
McDonald, and that said cleanups of
gold dust were from time to time de
livered to the defendant. First Na
tional hand, and the defendant Wash
ington-Alaska bank, and its predeces
sors. ih: Fairbanks Banking Com
pany. and that the said gold dust
was by the defendants E. A. Wil
liams. Dora Williams and H. II. Mc
Donald. sold to the defendant banks
uid the proceeds thereof divided
among all of the defendants herein
except the defendant banks, and the
plaintiffs further allege that all of
such proceeds or a portion thereof
are now in the possession of the
First National bank and the Wash
ingtou-Alaska bank.
Alleging that the defendants, other
han the defendants banks, had guil
ty knowledge of the wrongful acts
if their agent Schaefer, and that
hey threaten to remove the $10,000
font the jurisdiction of the court,
he plaintiffs demand judgment
•■gainst the defendants Charles Scha
.fee K Williams, [kra William,
ami II II McDonald for the sum ol
actual damages sustained ii
tl'e premises, and for the furihet
-oim ot IM.Hh) a exemplary ami
pun'iivt damages here's, and they
pray for an injunction against the
{ defendants bank requiring them to
te'.i;n ii. their possession the llo.noo
Accompanying the complaint were
affidavits tiled liy It A Jackson, lb.
surveyor, and George Herington
Wi.h Jackson's affidavit, which states
that lie made a survey of the ground
a short time ago. is a map which in
dicates that 2.V7I square Teet of tin
ground of tin* \\ ih| Goose association
has been worked out by means of
a tunnel crossing the dividing line
of the claims, the opening to which,
on the dividing line, lias sinced
been blocked up An application for
the injunction also tiled and this
was granted on Friday by the court.
The defendants arc restrained from
intent ring with the plaintiffs' en
tiling tin- ttwi claim for the purpose
of fttril.tr surveying the property
anti the plaintiffs are accorded the
rignt to erect a windlass on one
of the shafts of the Owl claim for
the purpose of discending to the
workings at the dividing line. The
tlelendants batiks are instructed to
retain in their possession the gold
dmt they have in their possession
belonging to the defendants !•: A
Williams. Dora Williams ami It H
Neither H. A. Williams nor H H.
McDonald are in tlit* country at this
lime, having left a few weeks ago
for the Outside, and so their side
T the ease cannot he heard at this
time. A demurrer to the complaint
on the part oi the hanks lias been
til d by Attorney McGinn.
The steamer St Michael, which
for more than two weeks was stink
on a bar hot wren Circle and Eagle,
lias freed herself from her dangerous
position and lias safely arrived at
The Minneapolis, which experienc
ed a great deal of trouble at the
Twelve mile bar on her last trip
to tite Iditarod. also succeeded in
go ling off last Wednesday and pro
teed ed on iter way.
Anotlur la tit which experienced
a great deal of trouble with low
water was the steamer Campbell of
ihe Northern Commercial Company,
which was grounded near Kotlik. On
Thursday site was reported to have
freed herself and a short time af
'erward site was reported at St
Heating Stoves at Peoples,
As the sources of the telegram
which was supposed to have been \
received last week in regard to the1
supposed death of Henry Gibber
could not be traced the Pioneers at
their meeting on Monday night in-i
structed their secretary to wire to J
Seattle regarding the facts in the
case. The following wire was re
ceived float George Itutler on Tues
day afternoon:
"Seattle, Oct. 4.
"George -Markus, Secretary Igloo
No. 4, Fairbanks. Alaska:
"Heft bg amputated between knee |
and ankle, and right foot amputat
ed. leaving heel. Condition favor
We have still quite a variety of
goods left, but, at the rate we are
selling, it will be only A SHORT
TIME until we are out of business.
WILE'S, Second avenue.
Don't get lonesome. Get in with the
crowd and have your name on the
Citizen subscription list.
The Young Peoples’ society of the
Presbyten'an church were the guests |
it a most enjoyable party on Tues- j
Jay night ai the residence of It.
Iones on Third avenue near Hall
ttreet. Various games were played
md then a candy pull and oyster
nipper were enjoyed.
