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Official Paper of Mohave County
Issued AVcekly by the
Untercil as second-class matter at the postotflco at Kingman,
Mohave County, Arizona, under Act of CongrcSs of Mar. 1, 1S79.
vr. a. DAMON
Editor and Manager
Mining Editor
Subscription rates $3 per ear. payable In advance.
THE Utah legislature has appointed four of jts membersas a
committee to meet at Phoenix with a like committee of the
Arizona legislature to discuss a proposition of the sale of qur
"northern strip" to the Mormon state. So far as Arizona "is" con
cerned there will be nothing doing. Even if Arizona should agiee
to the sale it is questionable if such a project could be carried
out. The state of Arizona was formed in 1863 and its boun
daries established. After the establishment of these boundaries
we do not believe that any change coul(J be made in them, ex
cept to form a new state out of a portion of it. The Utahns have
a trade in view, giving to Arizona San Juan county,' Utah .acouny
full fledged and with a complete county government in operation.
But San Juan county is one of the poorest of the counties of -the
state and so far removed from the balance "of Arizona that it could
not even be presented to us as a gift. , On the other hand our north
ern strip is one of the richest sections of the state, not only in
minerals but in forests and well grassed areas. It is the
winter home of thousands of head of Utah sheep and cattle and
at the present time large number of homesteaders are farming
several thousands of acres of rich lands. Some day it will have a
county government of its own and be able to take care of its own
interests to a grear extenf than if attached to Washington county,
Utah, and handled as a dependency of that county. Not one of the
people residing in the "strip" want to be attached to Utah and
the people of Mohave and Coconino counties will fight to the end
against any proposal to take it from them.
The assumption that the Grand Canyon of the Colorado offers an
impassable barrier between northern and southern Mohave county
is all nonsense. The Grand Canyon opens out at the mouth of the
Grand Wash and the river flows for a considerable distance through
open territory. It' is at the mouth of the Gyand Canyon that a
bridge is to be built under a law just introduced in the state
senate by. Senator Herndon of this county, and which would
unite the two parts of the county. At the present time, there
are two ferries carrying passengers across the Colorado river
and travel through the country has in no wise been held up by the
fact that there is a river to cioss. We don't want any more
territory, but we are going to keep what we have.
THE committee on Immigration in the House of Representatives,
is considering radical changes in the immigration laws. No
body appears to be at all sure that Europeans, or Asiatics, will
wish to burden the affairs of the United States by adding their
presence to our population in large numbers. Nevertheless, it ia
certain that the country has about all it can undertake to do if it
provides the right kind of employment. for the returning soldiers,
and keeps the rust off the wheels of industry.v It is estimated
that 3,000,000 men were idle in the United States before the selec
tive draft was put into operation. If tKis estimate is even ap
proximately correct then the return of the soldiers to civil life
will mean a great deal of unemployment .unless measures are
devised to put the speed belt on industry.s .
The argWent seems to favor checking immigration; 'and the
further suggestion is popular that the government should
provide & vast amount of public construction. The carrying out
of Secretary Lane's land development plans are regarded as im
portant in1 thatjhey suggest a way by which soldiers can secure a
real home and a piece f land, if they win apply themselves to the
PREMIER LOYD GEORGE: We must have reconstruction when
we have the lessons of the war fresh in our minds. We must
reconstruct when the national limbs are supple with endeavor and
before they become stiff with respose and slumber, and you must
reconstruct when you see you have behind you the great spit of
patriotism and sacrific which has been raised from the depths of
human nature in every house and every breast in this land. You
must reconstruct when you have got behind you the momentum
of victory to carry you thrpugh to an even greater triumph. That
is why the whole field of national enterprise, of national endeavor
and national resource and of material well-being is being examined
carefully with a view to immediate action, before that great spirit
grows cold in the frigid atmosphere of self-interest. Let us have
it when the nation is riding the chariot of a high purpose ere it
'comes down to the dusty road. That is the time-to reconstruct that
iB the time to build; when there is fraternity throughout the land.
HUNDREDS of thousands of soldiers and sailors returning to
their homes after the war will find places they left occupied
and jobs scarce.
Families and relatives should make plans to make places
for the home-coming men and women who have worn Uncle Sam's
Private co-operation and state and nation must do their
utmost to care for discharged forces if we would not swell the ranks
of discontent. -y
Apublic sentiment must be aroused, to see that they are given
at least as good a place in the social' structure as they left.
