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Mohave County miner and our mineral wealth. (Kingman, Ariz.) 1918-1922, August 10, 1918, Image 2

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Bonus Believed Only Way to
Prevent Shutdown of the
Mines to Prevent Disaster
Mining Congress Acting
Tho American Mining congress,
composed of 75 per cent of the pro
ducing operators of the country, is
sounding, aw alarm intended to secure
early relief for gold producers in the
United States. There is danger that
unless some such relief is accorded by
congress thousands of gold miners will
be out of employment and millions of
dollars worth of equipment will lie
idle until cost of production can be
.adjusted. The Mining Congress is act
ing promptly o prevent disaster, Re
ports from such camps as Cripple
Creek indicates that while producers
dislike to stop operations of proper
ties and producing forces which have
been years in organization, not a wheel
will be turning in most of the district
in three months unless some relief is
agreed upon. j
J Startling Situation
Startling figures have just been
placed before Senator Henderson and
Congressman Foster, chairmen, re
spectively, of the Committees on Mines
and Mining, by James F. Callbreath,
secretary of the Mining Congress, and
the attention of several administration
leaders and officials is being called to
the situation.
All gold producers in the country
are called to a conference which opens
in Reno, Nev., August 12. Governor
Boyle, of Nevada, will preside, and
Secretary Callbreath will assemble
and present to the conference concrete
suggestions assembled from producing
mines showing conclusively that un
less the administration quickly meets
the situation gold production will be
automatically shut off, and this with
in a short time.
In an interview" with a group of
western senators Mr. Callbreath said:
Shortage Dangerous
"Wq are spending annually more
than our total indebtedness at the be
ginning of the war. We are more than
doubling our. om obligation this year
"but are making no provision to in
crease the supporting gold reserve.
The Miner is informed that D. R.
Muir, of the United, States Smelting,
Refining and Mining company, and J
A. Burgess, general manager of the
United Eastern, will attend the meet
ing of the American Mining congress,
which opens in Reno, Nevada, next
The subject that will bring the min
ing men of the country together Is
gold, and the fate of the yellow metal
wilj be earnestly talked over. The
men who will make the principal talks
to the meeting will be those who have
made the subject a study of many
months, and a method of relieving the
riluation will be pointed out.
The two men from this county have
made a serious study of the subject
and ma; be able to help the conven
tion to arrive at a basis of settlement
between the government and the gold
A proper settlement of the gold sit
uation will be of great benefit to this
county, as it would give incentive to
the mines that are within easy dis
tance of the producing stage.
Mart Little, owner of excellent gold
and copper property in the Wright
Creek section, was a Kingman visitor
Thursday. He says the prospects for
the opening of some good mines in
that section is excellent and that be
fore the first of the year at least two
good companies will be operating in
the district.
The management of the Emerald
Isle Copper company informed the Mi
ner editor yesterday that the new
unit will be in commisson by tihe
first of September and will be turning
out cathode copper at the rate of
2000 pounds daily from that time on.
The new plant will be one of the
most up-to-date affairs in the state,
and is expected to make a high sav
ing of values. This plant has been
rapid in construction and gives evi
dence of the ability of the manage
ment to do things.
The mine is also being opened to an
extent that will make possible the ex
traction of a big tonnage of ore at
small cost. The ore in the bottom of
Superintendent Page, of the Washington-Arizona
mines, at Mineral
Park, brought to town early this week
specimens of ore taken from the new
shaft on that property that showed
wonderful values in silver. An aver
age sample taken across 18 inches of
the vein in the shaft gave results of
about 900 ounces silver and some gold.
The Washington-Arizona mines are
equipped with a big milling plant and
this mill is now in 'operation on the
lower grade ores, the richer ores being
assorted and shipped to the smelter
direct. With the opening of the prop
erty 100 feet below the tunnel level
it if- expected that ore of better grade
and more continuous bodies will be
found. The company is working a big
force of men on the mines and is mak
ing rapid progress.
M. A. Allen, of the Arizona State
Bureau of Mines, accompanied by R
C. Jacobson, went out to the mines of
the Arizona Venture corporation last
Wednesday morning to make an exam
ination of that property in the inter
eft of the State Corporation commis
sion. It is understood that the corpora
tion had asked for a permit for the
transfer of its property to a new com
pany for the purpose of paying off an
indebtedness and to obtain the neces
siry funds to operate the mines and
that the commission had held up the
pprmit until such tima as was neces
sary to make a thorough examination
of that property.