Those present were:
Mrs. fondit, Arthur Vlier. Mayme
Harris. Gilbert Gregg. O. G. Fair
>urn. F. K. Pauli. Ruth Condit, Lysle
drown. Tracy Havens, Maude Kelly,
dr. and Mrs. L. P. Rasmussen. Mrs.
fickle. J. Foley, Mr. and Mrs. Wood
vard. Bob Sheldon and R. .Tones.
Officers Who Were Elected at the
Meeting Held Last Monday Night
Will Be Installed and Then There
Will Be a Big Smoker.
Ai Sun Weiss’ hall tonight tit
I (luitanika the officers who were
elected in the meeting of Camp
< leary No. 22 last Monday night
tor the ensuing term will he in
| stalled ' it ft dm ceremony
I'ic installation will he a public
One. the wives and lady friends of
?li<- numbers beiru invited. An ex
' f II* tit rrorr:. ii wil, be rendered and
'hen all will dance until 'be early
' hours.
The officers elected on Monday
were the following:
Arctic Chief R. M Cottrtnay.
Vice-Arctic Chief W C Gagnon
Recorder .1 R. Campbell.
Keeper of Nuggets Grit Nelson.
Chaplain Walter Getchell.
I rustees Ur. C K Danforth.
George Gildis. s. R Weiss. A1 Gas
si. N G. Cox.
On the Way Home From Church.
dr De Vottt It's easy to see
inti all these people have la en lis
tening to inspiring sermons. Do
> on not :ce what :t soulful expression
most of those opposite us have?
diss I rivolous Yes They're read
ing the advertisements on this side;
of the car.
On Thursday the court made two
order.- in the case of John I. White
■ - J I.. Tohin The lir-i was to the
'-•fleet II tit <he clerk of the court
pa. to Kd Thomas and to the North
ern Oommetcial company, one-half
to each, the sum of any gold or gold
dust received by him in the regis
try of tite court in this action, until
they have received the full sums to
which they arc entitled. The Thom
as claim autumns to $2.:iIJ.7U. and
the claim of the Northern Commer
cial company is $2.1m>.H I. On an ob
ject ion interposed hv counsel for
Thomas a stay of execution of ,en
lays was granted.
The second order, which appoints
a new receiver in the case, super
sedes the first order discharging the
previous receiver. Cohee. and is in
efleet tts follows:
First. The (truer discharging 1).
\V. Cohee as receiver, paying him
$Jon for services. $40..01 for expenses,
the further sum of $1,323.84 to lie
paid to li. A. Day for the plaintiff
John L. White, with accrued inter
est. is affirmed.
Second. Tnat part of t lie order
allowing $1,000, with interest at 8
per cent, since July 7, 1010, to Leroy
Tozier and li. V. N'ye, as attorneys
for t Le receiver, is annulled.
Third. Victor Kleinsehmidt is
named as receiver.
Fourth. All moneys or gold dust
received by tlie defendant .1. L. To
bin. or ins agents, are to he paid into
the registry of the court.
On Thursday the grand jury re
turned a true hill against J. O.
Stevens, who was charged with hav
ing. at Fort Gibbon, on August to,
given liquor to Maria Oats, a na
tive woman, who is supposed to have
given it to other natives. In the case
of Maria Oats the jury made a re
turn of "not a true bill."
Another liquor case taken up by
'he grand jury was that of the Unit
ed States vs. H. Sheppard and in
this ease also “not a true bill” was j
returned. Shepard was bound over I
last month by Commissioner Strang-j
man at Xulato on a charge of having |
given liquor to an Indian named !
An extension of time wherein to j
file a bill of exceptions was granted
tty Judge Overtield on Monday in the I
•ase of I). H. Caseaden vs. G. F i
Dunbar et al.
Judge Overfield on Wednesday I
signed a decree in the case of Z. A. j
3couse vs. J. S. Bibby, which was |
iefaulted by the defendant when
ailed for trial on September 2.
Hie plaintiff is given judgment for
he sum of $1,314.50, with interest
md the mortgaged property is ord
•red sold to satisfy the judgment,
fhis property consists of a one
-sixth interest in the California as
sociation claim on the left limit of
Coldstream. opposite No. IT. ami a
one-eighth interest in the Nagle
association claim on Kngineer.