Sound industrial conditions and a good business basis will do
more o make this possible than anything else.
Conflicting Thoughts
r TTr i rTTm 37 1 1 1 . mill v - A
k LmLmvi-.A fet
wrti'$ik ill nIsST i
nr.zumM usum
1 H bti-MI iruca LJU
, -
"Uncle Sam" blew his bugle, the hills heard the sound,
And echoed It on, for five hundred miles 'round,,
The boja from the mines and the camps without 'fear,
Promptly stood at attention, and each answered "Here,"
Then a wild bucking broncho was brought to a stop.v
So quick. "Coffey" nearly went "Over the Top."
He loved these great hills, wneie the wild heifers roam! '
The sweet purple sage, he so long had called homo.
But like "Isrlal Putnam," of historic fame,
nie left those red cattle right out In the rain,
Put his spurs to his broncho which caused him to hop'.
And started for Kingman, and "Over" the Top."
The silver-spurred boot were soon cast away,
The splendidbroad Stetson, went into the hay, '
His bright red "bandanner," his lariat so true,
Are as dear to his, heart as the "Red, "White and Blue,"
Those picturesque chaps caused a moist tear to drop,
But Bert Is determined on "Over the Top."
Then Presto! like magic the cowboy Is gone,
And we see a brave soldier in trim uniform, "
Bring his hand td his head in a splendid salute,
TUen he steps on the train and from there to the boat.
Throws a kiss to the Goddess, for he loes her a lot,
And waits upon orders for "Over the Top."
He is in the first trenches it all seems so strange.
To lie in a hole and not out on the range;
He thinks of his broncho, his wild happy life.
Even pictures the girl who may yet be his wife.
Then he thinks" of the Kmperor, "the murdering sot,"
Md wait upon orders for "Over the, Top."
' The night -wind bring crys from mothers and maids,
The groans of the dying, and poor starving babes, ,
I Then a wild cowboy yell, and hell started to pop.
As he leads, his .brave comrades right "Over the Top."
The Crown Prince crys "Hlmmll, I see stars mit stripes,"
"Och, Papa the atitos, let us run for our lifes,"
But the vEmperor sees, in a strange mistlc manner,
A bright figured flag-, It's that old red "Bandanner,"
Then he throws up his hinds, and aban dens all hope,
When ne sees that wild' cow-boy's long lariat rope.
The great cannons roar, the sky Is all red,
Liquid fire, Mustard Gas, his comrades fall dead:
The boy now a man with face set and grim,
Is chasing the German right into Berlin,'
He kept right on evlng. till the Captain yelled, "Stop,"
The Armstlce signed, "We Are Over the Top."
Now Kingman In gratitude, gives the glad hand,
To s.11 of her sons from the great sage-brush land.
Who offered their lives that the world, without fear,
Might enjoy 'the same peace, that God gives us out here,
And on "The Great Book," there will not be a blot,
On the names of our boys who went "Over the Top."
(Minnie J. Hardy, San Diego, Calif., January 1, 1119.)
A syndicate of Americans have
been investigating the water power
possibilities of the Alpine -region of
Austria and have decided to install
a great power plant on-one of the
rivers rushing down from the
Tyrolian Alps. The company is being
organized wih a capitalization of
$41,322,000. , , , ,
The water powers of the old world
have not been used advantageously,
the power being taken direct from
the rivers without conversion into
electric power. All along the banks
of swift running streams are to be
found water wheels turning flour
mills and other classes of machinery,
but little attempt is maae to onug
it long distances into the cities for
power and light The new organiza
tion contemplates the transmission of
power to many points where it will be
'used for the driving of machinery
and the establishment of many man
A new body of antimony is re
ported to have been opened up near
vvt; ot'voi- in fha district of the
- -- ;.-;. . . AAn rt j-. . n.uiuai'i w., .- -- .
$3,uuuiuuu; Wyoming, ?bio,uuu; uoio- Sf nvS(1orn 0id fields, Transvaal,
About $300,000,000 will be put into
road building this year, according to
estimates by experts of the Depart
ment of Agriculture, submitted to the
Division of Public Works and Con
struction Development of the Depart
ment of Labor. It is estimated that
about half this amount will' go to
The $300,000,000 of. construction
estimated will not be sufficient to
make up deferred war construction, it
is believed, for normally the amount
spent on roads in the United States
is not far below $300,000,000 and dur
ing war times road building came
almost to a stop in many localities."