While the necessity of looking into
the affairs of mining corporations ex
ists it looks peculiar to the ordinary
individual that such people as the Ari
zona Ray and certain oil companies
could have obtained a permit from the
commission without the least hesita
tion. The Arizona Ray was turned
down hard by the California commis
sion, which denounced it as a fraud,
but no action was taken by the Ari
zona commission, although the fraudu
lent nature of the concern was appa
rent. Right today there are companies
operating under permits that should
not be allowed to sell stock. During
.the boom in Jerome certain fraudu
lent corporations got by in the sale
of pre-organization 'shares, while men
who were trying the same game were
arrested and fined. How do they do
R. N. Dickman, of Chicago, one of
the best known mining experts in the
business, arrived in Kingman last
Wednesday and Thursday last made
an examination of mining property for
clients. We did not learn what prop
erties were in view, but owing to the
prominence of the engineer we should
judge that it was a large one. Mr.
Dickman was for yars the expert of
the Southern Pacific Railroad com
pany, having charge of examinations
of iron ore deposits
Some years ago the firm with which
he is-associated made an examination
of the Bi-Metals mines for a big east
ern syndicate.
All authorities agree that a gold
boom is due. We can now offer
you a special opportunity.
Oatman . Black Bldg.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Western Engines and Hoists
Ingersoll-Rand Co.
Compressors, Drills, Drill Sharpeners Hose and Steel
Cameron Pump Co.
Sinking and Centrifugal Pumps
Also Handle All Other Mining Supplies.
Let Us Quote You on Your Requiremetns. You Will
Find Our Prices Are Right.
Telephone Blue 97
the open cuts shows better values
tVinn nt. superficial denths. and ind't-
The world's obligations are only about cate$ that with greater depth a bet-
times our gold reserve- Our fi
nancial position is stil most enviable
as compared with our allies. Tho gold
reserves of the world are approxi
mately $10,000,000,000, while the total
indebtedness is being increased to
$125,000,000,000. The increase is about
$40,000,000,000 annually. Before the
war the United States possessed ap
proximately $1,750,P00,000 in gold, and
today we have increased our reserve
to about $3,500,000,000 against an in
debtedness of $8,000,000,000. This in
debtedness is based upon the gold sup
ply. Critical Period
ter quality of ore may be had.
M. B. Dudley has leased and bond'
ed the Rural mine, at Mineral Park,
and will soon be clearing it of water
Ho expects to equip it with hoist and
other necessary machinery.
The Rural mine was discovered in
the early eighties by Mike Dunn and
Christie and these men shipped
Frank C. Schader, one of the best
known geologists of the Geological
Survey, has just gotten out his mono
graph on the quicksilver bearing
mines of the Phoenix mountains,
which indicates splendid possibilities
in hose properties. These mines were
located many years ago by prospectors
and a small retort wa: used, but the
rush for gold in the days before the
railroad's' advent prevented prospec
tors from taking up the active de
velopment of the properties. We take
it that many prospects have been lo
cated and that the high price for the
mineral will cause active development
to be undertaken.
Over in the Parker country are also
several veins of quicksilver, but the
ore occurs in kidneys and little head
way has been made in bringing them
into a producing condition.
T. J
"In 1915 we produced a little over many thousands of dollars worth of
$101,000,000, and this, in the face of 0re from surface workings. Soma ot
greater need, fell to less than $85,000,- the richest native silver ore ever
000 in 1917. The production will fall taken from a mine in the state was
35 per cent below that figure this sent cut from the property, and there
year under present conditions. We js not a mineral cabinet of note in
. are told by Secretary McAdoo, that , the world that does not contain
next to munitions and food, gold is
the most important of our natural re
sources as a war necessity and, fac
ing as we do, the most critical time
in the financial condition of the entire
world, I consider that there must be
some very earnest ana prompt con
sideration given to tho gold situation.
ne eminent Colorado mining engi-
places the average increase of op-
eratiur cost at 67 per cent. It costs
"an average of $30 an ounce to produce
gold. Its value is fixed at $20.67. The
mass of gold is produced from low
grade mines.
Bonus Is Remedy
He gold miners or Australia are
mg the British government for a
Bonus of $10 per ounce for gold pro
duced curing present conditions. Whila
various plans have been suggested, ln-
taxes and re-
specimen of the ore.
The fourth story of the Y. W. C. A.
building at Bisbee has been completed
and is now occupied by the young
women of the district, which, in its
former size, it could not accommodate.
The problem of the proper accom
modations for young women in mining
camps is one that has come forcibly to
the attention of the mining companies
and is being more and more impressed
upon them as the necessity for em
ploying young women in work here-
cludintr remission of
, ," . .. , i -l,l MWil
uuceu transportation cimigt: iU "" tofore done by men becomes more ap
tion in the west that a similar bonus ( "B;slee the on, mini commun.
will be the only practical and effco.(i .fl the state of Arizona and is one
tive n-iief which can be accorded with, f thp fcw -n fte wegt that can
sufficient promptness to prevent aboast of an independent Y. W- C. A.
more serious falling off in production b ,Ui and there are probably none
.U .......r-nnt f anifinrlc will Allow" ' . ' . .. . .. ,. . ...
men jj.y-.. """"" in the west that surpass it. me duuu-
' ' inp- was oiven to the Y. W. C. A. by
' the Phelps Dodge corporation as a me
morial to Grace Dodge, who, at the
time of her death, was the national
president of the Y. W. C. A. Tho
building was originally a three-story
one, but the increase in the number of
young women in the district made nec
essary the recently completed addition.