Or. Wednesday afternoon a l rue
hill was returned by the grand jury
against Fanny Hail on a charge of
po< kefpi< king. The woman is said
to have relieved an Iditarod slam
oeder of some of his money while
lie and others were in company with
her and some of her friends at
Chena. Stic was apprehended, hut
during the evening gave bonds for
her appearance in the sum of $:t,oim.
'idle ease of F. if. Britton vs. Wil
liam Nolan. N. M. Keys, and I* A.
Ilettig has been set for October IT.
at T:3o p. in. This is an action being
brought by seventeen laborers to
foreclose a lien on Nos. 14 and IT.
below Cieary creek.
Fabric!*? Vendee ti has instituted
suit against lhe Fairbanks Hanking
Company, the Dominion Commercial
Company and James F. Porter to col
lect the sum of Id.T.G, together with
damages in the sum of $2..r>00. He
alleges in li is complaint that lie
ordered from the Outside a quantity
of potatoes, onions, eggs, lemons,
oranges, apples and grape fruit to the j
amount of which were landed
in !• airhanks on October 1 and ,‘t,
ant that the defendants have taken
possession of the property and stored
it in the defendant Porter's ware
house. By reason of having been
prevented from disposing of the
goods he claims the damages sued
"'hen i lie grand jury convened
on Monday morning only ten of the
twenty-three reported and were ex
amined as to their qualifications.
Two of them, G. M. Street, of
Chena. and C. A. Thompson, of
Eagle, had not yet reported; Ed
Anderson had died and Henry Gil
rher was in Seattle.
Latest Styles in
for Fall and Winter Wear
$16 to $50
M en s Cloth and Fur
$30 to $150
hur Robes and Caps
All Prices
Underwear, Sox, Footwear,
Blankets, Etc.
Successor to Sargent fit Pinska
liev -I H. C’liTiilil. of the Pres
hyterian church. who lias heen camp
ing at Hake Itiehnrilson for three
weeks, enjoying a vacation limiting.
i< reporteei to nave Itae' goeal bird
shooting lint to have -,.,.|i no large
same. He plans to remain until the
latter part ot this week.
Pest assortment of grotmrics at
Peoples. *
Sam (’ami! hers. of Fairbanks;
Frank Anderson, of Fairbanks; A.
F. Wurt/.eil, of Gilmore; George H.
Tiffany, of Tanunu; Men Maker, of
Hot Spimg: ; K M Fourtnay and
M IF Mo\ i. of Fbaianika; John Mi
haleik. of lister; L \V Mroughton.
ot Fiteie. and .John O’Fonnor. of
!,ome. Were excused for cause, some
ot i h* m being absent from t be
eouni r\
'Hie grand juror- passed were
•I L i obin. of lower Goldst ream;
Fat! , at i of Fairbanks; Leon
K «Iliiin. of Fairbanks; Gen. L Mel
lows. ol (.raehl; Geo. (' Kern, of
Fairbanks; Fhas Gina, of Medro
* *'«•< L and Neil McLeod, of G'l
A special venire of fourteen was
Mien Lsiied ly the court and. all of
'■'ith the exception of \V F.
Whitele\. who had served on the
last grand jury, wen a<rep'cd They
were 111" following:
M I Gentle;., .1 || Mullock. Dan
i‘ l Dri coll. George Hunter. George
1 Hu ehison. \\ A Lovejoy George
Mi.rku.*. \ c a nu n, W. W
I>ov<!I. .1 D Keagli. W. A. Shinkle,
W I' Whitelev. Lew Wing. 10. T.
Wolcot t.
I he Ii; .-'i report of the grand Jury
• as tinned in on Wedtn sday morn
ing when true hills Were returned
in the iaMs ot the I'nited States
vs, Mari'ti Hod nit, charged with
shooting with intent to kill; and
the I nited Sian- v.-. Klmer 10.
Homer, charged with larceny in a
dwelling house.
Uoduit wa> eomiuitted week he
l(,r‘‘ Iftst for shooting at Chief of
I’olic. (’on way at Fifth and Cush
man strict, and Houser’s offense is
aid to have he n committed on Am
gust .’{<». when he is alleged to have
st den $1 mi from the house of Lily
Klein, on the How.
When you need

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