Estimates prepared fftr the follow
ing states are considered accurate
within 1 or 2 per cent, according to
officials of the Department of Agri
culture: Maine. $1,500,000: Rhode
Island, $90,000; Connecticut, $4,000,-
j 000; New York, $12,000,000; New
Hampshire, $i7i,uuu; KentucKy, $i,
500,000; Alabama, $1,000,000; West
Virginia, $16,000,000; Illinois, $9,000,
000; Iowa, $15,574,000; Louisiana,
$4,674,000; Texas, $20,000,000; Ne
braska, $1,657,089.07; North Dakota,
'rado. $3,900,000: California, $20,000
000; Arizona, $900,000; Nevada, $1,
146,849.80; Idaho, $1,000,000.
New Jersev, Maryland, and Mon
tana are expected to make consider-
aoie expenuuures vn ruaus urns jcai.
The Victory
come in April.
Liberty Loan
The phrase "electricity is in its infancy," has.no
meaning to this generation. For us, today,
electricity is fullgrown, a mighty and obedient
servant, operating our factories, carrying us
swiftly to our destination, lighting our streets
and our homes; in a thousand ways making
life easier, pleasanter,,more profitable.
Cheapest Power for Mines
Greatest Household Conveni-'
ence- The One -Service an
Economical Family Cannot
Afford' to Be Without.
Oeserjl Power & Water Co.
Kingman Chloride
Tillie Clinger says that the reason
she didn't last long as ladies' teller
at the bank was because when Mrs.
Pomperosity accused her of impertin
ence she told her to go chase herself.
t. s.,
(By P. Reich. Co. 3, U. S. N.
New Haven, Conn.)
Instructor If an. officer and a
aollor are passengers on a boat
should the sailor stand and salute
when the officer Is In view?
Bookie Y-yes, sir, unless It's a
"I see they are going to tax talk
ing machines."
"Well, mv dear, that probably
won't affect you, and if it does I'll
cheerfully pay the tax." ouisvine
The-gaunt and famished the lean and weary, the sick
and wounded they hold their outstretched, empty hands
toward us and beg for help- We, of all the people, are in
a position to help them. Let us remember this on
February 10-17-
a cMlveaton widow saw tne lat
est proposal sno has received was
from a Houston insurance agent
who said he had loved her. ever
since bar first husband stun? the
company for 910,000, Galveston
"Maid, very good needle-woman,
and fond of animals, to valet gentle
man." Ac, in London Times.
Se Have you ever loved and
lost? '
She Oh, no; the Jury awarded
me 97,000 damages. Badley Bugle.
As She is Writ
Card in restaurant: "Small steak,
20 cents, Extra small steak, 25 cents."
Advertisement in noultry journal:
"Plymouth Rock hens ready to lay J
$1.25 each." Our Dumb Animate.
"Good-oy, dad, don't fall to
write, even if it's only a check.
'.' i ?
VThe Philippine islands are steadily
gaining in the production of raw
sugar. From crops of 345,077 short
tons in 1913 and of 408,339 tons in
1914, the crop of 1917 advanced to
425,566 tons.
The analysis of cane and beet
sugar as precisely the same when
they are pure--12 parts carbon, 22
parts hydrogen and 11 parts oxygen.
The salmon spawning season in
Alaska is ended. The collection of
sockeye salmon eggs for the Afognak
station totaled 54,681,000.
All fuel conservation regulations
excepting in the use of gas have
been revoked, effective January 10, ,
by order of the U. S. Fuel Administration.
The forest area of Brazil is esti
mated at 1,500,000 square miles, or
about 48 per .cent of the total area
of the country. v
The Isle of Pines promises to be
come an important producer of iron,
copper and other ores, as 11 mines
have been located. .
The first tenement house in New!
York City was built in 1933 It was
a fourrstory building and stood in
what is now Corlears Park.
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Seeing the Whirl
Sarah She says she's going, to
travel hundreds of miles on her honey
moon. Jane That's easy for 'er; 'er chap
runs a merry-go-round. London Tit-Bits.
As the 'ore is found to be valuable,
a mininir company is now carrying
e-n smelting operations on the spot
Car Leaves Kingman for Oatman 8:30 A. M.
Returning, Leaves Oatman 2:00 P. M.
' m ' 1
Pure Spring Water
Trouble Manf Joe Chambers Black 101 v
v Those who give most have most felt. No man ever
died poor because of that which he "gave away. Your
chance to prove this will come February 10-17.

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