A force of men is at work driving
the main shaft of the Rico mine be
low the permanent water level. The
work will be augmented within the
next ten days by a larger force of
men. At the 200 a crosscut will be
driven to the vein and drifts will be
carried along through the ore body.
The work of getting the Rico on its
feet was taken over by W. W. Lewis
and it is to that gentleman that credit
is due for the financing of the proper
ty and getting operations so propi
tiously started. Mr. Lewis is the gen
eral manager of the property and is
showing speed in the work of development.
The Golden Cross Metals company,
of Phoenix, has resumed work on the
Jack Pot claim, west of the Merri
mac, near Chloride. The Intention of
the company, it is said, is to sink a
vertical shaft to cut the vein at the
150 level. Machinery has been bought
and the gallows' frame and necessary
equipment are being erected,
1 J. H. Townsend and a force of mi
!ners have gone to the Williams tung-
The ore is gold bearing, there be-' sten mines, in the Aquarius mountains
ing no zinc or lead basis. A number , for the purpose of starting operations
of Phoenix shareholders were expect- on the property. There was recently
ed at the property on August 8 to look shipped from the mines about 10 tons
the mine over. The property was pur- of rich concentrates, and it is the in
chased a year ago by the company, I tention to continue these shipments
but little work was done up to the ' indefinitely. The mines have large
present time. The mine is in( an ac-' tonnage of good milling ore ready to
cessible part of the field and in a well j handle and the mill is capable of han
mineralized region. dling about 20 tons daily.
The War Trade board has revoked
all outstanding licenses for the impor
tation of copper ores from all other
countries than Cuba. The purpose of
the regulation is to bring about the
importation of mattes and concen
trates, instead of the bulkier raw ores
While there are plenty of ship tonnage
for the haulage of ores from Cuba and
South America the fact that some of
these ships may be necessary to put
into other channels makes the pres
ent move imperative.
T. J. Sparkes, general manager of
the Berkely mine, was a Kingman
visitor this week, coming in from the
property after supplies, which were
loaded out to that property Tuesday
last. He reports that the drift on the
100 level of the Berkely has been
cleared for a distance of 100 feet and
that good ore was found m it. The
balance of the drift will be cleaned of
muck and the work of driving ahead
will soon be under way. At the new
shaft splendid ore is being opened
and the vein is found to be quite large.
Should the property develop out as
indicated by the present work a mill
ing plant will soon be erected.on it to
concentrate the lower grades into high
grade shipping product.
Gus Gillespie, accompanied by his
attorney, H. W. Scheld, of San Diego,
was in Kingman Thursday last and fil
ed a suit against the Gold Reed Min
ing company and Charles Burlock and
wife on account of a note amounting
to approximately $14,000. The note
was given several years ago when the
company was in difficulties, so it is
said, and an effort is now being ma'de
to effect a collection. We understand
that Mr. Gillespie is one of the share
holders in the old company.
Several months ago the First Na
tional bank of San Diego foreclosed
a mortgage on the property amounting
to more than $30,000 and that some of
the old shareholders and a syndicate
of eastern men got together and re
deemed the property and are now op
crating it. The mine is an excellent
property, but Mr. Burlock, who was
the original owner, was unable to fi
nance it with the old shareholders and
it would have been lost to all of them
had he not taken in new blood to com
plete the financing.
Underground Surveys
New Modern Plant
Phone Blue 127
One Block East
Arizona Central Bank
U. S. Mineral Surveyor
Patent and Underground Suryeys
Kingman, Arizona.
The Tarr, McComb 8C Ware Commercial Co.
Has a reputation for always having on hand a complete stock of .
F. J. Denzer, superintendent of the
Camp Bird mines, at Wright Creek,
was a visitor in Kingman this week.
He reports that the shaft on the prop
erty is now down about 118 feet and
that a crosscut through the vein is
being run at the 100 level. The com
pany is composed of Los Angeles men
and the operations are being carried
along on some claims formerly owned
by Mart Little an old time miner of
the camp.
Good gold values are being opened
in the, property and the management
believes that they have one of the
best prospects in that section of the
Corrugated Iron
Blacksmith Coal
Mine Rails
Ore Cars
Ore Buckets
Air Hose
Rubber Belting
Wire Rope
Pipe Fittings
Drill Steel
Soft Steel
Fuel Oil
Petroleum Gas Oil
Lubricating Oil
Automobile Tires
Truck Tires
Tarr, McComb & Ware Com'l Co.
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